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Topic: Tales from the Smuggler's Moon
Subject: Saercyn Willow ~ Bard at Play Part I (somewhat mature content!)

The Rusty Hook, Early Afternoon

The fiery halo that had been present in the Hook this morning gave way to softer afternoon light. Willow let the doors swing shut, and stood next to the entrance to allow her eyes to refocus. The bar had been straightened up considerably from this morning. Lyri either had help or she was extremely efficient; the latter indicating that bar brawls were almost a nightly occurrence at the Hook. A few men now occupied the tavern, bowls and cutlery clanked in time with small talk as they ate their lunch. A quick scan revealed Jericho and Khash sitting at one of the tables next to the wall engaged in quiet conversation.

Willow cursed herself. She had really been trying to get out of Megs early enough to have this place a bit rowdier before her captain and first mate showed up. All in all, she couldn’t begrudge her visit; it had been something they both needed. That and it really was necessary to get Davi into something that wasn’t Jericho-sized.

The half-elf swept over to the counter and started looking around for Lyri. She was nowhere to be found. Willow knew better then to go poking around this establishment, so she waited at the end of the bar until she caught sight of the red head. Lyri soon came out of the kitchen, smacking her lips and licking the ends of her fingers.

"Hey pretty lady, you gotta minute for a girl itchin' to play?" A wide grin will spread across the bard’s face.

Hearing the familiar voice, Lyri's face brightened considerably and she practically skipped to the bar.

"Willow! You're back! I'm so glad, I was startin to think maybe some other 'stablishment had snagged you for themselves. You fancy a meal? Or a brew?"

"Neither, actually," She set down a wrapped bottle onto the bar counter, along with another couple of skulls, "What I would fancy is if you would be so kind as to take that bottle over to my captain and his first mate. That tall, handsome human over there with the long dark hair pulled back in the bandana, sitting with the equally handsome half orc." Her grin widened as she slide the bottle and coins towards Lyri.

At her words, the maid’s eyes brightened; a rosey blush rose to the top of her cheeks, and she snatched up the skulls and the bottle, "This pretty thing come with a message? Like a shops needed by the pudgy man there," indicating Colin with a nod in his direction, "and the monkey man in the corner?"

Will's eyes lit up, Good girl. Thank you.
"Message? Sure thing, lovely. If it's messages you've got, he's the man to deliver 'em to."

With a wink and a smile , Lyri turned her back on bard. Will watched her go, and turned as soon as she had set the bottle down in front of the captain. That’s one introduction made. She’ll take care of the other two, I’d imagine.

There was no stage here. The Rusty Hook had been constructed rather haphazardly and without much forethought apart from needing a room to get drunk and rooms to get laid. Willow cleared a somewhat sturdy looking table and moved it so it was positioned a bit farther back from the center of the room. She stuffed her case under the table and, after jumping on top of it, blessed the elven heritage that ran through her veins. The table was wobbly enough that she wasn’t sure if a regular human could stand on it and play without getting bucked off.

A chord was pulled from her strings, and the low mutterings in the tavern hushed momentarily. Without a word, Saercyn Willow plunged headlong in a jig called Top of Cork Road. The livey tune had an immediate effect on the patrons; some pulling their slouched heads out of their bowls of soup, others downing their tankards of ale and directly ordering a fresh one. By the time she had finished, the tavern had started subtly shifting into a lighter mood. A few more curious heads had peeked in through the door, before deciding to come in.

We can do much better then that.

Willow let loose a wide grin, “A poem,” she said over the rising din of the room. Her tune changed as she sang out in a loud voice,
~Take up the sheets me hearties,
Water the decks with brine,
Bend to the oars, you lousy whores,
None is bigger than mine.

Three old whores in Iv’ry Ports
Were drinking a sherry wine,
Says one of them to the other two,
"Yours is smaller than mine."

Take up the sheets me hearties,
Water the decks with brine,
Bend to the oars, you lousy whores,
None is bigger than mine.

"You're a liar," says the other old whore
"Mine's as big as the moon,
The battleships sail In and out,
And never a bother to me"

Take up the sheets me hearties,
Water the decks with brine,
Bend to the oars, you lousy whores,
None is bigger than mine. ~

By this time, the tavern was starting to have a small uproar of laughter. Many of the patrons had joined in on the chorus, and several of the maids that were wandering about had been grabbed by some of the drunken men. Their faces were red, and Willow knew that they hadn’t been expecting to work this early in the day.

