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Topic: Breaking the Fourth ~ A D&D Webcomic
Subject: Wednesday Update!


Posted on 2011-11-16 at 14:03:29.

Topic: Smuggler's Moon Q&A
Subject: Yup!

It is Asim! All I had to work off of was "A deck swab with messy blonde hair" ~ hope he's okay!

PS~ I've always seen Lyri as a dancer

PPS~ I like the original much better. There always seems to be a certain something that gets lost in the scanner.

Posted on 2011-11-15 at 14:11:22.
Edited on 2011-11-15 at 14:11:56 by Celeste

Topic: Smuggler's Moon Q&A
Subject: Hey crew..

...look what I made!

Posted on 2011-11-15 at 05:10:32.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: MMV~

~I know it wasn't harsh language at all, but I gotta tell you: every time I've heard Chinese used like that in the Serenity world, it sounds like swearing to me! It may be just the way it's used ~ for emphasis!

Posted on 2011-11-14 at 04:09:09.

Topic: Destiny's Flight - A Serenity RPG
Subject: Tess ~ It's morning

Room 11 of Destiny, Day Two of Journey 6:00am ST

The night passed uneventfully for the pilot. During the war, Tess had developed the ability to sleep when it was required without much fuss; one never knew the next time rest would be possible. Her eyes popped open seconds before the tinny beep of her alarm went off. Tess immediately flung the covers off her and swung her legs out of her bunk. That was another thing she hadn’t be able to shake: the abrupt alertness right after sleep. Or at least the façade of alertness; it was more like an automaton functioning without much in the way of conversation.

She dressed without much thought, her morning rituals far beyond thinking. 35 brushes through her hair, re-affix the feather, one, two, three trinkets into the right pocket, then two more to the left. Tess shivered, anxious to be done, and after touching the top of her door frame for good luck, she quickly stuck her bare feet into a pair of clean socks and into her boots. She grabbed a zip-up hoodie to ward off the chill; Destiny was usually kept at least five degrees below normal running temperature at night to conserve power.

Jon looked half asleep by the time she had gotten to the bridge to relieve him. With teapot and cup in hand, she waved him out with a, “Zao an, Cap’n.” After about two hours of staring at her panels and sucking down mediocre jasmine, Tess made her way back down to the galley to refill her pot with more leaves and boiling water. She passed a bleary eyed Grace in the hallway on her way back to the bridge, and she had to step around her in order to not be run over.

“Zao an, Xiao Ya,” she said to the mechanic as she shambled by.

“Mmuuhhh… Zao morn-Ting,” Grace muttered in reply. Tess smiled in response as Gracie continued down the hall. She was so darn cute in the morning. As she walked by the storage room, Tess trailed her fingers across the door, wondering if anything would be ready for dinner. Doubtful, but that didn’t mean she could just neglect it. Maybe if she cut her lunch short it would give her enough time to at least linger a little over the garden bunk.

Destiny Bridge, Day Two of Journey 9:00am ST

It hadn’t been very long since she had passed Grace in the hall when Tess heard her voice over the comm, "Quing Ting and Stephanie? Can you come into the Cargo bay? I need you guys to come see this." Tess splashed a warm-up into her mug before she swung out the door of the bridge.

The doors to the lift were just creaking open when Grace’s voice echoed around the cargo bay, "WUO DUH TIAN AH! Um, Captain? You might want to come to the cargo bay. We are in Ma Fuhn!" "

“Language, mei mei,” Tess said as she set her mug of tea on the nearest wine cask and leaned on it, “What’er you all fussed up about?”

Posted on 2011-11-14 at 03:40:17.
Edited on 2011-11-14 at 03:56:54 by Celeste

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: I know we're desperate...

...but hopefully not that desperate.

I'd be happier going to the shindig and picking pockets rather then trying to get away with all of those diamonds without being caught.

Plus getting paid good cashy money for a delivery rather then trying to hawk a bunch of stolen gems without the Tong finding us.

You know... the little things.

Posted on 2011-11-13 at 18:06:38.
Edited on 2011-11-13 at 18:23:00 by Celeste

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: *shakes head*


I just don't know. When it rains, it pours.

I'm also convinced I need to learn the lyrics to "The White Knight" for this campaign.

and MMV: I know it. It's her nature! Hence the 'she just had to look, didn't she?' Can't wait to see her reaction to finding out what's in those!

Posted on 2011-11-13 at 15:24:49.
Edited on 2011-11-13 at 15:26:27 by Celeste

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: >.<

Great. Grace just had to look, didn't she?

Posted on 2011-11-13 at 14:39:37.

Topic: Smuggler's Moon Q&A
Subject: Baking Bonanza

Holy cow, Lady D! Talk about ambitious! Glad it was for a good cause!

