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Topic: Voyages of Rocinante - Serenity/Firefly RPG
Subject: Baby, baby

The afternoon progressed pleasantly enough; Mrs. Wilson had set aside a well appointed room for Willow to see each of the young women who were reluctant to see the town doctor. All were relatively healthy and chattered happily enough, but Willow realized the reason for discretion when every single one of them asked for discreet contraception, and more than a few needed to be treated for STDs.

Willow quickly went through her contraceptive supplies, and shared a few techniques of her own that allowed for pleasure without risking pregnancy, earning a few blushes and more than a few delighted gasps. On the whole, it was almost like being back at the Companion Guild House, though Mrs. Wilson seemed to grow more tense and guarded as time moved on, rather than less. Perhaps the matron didn't approve of Willow's more salacious advice, but then again, she'd had mentioned a pregnancy and none of the girls so far had been pregnant,.

"Mrs. Wilson, have I seen everyone? You mentioned someone having a difficult pregnancy, and so far, all the young ladies I've seen have managed to avoid the family way? "

Mrs Wilson looked at Willow and then away for a moment. She got up and went to the door, opened it and looked around in the hallway and then closed the door and came up close to the Doctor and sat beside her. "Miss Tak, Willow, do you believe in a god?"

Willow knew better than to discuss her own beliefs; so many Rim planets clung to the Book, and the early chapters of harsh ways and dutiful submission, instead of the later ones of love and acceptance. It seemed to be a way to find a purpose in their struggles, and she knew better than to try to change that.

"I believe there is a greater purpose beyond what we can see, " Willow agreed carefully," there are too many things that we cannot yet explain."

"I have had my doubts in my life but events have occurred in the last few days that make me believe that there is a divine hand guiding circumstances around me. You say Confidentiality is your specialty; well, I have to put my faith in that because I think a young woman's life is in danger if I do not help her. But I need you to trust me. There is a reason for my caution and it will be very clear soon but right now, would you mind following me and I will take you to someone, but we need to be discreet on who sees us. Is that agreeable with you? Mr Sarafina does not know about this and if he did, well, I would be in a lot of trouble."

Willow nodded and gathered up her remaining supplies before following Mrs. Wilson from the room. They walked down the hall, to a stairwell going downwards. At the end of the stairwell is a solid steel door with a keypunch panel on the wall next to it. Mrs. Wilson draws out a flat card from her pocket, puts it in the reader and presses several buttons. The door unlocks and she enters quickly, beckoning Willow to come in.

"This is part of an underground bunker that Mr. Sarafina had put in in case of a Reaver attack. It connects to the barns and all the buildings on the property. There is food and bedding down here for people to survive for many days." She says as she moves down the hall. "Very few have access, unless there is an alarm, then the doors unlock automatically." She leads Willow to a room and opens the door.

Inside is a young woman, probably in her late teens and in the later stage of the first trimester of pregnancy, when the belly just begins to swell in the distinctive "baby bump". She is very pale, shows signs of sweating and dark shadows under her eyes. She is lying on the bed and rose as you enter but Willow can see traces of blood on the sheets - not a lot but definitely enough to be concerned. Willow spotted on Chloe's hand there was a black tattoo of a stylized "P", much like a cattle brand.

"Chloe? This Is Miss Willow. She is a doctor and she is here to help you. We can trust her."

Willow put on her warmest smile to hide her concern as she eased Chloe back onto the bed and smoothed the damp hair away from her eyes to assess her for shock. The young woman was clearly exhausted and had recently over exerted herself. Willow put on a pair of gloves and began checking the young woman's blood pressure, heart rate and other vitals. She kept up a patter of reassuring comments mixed with questions and Chloe's story came out.
"I was born on Triumph. I don't remember much of it but I lived on a farm and I had a mom and dad and three sisters. But my sisters were older and when they got to a certain age, they went off to the Maiden House and I wouldn't see them much anymore - learnin' to be good wives I was told. Anyway, I was almost to the age when I would be goin' myself but my mom got sick. My dad was always goin' on about havin' to take care of her and the crops not doin' well. I think there was a blight but at the time, I didn't understand what that meant.

"So, days before my birthday my dad asked me if I wanted to see a spaceship. Naturally I said yes, thought it was a present or somethin'. So I was taken at night to this spaceship in a field and , well the men gave my dad a bag full of coin and they took me on the spaceship. The door closed behind me and I never saw my mom or dad again.

"There were a lot of girls my age on the ship, and they brought us here to Whitefall where we were put to work and told we had a debt to pay. I never really understood what a debt was other than I had to work hard and do what I was told. Some girls tried to get away or be defiant-like but they would be whipped or punished so I just did what I was told like I was always taught. If you did what you were told then no one punished you and you got fed and a place to sleep.

"So as I got older, it was promised to me that if I became the wife of a hand when I reached the Maiden age, then I would have my debt forgiven. I'd be free and could live my life with a husband and family. It wasn't that different than back home on Triumph so I was in for the platinum and the pound.

"But then I got moved to the Governor's house because I was good and did good work and it was there that I met ,him. "

"The father?" Willow asked neutrally, glancing at Mrs. Wilson, who had her own neutral expression firmly in place.


"And who is that?" Willow prompted, though in truth, she was less concerned about that than she was about the blood that was still setting fresh blooms on the sheets.


Mrs Wilson turned pale white. "Petrie? Petrie? Not Petrie Tubbs? I thought you said the father was someone who worked at the ranch."

"No. I said he was at the ranch a lot. You didn't ask his name so I thought you didn't want to know."

"I was more worried about you at the time. Oh dear. What am I going to do now?"

"Who is Petrie Tubbs? Willow asks.

"The Reverend's Son." Mrs Wilson replies with an air of despair in her voice. "Oh my."

"He ain't like his dad, " Chloe insisted, struggling to sit up, but Willow eased her back again. She needed to examine the baby as best she could with such limited equipment. " He said he hates his dad and the Governor. That people deserve to be treated as equals. He said he loved me."

"Oh dear, men always say that. They say lots of nice things and then they are gone." Mrs. Wilson said ruefully.

"I don't know about all men but I do know Petrie and I believed him."

"So why did you run away then?" Mrs. Wilson responded, her voice still gentle yet exasperated.

Chloe stops talking for a moment and looks away. She then looks back at Mrs. Wilson and says, "I told Petrie that I thought I was pregnant. He wanted to tell his father and get permission to marry me. I wasn't showin' yet but I knew if they saw I was with child, I would be punished and my baby would be taken from me. Petrie said to just wait and he would take care of things. But he didn't come back. I waited and waited and then the Reverend came to visit.

"I overheard the Governor and the Reverend talkin'. They were talkin' about the plan they had where they were offerin' to free the servants if they married the hands. But their plan was that our debt was handed over to the hand, not forgiven at all. Our husbands would therefore own us as property. There was somethin' called a loophole that allowed them to give the Governor more territory and land but parcellin' off the land to newly married couples. And then I found out that the Reverend wanted me handed over immediately to a hand named Duncan. He was very insistent and told the Governor I was a wicked whore who violated his son and I needed to be taken care of. So I slipped out the back and I ran and I didn't stop runnin' until I fell in the dark and then Mrs. Wilson found me and brought me here."

Willow glanced at Mrs. Wilson, who was now clearly distressed, and back at Chloe, who was getting more agitated and defiant as she spoke. She needed Chloe calm if she was going to be able to hear a fetal heartbeat at this early stage.

"It sounds like an awful situation, and I'm not certain of the legalities here,can we take a few deep breaths a moment while I check on the baby,.deep breath in,.hold,let it out slowly,.there's a girl, now,.one more,.and hold your breath!"

