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Topic: Star Trek: The Guardian Saga Q&A
Subject: With no post from...

With Duncan out I made the decision that Curzon would remain in hiding, being the engineer and not feeling he could really contribute for the your characters will respond to that once they realize he's not with them will be another matter for poor Duncan to deal with upon his return.

I left off where I did because you've some decisions to make:

  1. Are you going to take the time to scan Lt. Kavk for injuries?

  2. Are you going to attempt to move him and hope he isn't injured bad enough to cause permanent damage?

Roger, and Cooner; check your P.M.s.

Next post will be made by me most likely on Sunday.

Posted on 2009-02-24 at 05:08:54.

Topic: Star Trek: The Guardian Saga
Subject: Letting you make some decisions here...

Inorlia (a Class B Planet), North Pole | Stardate 51717.9 (09-07-2374) 07:05 hours | The Guardian remains in orbit around Inorlia a Class B Planet within two light years of Koralis within the Bajor Sector, The Alpha Quandrant.

(Rolls: Drake Goodhart [Initiative 17; Athletics 15; Awareness/Notice 21] | Alan Pierce [Initiative 14; Athletics 15] | Ral Tarwin [Initiative 12; Athletics 17; Awareness/Notice 18] | Zackary Malton [Initiative 1 9; Athletics 20; Awareness/Notice 15])

After arriving at the red rock pinnacle’s shadowy edge, Drake Goodhart had slid to a stop on the loose stones, and pressed up against the rough surface of the alien boulder, his phaser rifle held at ready almost instinctively. The Ensign was scanning the skies when he spotted the beetle-shaped fighter sweep into view and begin its return approach. The doctor, engineer, and his friend Zack were all in close proximity having each come to rest in their own fashion, the only thing they really shared in common as far as positioning was concerned happened to be that they were all fairly well covered by the terrain.

Watching the approach, Ensign Goodhart was able to anticipate the pending explosion, and turned his head just slightly within his helmet so as to avoid the stunning glare. So it was that he was the first to see the results of the attack. There they were. Ensign Ral and Lt. Kavk spread out in the loose earth of the hill, the lieutenant’s inert form pressed up against an outcropping boulder. Without even offering a glance towards the aft side of the fighter, Goodhart sprinted from his cover, his rifle held in front of his chest as he made his way towards the Vulcan.

Ensign Shral was either stunned by the loss of their shuttle, or had decided to remain in the relative safety behind the bulbous column he’d positioned himself at, but Ensign Pierce was a bit more duty driven.

“Ral! Kavk!” the doctor yelled out, springing from his cover with his medkit in hand as he raced, first towards Ensign Ral.

Ral Tarwin had experienced worse…luckily enough. He was a little battered and bruised, perhaps even a bit winded, but he would survive. Rising first to his knees, he caught sight of Ensigns Goodhart, Pierce, and Malton racing from behind the rocks towards them. Realizing that they’d precious little time before the fighter would return for a second sweep, he cast about with his eyes until he spotted Lt. Kavk. Stumbling to his feet he waved the others on. “"I'm fine. Get to the LT, we have to get him to cover before that fighter returns."

(OOC: Assuming that Pierce changes direction and makes his way towards Kavk upon seeing Ral rise to his feet and begin to run…)

Zackery Malton was the last of the Starfleet personnel who’d decided to rush to the L.T.’s aid to leave the defensive position of the boulders. He’d watched the attack on the shuttle, and had squinted his eyes against the explosion. When he’d opened them once more, he’d been intent on finding the fighter’s position and marking it when he felt Goodhart break from their position. It wasn’t even a blink of an eye later when Pierce rushed forward calling out after the pilot and the lieutenant, and that’s when Ensign Malton caught the vision of the injuries at the foot of the hill.

