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Topic: Crew of the Dawn Falcon
Subject: Mama Bear

In her own opinion, there ain’t much to say about Maggie Flynn. Born and raised in the slums, Maggie took to charity at a young age. Not getting charity, mind, giving it. Her husband, rest his soul, found it to be a bit mollycoddling, but that part’s soon forgotten once you find yourself on the wrong side of her tongue. Which may be quite often, depending on the nature of things.

After her husband passed, some ten years ago from the cough, Maggie decided to take on the task of helping sandship crews. By her estimation, ‘those harebrained, high in the sky, mad inventors and batty explorers never look after themselves while they work themselves into the sand’. The last sand ship she was on, The Golden Rise, finally went under after a long string of bad luck and unsuccessful ventures. The word is, when Maggie caught wind of The Dawn Falcon, and the unusually young man that captained her, she marched straight onto that ship and demanded a place aboard it. Whether or not it’s true has neither been confirmed (or denied) by her, but given her nature, it isn’t that much of a stretch.

Maggie always seems to be fussing over something, whether it’s the latest batch of gravy, or the state of Ardis’ clothes. There are rare moments when she finally shuts her yap, heads up to the main deck, and stares out of the windows of the sand ship to enjoy the beauty of the desert. More often than not, she’s busy in the galley, expertly wielding cleavers to dispatch the latest dead critter brought to her, or preparing to take a meal to whomever may have unwittingly skipped it.

Description: Maggie towers around six foot four, and has the vivacious curves and frame to match such a lofty height. Her long, dark brown tresses are usually piled on top of her head, affixed in place with whatever straight kitchen implement happened to be handy at the time. She looks to be somewhere in her thirties, and Maggie gives a look of mock horror and changes the subject if anyone asks her exact age. Her dark blue eyes have the amazing ability to steal away words at a mere glance, but light up and dance when she’s giving someone a dose of friendly grief. Freckles dot her face and arms, and Maggie’s nose crinkles and wiggles when she smiles.

Her attire consists of white button up blouses, high-waisted brown skirts that are slightly ruffled at the bottom, and an assortment of scarves that occasionally adorn her neck. Maggie’s kitchen apron is nothing to be sniffed at; it’s made of a heavy denim-like tan material, attached with crisscrossing straps that hook like overalls, adorned with a number of pockets, and extends nearly length of her skirts. She also carries a stout wooden spoon that is used for a variety of activities not related to cooking.

Posted on 2012-05-02 at 03:13:17.
Edited on 2012-05-02 at 03:52:23 by Celeste

Topic: Dawn Falcon Q&A
Subject: oh yeah!

Now that I've been fed, and have BtF all drawn up, looks like I can finish that character! Hooray!

And sure thing! If you want someone to draw up Maggie, I'd love it!

Posted on 2012-05-02 at 01:29:10.
Edited on 2012-05-02 at 01:52:34 by Celeste

Topic: Without You
Subject: Holy Hannah Bannana!

That was amazing!

Kudos to Kriea for her words!

Kudos to Princess for the music and singing!

You guys are awesome! Hooray!

Posted on 2012-05-01 at 13:07:58.

Topic: Shadow Cathedral Q/A
Subject: also

I'm also not entirely keen on staying in the creepy village either. ^_^

Posted on 2012-05-01 at 12:42:04.

Topic: Shadow Cathedral Q/A
Subject: *smiles*

Ahah! This may be a "don't split the party!" moment then! My apologizes for the slight misunderstanding!

Posted on 2012-05-01 at 11:24:13.

Topic: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Subject: can't get enough!

I'm even perfectly happy when I'm watching it being played!

Posted on 2012-05-01 at 03:24:19.

Topic: Last one to post wins - Part II
Subject: Poi?

A fish hat ftw?

Posted on 2012-05-01 at 03:22:06.

Topic: Totally Random Thoughts
Subject: that's right!

Me too!

Posted on 2012-05-01 at 03:21:30.

Topic: Shadow Cathedral Q/A
Subject: erm

You should totally look up the Leomund's Hut spell.

Posted on 2012-05-01 at 02:37:33.

Topic: Last one to post wins - Part II
Subject: *ka-huggles!*

They are!

*more ka-huggles!*

Posted on 2012-05-01 at 02:30:58.

Topic: Totally Random Thoughts
Subject: Fire Spinner

I'd like to be one.

Posted on 2012-05-01 at 02:30:27.

Topic: Totally Random Thoughts
Subject: !

Die kuh sagt muh!

Posted on 2012-05-01 at 02:11:05.

Topic: Dawn Falcon Seeking Crew! Steampunk Inspired Freeform
Subject: oh noes!

A he?!?

My humblest apologizes! I see the "a" at the end of your name, and automatically associate it with a female name!

I'm so sorry!

