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Topic: Flesh & Blood - A CyberPunk Game

Thanks, Mischief. Yes. It was verbally shared.

I'm happy to discuss characters via PM any time. In 'Punk, I prefer to keep characters to their players and allow them to reveal what they will when they will, but I am always available to reveal to you any mysteries of your character sheet. Even the books aren't all that easy to understand sometimes. 

Posted on 2020-02-14 at 16:07:57.

Topic: Flesh & Blood - A CyberPunk Game

It's true. I told Tann that this is the most well-balanced team of Edgerunners I've ever ran. Here's the thing. You guys are all playing your characters. I like that. But we do need to find a way to keep the characters working together at least until the finish of this run. And those of you who want to continue into the next one can either make new characters and exit the current one(s) stage left, or continue with the current ones. 

Espatier isn't wrong either. I did post PDF books in the first post of this thread that you can review and I am always here to help you better understand what your characters can do. 'Punk isn't like D&D. You don't earn experience points and advance levels. You earn points in skills that you use. I completely understand that the majority of you are playing CyberPunk for your very first time and I relish the opportunity to indoctrinate you. Just ask.

OK... so, I've posted to pull all of the conversations together in order and make it easier to realize where things stand. This is not my Friday post. If you want to post your reaction to Blossom going all annoyed mama figure, that's cool. If you wish to test her and see what happens, that's cool too. Your call. Know that anyone who starts talking will be met with Blossom's, "Acht! What the hell did I just say?"

By the way, you all are doing great!

Posted on 2020-02-13 at 15:32:47.

Topic: Flesh & Blood - A Night City Adventure

X00032:8.Y00001:12.Z00054:5, On the Mean Streets | Night City Integrate | Undercity | UrbanZone - March 9th, Day 3 (Sunday), 9:47 AM PST

Weather Conditions: High City (Thunderstorms, 15 mph winds from the NE.) | Midcity (Rain, 10mph winds from the NE.) | Undercity (Fog and Rain, no winds.)

Air Quality Index: High City = 25 | Midcity = 42 | Undercity = 75 (masks required)


“Excuse me, asshole?” Casino loudly snarls, “Did you just say I should try to get paid to go look for and help my best friend and partner?”

Cred Stick Charlie mentally activates his recording app.

“Whoa! Everyone chill,” Bloodbank orders. “There’s a right thing to do here and there’s a wrong thing. First of all, why the hell are you speaking to Rya in Spanish when she said she speaks English?” he looks across the vehicle to Charlie. “You came into this run late presenting us with credentials from Starlight with news that a second team was breathing down our necks… we all just met a couple of nights ago and our wallets aren’t really full of trust credits as it stands.

“Sure, you’ve been helpful, but what’s with all this Spanish? What are you playing at?”

Mr. Charlie replies to the one called Bloodbank, “Because I didn’t know if her English was her first or second language and to me it’s now obviously her primary language. I need to ask some questions before continuing my task at hand.” 

“That doesn’t fly, Charlie,” Bloodbank argues. “She said that she speaks English and you continued your conversation in Spanish.”

“We have already met the team that was intended to take the quarry away, I hope there will not be another from Saint Nick before the drop off. Hopefully, Starlight will keep me informed if another will be sent. As for the drop, everyone can take a breather for a few hours, When I get the coords and the time hack... I’ll pass it on to you guys.”

“You’re attempting to change the subject, Choombatta,” the medtech presses. “You know what? Screw it. It’ll all come to light soon enough.” Cole can’t help but feel anger. His whole purpose in life has been to save lives and just a few minutes ago, he had been forced to take a life to save the lives of his teammates. The guilt is eating at him and he realizes he’s allowing it to manifest as anger towards the well-dressed fixer.

“Information…,” Charlie explains. “I needed to verify for the employer and record proof of contract. I just need to tie up a few loose ends so that we all get paid in a timely matter. Everyone remembers who is responsible and how they are to be handled right?” Cred Stick Charlie stops a recording app then and taps a few keys on his agent with his right hand while his left sticks to the controls. Including the recording in his message, the fixer sends his own to Starlight. ** Message sent ** (( Burden of proof - Starlight )) “Anyway... Where do you heroes want to be dropped off now? I would suggest a hotel or motel till I get the time hack and coords.” 

“London bridges falling down, falling down, falling down,” Blossom’s singing voice is really rather pretty but it doesn’t last long. Cheerfully addressing the boy, she declares, “Look at all us big, bad edgerunners, Jase. Professionals to the core, right? Silly bunch of posers. Quite the team, eh?” 

Jase buries himself further in Rya’s shoulder while the Hispanic woman closes her eyes against the chaos and starts to softly sing a lullaby in Spanish into his hair. Bloodbank looks across the AirJeep at the fixer with a furrowed brow hidden behind his mask. What does he mean, everyone remembers who’s responsible and how they are to be handled? Is he suggesting that we kill Rya?