It was faint, as expected, but the fluttering butterfly beat of a tiny heart was apparent on Willow's med scanner,she turned up the volume and was gratified by the delighted smile on Chloe's weary face. Even Mrs. Wilson's stricken appearance eased at the sound

"That's,that's my baby?" she asked, tears appearing anew.

"Yes, " Willow smiled, though she was worried," and that is all that matters at the moment. We need to find out why you are bleeding. It's not fast so the baby is fine for now, but I need to you move as little as possible for the next little while. Give you a chance to heal and settle the child."

She pulled off her gloves and put away the scanner before giving Chloe a glass of water and a vitamin pack from her bag. "Take these for now to give you and the baby a boost - we'll want to give you additional iron but I need to test your levels first."

She gestured to Mrs. Wilson and they both stepped out in to the hallway.

"You said this bunker connects to all the buildings? Is there one near the ship? This is quite the mess we are in but I need to stop that bleeding or we may lose both mother and child."

Posted on 2017-08-07 at 08:44:31.

Topic: Voyages of Rocinante - Serenity/Firefly RPG
Subject: A long one

Willow enjoyed her lunch with the others, though somehow she'd managed to find herself seated in a center of fascinated ranch hands. They couldn't pass her more tidbits or fill her glass fast enough, though Willow was pretty certain she wasn't doing much more than making polite conversation. Of course, her way of conversation tended to be leaning into the person speaking and breathing,"Tell me more," so she managed to hear pretty much every bit of gossip around Whitefall and no small amount of tall tales about Imogene Patience that defied logic, biology and physics.

"I'm fair certain Miz Patience doesn't keep rattlesnakes in a baby's crib in her room, "she laughed gently, before a bite of fresh cherries nearly made her swoon from the intense flavor. She closed her eyes to savor the sweet/tart juice flooding her mouth and maybe the teeniest moan escaped her. Realizing all around her had gone quiet, she opened her eyes to see the men closest to her staring, gape-mouthed. She blushed and quickly checked that her outfit hadn't gone sheer in the sunlight or had been blown astray in the light breeze. She glanced over at her Captain for reassurance, but he was speaking to their host about more work.

Mrs. Wilson, a woman with a deft way of making people think helping her was their idea, spoke up, "What about Mr. Potter? Did you not mention him the other day?"

Eagle-Eye smiled and snapped his fingers, " Right! Right! Thank you Mrs. Wilson," and he continued to speak to Sung about a Saul Potter, but Mrs. Wilson, her purpose served, had already moved on, directing some early finishers to set aside plates of food for those in the watchtowers. Willow found her interesting, and watched her as the ranch hands continued to vie for her attention (offering more cherries, no less).

The older woman had an air of gentle yet undeniable command, yet none of what she directed was for herself, only others. Willow was reminded of the staff at the Companion House, trained to support the Companions, anticipating their every need, sometimes even before the need was known. Some acolytes started their training and realized that a Companion's life was not for them, but the need to serve, to nurture, to comfort was so strong, they stayed to serve the Companions themselves. Mrs. Wilson had that same calm air of loving vigilance, yet the assurance of a Companion House chatelaine. Sarafina may run the ranch, but Mrs. Wilson was clearly its heart.

As the meal was finished and people worked together to put away the long table, chairs and food, Willow was approached by the fine woman herself. "Excuse me Ma'am." Mrs Wilson says politely, "I understand that you are a doctor?"

"Indeed, Mrs. Wilson, I am. How may I help you in thanks for such a lovely meal?"

"I was wondering if I might trouble you for some of your time? The Doctor in town is adequate in his services but he has a limited knowledge of the feminine health and, well I was hoping you could examine and talk to some of the ladies here? I am willing to pay your fees, Mr Sarafina has given me an allowance for medical matters. I promise it won't take much of your time. "

"I am happy to do so," Willow smiled, pleased to feel useful. " Is there anything complicated I should know about? I can fetch my medkit from the ship but if anyone is really in a bad way, the ship has a decent medical bay."

"Why don't you come to the ranch house, I can set aside a quiet room for you to examine the women. I wouldn't want to parade them through the house and yard to the ship as it would be hard to keep things confidential - I am sure you understand," Mrs. Wilson responded and gestured to the ship. "I'll walk with you so we can fetch anything you need. "

Willow nodded her agreement and they headed toward the ship. She was mildly surprised at how deftly she was being "handled" but she could sense nothing but good intent and genuine concern from the woman walking beside her. Still, Willow felt she was not hearing the full story,

As they pass Sung, the Captain interrupts his conversation long enough to ask, " "You gonna join us t'night at the Slaughterhouse, mèi mei?"

Willow glanced at Mrs. Wilson who was being more inscrutable than her wee Bhudda statue. " I believe so, Captain-san. I'm sure I'll be done by then and changed into something slinky by then" and she waved merrily as she continued walking to the ship.

Along the way, Mrs. Wilson opened up more than she'd been the entire meal, wanting to know if they really were THAT Rocinante crew that had faced down a thousand mercenaries, and all for strangers. Willow'd laughed and said that it had seemed like thousands of enemies, but no, it hadn't been that many, and really, they'd just done what any ship in the Black would do.

"You and yours are on their own on Whitefall, after all," Willow tilted her head," So you help when you can, knowing it may be you that needs the help next time, right?"

"True enough, " Mrs. Wilson allowed, then walked a few strides before continuing," Your captain has a great deal of respect and affection for you." Willow nodded and admitted it was mutual.

" Are you two betrothed? No?" Mrs. Wilson seemed startled by Willow's surprised laugh and head shaking. " What kind of a man is he? He is obviously from the independence movement yet he does work with the alliance? "

" Captain-san is an honourable man and chose the side he needed to be on during those difficult times. Now?" Willow paused to choose her words carefully. "Now he has a ship to fuel and a crew to feed. Jobs come from wherever they do,we do the needful to keep our girl in the Black."

"That's an interesting point, Dr. Takahara. You strike me as someone used to fine things,you're speaking as plain as you can but it don't come natural. Why do you choose to live on a ship when you could be making money in a core hospital? "

Willow glanced sideways at the woman at her side; these questions were casually asked, but probing in a more subtle way than she'd expected. They'd reached the ship so Willow took the lead to the medical bay.

"Just call me Willow, please," she began, waving her companion to the one stool in the spotless room. She pulled out her medical kit and began inventorying the contents as she spoke.

"And yes, I was raised in the core, and could have practiced there. I've never been rich but I've had enough money to know it doesn't buy happiness. Nor freedom." Willow looked up from her task to see Mrs. Wilson studying her closely. "The core offers a hollow kind of happiness, and a hollow kind of medicine. I almost never had a chance to help people who really, truly needed it. Spoiled people ruining themselves out of boredom and paying money to be made new again. Out here is real."

Mrs. Wilson appeared to consider that response, her hands folded neatly in her lap. She nodded to herself, then resumed. " I would appreciate it if you did not tell Dr. Caulder about this visit. He is a good man and I would not want any bad feelings between us. You can keep a secret between us women?"

Willow smiled warmly. "I routinely take in far more information than I ever let out again. Confidentiality is rather my speciality, ha ha! I expect your doctor is indeed a good man, but used to stitching up cuts and splinting bones. Lady troubles require a bit more delicacy," she now spoke more briskly," and if I am to avoid carrying the entire med bay back with us, I will need some specifics. How many women can I expect to see and what kind of ailments are we likely to see?"

