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Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: Fares

I was hoping to give you a good lead in there with Tess's comment.

*blushes* and thank you for the compliment.

Posted on 2013-11-10 at 23:56:02.
Edited on 2013-11-11 at 00:13:24 by Celeste

Topic: Celeste Resurfaces, or What in Tarnation is that Disheveled Sprite Doing in Our Bar?
Subject: Woo!

Thanks, Boss! Nice to be back!

Posted on 2013-11-10 at 20:45:47.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: eee!

Thanks, MMV! Can't wait to get back into the thick of it with Gracie.

Posted on 2013-11-10 at 20:40:36.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: Back in the 'Verse

Hey guys! I'm taking the helm once again, and I cannot tell you how excited I am to do it!

It's nice to be back in the Land of the Living.

Posted on 2013-11-10 at 20:28:50.

Topic: Destiny's Flight - A Serenity RPG
Subject: Tess ~ The Job, or, Mighty Little Pay for a Mighty Fast Run

Persephone, Eavesdown Docks, Badger’s Office, 6:10 pm ST

“Oh my, mister! What a lot of fine things you have! You must be important!” Angela breathed, then gasped and looked down at her feet when she realized she’d spoken aloud.

Tess’s dark eyes took in the assorted collection that hung around here. It vaguely reminded her of Uncle Benny’s, the pawn shop she had spent a number of months in on Beaumonde after Destiny had gone adrift. Only difference was, Benny had laid his junk out to sell whereas it looked like Badger had laid his out like a rat’s den.

The man who headed this operation was obvious, only dude in the room in a fancy hat. His eyes were calculating; Tess kept her face passive as he looked her over. There was a definite air about him that told her that Angela’s comment had set the right tone with the man.

Thank the devil fer that. Angela, I owe ya’ll a big damn sloppy kiss fer gittin’ our foot in the door.”

“Ello,….which one of you ‘s Jonathan Brown?”

“I’m Jon Brown,” Jon said, extending his hand. Badger made no move to shake it, instead gesture to the table. Tess’s nose twitched and she realized that the sandwiches laid out on the table were made of tuna fish.

Holy devil incarnate, that there smells like the real deal. Her mouth began to water at the thought; Grace hadn’t considered keeping up with the garden bunk a priority, and Tess was having a heck of a time bringing it back to flourishing like it had been. No veggies yet, lots of protein paste, and the reminder of this morning’s powdered eggs made this look like a gorram governor’s feast.

“Since this is our first face to face, I thought we’d start out on the right foot. Complements of me – I’m Badger, “the man said. ” Now I hears that you have a fast ship and that you are reliable. That be two things I have a real use for right now.”

The pilot strode the last few feet to the table, picked up the pitcher, and took a sniff. Ain’t no need fer the man to feel like his hospitality is goin’ unappreciated. Might’n be givin’ the wrong impression. She grabbed one of the tuna sandwiches and stuffed into her mouth. Tess moved around to look at Angela and nodded towards the table. Heavens know the girl could still eat.

“Yes Sir, Destiny is one fastest boats about,” the Captain answered,” and we take our jobs seriously.... We aren’t the biggest but we can do special deliveries quicker’n anyone…....And for the that food there….well that’s mighty nice of you, my crew appreciates it. …..I hope you don’t mind I brought so many, Tess there is my pilot and I figured it’d easier if she could ask what she needed to know straight out......The others are fairly new to my crew and I thought the experience would be good for them..... Besides this ain’t the easiest area to walk through.” Jon nodded to JC and Angela that it was ok.

Angela smiled delightedly and stepped lightly over to the table. Tess watched her inspect a sandwich, almost as if nothing else existed.

Amazin’ focus.

“Tuna? Like, from a real can? Mister, you sure know how to make a girl feel welcome! Thanks!”

Bless that woman’s innocence. I swear, we’re bringin’ her to all our fancy outings from here on out.

Again, Badger smiles broadly. “I like her. Knows how to appreciate a man’s largess”.

Tess had been taking a long pull from her glass of fruity drink, and choked at the sound large ass. Thankfully, the men behind Badger masked her noise with their laughing.

“Oi!” Badger exclaimed, turning to glare at his two henchmen, “You ain’t been around with me long enough to be showing anything but respect. I’m the boss! The man who pays you! Don’t be forgetting that.”