"You shouldn't get paid for finding your friend or you wouldn't be much of a friend,” Ghlahn states flatly, his face turned to the passing urban landscape, further defending his position. “But, he's not my friend and I don't do charity work. Figure some of the others might agree. If you want to hire me, that's fine, or you can make some calls and see who else might finance the search. Either way, there needs to be a plan."

As Casino starts to reply, Charlie, perhaps trying to calm everyone down, interjects himself into the conversation.

In the driver’s seat, Cred Stick Charlie mentally reactivates his voice recording app and prepares another message. ** Contacts - Blossom - email. **

“Rya... so who was the shirt? (low level employee) And what neocorp are they from?" Charlie turns his head for a sec and then asks, "Wait a sec... you're saying that this shirt paid for your nice apartment in Upper City and you were receiving a large pension. Lady, that ain't no suit (Low level employee) nor shirt... That's a corpse (corporate exec).”

“I’m not familiar enough with the way things are set up to tell you one way or another if it was a corpse, shirt, or suit,” the woman answers, a slight tremor in her voice. “Everything was handled through a lawyer. A fellow by the name of Mr. Smith. And that was ten years ago.”

“So why Bogata if you're from Mexico?” Charlie asks, apparently satisfied with her answer.

“Because they won’t look for us in Bogata.” Rya answers fiercely.

“Why didn't the collargirl just simply buy another surrogate? It sounds like she has lots of credits,” the fixer muses out loud. Then, changing tactics, he asks Jase, “Jase... what makes you so special? Is it your blood, you super good at math and science? Did you ever hear your non-biological mom talk about why you are so important? Are you learning about corporations at that Bartholomew School.”

At first, Jase doesn’t respond but with a little coaxing from Rya, he says in a voice barely discernible above the fan noise, “Corporate Structure and Law is a required class. I don’t know why Mo—she—paid for me.”

Switching again to Rya, Charlie asks, “Was the doctor his Dad and is he still around, working for the same neocorp?”

Struggling to avoid conversational whiplash, Rya hesitates, a fire flashing in her eyes. “No. It was artificial insemination. I’m Catholic.”

Things are beginning to add up for the fixer, but with no sum so far he wonders if he’s missing something? Looking over to Blossom, he asks, “Are you in the mood to find some info about this person?”

“You want me to start looking into our probably benefactor?” The small Asian woman pulls her heart-shaped sunglasses down her nose a little so the driver can see her expression. “There’s all sorts of ways that could go sideways. Edgers don’t research their Saint Nicks. That’s just trouble with a capital STUPID underscored by professional suicide if caught.”

“Does that mean you’re gonna help us?” Rya asks hopefully.

“Rya,” Charlie addresses her without answering or acknowledging Blossom’s concerns. “Anything that you can tell us about that woman you were carrying a child for besides her corp?”

Multitasking, Charlie begins mentally typing out a question. 

“No,” Rya responds. “I never met her. Like I said, it was all handled by Mr. Smith.”

“That’s a fake name if I ever heard one,” Bloodbank announces sourly.

sends a mass text to the group posing this question.  

** skill used (Leadership)

Group text - sent!. 

“Look everyone, this is almost over and I can help us get to the finish line but we would need to be a more cohesive group to accomplish this. The Employer wanted this low key and its been anything but that. How does everyone feel about laying low till the drop-off. We don’t need anymore slips, mess up, etc.  So I'm suggesting that the group lay low, drop the kid and if those that wish to make plans on rescuing someone... I would suggest negotiating to see if he is still alive and find out what they want in return for his life intact”. 

Does anyone remember what the people who are responsible are to be dealt with? If so.... are you still on board with the employer's wishes?

End of msg...

(OOC: Each of the characters will receive that message on their agents. Those who have optic splices will be notified of the message and be able to display it on your visual HUD. Everyone else will need to actually pull out your agents and read it over. You can also insert your answers at this point in the tale.)

Charlie asks Metal Cee “ You obviously know alot about machines.... I have a vehicle that needs repair can you and will you trade for Giri to repair as part of your next contract?” 

"Let me take a look at it,” Ghlahn replies, “and see what kind of work it will require before I agree. Might be something I can handle, might not be."

It was at this moment—seeing how totally blind Ghlahn really is to the actual situation—that Casino starts derisively laughing.

“You really don’t get it do you, Ghlahn?” the big solo says from underneath Echo. “It’s not just about Vegas and I, it’s about everyone in this f***ing cramped jeep, except maybe Charlie. Do none of you remember the words of the voice on Vegas’ walkie? How he wanted to take us out in revenge for his seven men that were killed earlier? How, if he could not kill ten of us he’d go after friends and family?” A short pause to catch his breath and the blonde solo continues.  

“And who of us did that killing? Who do you think took out those seven men? As a gambling addict I’d go all in on you Ghlahn, and that little firefight you had at that parking garage. After-all, Vegas was taken hostage on his way to meet YOU at that SAME parking garage Metal Boy. All Vegas is right now is bait to get us to go try and save him and that right there is a damn good reason for these assholes to keep him alive as the lure. Kill him, they have to spend time hunting us. Keep him alive, they know at least one of us—me—will try to save him.”

