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Dok Made Sure

Dok made sure that there was no further use for his Spiritual Weapon, before he allowed his Spiritual Weapon to vanish from view!

((OOC: He makes sure there is no further use for this spell, before letting it dissipate!))

Then the Hill Dwarf Cleric of Helm set about collecting the 'Ear Bounty' from the lifeless Goblins.

As he went about his business, Dok called out to those nearby, "We need to dispose of these bodies in such a way that no evil will be able to animate their corpses for nefarious deeds!"

Dok continues collecting right ears, expecting one or more of his companions to reply as to how to properly dispose of these bodies, before proceeding any further!

He also acknowledges what Hornet has said regarding searching the area and the cave!

Posted on 2022-07-12 at 15:45:36.

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Finally, A Moment of Rest...

Thäoran exhaled a relieved sigh as the battle seemed to have finally come to an end. He allowed the remaining goblins to flee. The elf and his party had fought hard through the night. He was weary and knew he shouldn't push his luck. From a young age, he had been taught to avoid battle when possible because looking for a fight could get you killed. So he replaced his bow in its pinewood tube and cast his gaze around for the ones they had been hired to retrieve. There: the twins were running South away from the river and the battle. The elf swiftly chased them down and hailed them.

'Please, do not flee. We are not your enemies,' he reassured them. 'We have been hired by the town mayor of Botkinburgh to rescue you from the clutches of the goblin fiends. You are safe with us. Please, could you tell us any information that could be of use to us? Did you see what the interior of the Vargolg looked like? Do you know what activities the goblins are undertaking in its tunnels?' He paused, then asked more softly, afraid of what the answer may be, 'did you see any other elves being held captive?'

Posted on 2022-07-13 at 07:42:09.

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These goblins need to grow some pairs

Cursing in dwarvish as he watched the goblins flee, Gerdar eventually came to Hornet: "How, pray tell, did you people get into so much trouble last time you tried this? Were they not running away back then? Were I just unlucky to not appear what, fifteen minutes earlier?"

Posted on 2022-07-14 at 12:11:30.

Keeper of Dragons
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"Last time they were deep in the cave, had more gnolls with them, were organized and not caught by surprise and certainly not running away.  Plus we have greater numbers now than last time."

Posted on 2022-07-14 at 19:08:51.

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Can’t we all just get along

"Everyone rally on me!  Let them run.  We will do a search of the area and then the cave."  Hornet yelled aloud and Lily looked towards him briefly and then she began to move back towards him and yet she remained in a defensive posture, her hoopak held before her just in case a wayward Goblin decided to try and run her down.

The kender cringed as she saw a few goblins felled by the others, and some of them looked like non-combatants.  She didn’t like to kill in any case, and only did so when necessary, and she always felt bad when she was forced to kill.  The Goblins, who appeared to be creatures of questionable morals, were intelligent beings and had families, including children, they deserved the same right to live as long as they didn’t try to kill her and her companions. 

Moving over to Hornet, she took up a defensive stance, prepared to defend them from fleeing goblins, but hoping the fighting was over with for now.

Posted on 2022-07-16 at 20:53:53.

Keeper of Dragons
Devil's Advocate
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2581 Posts

As Lily moved closer to Hornet he asked, "What is that horrible noise you made earlier?  Seems your staff has a few tricks".

Posted on 2022-07-17 at 05:40:14.

RDI Fixture
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A nice cozy cave...

Soledad cautiously made her way from behind the cozy rock to join the others, ever vigilant for any sign of goblin hostility. Seeing that Thäoran was calming the twins, the witch let her gaze drift toward the cave. It was their next destination. Snapping her fingers the witch sent a fey charm to clean away the dirt and grime from herself and her companions. They might soon be crawling through a dank cave but there was no need to do so covering in filth!


With the goblins gone, Soledad set herself to several rituals before they entered the cave. Swaying as she whispered ancient incantations the witch spun the threads of magic into an invisible force that would do her bidding. Then she sent the threads of magic spinning into her own being to sharpen her senses to the presence of magic. She was ready. 


((OOC: Cast prestidigitation, Unseen Servant as Ritual, Detect Magc as Ritual))



Posted on 2022-07-17 at 12:16:37.

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RDI Staff
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Having reached cover of a sorts, Fenris once more looked for a new target. However as he watched, the Goblins and Gnolls retreated, and the Elf named Hornet called out.

Everyone rally on me, let them run. We will do a search of the area, then the cave.”

As Fenris watched the party of adventurers moved to gather around Hornet. The Rogue/Mage assumed that this was the groups leader. Standing he debated what he was going to do next, seek his freedom or seek his items. The Half-Elf was unsure if his gear and weapons had been left behind or taken by the Goblins and Gnolls. However his choice was made by the Elf Hornet as he called out again this time to Fenris directly.

You there, thanks for the help you are free now and can flee like the other’s or if you wish you can talk with us and see if our goals are in alignment and perhaps you can join our little group.”

Giving the offer a brief consideration Fenris decided to take the Elf up on his offer. Moving closer to the group he smiled and introduced himself.

Thank you for the rescue, I owe you all one.” Turning to Thaoran he moved to hand back the Elf Knight’s dagger before facing the group once more.

My name is Fenris Kaine”……...

Posted on 2022-07-17 at 16:25:49.

Nomad D2
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The post-battle cleanup

The chaos of the battle resolved itself into the chaos of the battlefield.  Dead goblins littered the ground and both goblin and gnoll corpses were being tugged by the current downstream.  Whatever lived in the river would feast on goblin flesh tonight – if they could stomach it. 