Goodhart and Malton had trained together in the Academy, and they were a pretty even match in speed despite Malton’s more muscular frame. They were also faster than Doc Pierce, and Ensign Ral. They were also the recipients of more in depth combat training, so when they arrived at the lieutenant’s position, it took but a glance between them to set up flanking positions and begin scanning the skies for the inevitable return of the fighter. Ral and Alan arrived within a couple of breaths of each other with Ensign Pierce practically sliding to his knees as he came to rest near Lt. Kavk, medical tricorder in hand. The scan would take precious seconds, but the doctor didn’t have time to focus on the pending attack, and moving the Vulcan prematurely could result in permanent paralysis.

With the doctor’s arrival but steps behind them, Ensigns Goodhart and Malton desperately sought sign of the Jem’Hadar attack ship with Malton looking off in the direction they had been flying before being shot down, hoping beyond hope that the ship was still turning, it was Goodhart who spotted the speedy vessel on its return flight.

Inorlia (a Class B Planet), North Pole | Stardate 51717.9 (09-07-2374) 07:05 hours | The Guardian remains in orbit around Inorlia a Class B Planet within two light years of Koralis within the Bajor Sector, The Alpha Quandrant.

Posted on 2009-02-24 at 05:04:17.

Topic: A Cold Day in Hell Q&A
Subject: Soon?

Are we speaking soon as in soon to an elf?

Posted on 2009-02-23 at 05:42:06.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: So...

Did the show get canceled early?

Posted on 2009-02-23 at 05:41:18.

Topic: Star Trek: The Guardian Saga Q&A
Subject: I'll give Cooner a chance...

To post and then update the game.

Posted on 2009-02-23 at 05:40:24.

Topic: The Embodiment Q&A
Subject: No problem. I knew this would be a fairly slow moving game...

All right, so I've updated Sui and gboy. Next post should be next weekend.

Posted on 2009-02-22 at 20:40:47.

Topic: The Embodiment - A FUZIONfantasy Game
Subject: Two of Five Continued

Noble’s Ward | Solan Manor, outside the wall | The City of Davnor | Sendria | Claise 23rd, Teladay, 452ER, 6:57pm | Partly Cloudy and Snow-Covered

Shiften had grown up in Davnor. For the most part he’d spent the majority of his life wandering the streets in this, the capital of Sendria, watching the People suffer at the hands of the evil beings that ruled this country. Like most in Sendria, he’d done what he’d needed to do to survive, and that meant developing skill set he was so well-known for, or at least the one that people associated with the near-mythical figure that he became in their minds after a ghostly heist similar to what he’d just pulled.

With his familiarity of Davnor, the second-story man knew what lay between him and a clean get away. If he went west, he’d have to make his way over the wall separating the Noble’s Ward from the Scholar’s Ward. From there, he’d have a few city blocks between him and the People’s Ward. There he could hide out until the heat had died down and he could effectively move the merchandise. Alternatively, he could make his way east, again over the Noble’s Ward wall, but this time he’d wind up in the Merchant’s Ward. That route would take him through the Markets of Davnor to the People’s Ward. This was a less appealing route as it forced him to cross over the Guardian Street, and the Guardian Street was usually host to more than a few of the Obsidian Dragons; Sendria’s knighthood. Their squires and low-ranking knights were forced to walk patrol as a display of might, and if word had already spread about the burglary these individuals would be on heightened guard. Not that they’d pick him out in the crowd, but Shiften hadn’t gotten to where he was by being reckless. So, it was the westerly route that the rogue took, passing through the winter wonderland that blanketed the beautiful and grand estates of the upper echelon until he came within view of the wall.

There were two gates leading into the Noble’s Ward from this direction, and both were heavily guarded by privately owned guards donated to the duty by those who lived within the ward. This always made the situation at these gates tense as each had their own master to report to, and each had their own suspicions to court, but it was effective enough in keeping order as any problems that occurred would result in everyone sharing equal blame, and no one wanted to come under the scrutiny of Piers Aelfgar, the Hand of Amer’Loc. This time of night the gates were light with multiple lanterns hanging from awnings and posts driven into the frozen earth. There were no gatehouses, per se, and the troops involved in guarding the ward were gathered about their respective fire pits. Despite the opportunity for a rather bedraggled appearance, they kept the area neatly organized and at least acceptable to view. But it wasn’t the appearance of the gate guards that Shiften would have to be concerned with. It was the fact that even with all of the social activities presented the nobility of Sendria, there was little to no passage taking place through these gates as most of the nobility was either hosting parties for their peers, or attending parties hosted by their peers all within the Noble’s Ward, or the Inner Circle of Davnor. This meant that Shiften had to decide whether to try his luck at the gate, or work his way over the wall somewhere between the two gates.

