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Parent thread: Flesh & Blood - A CyberPunk Game
GM for this game: Bromern Sal
Players for this game: TannTalas, Keeper of Dragons, Nomad D2, Hammer, Mischief, Espatier, dragon-soul92, CameToPlay
    Messages in Flesh & Blood - A Night City Adventure
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Bromern Sal
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March 10th, Day 4 - Monday, Time is 05:45 PM PST - Mid-City, Freeway, South Night City Integrate.

Weather Conditions: High City (Very Windy, 25 mph winds from the West.) | Midcity (Windy, 13mph winds from the West, Rain Showers) | Undercity (Slight Wind, 5mph gusts from the West, Heavy Acid Rain Showers)

Air Quality Index: High City = 0 | Midcity = 55 (masks required) | Undercity = 85 (masks required)


“Let’s go! Let’s go!” the platinum blond calls urgently. She can already picture the videos of their carjacking hitting the Net and she doesn't like publicity. Now she has even more work ahead of her tracking down any instances of that film and deleting them. That’s work she doesn’t get paid for and not being paid really puts a damper on her mood.

(Drive Check: 15) Without commenting, Fixer throws the van into drive and spins the wheel, catching the curb on the passenger side as he maneuvers around stopped traffic. Riding rough along the raised shoulder, the techie barrels past the remainder of the stalled out vehicles before swerving to fully re-enter the lane. They’re on the go again, picking up speed, heading for the Desnai Park and the pick up, albeit in a soccer mom’s vehicle with sticky back seats.

Ghlahn wonders if the minivan is worth more or less than the abandoned van. Charlie will be pissed they lost the rental but maybe this vehicle would be a fair trade. "Fixer, try to keep this vehicle in one piece."

The techie doesn’t even bother responding to what he deems a stupid statement. The CEE-metal knows darn well that there was nothing he could have done to avoid the big pileup.  When everything around goes 'kablooey!' there isn't much you can do but try and minimize the damage. And the techie had actually done that reasonable well, in his opinion. Nobody got hurt in the carnage. And now they are continuing down the road in some poor soccer-mom's ride.  He doesn’t like driving a stolen car. It feels exposed. He focuses on getting them out of the area of the kidnapping/carjacking as quickly as he can and then does everything he can to blend into the traffic.

He heads towards the park being sure not to do anything that will draw attention to their vehicle.  Keeping his eyes on the road he speaks to the others in the vehicle, "I need to know where to go once we get there. Where can I find a place to park? Do I know where to find the others? I'd rather not leave this thing out in the open if possible, but I also want to know where to find it if we need to leave again in a hurry. That seems kinda likely, so help me out a bit." 

“I’ve got you covered, Choom” Blossom remarks, her adrenaline still rushing making her words sound a little more accented in her Asian heritage than normal. “Flipping the data your way… now.”

Sure enough, Fixer’s optics unobtrusively begin to display navigation. Overhead, Ghlahn and Fixer both catch sight of a Trauma Team AV-4 flying at breakneck speed towards where they left the rental. Someone in that area is a high dollar player. Destination in hand, Fixer speeds the crew towards the rendezvous. 


(OOC: March 10th, Day 4 - Monday, Time is 05:47 PM PST - Freeway, South Night City Integrate.)




March 10th, Day 4 - Monday, Time is 06:30 PM PST - High-City, Temecula Heights Corporate Compound, Street X00550:35.Y00110:89.Z98310:08, West Night City Integrate.

Weather Conditions: High City (Very Windy, 25 mph winds from the West.) | Midcity (Windy, 13mph winds from the West.) | Undercity (Slight Wind, 5mph gusts from the West.)

Air Quality Index: High City = 0 | Midcity = 35 | Undercity = 65 (masks required)


Before a couple of breaths have passed through his lips, the sitter drones are ushering the children inside. Silent but for the sounds of his footsteps, traffic somewhere in the distance, and birds chirping, the street has quickly become empty. Then his agent notifies him of a message from Charlie. 

<< Call me if possible, otherwise we are work on a solution. >>

Vegas continues his stroll, a bit relieved that the Sitter Drones have herded the children indoors, but not being so naïve to think that they have not alerted security.

A surge of memories suddenly intrude upon his reflective mood, from when the dapper solo was 18, held hostage by a crazy NeoCorp scientist and his team. It was a time of strange tests, torture and some heavy psychological play, but eventually Casino had sprung the young solo after 10 months of terror and torture that still left a bad taste in the mouth of Vegas for Mad Scientists.

The Frank Sinatra look-a-like’s morbid reverie was broken by the message from Charlie. Vegas is not inclined to allow the security of this compound to take him back into custody for another round of beatings and cruel torture without some resistance.

As nonchalantly as possible, the charismatic crooner continues his stroll, as he leisurely lifts his agent to dial up Charlie with the intention of apprising him of the present situation; while keeping as vigilant as possible, scouring the surrounding neighborhood for any sign of trouble, or a suitable place for refuge.


(OOC: March 10th, Day 4 - Monday, Time is 06:32 PM PST - High-City, Temecula Heights Corporate Compound, Street X00550:35.Y00110:89.Z98310:08, West Night City Integrate.)




March 10th, Day 4 - Monday, Time is 05:46 PM PST - High-City, Desnai Enclave Park, de Costa’s Conapt X00230:76.Y00100:03.Z97240:52, Central Night City Integrate.

Weather Conditions: High City (Very Windy, 25 mph winds from the West.) | Midcity (Windy, 13mph winds from the West.) | Undercity (Slight Wind, 5mph gusts from the West.)

Air Quality Index: High City = 0 | Midcity = 35 | Undercity = 65 (masks required)


Absently checking the medscanner readings, Guardian continues to ponder the noise.

  • Blood pressure: 119/90 mm Hg
  • Breathing: 20 breaths per minute
  • Pulse: 125 beats per minute
  • Temperature: 97.9°F / 36.5°C

Suddenly, Cipher gasps and sits bolt upright. She’s back from the Net. Her adrenaline is still pumping from the shot she’s received. If the transition from meatspace to cyberspace was like falling, then the reverse would be getting caught. All at once Cipher feels every sensation returning to her body, a tidal wave colliding with every nerve and sense reigniting. The nauseous feeling from the drop into cyberspace comes and goes quickly, as she feels keenly the crick in her neck and the pins and needles in her legs. She lunges forward, allowing her bag to topple onto the toilet lid as she grabs at her stomach and head, breathing intently.

Catching her breath, Cipher glances up at Guardian and gives him a thumb's up. "I got it," she pants, breathing evening out. "I've got a map of the place so we're not walking in blind." She cracks a smirk, "Told you I'm good."

Taken by surprise, Guardian starts. In an effort to cover up his embarrassing moment of jumpiness, he grins at her as she informs him of her success on the Net.

'Yeah, you are, girl,' he continues grinning. 'You had me worried for a bit there, though. This being the first mission of mine and all. Can't imagine what I'd do if I screwed it up and killed the Netrunner on my first watch.” He chuckles humorously, though a hint of worry darkens his voice. “Anyway, glad to see you back safe, Ciph. You okay to stand?”

He offers her his hand, a warm smile coloring his face, just as a notification pops up on his subview screen.

Message from Blossom: Be there in 30.


