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Topic: Star Trek: Cerberus Recruitment
Subject: May be interested...

Time being a constraint right now; when are you planning on leaving port? Gavison may very well be in charge of the Charon? Wouldn't that be interesting...

Posted on 2007-11-12 at 03:50:58.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Q&A
Subject: You edited out what happened!

So, did Maximus attempt to kill the Green? What happened? I went for popcorn and missed that part. Was Maximus the killer? Did the Green turn out to be Arien's long lost brother? What happened?!

Posted on 2007-11-09 at 02:24:47.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: Thank you sir...

I have a hard enough time remembering my name, let alone a whole slew of imaginary people.

Posted on 2007-11-09 at 02:20:09.

Topic: A Cold Day in Hell Q&A
Subject: yup

Everyone on the other fire team. Keenan switched to their frequency...kinds figured my team knew what was going on.

Posted on 2007-11-09 at 02:09:52.

Topic: A Cold Day in Hell
Subject: Ack!

“What do you think, Sir?” asked Denes as they moved forward in their sweep. “Abominable snowmen arsonists…”

Monty's mouth curled up in a grin while his eyes continued to scan the room. "We can only hope, Private."

Well, hope is one of those things that is quickly dashed, and as the whirling sound hummed through the air drawing the Lieutenant's attention, his fears of encountering a yeti with a match and gasoline quickly went up in smoke.

"Intruders detected--"

“Sweet mother-f&^$ing Mary!” exclaimed the private. “What the [email protected]#$ is that thing?”

“…gamma-four-six. Hostiles to be destroyed.”

“Oh s#*%!” Denes shot low on the thing, hoping to disable its strange propulsion system, as he moved for cover behind one of the nearest vehicles.

“End initiation,” Charlie's yell was followed up by instructions. “Security code: Tango-six-five-nine-nine-zero-one. Validate!”

Monty mentally swore as he immediate darted for the nearest cover, weapon raised. He'd been about to yell out to hold fire, but Private Pearson had quickly made that a moot point. "Hatherford, Blake, move on the left! Don't do anything heroic!" That said, Monty quickly releases a three round burst at the horror, while not putting himself at too much risk. "Initiate alternating firing sequence to confuse it. Go!"

As the other team fires, Lt. Kernan quickly switches frequency to Fire Team B's. "Sergeant Kane, Fire Team A has engaged a hostile robot. Stand ready!"

Switching back to Fire Team A's frequency, Monty takes his turn at firing again. If the rounds from their automatic weapons don't work, he'll instruct Denes to drop the damn thing within seconds of the engagement kicking in.

Posted on 2007-11-08 at 02:48:44.

Topic: Voyages of Rocinante - Serenity/Firefly RPG
Subject: Plan of action

Wyatt made no apologies for Sam's behavior in response to the news that the school marm was hitched. He was too busy mulling over the fact that the school marm was dealin'. With a nod to Bailey, the captain watched the man retreat about his business.

"Well, it don't make much sense to hang around here when we got pay waiting for us elsewhere, now does it?" Sung glanced back at Rocinante and received Ash's request to stay behind with a nod. "Would make sense. That whole commentary on the Law bein' absent is as good as it is bad for what we do. Law tends to keep people civil and casts shadows big enough for the likes of us t' work in. Keep a radio on, Ash, an' be ready for anything. These things never go smooth and I'm fresh outta four leaf clovers."

That said, Wyatt gave the kid a pat on the shoulder and turned to begin walking down the street, Willow on his arm, his hat low, and hopefully cutting an intimidating figure.

"Keep an eye out Dash," he offered after a few steps. "If this JW has government connections, an' we was mistaken for his transport as I gathered from Bailey, then he's just as likely t' have enemies. Last thing we need is us gettin' jumped an' humped while we make for the school."

Posted on 2007-11-08 at 02:34:27.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off
Subject: Um...what he said.

The mud-colored ranger placed the back of his dirty glove to his bleeding lip and tenderly applied a bit of pressure as he took in their victorious stand. Swords still in hand, the woodsman made sure everyone was more or less still standing before he took the time to wipe his blades clean on the cloth of his fallen foe. It was during this time that Maximus' captive made his plea for a quick death and the huge gladiator responded with a promise of a quick death upon cooperation. Char spun the blades in one quick, fluid motion before sending them back into their sheathes, the whole while watching to see what his new companion would do.

(OOC: If Maximus attempts to kill the Green, Char will likely call out to stop him; if he is unable to, I'll rewrite the following...)

After the Green's response, it was Arien's turn, and the ranger had to agree with the knight, though he did so silently. He'd not allow the unnecessary taking of life if he could avoid it.

Posted on 2007-11-08 at 01:46:30.