Tess turned her head so as to not look like she was staring, taking the opportunity to pocket a couple of cookies. Badger reminded her of a young captain she knew during the war. Stevenson. Liked to strut around like a peacock, and was constantly pushing people around to remind them of his rank. He didn’t last long. There was rumor of some nasty business that took place when he and his little regiment got pinned down by the Alliance, something about him pulling a gun on a new recruit before he was ‘gunned down by the enemy’. Funny thing was, the rest of the regiment made it out without a scratch. Ain’t no use for a man who has to drawn down to prove he’s in charge. No place for that during a war.

But this wasn’t the war, and the rules had changed.

“Where was I?” Badger asked while looking at Angela with a smile, “Right. Sorry about that. A businessman like me, with roots in the community needs to remind people how they should behave. Hope I didn’t frighten you.”

“Right. The Job. The job involves chaufferin’ the stepdaughter of some well-to-do land baron to her wedding aboard a luxury cruise liner, the Rim’s Dream. The girl’s name is Lilianna Fairchild. Job is simple—deliver the girl to the cruise liner in time for her wedding which is 5 days from now. Actually, It will be the girl, her bodyguard, and a wedding planner. As well, these two,” he points a finger at the two young men, “Will be joining you in order to complete a business transaction of my own. I can’t hand over a simpler job. Course, it don’t pay much, 20 a head per day but you do this right by me and, well you be in my good book and there be people that would kill to be there.” he says with a modest chuckle.

Badger pulls a folded piece of paper off his desk and hands it to the Captain. “That’s the coordinates of the liner, five days good enough for you?”

“Mighty fine vittles, sir, thank you,” Tess said, waving the remnants of her sandwich as she moved towards Jon. She looked over his shoulder to get a view of the coordinates.

“It’s a darn good thing ya’ll brought us here to be discussin’ this,” she said, “Don’t think another boat could make in time, least not without hard burn the whole way. Then what’d they have? An empty tank in hopes that cruise might give ‘em a little fuel to git back home?”

Posted on 2013-11-10 at 20:15:39.
Edited on 2013-11-10 at 20:19:41 by Celeste

Topic: Celeste Resurfaces, or What in Tarnation is that Disheveled Sprite Doing in Our Bar?
Subject: this is a subject.

T_O! Ahhhhh, it's nice to see your face! This are SPECTACULAR on my end. How's it on yours?

PS ~ I've been rereading Smuggler's Moon. I'm feeling a powerful need to be piratey again. You in? Wot say ye, Khash-mate? Yer up fer a lil' collab thar on t' Moon?

Posted on 2013-11-10 at 17:19:22.
Edited on 2013-11-10 at 17:19:42 by Celeste

Topic: Celeste Resurfaces, or What in Tarnation is that Disheveled Sprite Doing in Our Bar?
Subject: eee!

Thanks you guys! I will look for you soon for some Froth 'n' Slosh, Ody! I happy to see Ulthok is still kicking in Tril!

Winter is coming, and I feel a need to nest under blankets, drink hot chocolate, and type until the wee hours of the morning. ^_^

Posted on 2013-11-09 at 04:43:58.

Topic: Player for Serenity RPG
Subject: Ahhh

Oh dear Reralae. You are too kind. Ultimately, it would be up to Al, as I would not want to snatch your opportunity up by my sudden reappearance.

I've been reading over old Destiny and Rocinante posts, and loving all aspects of this game. I humbly ask our GM to allow me back into Destiny, but I would understand any and all descisions.

Posted on 2013-11-09 at 04:34:34.

Topic: Player for Serenity RPG
Subject: Darn

Guess I just barely missed this recruitment, eh?

Posted on 2013-11-09 at 04:23:18.

Topic: Celeste Resurfaces, or What in Tarnation is that Disheveled Sprite Doing in Our Bar?
Subject: !

Thank god for that. I'm always looking for you.

Posted on 2013-11-09 at 01:52:37.

Topic: Celeste Resurfaces, or What in Tarnation is that Disheveled Sprite Doing in Our Bar?
Subject: Celest Resurfaces, or What in Tarnation is that Disheveled Sprite Doing in Our Bar?