(OOC: March 10th, Day 4 - Monday, Time is 05:46 PM PST - High-City, Desnai Enclave Park, Entrance Public Restroom X00233:76.Y00095:03.Z97240:52, Central Night City Integrate.)




March 10th, Day 4 - Monday, Time is 06:30 PM PST - Mid-City, Edgerunner Enclave (China Town), Charlie’s Apartment X00050:2.Y00310:08.Z00410:15, South Night City Integrate.

Weather Conditions: High City (Very Windy, 25 mph winds from the West.) | Midcity (Windy, Rainy 13mph winds from the West.) | Undercity (Slight Wind, 5mph gusts from the West.)

Air Quality Index: High City = 0 | Midcity = 35 | Undercity = 65 (masks required)


Echo and Cred Stick Charlie are sitting in his truck on the rain-soaked street just outside of the complex housing the Great Roll Hibachi Kitchen. There’s still roughly two hours before his meeting with the Tong but it looks as though he’ll be busy enough despite the wait.

“OK, Charlie,” Echo begins boldly, “time to open up. If you're not sure what to expect I need to know everything. Who are we meeting and what things are out of hand. You're making it sound like this could turn hostile real quick.”

Pulling the truck over onto the side of the street and ignoring the red paint on the curb denoting a no parking zone, the nomad turns to the fixer.

“Ok last chance Charlie, tell me everything about this meeting, or you go alone, and I catch transit to the Temecula Heights compound and join up with Ghlahn.”

The fixer considers his companion’s ultimatum silently for a moment. There really isn’t any reason why he needs to keep the details of the meeting they are attending secret. He’s done so out of habit thus far. Taking his fedora from his head, he calmly brushes away clinging raindrops and says, “Fair enough. As I prefer to have you by my side… We are going to meet with the Tong. They run the biz in this area and I’m scratching at their door. It was unintentional at first but circumstances resulted in my biz crossing underneath their noses. They sniffed me out, ran the flag up the flag pole, and I heard from Starlight that I needed to fix the problem before I become too much of a problem. So, we’re fixing the problem.”

Pulling the truck back onto the street, Echo still feels concerned about what would happen at this meet. She feels much more relaxed knowing what she and Charlie face, but the Tong are no joke. Attempting to ease her mind, she decides to pursue a little biz of her own.

“Ok, Charlie,” She focuses on their path. “Gonna need some upgrades. First, I need a SmartPlate link for my pistol, second—due to my Nanotech—I ain’t got no smart link so I’m gonna need a pair of Midnight Arms Smart Gloves. I realize the time frame but the sooner you can get them, the better.”

Cred Stick Charlie stares down at the very subtle pattern in his hat, momentarily taken aback at the sudden shift in their conversation. “Sure,” he finally says, looking across to the pretty young lady out of the corner of his eye. “I can work on that. Obviously—”

<< Frosty is Melting >> Ping

<< Send Authorization >> Ping

The messages are from Vegas and the interpretation is fairly easy to make especially considering the solo’s location. Corporate compounds issue every resident and visitor—even pets, robo or real—identification numbers and chips. The more secure locations require chip implants but most of the lower rank and file operate using chipped identity cards. Security in those locations will also have access to facial recognition software and anyone who doesn’t register as a resident or an authorized visitor is considered hostile. Vegas is either directly in the mix with Temecula Heights security or he’s anticipating being so very soon. Responding as quickly as he can, the fixer sends the message, Call me if possible, otherwise we are working on a solution.

"Crud...Vegas might be in more hot water then we first thought," he states out loud for Echo’s benefit. “I was hoping to get a hold of Cipher and Guardian before anything kicked off but things are heating up for Vegas.”

There’s only one option that immediately comes to mind for the fixer; get one of the team’s netrunners to hack the Temecula Heights system and implant a visitor ID for Vegas. Of course, off-site as both are, he’s not sure of the possibility for success. There’s no other way for them to provide assistance though and he has yet to receive a progress report from the rest of the team.


(OOC: March 10th, Day 4 - Monday, Time is 06:32 PM PST - Mid-City, Edgerunner Enclave (China Town), Charlie’s Apartment X00050:2.Y00310:08.Z00410:15, South Night City Integrate.)




March 10th, Day 4 - Monday, Time is ~:~~ PM PST - High-City, Temecula Heights Corporate Compound, Street X00550:35.Y00110:89.Z98310:08, West Night City Integrate.

Weather Conditions: High City (Very Windy, 25 mph winds from the West.) | Midcity (Windy, 13mph winds from the West.) | Undercity (Slight Wind, 5mph gusts from the West.)

Air Quality Index: High City = 0 | Midcity = 35 | Undercity = 65 (masks required)


Together again. It’s as Fixer had thought… Charlie isn’t at all happy about the loss of the rental but true to the fixer’s word, he keeps his cool and doesn’t rip anyone’s head off or play the “I’m better than you” card. 

After they’d picked up Guardian and Cipher, Charlie had called and asked Blossom to dive into the Temecula Heights security net and produce visitor tags for the Crooner, and to do it fast. They were only a short distance from the corpo compound when the call came in so Blossom and Cipher teamed up, crashed through the defenses together, and somehow pulled off the false tags seconds before Vegas had to get them verified by a security patrol. The conversation between security and the Frank Sinatra look-alike wasn’t relayed to the others in detail but it was revealed to be harrowing. Vegas was particularly concerned that they would recognize him as the escapee, but it looks like he had been a private prisoner and the team he’d encountered wasn’t read in on his value. With the false tags and his explanation that he was a boxer in an MMA arena, he was left to wander. Blossom had fed him deets on the visitation and he was able to play off of those well enough that the sec-team bought it. 

The ride back to Charlie’s apartment had been a quiet one for the Temecula Heights squad. Vegas looked quite the mess and Guardian focused on seeing what he could do to clean the man up and tend to his wounds, the whole while muttering about the lack of professional care the solo had received to begin with, not knowing that the man’s caretaker is now dead. Despite a desire to hear the whole story of what went down and Blossom’s multiple questions, Vegas is keeping things under his fedora until everyone is back together. Apparently, he has something that they all might be interested in.

By the time the Temecula Heights team rolls their stolen van into the garage at the enclave Charlie has them set up in, Blossom has already filled the fixer in on their situation. Now, everyone is gathered back in the small apartment Charlie calls home. Some back and forth has apparently already taken place between Charlie and Vegas as well because once everyone has seated themselves, the fixer speaks up.

“I’m glad no one got dead or wounded these past few hours,” Luther slicks his hair back with his left hand and drops his hat on the counter. “I’m sure we’re all curious about Casino’s dinner date and then Vegas has an idea on how we can make our next payroll. Casino?”


(OOC: March 10th, Day 4 - Monday, Time is 11:48 PM PST - Mid-City, Edgerunner Enclave (China Town), Charlie’s Apartment X00050:2.Y00310:08.Z00410:15, South Night City Integrate.)

Posted on 2020-12-17 at 12:10:01.

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1st post of the new year.

Moving to the curb Casino is ready as the automatic Red Cab rolls to a stop in front of him. Without any further pause, the big solo seats himself in the cab and gives the order to return to Charlie’s apartment. Taking out his new agent, he quickly dials, calling Ghlahn.