"Oh let's see," Mrs. Wilson consulted an inner inventory of her own, ticking off her fingers as she went through her list," there would be cramping and bloating and all sorts of pains due to menstruation. Some have bad migraine, or sore backs or trouble sleeping. A few infections and STD or two (with a knowing smile and a shrug). Some are having particularly difficult pregnancy with severe morning sickness, low stamina, with bleeding and cramping as well. About a dozen of us to see, all told."

"Goodness, then! I'd better pack a few bags! In the cabinet behind you are some additional sling bags, let's have them up on the examining table and I'll hand items to you to pack in them".

Willow began opening cabinets and pulling out various pieces of equipment, considering some items then setting them aside for others. She handed Mrs. Wilson a box of gloves before opening her med cabinet to review her options.

Posted on 2017-07-09 at 19:13:35.
Edited on 2017-07-09 at 19:16:18 by Vanadia

Topic: Voyages of Rocinante - Serenity/Firefly RPG
Subject: Catchin' up

Back Posting:

When the action went down in Serenity Valley, Willow only had time to be a doctor. As soon as it appeared that the fight had gone out of Virgil and his men, Willow had hiked her sari up to her knees and dashed to the containers holding the most recent indentures. Javelin helped her open the containers, but reviving people from suspended animation was tricky business and each of them had to be watched closely as they woke. She moved from person to person, monitoring vitals, gently restraining those who fought in half aware panic and applying careful doses of stimulants of those who still slept too deeply. She was determined to not lose any of them to cryo-shock.

So absorbed was she that she'd missed all of the interaction with Colonel Wu and it was only when she realized Javelin was no longer helping her that she looked up to see Wyatt and Dash embrace. Her heart contracted with a joy it was akin to pain and she had to look away, suppressing a gasp of pleasure/pain.

"You know you have the gratitude of the Guild," Javelin had told her," and they like to square their debts. What can we do for you? What does your heart desire?"

Willow had considered the question before responding. " The Guild is perhaps one of the most influential organizations in the Verse, but can they restore a father's love for his daughter? Make brother and sister whole again? That would make the Guild mighty indeed," she'd smiled sadly, old pain in her eyes.

"You can help make my new family whole again. Sung-san is working to have our pilot pardoned, but the Alliance claims they don't know where he is. I think they may lie, but it may be true. If you can bring him home to me," and she'd forced the words through a closed throat," that would be my heart's desire."

Now, she could scarce draw breath as she'd not dared to hope Javelin would be successful, but there was her (their) Sam,in the proverbial flesh. She blinked away happy tears and waved at Sam, earning a sheepish grin back before she returned to her waking patients.

Present time:

Willow hunted around the colourful piles of clothes in her quarters, looking for trinkets and clothes she no longer wanted, but were likely to be reasonable trade items. Whitefall was pretty rugged, but folks liked a touch of luxury, and Willow had meds with looming expiry dates she'd need to replace. Jobs had been scarce, and funds were low. She'd just made a smaller pile of things she'd be willing to say goodbye to for her crew when Jade forwarded a message with a call on the comm: " Hey Piao Liang, someone named Percival is trying to reach you, I am just sending the message to you now."

Willow smiled distractedly but Jade's voice always lightened her heart. " Opening it now, mei-mei" , she responded as she sat at her terminal and looked at the sender: Percival Chao. She tapped her lower lip thoughtfully,Chao had been a client, a good and generous one, back on Sinhon. Most had known Chao as a gracious bachelor who'd ventured out in the ‘Verse for new opportunities, but Willow was one of the few who knew the real reason.

Chao had been a "fixer" with an extensive black market network. It had started off as a lark, being the one to source items that were hard to move or difficult to obtain legally, but as he built the secret reputation, he'd become entwined with the Sinhon Tong. He'd liked the dark thrill of illicit trading, but the deadly side of the Tong was not something he wanted to openly oppose. It was Willow who'd ultimately suggested starting a new life for himself - proclaiming it publicly so the Tong would have no hold on him.

"Willow Takahara," Percival's handsome face beamed at her assuredly," I trust this message reaches you in health and prosperity. I'd heard the Rocinante had landed and thought of my dear friend. You are just in time for tomorrow's shindig - I still do throw the best, no matter the planet - and I would love to have you join me. Not," and he tilted his head respectfully," as part of our former relationship, of course, but, I hope, as a friend from home. In fact, please bring an escort. I'm including coordinates and the time as part of this message, and I really do hope to see you."

Willow brightened and swept her little pile of trinkets back into the bigger pile of treasures. "Let's go find the captain, shall we," she asked the smiling Buddha on her vanity, who wisely said nothing. "this shindig will be full of anyone who is anyone here,we are bound to find a job!"

Posted on 2017-06-26 at 21:32:02.
Edited on 2017-06-26 at 21:33:51 by Vanadia

Topic: Destiny's Flight - A Serenity RPG
Subject: teen dream?

Angela moved through the crowd towards the craps table, her eyes tracking every security guard, pit boss and waitress. She was still mentally calculating the odds from the blackjack table, but she needed to wipe that board clean and restart with the odds for craps. She bit her lip to clear her mind, but her thoughts were tumbling faster and faster, a flywheel wobbling on its axis.

Jon passed close by her as they reached the craps table, and sensing his nearness while still thinking hard, Angela instinctively tilted her head towards him: a cheek for a kiss or an ear for a whisper. He hissed "Lose!" and kept moving, and Angela was so startled she almost stumbled. She blinked and the bored but knowing gambler's expression gave way to the confused and frightened girl who woke every morning with nothing. A blink later, it was gone, and Mihela was firmly in control.

"No guts, Jason," she muttered, "but you gotta play it that way? Fine! Losing, with style! Hello darlings" she greeted the craps table crew and patrons with the somewhat too loud voice of the inebriated. "Gina" she gestured to herself with both hands overflowing with hologram chips," wants to learn craps."

She listened solemnly while the nearest dealer patiently went through the basics of play; the other players might have been annoyed with the momentum of the table being interrupted, but the newcomer's legs were fun to watch and she seemed to attract waitresses trolling for trips.

The one that had almost engulfed Jason with her bosom kept hovering, and Angela noted one bored security guard's eyes kept returning to the waitress. And Angela.

She played a few rounds as the other players rolled the dice, betting safely based on the dealer's original guidance. She'd tip the dealer after a win and also tipped the waitress with each new drink, so Plenty was plenty happy with her new friend. It was getting hard recalculating after every throw, knowing what to bet to win a little but not too much, while still waiting for the best way to lose the whole thing accidentally.

Her opportunity came as a new game started with the player next to her had his turn shooting . She set all of her chips down, on Eleven, a 16:1 payout, and turned away to take a fresh drink from Plenty, before turning back, ready to spread her chances out among a number of bets. She timed it well, though, and the Stickman had already offered the dice, so she had to let the bet ride.

"Oh no," she exclaimed as her chips were promptly swept out of existence by the Stickman, her face tragic. She turned to Penny, who'd just seen her last tip disappear too. "Penny, sweetling, show Gina where she can get her card refilled, and I'll make good on that last one."

The two of them pulled away from the excitement of the table, and the change in temperature once she was free of the crush of bodies almost made Angela's head spin. She was so close now, she just had to get to that refilling station so she could plant the bug.

"Whew, darling, that was some fun, wasn't it," Angela fanned herself and smiled lopsidedly at Penny, who was canny enough to smile back. As they approached the refilling station, the security guard straightened up and pretended to be scanning the room, but he was watching the two women approaching out of the corner of his eyes.

"You know, " Angela purred coyly at Penny, "You're kinda cute. And, hey handsome," she caught the security guard's attention openly, "you are, too. How ‘bout the three of us go somewheres and have some fun? Talk amongst yourselves while I get me some more money."