A nasty smile appears on Casino’s face, behind his newly acquired battle mask.

“So go ahead and walk away. I could give a f*** less. Live and die on your own. Hopefully those here that decide to come with me after we get the kid handed off are enough to take out these, so nice new friends of yours Ghlahn, and get Vegas back.” Turning his head back to look out the window at the street as it passes by, he puts all but Echo out of his mind, the brief relaxed feeling once more history.

Ghlahn looks over to Casino, "Yeah, I killed those seven men. I killed them myself since you and the others were doing your own thing and I was watching your back. It was my life on the line there and I took care of the situation. I could have just let them find all of you and kill you. That was their plan, I believe. I have no family so nothing there for me to lose. As for friends, I have very few of those. Just a fact of my life. If you want to run off on your own that is your choice.  You won't come back if you do. The folks who have Vegas are packing serious firepower and have deep pockets. I was lucky to escape that sec team; you would have died in that garage. I never said I wouldn't help find your friend but I am not going to run off half-cocked looking for death. As for the threats, you can just tone it down. We are on the same team right now." 

“You mean to tell us that you’ve known this whole time that your the reason Vegas got nabbed and this guy wants us all dead?” Echo is on fire. “That you killed his seven in self-defense is one thing, but not telling us that it was you after you rejoined us and were updated on Vegas, to me, is the most asinine, childish, and unprofessional act that has yet shown its ugly head. Then you have the nerve right here, right now, to tell Casino to try and get paid to rescue his friend, that you’ll help only if you get paid, when for whatever reason this whole thing is actually your fault?”

Looking to the front seat where Bloodbank and Blossom are, then across Rya and Jase to Fixer, the nomad tries to catch their eyes with her own. Unsuccessful, she turns back to the Capore Steel.

“This is what’s going to happen once Jase and his mother are handed over. You're going to tell all of us exactly what happened when you killed these seven men. If they had uniforms, what, if anything, they were driving, the weapons they were carrying, any goddamn detail you can remember. Then you're going with us when we try to save Vegas and if you ask for payment, gods help me, I’ll kill you myself Cee-Metal. Oh, and one more thing. If you think you're not going with us, that’s fine. I’ll just let these people know it was you that did the killing. And so help me, if that does not work and those of us that go with Casino die, I’ll leave a little message with my tribe, the Rolling State, to make sure you don’t last the week.”

“They say,” Charlie glances sideways at Blossom and smiles his winning smile, “Desnai is the happiest place on earth. Well, apparently, no one has ever been sitting next to you,” Mr. Charlie compliments Blossom as the chatter increases.

“What the f***?” Blossom frowns. “Are you high?”

Shrugging off the netrunner’s response, Cred Stick Charlie attempts to put an end to the arguments. “Alright you posers, listen up!

“It’s clear that everyone is having trust issues, but it’s not about trust... it’s about US instead. So, remember that. 

“M'haru Ghlahn is just a machine. No sense in yelling at an inanimate object in front of the company.” Charlie glances back to the man he had just insulted to ask yet another question. “Unit Ghlahn, query. Requesting any and all information in a salute ( size, activity, location, unit, time, and equipment) format on hostile forces encountered and neutralized via digital format, please. 

“Blossom, find us a place to hold up for a few hours, please. Anyone here have money, credits, or any form of tender that is used for transactions for their accommodations?” He asks the team aloud.

Ghlahn turns to Charlie and states in a monotone, "Line Sierra: small group less than 10. Line Alpha: bickering. Line Lima: Right here. Line Uniform: uncertain. Line Tango: Right now. Line Echo: mixed small arms and a hover Jeep."

“You know what, Charlie,” Casino pipes up. “That’s probably the most truthful thing you have ever said. You’re right. Cyberboy is just a machine, a broken one. Echo’s right, Ghlahn. You holding this from all of us was completely stupid and you may have cost all of us our lives. So, if you think ignoring Echo now is going to get you off the hook, you might want to f***ing reboot and get a better operating system."

Looking over Echo’s shoulder to stare at the back of Charlie's head, Casino continues. "As to finding somewhere to hold up, Charlie, Starlight put you in charge so she must of thought highly enough of you to be able deal with us, so you deal with it."

"Which of us is not a machine of some sort?” Ghlahn defends. “I am biomechanical and the rest of you are biological machines. My form of machine just happens to be superior in every way. If it makes you feel more self-important to blame others and act macho to cover your inferior abilities Casino, that is your choice. I have done nothing but agree that we need to pause, make a plan and then find your friend, yet you continue to be confrontational. I suggest you reevaluate the manner in which you seek to convince others to assist you." 