The wall was twenty feet in height, made of smoothed granite, and topped by dangerous-looking iron spikes showing early oxidization that mixed a lime green color into the rusted reddish hue. There was a thick foundation, but even standing atop the thin outcropping such provided, it meant that Shiften was still twelve feet shy of the top.

Noble’s Ward | About two hundred yards from the gate separating the Noble’s Ward and the Scholar’s Ward between the two gates | The City of Davnor | Sendria | Claise 23rd, Teladay, 452ER, 7:18pm | Partly Cloudy and Snow-Covered

The West Ward | Westgate Guardhouse | The City of Ethryn | The Kingdom of Ertain | Claise 24th, Viladay, 452ER, 6:47am | Partly Cloudy and Snow-Covered

“Voices?” Witigus responded with raised eyebrows as he watched Lloyd take over searching the wagon. The wagonmaster also turned a questioning eye to the man in the gray cloak, watching his every move with interest.

“So that’s Madius then?” The shift sergeant and Lloyd were blocked from the view of Madius, Fenaril and Etaulph by the wagon and its cargo, so Witigus was able to give their direction a conspicuous nod without fear of a repercussion.

(OOC: Assuming an affirmative response)

“Then we take him in for questioning, proper-like.” Witigus dropped his hand to the hilt of his blade and began to stride around the wagon, obviously intent on arresting Madius without any further ado. His path will take him right past Lloyd’s position, around the back of the wine wagon.

The West Ward | Westgate Guardhouse | The City of Ethryn | The Kingdom of Ertain | Claise 24th, Viladay, 452ER, 6:50am | Partly Cloudy and Snow-Covered

Posted on 2009-02-22 at 20:39:57.

Topic: Happy Birthday TsAh
Subject: Happy Birthday!!!

Hmmm...Dad and Mom got him drum lessons, some clothes, and a football (and Dad fudged a couple of die rolls during our RPG game last night to keep his character alive: don't tell TsAh that, cause he doesn't know).

Posted on 2009-02-22 at 18:58:59.

Topic: The Embodiment Q&A
Subject: I've been remiss.

The last thing I want is for this game to stall out or fail. I apologize for the delays. With my son's birthday this weekend i've been a little busy. I appreciate your patience.

Posted on 2009-02-22 at 08:49:33.

Topic: Star Trek: The Guardian Saga Q&A
Subject: I have been remiss.

With TsAh's birthday this weekend I've not reviewed my sons' posts yet, or moved to update the game. I apologize for the delay and will try to get an update in place tomorrow. Thanks for your patience.

Posted on 2009-02-22 at 08:46:55.

Topic: Anniversary
Subject: Congrats!

Sounds like it was a humble affair. Kinds wish mine had been too. You set expectations with the expenses (not that my wife expects such frills...I don't think so anyway).

Posted on 2009-02-20 at 15:11:59.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Q&A
Subject: Yay!

So, for clarification purposes: are we on the move then?

Posted on 2009-02-20 at 06:08:43.

Topic: Star Trek: The Guardian Saga Q&A
Subject: Not a problem.

Duncan is delayed as well. No harm.

Posted on 2009-02-18 at 02:46:41.

Subject: Belated

Look! *points to self* I got you a card!

You know; birthdays are like boogers. The more you have the harder it is to breathe.

What!? I saw it on a birthday card.

Posted on 2009-02-17 at 22:48:24.

Topic: Duncan74 Gone
Subject: Take what time you need.

Our condolences. There's no rush.

Posted on 2009-02-17 at 15:22:21.

Topic: Star Trek: The Guardian Saga Q&A
Subject: No problem.

I've updated the game. Looking for your next actions.

Posted on 2009-02-16 at 00:13:57.