               Various members of the party turned to different tasks of post-battle cleanup.   Dok started to collect the ears for a bounty and seemed concerned with dealing with the bodies.  (Nothing said about those in the river, most of which have flowed out of easy reach.)

               Hornet called out to the ex-prisoner who had joined the fight and burned several goblins with spells.  The ½ elf responded by returning Thaoran’s dagger and introducing himself as Fenris Kaine.

               After receiving his dagger back, Thaoran spoke to the twins who had remained hidden in the brush.   He spoke of the mission from Botkinburg and asked for information about the goblins, the cave and  . . . elves.  The two were obviously a bit overwhelmed by the battle but held their goblin-spears at the ready as they watched the nearby woods for more of the evil creatures.  When they heard the name of Botkinburg they seemed relieved, even pleased that their home had not forgotten them. 

               “Yes, we are the Malkin brothers.  We were taken out of the meadow days ago.  It is hard to remember how long – over a week.  We were taken to the cave by the goblins.”  Hearing the concern in Thaoran’s voice they shook their heads.  “No, no elves that we saw.  But they clearly were looking for prisoners and I had the impression we weren’t the first.  But we don’t speak goblin.  They kept asking us about the village and traders who came through the area.  But the other guy . . . “  Here they paused and looked around.  “No, not Fenris.  The other guy, the fourth prisoner.  Where is he?  I think he spoke goblin.  He only arrived recently, and he seemed angry with the goblins.  Not like we were, we were horrified and defiant, but he seemed to expect something.  He never spoke in front of us, but as he was leaving the cell  . . . some time ago,  time really loses its meaning in a cave . . . I thought I heard him speak goblin.  I cold be wrong, but where did he go?”

               When asked about the caves themselves the two had little to say.  They were dragged there at night and put in a cell.  They were fed, the food was actually not bad – it probably came from caravans or our own herds!  But they really only saw their cell, a hallway and an interrogation room.  They did see a big pile of crates and boxes, plundered loot by the look of it, on the way in.  The hallways were all stone that they saw, but fairly well carved out – not raw cave walls.  But it smelled badly of goblin. 

               As the group scavenged through the various goods that the fleeing goblins left behind you found:


100 gp total (in various denominations) on the various corpses.

Various weapons – mostly spears, shortswords and shortbows and arrows of goblin quality.  Usable, but nothing great.

Some of the sacks included what looked like trade goods – bolts of cloth, pots and pans, and in some fairly decent food stuff.  None of it is of great value but there is a modestly sized pile of it. 

The chest that Fenris had been carrying holds 500 sp, 100 gp, and 10 small pieces of jewelry worth about 250 gp total.  There is also one potion bottle that glows in response to Soledad’s detect magic spell.

Fenris’ does not recognize his gear among the stuff found. 


The only other object that seems to glow in response to the spell is something on one of the gnolls – but you barely notice that as the current takes it and begins to drag it away down-river.  It is now in midstream (50’ out and 50’ downstream in deep water).  You can’t tell what it was.


The twins do tell you that the leader of the goblins does not appear to be among the dead. 


You are welcome to ask more questions – these were answers to some vague starting questions. 

Posted on 2022-07-17 at 17:10:34.

Veteran Visitor
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"Conditions aside it is nice to meet you mister Kaine", the dwarf nodded and ran his shiny fingers through his beard, "I am Sir Gerdar of Clan Cordorehk, third of my name. Here to purge my clan's old lands from these and possibly other pests."

He took a quick look at the loot as it had been gathered and gestured at the goblin spears: "Does anyone mind if I make use of these as javelins?"

Posted on 2022-07-18 at 15:08:38.

Veteran Visitor
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111 Posts


Uthal wanders over and steps forward to greet Fenris Kaine. Towering over the half-elf with his shoulders slouching forward, he plants the end of the quarterstaff in his left hand on the ground. He reaches out his right hand and forearm to offer a warrior's handshake, "Nightwalker." he introduces himself. 

Stepping back after the received greeting, he settles back to observe the others and their interactions.

Posted on 2022-07-19 at 04:11:50.
Edited on 2022-07-19 at 04:12:26 by Jim

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"Looks like we need to dispose of these bodies. Seems a fire was good enough for the goblins so it should work fit us as well. We'll make a large fire, their the bodies on and then check out the cave.  Anyone have anything else they need to do besides we continue?  Probably safe to assume the goblins won't  be back.  Once we have completed these things we will check out the cave."

Posted on 2022-07-19 at 05:33:06.
Edited on 2022-07-21 at 05:44:38 by Keeper of Dragons

RDI Fixture
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Weapon Bonding

'I thank you for your information. I think it is best at least one of us escorts you back to Botkinburg to increase your chances of a safer journey,' Thäoran told the twins.

He then approached Hornet and told him his plan.
'The two young humans shouldn't travel back to the village alone. It is too dangerous with all these goblins about. I am going into the cave to perform the ritual of the Weapon Bond. It will take me an hour.' He nodded to Hornet and headded into the cave.

Sitting on the rough ground and crossing his legs, the elf laid his father's rapier and one of his daggers before him-the two weapons he wished to forge with. Placing a hand on each, he uttered the incantation and forged the bond with each.

((OOC: Performs Weapon Bond))

Posted on 2022-07-21 at 16:27:04.

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Dok Finished Collecting

Dok finished collecting Goblin ears and set about the task of helping to pile bodies for burning, in case some unknown evil was lurking in the Ridge that was able to animate corpses!

"I suggest we remain in a group and escort the Twins back to town in a group, rather than splitting up!"

Posted on 2022-07-21 at 19:44:05.

Keeper of Dragons
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"Alright, we will search the cave then escort the twins back to town."

Posted on 2022-07-22 at 06:14:09.


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