“Meeting’s over and I’m free, what's your location?”

Ghlahn answered the call within moments, Casino could not help thinking the cyborg sounded annoyed.

“Well we ran into some traffic, but we found a way around that, just now getting to the Heights. How are things on your end?”

“For the moment good but that could change on a coin flip. When you're in place, call me back at this number and I’ll rejoin you.”

Hanging up the big solo had to make one more call and was glad when a sexy voice answered.

“You ok Casino?? Echo asked before Casino had a chance to say anything.

“Yeah it’s me, Yak meet is over and I’ve got news and possible passive work to mix in with any other work. I’m on my way to the Heights to link up with Ghlahn, see you there or at Charlie's apt….. You ok?”

“Charlie’s on his best behavior” Echo took a quick look over at the fixer. “We will most likely meet up at his apt. Good luck getting Vegas back” A slight pause. “Be safe call me if you need me”

“Will do stay healthy” 

Hanging up the Agent the big solo started changing out of his suit into his street clothes and was ready for action when he got the call from Ghlahn. However it seemed there would be no need for the ballistic clothing as Vegas was already with Ghlahn having used a fake ID provided by Blossom and Cipher to just walk out of the compound and the group was already headed back to Charlie’s apt. Redirecting the cab away from the heights and back to the Edgerunner enclave. 

Timing it, some would say perfectly, he reaches the garage of Charlie’s apt as Echo and the fixer roll up.

By the time the Temecula Heights team rolls their stolen van into the garage at the enclave Charlie has them set up and Blossom has already filled the fixer in on their situation. Now, everyone is gathered back in the small apartment Charlie calls home. Some back and forth has apparently already taken place between Charlie and Vegas as well because once everyone has seated themselves, the fixer speaks up.

“I’m glad no one got dead or wounded these past few hours,” Luther slicks his hair back with his left hand and drops his hat on the counter. “I’m sure we’re all curious about Casino’s dinner date and then Vegas has an idea on how we can make our next payroll. Casino?”

Looking at the group before him taking a deep breath the Big solo starts from the beginning............      …..................................................................................................

Time has a way of crawling when a person is waiting for a specific cue, and if that isn't sadistic enough of a trick when the event is close Time decides to speed up. She is a vicious dominatrix. 

Leaving Charlie's apartment, Casino knows he has very little time to waste if he's going to pick up the language chip and make his curbside rendezvous with the cab. Thankfully, detailed directions to the vendor have been pushed to his stolen agent giving him a concise route. 

The nano-builders have been at work removing older, decaying parts of the building and repurposing the materials for their continuous building project. Areas deemed unsafe by the enclave are blocked off using Plastek cargo crates, particle Plaswood palettes, or old broken down pieces of furniture. Regular rainfall causes leaks to flow like blood from a wound throughout this and neighboring structures creating sublime conditions for earthy smelling mold to prosper. Humidity levels are higher than average due to the storm leaving the solo feeling sticky and unclean despite his recent shower and the stifling stale air trapped behind his filtering combat mask forces the dangerous man to breathe deeply and slowly lest he succumbs to the pressing desire to strip the protective accessory from his rugged face and possess the acidic, putrid, polluted air.

At irregular intervals, Casino is looked upon by wide-eyed innocence peering out from underneath disheveled black hair as children stop their playing or chores to stare at this very well-dressed masked man, packing a large tattered heavy duty tote bag. Adults have far less innocent expressions and tend to not allow their narrowed eyes to linger on Keith's imposing presence for long. 

Arriving at his destination results in the agent chirping and vibrating, notifying him of the accomplishment. Consisting of a rusting, poc-marked, yellow and white VW van set on cinder blocks, the shop is marked by a Chinese symbol matching the one currently displayed on the agent. The van windows are all covered with interior drapes of a rotten banana peel color and pattern. Twisting in a four inch spiral of free falling madness from the underside of the building's overhanging architecture, a silver and white pour of rainwater beats a constant percussion on the shop's roof. Only the minuscule shelf surrounding the sliding door frame keeps the sheet of overflowing liquid from spilling down over the entrance like a ghostly sheet. As it is, when Casino enters, he receives the unpleasant sensation of cold H2O down the back of his neck. 

Smoked motor oil and ozone mixed with the sweet odor of decaying metals within the tight confines of the vehicle. With barely a meter squared to arrange his bulky, hunched over body, Casino finds himself surrounded by the clutter of an electrician's shop mixed with a sprinkle of computer programmers. Across the desk from him sits a wiry Chinese man with a near bald head except for the white lambchop sideburns and a black soul patch. 

Withdrawing a translucent chip from an imprinter, the older man swivels in his dirty old office chair and rests his elbows on the only clear space on his counter. Holding the prize between his index and middle fingertips, he smiles broadly at his customer revealing a Shark Grin cybernetic implant consisting of a few rows of pointy teeth likely embedded in a reinforced jaw rig that would allow his bite to extend out of his face when he bites. When he blinks, his eyelids close down over the top of another transparent set of kids that hurriedly close in from the sides. The purpose behind this enhancement is an enigma but for the educated guess from the solo that those eyelids and likely the eyes, aren't cybernetics but are bio-splicings.

"You must be Casino," the vendor huffed past his teeth. "Show me your dog tags."

Loosening his tie, the big solo pulled them out on the medium length extra hardened chain cord. Leaning closer to the man Casino showed him his tags. Not saying much Casino took note of the shop, two questions on his mind. 

“So how often do you get chips and such in here”? I could be looking for more. Also, who would I talk to about housing?”

“Mmmm,” the storekeeper hums as he scans the tags with his agent. “Depends on need. Hmmm? Sometimes every week. Sometimes longer.” 

With a brisk nod at the results on his screen, the old man releases the dogtags allowing Casino to stand upright again; at least as much as the van interior will allow. Picking up the chip once again he places it on the counter in front of the blonde solo.

“Give chip time to activate. No refunds. Not responsible for any brain damage if it happens. Yes?”

“Understood and thank you” 

Standing in front of the old gentleman, Casino clicks the chip into his single one-way chipware port and waits for it to lock into his head. Hopefully, during the drive to the meet, the chip would activate and the solo would be language proficient in Japanese. With a bow to the storekeeper to show his respect, he picks up his tote and heads for the curb.

Stepping back into the rain, the solo leaves the shopkeeper sniffling at his desk and makes a hard line for the enclave exit where Charlie has set the cab pickup. The smells of the enclave change to the rank sewage odors of the street but Casino doesn’t have to wait long. The strange-looking, boxy Red Cab swooshes in next to the curb and stops, its side door opening to reveal the stained gray upholstery of the U-shaped bench with the reinforced glass barricade between the passenger cage and the AI dashboard.

The interior of the cab isn’t much better than the street. The cushion is rough, scratchy, and Casino quickly dismisses the thought of what he’s sitting on from his mind but he can’t get the moldy interior to stop assaulting his nostrils despite his mask. As the door closes, locking the humidity in the cabin with him, the AI-driven mannequin in the driver’s seat turns its head and speaks. 

“You’ve scheduled the cab to take you to The Eastern Courtyard restaurant, in High City, within the Night City Integrate. Is that where you still desire to go?”

With the affirmation from the solo registering in the AI’s system, the cab turns from the curb and rushes into traffic without so much as a hesitation, maybe even a little reckless. 