Ghlahn leans forward and taps Blossom on the shoulder. "Got some info you might be able to use to help locate Vegas. It's not much. When I took out that sec team I didn’t get a chance to see what uniform insignias they were wearing but they all arrived in an APC and it’s markings were for the Falcone Security Company." He knows for sure that the team will be going after Vegas in the end and maybe Blossom can find something to increase their chance of survival.

“Now that’s something I can work with,” Blossom acknowledges. “Combined with the address for that parking garage, and the address they gave Casino for the meet, it might just give us a chance of finding Vegas. After we finish this run, of course.

Once again Charlie mentally constructs a statement and sends it off to Ghlahn via direct message: Shiltron, Spinelli Autotech... There's a major transmission issue right now that makes it really dangerous to drive as it slips gears, the radiator leaks, the power steering pump needs to be replaced, and there's a crack in the rear axle.... the windshield is cracked in two places, and the tires need to be replaced. The body is faded in places but is otherwise in decent repair. The interior is a dark gray cloth, and it is also in good condition. The latter isn’t as important as the first part. If I could get this beast back to life... then this team would have wheels to use instead of taking public transportation. Also, I'm willing to be a go-between for Cee Metal and would like to request Alt Tags of the enclave to do business. I have been working on my cyberpsychologist.”

Finished with his personal message, Mr. Charlie asks for the assistance of Blossom to help him find a place to hold up for a bit, for the group. "Ladies choice," sidewards glance to Blossom. "Make a list and I'll pay for the room... so, either something big enough or two adjoining rooms, please." Sighing, he adds to his commentary. "Once the run is over, those that wish to start looking for friends can do so. Those that are wanting to get paid, come talk to me and I'll see what I can do to help out. But if you are willing to work for me then I ask that you assist in recovering the fees that you will be incurring. If you need to buy something, please let me know and I'll do the research to see if I can get something better, ammo cheaper, or better accessories for your weapon. 

"I know some of you don't like to steal, so if you have any other hang-ups, I would like to know them upfront before I hire you gun or techie types."

Turning his attention to the cracked mirror, Luther scans what’s behind searching for a tail. Not being able to determine any, he returns to following his GPS route. Blossom blinks in confusion at Charlie’s switch. Shaking her head, the netrunner mutters, “He’s gotta be on somethin’.” 

“Hold me tight, sugar skull,” Blossom leans back and whispers to Bloodbank. “I’m gonna focus on finding us a place where we can cuddle proper-like.” 

The MedTech is still stewing over Charlie’s insinuation that they kill Rya and grunts non-committedly as the little woman fishes out her agent.

Fixer has sat in the back of the vehicle listening as the crew implodes in front of him. This stinks.  This is one of the reasons I want to work alone. Loyalty like Casino's is noble and valuable but this other crap? They might not need another crew to come along and do them in, they might just do it all themselves. Stupid.

For now, he focuses on Rya and Jace. He is inclined to believe their story but he doesn’t know if it matters. He looks at the two of them and tries his hand at getting them to open up.  

"Ok, kid. Here's the deal,” the curly-haired techie begins. “You saw that gunfight? It wasn't fun. I don't like putting a bullet into someone and I damn sure don't like having people trying to put one in me. People just died. People just took shots at us. And you know why? You. You and your supposed mother—”

“I am his mother!” Rya interrupts spitting venom.

“—This run you just went on—it got people killed,” Fixer ignores the outburst. “Dead. Got it? And it might get more people killed." At this point, he begins to worry that the kid might lose it so he turns his conversation towards both of them. 
"Hey. Look at me. We need to figure out what we are doing—but so do you. Your actions have consequences. Big ones." Looking right at Rya who is staring him down. "So do yours. You made a deal and you broke it. I'm not sure in that story that you are the good one. Right now you need to behave and ride along. But there has to be a lot more here than ‘the poor kid is sad' to balance out the number of corpses littering his trail. So, what's going on Jace? A few tears—not enough. You're giving up a penthouse for, what was it, Bolivia? With a broke mother?  Not enough. Come on kid, spit it out. What's up? Otherwise, I may feel bad for your tears, but tears aren't worth getting people killed over."

He shakes his head a bit as he finishes. Things just don’t add up. Run from a penthouse to poverty in the Undercity? And he was happier in that tent? Or will be in Bolivia? No. What is he running from? If it was just some stupid "poor little rich kid" story then his adoptive parents need their kid back. That is the job. That is what needs to happen.

"Chill guys,” Fixer says into the silence, now addressing his companions. “Just relax. We need to find a spot to hunker down for a bit. When not packed in like this we can figure it out. Kid first, then Vegas." He looks across Rya and Jase at Casino. "We don't leave him behind. Vegas is part of this. Once we get settled somewhere we can start figuring out what to do there." He can’t help shaking his head. How the heck had this thing gone so sideways?

“Are you going to help us?” Jase suddenly pushes himself back from Rya’s embrace and looks directly at Fixer. “Are you going to help us get away?” 

