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Topic: Star Trek: Operation:Persephone - Q&A
Subject: What!?

That is really a bummer. OK, so here's the dealio then: I'll take the Charon on, but you still have a senior officer aboard my ship, Eol, as does Olan. I've got a way to make a transfer of characters happen as well, and I'm going to make some adjustments, I think, to the ship, so I can have some schematics without spending time creating my own. This would also provide us with an opportunity to clean the registry should people wish to discontinue their current characters in favor of new ones.

For example:

Chief Medical Officer Hamilton--never seen a post, and will require someone to take his place/over the character.

And if you, Eol, or Olan, wish to discontinue your characters I'll need replacements there as well.

I'll allow a couple of days to clean things up and then move things on with the "destruction" of the Cerberus using my Founders Agent to facilitate the disembowelment of the ship while saving key PCs and getting them on board the new ship Gavison will command. I'd really like you two to stay, don't get me wrong, but I'd like to see at least one ST game survive and that needs people to post. You know how it is...besides, you're the one who came up with the idea. I'm just augmenting it.

Posted on 2008-06-02 at 21:54:13.

Topic: Cerebral Paradox - Cyberpunk 2020
Subject: Not right away...

All good things come to an end. Don't worry though. It won't be the last Punk game I run here. besides, you've some time yet.

To amend things: The adventure was designed to end shortly after this infiltration run, so this has nothing to do with starting a new game. So, please keep posting!

Posted on 2008-06-02 at 06:35:42.
Edited on 2008-06-02 at 21:55:30 by Bromern Sal

Topic: The Embodiment
Subject: Great!

Like I've stated, take the time you need to really develop the characters.

Posted on 2008-06-02 at 01:21:38.

Topic: The Embodiment
Subject: I will definitely do so...

Would love to, Cathy. Caterina has always been one of my favorites.

Posted on 2008-06-01 at 18:29:09.

Topic: Voyages of Rocinante - Serenity/Firefly RPG
Subject: Fun stuff!

Wyatt remained steel-eyed and serene as they careened through the crowd. Though inwardly he was concerned for the well-being of the citizens, he had long ago determined that the stalwart, steadfastness of a leader was important so as not to fuel the panic subordinates might endure in such situations. So, as instruments and people flew left and right, even underneath the mule, Wyatt Sung sat as dignified and silent as possible through the jarring ride. Even as Asher and Wolf were swearing and calling out apologies, Wyatt stared out from beneath the lowered brim of his hat, eyes fixed on what most certainly would be a challenge up ahead.

“Uh… Captain…”

Wolf seemed to make the same discovery, “Oh F***!! Cap’n, Asher hold on we lost the brakes.”

Wolf snapped him back to the immediate. “Asher take the wheel I gotta try to fix the God****n brakes!”

"You ain't gonna do us any good by freakin' out, Wolf. Just get it fixed. Asher's got the controls." Wyatt's might have been discussing the arrival of shovels in the general store for his tone, though his heart was racing.

Asher reached over as best he could to take over the steering from the mechanic, trying to edge the mule closer to the side that had the most space between the buildings and the oncoming mule. All the while, he yelled at the top of his lungs, “Watch out! Move! Ma-shong! Move out of the way!”

Wolf's worried voice called up from underneath the console, “Asher, Cap’n, get ready to bail out if you can by the bank, I will try to slow her and make the turn at streets end.”

Wyatt sighed and secured his hat more tightly on his skull while watching for an opportunity to bail should the need arise. "Fenris, you're my ship mechanic now, an' my ship mechanic don't fail at things. That's just unacceptable. So, we'll sit tight while you remedy the situation, and Asher pulls us nice an' steady up to the hitchin' post. Then we can all proceed on with the doin's of helping Sam out of whatever pinch he's managed to get himself into, and be back to Rocinante in time for Trish's dinner bell."

Posted on 2008-06-01 at 18:26:13.

Topic: The Embodiment
Subject: Sounds good...

All right, Cap'n Lou, but you're the last one for now. Welcome aboard.

I'm glad to hear it Grugg. Just a reminder, we are going to take some time getting the characters set up, and the game itself won't start until Cerebral Paradox ends--I just don't have time to run another. This will grant everyone time to get familiar with the system and their characters though.

Character histories have some randomness to them in this, so as you're developing your character idea realize that you may have an idea of what's happened in the past, but there are going to be events that create enemies, allies, disastrous events, beneficial events, romances...the list goes on.

