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Hornet walked close to Soledad.  "Which way do you think the goblin HQ lies?  Perhaps that fleeing goblin headed in its general direction.  With the coming storm I doubt we will be able to track him but it seems as good a direction as any to investigate."

Posted on 2020-11-21 at 16:00:32.

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As the party grows

Luna continues to watch the drama unfold from his hiding place where he had been watching the party who had the captive goblins, thyen the arrival of the dragonborn the reception from the group was cool at best with the one elf even putting his hand to his sword, this arrival also seemed to have another effect as both goblins are suddenly dispatched.

 Quickly however things calm and from what he can make out the entire group is going to move into the stone shealter nearby to avoid the coming rain.This would give him time to move back slightly change and then act as if he was just coming down the road from the bridge, which really is very close to the truth just the time is different, He would then approach the shealter just as they do with the reason being shealter from approaching rain.

Posted on 2020-11-22 at 08:52:51.

Nomad D2
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Goblins, a Dragonborn and a Druid, oh my!

As thunder began to rumble overhead a series of events occurred to the group gathered on the Ridge Road.  The appearance of a dragonborn and his retainers from upslope brought the goblin interrogations to a halt.  The newcomers appeared to wish to discuss the goblins and were friendly and thus were invited down.  The situation was not entirely friendly as strangers in the night in the middle of the wilds were not always a good sign.  But by all appearances these were more goblin hunters and not more Red Caps.

The arrival of the newcomers might have been welcomed by the adventurers but meant doom for the last of the goblins.  If they had hopes that their bravado would give them a chance to bluff their way out of the situation, they were wrong.  Dok quickly slit the throat of one and Soledad placed a dagger in the eye of the other.  Their right ears were added to the others already in the dwarf’s pouch – 11 in total.  It had been a rough night for the goblins so far.

With introductions and goblins out of the way, the group moved back towards the stone hut they had previously sheltered in.  It was only stone walls and a roof about 20’ square, but it provided shelter.  The group’s mule and cart remained behind the building.   Before the group even arrived back under the shelter Hornet started asking the critical questions, “Which way do you think the goblin HQ lies?”  He received no clear answer before everyone reached the building and sought a dry corner.   Nobody had an answer, but Hornet suggested that perhaps the goblin that fled might have gone in the right direction.  The problem was that the only thing they knew for sure was that he had fled downhill – the shortest and most sheltered route away from the party.  Down hill of the group was the river – when he had reached the river had he gone upstream (North) or downstream (South)? 

As the group pondered this there was a hail from the road.  “Hail to those in the hut!  May I approach?”  Thaoran had just caught site of the newcomer as he approached in the darkness.  As several others looked out the door, they confirmed what the elf already knew – another elf stood about 50 yards down hill from the hut and called up to the group.  The rain had just started lightly but promised more.  Lightning illuminated the scene as the newcomer slowly walked up the hill with his hands raised.  “I am no friend of the goblins.  May I find shelter with you in the hut?” 

As he approached some of the group were beginning to wonder if instead of some nearly abandoned road in the middle of the wilderness they might instead have been on the King’s High Road which was frequently travelled by comers and goers of all types.  It was hard not to wonder who would next appear out of the darkness.  But for now, it was just a young elf who appeared cautious, but open and pleased to get out of the rain.  “I am Luna, and I seek to know what evil stalks these hills.  I would know more of these goblins if you have information to share.” 

As he spoke thunder rumbled again and the skies opened up.  What had been a light rain became a downpour.  All eyes in the hut turned briefly to the ill weather outside and then returned to the discussion.  Hornet and Thaoran stood by the door and watched the road in both directions, but listened carefully to the discussion.  They had little to go on. 

Posted on 2020-11-22 at 18:07:09.

Trilogy Master
RDI Staff
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First post in a long time

(OOC: I decided to change Silver’s name to Mischief to kinda make her mine in the sense of getting a feel for her and building a different personality then what the actual Mischief and I had planned and to poke at the real Mischief in a fun way. I apologize for the confusion if any)

For this whole time Mischief had been quiet, using her ability as a Rogue to hide out of sight within the stone remains of the building, her bow cocked and ready to fire. As the large armored horsemen, a Dragonborn and his retinue, approached, it was clear he was some sort of Knight or Nobleman and Mischief smiled when it was revealed he was in fact a Paladin.

As thunder rumbled overhead the rest of her group turned and headed back to the old building Mischief came out, bow still in hand, arrow still ready to fire. Nothing better then making a point the wiry Rogue thought to herself.

Approaching, she smiled at Steel and the rest, then asked of Soledad.

“Everything ok?

Getting a nod from the Elvin Wizard, Mischief turned, nodded a greeting to the Dragonborn, and returned inside. Stowing the shortbow and her arrow she sat quietly in the corner as Steel came over to sit next to her quiet as always. In the course of the next hour they were joined by yet another Elf, supposedly just seeking shelter from the rain, but Mischief moved herself further into the shadows of the building, it’s small space quietly becoming too crowded, one of her two shortswords unsheathed at her side. A questioning look from Steel made her shrug and then smile mischievously.