~"You're a liar," says the other old whore,
"Mine's as big as the moon,
The ships sail in on the first of the year,
And never come out until June."

Take up the sheets me hearties,
Water the decks with brine,
Bend to the oars, you lousy whores,
None is bigger than mine.

"You're a liar," says the other old whore,
"Mine's as big as the air,
the ships sail out and the ships sail in,
And never tickle a hair"

Take up the sheets me hearties,
Water the decks with brine,
Bend to the oars, you lousy whores,
None is bigger than mine.

"You're a liar," says the first again,
I'd blush to be so small,
Many's the fleet they sailed right in,
And never come out at all."

Take up the sheets me hearties,
Water the decks with brine,
Bend to the oars, you lousy whores,
None is bigger than mine.~

Loud wooden pounds echoed around the room as the men slapped the tables and roared approval. Bleary eyed maids and their escorts that had slept in had started making their way down the stairs to see what all the noise was about. Willow dove headlong into another upbeat jig. She alternated those with bawdy songs like Blow the Man Down and Watkin’s Ale. By the time the bard jumped down from the table, the tavern had four times the customers then when she had started playing, and all were drinking, laughing, and throwing calls at her to go on.


Posted on 2011-09-14 at 18:52:07.
Edited on 2011-09-14 at 18:57:15 by Celeste

Topic: Smuggler's Moon Q&A
Subject: just a thought...

And please please ~ if you guys have collaborative dialogue, I wouldn't mind seeing both sides of the players. It helps to develop your characters (e.g. what he/she is thinking when the person they are talking to grins widely), and I'd love to see the inner workers of my fellow crew mates!

Plus, for me personally, I don't mind reading the same dialogue if I get to see several points of view!

Posted on 2011-09-14 at 18:28:04.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: Full burn, White Knight...

~Ten four, Back door
Put the pedal to the metal
Whatcha waiting for
If that old white can't stay in sight
Gonna leave you here and say no more
How 'bout it~

Cledus Maggard Goodness Here!

Posted on 2011-09-14 at 02:55:26.

Topic: Totally Random Thoughts
Subject: mmmmmmm barbeque


bbq on the hoof.

Posted on 2011-09-14 at 02:16:44.

Topic: Totally Random Thoughts
Subject: Grugg?

...bees? On fire?

Posted on 2011-09-14 at 01:22:13.

Topic: Smuggler's Moon Q&A
Subject: ^_^

T_O! Nice update! I had a rather good chuckle over 'jus' huggin' me bed g'bye'.

Posted on 2011-09-14 at 00:46:04.

Topic: Absent Wolf
Subject: !

Hooray! Here's to a job, and even if it's creeping, it's still forward!

Posted on 2011-09-13 at 13:36:25.

Topic: crazy story
Subject: A short one...

Mind? I lost my mind once! Men in coats came and got me. They reminded me of a coat my grandma has. She always told you to mind your manners. Mind? I lost my mind once! Men in coats came and got me. They reminded me of a coat my grandma has. She always told you to mind your manners.

Posted on 2011-09-12 at 23:33:39.

Topic: Smuggler's Moon Q&A
Subject: yay!

Hooray! Nice third post, Lady D! Adorkable

Posted on 2011-09-12 at 23:18:37.
Edited on 2011-09-12 at 23:20:17 by Celeste

Topic: Smuggler's Moon Q&A
Subject: oh yeeeaaaahhh

mad word love for the win.

Posted on 2011-09-12 at 15:13:58.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Have no fear!

Thankfully with Melf's Acid Arrow, there is no backsplash! Although that would be good for taking down other buggies, it wouldn't be good for acid-sensitive samurais

Posted on 2011-09-12 at 15:13:12.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: eh?


I guess I should make an amendment to my previous statement. Since I know there are plenty of bugs to go around, whatever I listed that Kenji is not attacking; since I have a thing for flanking critters.

Posted on 2011-09-12 at 14:48:01.
Edited on 2011-09-12 at 15:00:09 by Celeste

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Acid Blasting

I will be focusing my attack on the right hand flankers (order will be: Flyer 10, Ground 20, Ground 18, Ground 19, Flyer 9; unless they get really mixed around in the next post)

Thank goodness for 13 rounds of 2d4 acid damage! Huzzah!