Posted on 2011-11-13 at 13:29:40.

Topic: Smuggler's Moon Q&A
Subject: two drink minimum!

Sweet! It's amazing what our brains allow us to translate ~ the only word I was really worried about would have been "tact" which ended up "dacg" with a broken nose. Come to think of it, I think it'd be a pretty tough word to pronounce in that state anyway.

Posted on 2011-11-12 at 23:12:30.

Topic: Smuggler's Moon Q&A
Subject: under way!

Hey crew! If you have a hard time reading that 'broken nose' lingo, let me know and I'll provide a translation up here!

Nice posts guys!

Posted on 2011-11-12 at 18:13:17.

Topic: Tales from the Smuggler's Moon
Subject: Saercyn Willow ~ Who knew this bard had some fight in her?

Late afternoon - The Rusty Hook, Freeport

“Athkurd, could you gib me ah hand ub?” He turned, flipped the axe in his right hand around and offered the handle to Will. She appeared to be in worse shape than he had seen at first glance. He turned around, brandishing his other axe at the nearby brawlers, and when he felt Willow grab the axe handle, he pulled her to her feet.

“Hand ub, handle ub, ith all the thame,” she responded as the dwarf helped her up. The blood looked like it was slowing to a dribble from out of her nostrils, but large dark circles were beginning to form under her eyes. Willow swayed briefly, and laid her free hand upon Askurt’s shoulder to steady herself.

Askurt's fury rose again as he saw Willow sway. He needed to get her out of here. "Follow close Will." He paused and almost grinned. "You elves think you're above everyone else, but don't expect me to carry you!"

“Halb elb, wool head,” Will responded. This argument had been a routine point in the two’s relationship; from the outside standpoint it looked like it got pretty heated at times, but like a good anvil, these confrontations seemed to weld together a camaraderie. Saercyn would have laughed at the timing of dwarf if she hadn’t been afraid of it making her nose spray blood. Her head was already pounding as it was.

“Ahoy, Maast,” Jericho boomed merrily as he stepped up to the dwarf. It almost seemed like her captain was enjoying the fray, “I mighta knowed ye’d be showin’ up jus’ as th’ scuffle were gettin’ unner way, mate…”

His mirth slide off his face as he focused in on the bard, “Yarr, fer th’ luv o’…” He let go of Lyri, and stepped towards her reaching out with his hand. Pain throbbed in her nose, and she subconsciously backed up. One pace backward and she hit the bar again, successfully cornered between it, Askurt, and now Jericho.

“Wha’ inna seven bloody hells’re ye doin’ standin’ ‘round, Willow-luv,” he murmured angrily as his large hand gently touched her face , “Ye shoulda been outta here th’ minute tha’ fargin’ lubber broadsided us.” She opened her mouth to protest at his words, but the captain plowed on, “Bad enough th’ bastard cost us our parlay wit’ th’ monkey,” he growled as he undid the scarf around his head. He began daubing the blood off of her face. With every touch, pain exploded up from the bottom of her nose, coursing through what felt like the inside of her brain and making her eyes water, “but tae ‘ave this come o’ et’s well?!? Fargin’ cuttlefish son o’ a squid-humper! Ye a’right, lass?”

Something inside the bard snapped. Willow grabbed the scarf from Jericho, “Am I alrighd? Doeth id loog lige I’m bloody alrighd?” she yelled, “Here I am, drying to ged the hell oudda thith bilge hole withoud gudding thomeone, and I thake ah tankard do the fathe, and you have the audathidy to athk me why I haben’ lefd?” Her heart was doing a thrum inside of her head, and blood began to flow freshly from her nose, muddling up her words, “Egcuth the hell oudda me, bud the lath dime I checkd I ain’ Cap’n Jericho Hawketh, mathder brawler ob the high theath oud to probe summi’ to the world. Ith nod lige I can juth walth righd through here an’ fling bodieth oudda my way”

The room began to spin as the blood continued to pour down the chin of her whitened face, but Willow was too riled up to stop now, “Maybe I thould juth thay thcrew id all and ged oud o’ here in a way thad won’ ged my damned nothe broken,” she shrieked as she began trying to free her rapier with Jericho’s scarf still clutched in her hand, “thad’ll cerdainly deach me to uthe dacg innae thiduadion lige thith!” The bard leaned heavily of the edge of the bar as she continued to fight with her tangled up scabbard. Something tickled at the back of her thoughts warning her about something, but all of her elvish reasoning had given away to pain.

[OOC: First little bit is a collab between Chess and I!]