*slowly opens the door and peeks into the room*



Wowie! He-eeeeey! I remember this place!


I remember those faces too! Although there seems to be quite a few new ones. (Good gravy, I hope they've all been properly licked by a certain innmate of ours)

I've missed you guys. I've missed writing. I've longed for the worlds and adventures that we created together.

It's odd how life happens, and you have the best of intentions to continue on with everything like normal; but instead, all things come to a halt and get thrown in the backseat.

I will say this much. I intend to stalk the forums like I used to and read some of the fine material that our innmates have been producing since my (year long?) hiatus. I may even stretch my fingers a bit and update a few games that I have been generously allowed to stay in. Drop me a line if you want to catch up. I'd love to hear from you!

Posted on 2013-11-09 at 01:42:58.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: sit in the corner, Celeste

I'm a rotten child.


But, that being the case, I miss you guys tons. Recently I've been attempting to get my leathering business up off of the ground, which in turn has eaten up quite a bit of my free time. But there has been a serious hole in my life.

That would be you guys. I miss this Inn terribly. I will catch up on Roc this week, make a posty posty for Tess, and hopefully keep this ball rolling.


Posted on 2013-02-26 at 23:23:54.

Topic: Star Trek: The Cassius Incident Q&A
Subject: meeergh

My sister is in the hospital. Looks like I'll be spending Turkey day and the days around it out of computer range. Sorry crew. Crossing my fingers for some free time next week.

Posted on 2012-11-20 at 22:54:47.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: bleegh

My sister is in the hospital. Looks like I'll be spending Turkey day and the days around it out of computer range. Sorry crew. Crossing my fingers for some free time next week.

Posted on 2012-11-20 at 22:54:11.

Topic: Celeste in absentia
Subject: A door shuts and a gateway appears

Hey gang!

Thanks for bearing with me whilst I was in absentia for the last couple of weeks. I still do not have the interwebs available at my place, but the modem -should- be arriving Monday.

Can't tell you how good it feels to be writing again. Thank you all so much for being such amazing people to work with!

Posted on 2012-11-10 at 23:46:09.

Topic: Star Trek: The Cassius Incident Q&A
Subject: whew!

Finally! Thanks for bearing with me, guys. I hope that post was okay ~ it's my first foray into Star Trek RPGs!

Big bio coming in the direct future, I just wanted to get something posted from our Chief Engineer to get things rolling.

PS ~ Oh illustrious GM, did Patanko actually know about the simulation before hand? It will definitley change her inner monologue one way or another. ^_^

Posted on 2012-11-10 at 23:43:58.

Topic: Star Trek: the Cassius Incident
Subject: Patanko ~ Intro, or Lights, Camera, Simulation!

Stardate 2368.07.08
USS Discovery, Deck 8, Commander Patanko’s Quarters – 0321

It was dark in the room, the only light source a display that played a personal letter.

“…you wouldn’t believe it, Rheanie. She just about came out of her skin, breathing hellfire and brimstone. You’ll end up just like your sister she said to me. You would have been so proud of me. I told her something like, ‘Chief Engineer aboard a Galaxy-class starship? A good career and a way to see the universe? Because that’s a bad thing.’ Well, you know Mom. She just went into her usual tirade about you never coming home, and her oldest not giving her any grandchildren. Blah blah blah.

Anyway, I just wanted to send you something to let you know that I’m coming! Starfleet Academy paperwork is going through right now, and I’ll be in within the next month. Just imagine, the oldest and the youngest Patankos exploring the stars. Romantic, isn’t it?” She smiled, and Rhea hit the stop button. Lanna looked so sweet at that moment, an expression that showed a purity of spirit, and she could nearly see her dreams shining through those dark eyes of hers. She nearly mirrored Rhea in looks; deep red hair, mahogany eyes, the biggest difference was the nearly twelve year difference in their age.

“Oh Lanna,” she said shaking her head. It must have been the sixth or seventh time she had viewed the correspondence, but she hadn’t gotten tired of it yet. Rhea had practically raised her littlest sister, in turn it created a special bond between the two girls growing up. She could only imagine how her mother reacted to her sweet baby girl going back behind her back to follow her sister.