Topic: A Cold Day in Hell Q&A
Subject: I tried..

I tried to add to Ayrn's questions, but I couldn't think of anything...

Hold fire until fired upon. That's Monty's logic.

Posted on 2007-11-08 at 01:35:04.

Topic: Cerebral Paradox - Cyberpunk 2020
Subject: I haven't dug in too deep, but

Edits ought to be good enough for now.

Let me clarify something though: by nature 'Punk is a very unforgiving game. There's a reason why not everyone can cut it. Even Shadowrun (which is a cheap rip off of the genre and a pathetic attempt at The Dark) is soft by nature compared to 'Punk. I spared the three characters this time because I realize that there was a basic misunderstanding among the players of not only the system, but the character's roles within the story. If I didn't clearly illustrate my point in "Scribe's Vision", as we'll now call it; I want to make sure everyone understands: There are no untouchables in 'Punk. You have to really determine who you're willing to push attitude on because you don't win in this game; you survive, or you don't. What I consider part of the beauty of the game is that your character's are always strapped for cash, they're always on the verge of great loss, and they keep on fighting--sometimes alongside the gato they were running against the week before.

So, let's keep that in mind in the future shall we?

Edit: I've been doing some thinking about where things are. People have written quite a bit, and the reactions so far (waiting on Flirt to post a different post) while better, aren't completely defusing. I think I'm going to try and find time to take what's been posted thus far, condense it into one post that fixes the situation to a point where we can continue with some semblance of a storyline, and then we can move on.

Flirt, if I don't have a post from you by Sunday I'll make it for you.

Posted on 2007-11-07 at 06:53:15.
Edited on 2007-11-09 at 02:30:42 by Bromern Sal

Topic: Cerebral Paradox - Cyberpunk 2020
Subject: I've answered through P.M.

Hope that helps.

Posted on 2007-11-07 at 03:41:04.

Topic: Cerebral Paradox - Cyberpunk 2020
Subject: Well, that's too bad.

So that you're aware, there was about a one one-hundredth chance that any of you could have beat The Piper. I tried to warn you Tann, but kudos to you for playing Croaker through.

For those of you who bit the dust, if you'd like to make a new character we can likely work them in.

Ah, 'Punk...

After some debate I'm going to edit out the last few posts and let you all use them as a "what could have happened were we suicidal enough to piss off the crime boss standing in front of us and his superhuman killing machine of a bodyguard" scenario. Lucky ducks.

So, we'll make my last post with Scribe's offering of a plan and up to where lives are threatened but before Tann's and Flirt's posts legit. Carry on.

Posted on 2007-11-06 at 05:42:33.
Edited on 2007-11-06 at 07:21:56 by Bromern Sal

Topic: Voyages of Rocinante - Serenity/Firefly RPG
Subject: Where's the money?

Atmosphere touched his lungs before the sun hit his shoulders. Rocinante’s bay door opened slowly, casting smog-filtered sunlight through the hold across his boots, then up his legs, across his duster, and over his shoulders. Captain Wyatt Sung stood with his hands hanging easy by his side, his hat tilted low on his brow. He listened to the exclamations, his eyes panning the crowd for any reason to draw iron. He wasn’t prepared for the dissipation of the crowd without incident, though one comment did set his nerves on edge. The watching woman didn’t help either, but Willow’s comment did bring a small smile to his face.

“Wouldn’t take none of it personal-like. These folks seem t’ be pretty blind,” Wyatt drawled as the mechanic approached them.
“I’m Bailey. Bailey Sackett.” The mechanic said as he shook Wyatt’s hand. He continued to introduce himself to each of the present crew, making sure he spoke each name correctly. Then, he looked around and loudly proclaimed, “You must be the people with the CONTAINERS. Them CONTAINERS that belong to the mining guild, wouldn’t that be correct?”

“Good day to you, Bailey Sackett. I’m Willow Takahara and yes, we have a delivery for you. This is Captain Sung, I’ll let him introduce the crew as is proper.” Willow’s response was cordial and diplomatic; just what it should have been.

Wyatt gave a nod and scanned their surroundings once more, “Yup, Sackett. We’re the crew with the shipment. Now, if’n you don’t mind showing us where we’re supposed to unload this cargo and get paid, I’d be right obliged.”

Posted on 2007-11-04 at 05:11:14.

Topic: A Cold Day in Hell
Subject: C-c-c-cold

The sight of the blue field had made the whole thing real for Monty. The hairy, white ape that Chief Blake had spotted was now a very real possibility. He’d been unsure up to that point, and now he was leading a team of spec ops into…what? He wasn’t really certain anymore. Everything was out of whack, unreal, and as far as he knew…impossible. Not to mention that it was freakin’ cold! He’d lived through some cold winters in Idaho, but this was nothing like that. This was killing cold, and despite the gear that he wore, Monty felt his extremities going numb and the cold was sapping his strength. As they progressed through the deep snow Lt. Kernan kept glancing back at his team, looking for signs of any of their bodies succumbing to the effects of the bitter wind and low temperatures. Luckily, as they drew near to the dome everyone seemed to be holding up.