The child appears more composed than he has since Casino pushed in on their breakfast. Solemn eyes and a serious face observes each of the edgers in turn. “I want to go with Ry—with my mother. Alys—the woman who has been acting like my mother—has never treated me like my classmate’s family treats them. She doesn’t come to school events, I’m stuck at Bartholomew School during Christmas and other holidays… When my mother told me what had happened, I knew it was true. That’s why… That’s why Alys has always treated me like a burden; if I ever see her.”

“Holy s***, kid!” Blossom swivels uncomfortably on Bloodbank’s lap and leans over the back of the seat. “Give us a chance to breathe already. As if you two haven’t noticed the tension in this piece of junk.

“The rest of you knuckleheads need to start acting like a team or Vegas will outlive all of us. How ‘bout we all take a little break from talking to cool down. You know what? That’s not a suggestion. I’ll kick the next yahoo right in the golden globes who speaks until we get settled at the motel.

“I’ve shot the hotel address to the GPS,” she looks to Charlie as she says this. “This bucket of bolts has the security of a synth-plastic box.” Turning back to the back seat, she pulls her glasses down on her nose to drill each of the people sitting there with a fierce look. “Do not make me go all ninja on your asses.”

(OOC: March 9th, Day 3 - Sunday, Time is 10:03 AM PST - Undercity, climbing ramps, crossing intersections, and making your way to South Night City.)

Posted on 2020-02-13 at 15:23:23.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA

And splattering dead bodies as they hit the floor not yet completely thawed out. *shudders*

I promise as well to have Wyatt start giving more orders. Admittedly, the search was intended to be cursory but once each deck is cleared, if there was no clear and present danger, Wyatt was going to see what all could be salvaged and start the crew on that process.

Posted on 2020-02-13 at 11:47:15.

Topic: Flesh & Blood - A CyberPunk Game

So, this question was asked of me: Who is holding Vegas?

The answer is, you all have no idea. An identity was never revealed in the radio messages that went back and forth. To your knowledge, they know who you are but you have no idea who they are. All you've got is...

“Where, when?”

“Twelve ten vertical, eighty-fourth street. The sooner the better.”

I think we have posts from everyone but Giddy (who is still being a government slave), so I will attempt to find time to insert NPC comments that everyone can interact with before Friday's official post.


Posted on 2020-02-12 at 16:59:33.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA

With the revivification process underway, Alaxis and Pops could attempt to find out what's inside before it "wakes up" and impregnates us through our food holes.

Posted on 2020-02-12 at 16:35:58.

Topic: Flesh & Blood - A CyberPunk Game

Thanks for the explanation. I was a little lost.

I forgot to answer Espatier. Feel free to make the roll on Roll20 and write it into your post (the attempt).

You know those movies where all of the protagonists are at each other's throats at the beginning but by the end they're tight? How come I get the impression that this isn't one of those storylines?

Posted on 2020-02-11 at 23:07:07.

Topic: Destiny's Flight - A Serenity RPG
Subject: Demeter Day 3, 10:30 pm Ship Time (ST) â?? Time spent on Demeter: 2.5 hrs

“Sure thing Captain.” Ivy responds across the radio. “I am getting a heat signal in engineering. Otherwise not much has changed. Everything’s shiny Captain. Find anything yet?”

"Just a whole lot o' questions, Ivy-girl," Wyatt replies. "That life sign we detected ain't been identified yet. Seems t' be locked away in a suitcase. Doc and Pops 're working that li'l problem. Keep yer eye afield an' let me know the instant you see anything off."

The slow roll through the deck's rooms is tense. Wyatt doesn't really know what he is expecting but he sure as hell is expecting something. Accompanied by Alex and Fox, he approaches each room as though it is rigged to blow and there's a Big Damn Ugly Bad Thing in there waiting for them. 

Entering the workshop and a storage room, he observes the lathe, a 3d printer, and several other pieces of crafting equipment. What really catches his steel eyes are four EVA suits with eight full cylinders of air. One EVA suit is bulky enough so carrying these four along with them is out of the question but the captain feels a little less like this whole thing is a bust providing that they can take the suits with them. There's a li'l extra cash for our troubles, he thinks as the three make their way back out of the shop and to the next room.

The bathroom is of little interest. There's nothing even remotely interesting to the captain. Moving on to the crew quarters, he lets Alex and Fox know that they don't have time right now to dig through all of the lockers. The stuffed animal is curious. Wyatt can't see that being present unless there was a child on board and that just doesn't fit with what he knows of the Demeter. Unless, he muses, that's what's in the case. The rucksack is another anomaly. 

"Hard drugs, wooden stakes and a mallet," Wyatt states out loud even though Alex and Fox are both seeing what he is. "It's like I'm lookin' at props from some horror holovid. Any ideas why someone would want t' pack these around?"

(OOC: responses...)

The litterbox causes Wyatt to consider the possibility that the case contains a cat. But why go through all that trouble fer a cat?

"Wyatt..we seem to got this thingy stable for the moment. Gonna see if Doc wants to try jump a little power to anything else before we figure how to move this box out of here."