Rhea leaned forward in the chair, resting her elbows on the desk and allowing her head to be cradled by her hands. She really should try to get some sleep, but there was something bothering her about the whole situation with Lanna. There was something that her sister wasn’t telling her; it was probably the reason for the message rather than an actual live talk. Lans never could hide anything very well. She…

Artwork, pottery, and her cello case all crashed to the floor as the deck quaked. Rhea was thrown head first into the display, receiving a rather large knock on her forehead. Stars erupted in her field of vision, and she sat for a few moments disoriented, head spinning, still hearing her trinkets rolling all over the floor. She stood up and had one thought only: Engineering.

Her eyes cast about for her uniform before she remembered that there were actually clean ones in her drawers. Rhea took three steps towards it before she was knocked off of her feet again, rolling over a shattered piece of ceramic and receiving a few cuts in the process.

Searching about on the floor, she saw her comm. badge lying amidst some of the shards of pottery. Her mind swam. It had only been a couple of months since she had come aboard the USS Discovery, and she had been doing her damnedest to remember the names of all the crew under her. Who was on shift tonight? Was it MeCall?

To hell with it.

=/\\= Engineering, report! =/\\=

She slid into her pants and began pulling on her jacket as the comm. beeped in response

=/\\=Two direct hits =/\\= came MeCall’s voice
=/\\= Structural integrity fluctuating, we’re rerouting power to compensate. =/\\=

=/\\=I’m in route, =/\\= Rhea replied, throwing her shoes on as she headed out of her quarters,
=/\\=Keep me updated. =/\\=

She ran down the hallway and was nearly to the turbo lift when the deck shook once more, nearly throwing her to the ground. The world spun again, but Patanko managed to keep her feet. The turbolift doors opened with a quiet swish and began rocking towards engineering.

=/\\= Hull breech on decks twenty and twenty four! =/\\= MeCall’s voice rang out in the lift
=/\\=Warp is down! Port impulse engine at ten percent! =/\\=

=/\\=Check the matter antimatter ratio=/\\= Patanko replied, buttoning the last of her jacket up. The lights inside flashed, indicating a ship wide red alert,
=/\\=Reroute all available power to the containment field, the last thing we need is for our bloody core to start fluctuating. =/\\=

The turbo lift doors opened, and Commander Rhea Patanko stepped into engineering. Her hair was disheveled from being knocked to the group numerous times, and her face showed a bruise forming just above her left eyebrow. She strode into the bay, watching the handful of her officers and crew running from terminal to terminal attempting to get power back to the warp core. Chief Petty Officer MeCall flashed her panicky blue eyes in Rhea’s direction.

“Commander!” she exclaimed, “We have no idea what happened! Three hits from an unknown source. Two hull breeches on decks twenty and twenty four, no casualties. Warp drive is down, and antimatter injector coils are unresponsive.”

The lights in engineering brightened and normalized. MeCall looked up slightly confused at the ceiling as Captain Blair’s voice rang out.

=/\ \= Now hear this," he said confidently,
=/\\=This is Captain Blair. Red alert has been cancelled. The preceding events were a drill. You may now return to your scheduled duties. That is all. =/\ \=

“MeCall,” she said, sweeping her dark hair out of her eyes and wincing as her fingers trailed over the rising bruise, “I’d like a full report on this evening’s events by 0700. Bring it by ten forward as soon as you have it done. Lord knows I won’t be getting any sleep after this.”

=/\ \= Blair to Engineering. Commander Pantanko, please give my regards to Lieutenant N'doog. The simulation he created was very good - perhaps a bit too good. I had not expected the situation to become that grim so quickly. Regardless, I very much appreciate his efforts on this. =/\ \=

=/\ \=Aye, Captain, I’m sure he’ll be pleased that his sim had such a profound result. See you in a few hours. =/\ \=

“MeCall,” Rhea said, grabbing ahold of the Acamarian’s shoulder, “Take a deep breath, and for goodness sake get some water. You look like you’ve just crawled out of your skin. We’ll debrief at ten hundred before you get some shut eye.”

She turned in front of the turbo lift to look back at the core. Ensign Dowel stood clutching at a console, clearly out of breath with adrenaline still coursing through his veins.

“Ensign,” she said.

He stood up straighter and attempted to calm his face, “Ma’am?”