Topic: Star Trek: The Guardian Saga
Subject: Welcome toInorlia

Shuttle PT-2001 | Stardate 51717.9 (09-07-2374) 06:45 hours | Bajor Sector, The Alpha Quandrant, in orbit around Inorlia a Class B Planet within two light years of Koralis

(Die Rolls: Ensign Ral [Pilot Shuttle-Class Craft: 23, 23, 22, 23, 20; Athletics 21] | Ensign Shral [Athletics 17] | Ensign Pierce [Athletics 16] | Ensign Goodhart [21] | Ensign Malton [Athletics 22] | Lt. Kavk [Athletics 16])

The light of the shuttle bay was peeled away from those watching out of the viewports and replaced by the near perfect blackness of space, marred in its absoluteness by the pinpoint stars of visible systems. After Shuttle designation PT-2001 passed through the force field keeping the oxygen within the shuttle bay, Ensign Ral punched in the correct bearing he’d just received from the ship’s computer and guided the boxy craft over the port nacelle before bringing her about to maintain her bearing on the barren north pole of Inorlia. Beside him, in the navigator’s chair, Lt. Kavk began to run his own scans of their surroundings and the quickly-approaching planet.

“I likely have no need to reiterate Starfleet’s planet designation parameters for a Class B planet,” Lt. Kavk stated as he continued to stare blandly at the console in front of him. “Suffice it to say that this is a most inhospitable planet, and we will all be required to don environmental suits before stepping foot on the surface. As we have less than fifteen minutes before Ensign Ral sets this shuttle down, it makes the most sense to dress for the occasion now.

“Ensigns Pierce and Shral,” Ortar finally turned his attention from the information being returned by long-range scans and fixed his matter-of-fact gaze on the doctor and engineer. “You will be first, followed by Ensigns Goodhart and Malton. Once we land, Ensign Ral and myself will don the suits.”

That said, Lt. Kavk returned his attention to the scanning while continued their descent.

The suits to which the Vulcan had been referring were standard issue space suits, perfectly capable of handling the rigors of walking in space as walking on the surface of a planet with an extreme environment. By the time everyone was dressed but the CO and the pilot, Ensign Ral was gearing up for entry into the planet’s atmosphere. Flying a shuttle through the atmosphere was easy when you were already within it. Flying a shuttle through the vacuum of space was relatively easy as well. Transferring oneself between the two was a little trickier, but Ensign Ral managed with relatively little in the way of unnecessary bumps. That’s not to say that it wasn’t bumpy, but it wasn’t as bad as it could have been had someone other than Ral Tarwin been at the helm.

After the burn of entry had filtered off, those within the shuttle were greeted by the alien sky of Inorlia. Orange in hue, it was completely clear of cloud cover, leaving the pinpoints of stars clearly visible through the strange coloration. Even Guardian’s orbiting spec of light was visible, should one be in position to look for it. The ground was of a richer red stone, earth, and boulder. There wasn’t a plant to be seen through the viewport; just rocky outcroppings, jutting stone, and dangerous-looking canyons occasionally rising up into sharp mountains.

“I am still unable to penetrate the magnetic interference that was encountered by the Guardian’s long-range sensors, although it would appear that we have some accuracy with short-range sensors. I am able to receive some information at a distance of twenty-five kilometers,” Lt. Kavk announced. Looking up from the console he scanned the quickly passing scenery. “The most logical method for surveying would be to perform a series of passes over designated regions. This is not, however, the most pleasant way—“

The Lieutenant was interrupted by a beeping from the computer. Adjusting some of the parameters of his scan resulted in a slight cocking of his head. “Interesting. Ensign Ral, please bring the shuttle around to a bearing of two point five seven and take it to an altitude of fifty feet.”

Kavk’s instructions put them dangerously close to the unpredictable terrain. It meant that Ral would have to pay very close attention to his flying or they’d end up dust on some mountainside.