Keying his radio, Wyatt replies, "That's good news. There are four EVA suits in the shop at the bow o' the ship 'case ya need 'em. Doc, we've also found some Dreamdoze in the barracks. Keep us informed of yer progress."

Entering the Mess Hall, Wyatt takes in the appearance of the party with an unamused gaze. What'd they have t' celebrate? What happened t' end that celebration?

Skipping the generator room, Wyatt leads his team to Systems 2. Stepping inside, the familiar hum of electricity coursing through the ship interrupts the silence. 

"Wolf's having some success, I see," Sung declares, his eyes immediately going to the computers. "Seems we're in the right spot t' maybe get some answers to some questions. When Fenris gets life support back on, I imagine those bodies'll be a little less acceptable. Be ready fer that."

Keying his radio, Wyatt asks Wolf, "How long 'til we can rifle through the computer's logs?"

(OOC: response...)

"Good job down there," Sung ends their conversation and turns to Fox and Alex. "One deck cleared, time t' move t' another."

(OOC: I think that means moving back to the deck we first entered on, right?)

Posted on 2020-02-11 at 18:17:00.

Topic: Flesh & Blood - A CyberPunk Game

To clarify Espatier's post a little:

  1. Charlie is hitting on Blossom.

  2. Charlie is using his Leadership Skill to try and get everyone in line.

  3. Charlie is jokingly interacting with Ghlahn like a Star Trek computer and requesting that he provides digital data about all of his recent kills.

  4. Charlie is intent on finding a place for the group to wait out the drop but isn't interested in paying more than his share.

  5. Charlie used his agent to direct message Ghlahn through his agent sharing more details about his truck and what is required to fix it.

I am not posting the NPCs involvement yet because I don't want to influence things too much before all of you players have had a chance to post at least one contribution to the current cluster F. 

Posted on 2020-02-11 at 17:43:51.

Topic: D&D with horror themes, revisited

Huzzah! Close! 

Posted on 2020-02-11 at 17:38:24.

Topic: HC: Aftermath QA

I genuinely smiled at the "Hold Kithran" routine. And I have no idea what the fluffy kitten is saying but I imagine it is something very Ch'dau-like.

Posted on 2020-02-07 at 15:42:28.

Topic: Flesh & Blood - A CyberPunk Game

Okay!!! We have got a lot of chaos going on right now. Feel free to post as many times as necessary to carry out the conversation to its end. We need to make sure that there's a definitive decision made by the end of it. Every player is good enough to not take offense by character comments and actions. I'm looking forward to seeing this play out.

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Topic: Flesh & Blood - A Night City Adventure

X00032:8.Y00001:12.Z00054:5, On the Mean Streets | Night City Integrate | Undercity | UrbanZone - March 9th, Day 3 (Sunday), 9:35 AM PST

Weather Conditions: High City (Thunderstorms, 15 mph winds from the NE.) | Midcity (Rain, 10mph winds from the NE.) | Undercity (Fog and Rain, no winds.)

Air Quality Index: High City = 25 | Midcity = 42 | Undercity = 75 (masks required)


Without another word, Cred Stick Charlie accelerates out of the alley and to the South, away from any possible additional interaction with people he’s already flagged as possible attackers. 

Leaving the bloody scene behind them, the Edgers can only speculate at how much of the second team is left to pursue them. Breathing in the faint scent of lavender through the filters of his mask, the medtech asks, “Anyone injured?”

A quick self check and it is apparent that they have all miraculously avoided further injury in this firefight. With the whole event has taken less than ten seconds, they are now safely (if uncomfortably) speeding towards what they hope is the successful end of this gig.

"Did we get 'im?" Blossom asks as she comes out of cyberspace. "Hey, Go-Boy! Buy me dinner first!"

Bloodbank is immediately grateful for his battle mask as the blood rushes his cheeks. Already out of sort at having to cap that fellow in the alley so brutally, the medtech releases his grip on the netrunner and mumbles an apology. Charlie chuckles as the netrunner comes out of netspace to find blood manhandling her.

“Aw,” Blossom snuggles back into the edger and tips her head backward to whisper in his ear, “are we done so soon?”

“Uh,” Colin furrows his brow, “Did we ever get started?”

The war driver’s light laughter fills the air but she doesn’t move to separate herself from Bloodbank. Mentally queuing his agent, Charlie seeks access to route 16, or North Oar/West Brook via the Del Coronado Bridge. Within a second, the agent produces the quickest route to South Night City on Luther’s NuCybe splice’s HUD. Glancing in the cracked side-view mirror, he scans the rear traffic for signs of a tail.

“Everyone keep your chrome-eyes scanning for additional threats, just in case we haven’t shaken these dogs off,” Charlie orders as he merges the aerodyne onto a ramp leading up a level. “I hope that this is the only surprise that we run into…”

Echo is tired. Her body quickly weaning down from the fight, is in full-blown adrenaline withdrawal. Though she does not mean to, she finds herself relaxing more into the big solo’s body than she really should. Then again, she can feel his body really for the first time, hard and well-formed and the way he holds her on his lap... Echo somehow feels safe. WTF! Why am I so drawn to him? Though the thought lingers, now is not the time to try to find an answer.