Posted on 2015-10-07 at 21:05:05.
Edited on 2015-10-07 at 21:05:44 by Vanadia

Topic: Voyages of Rocinante - Serenity/Firefly RPG
Subject: Tipping the apple cart for fun

Willow let the others respond to Wu's irritation as she considered her options on the table. Her nose didn't lead her astray and soon enough she had a choice selection of lotus paste filled bau, garlicky bok choy and sesame noodles. She nibbled delicately until she'd eaten enough for politeness sake (and Buddha's mercy, but it was tasty!) then set her chopsticks aside. She'd unsettled Wu enough to get her to blurt more than perhaps she'd meant to, time to see if she knew anything about the enigmatic Carson.

"Not much opportunity for a covert mission if we're just here long enough to lay a hero to rest with his men," Willow added, eyebrows raised, " and what little we were given in the way of info by Saunders could be gleaned from the cortex by a five year old. Didn't learn anything more in meeting him other than he's a very eligible widower with no interest whatsoever in a travelling lady doctor," she ended with a sniff.

"Now the Shepherd visiting when we called? Shepherd Carson? " Willow blushed prettily, "Don't you think he's too perfect for a Man of the Book? I wouldn't mind him trying to save my soul, if you know what I mean."

Posted on 2015-10-07 at 20:01:45.

Topic: Voyages of Rocinante - Serenity/Firefly RPG
Subject: willow playing with her food

Mei Long's proved to be a noodle house on par with Auntie Sun's: a posh homage to the simple home turned frontshop for the local noodlemaker. Many a widow on Earth-That-Was had survived by opening her home to hungry laborers and travelers and most dirtside towns still featured a local noodle house that provided simple, nourishing fare that wasn't all pre-formed protein patties. This was decidedly more upscale, and Mei Long was likely a fiction of some Blue Sun subsidiary. Still, Willow mused, the food was bound to be good , and she's gotten a wee bit spoiled upon the cruise ship.

Surprisingly, given the foyer, a table was found for them right away, and Willow adorned Sung's arm once more to head down a corridor. If she was surprised to find herself in a private room facing three women Alliance personnel, it didn't show on her face. She nodded graciously at the greeting and allowed Wyatt to pull out her chair. She busied herself with arranging her skirts and removing her hat as the Colonel and Wyatt exchanged their opening sallies.

"Truth be told, Ma'am; this here rock ain't exactly one o' my favorite places in the ‘Verse, "Wyatt said while removing g his own hat," So, I'd just as soon bury the Ol' Warhorse with whatever honors me an' my crew can give, pick up another contract, an' be on my way. We're not lookin' t' involve ourselves in nothing further, an' most certainly ain't looking fer no trouble.

"Didn't get no invitation. We was out an' about. However, now's we're here perhaps you could point out what's t' have an' what's not t' have on the menu?"

Willow smiled to herself as Colonel Wu processed Wyatt-speak; she knew it would take a moment. Idly picking up her napkin and laying across her lap, Willow asked casually," What's the Alliance's interest in visitors to Morningstar? You weren't briefed by Saunders, I take it."

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Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: Andrew?

The boyfriend? That would be Daniel

Posted on 2015-06-15 at 21:34:26.

Topic: Destiny's Flight - A Serenity RPG
Subject: A Game of Chance, Perchance?

"Angela, as payload specialist you'll need to get some of those bags back to Miss Lillianna's room. Then let Stephanie help get you ready to join us on board. I have a feeling I am going to need your talents helping me handling things other than bags."
Jon's voice was also steadying, even if he was telling her to move the gorram luggage in the wrong direction. She tucked the card into a pocket of her coverall and set to work moving some items back to Mizz Crybaby's room. She ignored the doleful looks from the passenger (cargo, she sniffed to herself) and headed through the ship to Stephanie's room.
The entire time though, she was distracted by something on the edge of her mind,.a murmuring like a conversation in another room. It had started when the Baron mentioned "casino", and Angela pondered that as she stood in Stephanie's room while the doctor rummaged through her closet and brought out various items for Catie's consideration. She watched the bits of fabric and frills be displayed and quickly rejected , and it was like they were discussing someone else. She ignored her eyes and instead concentrated on that murmuring,.a little louder now like someone was lecturing in that other room instead of just talking. She ignored the feeling of the ship's floor beneath her feet and "listened" harder,

The door opened and everything rolled over her like a wave. The smell of felt and fine wood and finer liquor, the clatter of ivory tiles and plastic chips and whirrrrrrrr-tacka-tacka-tacka-tacka of a roulette wheel,.no many roulette wheels! In the distance, the cacophony of digitized bells and whistles beckoned her to the slot machines, but those were for tourists: no skill needed and carefully programmed to extract credits from pikers who thought they were one more spin away from getting it all back. No, the voice said, find the blackjack tables, and once she'd built a decent stake, the glittering throng around the hottest craps table. The myriad options for betting and the best payouts offered the most opportunity for anyone who could calculate and manage probabilities.

As complex calculations formed and re-formed based on the last throw, Angela opened her eyes and spotted a dress that the others had hadn't even bothered to consider. "That one," she said, plainly.

Stephanie looked surprised at the black sequined dress that Angela picked. "Ummm. That is a real slinky dress. Are you sure?"

Angela simply nodded, her head was just too full to manage words. She knew how to wear that dress and how to look like the highest roller in the casino,she just couldn't explain it. Without a shred of modesty, she immediately stripped down and put on the black dress, looking at the results critically in the mirror. The dress was slinky - it would have draped differently on Stephanie's fuller curves, but on Angela's angular, athletic frame, the dress was taut across her shoulders, the scoop neckline showing off jutting collarbones and a finely muscled back. Since Angela was taller than Stephanie the waistline was too high, so Angela simply tugged it upward to settle just below her breasts, giving the impression of more fullness and bringing the hemline up to mid thigh.

Stephanie gaped, and laughed a little." Where have you been hiding those legs, Angela? They go on forever! I have to tell you, that dress never looked that good on me!"

Angela shrugged, and moved towards Stephanie's shelf by the mirror, where expensive compacts of makeup and eyeshadow beckoned. Without hesitation (or permission) Angela opened every compact to examine the contents closely, glancing back at her face in the mirror occasionally as she did so. When she spotted gold dusting powder and black eyeliner, she set to work with brushes and tweezers, shaping eyebrows into an arch and lining her eyes heavily, bringing out an Asian tilt that hadn't been noticeable before. The gold went on lids and cheekbones and brow, making Angela's skin glow. None of Stephanie's lipsticks suited Angela's colouring, so she settled for a touch of peach blusher under lipgloss.
Letting out breath she didn't noticed holding, Angela stepped back and turned to look at Stephanie. Her mismatched features were transformed into an exotic creature quite unlike anything else, something feline and predatory yet female. (OOC: Think Grace Jones)

" did I do?" Angela asked shyly, dropping her eyes at Stephanie's expression. "I don't get to play dress-up much. Do I look ok?"

"OK isn't really adequate," Stephanie began, then smiled as Angela's face started to fall," you look amazing. Frankly, I had no idea what I was going to do - and you managed far better than I would have. Let's put that hair up, no point in hiding those cheekbones now that you found them."

Catie nodded approvingly and helped Angela pile her hair up on top of her head, giving her even more height while Stephanie changed. The two of them made their way to the cargo bay, where they met up with JC. The journey onto the ship proper and finding the tailor for JC passed in a haze for Angela,the teacher was back, whispering formulae in her ear and she itched to make her way to the casino.