They followed Blake’s advice, moving into the blue field with some trepidation, but receiving nothing more than a slight tingle for the effort. Monty was so intent on the building ahead that he didn’t even bother to try and get back out again. Straight to the closed emergency exit they went moving in a straight line with the Lieutenant cutting their path through the snow. As they reached the door, Monty stopped three feet from the entrance and slightly to the left.

“Pearson,” Kernan said into his radio. “Open the door.”

When the door was open the Lieutenant was the first in, fully ready for some response to the alarm that sounded, and stepping to the right while covering the hall during the rest of the team entrance. They spread out quickly, checking the two storage rooms as cover teams, in the time that it took the alarm to quiet.

“Want us to do a thorough sweep of the room, sir?” Private Pearson asked as they entered the rec. room.

“Yeah,” Monty was peering down the sight of his M6A1 while taking in the condition of the room. “Uniform sweep. Move out.”

The team started forward in a Special Forces crouch, weapons at ready as they covered each other’s progression, Kernan still in the lead. Then his radio crackled and Sgt. Kane’s voice echoed in their ears.

< “Lt, Kane here, we have gained entrance on our side of the Facility and have found the body of one of those Ape type creatures. I have Cpl Johannsen getting us a DNA sample and then will move further into the building. Any new orders at this time.” >

Beneath his mask, Monty’s brow furrowed. These ape-things were in the building? This didn’t bode well. He had the sudden urge to tell the sergeant that should he encounter the strange yetis to just drop down prone and play dead. Instead, he answered the man’s question.

“No, Sergeant. Proceed as ordered.” He didn’t need to tell the other team to be careful. They were, after all Army Rangers.

Once the workroom is clean the plan is to carefully move into the garage where they’ll check the vehicles (if any) to see if any are operable…just in case. Then the parts and laundry rooms. They’ll do a quick pass of the next storage rooms to see if there’s anything they might be able to use, or anything that would be of interest to them, and then they’ll move on to the adjoining hallway, securing it in like form. The observatory is big on Kernan’s list.

Posted on 2007-11-04 at 04:52:44.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: Odd

Ever walk in on the tail end of a conversation and immediately turn to leave the room again? Consider it done here.

Posted on 2007-11-03 at 06:42:45.

Topic: A Cold Day in Hell Q&A
Subject: I'll post.

Saturday. I promise.

Posted on 2007-11-03 at 06:39:19.

Topic: A Cold Day in Hell Q&A
Subject: Oh, cold is definitely trouble.

Thank you for all of the information. I grew up an Army brat and though I haven't been in the military, I'm a trained cop, my brother is Military Intel (oxymoron though it is), and as I've said already, my father was military so I've a bit of an understanding of operations. My father even GM'd some Twilight 2000 games for us teenagers when I was a kid. What I'm saying is that communication is necessary. A smart officer never thinks he knows everything, and often relies on his team's training and experience to make the mission a success. Now, while Monty hasn't actually expressed this in words, I'd imagine that most spec ops teams run under the same standard so the rest of the team would be aware. As a matter-of-fact, communicating new finds and events is a must between separated team members.

Posted on 2007-11-02 at 02:01:41.

Topic: A Cold Day in Hell
Subject: Answer.

"Take the emergency exits. We'll end at the entrance."

Once everyone was ready, Lt. Kernan ordered his line up and the team moved out to the south with Monty taking point, Pearson on second, Blake third, and Hatherford bringing up the rear.

Posted on 2007-10-31 at 01:12:44.
Edited on 2007-10-31 at 01:13:10 by Bromern Sal

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Q&A
Subject: Buggar!

I was hoping not to get shaken or stirred. At least we survived.

Oh, by the way, I'm waiting to see what Maximus does to the green before I post.

Posted on 2007-10-31 at 01:03:54.
Edited on 2007-11-02 at 02:04:21 by Bromern Sal

Topic: Cerebral Paradox - Cyberpunk 2020
Subject: Sent.

The sheet has been sent.

Posted on 2007-10-31 at 00:56:15.

Topic: A Cold Day in Hell Q&A
Subject: Pretty standard

Seemed to be a pretty standard practice for a special forces team. They figure they're capable enough to handle anything that comes their way. After all, that's what the government trained them for, right?

Posted on 2007-10-31 at 00:55:04.

Topic: A Cold Day in Hell
Subject: We are only as successful as our intel.