Posted on 2011-09-12 at 13:44:46.

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: Sirene ~ Thank God for Melf!

The fire created a disturbance in the air, causing her hair to jettison around her face. Sirene smiled as she watched bug after bug throw themselves into the wall and vaporize. That is, until some of the bigger ones got through.

Cor called out above the din of dying roaches and roaring flames,” Well done, well done in deed. Ring the casters to keep them safe so they can continue to attack the flyers. The walkers are ours."

“"Kith Hora preserve us all," muttered Rayne. Sirene looked to her right to see the elven Ranger close her eyes in prayer. She chanced a look over at Halia, who had a look of immense concentration while she maneuvered out of the way.

Gritting her teeth, Sirene offered up a prayer to the Great Goddess as she prepared herself for Melf’s Acid Arrows. She quickly decided that it would be best to hit multiple targets for the lasting damage. She turned again towards Rayne and began working on the flanking enemies.

Posted on 2011-09-12 at 13:41:23.

Topic: Smuggler's Moon Q&A
Subject: Don't worry!

No worries, T_O. Like Eol said, we're all kinda easing into this. RL always always comes first. Can't wait for Khash to make an appearance when he does!

Posted on 2011-09-12 at 02:52:59.

Topic: The Return of the Original Palassassin

Hooray! Welcome back to the fold!

I completely agree, Vanadia. I'm thinking I might just have to... APPLAUD YOU!

Posted on 2011-09-11 at 23:10:44.

Topic: Webcomics
Subject: Every day...

Nice thread, Al! I , too, am a big fan of web comics, and aside from LD and RPG MB (and apparently, LICD), here’s a couple of my favorites ^_^

Our Valued Customers is a single paned comic depicting real things said in the artist’s comic book store. Worth a gander for everyone here even if you don’t read comic books.

Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire Going on 9 years on a daily basis, this comic is filled with intricate plots, unique characters, and every villain that comes up is exceptional, well thought out, and with his/her own motivations and desires. (Oh, and did I mention the artist loves puns and alliterations? ^_^ )

Order of the Stick D&D clichés and other goodies, with a party of stick people!

Savage Chickens cartoons on sticky notes for the win.

XKCD “ a comic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language”

I’ve got several more that I peruse on a regular basis, but those five have got to be my favorites! Can’t wait to see what everyone else reads!

Posted on 2011-09-11 at 14:22:50.

Topic: Smuggler's Moon Q&A
Subject: !


Thanks Meri, although it wasn't my intention! I'm just terribly detail oriented in my gaming style ~ I'm lucky enough to have awesome RPers to game with here at the Inn, and with the D&D game I DM at home, I've got awesome players who enjoy details [see: maps, layouts, histories, complete shop inventories w/ unique shopkeepers, etc.]

Posted on 2011-09-09 at 02:00:30.
Edited on 2011-09-09 at 02:44:15 by Celeste

Topic: Smuggler's Moon Q&A
Subject: Aww crud, she's being all technical and whatnot

It occurs to me that my fellow players may not know what a Sea Shanty singer is. Shanties were used aboard ships as a way to synchronize the sailors while they worked at repetitive tasks (such as raising a sail). Several of these were in call and answer format, with the Shantyman calling and the sailors answering in sync with an action. For example:
Paddy Doyle
Lyrics from Iron Men & Wooden Ships, by Frank Shay

To my, [Shanty Singer]
Ay, [response with a yank on a rope]
And we'll furl, [Shanty Singer]
Ay, [response with a yank on a rope]
And pay Paddy Doyle for his boots. [this is a moment to catch one’s breath, usually sung just by the shantyman]

We'll sing, [Shanty Singer]
Ay, [response with a yank on a rope]
And we'll heave, [Shanty Singer]
Ay, [response with a yank on a rope]
And we'll hang Paddy Doyle for his boots. [this is a moment to catch one’s breath, usually sung just by the shantyman]

We'll heave,
With a swing,
And we'll all drink brandy and gin.

A full description of all the different types of shanties can be found here at ISSA: International Shanty and Seasong Association.

So, what I’m getting at is that in some of my posts, I may end up using an honest to goodness shanty and post the crew as a whole in a call and response. Feel free to use what I’m posting in your posts, or choose not to.