“Sensors indicate compressed metals, and an electrical signature just over that rise,” Ortar didn’t indicate which rise he was referring to through the viewscreen, but those within the shuttle could easily see a steeply sloping cliff face rising up before them about five kilometers away. “I am not picking up any further—“

Additional beeping caused the lieutenant to adjust his attention once again. “Brace yourselves,” he said in the typical Vulcan fashion of emotionless instruction. “We have been detected.”

The shuttle shook violently and as the console in front of Ral lit up with warnings and indicators of an abrupt drop in altitude. The pilot found them suddenly skimming the surface of Inorlia while it adjusted in distance from the belly of the shuttle by a mere ten to fifteen feet.

Shields at fifty two percent. Starboard nacelle is leaking plasma. The computer informed them, and Ensign Ral suddenly discovered that the ship’s responsiveness was sluggish as he attempted to adjust their altitude.

“It is a Jem’Hadar fighter, and it is preparing to fire once again.” Lt. Kavk was busy adjusting the shields power to the aft of the shuttle when the little vessel shook once more, jarring everyone in their seats.

Shields at thirty four percent.

Sparks showered those in the rear, tumbling off of their suit’s shoulders and helmets as a panel blew wide open revealing a dazzling light show within the forest of wires and conduits, the panel hanging by a hinge over Ensign Malton’s helmeted head. Ensign Ral knew the shuttle couldn’t out maneuver a Jem’Hadar fighter designed for aerial and sub-zero combat. With the starboard nacelle out of commission he couldn’t speed away, or even gain enough altitude to attempt returning to the Guardian.

“This is Starfleet shuttlecraft PT-2001,” Lt. Kavk had activated the communications relay. “We are being attacked by a Jem’Hadar fighter, and are requesting immediate evacuation.”

The call for help was met by silence.

The shuttle shook violently once more, nearly spilling Lt. Kavk from his seat. “The communications system is damaged. We have to find cover.

“Ensign Ral. Find someplace to put us down, and slow down to one quarter impulse. The fighter cannot match that speed and will have to swing around to engage once more. Perhaps it will buy us the time we need…”

As the rough terrain swept past them, Ensign Ral scanned the reddish rock looking for both a place to set the shuttle down safely, and a place that would offer them cover from the beetle-like fighter that was in pursuit. As the speed of the shuttle was reduced, Lt. Kavk’s knowledge of the enemy craft came in handy, and the underside of the fighter swept over the top of them as the vehicle sped on ahead. Mere seconds later, Tarwin spotted an outcropping with a gentle slope just below it. The rock above was thick enough that it could most likely withstand a couple of phaser blasts, and there were some massive stone pinnacles close enough to provide cover for them if they could make it on foot. The problem was that it was a difficult bit of piloting, but that didn’t deter the young Bajoran.

Sweeping the shuttle about to the port side, Ensign Ral manually brought the ship sliding in under the overhang. It was a close fit, and the vessel was momentarily shaken when a portion of the aft section struck a boulder, nearly spinning the shuttle too far forward before Ensign Ral could readjust their trajectory.

“The fighter is beginning its turn,” Lt. Kavk informed them, his left hand braced against the console to keep him from slamming his face into the hardware.

The shuttle settled with a series of jerking motions followed by a short slide, and then the engines were powering down.

“Quickly,” Lt. Kavk ordered, unstrapping himself and rising to his feet. “There were some canyons nearby within those columns of rock. Make for those and wait for us there. Ensign Ral, I suggest you dress as quickly as possible. We don’t want to be in this shuttle when that fighter returns.”

(OOC: assuming the lot of you obey his orders and open the side door to escape what will momentarily become a sitting duck for the Jem’Hadar’s targeting practice…)

The slope upon which the shuttle now rested was covered with a thin layer of red silt mixed with a scattering of small chunks of rock from the outcrop overhead. The grade of the slope caused some momentary slipping from those spilling out of the shuttle’s belly, but it was quickly adjusted for, and the four Starfleet officers made short work of the distance between them and the pillars of rock that Ral had spotted, and Kavk had ordered them too. The whole while casting nervous glances at the sky.