She grinned toothily, stepping backwards through the opening “We live to fight another day.”

The lift doors whooshed, and she sighed heavily, “Sickbay.”

Posted on 2012-11-10 at 23:40:16.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: Woo!

Hey crew! Thanks for hanging in there while I got things taken care of!

It's a short post from Tess, since she wasn't doing much but sitting and waiting.

I'd like to do an extended post with the daring escape, but I wanted to wait on Al's goodies before I assumed anything that might be happening. Did you want me to coordinate something differently with you, bossman? Either way, let me know!

Posted on 2012-11-10 at 23:31:49.

Topic: Voyages of Rocinante - Serenity/Firefly RPG
Subject: Tess ~ The breath before the plunge

Rocinante Bridge, 8:30 pm ST

Rocinante shuddered ever so slightly as the flange seal was breeched and they began to take on passengers. Tess sat quietly, monitoring the displays and eyeing the cruise liner warily. Roc was lowly humming as her engines were kept warm. No harm in being prepared.

“Captain Wyatt?”

She clicked on the comm., “He’s a might busy at the mo. This is Tess, go ahead,”

“Have you gotten everyone? We have a build up of power in the secondary system that is becoming worrisome.”

Her head swiveled around to the cargo display camera. It looked like the flow of passengers had stopped, but there seemed to be some commotion with a guy in a sash on the platform.

“Purty near.”

The transmission went silent for the space of a breath, and then ““GET OUT OF THERE NOW! NOW! The power is ....”

Rocinante’s hull protested as a small shockwave hit it, shaking violently at the concussion. Tess threw up her hands to shield her eyes as a bright flash illuminated the bridge. She threw on her goggles, quickly rubbed the bottom of her chair, and checked to see if any of her yi shung dao hai crew had shut the cargo door. An indicator flashed on, signifying that the doors had fully sealed. Tess didn’t wait to see if the cruise liner had fully sealed, she just rolled Roc’s belly away from the flange and jettisoned away from the dock.

Here it comes. Hellfire from above.

She slowed her breathing, and cleared her mind.

Rocinante was the eye.

The Eye in the Storm.

Posted on 2012-11-10 at 23:29:38.

Topic: Voyages of Rocinante - Serenity/Firefly RPG
Subject: Tess ~ We're dockin', yes indeed, we're dockin'

Rocinante Bridge, 8:05 ST

"You're picking now to argue mei-mei?" John asked incredulously. Tess looked crossways over to Wyatt, who was trying to smooth over things with Captain Smith. Her eyebrow cocked before turning back to the console.

“Yup,” she responded, pulling up a few charts on the astrogation library.

"Permission to leave the bridge Sir?"

John left the room, leaving a rather thick air behind him. Tess continued to skim through the library before finally pulling up a picture of a small moon.

“Capt’n,” she said, pulling up more information, “Might’n be wanting to find a place to cozy up before them Feds decide to come in an’ save these rich folk.”

She swiveled her chair around so Wyatt could get a better look at the screen, “Ain’t got no fancy name, seeing as how it’s still in the second stage of terraform. LV-426, atmo, some trees an’ shrubs. Ain’t nothin’ living there yet, but I know there’ll be something to duck our heads under, an’ breathable air. ‘Bout four hours away, but a helluva lot closer than Sihnon, nor anythin’ else.”

Rocinante Bridge, 8:15 ST

The Star of Sihnon listed in the black, the starboard side looked like a party popper that had already been spent. Debris littered the surrounding space, and it was evident why many of the escape pods hadn’t been used. From this distance, they looked like little crushed aluminum can.

Rhythmic pings inundate the comm. system, indicating the escape pods that had launched and maintained power. Tess turned down the volume slightly and slowed the ship down for a docking approach. The damage to the hull of the cruise liner was extensive. Lights flickered in and out as they passed by, and she knew that the ship wouldn’t hold out much longer. The pilot looked back to the captain and shook her head slightly.

Rocinante pitched and rolled gradually as Tess lined her up to dock.

“I’ll keep her engines warm so we can boogy on outta here as soon as our new flock gits aboard,” she said as the flange locked up to Roc’s cargo bay doors, “When ya’ller ready, Capt’n, though we might’n be wantin’ to make it real quick like.”

