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Keeper of Dragons
Devil's Advocate
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  Hornet continued dragging Dok across the river with Silvers help.  The heavy mist made it impossible to see very far and in fact he lost sight of the goblins and even some of the party members.  All he could do is keep moving and hope the others followed.  Suddenly he heard a splasing in the water near the bank they had fled and a goblin scream spilt the air.  "I believe Boris made have heard my call for help.  We may yet live to see the morning." He gave a slight smile of hope and then continued across once more.  

Posted on 2021-12-15 at 16:05:28.

RDI Fixture
Karma: 16/1
884 Posts

Screams in the Fog...

Thäoran hoped his Minor Illusion spell had lasted long enough to fool the pesky goblins and get them off their backs. He held the spell in place for as long as he could, but he knew he could not afford to linger lest his enemies stumble upon him in the murky, grey blanket of fog. Ending his incantation, the elf continued on his way across the river another 30ft. Before he had gone very far, however, he heard the high, gurgled screams of a goblin a few feet behind him and he paused a few moments, wondering who it was that had slain the fiend. Then he decided it didn't matter that much at the moment and he concentrated on making the 30ft across the river. But it still gnawed at his mind wether the killer of the little beast was friend or foe...

Posted on 2021-12-16 at 10:43:48.

RDI Fixture
Karma: 64/11
1427 Posts

Splash and gurgle, what fun!

The sounds of wet goblin screams certainly brought a smile to the gold elf's lips. Anything that killed goblins was alright as far as she was concerned. Her only regret was not witnessing the bitter end visited upon the foul cretins. Still, there would be time enough to return to the Varlog and punish more than a few of the wretched beasts herself. For now the moment called for retreat, and retreat she did. Soledad continued her escape all the while maintaining the dancing lights in the distance. 

((OOC: Not sure how far she can move and still maintain the cantrip at this point... Planning on moving 30ft this round if possible))

Posted on 2021-12-19 at 12:21:44.

Nomad D2
RDI Fixture
Karma: 55/6
3140 Posts

Reaching the far shore

Gerdar disengaged from the goblin in front of him and with a slight stumble on the river stones under his feet he retreated into the fog.  He figured they would follow him and kept his axe up and ready.  The same goblin that had attacked him continued to move up on him and appeared out of the fog and swung his sword at him.  Again, it missed.  The archer he had hoped to leave behind also reappeared, but this time he did not simply stop and stare but loosed an arrow that flew past the dwarf and continued into the fog.  Another goblin also appeared with bow in hand but seemed surprised to see the dwarf. 

Thaoran also continued to move quickly towards the far shore.  Fog swirled around him as he moved.  He could hear noises behind him, but in the fog it was hard to tell what was what.  As he moved he saw the new dwarf appear out of the fog behind him – and continue to be engaged with another goblin.  That was the only creature Thaoran could see, but an arrow flew out of the mist and passed the dwarf.  But the elf could not see the archer. 

The trio of Hornet, Silver and Soledad had the unconscious Dok with them and moved as quickly as they could towards the shore.  After only a few feet the shore appeared out of the fog in front of them and, breathing a sigh of relief while hoping that it’s shores would offer some safety, they moved towards it.  As they approached the shore, they stopped short when a shape stood up in front of them on the shore.  At first all they could see was that it was enormous – perhaps 8’ of humanoid causing all of them to catch their breath. 

But as it emerged from the fog, they heard it whisper, “Psst, do you need help?  Come this way!”  He seemed to wave them ashore.  Now they could see that he was a very pale skinned looking person – not a bugbear or any such creature.  But he was very pale skinned and had silver hair.  He gestured with a quarterstaff that he gave the impression of knowing how to use.  The group stared at the newcomer.  He wears clothes hand crafted from animal skins and a necklace of some sort of teeth.  The pale skin that caught your attention is covered with tattoos - lines on his face and arms.  

Behind them they heard more noise in the fog.  Yells and howls could be heard as well as splashes.  But in the fog, it seemed to come from every direction at once.  Out of the fog an arrow suddenly flew – just barely missing Hornet’s head.  Was it aimed?  Was it just a wild shot in the fog?  They had no way of knowing. 



At the far shore – with feet still wet.  – Hornet and Silver with Dok.  Soledad.

75’into the river – Thaoran

70’ in to the river – Gerdar and two goblins

               In melee with one – the other is actually 10’ back

20’ into the river – approximate location of the dancing lights – a bit downstream.

               Soledad is still able to hold her spell – for about another 30’ or so, maybe less if she keeps them moving downstream. 


You have no knowledge of anything 10’ beyond Gerdar – just noise. 