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Topic: Voyages of Rocinante - Serenity/Firefly RPG
Subject: Just strollin'

Willow let herself be guided away from Morningstar's office by Sung's arm as she puzzled over the Shepherd's behaviour. She would have asked about any services he may be holding for his flock, but his response about doctors had been so politely dismissive that she knew she was playing chess with a master.

As they walked along, Asher seemed a little out of sorts, and she smiled at him sympathetically as he opined that a noodle house would be nice. She wouldn't mind a nibble of something that hadn't been originally freeze dried or vacuum packed, even if it couldn't be as good as Auntie Sun's.

"Don't look like we're gonna receive the same type o' treatment in Serenity Views as we done received in Osiris," the captain used his gaze to point out their watchers. "Ya know somethin'? That noodle house does sound good."

Willow was so used to being watched (a childish part of her sought it out, after all) that she hadn't really thought about it, but once Sung had called her attention to it, it was hard to NOT notice - they weren't really trying to be subtle. She let her hips roll a little more as she walked (may as well give them something to watch) and tightened her grip on Wyatt's arm.

"What's your play, Captain?" she asked softly, while tilting he head back into the sunshine as if she hadn't a care in the world.

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Topic: Voyages of Rocinante - Serenity/Firefly RPG
Subject: Sorry for the absence

Willow let the ebb and flow of conversation wash over her while she looked pretty and watched the two men speaking with Wyatt. The dynamics between the two men were,odd. The successful businessman had assurance aplenty, but as he spoke to Wyatt, he'd dart looks at the Shepherd, looking for,approval? What kind of hold would a Shepherd have over a man who pretty much owned a town?

The Shepherd was an odd one, too. While it was entirely possible for a good looking person to be called to God (it did happen, now and again), he was just entirely too perfect to have the humility of a man of the Book. Willow moved around the room as if looking around the room and drifted closer to the Shepherd. She realized that when he spoke, his facial movements seemed incomplete, as if the small muscles under the skin didn't move as they should. With a start, Willow realized that the man had had cosmetic surgery, invasive enough to cause nerve damage. Vanity, or necessity, the doctor wondered.

"Mighty brave of you. Standing against so many for the lives of a group of people you never knew before you rescued them." He continued, "Were you well rewarded in the end?"

"We lost a good man," a warm flare had been set off in his stomach by the comment as though reward was what they'd done it for. "Truth of the matter was, we did what had t' be done in order t' survive. Heroin' usually get's ya killed. It doesn't keep yer ship in the sky an' yer crew fed."

"I would have thought that after saving so many rich and generous folks that you be living large and putting the fright trade behind you?"

Wyatt shot Willow a pleading look and she realized how hard it was for him to be the one asking for something from Virgil. To have his motives questioned was making it harder than ever.

"You must not have spent much time aboard a ship, Shepherd," Willow interjected lightly, catching the Shepherd's gaze and turning her smile up a notch," or at least, not with any crew. You spend so much time in the Black with nothing but the ship's thin skin to keep you alive. You see a ship in trouble, you help. No hesitation and no thinking of cost nor reward, because someday, it might be you sending that distress signal."

"Aha!" Virgil called out, "Yes I do have a letter here for a Colonel Sanders. Oh my!" Virgil face fell a bit, "he was with the 42nd Infantry. " He exchanged a look of dread with the Shepherd who walked over to look over his shoulder. Carson also grimaced. "Sorry to say that records are a bit sketchy and frankly we have more markers out there with no name than we have ones with. The good news is we know where the 42nd is but the bad news is they area is not cleared of ordinance."

"Now I can ask Jon to get some of his boys together, have them go out in the morning to clear and area to the 42nd and you can lay him to rest by the afternoon assuming there ain't no hitches. If there is, well it should be much longer than that. He has come a long way, I'd rather see him in the right place. Are you in a hurry?"

"Perhaps Virgil could get you a few complimentary rooms at the hotels in town? Or we have a five star Noodle House in town?" Shepherd Carson suggests quietly.

"Actually," Wyatt drawled not unkindly. "Stickin' 'round a bit might provide me an' mine with some time t' line up our next set o' fares. An' while I appreciate yer offer of hospitality, it ain't necessary. Thank you kindly all the same. You can drop a wave our way when it's safe t' take Havelock home. 'Til then, I don't plan on muckin' about much so you can find us back at our ship if'n ya need us."

"Shepherd Carson, Mr. Morningstar, I know sometimes a town grows faster than the services needed to support all the folks flooding in. I am the ship's doctor, with no one needing my care,is there a doctor's office where I may lend a hand?"

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Topic: Destiny's Flight - A Serenity RPG
Subject: Apologies for the delay

Angela stood at the ready, her spine straight and her weight balanced perfectly on both feet; a stance that could be held for hours comfortably. Their passengers' luggage was stacked neatly nearby, she was more than happy to get the luggage and their owners off the ship and out of her life. Lilliana's crying and moping was unsettling, and Angela couldn't understand why everyone was so determined to help her avoid doing something she didn't want to. Life was tough that way. You did what you were told, and you did it well, or you got put in the box and left there. Ain't no-one gonna put Angela in no -

"So which of you is Captain Jon Brown? I believe we have much to discuss." The man spoke loudly and startled Angela out of her thoughts. She tensed, briefly, then relaxed wen Jon spoke up.

"I'm Captain Brown, " Jon spoke before motioning back to JC, "This is my security officer, JC Kane, I need you let you know he has a prosthetic arm that may set off your metal detectors. I don't want those little sweethearts up there making a mistake," Jon turned the brothers, "Our passengers would like to disembark, these men need to be cleared through security and my payload specialist need some help with Miss Lillianna's luggage."

Jon and the Baron moved off so they could speak privately, so Angela simply watched out of the corner of her eye, but it was hard to watch both them and the men checking over JC's arm. Both JC and the men has fairly relaxed body language, so Angela kept the closest watch on the Baron.

Soon enough the two concluded their conversation (OOC: Assuming Angela didn't overhear or lip-read) and the Baron returned to the loading ramp of the ship.

"Thank you for your hard work and efforts bring my daughter to her wedding ceremony. I understand there was some peril and although I am sure you face it daily in your life, I want to know I consider it very heroic." He pulls out a number of cards out of his wallet and passes them to the crew on the bay - Angela, JC, Stephanie, Catie and Jon. "These are good for 100 credits in the gift shops or casinos on the "Rim's Dream". Play a few hands on me or buy yourself something nice. You all on my personal guest list so you may go most places on the ship and enjoy the amenities."

Angela had never been tipped before completing a job before, so she gaped for a moment before tugging on the bill of her cap. "Thanks, mister,"

Once the man left Jon told them that Lilliana would be staying on board. Angela started to open her mouth the protest that she'd spent hours moving that luggage and it was leaving her ship when Jon continued.

"Ok.. Tess and Grace will keep Lillianna safe. The rest of us need to put on our party clothes and start to mingle. The Baron gave us the run of the ship so let's go see what we can do for the Princess."

Angela looked down at her coveralls, and the card in her hand. Party clothes? She wasn't a good time girl. She clamped down on the rising panic and gripped the card so hard the hard edges threatened to cut her fingers. The pain was steadying.

"Cap'n? Wouldn't it make sense to move at least some of this luggage to Lilliana's room first? If she just staying here for a little while longer I may as well get some of this moved,she won't need it here, right?"

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Topic: What Evil Hides in the Hearts of Men - Q&A
Subject: My evening ran away from me

Ena would politely introduce herself ( of Megilindar Nost , of course) but not come between the mild flirtation that appears to be starting

She would casually ask the serving maid if this weather has gone on for long and go from there.