Here. I'll bake you a special cake when we get aboard the ship. Sans gravy.

Posted on 2012-04-30 at 14:17:33.

Topic: Dawn Falcon Seeking Crew! Steampunk Inspired Freeform
Subject: o.O

Convection ovens to the rescue!!!

Posted on 2012-04-30 at 13:40:26.

Topic: Dawn Falcon Seeking Crew! Steampunk Inspired Freeform
Subject: Eol!

I hope you like gravy! Because if not, I'm sending you to Kamina to see her new stomach pump!

Posted on 2012-04-30 at 13:20:43.

Topic: Dawn Falcon Seeking Crew! Steampunk Inspired Freeform
Subject: I'm not just anyone ~ I'm your cook!

I'm pretty sure I need the gravy sense.

Posted on 2012-04-30 at 02:46:34.

Topic: Dawn Falcon Seeking Crew! Steampunk Inspired Freeform
Subject: Hooray!

you're the best!

Posted on 2012-04-29 at 23:14:20.

Topic: Dawn Falcon Seeking Crew! Steampunk Inspired Freeform
Subject: yes

and whether or not a meal is too foul to be masked by the taste of gravy.

Posted on 2012-04-29 at 23:10:14.

Topic: Dawn Falcon Seeking Crew! Steampunk Inspired Freeform
Subject: question

Can I have gravy-sense?

Posted on 2012-04-29 at 23:03:28.

Topic: Smuggler's Moon Q&A
Subject: !

Roast? Why didn't ye say summit, girl? I'll be o'er in half a glass!

Posted on 2012-04-29 at 23:02:41.

Topic: Smuggler's Moon Q&A
Subject: That's right! Get on that! And make me a sammich!

I officially call a mini writing marathon for the rest of the evening.

Posted on 2012-04-29 at 22:51:43.

Topic: Smuggler's Moon Q&A
Subject: update

I added the Stone Brothers' bio to the Freeport character thread. I pretty much kept the bio that DB had worked up for Marlowe (with a couple of changes), plus the bio he wrote for both.

I know it seems a bit on the slim side, but I've left Baudoin's bio a bit barebones on purpose. If anyone thinks they can get over his creepiness to try and talk to him/figure him out/go on windy walks with him, I accept the challenge.

Posted on 2012-04-29 at 22:38:11.

Topic: Smuggler's Moon Cast and Crew
Subject: The Stone Brothers ~ The Doc and The Scientist

Marlowe Stone

Age: Late Twenties

Appearance: Winding his way from a jungle tribe somewhere in Southern Hexworth, Marlowe has inherited the unique appearance of his people. He is tall, muscular, black man. Dreadlocks threaded with ceramic beads hang about his shoulders freely, framing a face that is kind, insightful and introverted. His dark eyes seem to run deep down into the depths of a soul of both pain and benevolence. When his smile flashes across his face, it starts with brilliant gleam in the eyes and spreads to a face transformed by genuine joy. He is broad-shouldered and lean, scars and marks are mapped out over his muscular body.

Marlowe’s enormous hands, when clenched, seem like the ends of maces, knuckles spike out and speak of their many acquaintances with men's faces. But, when spread out, these fists became hands delicate and nimble with slender fingers. From afar Marlowe may appear as any other warrior who has tossed his brawn into battle and emerged with the physique and the marks to show it, but on closer inspection there is an intelligence and gentleness.

Distinguishing Marks: At the base of his neck there is a tattoo of a white skull with darts flashing out of it like the rays of the sun. Aside from this, he marks are only the natural scars of battle and life in the wilderness, some whisper secrets more intriguing but few other than Baudoin know their stories.

Attire: Marlow wears simple garb. Brown cotton slacks, cut off below the knee and rolled neatly up, a flaxen shirt is secured by a simple belt, and his shirt sleeves are rolled up past his elbows, usually so he can engage in the average dirty work of deck swab - despite being the ship's doctor when no one is facing ailment he heads out and helps wherever a hand is needed. His feet are often found in sandals with leather straps tightly secured around from the heel to the toe. In cold weather he can be seen with the same slacks that haven't been cut into shorts, tucked into tall leather boots and a formidable jacket made from some heavy fur of a wild cat Marlow cut down himself.

Around his forearms at all times are hard leather bracers that wrap up around his hand, allowing his fingers to poke out freely. They seem inconsequential, if odd, until witnessed in use. When Marlow presses the inside of his wrists together blades spring out from the bracers at the back of his hand, offering him punching daggers to fight with. For those who have seen them in use it is a brutal, dazzling spectacle. With devastating speed and force the steel flashes to all places at once parrying, jabbing, slashing and feinting, originally a simple bare-knuckle boxer; the addition of the daggers turned his already intimidating skill into a terrifying weapon.