The rain came and the party was for the moment unsure of where to go next but in her way she kept on the newcomers both Elf and Dragonborn

Posted on 2020-11-22 at 23:54:38.

RDI Fixture
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A Respite From The Rain

The chilled wind whipped Thäoran's sleek hair around his face, which had escaped somewhat from its leather band from the conflict with the goblins. With the wind spitting rain in his face, the elf reached up and pulled the band from his hair and retied it, eyes squinting against the storm. He hoped this bad weather wouldn't linger too long as it would surely hinder them from completing their task. It will be difficult indeed to spot any bootprints in this downpour, or any other clues as to the goblins' location.
Hornet suggested pursuing the ones that had fled as they may inadvertently lead them to their base of operations. It did indeed sound like a good a plan as any, so he voiced his agreement to his companion:

'My friend, I too wish to track the fleeing goblins in the hope that by doing so we may find what we are seeking. Let us hope this storm eases quickly so we can be on our way. Those young humans need our assistance as soon as podsible and I'm afraid if we tarry much longer, there will be no boys to save. Goblins are not known for their mercy.' Thäoran exhaled a weary sigh, hoping that what he had just said would not come to pass.

With his keen eyes still fixed on the road outside, watchful and alert for anything that may approach, he briefly relayed what had transpired these past few days to Luna. He liked having a fellow elf in their company as it reminded him of home. He would like to get to know more of Luna and hope they can become friends.

'The goblins invaded Botkinburg,' Thäoran informed Luna, 'and kidnapped two young boys. Twins. We have offered to track down the foul goblins and, if possible, rescue their prisoners. The head officer of Botkinburg has put a bounty on the goblins-well, their right ears, anyway. Frankly, I don't see why he didn't just put a bounty on their heads. I suppose heads will be more difficult to transport,' he added with a soft dark chuckle. 'So, what brings you to these dangerous parts?'

Posted on 2020-11-24 at 16:46:42.
Edited on 2020-11-24 at 16:49:33 by dragon-soul92

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  Everything goes Lunas way and he manages to change and approach the shelter not sure what to expect seeing how the dragonborn was meet, but the party seems to welcome him right in, of course he thinks I don't look nearly as dangerous as the Dragonborn, but then he always considered that one thing he always used to his advantage he doesn't look intemidating.
 Taking a quick look around the inside of the shelter he could tell not everyone in there was as open to the newcomers. He could see hands hovering near blade hilts and one half elf sitting in the very back had her short sword out and at her side.This acctually makes Luna feel a little better about seeking to possabley to get with this  group because even though they seem lax that is not the case they are observent and seem wound ready to move at an instant.
 This all sits well with Luna who himself always has problems with meeting and trusting ones he meets while on the road.But of course finding ones of like mind and seeming to be on the same course as he is also important for when batteling evil one can always use help.
 The one elf whose name he thinks he caught it was Thaoran started filling Luna in about kinda why they where here and what has been transpiring goblin attacks and kidnappings in and around the town Botkinburg, which is not to far from the Blacktooth Ridge. Luna thinks to himself that the rumors that had sent him in this direction seem to be true.
  So when the elf Thaoran ask what brings him to these dangerous parts he opens up to him.
   " Well quite frankly what you just told me about what has been going on around here is the reason I have made my way to the ridge. Now I knew nothing of the kidnappings or even about the goblin attacks, but there has been a lot of rumors floating around where I come from. I was guiding a group of travlers through our neck of the woods and from what I could pick up from them basiclly pointed to a new evil raising it's head here back on the Blacktooth Ridge, and I always seek out evil wherever it's raising it's ugly head, to put it back where it belongs.So I approached the leaders of my circle and it was determined I would travel to the ridge and determine the truth of these rumors, and do whatever needed to be done to surpress any evil if found."
 As he was speaking to Thaoan he kept his voice fairly loud for one reason the rain was kinda loud, but he was also hoping those at least nearest to him would also hear what he was talking about, 
 also if anyone watching close enough would notice that Lunas' eyes ( even though he is mostly locked on Thaoran since that is who he is basically talking to ) briefly flit around the room locking momentarialy with any one who is looking his way.


Posted on 2020-11-29 at 14:03:51.

Keeper of Dragons
Devil's Advocate
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2581 Posts

 " AND IT WOULD SEEM I HAVE FOUND WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR !"   It was those loud words that really caught Hornet's attention.  The newcomer had been talking about searching for and finding evil and then finished with that.  Did he mean he thought he and his companions were evil?  Or that the other party they had met was evil?  "What do you mean you found the evil?" Hornet stared at the newcomer and waited for an answer. 

Posted on 2020-12-03 at 09:48:54.

Karma: 12/1
312 Posts

Quick response

When one of the others present started to stare a little to intently at him and replyed " "What do you mean you found the evil?" Luna turns toward the one who had addressed him and looking him over and settling his gaze on his face speaking to this one directly he says" What do I mean I found the evil, your friend just finished telling me about the goblin attacks about the kidnapping of two boys from the nearby village seems to me that is the type of activities I have come here to combat , just as it seems you have also"

Posted on 2020-12-04 at 16:14:52.