I can try to write it up tomorrow but don't wait on me in you have your post ready

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Topic: Voyages of Rocinante - Serenity/Firefly RPG
Subject: In the Ranch House

"Hey! What are you doing! I told you to get back to practice. Didn't your mama ever tell you it is impolite to stare!" Connor had noticed the men admiring Willow and admonished them. The men sheepishly return to the landmines and avert their eyes to the task at hand. Connors returns his attention back to you.

"Just follow me. Sorry about that Ma'am. They don't mean to be rude."

"Looking never does any harm, Mr. Connors," Willow responded, her eyes glowing with amusement, "In fact, " she continued, projecting her voice back to the men even as Connor led the Rocinante crew towards the house," this is a valuable lesson, boys. Look as long as you need to, because once you act, you're committed." She gave her bottom just the smallest of twitches as she walked and winked wickedly as Ash.

Inside, the ranch house bore the signs of a woman's touch, but the faint fragrance of leather, tobacco smoke and male sweat told Willow well before Connor spoke that the woman of the house was now absent. Since she had no weapons to surrender, she waited calmly for the men to do so before following Connors up the stairs to the second floor.

The man behind the desk smiled and rose with that same easy authority that marked anyone with power, introducing himself and the somber man with him, Shepherd Carson. Willow raised the veil on her hat, tucking it up over the brim but keeping it free of the butterfly pin securing the hat to her hair. She used the motions to seem distracted but watched the two men closely, trying to gauge body language.

"I appreciate you takin' this meetin' Mr. Morningstar. We was instructed t' see you 'fore delivering the Old Warhorse t' his final resting place in Serenity Valley. Told you'd have the know-how t' get us through the dangers that be, " Wyatt said while shaking Morningstar's hand.

Willow sighed inwardly, but knew she'd have to make the best of Wyatt's indirect opening.

"What my dear captain means, " she interjected smoothly," is that we hope you've received word of our mission. Captain Havelock's family has received Alliance permission to put him to rest in Serenity Valley, among his men. We understand you've mapped some of the Valley and may be able to help us accomplish this safely. Have we understood correctly? "

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Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: Rolled polymer money?

So does that mean Canada is all shiny and Verse-like? We got plastic money!

And yes, Ody - like what you suggested for Angela - love the name tag

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Topic: What Evil Hides in the Hearts of Men...
Subject: Out of the gloom and into the gloomy

Out of the gathering dusk and oppressive mist, the wooden palisade gleamed faintly to sylvari eyes - the past lives of the trees reaching out from within wooden beams and the gate. Stone and iron and other elements that had never lived were dark spots within her vision, and En'Aranthea pondered again what it must be like for her human companions at night.

She was more than happy to let Blair respond to the guard, not needing to assert authority where none was required, and nodded her graceful thanks to the guard as he let them in, pressing a coin into hand for a warm drink at the end of his watch. She followed Blair's lead through the town, ice blue eyes taking in everything and ears at the alert for any attack.

It may have been a pleasant enough town by human standards, but she found the lack of trees or even ornamental plants oppressive. Logic and training told her it was the human fear of fire (and a reasonable one, given the general scarcity of magic users among them) more than any desire to destroy life, but even a flowerbox at a window would have lifted her spirits.

The Inn did little to allay her mood - a crude room full of unfriendly faces that stared almost belligerently. The bladesinger mustered a smile for the barmaid and her attempts to offer food and beverage for a discerning palate.

"The wine would be appreciated, miss, else the small beer well watered will do. The potatoes, bread and cheese sound perfect, thank you."

The party found themselves space at a table, the two other occupants also apparent strangers to the town. The man's body language was at ease but vigilant and he'd sat in such a way to have a clear view of the entire room. The woman was not dressed as a farmer's wife nor town servant, instead dressed in tunic and pants for easy movement. Few women who'd not chosen a warrior's life such as Ena and Rae wore a blade so openly, so it was with curiosity that En'Aranthea regarded their meal's companions.

The barmaid returned swiftly with their meals and the Sylvari tore a small piece of bread off the loaf to nibble with a wedge of cheese. The bread was fresh and the cheese had a pleasant sharpness that lifted her spirits a bit.

As they ate their meal, the conversations around them resumed, even if the stares made the spot between En'Aranthea's shoulder blades itch. Blair, among the others, noted the unease, so the bladesinger knew it was more than her discomfort within human towns.

The woman waited politely until they'd sated the first hunger. When their pace had slowed and food was more toyed with than consumed, she spoke up. "Well met, fellow travellers. I do not recall seeing you on the road, so I would think that you did not come from the west. Any news from the east?"

"It would appear that the unnatural fog which surrounds this place harbours some creatures of the grave. We were attacked a few hours ago by a group of undead monstrosities, led by what can only be described as two giggling aberrations. Fortunately we have with us men of the holy orders who were able to turn the lesser minded creatures. It is a shame that they were once people, but there is no hope for them returning to their former lives. Tell me have you encountered anything similar to the west?" Blair continued as their spokesperson, but En'Aranthea set aside her wine goblet and leaned forward enough to show she was part of the conversation.

(OOC: Insert Answer here.)

"Does this village not see strange to you? It is unlike most other villages of its kind, it feels uninviting and wary of outsiders." Blair continued.

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Topic: What Evil Hides in the Hearts of Men - Q&A
Subject: Sorry guys

Posted...been a tough week at casa Briant

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Topic: What Evil Hides in the Hearts of Men...
Subject: I'm here, I'm here!

Within the serenity of battle trance, En'Aranthea could perceive all around her, but all that mattered was the movement of foes. Thrust and parry, a feint before the killing blow, the bladesinger flowed through combination after combination of the Eighty Nine Steps, a deadly ballet accompanied by her voice and that of her blade.

Ages later, nothing edged in red moved within her vision, and she knew they'd won their lives from the horrid foes before them. She let her song trail away as blade tip lowered, letting the trance fade and weariness rush in. Pride would not let her waver the slightest, as there were miles to go and friends to succor.

She carefully cleaned her sword with a corner of her cloak while looking to see how the others fared, a nod of approval prompted by Danon's comment about Ta'Arms.

"A warrior is pained more by inaction than any wound," she replied, sending her cleaned blade home to its sheath. " Please do what lies within your arts to restore him, I fear we will have more need of his strength ere long.

"How are you all?" she asked, looking around at those she would call "mellon" as they each assessed hurts and put up weapons. "You all fought bravely, I am proud to be in such valiant company, "she bowed her head gracefully.

All confirmed health and readiness to continue as Danon prayed and laid his hands on Ta'Arms. The warrior was soon moving freely again, and Galadril moved to resume their journey to Crandel.

"I have dealt with my fair share of Shamblers in the past, but they do not occur naturally! Some type of Dark Necromacy is responsible for unleashing these monstrosities! No sense stumbling around in the dense woods, especially if a Dark Necromancer has more minions waiting for us in the darkness!"

As the sturdy cleric made his way down the road towards Crandel, he continued, "This was my first time facing any Gigglers! They are Ghouls that are free willed and quite Insane! Hence the Giggling! They are cruel, cunning, fast, strong, tough and dangerous! They obviously can cause Paralysis to an unfortunate victim! Anyone with one eye and half sense can look at Ta'Arms and realize the danger! However, it is rumored that victims slain by Ghouls will rise from the dead as Ghouls! Best we head to Crandel to help the helpless, if there be any danger there!"

En'Aranthea confirmed with a glance that all were preparing to follow, then used her gliding stride to catch up with, and pass, Galadril. "Let me lead, friend, and ‘ware our path. Mine eyes are not strained by the loss of sunlight."