Posted on 2011-11-12 at 18:04:38.
Edited on 2011-11-12 at 18:24:20 by Celeste

Topic: Smuggler's Moon Q&A
Subject: now that I've got this in my head...

~Anchors Aweigh my boys
Anchors Aweigh
Farewell to college joys
We sail at break of day day day day
Through our last night on shore
Drink to the foam
Until we meet once more
Here's wishing you a happy voyage home! ~

Posted on 2011-11-10 at 15:15:21.

Topic: Breaking the Fourth ~ A D&D Webcomic
Subject: more!

Thanks for the everyone! I'm glad it brightened your outlook, T_O. True story ~ D was DMing at the time, and it kinda... pissed him off a bit. He's *mostly* over it now.

I've got a whole bunch drawn out, but I figured it would be best to space them weekly (theory being that once I run out, we game once a week and I'll be able to get new stories ^_^)

Posted on 2011-11-10 at 02:26:09.

Topic: Breaking the Fourth ~ A D&D Webcomic
Subject: Breaking the Fourth ~ A D&D Webcomic

Hello fellow Innmates!

I recently started a comic blog featuring my fellow D&D players. It’s all based on true events that have happened during game sessions. My players are awesome! The comic is a work in progress, but I thought I’d share it with you all! I’m updating it Wednesdays, and I’ll be gradually filling out the blank spots (like crew profiles). Enjoy!

Breaking the Fourth

Posted on 2011-11-10 at 01:20:46.

Topic: Making my way back
Subject: Leaky brainpan

No clown in the can here, but I've got a generous supply of comic-grease!

Good to have you back around, Eol!

You've hit it on the head, I think. I've felt pretty down myself as well, though I'm trying to keep it on the up and up! Forcing myself to write this morning for Al's campaign actually has done wonders for me, even if it's just a little post.

Maybe that's something that all of us need to do since we all are writers of sorts ~ make sure we right a little bit each day, even if it is just a paragraph, and not necessarily for the Inn. Keep those juices up, and it might help to declog the brainpan. Maybe.

It's great to see your face again!

Posted on 2011-11-09 at 15:04:20.

Topic: Destiny's Flight - A Serenity RPG
Subject: Tess ~ Baby? Whose baby? Not my baby!

Tess settled back into her chair as the Doc waved around the key they found in the guest quarters and began talking about Priscilla. She felt a little rebuffed at the way that Jason had dismissed her as an escort. Sure, it had been a while since she had gotten all dolled up, but that didn’t mean she didn’t remember how.


"I looked up the serial number of this key in the Ariel Hospital cortex database,” Stephanie was saying, “ I couldn't find much, even with my credentials which didn't surprise me, patient confidentiality and all that. But I did find one thing that is important. The key is not for organs, the serial is actually for maternity. Now when I examined her for TOX, tests showed she took Neurojenvuium, which made sense as she obviously worked the "young" side of her market."

She had tried to follow what the Doctor meant, but it sounded garbled like a comm. message from a ship losing power. Must be all those damn technical words, she thought as she frowned at the Doc. “Neuro-juvie? What the devil is that, Stephanie?”

"It a youth drug. Keep the body from maturing. You can't take it long but you can look like a teenager for 20, maybe 25 years. Companions working that market usually charge a lot and get out fast so they take it for a short time. Thing is, you can't take the normal contraception drugs with NJM. You have to take the more modified versions which are hard to get outside core. Higgin's Moon as Grace mentioned, is about as far from the core as you can get."

“Get out fast?” Ken laughed, “sounds like a personal problem.”

“One you’re intimately familiar with, Ken,” Tess flung at him. Her irritability had far from dissipated, and she felt a little pleasure at being able to release some of her frustrations on him. Even if it was just verbally.

Stephanie plowed on, "I have a feeling that our passenger was once pregnant, and someone wanted her to abort the child. She instead, had the baby removed and put in cyro-stasis until she was ready to have the child."

“Mei Yong Ma Duh Tse Gu Yong!” Tess swore. There was a general round of exclamation around the room at the Doc's words.

“Oh yes. It can be done” Stephanie continued, “and is done in the core hospitals, but you have to be very rich or very influential. But most important for us, with this key and a sample of Priscilla's DNA, someone could get that child and do whatever they wish. So I don't think we can send it to her by post. We could be figuratively speaking, carrying someone's baby here. If whomever was willing to kill a companion for this..."

“Well that is a pickle for the whore,” Ken said immediately, “but do we give a Goushí? I mean what is in it for us?”

Tess winced as Jon’s spoon clacked into his bowl. “ First of all Priscilla is not a whore” he started, “she’s following a trained profession and not the usual doxy you sniff after…” She remained silent as Jon drove his point home with Ken. It sounded like he had finally had enough of the back and fourth bickering that the crew had digressed to. That was one steadfast quality about Jon; when he had enough, he stuck his boot in all the way up to the cuff and would say he had enough. She smirked. And usually followed that immediately with orders.