In addition, I’ll be posting up song credits under Willow’s crew bio. If I can find it, I’ll also include a link to online music/youtube/whatever of that particular song so you guys can get a better idea as to how it sounds. [Hooray! Soundtrack to our life!]. I will also include songs that Willow sings that were collaborated posts with other players. Some of these songs aren’t actually songs at all, but merely poetry; I’ll be posting up site credits for these as well!

Let me know if you want to collaborate anything involving the Bard ~ I welcome it! I’ll be sending you each a request in the course of the game, but feel free to ‘jump the gun’ and send me one first.

Posted on 2011-09-08 at 23:16:27.

Topic: Smuggler's Moon Q&A
Subject: NPC goodness

Thanks for the kind words! Megs was way more fun then she should have been to think up ~ I had pages and pages of interaction between the two of them that I ended up not having in the post due to the fact that I think it would have been over kill.

PS ~ don't be too worried by the edit time on my post. I'm looking at it with fresh eyes, and seeing grammar mistakes.

Posted on 2011-09-08 at 18:23:09.
Edited on 2011-09-08 at 18:27:36 by Celeste

Topic: Tales from the Smuggler's Moon
Subject: Saercyn Willow ~ Intro, or, We're always happy when we're shopping!

Smuggler’s Moon, morning of the 19th of Chad, 2005

“Well, if I’m going into Freeport, I reckon I better find some boots for these beauties. Let me know if you can think of anything else. And don’t fret about it; it’ll all work out in the wash.” Willow turned and wove her way around the deck towards the crew quarters below. The eyes of their new passenger were burning into her back.

Easy now, there is that presumptuousness again.

Willow reappeared from below deck in one of her bard outfits. Her frame supported a scarlet cropped choli that had crisscrossing straps down her torso, and black leggings with slashes that showed white fabric on one side and purple on the other. These were stuffed into tooled turn top boots, and she finished the whole outfit off with a black bolero jacket. Dark eye pencils had been applied to her eyes, causing them to stand out against the bard’s sea-tanned face. Her violin was securely strapped in a case on her back, and at her hip she wore a rapier. Cat calls rippled around the deck since most of the crew were accustomed to seeing her in practical garb.


“Dear Gods, my eyes! Not sure you could get any louder!”

“Don’t threaten me, Chez,” Willow replied, making a rude gesture at one of the deck hands, “I could be wearing a hat.”

“Watch it, Will! Don’t yer go settin’ t’deck on fire!”

“There she goes! Lookin’ for work, Will? “

“Just a meal that doesn’t involve seafood,” she called back.

Jericho’s large frame stepped in front of her midway across the main deck, and she stopped to look up at him. He was much too close. She could feel the heat from his body, and smell his perspiration mixed with a light lingering twinge of spiced rum. Her breath caught in her throat.

His large hand reached out and enclosed hers, "Ef yer goin', Will," he said, pressing a few coins into her palm, "see to it tha' our guest's got somethin' appr'priate tae wear, aye?"

She looked down at the coins in her hand and sighed, "Come on now, Jericho, you know full well I was going to see Megs. There's not much need for this; it all works out in the wash. Besides," Willow looked back up at him and grinned, "I know where to go for... repayment if I need it."

Jericho’s beard parted in a sly smile, and his fingers swept away from the half elf’s hand, leaving the stack of coins in its wake "Aye, lass," he grinned, "tha' ye do... Ye hang on tae tha' regardless... Could do a bit tae buyin' a snip here an' a loose tongue there, aye?"

The coins jingled softly as she weighed them in her hand, considering. Her eyes were unfocused as she looked towards Freeport. Inns and taverns flickered in front of her field of vision, superimposed over the other ships and crews docked.

"Aye," she replied somewhat distantly, "meet back at the Hook around lunchtime? I'll make sure that there's adequate noise for a private conversation." Will's eyes snapped back onto Jericho's, "Unless, of course, a different time would be better."

"Th' Hook it is, Will," he said, nodding with a hint of a smile in his eyes, “Lunchtime should do... I dinnae think Khash an' me'll be havin' much trouble outta Rheobryn."

He reached out a hand and pushed a lock of her sandy hair behind one delicately pointed ear. Her skin tingled along the trail of his fingers. "See to it they've a good bottle onhand a' th' Hook, aye," he winked again, and settled his hand on the hilt of his blade, "Mind yerself on them streets, Saercyn Willow. Th' Moon wouldnae sail's smooth wi'out ye."