Within the shuttle, Ensign Ral and Lt. Kavk slipped into their suits as quickly as they could manage. Ortar had set the computer to monitor the Jem’Hadar’s approach vocally, and as they’d sealed up their suits the ship’s pleasant female voice announced that the enemy ship had completed its circle and was on approach once more.

“I suggest that you run, Ensign.” Lt. Kavk ordered, pushing Ral Tarwin through the large shuttle door and onto the slope. The Vulcan followed on his heels, raising his phaser rifle towards the approaching purple and gray vessel, and firing off a couple of useless shots that went wide.

Ensigns Shral, Pierce, Goodhart, and Malton had achieved the first of the pillars some forty meters from the ship when the Jem’Hadar fighter fired its massive disruptor cannons. There were four loud expulsions of energy from the canons at the nose of the ship. Encased in brilliant, deadly energy, the cannon shots sped towards the shuttle. Two of the bolts struck the slope in front of it, sending rocks flying while the next two struck the shuttle squarely just before the fighter darted overhead. The concussive blast from the cannon fire and the subsequent explosion of their shuttle sent Ensign Ral stumbling forward, his back arched against the sheer force of it. He was lifted a couple of feet into the air and flung forward by a good five meters where he hit the ground and rolled. The air was knocked from his lungs and the world was tumbling about him through his helmet’s visor as he rolled downhill before coming to rest approximately thirty meters below the column of rocks, still on the slope.

From their perch, the four ensigns watched their pilot’s circumstances worsen, and their CO receive much the same treatment. When the concussion passed they were left with the shuttle in fiery ruin, Ensign Ral slowly climbing to his feet, and Lt. Kavk lying even further down the slope nearly fifty meters away, lying face-first on the ground, his inert body against a boulder.

Inorlia (a Class B Planet), North Pole | Stardate 51717.9 (09-07-2374) 07:05 hours | The Guardian remains in orbit around Inorlia a Class B Planet within two light years of Koralis within the Bajor Sector, The Alpha Quandrant,

Posted on 2009-02-16 at 00:08:46.
Edited on 2009-02-16 at 00:09:14 by Bromern Sal

Topic: The Embodiment Q&A
Subject: Blammm

Blammm let me know he's likely not posting for a bit, so I'm going to intercede in Caterina's communication to him.

Still looking for a post from Van, and I will be moving everyone who is still active forward tomorrow.

Posted on 2009-02-15 at 08:14:18.

Topic: Star Trek: The Guardian Saga Q&A
Subject: Updated the Star Trek: Guardian Saga Support Site

If you check the first page of this thread, you'll see that I've updated the support site with a large update (particularly the Medical Equipment).

Posted on 2009-02-12 at 04:55:40.

Topic: The Embodiment Q&A
Subject: The week is half over...

Still no sign of Blammm. Have the rest of you developed your posts?

Posted on 2009-02-12 at 00:59:39.

Topic: Star Trek: The Guardian Saga Q&A
Subject: Duncan's excuse note.

Duncan left an excuse note. That means we're just waiting on Cooner to post. He was working on his post when I started writing this, but I can hear him in the other room playing Clone Wars with his little brother, so he must've been side tracked.

Posted on 2009-02-12 at 00:58:49.

Topic: Duncan74 Gone
Subject: My condolences

We'll be doing exactly that. Be safe.

Posted on 2009-02-10 at 22:41:11.

Topic: Star Trek: The Guardian Saga Q&A
Subject: Well...

With Valentine's Day being this weekend it might have bought you a little more time. Then again, I might still be able to get a post in this weekend--you never know. Hey! At least you aren't the only one: Cooner...

Posted on 2009-02-09 at 22:53:12.

Topic: Star Trek: The Guardian Saga Q&A
Subject: LOL

Click on the Armoury's link and then in your address bar, at the end of the URL, type: index.php and it should take you there.

Posted on 2009-02-07 at 22:01:44.

Topic: Star Trek: The Guardian Saga Q&A
Subject: Yes.

You'd have a medical tricorder, and you definitely hold the prestigious title of doctor as an ensign. Though, you will be referred to by title, rank, and Mister no doubt.

Posted on 2009-02-06 at 22:14:45.


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