Posted on 2021-12-19 at 18:57:17.
Edited on 2021-12-20 at 16:49:30 by Nomad D2

Keeper of Dragons
Devil's Advocate
Karma: 59/18
2581 Posts

     Hornet felt the ground beneath his feet change from that of riverbed to riverbank.  They had made it across the river.  As he looked ahead he was surprised to see a strange looking person motioning to them and then asking them if they needed help and calling for them to follow him.  "We are indeed in need of help but there are others behind us as well.  It would not be right to move until they catch up and we can all follow you as a group.  Goblins are pursuing them and I must stay and do what I can to cover their retreat now that my companion is across the river."  Hornet laid Dok in a covered spot, hopefully safe from any random arrows and then drew his bow.  Turning toward the river he watched and waited.  Hopefully his companions would appear soon and if any goblins we foolish enough to follow this far he would send an arrow to greet them.

Posted on 2021-12-20 at 17:56:58.

RDI Fixture
Karma: 16/1
884 Posts

Hopefully, the far shore is within reach...

In the thick blanket of fog, Thäoran's sharp elf eyes could make out the small shape of a goblin close behind their newest ally Gerdar-which meant the little fiend wasn't far behind him, either.

I have to try and prevent him from pursuing us any further, or at least hobble him so my friends can dispatch him more easily, the elf decided.

So Thäoran drew his bow, nocked and arrow, and aimed as best he could at the shadowy form of the goblin behind Gerdar, taking great care not to srike the dwarf by mistake. The thick fog was oscuring a lot of his surroundings so it was difficult to judge exactly where the goblin was. He just had to hope his aim was true...

But the elf didn't linger to find out. As soon as the shaft flew from his bow, he continued fording the river another 30ft, hoping this time he would make it to the other bank where his companions were wating.

Posted on 2021-12-26 at 08:14:40.
Edited on 2021-12-26 at 08:17:44 by dragon-soul92

RDI Fixture
Karma: 64/11
1427 Posts

Oh the river bed!

There was a moment of bliss when her feet touched the earth of the shore, she had made it across and her companions would soon follow with their escape well hidden by a think bank of fog. Whichever dark goddess had sent the obscuring mists would soon have a goblin sacrificed to her nameless name, Soledad swore it then and there. That the golden witch wanted nothing more than to burn every cretinous goblin from existence was certainly motivting in keeping said promise. 

Her wickedly gleeful musings were cut short as a giant form approached them through the fog. They were big, very big. A pale silver haired figure emerged from the swirling mists and stood to towed above them. Yet, they were not met with violence but rather an offer of aid. At the moment, Soledad, despite her own capricious nature, was inclined toward faith. 

"Well met and thanks good stranger of the fog. We are in need of aid, but as my friend has mentioned, we must hold out for our companions. We cannot abandon them to the hoard. Still, they are nearly here and we will gratefully make haste with you once they arrive."

Soledad maintained her illusory cantrip of light s long as she could, hoping that the phantom lights would buy them enough time to make it to safety. There was no way of knowing for certain, there way only faith. 


((OOC: Maintain Dancing Lights))

Posted on 2021-12-26 at 11:45:38.

Veteran Visitor
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111 Posts

An offer

Uthal, looking to the Elf as Hornet places the dwarf on the ground. "Let me help your friend." He crouches down and kneels beside the unconscious dwarf and starts muttering to himself (OOC: casting Cure Wounds on Dok).

Posted on 2021-12-28 at 05:17:23.

Extreme Exclaimator!
Karma: 93/24
4361 Posts

Back from Death's Door

Dok slowly regained consciousness as his spirit and body made its way back from Death's Door to find himself back on the other side of the river.

He nodded to his nearby companions and the stranger by his side, before fumbling around in his back pack for something to quench his thirst; whereupon, finding what he was looking for, the Hill Dwarf Cleric of Helm took a long, slow drink, enjoying the small pleasure of sustenance flowing down his throat into his belly.

((OOC: If his Healing Potion is enough to restore Hit Points, without wasting the contents of the Healing Potion flask, then Dok drains the Healing Potion, but if it goes past the Hit Points needed for restoration, then Dok is merely drinking water to revive himself))


Posted on 2021-12-28 at 14:44:10.

Trilogy Master
RDI Staff
Karma: 181/119
6817 Posts

OMG look it's ME!!!

As Silver helped Hornet move Dok to safety they could clearly hear a goblin scream in pain.

I believe Boris may have heard my call for help, We may yet live to see the morning" The older elf gave a slight smile of hope and then they both continued across only to be surprised by a whisper.

Psst, do you need help?, Come this way!” From the fog gathered around them emerged a very pale skinned silever haired looking person – not a bugbear or any such creature. Clothed in hand crafted and stitched animal skins, a necklace of teeth, it’s skin covered in tattoo’s and holding a quarterstaff. Within moments having reached the riverbank Hornet took charge accepting the creature’s help.

Within a next group of seconds the rest of the party had also arrived alongside she and the Elf assassn. Placing Dok on the ground and within cover, Silver almost on instinct attacked the pale creature as it bent to Dok’s side but qwuickly stopped herself when she saw the light of healing become a glow on it’s hands.