"Don't worry, Jericho," she said as she patted the hilt of her own sword, "I won't be dancing at any balls without you." With the air full of unfinished innuendos, Willow turned to disembark the ship.

Walking into Freeport was like walking into the armpit of humanity. The early morning air did nothing to lighten the smell. The aroma of excrement, sweat, and seaweed permeated the atmosphere, seeping into every building and alleyway. Some tried to deaden the smell with perfumes, but far from masking the odor, amplified the sickeningly sweet stench. Saercyn knew that it all stemmed from the number of people crammed in here at the docks, and unlike the locals, she never had been able to get used to it. Pleased that she tucked her coin purse inside the jacket instead of on her belt, Willow made her way into the throng.

Horsehair, journal, bottle of good rum, and a visit to Meg’s she listed mentally as she brushed past early morning hawkers. Most stalls on the docks had already been stocked, complete with bleary eyed merchants and brisk looking housewives. First things first. The Rusty Hook.

The Rusty Hook was situated just far enough away from the Docks for lonely sailors and drunks not to be spotted right off the bow of their own ship, but still within stumbling distance. The doors were unlocked, even at this hour, and Willow pushed them open and entered. The bar looked like it was in a state of ill repair. At least, what was visible looked like it was in ill repair; the rest was covered in the aftermath of what appeared to have been a bar brawl. Chairs and tables were knocked over and broken, bottles littered the floor, and unidentifiable substances were left in what might have appeared to be discreet corners.

Only one person seemed to be awake in the establishment. A young woman with long red hair was standing in the middle of the mess. It was apparent that she was a maid there, and she squinted at Willow, who was framed in a fiery light halo in the door.

"Looks like a helluva party.”Willow stated, walking in and letting the door swing shut. The sudden shock of sunlight vanished at once, “ Hope that it didn't get the best of you. The boss around?"

She chucked in response, "Had to guess, I'd say still up in bed with whoever. Drusilla or Druma or whatshername,” the woman looked thoughtfully at Willow again, "You lookin for work then? I bet our drunks might like a bit o song with their wenching,”

"Wenching?" she laughed, "Not for me. Never did much of that, but I like the atmosphere here at the Hook from time to time. I'm not in port for long, I was hoping for trading a little bit o' music for some lunch here in a couple of hours. It’s been so long since I've tasted chicken," she smiled hopefully, "and maybe a potato? Rose here," she shrugged the case on her back, "has a tendency to bring in a few more patrons then what's of normal fare, I thought the master of the house might like a little bit more business during daylight hours."

The woman’s smile widened as she spoke, and she threw Willow a knowing wink, "Like any smart man would turn that down. More coin for him for what, a single meal? Go on, I'll say yes though it's not my place. But taking the rap for this beats walking in on him with his women."

She paused for the space of a breath, then her eyes lit up, "Do you have your own ship? I mean, just making conversation here..."

Will looked intently into the young girl's eyes, then smiled softly. It wasn’t the first time she had heard these words, nor did she doubt it would be the last. The half elf was pretty confident that the girl already knew the answer to that question.

"A ship of my own? Not hardly, I merely sing for one's crew." Her eyes swept the room, and settled in one of the corners before looking back, "Though, knowing the captain, he may make his way in here after a while. Not to say that he would be here for the entertainment, but you never know."

The bard walked over to the counter nearest the young red head, and dropped two skulls on the counter, "Although we might be out looking for a thing or two t' do, if you have heard of any errands a free ship might run. You know, just making conversation," she finished, echoing Lyri's own words with another wink.

The light in the maid’s eyes reappeared, and a smile crept onto her face, "Aye, I might know a bit of something about that. I'm Lyri. Lyriandel, actually, but..." she chuckeld, and gestured towards the door that was undoubtedly the kitchen, “You find you've sorted your affairs early, come on back. I'll make sure you've a good meal, and I'll only ask a hundred questions, stead of thousands. Deal?"

“I always try to sort my affairs early, if I can. Sounds like you have a deal, Lyri.” She clapped Lyri on the shoulder before saying, "Speaking of early, I hate to cut your questions short, but I've got some errands to run. I'll be back in a few hours - if your master is up and about I'll be sure to talk to him so you don't get your rear burned."

