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Topic: The Embodiment
Subject: Thank you, Cap'n.

All right, so Septimus' character is posted. The QA thread has the link. Since I have the most information for Cap'n Lou's character I'll be working on it next.

Posted on 2008-07-15 at 06:06:58.

Topic: Cerebral Paradox - Cyberpunk 2020
Subject: After a review of where things stand...

I was hoping for a post from Raven, but nothing yet. I'll give it a couple of more days tops. I want to get at least one more post in before I leave for Jersey on Thursday, so be prepared for that.

Posted on 2008-07-14 at 04:08:05.

Topic: The Embodiment Q&A
Subject: Number one.

All right, the first character is created. Link is the Character's name in the first post.

Posted on 2008-07-14 at 02:35:43.

Topic: Voyages of Rocinante - Serenity/Firefly RPG
Subject: Huh?

Things might've been a little prickly a moment earlier--Wyatt's hat could attest to that! But it weren't the gunfire, explosions, or people bleeding all over the goram place that set the hair on the back of Wyatt's neck standing on edge. No, it was the poignant look Willow gave him before gliding into the destroyed bank.

Now, he weren't no psychic telepath, or nothin', but he could've sworn she'd just screamed, "Danger! And it's the guy carrying the bag you should be worried about, you dumb space cowboy!" At least, that's what Wyatt had ringing in his brainpan as the scent of Willow's perfume dissipated into the overpowering, acidic odor of gunpowder.

(OOC: though Wyatt will continue with that which I posted above, he'll do so while keeping one hand on his newly reloaded Colt, and one eye on the town physician.)

Posted on 2008-07-13 at 06:45:46.

Topic: The Embodiment
Subject: No rush really.

I'm still working on Septimus' character sheet.

Posted on 2008-07-13 at 06:34:03.

Topic: Star Trek: Operation:Persephone - Q&A
Subject: There may be considerably less shortly.

I don't know which will happen first: a Romulan being mauled by one of the cat people, or the cat people killing each other. Either way the fight will likely be offered on Galactic Pay Per View.

Posted on 2008-07-13 at 06:32:32.

Topic: Star Trek: Operation Persephone
Subject: Commence Rescue.

Stardate: 2374.09.06
The Charon – Bridge – 12:25 hours

“We’re being hailed, Captain,” Kennedy stated, his hands flying across the Ops controls in front of him, and to the front right of the Captain’s chair. “It’s one of the ASRVs.”

“Open a channel, Lieutenant,” Gavison said in a low voice filled with tension.

“Channel open, Sir.”

“Attention USS Charon. This es Captain Jack MacTavish, USS Cerberus. A warp core breach an’ failure of critical emergency systems ‘as resulted en th’ destruction o’ Starfleet vessel NCC-83964 an’ th’ loss o’ 132 crewmen abaird. Th’ remainin’ 15 ASRVs’ve been clustered as per battlefield recov’ry protocols an’ await yer int’rvention a’ coordinates bein’ transmitted tae ye…” He nodded to Duncan who wordlessly sent the coordinates to the approaching Saber-class frigate… “We’ve eighty-one Starfleet personnel an’ six repr’sentatives o’ th’ Romulan Star Empire fer recovery, along wi’ the remainin’ cloak an’ wha’e’er data me crew’s managed ta salvage from the library dumps prior tae the destruction o’ the vessel an’ a bit more tha’s been gathered en the past 24 hours per our own limited investigations.

Cerberus standin’ by fer further direction an’ recovery op’rations.”

Gavison sighed at the sound of the ornery Scotsman’s voice. He’d been afraid that Jack would have followed the old seafaring rule of going down with one’s ship—a practice Starfleet had worked to abolish since the inception of the War had put the number of qualified captains on the decline. The report that Mac had relayed concerning the Cerberus’ losses weighed heavy on the captain’s soul, but there were survivors to worry about at this point, and Kel was more than a little eager to find out what had happened to their sister ship.

“Captain MacTavish, this is Captain Kelsey Gavison,” Kel entered the communication with formality. “It is good to hear your voice. Prepare to be transported aboard the Charon as soon as we’re within range. We’ll have all of the survivors aboard within the hour.”

(OOC: a response, if so desired…)

Once the channel was closed, Kelsey turned his focus to the bridge crew. “Lt. Kennedy, on screen when within range. Then begin immediate coordination with Doc Hamilton to prepare a triage in the shuttle bay. I want to make sure that every one of those that are brought aboard have a clean bill of health before they’re allowed to wander my ship. Captain MacTavish will have the diplomat’s quarters. I want a meeting with Mac and his senior staff in the Observation Lounge as soon as they’ve had a chance to settle. All senior staff will attend.