For the moment she would hold all actions as she too was in need of healing and to kill this creature clearly capable of such, would be stupid and utterly inane. She would wait for Soledad’s next orders.

(OOC: Ok not the greatest post but it's a start. Thanks Nomad for holding my spot I'll try to post again on the games timeline.)

Posted on 2021-12-28 at 14:58:08.
Edited on 2021-12-28 at 14:59:25 by TannTalas

Nomad D2
RDI Fixture
Karma: 55/6
3140 Posts

The Far Side of the River

The group on the shore was surprised to see the newcomer but all seemed willing to take his offer of help for what it was.  After the long battle in the gulley, they could just hope his offer was honest as they had little fight left in them.  Hauling Dok onto the shore Silver and Hornet lay him down. 

               The newcomer crouched down and lay his hands on the fallen dwarf and cast cure wounds on him.  Under his ministrations the dwarf stirred and opened his eyes – surprised to be waking at all.  But the dwarf seemed to grasp the situation and quickly rummaged in his pack and grabbed a potion of healing.  He quickly guzzled the potion and got to his feet.  (Between spell and potion, new HP total:  11)  Soledad and Uthal stood and looked towards the river and fog.

               Further into the river Tharoan paused his retreat long enough to send an arrow flashing back towards the goblin he saw engaged with Gerdar.  His arrow flew at the goblin but failed to hit and flashed on into the fog.  Thaoran didn’t stick around but continued to retreat.  Gerdar did the same, disengaging again from his opponent and moving backwards.  First the elf and then the dwarf reached the edge of the river where they found the rest of the party and a tall stranger awaiting them.  They stepped onto the bank as the fog swirled. 

               The goblin that had attacked Gerdar as he retreated across the river charged after him out of the fog but pulled up short, surprised to see 7 opponents standing on the shore.  He stopped 5’ away and screamed – in rage, fear or hunger nobody could tell.  First one, then another, goblin archer followed the first out of the fog.  Like the first, they too seemed stunned to find a large group standing there, but instead of freezing they quickly fired arrows.  The first flew towards Gerdar but instead found purchase in a nearby tree.  The other drew and fired so quickly nobody could be sure where he had intended to aim it, but it seemed unlikely it went where intended.  The shaft struck the leading goblin a glancing blow in the back of the shoulder before flying off into the fog.  The struck goblin staggered forward and looked backward with a glare.  (Don’t role a natural 1!)

               For now, that was all that appeared from the fog but everyone in the group knew that more creatures ere out there.  They could hear howling, yelling and splashing coming from the fog.  Soledad held here dancing lights spell but couldn’t move it any further down stream without getting out of range. 



The whole group is on shore but within about 5’ or so of the edge of the river.  Everyone is now up and standing.

5’ away stands one screaming goblin with a sword.

10’ away are two goblin archers.


There are an unknown number of enemies still in the river. 


Behind You

Behind you are the woods.  It is hard to tell if there is any path at all on this side of the ford.  Maybe, but maybe not.  In the fog nothing is obvious. 

Posted on 2021-12-28 at 21:58:50.

Veteran Visitor
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172 Posts

"The archers are through!", Gerdar yelled as he now took a swing at his persistent foe, "If everyone's able to move maybe we should board?"

Posted on 2021-12-29 at 08:24:44.

Extreme Exclaimator!
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4361 Posts

Dok Responded To The Word Move

Dok responded to the word "Move" by making a bee line as fast as his recuperating legs could run towards the Woods, in hopes of finding a secluded spot where the Hill Dwarf Cleric of Helm could position himself to set a trap for any pursuing foes!

((OOC: Dok runs as fast and as far as a running move allows him to move!))

Posted on 2021-12-30 at 01:07:05.

Keeper of Dragons
Devil's Advocate
Karma: 59/18
2581 Posts

  The stranger laid his hands on Dok and he dwarf's eyes fluttered open.  It seemed the rescue effort was a success.  There was little time to celebrate as the golins appeared from the fog.  "Lead on my new friend.  Everyone follow the tall guy."  Hornet took a moment to send a bolt toward the closest goblin archer before following the others into the fog shrouded woods.

Posted on 2021-12-30 at 16:12:01.

RDI Fixture
Karma: 16/1
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New Ally?

Thäoran was heartened to witness Dok's return to conciousness by the hands of the newcomer. So far, the stranger had proved to be benevolent towards the party. However, Thäoran still wished to know more about their new companion.

'I am indeed grateful to you for saving my friend's life,' the elf started. 'But may I ask your name? And, if I may be so bold. what race you belong to? For you do not appear to be like any human, elf or orc I have seen. Forgive me if I misjudged you for what you are and you are in fact human,' he added hastily, not wishing to offend their new potential ally. 'Also, may I enquire as to why you are passing through such a dangerous area?'

The elf waited the newcomer's answers.

Posted on 2021-12-31 at 10:13:54.


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