The half elf turned to leave, and looked back, "I'm Willow, by the way."

Eastern District, mid-morning of the 19th of Chad, 2005

The morning sun was still harshly spotlighting the front door as Willow exited The Rusty Hook. She paused momentarily to give a weedy looking boy a few pennies for the current issue of The Shipping News, and tucked it up under her arm as she sought out the main route to the Eastern District. The street ended up taking her along the walls of Old Town, which enabled her to avoid the majority of the twisting and turning alleyways. The music store, Darbonne’s, was mercifully open at this hour, though not without the grumpy luthier. He eyed Willow suspiciously, and made quite a ruckus when she asked for “three times the amount of horsehair for any reasonable person.”

By the time she left, she was certain that he had overcharged her considerably, but there was nothing to be done for it. He was the only working musical shop outside the Merchant District, and she knew for a fact that they would have charged ten times as much as the old luthier did. Fortune again was on her side as he had a number of journals, long and designed for music, along with a selection of charcoal writing sticks. She purchased the thicker journal, and left him three sticks shorter.

The bard popped into Alice’s House to see if she could purchase a bottle of liquor. The smiling barmaid told her that she had just the thing, and left her standing at the counter while she went down to the cellar. A few other patrons sat around the tables making small talk. The booths were designed for privacy, but she still caught snippets of the closest table.

“… but Count…”

“Don’t speak my name.”

“My apologizes,” the first voice was saying, “but I don’t believe you fully understand the amount of the reward…”

“Here you are!” the barmaid said, setting a wrapped bottle on the counter, “It’s one of my favorites, the rum was fermented with strawberries.”

“Awww, you knew just what I wanted,” Will replied and set an extra two skulls where the bottle had been. The pretty barmaid flashed her a greedy smile as the extra coins disappeared into a pocket. As the half elf exited the bar, she heard the first voice say, “…with long blonde hair, and she’s got this tattoo of a serpent…”

Resisting the urge to make an excuse and stay inside Alice’s, Saercyn Willow marched straight out the door and into the street. She paused at the side of the building to take a few breaths. If you go looking for trouble, Will, you’re gonna find it. And you’re not here to look for trouble, are you? Jericho’s words came back to her as her eye lingered on the bar’s door.

"Mind yerself on them streets, Saercyn Willow. Th' Moon wouldnae sail's smooth wi'out ye."

“You’re right again, Captain,” she murmured. Best get on with it. Will looked again at the large wooden door before turning south. Meg’s place was on the edge of the Eastern District. The wooden sign bearing the words Banderwood’s Tailoring and Sundries looked in desperate need of a new paint job. A small bell tinkled as the bard pushed open the door.

A stocky looking halfing looked up over a pair of reading glasses. Her shirtsleeves were rolled up past her elbows, revealing an array of maritime tattoos, and her dark brown hair was set in two plaits on either side of her head. She set down her glasses and a skirt she had been embroidering and stood.

“Well well, look what the tide left at the door,” a toothy grin broke across her face, “How the hell are ya?”

Willow deposited her bundles and paper on the nearest counter and took three swift strides towards the halfing. She clasped arms with her and drew her into a hug.

“Doing well, Megs,” they released the embrace, “I’m in port for a little while, so I thought I’d stop by and say hello.”

“That so?” Megs took a step back and slowly looked her up and down, “You’re awfully dressed up for just being out and about.”

“Well, you know how it is. Coming to Freeport allows me to… express myself a little bit better than being on a ship does.”

“I’d be careful if I were you.” The halfling crossed to the front door, locked it and flipped the sign to closed, “A few lonely sailors might try to back you down one of the darker alleys.”

A dagger flashed out from up one of Willow’s jacket sleeves. She flicked it around in her hands and looked sideways at Megs, “If one did, then he’d find my boot up his arse so far he’d be spittin’ polish for a week.” They shared a laugh, and Will threw her jacket and dagger onto the counter. Megs sat back down in her chair and propped her feet up on a little cushioned stool that stood next to it.

“So, tell me the real reason you’ve come by.”

Saercyn leaned against the counter and attempted to arrange her face in a disarming expression, “What? I’m not allowed to drop by on one of my friends?”

“Saercyn, you know damn well if you just stopped to talk, you would have done so before or after business hours.”