Looking over at Rya and Jase, she can not help but feel a touch of empathy? A mother protecting her child—if Rya is telling the truth—is the basis for so many hero movies it could quite possibly be an easy lie. Is she lying, yet look at Jace the kid is as wrapped up in her as she is in him. No… I’m willing to bet that Rya is Jace’s mother. However, waiting is not gonna get this group any answers.

Yeah, it’s just a job... Something is still biting at Luther. This woman... why? Why is she protecting him? She appears not to be the biological mother. Why is this kid so important to others... and at a decent amount of credits? Luther ponders to himself, all the while paying close attention to traffic patterns. Resolving himself to the puzzle, the fixer gives the mental command to download the most common translation app with real-time functionality. Being cloud-based, the download is very quick.

Do you speak spanish only? Cred Stick Charlie mentally poses the question, his agent translating the question out loud, “¿Tú hablas español, solamente?” With all of the road noise, the imitation of Luther’s voice is barely audible.

For a moment, there’s silence and then Rya responds, “No, I speak English as well.”

“So, Rya,” Echo inserts herself into the conversation. “You say Jase is your son, so why are his ‘parents’ paying first us, then a second group to get him back?”

Again, mentally commanding his agent to say, Why are you protecting his boy if you are not the mother—why is he so important to you or others? which the agent translates in Spanish outloud to, “¿Por qué estás protegiendo a su hijo si no eres la madre, por qué es tan importante para ti u otros?” Pressing further, he asks in similar fashion, What’s your story and how did you get involved with the boy? The agent promptly continues in Spanish, “¿Cuál es tu historia y cómo te involucraste con el niño?”

“I am his mother,” Rya answers in English, her voice full of conviction. “I was young and new to the country. I grew up in Mexico City and came here looking for a better life. I worked as a nurse and sent money back to my family in Mexico but it wasn’t enough. I lived in the Undercity, barely surviving on Kibble and tainted water. There was no way I was going to get any of my family out of Mexico. That’s when I was approached by a doctor who told me he had a way for me to get out of my situation.

“All I had to do was have a baby for a Collargirl who couldn’t—or didn’t want to—have a baby of her own. In return, I’d be put up in a nice apartment in Upper City, receive a large pension, and… and my life would change forever.”

Sitting right next to her, Casino feels Rya’s hold on Jase tighten. “I was young and stupid. Desperate. I took the offer and everything was as they said it would be. I was artificially inseminated, put up in a really nice apartment, paid to relax—paid enough that I was able to start bringing my family here.

“After Jase was born, I couldn’t give him up. He was my baby, my son. But then lawyers showed up and they took him from me. I was evicted from the apartment, the money stopped… I was left with nothing.

“I searched for years, spending all of the money I earned on trying to find him. When I did find him, he was at the school. At first, I thought he was happy, after all, the Bartholomew School is a really nice private school. He must be happy. But I wanted to be close to him—get to know him.

“I took a job with Upstairs/Downstairs, Inc. so I could, and that’s when I started becoming aware of how unhappy he was. I couldn’t take it anymore and told him who I am. He immediately wanted me to take him with me, away from the Collargirl. So, we planned it out together. We were just getting ready to leave. I’ve saved enough to take the two of us to Bogata. Please! You have to let me do this.”

“This true kid?” Echo looks over at the ten-year-old. 

Jase turns his tear-streaked, dirty face towards the nomad woman and nods ever so slightly.

Ghlahn takes stock of the situation. The group has the package, he has taken no real damage and soon they would be paid. As far as he is concerned the job has been a success. He senses several team members are concerned about something "not feeling right" but that is a bit of a foreign concept for him. Casino seems intent to rush after Vegas without even waiting to get paid and with no real plan developed. Ghlahn takes the job for the credits, he is not leaving those on the table. As for Vegas, he is not really concerned if he is found or not. But, there might be those who are willing to pay for his safe return. In that case, he is all for finding Casino’s partner. 

"I know you all have concerns about the why of the mission we completed,” The Capore Metal soldier interjects coldly, “and some of you are worried about Vegas.

“We signed on to find the kid and deliver him, and that is what we should do. What happens after that is none of my concern. 

“With Vegas missing, I am sure he has friends who might have some interest in finding him. And I mean friends other than Casino. Why not get paid to do what you already plan to do, big guy?  We need a solid plan before we run off chasing ghosts. You have me along in large part to provide overwatch and keep you all safe so, right now, the best way I can keep you safe is to keep us focused and together."

Like a high caliber bullet hitting him in the chest, Casino goes from trying to relax to the stone-cold killer. The only thing saving Ghlahn from a huge fist to his face or a bullet is his position within the AirJeep and Echo on Keith’s lap.