“Mr. Kato,” Kel switched his attention to the science officer. “Tone those scans. I want to know every detail of those in the ASRVs, as well as the surrounding space. You find any debris from the Cerberus and I want it brought on board for further analysis by yours, and Chief Jones’ team.”

“Talon, you know what to do.”

Rising from the chair, Kelsey glanced over his shoulder to where his XO sat at the starboard wall. “Mr. Fletcher, you have the Bridge. I want to know the instant the rescue operation is a success.”

Striding from the bridge, Kel entered his ready room, waiting for the telltale sound of the doors closing before he dropped his fists to the table top and let his head fall. He hadn’t really known what he’d find upon reaching the coordinates, and he hadn’t realized it until he’d heard Mac’s voice, but he’d actually thought all of them would be gone. Vanished, or dead, or something of the sorts. He felt a relief that he hadn’t known he’d needed, and he sure as hell wasn’t about to show that side of him to the crew.

After a time, Kelsey moved around to the replicator and ordered himself a coffee. With it in hand, he returned to the head of the table where he seated himself. He’d been intent on closing his eyes a while, temporarily forgetting the events of the past couple of days. Instead, he found notification on the computer that a high priority message was waiting for him. He stared at it long and hard for some time, unsure of whether he wanted to trouble himself with it, or not. Starfleet politics were droll, and tiresome. Looking a rescue in the face, the last thing Kel wanted to do was deal with a politician’s inquiry when he had no answers.

He considered ignoring it for the space of five minutes while he sipped the coffee. It had been some time since he’d had to deal with any on a personal level, and that’s just the way he wanted to keep it. Unfortunately, in the face of what had just occurred he knew he could only avoid it for so long, and Kelsey wasn’t one to back down from a challenge.

Activating the message, Captain Gavison watched detachedly until it was over. He considered the request and wondered at the response he’d be sending. In his years of service he’d sent many a letter informing family of their loss. No matter the number, it was never an easy thing. The only thing he could hope was that the girl was alive, by some miracle, and that Talon’s security measures helped turn up something.

Back on the Bridge, Lt. Kennedy was working through the logistics of establishing a quarantined triage in the shuttle bay, working with Engineering on the logistics of transporting all of the survivors in the timeframe that the captain had promised, and integrating security’s measures into the whole operation.

Posted on 2008-07-13 at 05:56:42.

Topic: The Embodiment
Subject: Yup. That you were.

As was everyone else. I need the questions listed below answered so I can get the character sheets made:

What's your character's name?

I also need you to choose three words to describe the character's disposition:

How the character feels about people:

What your character values most: examples would include money, knowledge, power, land, love, friendship, honor, etc.

The person the character values most:

Most valued possession:

The character's general philosophy (alignment):

Patron deity:

Character's description:

A list of mundane gear that the character absolutely must have:

Any livestock that the character may own:

Description of clothing worn/carried:

Any aliases that the character may have gone by in the past:

Any organizational affiliations that you'd like me to entertain:

Posted on 2008-07-13 at 04:26:52.
Edited on 2008-07-13 at 17:46:58 by Bromern Sal

Topic: The Embodiment
Subject: Bravo.

Received. And everyone else's?

Posted on 2008-07-13 at 00:26:20.

Topic: Cerebral Paradox - Cyberpunk 2020
Subject: That's fair enough.

Still not a lot of responses, but I'll likely be posting again this weekend.

Posted on 2008-07-12 at 17:48:21.

Topic: Star Trek: Operation:Persephone - Q&A
Subject: I wonder...

Will those on the Charon be posting this weekend?

We'll be right back after these messages...

Posted on 2008-07-12 at 17:46:14.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: Have fun!

Don't get eaten by bears. That'd suck.

Posted on 2008-07-11 at 04:43:30.

Topic: Star Trek: Operation:Persephone - Q&A
Subject: Nice round of posting.

I'm trying to give poor Eol time to catch up before posting a continuance, especially since there's some things he'll be sharing that will influence my post. I just wanted to let you all know that I've been enjoying the read.

Posted on 2008-07-09 at 05:39:33.

Topic: Cerebral Paradox - Cyberpunk 2020
Subject: Hmmm...

That's an ominous disclaimer...

Posted on 2008-07-08 at 05:24:59.

Topic: Star Trek: Operation:Persephone - Q&A
Subject: Its like...

Missing the season finale.