OOC: In other words, we continue 

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Topic: Destiny's Flight - A Serenity RPG
Subject: Angela Reflects

Angela had let Catie take the blood sample...something told her this was something she was used to...though maybe not with Catie. She frowned a little at that thought, but Catie was every bit as good about the procedure as she said, and soon enough Angela was left on her own again.

The video had finished, so Angela was as clear on who her friends were as she was ever likely to be. She glanced through her last entries about the passengers but saw nothing about what had been passing through her mind when she'd woken up. She flipped back through the earlier pages and didn't see anything about pearl diving or helicopters....or ...

"Ming," she said aloud, trying the name on her tongue. She looked at the polished metal plate she used as a mirror and studied her mismatched features again. She didn't look like a "Ming"...maybe she knew one. I think Ming protects me, or used to...but why would I dream that I was her ?

It didn't make any sense, and trying to think about it made her head hurt, like a buzzing that warned you away from a live wire. The dreams were already starting to get mixed up in her mind, so she opened her notebook and jotted down what she could before it all blurred into one confused moment.

That done, she left her room to see how she could make herself useful. She wasn't tired, but a jolt of coffee, or s'pro seemed like a good thing to clear away cobwebs.

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Topic: A Moment changes everything
Subject: Your mom is a smart lady

Give her a hug for me, big guy!

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Topic: Voyages of Rocinante - Serenity/Firefly RPG
Subject: Feeling better

Willow knew when she'd made her point, and so waited with graceful patience while Wyatt and Ash re-adjusted their attire, if not their demeanours. When they returned with a wry "Do I pass inspection? ", she smiled sweetly and offered a gloved hand to be tucked into the crook of Wyatt's arm. Another nod of encouragement at Ash and they set out.

As the cargo door opened, Wyatt stiffened, but at what, Willow couldn't be certain. She squeezed his arm gently but respected his silence. Perhaps it was the sight of the furred behemoth before them, but Willow had to wonder if all that hair would tickle, and she crinkled her eyes at the exchange between him and the man who was most likely the ship's captain (the same effortless authority Wyatt carried with him). She nodded politely as they passed, but wouldn't stop unless greeted. They had things to do and she couldn't know how long she could expect Wyatt's restraint.

As they walked through the town, Willow took in the new construction with interest, but she had to admit that is was a shiny facade over an unhealed wound. Everything was bustling and seemingly prosperous, yet Willow had to wonder what had happened to the internment camps and those soldiers unable to pay their way home. Where had they been hidden away? In all this shiny positivity, there seemed to be no place to tell the story of the losing side.

"History is written by the victors," she muttered to herself, fighting a sense of sadness and futility. It was one thing to move on past a painful memory; it was another to deny that there had been any pain. The sight of the museum almost provoked a flinch, but she covered it for Wyatt's sake.

Instead, she settled a pleasant if slightly vapid mask over her features behind the veil so she could better look around without reacting. She tried to tell herself that it was simply good to walk on ground again and stretch legs while breathing deeply of fresh air. She noted the sheriff's office, and made special note of the junkyard - Wolf might want to have a look in his endless search for spare parts. The scrawled "Phoenix Heights" caught her eye and she filed it away for checking out later...maybe those less thrilled with all the changes had re-settled where tourists were less apt to wander.

As the small group approached a sprawling ranch house, Willow noted a group of men clustered around devices on the ground. When she realized what they were doing, she had a small moment of panic before she realized the devices couldn't be live ordinance. When their instructor noticed the small party and introduced himself, Willow gave him one of her blinding smiles, but otherwise let Wyatt do the talking.

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Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: Planning a plan

Once we realize that Assante was planning to disable the ship, we need to recognize that they were planning to try to board us. I have a funny feeling that Grace was supposed to find the device she did, so I'm glad she is going to make us look for the hidden ones that would really hurt us.

Our best bet is a fast burn to the cruise ship that will out-run the kidnappers. We contact Baron and let him know that the kidnapper was identified and neutralized (providing the name of course) so to foil any of Assante's play at the ship. We also let him know that we're aware he has a package for us to take back with us, so our leaving the ship at least long enough to pick up the boyfiend-in-a-box is allowed.

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Topic: Voyages of Rocinante - Serenity/Firefly RPG
Subject: Voice of reason sounds so scoldy

Willow had walked a tightrope between two realities in one way or another most of her life: the effusive but fiery affection of her mother and the cold, logical approval from an absent father working long hours. The sensuality of a Companion's training versus the pragmatic assessment of a client's compatibility and desires. The strong nurturing need to heal versus the medical logic of sometimes needing to cut and burn to allow what's left to thrive. There was no room in life for complete absolutes, balance and compromise were necessary.

Alliance? Independents? The Guild had taken no sides during the war, professing no interest in anything but money, and if the Alliance ended up in power, did that really matter to the truly rich and powerful? Willow was not naive enough to think the Alliance was a benevolent patriarchial government, but until she'd met Wyatt, she couldn't have said she knew any Browncoats. It didn't really matter to her; she had to live in the world she inhabited, not the one she may have wished for.

So, when their new pilot touched them down on Hera with the sweetness of a lover's kiss, Willow had been focused on preparing for the discussion with Virgil Morningstar. She'd surveyed her clothing choices, considering they'd be walking through a boom town full of dust and construction, but under the watchful eye of an Alliance post. In the end, she chose a full length skirt and fitted jacket of deep plum, with jet buttons flashing darkly down the front of the jacket and down the sides of the matching boots. She'd found the perfect hat to set atop her pinned up hair so that the veil could protect her delicate skin from both sun and dust. Deep brown gloves and a matching silk bag to dangle off her arm balanced the purple to make her allegiances murky, but as covered up as she was, she was all lady, and therefore to be accorded every courtesy.

She made her way to the cargo bay to check on the cryo-coffin and meet Wyatt and Asher for their walk to Virgil Morningstar's. She studied the map on the cortex (noting it was several years old and so likely out of date) and was picturing it in her mind when the sight of her two escorts stopped her dead.

She took in Wyatt's outfit, then Asher's extra-ordinary amount of ordinace, and the belligerent defiance on both their faces. oh no, this will not do at all

"Are we going to some costume party I don't know about?" she may have startled them with her cold, sharp tone, but she didn't much care. This was about Havelock, not their wounded pride.

"If I recall, we are here to ask for help in finding safe passage through Serenity Valley in order to bury our friend. We may have clearance to bury him there, but it's on this Morningstar's indulgence that we'll get any maps through the buried ordinance there, and you too look like you are about to spit on the man's meal ticket. That's presuming we can even get that far through town before you pick a fight or two. "

"What's more important here? Thumbing your nose (or waving other digits) at the Alliance or doing Havelock right and respecting his last wish?"

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Topic: Destiny's Flight - A Serenity RPG
Subject: Lab rat reporting for duty

Catie had tried to keep up with the Captain and JC, but they knew the ship and could move around, even burdened with a slumbering woman, better than the newest crew member. She caught up with them just as they were entering Angela's room, and she skidded to a halt at the sight of Angela ignoring several laws of physics to twist herself free. Like a cat twisting in mid-fall to land on its feet

She'd been warned that Angela woke with different moods, seemingly at random, and this one was clearly angry, frightened and therefore dangerous. Catie held back, knowing she'd be in the way , and more than a little intimidated by what she's seen of Angela's abilities. If she ever saw Catie as a threat...