Posted on 2012-10-25 at 17:53:33.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: Oh yeah

Hehe, I figured.

I can definitely see Tess asking about those crazy notions of flinging himself out of a perfectly air worthy bird again at some point over the last few days. ^_^

Posted on 2012-10-21 at 17:29:50.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: Also

I put up the collaboration that Ody and I did about Tess's goggles in the Rocinante backstory thread. ^_^

Posted on 2012-10-21 at 17:22:45.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Back-history
Subject: On Tess ~ So about those goggles...

Collaboration between Odyson and myself, originally posted in the Destiny’s Flight game.

Independence Forces Training Base “Shadow”

“Lieutenant Brown, be seated. You are being reassigned to the supply transfer depot on Ezra.”

The Colonel stood and walked around his desk. Handing Jon two envelops. “These are your promotion, Captain Jon Brown”, indicating the letter sized packed,” These are your orders, you’re to take command of the 37th Recon Group.

You’ve proven yourself in a pinch and the 37th is an interesting group. Don’t let the supply depot throw you, you’ll find it has plenty of toys to help get the job done.” Extending a hand in congratulation Colonel Jackson smiled,” There’s a driver wait’n outside to take you to your ride, they’re breaking atmo in 30 minutes so you better get a wiggle on.”

Jon stood, took the papers and grasped the Colonels hand, “Thank you, sir!” Jon saluted the Colonel, “Dismissed Captain”, the Colonel return to his desk as Jon turned and left the small office.

Jon had been in the service for about a year now and this was his second time back on Shadow. Each time had added to his rank and responsibilities. He had served on several missions of search and destroy. The last was a hit run to an Alliance supply depot, his captain had been killed and he led his group back safely. That must of got him noticed for promotion or they hurt’n for officers.

Jon knew he was being reassigned so his duffle bag was packed and waiting for him outside the Colonels office. Grabbing the bag he headed out the officer hut to find his ride.

A hover bike sat out front of the hut, Jon looked at the small bike and a small coveralled person crouched behind the bike tinkering with engine. Jon looks over the bike and says, “You must be my ride, you think this thing can get me to port before my boat leaves?”

The girl that stood up from behind the bike had dark hair, dark eyes and a dark grease smudged across her cheek. Wiping her hands on shop rug that she stuffed in her back pocket , cocked head, looked Jon in the eye and said, “Well this’ll get there with time to spare but it ain’t your ride Lieutenant, I’m here to pick up a captain and you ain’t got enough bars. You ain’t snarfing this ride and getting my a** in trouble.”

With his bare face hangin out Jon stared at the driver, “But it is my ride, I just got promoted, here look these are the papers.” Jon couldn’t believe it, he hadn’t been a Captain for five minutes and he was already have’n to prove himself. He whipped out the papers and handed them to the drive. “Here, see for yourself, I’m Captain Brown.”

The drive took the papers and checked the name, “Well that fits, I’m supposed pick up a Capt’n Brown. Maybe we better stop you by the PX and let buy your bars afore you gets stopped for impersonating a Capt’n.” The drive swung into the seat and started the hover bike.

“I ain’t got time to waste, I’ll take my chances.” Jon strapped his bag to the bike a hopped on behind drive.

“Hang on tight Capt’n, we’ll just see if you got time.” With that the drive kicked the mini mule and with a roar they shot off down the across the based.

The jerk of bikes unexpectedly fast acceleration caught Jon off guard and threw his arms around the driver to hold on for dear life. As the bike continued to accelerate Jon heard the driver laugh. They weaved in and out through traffic, kicking up dust and scattering crowds.

As they pulled up to PX The driver brought the bike to a quick halt, “I’ve worked a bit on this Iron Horse so there now ya got a couple minutes to get your bars, better hurry though.”

Jon jumped off the bike and steadied himself, “Fine.. uh.. I’ll be right back.” He turn and rushed in to the PX. Getting to office window in the back he presented and asked for a set Captains bars. As he waited his eye was drawn to a display on vintage gear and there was a set goggles, round lens and leather strapping. When the clerk returned he asked,”Them goggles for sale?” The clerk looked around and then said, “Sure you got credits, I’ll put the bars against your till you pay me for the goggles!?” “Ok, how much?” “ Show me what’cha you got.” Jon understood then what was going on. “Oh, sure gotcha.”