Posted on 2008-07-07 at 23:34:10.

Topic: Computer Games
Subject: Computer or Console

As far as computer games are concerned, Baldur's Gate was really fun for its time, and Neverwinter Nights as well, but I grew bored with both rather quickly. For the console, Oblivion IV has held my attention for the better part of a year now.

I have to agree with Eol, though. Nothing out there comes close to comparing to a tabletop game with friends.

On a side note: Rock Band has been my addiction as of late. One of the best all out cooperative options available in my humble opinion.

Posted on 2008-07-07 at 20:21:11.

Topic: Cerebral Paradox - Cyberpunk 2020
Subject: I believe the proper response to my post is:


Posted on 2008-07-07 at 06:09:25.

Topic: The Embodiment Q&A
Subject: A decent start to be certain, but...

In order for me to create the character sheets I'll need the answers to a few more questions from everyone. I'll try and get the questions posted soon. I am currently working on Septimus' character.

Posted on 2008-07-07 at 06:07:54.

Topic: Cerebral Paradox - Mature Content
Subject: Trouble...

The Mean Streets – East Marina – Night City – March, Friday 13th, 2020, 12:45pm

Spiff’s decision to shut off his phone likely saved his skin. Unfortunately, it also meant that the fixer would be unreachable, and for a business man, that was a very detrimental thing. Fully aware of this change in habit, Spiff and Preacher rode about in the cab sweeping the streets in search of someplace safe to hole up. There were plenty of choices cheap motels were more prominent than DataTerms, and they were on practically every street corner. The question became which one, and how far from downtown Night City did he want to go before he felt “safe?”

Preacher was unsurprisingly unresponsive during the ride. Should Spiff press, he pointedly looked towards the back of the cabbie’s head and then turned to peer out through the wash of rain once more. There were a lot of questions to be asked, no doubt, but Preacher wasn’t about to share dirty little secrets with a perfect stranger in such a private environment. So, the solo remained watchful even though Spiff had said he didn’t need a bodyguard—didn’t want one. If Spiff died, there went Preacher’s paycheck, and as much as he hated to admit it, the team needed to stick together in order to survive this, and right now his link to the team was this hot-headed fixer. So, if he didn’t keep them alive, he’d be hard pressed to keep himself alive for much longer.

“There,” Preacher said after nearly a half hour of driving. He’d spotted a Sunshine Cottages just off the freeway. They’d traveled north of downtown Night City, across the Bay Bridge, and were now in the northern sub-cities. Preacher had always had a hard time with the maps, never really caring about the political lines—to him it was all Night City. All he knew was that the Sunshine Cottages wasn’t a coffin motel, but wasn’t high class enough that it didn’t take cash.

(OOC: assuming Spiff doesn’t object to Preacher’s choice…)

The cab dropped them off with the cabbie accepting payment by Spiff in the form of the colorful Euro bills before speeding off in the direction of Downtown once more. Spiff also procured a room at the price of forty-five Eb, again paying in cash. The room Preacher requested was ground level, at the back of the motel, without pool access. It afforded them an open view of the freeway on its raised path, the off-ramp, and the frontage road that led to the motel.

The room had two beds, a desk, an entertainment center, a closet, a bathroom, and a mirror. It also had a sliding door, a swamp cooler, and a small refrigerator that was stocked with four bottles of water.

Preacher made a quick sweep of the room, checking the phone, the mirror, the television, and the clock radio for bugs. Snatching up the complimentary guide, Preacher thumbed through it.

“There’s Internet access through the television,” he muttered, turning to look at Spiff directly from beneath the rim of his hat. “Not The Net mind you, but the Internet. I can skim forums, blogs, RSS feeds, news sites, and public media, but I won’t really know what’s going on Inside. Do you understand? All the Internet time will be a prepay situation ‘cause you paid cash, but the good thing is tha’ it won’ be on a card, an’ the name you used isn’t traceable to you, so it is fairly safe.”

Sunshine Cottages – Heywood – Night City – March, Friday 13th, 2020, 1:30pm

The City Inn – South Night City – Night City – March, Friday 13th, 2020, 1:14pm

Words were a weapon that could be used to destroy, aggravate, stall, and save. DigitalScribe was capable and familiar with each and every one of those uses, and could claim no favorite. They were each like a child of his, and he loved them all equally. When they’d settled, Frankie had dropped into the single chair at the desk and produced his Zetatech “Black Book” from his pocket. He’d bought the high-end model, complete with the voice recognition transcribing software as he preferred to write his stories verbally, usually while pacing in his conapt, a brandy in hand. Perhaps it was due to self-consciousness, or that he didn’t like his works in progress being reviewed before they were finished, but he was going to start on this project using the tiny keypad built into the Black Book, even if it killed him.