“Excuse me, asshole?” Casino loudly snarls, “Did you just say I should try to get paid to go look for and help my best friend and partner?”

“Whoa! Everyone chill,” Bloodbank orders. “There’s the right thing to do here and there’s a wrong thing. First of all, why the hell are you speaking to Rya in Spanish when she said she speaks English?” he looks across the vehicle to Charlie. “You came into this run late presenting us with credentials from Starlight with news that a second team was breathing down our necks… we all just met a couple of nights ago and our wallets aren’t really full of trust credits as it stands.

“Sure, you’ve been helpful, but what’s with all this Spanish? What are you playing at?”

“London bridges falling down, falling down, falling down,” Blossom’s singing voice is really rather pretty but it doesn’t last long. Cheerfully addressing the boy, she declares, “Look at all us big, bad edgerunners, Jase. Professionals to the core, right? Silly bunch of posers. Quite the team, eh?” 

(OOC: March 9th, Day 3 - Sunday, Time is 09:47 AM PST - Undercity, climbing ramps, crossing intersections, and making your way to South Night City.)

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Topic: Flesh & Blood - A CyberPunk Game

Oh ya. Bloodbank is in the front. It is Fixer who is in the back. 

|                                                                   |
|                                                                   |
| Ghlahn | Fixer | Rya/Jase | Casino/Echo  |
|                                                                   |
|                                                                   |
|                                                                   |
|                                                                   |
| Bloodbank/Blossom                 Charlie      |
|                                                                   |
| -------------------------------------------------------|
|                                |                                  |
|                                |                                  |
|                                |                                  |
                                |                                 /
                                |                               /


Look ma! I'm an artist!



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Topic: Flesh & Blood - A CyberPunk Game

All the way on the other side of the vehicle. That's a long way. There's Rya/Jace and Bloodbank between y'all. Why? 

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Topic: HC: Aftermath QA

The ties that bind don't extend to the church, unfortunately.

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Topic: Flesh & Blood - A CyberPunk Game

Your post was great, Mischief! Thank you.

And Tann, I realized I left you hanging. My comment about staying in character was a joke. 

You lot may need to tranquilize Casino for the duration of the wait. 

I will be posting Rya's and Jase's responses in my next post.

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Topic: D&D with horror themes, revisited

That reminds me... I need to go do my Duolingo for the day.

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Topic: HC: Aftermath QA

I'm glad you've joined us, CTP. 

Our CEO went on vacation this week and I've been covering for him. Thus my absence. I was hoping to have more Gib posts up but...

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Topic: Flesh & Blood - A CyberPunk Game

Holy smokes! Is this discussion I see going on here!? I love it!

Honestly? Vegas was removed because I was NPCing too many of the team. We lost Vegas' player and it was either get rid of Vegas or get rid of Blossom. I only ever try to NPC one party member in any game. I'm NPCing two at this moment. If this group of players wishes to continue playing these characters, I do plan on the next run being a "Rescue Vegas" run. 

As far as the second team hot on your trail this soon after you were informed there was a second team is concerned, it would take some really good luck or skills but it isn't impossible. If Blossom were asked if she could track the team down, she'd answer in the affirmative provided she had access to certain bits of information about the team members, but she'd also add that it is more likely the second team tracked Jase down and coincidently set up to let you folks do the dirty work.

This bit of information might help with the character play and keeping the group on track. All of the Edgers would know this as they all have likely done drops before. Rarely, if at all, is the drop made even within a few hours of obtaining the package. There are too many variables that have to be eliminated or checked for someone who has hired a group of edgerunners to rush into any situation. Saint Nick will want to make sure there are no media leaks, the law isn't tracking, there aren't any rival parties involved, etc. and then secure the drop location. They'll also not want to deliver the drop location until there is very little time for the edgerunners to set up any kind of ambush or retaliation (should they so desire) at the drop location. The short of it is that the team likely has hours before they even obtain the drop location.

Remember, I will be posting again Friday.

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Topic: D&D with horror themes, revisited

I'm thrilled! Can't wait. 

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Topic: What is the issue with Olan?

Me. Not rehashing what we've talked about off-line too. Still, you've got to take care of yourself and no one is going to hold it against you when you do. If you need an ear, I've got a string of orc ears lying about somewhere (seriously, just drop me a line).

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Topic: Flesh & Blood - A CyberPunk Game

Wait... Casino is concerned about Vegas? When did that happen? Stay in character, Tann.

Nope. Charlie has not offered breakfast out loud. Unless Espatier wishes to alter his post, that is.

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Topic: HC: Aftermath QA

Me too. I agree too.

Anyone have any idea when Olan is planning on starting the new storyline? I haven't seen him on the Inn much of late.


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Topic: Flesh & Blood - A CyberPunk Game

Thanks for the post, Espatier. Am I correct that the current plan consists of just taking the team to Charlie's pad for some breakfast? Is Charlie contacting Starlight?

Posted on 2020-02-03 at 08:06:51.


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