“Thanks for tuning in,” the radio spits out. “This is Brian Friar with KXOP-FM and The Meter satellite with a quick news update before returning you to some endlesssssssss music! 

“Woman with an epic holographic back tattoo was recently arrested for killing thirty-seven people in Chinatown just five minutes ago. This brings the day’s Kill Count to sixty-two and it isn’t even noon, people! Gonna be a heavy day at the body banks if you ask me. As a matter-of-fact, I’m predicting that our Kill Count will exceed yesterday’s by at least fifteen. You heard me! I’m saying the number will be two-twelve. Bad Dead Girl, Lena Forsythe, will have that number for you on the Midnight Holla so don’t miss it!

“Stocks have dropped by two points due to a recent announcement by Paris-based company, Orbit Bios that they missed a recent deadline due to what they are claiming is corporate espionage. Of course, we all know what really happened. If you, my Metered Monsters, will recall the story from five weeks ago when I reported that Orbit Bios V.P. of Operations, Megan Anatolli, had been headhunted by rival biotech company, Simfantastic. If I have any idea what’s going on in the big, glass towers—and I do—Mrs. Anatolli came away from that divorce with more than a severance party…”

Only about an hour more of this radio show… heavy metal mixed with alternative digital rock and the occasional news update. About ten minutes after the cab ride began, Casino feels the knowledge in the chip seeping into his noggin. Resisting the urge to say “I know Japanese,” the solo settles in for the remainder of the ride. 

Passing into High City is as impressive as ever. The streets of Mid-City don't even compare to the glitz and glamor of the High City. The smog, the horrible weather, the lawlessness, they have all disappeared being replaced by the clear, blue sky, the sparkling star scrapers, and the feeling of security. The Eastern Courtyard is embedded one such starscraper made of an alabaster stone-like substance with a facade of oriental decor. The Red Cab pulls up in front of the establishment and parks between two overly large lion statues. A tuxedo-wearing valet approaches the sliding door just as it opens. With nothing to do, he just steps aside and waits for Casino to step out into the brisk, clear air. 

Addressing the Red Cab’s mechanical driver, Casino gives it further instructions.

“As I will need you later this evening, allow the valet to park you. When I exit the restaurant, allow him to bring you back to pick me up.I will pay the extra cost when finished. Is that understood?”

“Confirmed, Mr. Passenger,” the robo driver acknowledges.

A last look to make sure his Gibson gear was well out of sight he stepped aside to allow the valet to do his job as a second valet moved up to take his place. Adjusting his suit’s jacket he made sure that both Armalites were secure in place under each arm.

The dulcet sounds of Japanese Koto music waft through the air as Casino enters. Unlike the lower cities, he’s greeted by a young Japanese woman of impeccable style. Her hair is pulled back in a tight bun, black as midnight. Her uniform is a mixture of a traditional Japanese Kimono and a black business suit.

“Kon’nichiwa, sensei. Welcome to The Eastern Courtyard. Do you have a reservation?”

“Hai, gogo 7-ji ni Akagi-shi to menkai shimasu (Yes, I have a meeting with Mr. Akagi at 7 PM),” Casino responds, putting his language chip to use for the first time.

“A! Anata wa nihongo o hanashimasu. Nante tanoshi. Akagi-san, kitai s***e imasu. Ko no yo ni s***e kudasai. (Oh! You speak Japanese. How pleasant. Mr. Akagi is expecting you. Right this way, please.)”

Stepping from behind her counter, the elegantly dressed woman leads the broad-shouldered solo through the maze-like labyrinth of aisles until they are standing before a private dining room, the gold inlaid white doors closed to the public. Two very solid looking Japanese men stand outside wearing black pin-striped Budisho Silk Suits and Tamakashi black leather shoes with white silk dress shirts and silk ties the brand of which Casino can’t tell. As the hostess and Keith approach, the men close ranks, blocking the doors.

“Akagi-san wa, dareka o kitai s***e iruto watashi ni tsutaemas***a. Kono shinshi wa kare ga kitai s***e iru hitodesu (Mr. Akagi ------ me ---- he is -------- ---------. ------- --------------- is the one he is -----------.)” For some reason, Casino’s chip doesn’t translate the whole statement.

“Hmmmmfff,” the man on the left abruptly pushes air through his nostrils and the two step aside, opening the doors in the process. 

The private dining area isn’t a grand hall but more of a cosy corner space with an impressive view of the starscrapers and glowing lights of the city below. The table to which Casino is directed is round and draped in a white tablecloth. A centerpiece carved wood tray is set with a number of sushi dishes and the three men at the table leave one seat open to the solo. 

To his right, the man is of average build, probably middle-aged—though with body sculpting so readily available no one can be certain—slicked back black hair, a narrow, clean-shaven face, and ghostly blue-white eyes. Lines on his face and the glimpse of bracers under his overly expensive attire speak of a NuCybe presence.

To his left, Casino observes a practical twin to the man on his right. Yes… an identical twin if Keith isn’t mistaken. 

Hmm interesting, Casino muses, you don’t see that everyday and clearly packing the NuCybe. Hell, why not? Their house, most likely pro bodyguards, for Akagi~

The man seated across from him is in his late thirties, early forties with a pleasant face that Casino imagines women would find very attractive. His dark brown, almost black hair is parted on the left and shows no sign of a receding hairline. Of average build, he might be a little taller than most Asians, and he carries himself with confidence.

No one rises when the hostess presents Casino with the open chair and steps back to allow the big man his maneuvering room. Instead, the twins seemingly ignore him while the man across the table—whom Casino can safely surmise to be Akagi, the big solo can see a resemblance to the older Akagi— settles back in his chair, both hands on the table, his chopsticks resting on the right edge of his plate. 

“Domo Arigato,” the well-dressed visitor addresses his host.

Turning to the hostess, the big solo thanks her in Japanese, then turns back to the men seated at the table. With a slight bow of respect to Akagi and the twins, Casino unbuttons his suit jacket and sits down, the hostess pushing the seat forward to catch his weight. Though some would understand if Casino were to feel nervous or tense to be seated with such a powerful man, they would be wrong. The big solo has seen so much in his years and had faced impossible odds, the ER room one example, that very little scares him anymore. Some would say his lack of emotions at times is due to all the cyberware packed into his body, and there is truth to that, however it is more. Casino has killed plenty of adversaries, the six in the ER only adding to his count, and death, no matter the numbers, has a way of turning a man cold and hard. In truth, in the end, this is just another possible opportunity to make a powerful ally and a man in his line of work can never have enough. Quietly, Casino waits for one of the three to speak. 

“Welcome,” Akagi smiles softly, his intelligent eyes resting their focus on the craggy features of the solo’s tanned and weathered face. “Proper introductions are in order. I am Tomas Akagi, and you are?” 

“Keith Story, Mr. Akagi, they call me Casino on the street.” Casino is not sure if the prefix of Mister is the right title but he is showing as much honor and respect as he can, and at the moment Mister is all he has.

“Please, Mr. Story,” Akagi spreads his hands wide indicating the buffet. “Enjoy. The seafood is fresh with no substitutes. Brought in from the best farms in Japan.”

The Yakuza sits back comfortably in his chair and waits for his guest to serve himself some dinner.