Glory has sent me the basic idea behind her concept...seeing how I want all of the characters to have a knowledge of each other, feel free to use this thread to consult and conspire.

Posted on 2008-06-01 at 18:14:31.

Topic: The Embodiment Q&A
Subject: The Embodiment Q&A

This thread will be used to denote the rules players should be aware of (I won't try and explain all of them as I've a couple of handbooks full and that would take forever via this medium), keep an update on characters, and for out of character game discussion.

Players (Note: I will not seek new players to take over the characters of players who drop out, but will instead kill/remove the current character and introduce a new character for the new player):

Players Needed: 0

Player List:
Vanadia Caterina D'Oro
Player position open Gen Archais Menbren
YeOlde Sna’kti Sarassi’ka
GBoyLloyd von Schtreider
Blammm Sanya Miluiel
Player position open Maurius Vispansius Dio
Suicidolt Shiften

Basic Rules
The FUZIONfantasy system primarily uses d10's. As with CyberPunk and D&D you take a stat add it to a skill rank, roll a die ten, and combine any modifiers and pit the final score against a DC. However, unlike D&D I've put caps on stats based on race, so you can't have a Cidal with a ten strength when that's a tough score for a human to achieve, and you most certainly can't have a fighter running around with the strength of a war horse. Each stat is complimented by derived stats that occur once the main stat is figured, and some are determined by combining multiple stats and dividing by a number. All in all, it keeps things fairly well represented.

Combat is handled by pitting skill against skill. In some game systems you have a single To Hit score that is pitted against an armor class, or difficulty class, and that's the end. You match that number, and you hit. In FUZIONfantasy, you can choose to block or dodge an attack you are aware of. Shields provide you with a bonus to block, but anytime weapons come into contact with weapons, or armor, Structural Point Damage occurs and is subtracted from the item's SDP, or structural damage points. This means that someone can't just come up and "Sunder" your weapon, but if they focus on breaking it, they will eventually. This also means that you have to repair your weapons and armor and that costs.

So let's say your character is wearing chainmail and gets into combat. They are fighting with a longsword and dagger. The enemy attacks (we'll get into actions in a bit) and the character fails to block, taking a blow to the chest. In FUZIONfantasy, the location of the blow matters greatly, because some does regular damage, some does double damage, and some does triple damage. Before determining what damage the character takes damage would be rolled and the Stopping Power of the armor would be subtracted from the total damage. If there's any damage left over, that's when it is applied to the location with the proper multiplier. Seeing how your average character will have between ten and fourteen HITs, and a longsword blow from a strong enemy could cause as much as 4d6+ damage, you can see how a single blow can kill.

The best solution would be to dodge (a skill), but dodging requires room to move, and if you were looking at a grid it would force the character to move to an adjacent five foot square whether or not they dodged successfully. What if they don't have room to move, you ask? Then they'd also have to make an Athletics check to see if they succeed at doing some fancy maneuver to dodge the blow in place...not the easiest thing to perform. This is why blocking with a shield was invented: it is much easier to accomplish.

Character Sheets

I'll be creating your character sheets and placing them online for you to view in a central location. In fact, I'll be tracking the character's gear, etc. on this location as well, so it won't require any special downloads, or anything along those lines. Those of you familiar with me know that I prefer to create my own character sheets, and I've done so with this system as well. I've been asked to provide a summary of skills for character selection, but this would involve posting a long list of skills as well as perks and talents, so rather than overwhelm you with the information, I'll leave you to consider that if you tell me what type of skill in relation to D&D or CyberPunk that you're familiar with, I'll find the match for your character during the creation process.

These characters are established, they've been around the block, and they know each other to some degree or another. Meaning, you'll have decent skill sets, and in some cases, as you share your character ideas with me, I may suggest you take them levels you never thought of before. Like I mentioned previously, I'll not hinder your character creation through indicating what is needed for the adventure. However, some hints pertaining to the relationship of the characters can be of some good:

1) They all don't need to know one another, but they should have connections through to each other at the very least. In other words: Character A and B are childhood friends, have been adventuring together for years, and at one time they joined up as mercenaries with Character C who was an officer in the Corian military and is now a General. They spent one summer campaigning with Character C, who is also the cousin of Character D...see where I'm going with this?

2) It doesn't matter where you begin play. The medium allows for us to split the party and still have it work relatively smooth, so I can start you anywhere on the map, and where you think you might start, may not be the place I locate you, so be prepared.

3) Don't worry about gear and such yet. I'll work with you on that.

4) The characters will be established, with reputations. Some may have homes, some may have responsibilities to their country of origin, some may even have title and land.