The bard threw her arms open wide, “You caught me. I need some clothes, and a few other items.”

“Special order?”

“Nope. They need to leave with me.”

Megs stood up and started going through one of her garment racks, “Well, I don’t have many things in your colors. What are you looking for?”

Oh Gods, here it comes. Willow cleared her throat slightly, “A dress.”

The rustling sound that Megs was making stopped. She slowly turned on the spot to look at the half elf, “A…dress?”

“Yeah, a dress. In blue or maybe brown if you’ve got it.”

The halfling still didn’t move. Her hands were motionlessly still holding onto a pair of pants in one hand, “I’ve never known you to put on so much as a skirt, let alone a dress”

Willow turned her back on her friend and began looking through her small selection of make-up, “Maybe I’m trying out a new look. Life is short, life onboard a ship even shorter, all that noise.”

The soft rustling of clothes began again, “So, is this a new look for your captain.”

Her hand paused before she selected a couple of eye pencils, “I don’t know what you mean.”

“Don’t try and cop out, Will,” She set a couple of dresses on the counter, “You may be good at seeing the truth of things, but you’re terrible at hiding your feelings. At least around me.”

“Yeah, well, you’re just a little freak like that,” she said, attempting to sound jovial, “I seem to do just fine around other people,” Willow placed a half a dozen bars of soap on the counter. Megs was staring at her, “And in response to your question, no it’s not. Mind if I wash up? I wouldn’t mind using something other than seawater.”

She grabbed one of the bars of soap and they went into the back. Megs had a copper teakettle on for tea, and she up ended it into a wooden washbasin. She mixed it with some water from a bucket next to the door, and sat down on the other side of the wall.

“So how are things on that front for you?” Willow asked as she began to undress.

“Practically non-existent. It’s hard enough finding another interesting woman, let alone one of the same race.”

“I’m sorry, lovely.”

Megs tapped her boots together as she leaned her head against the wall, “ ‘s ok. I’m pretty used to it.”

The water felt wonderful. Freshwater never left that hard residue that seawater did, and Willow relished in the extra clean feeling it was giving her. The soap she was using was a new recipe that Megs had concocted; some type of vanilla and spice mixture. It reminded her of baking cookies.

“Why don’t you jump onto a ship again, Megs? A little excitement might do you good.”

The halfing’s chuckle echoed around the door, “Why, are you offering? I’m sure the captain wouldn’t mind the two of us bunking up together.”

“What happened to the whole member of the wrong race?”

“Touché ,” Megs laughed, “A girl has to try.”

The two friends continued to chat after Will’s bath was finished. The bard subjected herself to trying on a few dresses, and picking out a couple that seemed both practical and had some semblance of style. Megs delighted in having her parade around in more feminine clothes, and she packaged two dresses along with a set of leggings, tunic, and some small clothes. Eye pencils, lavender and vanilla soap, hairbrush, and a new oiled cloak all went into a bundle as well. Megs had an old pair of boots that were a little big on Willow, but they went into the pile all the same with a few pairs of thick socks. All in all, the halfing didn’t question the items that she was picking out.

That is, right up until, “Megs, could you put me together a small embroidery kit.”

“What the hell for?”

Willow fidgeted. She knew how long the hours aboard a ship could be between action, and she was fairly certain that Davi could only stand so much of bones between drunken crewmates. The journal would provide for some of that distraction, but it seemed to lack a certain element. There was something to be said about personal creation, and although Willow had no talent for needlepoint, she knew the value of it in others for self expression, meditation, even an excuse for solitude.


“For embroidery.”


The halfing stared at her again. Willow tried not to let her face betray what she was thinking. Dammit, Megs! Don’t do this.

Megs’ voice sounded flat, “Along with a new wardrobe.”


The halfing nudged the old pair of boots, “And shoes a few sizes too big, and twice as scuffy as yer own.”


“And twice as much soap as normal.”

Yes, Megs.” Willow sighed. The halfling raised her eyebrows, but said nothing else. Willow didn’t dare ask to have the sundries separated out; she didn’t think Megs could hold her questions if she had. She put together the embroidery kit, wrapped it up, and put it on top of the rest of her packages. The halfing began counting on her fingers and muttering to herself.

“I figure all of that will be four lords and six skulls.”

“Four lords and six skulls?!?” Willow exclaimed in mock outrage.