 Smiling Casino picks up the chopsticks at the side of his plate, unwraps them and breaks them apart. Taking them both in his right hand he reaches over with his left to adjust his grip on the chopsticks before moving to the food before him. Grabbing some rolls, Casino places them on his plate. Then, he picks up some of the wasabi from the center lazy-Susan and sits back in his chair. The big solo has to admit the sushi is quite good, very different from the normal soy-based stuff found in the lower city. Lifting another roll to his mouth he gently places the last of the sushi on his tongue, chews, and then swallows it down. During this time, Akagi and the Twins remain politely quiet enjoying their own meal.

Adding more of a variety to his plate, including some more wasabi, he continues to eat using the chopsticks. As Casino enjoys the food presented to him, he says nothing. He knows the Yakuza boss will let his feelings be known shortly. Finally finishing, the big solo places the sticks at the right side of his plate and leans back to match Akagi’s posture.

“Domo arigato, Mr Akagi. The food, as you said, was quite good.” A pause to clean his mouth with a napkin, “May I ask how your father is doing?”

Akagi smiles softly and lifts a small cup of saki to his lips, taking a sip before answering, “He is well thanks to you. 

“We’ve reviewed the security footage and I have to admit, I’m quite impressed. An individual of your skill could be quite useful to my organization. From what I’ve been able to learn, you are currently unaffiliated, a ronin, a samurai with no daimyo. Tell me, Mr. Story, what exactly went down in that hospital?”

“It was by chance that I myself was even there. I had been shot in my arm only 45 minutes earlier while running down a lead in the current job I was on. While waiting for a delivery, I was forced into a gunfight outside of a club in which I was wounded. When the police arrived I was taken into custody and handed off to a pair of detectives.”

Casino pauses to drink some of the warm saki before him.

“Well, seeing as how I was bleeding the two detectives stopped at that ER to get me stitched up. It was during this time that the group sent to kill your father stormed in and took over the ER. In the course of the next 15 minutes the group—they called themselves the Soil Liberation Group and stated they were there to make a statement. Their leader decided instead of killing your father himself he wanted me to do it. By this time it was clear to me that your father, not any sort of political statement, was the actual target of the group. Their leader had given me a gun with a single round, and once we were at your father’s room the leader ordered me to shoot him. I said no and the security footage tells the rest.” 

Reaching slowly within his suit jacket, Casino retrieves the bodyguards’, two black agents as well as those of the leader and his number two. Placing them on the lazy susan, Casino spins all four agents towards Akagi.

“I believe these black ones belong to you,” Keith explains. “I’m sorry for the bodyguards’ deaths. I also took these two off the one calling himself the Leader and his number two. I hope they can help find the person actually behind sending those men after your father.”

The Yakuza leader stares down at the agents for a moment and then reaches forward with determined ease and spins the rotating tray around so that the phones reside in front of the solo once again. 

“I have a proposition for you Mr. Story,” Akagi smiles again and focuses his attention on his guest. “Keep the one that I contacted you on. That way I’ll know how to reach you without having to expend any additional resources tracking you down.” 

“Sell the others and consider that a thank you, paltry though it may be. As for the people sent to kill my father...I’m hiring you to find out who is behind it. Take the time you need. I’ve moved my father to a much safer facility and I cannot afford for this to be sloppy. There are many, many enemies to investigate, Mr. Story, both within the Yakuza and outside. Keep me informed of your progress through that agent. Discretion is paramount as I’m sure you understand. 

“I’m hiring you, Mr. Story, because at this time I cannot be seen looking into the organization. Nothing you do can lead back to me. There can be no paper trails, no digital traces… nothing. 

“I’m sure you’re wondering what’s in it for you.” Mr. Akagi leans forward, placing his right elbow on the table. “Besides my gratitude, of course, there’s gold at the end of that rainbow. How much depends a lot on whether you eliminate the threat altogether, deliver the threat to me for justice, or just point me in the right direction. Let’s just say that the first two are my personal preference.

“What do you say, Mr. Story?,” Akago settles back again and casually looks out the window. “You have three high-end agents to sell—once you get what useful information you can off the two—to get you started.”

Well there it is, what Casino has been hoping for. Staring at Akagi, Casino is thrilled but hopes he hides it well. No need to let Akagi know he’s been hoping for such a result. However, before he says yes, he needs the Yakuza chief’s help and the agreement of the rest of his team. In the long run, having the Yakuza backing them, if even in secret, could be a big unifying factor in turning this team solid and keeping them in work. Plus, ever since Starlight had left him behind to be arrested—even if the pick-up was only for her, she could have insisted seeing as she was the paying customer—he has wanted to find a different fixer, or at least have the choice of more than one to get jobs from and not be reliant on just Starlight. Well, no time like the present. 

“Mr Akagi, I’ll take your offer. I want nothing more than to help you find the people behind those who tried to kill your father. By getting me involved they endangered my life—and I like my life—and made me public enemy number one with the police and the news media. I, unfortunately, am not as unknown to the police as I wish I was and that’s where a few problems may come up in seeing me get this completed for you, Mr Akagi. I’m not sure if in the next few days I’ll still be mission capable or in a cell. Also during my last run one of my team members was captured. The people who currently hold him, a security company named Falcone Security, associated with Daltdom Corporation, are holding him in their compound, Temecula Heights. The leader of the sec team who has him has threatened to kill him slowly and painfully if we don’t give ourselves up in retaliation for the death of eight of his people in the course once again, of this last run. Once we get our teammate out, I still need to run it past my team.” 

At least Vegas for sure will, and possibly a better than average chance Echo will also, the big solo thinks as he pauses to take a sip of his saki and awaits Akagi’s reply. Hopefully, the Yakuza leader will offer some help in getting Vegas out and Casino out of the news.

“Your predicament with the police is really nothing new to me, Mr. Story,” Akagi waves the thought away with a casual flick of his right hand. “But it is also for you to navigate and shouldn’t ever become my problem. What you decide to do with whatever earnings you procure through this investigation is also not my concern so long as it doesn’t connect to me in any way. If you have a team and wish to include them in your work, figure it out. Again, this is none of my concern. 

“On one hand, you say you’ll take my offer, and yet, on the other hand, you say you’ll need to run it by your team. Which is it, Mr. Story?”

“Mr Akagi, I have miscommunicated. I’ll take your offer. Running it by my team is just to see which of them will help me gain the information you seek and the rewards. Not if I need their permission to do so.”

“Then we’ve an agreement,” Akagi stands and makes his way around the table, offering his hand as he does so. The Twins also stand but remain in their places at the table and respectfully fold their hands in front of them while watching Casino closely. 

Standing Casino easily takes the Yakuza chief’s hand and gives a small bow.

“I promise I will do my best to find these people and do what I can to give you the results you're hiring me for. Just a few questions, how often do you wish updates on our progress? If I come across important time sensitive information that you can better handle, do I risk informing you or attempt to take care of it with my team. If I find I need something that I do not have may I ask of it from you. One last thing, Mr Akagi, could I have a copy of the ER’s security footage and any other information you may have already found out between the incident and up until now?”