I'm looking forward to seeing the remainder of the character ideas so we can flesh these babies out.

Magic Rules

Spellcraft: To begin to understand how to cast spells, one must understand the craft, no matter the profession of the character; a wizard needs this skill to understand the intricacies of the spellcasting necessary to manipulate the Source to their means, a priest needs the skill to understand the machinations of their deity’s preferred venerations and to find the nuances of prayer within the religion’s written word, while a druid would need this skill to understand how the Source works cooperatively with nature and to gain the benefits thereof. Another use of this skill is to write spells to spellbooks, learn new spells/prayers, create new spells/prayers, and to understand spells that have already been cast, to name a few. This skill also effects numerous other aspects of magic detailed within the Skill Compendium.

Spellcasting: There are many avenues of magical spellcasting, and each is unique to itself. The separation between them was deliberate, and designed to illustrate the differences in the methodology, and the differences in acceptance within cultures.

Arcane spellcasters are defined by their academic approach to magic. They do not derive their magical abilities from a relationship with a divine being, but instead, focus on logic, technique, and theory to create the spectacular. The big catch is that without the touch of a deity backing one’s control over the Source, a person cannot heal the body, or the spirit since that is solely the domain of gods; only divine spellcasters can heal. The arcane spellcaster uses INT, TECH, and the Spellcaster and Spellcraft skills. They have the ability to grow to immense power, but in Audalis, where the magic isn't so strong, they are also greatly hindered in their advancement. Wizards can scribe spells already created to their own books, rent time in extensive libraries within large cities for spell creation, and even, in some of the more daring establishments, rent time in laboratories for other magical research. Spells created and documented using these resources offer much more powerful results than those created on the fly with less stress on the caster. For game purposes, the spells offered in the numerous D&D books will be used for what is available to cast, however wizards who study spells from their spellbook in the morning gain a bonus to their spellcasting check when casting that spell, whereas sorcerers who just rely on memory to cast their spells do not. The very nature of the education and documentation supersedes the rough practice of spur-of-the-moment spellcasting resulting in better resolution.

The relationship between a divine spellcaster and their deity means that so long as they remain in favor of their deity, they can ask for portions of that divine power to be channeled through them. They must maintain and grow their PIETY to be able to benefit, but it is well worth it as this relationship with their god/goddess provides them with additional benefits beyond just the ability to work magic. One such benefit would be with help channeling the Source through holy symbols consecrated to the deity as items of holy worth. Another would be in sharing the power of their deity with those who are devout in their faith causing worshippers of the faith to receive more benefit from prayers said over them. As previously mentioned, divine spellcasters can heal the body and spirit where others can’t, or have very limited abilities to. The requirement of daily prayer, and study of one's prayer book (or scriptures), however, is necessary to even be able to maintain one's PIETY. Divine spellcasters use WILL, PIETY, Expert: Religion, and Spellcraft skills.

Divine Limitation & A Greater Look at Piety
Divine spellcasters are limited in their application of magic by their god's domains. While they can attempt to cast spells outside of the domains, these spells are more difficult to cast and add a modifier to the casting DC of 2 per spell level. If the spellcaster is casting within their god's domains they get a +2 to the Spellcasting check. In addition to this bonus, should the recipient of spell that a divine caster is casting be an avid worshipper of the divine caster's god there is a +2 bonus to spellcasting. The god recognizes the devotion of the individual and makes it easier for the spellcaster to effect his target provided the prayer has benign purposes. Piety itself fluctuates depending on the work of the priest in the god’s favor, and as such a priest may be able to call great power from his deity at one time, but through inactivity or a lack of devotions, lose that right. This must be closely monitored lest the very nature of a divine spellcaster be lost to the less devoted acts of arcane spellcasters.

Then you have the Druids, or breeds of people who venerate, and converse with nature and, when necessary, convince it to do their bidding. Their power is not based in academic pursuit and execution, nor is it based in a relationship with a deity and application of holy prayer, but in their coexistence with Nature itself. To create their magic, druids persuade an element, flora, or fauna to do as they need controlled by their understanding of nature. Those casting within the domain of nature use WILL, Expert: Nature, Botany/Biology/Zoology, and Spellcraft to affect their manipulations. Their biggest downfall is that the elements they wish to manipulate must be present. In other words, they aren’t going to be using water in their spellcasting in the desert, nor would they use fire in a prairie unless they’d manually started one. Just as with the other types of spellcasters, however, the Druidic Orders have been documenting methods of persuasion, and those who have earned the right can access these hidden libraries to learn tried and true methods for more powerful castings than they’d otherwise get on the fly. Note, those who worship a deity of nature are considered a priest of nature, and are a divine spellcaster. Those who fall into the nature category are those who adhere to the philosophies of nature. For this category, ignore all spell lists in Player’s Handbook for D&D and other such addendum that refer to ranger spells and select feasible spells from the domains of any of the elements, sun, moon, weather, animal, plant, etc. Healing is not one of those classifications.