Possessions: Marlowe's a simple man, he has some small books, a journal, his clothes and the daggers, aside from these possessions to his name he also has amassed a decent collection of medical supplies and utensils for the Moon over the time that he's sailed with them and now is very capable of dealing with most illnesses and injuries of any level of seriousness.

Baudoin Stone

Age: Late Twenties

Appearance: The two brothers look nearly identical. In fact, most of the crew assumes that the two brothers are twins, though neither have confirmed nor denied it. Baudoin, on the other hand, is completely blind. His dark irises and pupils are covered with a white, nearly opaque film. His hearing is excellent, and naturally trains his gaze towards any sounds that catches his attention. Baudoin keeps his head shaved bald, and does so with the assistance of a rather wicked looking curved knife.

Rather than having scaring from numerous fights, Baudoin has ritualistic tattoos covering his body. These designs crawl up his forearms, crisscross his large head, wrap around his neck, and extend down his body. For anyone bold enough to have asked, Baudoin claims there is meaning and power behind each one.

Baudoin’s voice is deep, and he speaks with deliberate slowness, almost as if he tastes every word that he speaks. He isn’t unkind, but his appearance does nothing to ease anyone’s countenance. The fact that the man hardly blinks may also heighten this feeling.

Attire: Baudoin dresses simply like his brother. The major difference is the large pouch of trinkets he carries, and a rather sinister looking necklace made out of bones from whose origin one can only guess.

Other: Marlowe’s brother has set up some small type of shrine in the corner of sickbay. A large trunk sits under the table, and most times it is obscured by a large black cloth hanging from the ceiling. Baudoin performs strange rituals here at odd times during the night (and occasionally during the day). The crew loathes the idea of walking in on one of these ceremonies, but most aren’t afraid enough to stop them from seeing Marlowe when they have need of being healed. Baudoin does menial tasks around the ship, and he walks with confidence of a man who can actually see her walls.

Bio of Both: What the crew knows of Marlowe and Baudoin, for they come hand in hand, is very little. It is known that the two men emerged from some tribe of unfamiliar accents and foreign rituals, buried somewhere in a small tropical domain in Hexworth. Marlowe clearly has a fine blend of tribal remedies and medical techniques that he's sorted out himself to most effectively treat people. In fact, often times people are left astounded at how rapidly he is capable of curing his patients. It is obvious he went to school somewhere, though he's never been clear even of that.

What is known is that one day Marlowe and Baudoin came to Jericho while the Moon was harbored in Freeport. They were hooded and anxious to escape the city out onto the high seas. Marlowe offered his skill as a medic, and Baudoin promised to work hard and stay out of the way. Whether this was enough for Jericho, or if he recognized a familiar desperation in the men’s eyes, only the Captain can tell.

Played by: Celeste

Posted on 2012-04-29 at 22:33:09.
Edited on 2012-04-30 at 00:44:32 by Celeste

Topic: Shadow Cathedral Q/A
Subject: Hey look!

I found time to post! Are we splitting the party and having a couple of the group go find us some rooms, or are we sticking together?

Posted on 2012-04-29 at 21:31:14.

Topic: The Shadow Cathedral
Subject: Anna ~ Keep Calm and Diplomacy On

It was strange; everything was different and similar in the same stroke. Maybe it was just exhaustion. Her dark eyes swept over the people wandering about the streets, and she made sure to keep her face passive under their severe gazes. None of the faces seemed unusual, but there was something was nagging her yet again. What is it?

As they rounded a street corner, the swinging sign in front of the Inn revealed what had been bothering her. Déjà vu.

“This...this cannot be!” Mylos muttered under his breath.

“Are we dreaming?” she wondered out loud. It certainly seemed like it to her. The way they had walked aimless in that forest for a day or two certainly reminded her of the days following a particularly rowdy night of carousing.

Ark suddenly gripped her hand as he exclaimed, "What to we do?"

The bard rounded on him, “Silence you fool. Keep cool all of you. We must pretend we have not seen this town before. We book rooms for the night, whilst I figure out when the event may occur. See the librarian? The horse carving was on the table, perhaps we can measure the time they will come by the stage he is through the carving.”

She dropped Ark’s hand and raised an eyebrow at him.

“Ho, friend,” Mylos called to the man as he moved away from the group, “A lovely day is it not? May I ask after your carving there? I am a keen collector of such pieces.”

Anna strode out behind Mylos. What I wouldn’t do for a mirror right about,she thought as she ran her fingers across her hair, easing the fly aways back towards her braid. She gave the sitting man a dazzling smile, and looked interestedly down at his wooden carving.

[OOC: I’d like an intelligence check from the man against Anna’s charisma (since she’s purposefully exuding it), and I’d also like to aid Mylos in his gather information check. If the man’s attitude is negative, I’d like to do a diplomacy check to influence him to be more amicable.]

Posted on 2012-04-29 at 21:13:48.


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