Akagi retains the grip throughout the questions and though he is smaller in stature and build than the well-dressed solo, he emanates power and control. “That agent is a secured line, so you may reach out to me whenever you have something new and relevant to report through it. If what you come across is something you can take care of with your team then I’m sure you have enough discernment to determine whether it is worth my time, Mr. Story. 

“Our relationship should be treated as if we don’t know each other, Mr. Story. I am utilizing your skills in a freelance capacity outside of my organization. The less connections between you and I, the better for all of our sakes. As I said before, there are many, many enemies to watch out for. So, if you need something you will need to utilize your own resources to procure it. 

“I will provide you with a link where you can collect a copy of the footage,” Akagi pauses, his hand still gripping Casino’s. “I don’t think I can emphasize enough, Mr. Story, the importance of your discretion. There are very powerful people who want to see me dead and would not hesitate to steamroll right over the top of you and your team just to see how it damages my operations. I’m afraid that I will not be able to assist you with your celebrity status but this is a big city… I’m sure you don’t have all that much to worry about.”

“Domo Arigato, Mr Akagi.” 

Delivering a slight bow to show his respect, Casino accepts the implied invitation to leave, the meeting now subtly being declared over by Mr. Akagi. Moving past the doormen, he stops once more before the female valet.

“Kon’nichiwa, sensei.” The pretty young woman states with a pleasant smile. “How may I assist you?”

“Yes, I’m leaving now,” Casino remarks. “thank you for your hospitality. Will you bring my Red Cab up, please?”

“Of course, right away,” Motioning to a young man standing by a key chart she watches to make sure he moves quickly.

“Will that be all, sensei?” she asks with that pleasant mask still painted on her pale face.

“Yes, thank you. The food was quite good.”

The hostess graciously accepts the compliment with her hands pressed into a temple before her chest and a slight bow. Moving to the curb Casino is ready as the automatic Red Cab rolls to a stop in front of him. Without any further pause, the big solo seats himself in the cab and gives the order to return to Charlie’s apartment. Taking out his new agent, he quickly dials, calling Ghlahn.

"And of course after that we all met back here for this retelling." Casino waited quietly for any questions.

(March 10th, Day 4 - Monday, Time is 11:48 PM PST - Mid-CityEdgerunner Enclave (China Town), Charlie’s Apartment X00050:2.Y00310:08.Z00410:15, South Night City Integrate.)


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Vegas Tips His Fedora

“I’m glad no one got dead or wounded these past few hours,” Luther slicks his hair back with his left hand and drops his hat on the counter. “I’m sure we’re all curious about Casino’s dinner date and then Vegas has an idea on how we can make our next payroll. Casino?

Vegas tips his fedora in acknowledgement to his friend, as Casino began to share about his dinner date.

Vegas seemed to be lost in thought as he absorbed what his long-time partner Casino was, and apparently was not, revealing to the gathered group.

The Crooner drifted back in recent memory, carried aloft by the medications administered by Guardian, coupled with the friendly tones of Casino that brought forth from the shadows various snippets of remembrances from their sometimes-rocky partnership over the years.

Then all-too abruptly it was the Frank Sinatra look-alike’s turn to share with the assorted cohorts the possibility of a rather unexpected opportunity to line their own coffers, while avenging the death of an angel-of-mercy who had come to the Dapper Solo’s aid in one of his most recent darkest hours.

As if he were re-living a dream, Luke began sharing how it had been a rather dicey situation escaping from the compound, thanking Blossom and Cipher for their in-the-nick-of-time-cavalry rescue, by planting false tags in his agent that identified the Crooner as an MMA boxer.

Compound security was a bit suspicious of Vegas, especially with all of his bruises and disoriented demeanor the longer they grilled him, but when the Crooner offered to fight the two biggest security persons to prove his identify, the security patrol sized him up and decided it was not worth the trouble of beating up, or getting beat up, and possibly losing their jobs over a trumped-up assault charge.

Vegas was a bit vague as to how he was able to extricate himself from the compound without being apprehended again by his captors, but he just waved his hand towards his companions who had arrived in the proverbial nick-of-time to bring the Crooner back to Charlie’s hideaway headquarters.

(((OOC: Brom feel free to fill in the blanks here for an adequate explanation!)))

Vegas relates to the group how he managed to escape his captors, regain his belongings and make his escape from the torture chamber. Then, in hushed tones, he told about his angel-of-mercy named Jeanette, who had taken him into her apartment, tended to his wounds and provided the Crooner a semblance of sanctuary, before she was brutally murdered.

Vegas emphasized that Jeanette had not divulged that she was harboring a fugitive, nor had she apparently not revealed the whereabouts of what her tormentor was seeking to beat out of her, before succumbing to his violent rage.

“I did not get a good look at him,” said Vegas, as he literally spat out the words in disgust, “but I did manage to retrieve a glove that he left behind at the scene of the crime. I am hoping someone can lift a print or get a DNA sample to identify the scum, so I can repay him in spades for his dastardly deed, along with all the other rats who are involved with that Rogue Sec Team that Ghlann shot up!”

(((OOC: Vegas produces the glove that is wrapped in a plastic bag and offers it to whoever is inclined to help discover the identity of the brute who violated Jeanette and make him pay!)))

Vegas then explains that Jeanette was a chemist, leaving out the details of her rather large collection of sex toys, as a rather awkward decision by the Crooner to respect his dead angel-of-mercy.

“Jeanette was killed because she had something of value,” explained Vegas as his eyes flared at the remembrance of the grisly murder. “I found what that brute was looking for, hidden in her Old Cybe right eyeball. It is a microdisk, but it is some kind of old technology that requires a particular kind of player to read it, that is so old that I have not been able to remember what kind of player is needed to read this microdisk, because there is no modern technology that can!”

Vegas gingerly produces the microdisk, as though he were holding a valuable part of Jeanette’s very essence, offering it to Blossom, in hopes that the blonde Asian can shed some light on the mystery that he has been concealing, like a precious personal memory.

“This could be a payday!” exclaimed the Crooner in a hushed excitement, coupled with increasing anticipation, that Vegas could no longer contain.

“And I Hope We Can Rain On Somebody’s Parade!”

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Ghalahn listened to the new job opportunity: it sounded pretty good.  In way of an answer he started to sing softly.  "I'm just a little black rain cloud, pay no attention to me.  I'm just al ittle black rain cloud..."

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Fixer sat back and listened to the stories being told by Casino and Vegas.  Before getting involved with this group his life had been fairly bland.  Oh, he hadn't just sat home playing with a chemistry set, but the scale of his jobs seemed to have taken a big step up.  And he wasn't entirely sure he liked it.  The Yakuza?  Sure, the paydays would likely be much better, but a lot of folks connected to gangs like that ended up in pieces.  And he really didn't want to become a part of an organization like that.  He valued his freedom and didn't like what those groups did.  Maybe.  And Vegas' tale wasn't that different.  Instead of the Yakuza it was . . . some big corp.  Dangerous stuff.  