Still, casters of all ilk can only handle so much channeling before their bodies and mind are too fatigued to allow any further spellcasting. This is something that can be increased through practice and an understanding of the Source so spellcasters who have been about it longer can channel more than those who are just starting. A part of the formula for figuring the number of spells/prayers/persuasions an individual can enact in a day follows:

Arcane: INT x 2 + 1/rank of Spellcraft + 1/rank of Magic Intuition
Divine: WILL x2 +1/rank of Expert: Religion +1/rank of Magic Intuition
Nature: WILL x2 +1/rank of Expert: Nature +1/Rank of Magic Intuition

The second part of the formula uses the derived stat RES for defining limitations to what the caster is capable of casting within the amount of spells available. Rather than recreate the wheel, we’re using the spells created for D&D v3.5. These spells are separated into levels, and when a spell of any particular level is cast by the spellcaster, the level is subtracted from the RES pool (e.g. – a character has a RES pool of 24 and casts a 5th level spell. Their RES pool would be reduced to 19). When a RES pool is reduced to zero the caster is finished with normal spellcasting and must either rely on items such as the Source Crystal to increase their available pool, cast less powerful spells to begin with, or start sacrificing life force (see below) to cast more spells. Sure, they can cast 32 spells per day due to the formula above, but without aid they’ll be forced to cast low powered spells to achieve that total. No matter whether the spell is successful, or a failure, you will take points against your RES pool: full points equal to the level of the spell for successes, and half points (rounded up) for failures. There are limitations even in magic.

Each also has their unique method for casting a spell. For the arcane caster to actually cast a spell, the caster must be able to remember the technique used to access the Source and how to manipulate it into the desired effect. This is represented by use of the Technique (TECH) statistic in combination with the Spellcaster skill and a die ten.

TECH + Spellcaster Skill + 1d10

The divine caster must use prayer to ask their god or goddess for the favor of their power. This is done through the use of their WILL, forcing their prayer to be heard through the plethora of other prayers bombarding the deity. The deity then reviews how deserving the characters is through the characters PIETY.

WILL + (PIETY/100) + 1d10

The druid must have the element nearby that they wish to persuade and then enter into conversation with it using the Language of the Ancients, or Druids Tongue as most call it. This is done through the Expert: Nature skill and the WILL stat.

WILL + Expert: Nature + 1d10

Time for the Casting
Each combat phase is 3 seconds. As such, it is normally only possible to get off one spell per phase. In the event that a spellcaster finds the need, or desires, to cast two spells in a single phase he must raise the DC for the second spell accordingly. This adds a 5 to the DC. It just isn’t possible to channel more of the Source than that naturally in that limited time frame making it a limit/max of 2 spells/phase with the difficult modifier.

Spells: What’s Available to Cast?
As previously mentioned, we’re using those spells created for the game Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Edition, and for the FUZIONfantasy setting. Of course, alterations to these spells are necessary to fit within the limitations of a more realistic gaming system, so there are some rules of thumb that must be taken into consideration with each spell, and ultimately, the GM has final say in how the spells operate within their game.

The following table defines the DC and Damage limit per spell level. This means, for example, that if you were to cast a Fireball, depending on your Spellcraft rank, you’d always only do a maximum of 1d6+5 damage to all within the radius, with half damage for those who successfully save. This also means that no matter the effect of the spell, your DC for casting that Fireball is always going to be 21, unless (isn’t it funny how there’s always an exception to the rule) items, talents, perks, or other spells come into effect changing the DC. What’s more is that no matter whether the spell is successful, or a failure, you will take points against your RES pool: full points equal to the level of the spell for successes, and half points (rounded up) for failures.

Spell Transfer:
Spell Level DC to Cast Maximum Damage
115 1d6
2181d6+1/rank of Spellcraft up to +5 maximum
4242d6+1/rank of Spellcraft up to +5 maximum
6303d6+1/rank of Spellcraft up to +5 maximum
8364d6+1/rank of Spellcraft up to +5 maximum

Durations: Where the duration lists anything to do with a standard action, the standard action is substituted for a phase. Otherwise, the terminology remains fairly standard: a round equals a round, a turn equals a turn, minutes are minutes, and hours are hours.