Grace arrived and with the same careless competence she showed with everything, she seemed to engage Angela where Jon couldn't. Catie noted Angela's body language change as she looked at Grace, and the scientist in Catie saw how Angela's inhale preceded the spark of recognition. Scent! Our most primal sense! This needs further study....

She also noticed how quickly Angela switched from wary and suspicious to happily docile; her sudden trust of Grace and, by extension, the others, seemingly absolute and complete. Catie supplied the time to Grace distractedly; she was almost ready to start taking Angela's vitals to see if she was truly as calm as she appeared, and if any trace of the fight/flight reaction remained. Of course, how much of it was the remnant of whatever had sent them all to sleep...

"Gao yang jong duh goo yang! Please excuse me...we better find out what knocked us out, " Catie exclaimed as she hurried back to find Stephanie. The doctor had already been of the same mind; after ensuring none of the passengers suffered any ill effects, she'd gathered up what was left of the steak and taken it to the med bay, and had begun prepping syringes and vials to get blood samples from everyone.

"We may not be able to identify the drug from the meat, but if we can detect the by-products in the blood, we may be able to narrow the search, " Catie nodded approvingly and gathered up her share of syringes and vials.

OOC: The DM did not specify who took blood from whom, so I'm focussing on Angela, since I'm developing Catie's research into Angela's unique qualities. If anyone else posts an interaction about having their blood taken, I can back-post a reaction.

Gathering samples was easy enough, most were eager to know if they should expect ill effects from the drug, but just outside Angela's room, Catie paused. Maybe she should have asked Stephanie to take Angela's sample. Someone more familiar would be less likely to trigger Angela's fight response. This is silly. Can't study someone from a distance.

She slipped the last syringe and vial into a pocket, along with the medical gloves, and peeked into the room. Angela was sitting on her cot, watching herself on a vid onscreen, nodding as if what "she" was telling herself made sense. Catie entered the room slowly, making eye contact and smiling and, getting a smile in return, joined Angela on the cot. She watched the vid with interest, noting that it didn't include her, but Angela also had an open notebook beside her. Catie glanced at it, remembering Jon's words earlier, but made no attempt to read it. She had to establish trust.

"Angela, I'd like to take some blood from you, for analysis. May I do that? It won't hurt...I'm pretty good at this procedure, I promise."

"Sure, Catie. You think my blood will tell you what happened to my memory?"

Catie shook her head, smiling, a intrigued with the egocentricity of her subject. Much like a child, Angela assumed everything was about her...unless she didn't really recall what had happened earlier.

"We're testing everyone's blood to see what made us sleep and see how much is left in our systems," Catie replied, and was about to explain that she wanted to run more tests on Angela's blood in particular, but realized now wasn't the time. She's the subject, not my lab partner .

'I am in there?" Catie indicated the notebook with her chin while she deftly tied off Angela's arm with rubber tubing and inserted the syringe into a vein. " You didn't have to ask who I you also know we have passengers? Do you remember our mission?"

"Yup...gotcha noted and we have a bride to deliver, then save, and her boyfriend to find, and also save, and a gun to find for the Winchester fellas.... but I didn't get around writing down how we are going to do that? What's the plan?"

"I'll let you know as soon as I do," Catie promised, with a touch of grimness. She saw the vial was full and removed the syringe, holding a small cotton pad over the tiny wound one handed while she secured the vial and syringe with the other, long practice making her movements smooth. She patted Angela's arm in farewell and headed back to the medical bay with her precious cargo.

The doctor's lab was decently provisioned for emergencies and ongoing care of normally healthy crew, but Catie made note of some additional equipment and supplies she'd need if she was going to ever be able to counter whatever had been done to Angela and the hack job someone had made of JC's cybernetics. With some substitutions and creative workarounds, Catie and Stephanie were able to identify the drug - a variant of Byphodine. From that, they realized that the crew would be physically rested from their time out, but mentally, they had not slept, only been "paused" from a cognitive standpoint. Catie had already started a file on Angela, and made some quick notes to investigate later:

* A would not have reached REM, where brain re-orgs mem via dreams
* Some agent/implant/conditioning acts to erase mem during REM?
* Not hungry after being asleep 8 hours - met rate def affected by drug
* Scent as a memory trigger - establish sig scents for crew

She would have noted more but knew Stephanie was impatient to let the Captain know their findings. She accompanied the doctor to the bridge, but let Stephanie be the one to explain. She'd realized the captain and doctor had a complicated relationship, but were now using the formal structure of crew chain of command to manage the awkwardness - and Catie knew she was a junior member at best. For now, she'd wait to hear how their plans would now change before she jumped in with questions.

Posted on 2015-01-02 at 19:26:09.

Topic: Destiny's Flight - A Serenity RPG
Subject: Getting to know me, getting to know all about me

The man with the mechanical arm said nothing; in fact, he looked like he'd rather be anywhere but there at that moment. The woman was not fooled by that, he was clearly the biggest threat. The man wearing only pants knew it, too - he put his arm across the other man's chest as if to bar his way and spoke.

" are safe,I'm Jon Brown,your Captain! You're part of my crew. There is a journal in your room,in your hand writing... that will confirm it. May I show it to you?"

The woman scowled in confusion and tried to place his could she know someone that handsome and not know it? She put put her clenched hands around either side of her head as if it was going to burst under the pressure of remembering.

A redheaded girl brushed by the three of them as if they weren't there and started fussing with a screen in the small room. It seemed out of place, a screen in a storage room. The redhead glanced away from the screen and smiled distractedly .

"Don't worry, Angela, this are people you can trust, " she said, her voice resonating to the woman as SAFE - FAMILIAR . "The journal is actually in your bag but if you give me a second, I can show you a video you made for yourself."

The girl turned away again and something about the way she tossed her hair unconsciously also struck the woman as familiar. Almost in tears from confusion and fear, she closed her eyes and inhaled deeply, and the faintest traces of synthetic motor oil and degreaser tickled her palate.

"You're,Grace, right?" the woman heard herself say, and the sound of the name solidified the nebulous recollection. Grace , she repeated to herself. That's Grace and I have to listen to her. I'm very silly but she stops me from doing anything too foolish. I must be silly if I can't even remember my name is Angela...

Grace tried to smile reassuringly but it might have been a little strained, "Just a sec, Ange, I just need to put the code in." After a bit of confusion, the screen started to show a video of Angela herself, and she was happy to be gently lead to her cot where she sat down to watch herself explain things.

She found herself nodding as the video went on...the more she saw, the more all seemed familiar. It was strange that it could all just vanish from her mind like that, but hey, she remembered Grace, didn't she? The others left once she was settled, and later Catie (according to the last entry in her notebook) came and asked permission to take some blood.

Angela was happy enough to help but was a little puzzled. "You think my blood will tell you what happened to my memory?"

Catie shook her head but smiled so nicely that Angela didn't feel like it had been a silly question.

"We're testing everyone's blood to see what made us sleep and see how much is left in our systems," she paused as if she was about to say more but had checked herself. She glanced at the notebook but politely did not try to read the open page.

'I am in there? You didn't have to ask who I you also know we have passengers? Do you remember our mission?"

Angela nodded confidently. "Yup...gotcha noted and we have a bride to deliver, then save, and her boyfriend to find, and also save, and a gun to find for the Winchester fellas.... but I didn't get around writing down how we are going to do that? What's the plan?"

"I'll let you know as soon as I do," Catie promised with a touch of grimness.

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Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: To every season, turn, turn

Havelock first, then the lost companion. Establish to folks why we are here, then people will mind less if we linger.

Sorry you guys aren't feeling well. Hard to believe I have been playing the character longer than I have been raising Incrediboy!

Posted on 2014-12-21 at 16:30:34.


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