Megs turned a delicate shade of crimson, “Don’t you dare, Saercyn Willow! You know that’s on the good friend discount!”

Will laughed in reply, “I know, I’m just trying to get a rise out of ya. You look cute when you’re angry. That’s a helluvalot better than I expected. Thanks a million, Megs.”

“You planning on coming by for a drink later?”

Willow’s heart dropped just a little. As much as she had shielded it due to the nature of her work, it still hurt to barge in on her friends, use their generosity, then leave again. She began loading up her packages, “Not this time, Megs. We aren’t landed for long. I need to get down to the Rusty Hook to finish an arrangement, and then I think we’re on our way. Though you’re always welcome to join me down there for lunch ~ I’m sure they’d comp us both for my songs and their extra patrons.”

“Thanks, but I don’t think so,” Megs replied. She moved to the door and unlocked it, “I’ve been closed up long enough today. Besides, scurvy, forlorn men aren’t really my type. You got everything okay?”

“I’ll manage. I’ll see you next time, Megs.”

“Fair winds, Saercyn Willow,” the halfling said, holding open the door. The bell tinkled sadly overhead.

“And for you, Meghan Banderwood,” the bard replied.

Freeport Docks, just past High Noon, 19th of Chad, 2005

Willow stuck to the main road back towards the docks. If she didn’t hurry, she knew she’s miss her opportunity. There was no chance that she’d bring all of these packages into the Rusty Hook, and it took all of her concentration not to bump into the mob of people milling about the docking area. She grunted off the questions from her fellow crew as she dashed down to the crew quarters. The packages got stuffed unceremoniously in her trunk, and she grabbed the bottle of rum before securing the lock and bombing back up on deck and off of The Smuggler’s Moon.

Ducking and weaving through the throng of people, Will made her way back to The Hook with only a few curses from others who got their toes stepped on. She paused outside the swinging doors to catch her breath, and compose herself. This type of establishment required a certain state of mind, and she wanted to make sure that she wasn’t caught off guard. Laughter sounded from inside the bar. Will quickly made sure her hair wasn’t too windswept, and entered The Rusty Hook.

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Topic: The Search for Tomorrow
Subject: Kaimelle ~ Alright already, let's go.

The lock clicked obediently for the right key, and the door swung inward. Kaimelle saw only captives. Captives, who in the same stroke of luck she had, had been locked up for who knows how long. The one who had been talking through the door was a half elf, and he immediately rushed to the Gano’s side. She cast her eyes upon the other haunted faces in the cell.

Are the bad men gone...?”

“Is it safe to leave?”

Murmurs ran around the room until they were suddenly hushed as though smothered by a blanket. The Mith’ganni’s gaze landed upon a girl no older than six or seven. Waves of calm rushed out of her body, and it was obvious that the Twilight Elf was not the only one affected.

"I am Kresimir, and I owe you my life. On the honor of my ancestry I will repay that debt." Kaimelle turned around to see the Gano standing up and speaking. So its Kresimir, then.

“Kresimir,” she said, looking up into the Gano’s face, “I am glad you’re alright, but we need to move,” she looked around at the rest of the group, “Now.”

…before it’s too late. Before we get rushed, she thought, finishing her statement in her mind. There was no need to get the rest of the freed prisoners in a fuss.

“I believe it will be better to retrace the rescuer’s steps. I’m not sure what lies further on, and I am in no hurry to find out. I am ready to breathe fresh air.”

Posted on 2011-09-07 at 22:43:26.

Topic: The Search for Tomorrow Q/A
Subject: errr...

I.... sorry for not posting. I claim tooth extraction and pain killer haze. Let's see if I can't get this party moving.

edit:Okay... mini post ~ sorry for the lack of content, but it appears that our path is clear. At least for me, anyway.

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Topic: Good morning Red Dragon Inn! Or is it Evening? I am never really sure!
Subject: Gamer in the kitchen!

I actually started that thread in the Common Room here some time ago ~ I'm thinking I could change the title, or we can just start a new one in the posting games section.

Posted on 2011-09-07 at 18:46:15.

Topic: Good morning Red Dragon Inn! Or is it Evening? I am never really sure!
Subject: *drools*

Homemade applesauce?

You're such a tease, Meri.

Posted on 2011-09-07 at 15:53:18.


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