But if he wasn't willing to take on some risk he was in the wrong line of work.  Since nobody else seemed to be speaking up, he did. "Ok, guys, it seems we have some choices to make.  I'll start by saying, "I'm in."  This team had a few hiccups in the last gig, but on the whole I think we proved we have some complementary skills.  Casino - I said I'm in, but I'm not interested in becoming a part of the Yakuza.  That didn't seem to be the case, this seems to be a freelance gig.  I'm in for that.  From what you two have said, it seems the Akagi gig needs to be priority #1.  But Vegas offers us a lead worth following also.  And judging from what happened to that lady, perhaps a cause I can get behind as well."  At that he nodded towards Vegas, recognizing that the big guy seemd to have an emotional as well as a practical interest in his gig.  "I guess we need to begin digging up some leads - assuming everyone else agrees . . . "  He trailed off and looked around the room.

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First Major Job

Guardian listened closely to all who had spoken, but when he heard mention of the Yakuza, he tensed, thinking what the hell have I gotten myself into now? No good ever came with rolling with those gangsters, unless fortune smiled upon you. Otherwise, you're going to find yourself in body bag before too long.

Casino did say, however, that it was more of a freelance gig, and that they were not working with them directly. That was some good news, at least. Well, his team mates would need his medical skills in the (very likely) event that they got injured so he looked at Fixer and replied:

'Okay, I'm in.' He did his utmost to sound confident and not betray the apprehension that darkened his soul at what might be waiting for them in the coming days.

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Sorry Tann leaning towards Hammer

Once back at Charlie’s apt Echo had to exercise the most restrant she had, had to in quite sometime not to thropw herself into Casino’s arms. Though she was pretty sure the rest of the group knew that she and the large edgerunner had a thing for one another being blatent about it it served no purpose.

As she first listened to Casino tell his tale, then Vegas tell his, it was clear to her that Vegas’s job had the best chance of quick money then Casino’s.

Well to me it seems Casino’s job is a long haul affair lots of leg work. However if we are thinking fast cash Vegas’s ‘job’ seems our best bet as he already has a starting point with that old microdisk he found. Choice of course is up to us all but I vote to expand more time, right now, tracking Vegas’s leads.”

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Little Sister

Luther watched and listen to the exchange of stories, offers, and cautious thoughts. 

" We could still do both.... it seems that everyone wants to try and figure out the old tech device and make so quick credits, so..... like the others. 

** flashes his signature smile, as only Credit stick Charlie does so well**

" I'm all about the credits or my name wouldn't be credit stick now would it?" 

** Charlie chuckles to himself , activates his app**

with a soft sigh, he turns to a long-forgotten old friend.... Cypher. 

"Come nina, let me look at you" Charlie moves to pick up his little sister and kisses her on both cheeks, then hugs her tight, releases her, then holds both of her hands as he begins to talk in Spanish to her

(Hermanita, cuáles son sus pensamientos ... tiene mucho en mente con la familia pero está fuera de la reserva por diferentes razones y me alegro de que esté aquí.)

" Hermanita, what are your thoughts... you have a lot on your mind with family but you're off the reservation for different reasons and I'm glad that your here."

* weak smile given*

(eres tan grande ahora ... te veo bajo una luz diferente ahora, extraño a tu padre también y mi 
corazón llora miles de lágrimas por la pérdida. Pero esta es una oportunidad para hacernos
mucho más fuertes a ti y a mí. Sí, este puede ser uno de los muchos escalones hacia una nueva vida.)

"you are so grown now... I see you in a different light now, I miss your father as well and my heart cries thousand of tears for the loss. But this is an opportunity to make you and I much stronger. Yes, this can be our one of many stepping stones to a new life."

Parece que tendrás mucho trabajo por ti mismo. Ahora, con este equipo de **adoc**  <-- english word, podemos construir 
un pequeño "capullo" seguro en mi camioneta en la planta baja para usted, podríamos usar "echo"
como conductor y usted como respaldo si las cosas se ponen mal

" Looks like you'll have your work cut out for yourself. Now with this adoc team, we can build up a nice little safe "cocoon" on my truck downstairs for you, we could use "echo" as a driver and you as back up if things get bad." 


Charlie looks to the others smiles and continues in Spanish

¿Qué pasa con el amigo? ... ¿Estás de acuerdo con que él te cuide?

" What about the medic?.. You okay with him watch over you?" 

** Cypher's replies go in here**

" Good... " Luther nods with his head

Luther finally releases her hands and begins to turn away, then stiffens up and raise a finger to her

** Charlie gives cipher a stern look for a bit**

Oh ... y si me llamas por mi nombre real, estás castigado, ¿entiendes? "Sabes demasiado sobre mí

"" Oh... and if you call me by my real name, your grounded, got that?"  You know too much about me

Cypher replies with just a single word... you mean like...."Luciana"?

" That was over 5k to me.... gone, yes just like her....puñeteros (Damn)" Luther replies with a scoff " Go plug yourself in and make yourself useful sister....." 


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  "Perhaps we should hole up a day or two to recover, see if we get the items we asked for and make sure Vegas isn't being acively tracked.  Maybe work on background of that disk."

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Still in pain

"I agree with Ghlahn a few days rest would be in order. Getting the kid then going right into rescuing Vegas to an extent I'm sure has tired all of us. As Ghlahn said it will give us, me mostly, time to heal and gain any new supplies or reloads." 

Turning to Charlie

"Also we can't stay here at Charlie's his apt is to small for all of us. If we are going to remain a team we will need a bigger place to plan and regroup during runs. And as a matter of fact that's my next question are we going to remain as such?"

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Shorter than Desired

Cipher sits on a barstool in Luther's apartment, leaning on the steel countertop, tinkering with Roosevelt's collar. Implanting the heart-shaped pendant with a spycam had been a priority for a while, and based on the talk in the room, she had signed on with the right group to afford it.

Luther approaches after a while, speaking in Spanish - assumedly to speak privately in the cramped apartment - and Cipher listens, smiles politely at his well wishes, and nods along with his plans. They speak as friends, but Cipher feels her skin crawl with apprehension; Luther knows too much about her, about her family, and that could be a danger with this group. She's already lost her padre, she's not interested in jeopradizing more.

"He's good enough, handsome enough alright," she winks at the fixer, replying in Spanish. 

"You can trust me with your secrets, Cred-Stick," she winks back at him at the warning to not use his real name. "Like, Luciana?"

She smirks at Luther's reaction, pleased to remind him of this mutually distrustful friendship, and turns to the group at large, speaking in English this time. "I or Blossom can scrub the security feed for Vegas' famous mug, though seems a bit wasteful given that we can assume the corpos you chombattas pissed off won't have your deets anyways. Two days downtime sits well with him, especially if we want to do any poking into leads for that microdisk, which I'd say takes precedence. Sticking it to the corps is always a good thing in my books."


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room for rent

Turning to Charlie

"Also we can't stay here at Charlie's his apt is too small for all of us. If we are going to remain a team we will need a bigger place to plan and regroup during runs. And as a matter of fact, that's my next question are we going to remain as such?"

Charlie comments to casino

" Everyone is welcome here... yes things will be tight but until we pool any or all resources together, we can't even think about looking or a place until then. But please... make yourselves at home, just stay out of my fresh food, he smiled. 


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  Ghalahn walks over to Casino.  "Thanks for the loan.  Glad we didn't need it."  He hands the SMG back to its owner.  

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March 10th, Day 4 - Monday, Time is 11:48 PM PST - Mid-City, Edgerunner Enclave (China Town), Charlie’s Apartment X00050:2.Y00310:08.Z00410:15, South Night City Integrate.