With that Jon pulled out a wad of credits and the clerk snatch up a batch, “Grab um and head out… uh Sir.” Picking up his bars Jon turned, grabbed the goggles and stuffed um in his pocket.

Remembering he needed to hurry Jon rushed out and climbed on the bike. As the driver got ready to kick it again Jon pulled out the goggles, “If you’re gonna fly like that again you better wear these,” with that he handed them to the driver. “By the way, what’s your name , I may need it later when they ask me who that speed demon is?”

Taking the goggle the driver slipped them on and secured them over her eyes, ”Speed demon?, well ya got that right cuse the devil made me do it, I’m Tess Zhou, please to make your acquaintance Capt’n Brown. Ok hold tight you got a boat to catch.” With that she hit the accelerator and they were off even faster than before.

Oh sure, Jon had given those goggles to Tess for a laugh, but the devil do take her if they didn’t save her pretty little eyes. Saved her life, far as she's concerned. Not long after Jon gave her those do-dads, Tess was tasked out to take a small unit behind enemy lines on Athens. Independants had ahold of a short range shuttlecraft that Tess and a handy browncoat mechanic by the name of Shims had jerry rigged for quick flight. That shuttle had lost so much weight that they doubted she’d break atmo, but damned if it wasn’t fast planetside.

Wasn’t rightly sure what those men were gonna be doing, but she knew she had to get them in and out quick and quiet. She managed the first bit, but whatever those boys had done caused such a ruckus that she barely got airborne before they started shootin' at her.

Now the Alliance had all sorts of fancy weapons at their disposal, and they started shootin' at that small carrier with anti aircraft missiles and the like. Tess started puttin' that little unit through barrel rolls, pitchbacks, and all sorts of gao gun loop-de-loos to try and keep from gittin’ shot down. Thing was, by trimmin' all that weight off of the shuttle, they was trimmin' off a helluva lot of armor to boot. One of those missiles caught that shuttle upside the window, and plexiglas exploded inside the cockpit. Thing about plexiglass is that it don’t break up into nice chunks like glass does. What it do is shatter into itty bitty pieces that may not plumb kill you, but it does do a tian fuhn di fu number to the human hide when you is cruisin' at near burn speeds.

Whole darn thing would have crashed then, had Tess not been wearing those gorram goggles. She had taken such a humor to ‘em that she started wearing ‘em on missions. Told the others she was just tryin’ to keep the bugs outta her eyes. Well if it ain’t the gorram truth. She made it back to base with those men in tow. Her face was bloodied up plenty. Took the Doc on near five hours to pick all the small pieces out of her skin. Pretty sure there’s still some left somewhere in there. He figures those specs saved her eyes. She figures they were the only thing standin' between livin’, and a fiery explosion resultin' in her and six other men’s death. Hasn’t been a time since where Tess went without wearin' them goggles while she was flyin'.

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Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: Not fight'n words, I swear!

Sorry about that last! Not trying to stir the pot, just reacting as Tess would and putting a little flavor in there. I can’t see our crew being all rainbows and cupcakes all the time.

I’d like to do some "in the previous seven days" collaboration between one or more of the crew mates for some character rapport/development of relationships. Any takers? It’ll be posted out of context, but I think it’s important.

Posted on 2012-10-21 at 17:05:37.
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Topic: Voyages of Rocinante - Serenity/Firefly RPG
Subject: Tess ~ Steady Calm

Peace in the quiet.

Stillness in the black.

Tess sat with her arms pulled up around her legs, chin resting gently on her knees, staring out into the reaches of space. Her mind was as blank as the scape she watched. They had just passed through the far reaches of Sihnon, and were beginning the longest leg of their journey through the black.

The random search by the Alliance was still troubling Tess. Any encounter with the Alliance always left the pilot uneasy afterwards. She chalked it up to the war; Tess just hadn’t been able to let go. That and anyone who didn’t belong on the ship always made her nervy around the bridge. It took her around an hour of going over the consoles to make sure that nothing had been nudged out of place, or sabotaged.