There was no way that he could have known the trouble they were in while he plugged away at the first version of the story. He had no way of knowing that a black ops team had broken into the mallplex business sector, killing his video friend and taking the recorded media. He had no way of knowing that they’d received a response to their “all ears” broadcast for information pertaining to the group of saboteurs: a waitress at a restaurant had individuals matching the description eating, and discussing things pertaining to Biotechnica. She’d even recorded some of the conversation and had provided it to another black ops team just before she “jumped” from the Bay Bridge. Of course, DigitalScribe had no way of knowing this as he continued to type.

Nor was he aware that his and Guardian’s mark had been had thanks to the information provided the black ops teams. He wasn’t aware that they were converging on his very location, so caught up in his second version of the story was he. This is why he had hired Guardian. It was a similar situation to that of a Netrunner needing a meat bodyguard while they were In. Scribe’s only salvation would have to come at the hands of Guardian.

The large black man’s profession required him to remain alert, active, and ever imaginative. It was his creative vision, his own methodology for determining the best assassination approach of his mark that would result in the success, or failure, of his contract. It was his restlessness that gifted him with insight into the future.

Approaching the window, the bodyguard opened a sliver of a view outside by pulling the curtain aside with the knuckle of one finger. The storm was still pounding Night City in its attempt to tear the city apart, but that’s not what interested him. Their room was at the back of the motel, ground level, with a sliding door that opened into the courtyard where the rectangular swimming pool was located. There was one way out without going through another room, and that was to Guardian’s right…the same direction that he spotted two completely black garbed individuals bearing automatic submachine guns, full-face battle masks, combat webbing, and body armor entering the courtyard with weapons at ready.

The City Inn – South Night City – Night City – March, Friday 13th, 2020, 4:28pm

Wilderness – Northeast of Night City – March, Friday 13th, 2020, 6:30pm

“So you don’t trust me either,” MDK stated from behind his mask, quite suddenly turning on his heel to face Peacekeeper. The move immediately brought the bounty hunter to the balls of her feet, her hand dropping to the Automag she had holstered at her back waist.

Cocking her head to the side, Jaimy used her left hand to brush some errant hair from her face, its soft blue tip having been faded to black before she’d left the RV.

“You’ve got a complex, Choomba,” she stated in a matter-of-fact tone. “My coming along on this little excursion has little to do with my level of trust for you—though you aren’t too far off. The only reason I trust you at all in this is because Jack sent you.

“I’m not here to babysit, if that’s what you’re getting at,” Peacekeeper pointed in the direction of their objective. “Going at things alone is about as smart as playing Russian Roulette—I’m here to provide back-up, and to make sure that this mission is a success. You haven’t been here from the start, but our very lives depend on this plan working, so forgive me if I don’t waste any more time in a pissing match with a man who is obviously severely…wanting, and get on with this.”

Peacekeeper made good on her word, turning from the black-garbed assassin to start on her way again, pushing past a pine branch to jog briefly across a small clearing and drop behind a scrub oak surrounded by a sort of fern. Her thermograph sensor was in full operation as she scanned the area ahead. Alternating the view between the thermograph and her infrared where she deemed fit.

(OOC: assuming the confrontation is at an end…)

MDK and Peacekeeper made decent time crawling over the mountainside. A ten mile hike through the mountains is never a simple thing, and even less so over a terrain without trails, markings, or paths. Forced, as they were, to keep in mind the possibility of sensors, bots, and patrols, the pair crept along in the fastest fashion possible. The storm that was raging along the coast was far fiercer than the storm that thundered overhead, but it didn’t make their trek any easier. Many times they slipped in the mud while traversing a steep incline, sliding down a hillside, or worked to avoid a wash. Peacekeeper didn’t complain, because the weather removed the immediate threat of a patrol spotting them from any distance. She’d been through plenty of hellish circumstances before, and this didn’t even register on her high mark.

Two hours into their hike, while cresting a small rise pouring a steady stream of water down over him, MDK spotted the first possibility of trouble. His quick eye saved them from the embarrassment of being registered on a high-mounted, heat-sensitive camera. The pin-point green power light was what gave it away, and MDK’s angle of approach was the only thing that afforded him that particular pleasure. The two had to proceed in a more cautious manner from then forward. Over the next hour they encountered four more of those cameras, and each time, either MDK or Peacekeeper spotted them in what they felt was enough time to avoid detection. Again, the bounty hunter had to thank the weather for the help they were receiving. Even if they weren’t registered by the heat detector, had the rain not been pouring they might have been detected by the visual aspect of the camera.