“Well we got plenty of time afor we need to worry about the party. But this baby thing adds a whole new angle to this trip. Maybe Priscilla’s sickness had been planned to scuttle whatever plan she had for that baby….someone doesn’t want an heir and you can bet there’s some fancy fed or bureaucrat involved. That Marshall could be on anyone’s payroll….. and if he is this won’t be an easy run. I agree that he’s smart and if he wants what’s on this boat then I wouldn’t be surprised to see Marauders to do his dirty work. “

“Agreed,” she replied.

“Tess, I don’t want to seem too twitchy, but don’t trust any boat that comes near….. and if we get buzzed we go on alert. We can out run most so I’d rather not giv’m time to lock on or be boxed in. Also let me know if it seems like we’re be’in followed.”

“Jon, you ain’t being too twitchy. Something stinks in Chinatown, and it’s starting to leak into Destiny. If it’s alright with you, Capt’n, I’m gonna get a few hours of shut eye so I can be bright eyed when we get into the main drift of the shipping lane.”

Posted on 2011-11-09 at 14:46:44.
Edited on 2011-11-09 at 14:52:47 by Celeste

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: darn you real life!

Sorry. Life has caught up with me. I've read through ~ here's to getting something up this week!

Posted on 2011-11-01 at 13:31:04.

Topic: The Search for Tomorrow Q/A
Subject: part one

Hey Tek ~ nice wrap-up! Unfortunately, with all of the crap that has cropped up in my life, my time has become erratic. It would be unfair for my fellow players and GM to have to wait on my update that may or may not be there. I hope things will pan out ~ I'll be watching from afar!

Posted on 2011-10-31 at 13:56:42.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: Mmmmm... cougar!

A couple of good points, MMV. Although, it isn't uncommon for older women to date younger men. Plus those 'special' circumstances when the older woman has lotsa money.

Posted on 2011-10-17 at 00:15:46.
Edited on 2011-10-17 at 00:25:06 by Celeste

Topic: Destiny's Flight - A Serenity RPG
Subject: Tess ~ no sidelong glances from this Browncoat

Tantalizing smells wafted through the corridors. Tess inhaled deeply as she walked into the galley. She was feeling irritable. All of this screwy business with the Feds searching the ship, a contract with a guy who was about as twitchy as Grace could be at times, and the confrontation with Ken put her in a foul mood. Jon looked up and invited her to take some stew. It looked like the Doc was busy too, so she took a bowl and sat down out of the way. The pilot nodded to Jason, and without standing on ceremony, plowed into her meal. The hearty food lifted her spirits a bit. The stew was gone almost as quickly as it had been filled. Tess never kicked the habit of eating at high speeds since the war.

“Sheh sheh, Capt’n,” Tess said as she set the bowl on the counter out of Steph’s way, “A little late for dinner, but I ain’t complaining.” She turned to return to her seat as Ken walked in a winked at her. Side stepping him once again, Tess sat down and stretched.

“Ummmm, smells good Cap,” Ken muttered and sat down at the table. He began eating with quite a bit of enthusiasm. The captain really did make good chow. Jon was speaking quietly with Steph as Grace came in and sat down next to her with her own bowl. Ken looked pointedly at Tess, winked, and nodded towards the two still bustling around in the kitchen. Her ire rose immediately. How many times was that chwen joo going to wink at her today?

“Got summit wrong with your eye, Ken?” she asked, flipping out her knife from her belt, “I’m always ready to help a pal out. Might’n be able to fix that nasty twitch of yours if you ask nice.” She regarded the blade for a few more seconds before sticking it back into its sheath.

((OOC: I’m going to wait for Phelan’s response before jumping into the ‘big picture’ conversation that Grace has started.))

Posted on 2011-10-16 at 22:53:51.
Edited on 2011-10-16 at 22:54:27 by Celeste

Topic: RDINN Feature Updates/ Suggestions/ Bugs
Subject: looking at his post...

I don't think Darren meant showing WHO did the applaud/smite, I think he wanted to know what post got how many applauds/smites.

Posted on 2011-10-14 at 14:31:39.

Topic: Smuggler's Moon Q&A
Subject: Eol!

You're such a tease!

Posted on 2011-10-14 at 14:16:28.

Topic: Vote for the Inn
Subject: don't forget!


Posted on 2011-10-11 at 14:18:15.

Topic: Smuggler's Moon Q&A
Subject: !

Oooohhh, back story. Good idea, Lady D!

Posted on 2011-10-11 at 02:58:09.


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