Wyatt stood behind her, staring out into the deep. Her thoughts strayed to him, wondering what his mind pondered while he gazed at the stars. Tess’s eyes glazed out of focused, letting her mind drift. A screen blinked out in her peripheral; the cortex feed had suddenly cut out. A frown emerged onto her features, she reached out and pressed a few of the power and channel switching buttons. Nothing. The pilot uncoiled herself from the chair and tried a few different tricks to get the feed back.

“Odd,” she murmured. John began to work on it, but nothing came up. She looked back into the black, looking for inspiration as to how to fix their problem, when she saw it. A bright explosion, no more than a dot, was visible from the cockpit.

“Look!” Tess gasped.

The short range wave light began to blink rapidly, and Tess flipped it onto speaker.

"Zzztttzzttztztz.....Mayday! Mayday....Zztztztztz. This is the Star of Sihnon ... zzttzz ... liner...zzztzttzt ...please help."

Already on the ball, John immediately began to clear up the transmission.

"This is the Star of Sihnon Cruise Liner. We are badly damaged by internal explosion. Starboard escape pods are lost. There are not enough for all passengers. We need help! In the name of Buddha, God and the 'verse please can someone hear me!!!!"

"John," Wyatt ordered as he watched the read. "Get back on the radio and let them know we're inbound. Skin yer eyes fee something fishy though--reavers, pirates, or the like. Cruise liners ain't prone t' go all fiery like that of their own choosin'. See if'n they can't give us an idea as to why they're lightin' up my sky while yer at it.

"Take us in Tess, only not so tight as t' risk the paint bubbling from the heat."

"Evenin'," Wyatt drawled into the shipwide com. "This'll be your captain speakin'. It looks like we might be Gavin' a few guests fer supper t'night, so let's make preparations accordingly."

“Fifteen minutes of hard burn, boss, and we’ll be there,” she replied, snapping her goggles down onto her eyes.

She listened intently to the radio calls as she began the flight sequence for hard burn.

“This is John Ryan of the Firefly transport Rocinante, we have received your mayday call and are inbound. Over.”

"Thank the lords above, This is Captain Edward Smith of the Five Star Cruise Line, are you close by? We have sustain serious damage and the starboard has suffered a casade intergrity failure. Can you take on survivors as the explosions has wrecked so many escape pods that we no longer have enough for all the passengers?"

Tess reached over to the shipcom to engineering, “Prepare for hard burn.”

“We will be with you in 20 minutes Captain.” John was saying. “How many casualties do you have and where do you advise docking?” There was hesitation over the radio; it was almost imperceptible if one hadn’t been familiar with dealing with combat transmissions for years.

"At least 40 so far, internal coms are patchy and there’s lots of panic. Our upper stern docking station has a flange seal, we’re routing passengers there now.”

John sharply said to Tess, “Upper stern hatch, hard burn,” before getting back on the radio to Captain Smith, “What’s your situation? Were you attacked and do you have a damage report?”

Tess looked over at John after his comment to her, raised an eyebrow, but said nothing. Having just finished the burn start up sequence, she casually flipped the switch that sent Rocinante rocketing through the black. Her mouth remained shut during the duration of the transmissions to the Star of Sihnon, taking in the details and watching the cruise liner slowly grow in size.

"Keep order on your ship,” John was saying, “We'll be with you soon and don't want to take on a panicked mob. Tell everyone we have plenty of room for all but will take on casualties first. If there are any family groups left we'll take the children if we can."

He clicked off the radio, and Willow’s voice sounded on the bridge, “Understood, John. As soon as you can, join us in the cargo bay for triage.”

“Mr. Ryan,” Tess said calmly, “Please remember that I was a pilot for a number of years in the war, and as such have developed the ever lovin’ ability to both fly and listen to the radio at the same time. Don’t underestimate my capability to be assess’n the situation, because believe you me di di, I’ve done flown into much worse on less information.”

Her face remained flat as she turned back to the console, “It might’n be a good idea fer you to go join Miss Willow and help her prepare to take on those forty odd casualties. I’m sure that Capt’n Wyatt and I can handle the bridge, and it do sound like she’ll be needin’ all the help we can muster.”

“Speakin’ of, Capt’n, has it occurred to you yet that we’re docking on a explodin’ ship with quite a bit ‘o TNT our ownselves? Not to say we shouldn’t pick up those poor sods, just summit to ponder.”

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