Extreme Exclaimator!
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Dok Huddled

Dok huddled in as remote of a corner in the shelter as he could find, praying to his deity to renew his spells for the break of day, while keeping a wary eye and ear on the developments with the recent newcomers, whom the hill dwarf cleric of Helm did not completely trust.

In fact, it was in the heat of battle that both Thor and Hornet had gained a deeper trust in the mind and heart of Dok, especially from their shared disdain of the red-capped goblins.

Dok had a deeper respect for Soledad … after the witch had plunged a dagger into the eye of the goblin that she was interrogating.

Hopefully, the entire group assembled in the shelter would prove to be trustworthy, because there was something about this Blacktooth Ridge that was both unsettling …  while laced with dark foreboding!

Dok Spells

(3) Cantrips: Light / Sacred Flame / Spare the Dying

(2) Life Domain Spells: Bless / Cure Wounds

(4) First Level Spells:   Create or Destroy Water / Guiding Bolt / Healing Word / Purify Food and Drink

(2) Second Level Spells: Prayer of Healing / Spiritual Weapon

Posted on 2020-12-04 at 23:10:55.

Keeper of Dragons
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"Yes indeed those are the evil.  But only the sysmptons of the evil that lurks on teh ridge.  We need to find the source and destroy it before the village is once again safe"  It seemed the newcomer would be a helpful addition to their little band of adventurers.

Posted on 2020-12-05 at 06:29:51.

Veteran Visitor
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Friendly Faces

How curious, Constantine though to himself, that so many would be seeking these goblins out on the same night. Perhaps they have their own reasons for the hunt. His eyes flicked between his new company, from the menagerie of elves, wary and friendly alike, to the dwarf and warforged. Being the odd man out in such a situation was not unfamiliar territory for the dragonborn, but it was typically humans he was amongst, not those of fey descent. At any rate, they were welcoming enough, and Constantine was just glad to be out of the rain.

"You are right in your assessments, friend Thäoran," he says to the elven man, "Training a squire on the Ridge is not ideal, though travelling by myself through this place I determined to be the worse option. In truth, I've no desire to be out here myself, though I could hardly call myself worthy of my oath to Torm were I to leave Botkinburg unsafe as it is." The dragonborn cracks a smile at the group. "Though I dare say the village has a shot now, with the likes of you all as her defenders. You've all spoken of pursuing these goblins to their base of operations, which I heartily agree with, though fear I cannot contribute more than martial skill in pursuing them." Constantine regards Luna for a moment, getting a rare inkling of insight looking at the man. "Say, should you happen to have any means of tracking those goblins? You seem the type to know your way round the wilderness."

Posted on 2020-12-05 at 13:39:49.

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Can I get a goblin?

Soledad regarded the newcomers coldly as Z'zzip slithered their irridescent form over her own gold skin. The irrascible snake was, for the moment, silent and content. In this, the fey witch saw a sign to place some semblance of trust in the men that had just joined their number. Though the path ahead yet lay beneath a veil, they might well be of some aid in finding it.

"We can all agree," Soledad spoke decisively, "that we must pursue the wretched vermin to their source to cut out its heart. Yet, we know not where the cretins are hiding and the rain will only work to hide their tracks even further. Lest some of you have some means of enticing the wild to reveal its secrets, we may need to returned to Botkinburg. We know more than we did, and I still do not trust fully that the villagers have shared all they know."

Posted on 2020-12-05 at 14:46:51.

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"The villagers may not have told us everything but I doubt they know where the lair is located.  We found a raiding party and have a chance to maybe follow one goblin back to the lair.  Returning to the village would not get us any closer to finding the source of the evil and could cause us to lose a chance to track that runaway."

Posted on 2020-12-09 at 05:22:05.

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At the elven wizard's words, Constantine brightened. "Indeed, we have much intel and quite a few hands to spare in culling this goblinoid threat, though I despair to think the villagers would be hiding anything from us. They were quite typical for commoners, accomodating but not overly friendly, in my dealings with them." He gestured about himself, drawing attention to the blue scales and pronged horns on his head. "Though I am not the most familiar of faces around here," he said with a smile before looking solemnly to his retainers. "Though they were inviting enough to you lot. Should you return to the village, perhaps we can cover two more area that way."

The dragonborn regarded Soledad, smiling imploringly. "Allow my servants and squire to go in our stead to Botkinburg. They can investigate in greater detail than our eclectic selves could, and we can pursue these fiendish goblins to their hideaway like friend Hornet recommended." He arched an eyebrow at the group, looking for support for his "novel" idea.

Posted on 2020-12-09 at 13:37:43.

RDI Fixture
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Decisions to be Made...

Thäoran listened carefully to exchanges of his fellow companions and contemplated the options available to the party.
'Constantine,' the elf addressed the dragonborn, 'your suggestion of your companions returning to Botkinburg in our stead is indeed a good one, but how will they find us again after they have completed their tasks in the town? The stray goblin's tracks could lead us anywhere so we cannot say for certain where we shall end up.'

Posted on 2020-12-10 at 07:52:14.


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