Monty rested on his back face towards the darker recesses of the cold ceiling, eyes unseeing, closed as his mind's eye ventured forth on projected outcomes of their mission. There were paths in those winding avenues where they encountered nothing but a downed communication relay. Darker lanes came to dead ends--horrible scenes of blood and violence reaped upon the researchers by cabin fever. Less traveled were the dusty trails where upon one or more of his team came home in a body bag: himself included. Statistically speaking at least two of them were doomed. Monty had buried three people he was responsible for in his career, and had attended more funerals than he cared to count. His wasn't the safest of professions.

After a while his wrist watch alarm sounded and the lieutenant rose smoothly, fluidly, from his respite. With half-lidded eyes, the countryboy surveyed the room taking in the positioning of each member, including the apparent trouble-seeking new addition and Silent Bob. Sweeping a hand over the top of his nearly bald head, Monty acknowledged Blake's approach with a nod towards her laptop. He'd set it next to the cot when he'd finished reviewing the dosiers. He quickly realized that the laptop was playing second fiddle to the news the Goth had to relay.

"Naw," he drawled in a quiet county manner, his brow raised and his lips twisted at the obvious joke being played on him. The CO takes a nap and the team has a little fun with him. Classic--the Chief's expression held as she lifted the laptop and settled it into her bag.

"Naw," Monty said again, looking about at the others for confirmation of the joke. When each person remained locked in their own attention his brow came together. "You're serious?"

The confirmation unsettled him. "F-in' abominable snowman?" Again, Blake confirmed with the panache he'd already come to associate with her. "Is there proof I can see?" He'd never had a team member dislike him enough to try and screw him over with the Brass, but he'd known plenty of officers who had ad didn't plan on letting it happen to him. For some reason scenes from Planet of the Apes played through the back of his mind. God, how he used to think that movie was so cool, what with the whole "dirty ape" speech by Heston. The remake hadn't done it justice, and Monty couldn't really believe in snow apes anyway; he was, after all, an Army Ranger. Unfortunately, as he thought about the information the chief had just brought him and the likelihood that she'd mistaken the corpse of a polar bear for that of an ape he realized that if the base commander had sat them in his office with the full knowledge of whatever it was hanging out in his storage facility--under guard--and hadn't brought it to their attention, he was about as likely to show them upon request as Blake was of being caught in a formal gown. Did that mean he knew how to approach the subject with the rest of the team? Hell no!

With the suddenly vicious image of a rather large, white beast with blood encrusted, clawed hands dragging all of their decapitated heads down one of those dark alleys in his head, the lieutenant brought Kane and Blake together to plan their entry in more detail. For the time being, he kept the information to himself, sharing a look with the Chief that he hoped illustrated his indecision on the matter. As they were led to the helicopter he still hadn't made up his mind. It wasn't until they saw the strange blue field that his decision was made.

"Put us down there!" he called, pointing to a spot about fifty meters from the edge of the glow on the east side, a place where a snow dune would offer them some cover from the white-swept compound.

Once the were grounded and gathered into their fire teams Monty had them all take a knee on the snow.

"Some crazy sh** going on here boys and girls. This blue glow-park ain't the half of it neither. I don't know if they've been expiramenting on monkeys here or what, but--" he quickly relayed Blake's find to the rest of the group. "This don't change how we go in. We gow in hot, expecting trouble, and covering each other's asses. Got it?

"Good. Team one will sweep the southern hemisphere. Team two will take the north. Secure the buildings' main floor only, and regroup int the main facility's lobby in one hour.

"Now, unless Chief Blake has anything to add concerning what this blue igloo is; we move out."

Posted on 2007-10-30 at 06:56:06.

Topic: Cerebral Paradox - Cyberpunk 2020
Subject: It isn't a contest.

Paying gig. A comic book. One of these days soon I'll get a post together.

Posted on 2007-10-30 at 04:02:37.

Topic: Cerebral Paradox - Cyberpunk 2020
Subject: No. No stopping the game yet.

I've no plans of stopping yet. I'm in the middle of a huge art project and have a deadline of the end of November. Work has been keeping me late as I develop my department every week night making it so that I am falling behind on the art. Seeing how I've never missed a deadline this is taking up most of my time. This is why I've been slow with responses, posting irregularly, and more of a wraith around these parts of late than an admin.

Posted on 2007-10-27 at 07:56:22.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Q&A
Subject: fighter with a big budget...LOL

Nice sketch. Little known fact: Char's portrait is the dude in the upper right portion of the RDINN banner.

Posted on 2007-10-26 at 02:39:32.

Topic: A Cold Day in Hell Q&A
Subject: Propriety, or loyalty?

Nice... keep them grunts in line!

Posted on 2007-10-25 at 02:48:31.


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