Weather Conditions: High City (Cloudy, Temperature: Moderate | High: 80°F | Low: 65°F | Wind Force: Medium | Wind Speed: 12 mph from the Southwest) | Midcity (Cloudy, Temperature: Moderate | High: 86°F (30°C) | Low: 68°F (20°C) | Wind Force: Light | Wind Speed: 6 mph (9 kph) from the Southwest) | Undercity (Cloudy, Temperature: Hot| High: 95°F | Low: 58°F | Wind Force: None | Wind Speed: 0 mph)

Air Quality Index: High City = 0 | Midcity = 45 | Undercity = 75 (masks required)

Two options for the team’s immediate future but it is clear that one leads to quicker eddies while the other is more of a long-game. Then, there’s the question of some downtime and updating or gaining gear and chrome. Though Casino is correct in that Charlie’s apartment will be cramped for now it is the pad they’re crashing at, unless, that is, someone wants to go procure their own for the time being. 

The hour is late and this Monday has practically flatlined for most. Casino is certainly feeling the wear and tear of the past couple of days and Vegas went rounds with a heavyweight champion, or so it seems to him. While Casino’s pain editor has managed to keep the worst of it at bay, nothing but some downtime is going to heal his injuries and the same goes for Vegas. There are other tasks to be done as well but with a couple of days being agreed upon for downtime, that means that the team can take their time. Sleep calls and those who can answer, spreading out throughout the apartment and finding comfortable positions the best they can.

The arrival of Hui Yin at six-thirty in the morning is a bit chaotic. She’s not quiet and loudly complains about the “mess” of Charlie’s friends lying all over the floor and couch. Charlie moves her to his office as quickly as possible and she remains there while the fixer tiredly gets ready for the day. The Chinese assistant pesters him right out the door claiming that he’s going to be late for class again.

The rest of the morning is fairly slow for the others. With the hustle put into the past few days, the constant pressure gnawing at their nerves, and the injuries sustained, no one is eager to wake at the crack of dawn. As individuals begin to roll out of their rucks, a shower schedule is quickly established. In the light of the new day and after the two solos have showered and cleaned themselves up, Guardian is able to take a closer look at their injuries. 

Vegas has been severely beaten. The bruising is fierce and extends in a number of places to the bone. In Guardian’s expert opinion, there’s nothing the medtech can do to speed up the process of healing for the Frank Sinatra look-alike but he should be feeling a little more like himself in three or four days.

Casino is practically the same story, but the medtech is able to re-dress his wound and clean it up a bit which relieves some of the solo’s pain. Guardian figures that with proper care and rest, he can declare Casino’s injury a light wound in another couple of days. 

Blossom and Cipher work together to scour the Net for any sign that Vegas is being tracked but after a few hours of searching neither can determine one way or another. Everything pertaining to Falcone Security Company is business as usual and the megacorp is even quieter. Blossom surmises that if they are looking for Vegas, they’re doing so under the table. 

By the time Charlie and Hui Yin return to the apartment around quarter after noon, the team has put together their lists of items they’d like Charlie to pursue. 

(OOC: Everyone can post their list or make amendments to what I post here

Casino would still like:

  1. A level 3 Leadership Chip  COST: 9 Giri or 900eb DC: 22
  2. A level 3 SMG Skill Chip  COST: 9 Giri or 900eb DC: 18 Challenging
  3. An Ambidexterity Chip COST: 9 Giri or 900eb DC: 22 Hard

Ghlahn had requested a series of grenades that Charlie couldn’t previously procure. Perhaps with more time, he can fulfill the order.

  1. 40mm Launched Grenades (R, 50eb apiece base, range: 200m/100eb up to 1600m, 5 meter radius.) DC: 18 Challenging 
  2. HE or High-Explosive (7d6 damage, 5 meter radius. Arms after 10m flight distance, (x2 eb)) DC: 22 Hard
  3. HEDP or High-Explosive Anti-Tank Double Armor Penetration (4d10 HEAT/4d6 HEAT outside of 1 meter radius from impact location, 5 meter radius (x4 eb)) DC: 30 Extreme
  4. Illumination (20 meter x 20 meter space lit up. (x.5 eb + 5eb to add a parachute)) DC: 18 Challenging
  5. Chemical Carriers gas or smoke. (10 meter area of effect. (50 eb apiece + 5eb to add a parachute)) DC: 18 Challenging
  6. Bean Bag (2d6 damage; Stun -5, +1/15 SP; 20+ REF roll, -1 Diff/100kg of target, 50m range (50 eb apiece) DC: 18 Challenging
  7. WP or White Phosphorous (4d6x3 damage, 10m radius (x2 eb)) DC: 22 Hard
  8. Fletchette (1d6/2 x 2d6 Armor Piercing, 3 meter by 25 meter area (50 eb apiece)) DC: 22 Hard
  9. Flash-Bang (Stun -2, stun+deaf 4 turns. 5 meter by 15 meter area (50 eb apiece)) DC: 18 Challenging
  10. HEP or High-Explosive Phosphorous (7d6 HEP damage, SP -5, -1 WA, DC 20+ REF or blind 2 turns. 25m range (x2 eb)) DC: 30 Extreme
  11. Grapnel ((30eb+) 1/2 range, WA -2, 1d6 dam, Catch 50%)) DC: 22 Hard
  12. Net (25 meter range, WA -5, 1d6 damage + 50% wrap, 20+ REF or 25+ BOD to escape net (50 eb)) DC: 18 Challenging
  13. Splatshell (1d6+1 damage, 5 meter by 2 meter to a 15 meter x 6 meter pattern, (10eb+)) DC: 18 Challenging
  14. Slasher (4d6 damage, 1/3 SP. 3 meter area, -2 WA, 50m range (75eb)) DC: 22 Hard
  15. Spraypaint (Blind for 1d6/3 turns REF DC 20+, 4 meter area, (20eb)) DC: 18 Challenging
  16. EMP (Disorient 10 sec. BODY DC 20+, Those with Cyberoptics and/or Cyberaudio 4/10min BODY DC 22+, 5 meter area, (75 eb)) DC: 22 Hard

Echo has also asked for a few items.

  1. A SmartPlate Link on her Mustang Arms "Mark II" Heavy Pistol (cost: x3 base weapon cost: 425x3=1,275 credits DC 18 Challenging)
  2. Midnight Arms Smart Gloves at a base of 110 + 1 smartgun (the Mark II) (200 = 310 credits. DC 18 Challenging)

(OOC: March 11th, Day 5 - Tuesday, Time is 12:30 PM PST - Mid-City, Edgerunner Enclave (China Town), Charlie’s Apartment X00050:2.Y00310:08.Z00410:15, South Night City Integrate.)

Posted on 2021-01-25 at 17:42:59.

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Possible Upgrades

Vegas was daydreaming about possible upgrades that were probably well out-of-reach from his price range, when a thought occured to the Dapper Solo.

Turning to his partner, Casino, the Frank Sinatra look-alike asked, "Hey Pal ... did I get out of this scrape with any Gig Money ... or just with My Life?"

(((OOC: Brom brought this to my attention from a question that I PMed him about; so, if Tann does not quite understand what I am referring to, then he can ask Brom about it)))

Posted on 2021-02-01 at 20:34:24.


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