Three and a half hours into the hike the pair encountered their next challenge. This time it was Peacekeeper who kept MDK from inching into the detection grid. She’d been advancing, leap-frog fashion, with MDK and had been crouched behind the mossy side of a rather thick fir tree scanning the area ahead, first using her thermograph and registering nothing. Then, she switched to infrared as MDK advanced. Just as he reached her position, she’d switched to her image enhancement, scanning left to right across the rushing stream of rainwater, the assassin starting forward just as she caught sight of the small glint of metal in the shrubs before them reflecting a lightning flash.

Her hand shot out right across MDK’s chest, stopping him from moving into the open. “There,” she whispered, motioning with her head. The image was sharpening under her cybernetics. She dropped her voice even more as she realized that audio enhancement might be a possible threat as well. “It’s about three feet in height—do you see it?”

As MDK focused his own cybernetics on the area he discovered exactly what the bounty hunter had spotted. It was about three feet in height as she had said, roughly a foot and a half in diameter, and shaped much like an office trash can. It was smooth, wet from the rain, and nestled within the undergrowth enough that it had been very difficult to discover, and would have been even on a clear day.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” Jaimy whispered, crouching just over his shoulder so that her voice practically tickled his ear. MDK hadn’t, but it was out of place in nature enough to immediately realize that it was a possible threat.

Further surveillance of the area they were in showed that the terrain they were in was sloping down to the right at a five percent grade. They were at the edge of a clearing that was maybe forty meters wide and cut in two sections by a rushing stream, overflowing with the rain water. There was very little by the way of foliage in the clearing. If they belly-crawled they might have been able to cross with little chance of notice by the human eye, but this canister was a new threat…unpredictable…unknown. From the looks of things, they’d have to go out of their way by at least fifteen minutes, or more, to avoid the clearing.

“Grand,” Peacekeeper muttered in MDK’s ear once more. “I think we may have entered into their secondary parameter. Any idea what it is?”

Wilderness – Northeast of Night City – March, Friday 13th, 2020, 10:03pm

Posted on 2008-07-07 at 05:52:46.

Topic: Star Trek: Operation:Persephone - Q&A
Subject: Eol?

How's the remainder of that post coming?

Posted on 2008-07-05 at 19:56:48.

Topic: Cerebral Paradox - Cyberpunk 2020
Subject: This weekend

I'll be posting this weekend, so if you've got things you want covered in the few hours between the split up of the meeting and the RV reaching the mountains, you better post...

I like thenice little pissing match MDK started. It made me chuckle.

Sui, you were PMing me about stuff, but I've yet to see anything on it.

Freeway, if you're seeing this, get ready, because your intro will be coming up shortly.

Pekka, I know there's not a lot for Guardian to do sitting around the pad like he is, so I think I'll change things up a bit for you--you know? Stir the boiling pot and see what gross things surface? Muahahahahaha!!!

Posted on 2008-07-05 at 04:17:11.

Topic: Is Vanadia on a plane AGAIN?
Subject: You really should...

Invest in an iPhone. Full Internet capabilities, and a decent keyboard...Then it isn't really like you are away from the Inn at all, and with the kajillion open source apps being created for it you would more that'd likely be able to find something to help keep in touch with your family too.

Enough safe in your travels.

Posted on 2008-07-05 at 04:01:30.

Topic: The Embodiment
Subject: feel free

It will speed the character creation process up dramatically. Also, seeing how this is a low-magic world you will each have a couple of magic items to help you out, but not many. And since your characters would have adventured for them: I'll pick them out. Except in the case of a wizard: I'll let wizard type characters provide my with one item of their choosing as they could have made it themself.

Posted on 2008-07-05 at 03:27:47.

Topic: The Embodiment
Subject: Blammm

What's your character's name?

I also need you to choose three words to describe her disposition:

How she feels about people:

What she values most: examples would include money, knowledge, power, land, love, friendship, honor, etc.

The person she values most:

Her most valued possession:

Her general philosophy (alignment):

Patron deity:

Posted on 2008-07-04 at 23:38:41.
Edited on 2008-07-04 at 23:54:53 by Bromern Sal

Topic: Star Trek: Operation:Persephone - Q&A
Subject: Sorry to read that

But I understand, and appreciate the honesty.

Posted on 2008-07-04 at 14:08:51.


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