Spells that are designed with a repetitive action each subsequent phase (such as Melf’s Acid Arrow) continue based on the spellcraft skill of the caster. The extended effect only works for one additional extension per three spellcraft ranks.

Metamagic and FUZIONfantasy: In D&D there were certain metamagic feats that could be earned to augment the spellcaster’s ability with their spells. These metamagic feats are now talents and must be purchased according to the talent acquisition rules.

Spell Resistance: It would stand to figure that some creatures are better at resisting the effects of the Source when it is pitted against them. This, too, is something that can be trained into an individual and is represented through the talent of Spell Resistance. Spell resistance is very easy to calculate. You take the talent’s rank and add that to the spell’s saving throw. Consider it to be the Stopping Power against the Source. If a spell does damage, spell resistance reduces the spell’s damage on the subject, whatever is left over after the spell resistance rank is subtracted from the totaled die damage is applied to the target’s HITs, or STUN, or RES, whichever applies. If a saving throw is allowed, these are considered before the damage is sustained, and spell resistance is applied to the WILL and CON save, but not the REF save (as this is a measure of one’s ability to get out of the way, not to resist).

The Trick of Increasing a Spell’s Potency: A spellcaster has the ability to increase the potency of a spell, or in other words, increase the save DC. To do this, the spellcaster increases the spellcaster DC by one half whatever total they are raising their spell’s save DC to. The spellcaster can increase the DC of the spell up to the total value of their Spellcraft skill.

Specialization of Function: Spellcasters of the arcane persuasion can choose to specialize in a particular type of spell function. Essentially, the wizard is choosing to focus their attention on one of the eight functions of spellcasting, and in doing so, neglects two others due to the necessary balance of Source application, and the dedicated effort to increase their skill in one area. The benefit to choosing this path is that the wizard gains a +3 bonus to their spellcaster check when casting from the function of their choice. Obviously, the downside to this is that they cannot cast spells from the two functions that they chose to neglect. A wizard character must make this decision while still a rank 1 in spellcraft and once it has been made, may not chose to go back.

Spell Books and Divine Devotions: A spellcaster can use just about any kind of object to record their spells. They could have their spells recorded on rolls of parchment, brass tablets, inscribed on a piece of jewelry, or in a book. To scribe a spell, however, the caster must make a successful Spellcraft check versus the DC of the spell being scribed. Spell books do not hold any magic and as such do not require special materials to hold the spell descriptions. The spell book is nothing more than a set of schematics used to refresh a spellcaster’s memory on casting their spell.

Int + Spellcraft Skill + 1d10

Divine spellcasters follow a different method of recording their casting, using mental devotions in combination with their prayers that allow a divine being to help jog their memory making it easier for them to remember their prayers for the day. This is another advantage divine spellcasters have over their arcane brethren. By performing their devotions for one hour when they are supposed to hold services the divine spellcaster receives a bonus against their casting DC for all spells cast that day from their deity's domains whereas the arcane caster only gains the benefit for spells studied from within their book. Spells created on the fly do not get this bonus. Both methods provide a +2 bonus against the DC.

Spell Focuses: Spell focuses are receptacles that help store RES energy allowing the spellcaster to cast against these receptacles before applying spell levels against their own RES. These cannot be random elements that the caster picks up by the side of the road per se, but they must be crafted by skilled artisans. In other words, if the spellcaster is casting a 5th level spell, they would normally apply 5 points against their RES score, but if they have a Spell Focus, they apply that 5 points against the Spell Focus’ pool instead. When a spell focus’ pool is used up, it becomes worthless until it is recharged once more by a Maintainer. Spell Focuses are different than the talent Spell Focus in that these are tangible objects where that talent is just a method of augmenting casting.

Focuses are created special for the purpose of enhancing spellcasting in a world that is low in magical prowess. Special ingredients, salves, and other archaic devices are used in this complicated procedure that requires Spell Focus Creation talent in order to properly prepare the item. These are the items found in spellcasting shops throughout the world (at least where spellcasting isn’t looked upon with fear and trepidation).

To create a spell focus one must have the Spell Focus Creation talent, a laboratory, and time. The formula for creating the focus is:

TECH + Spell Focus Creation + 1d10

The time spent and the DC are listed on the table below:
Value of the Spell Focus: Time Needed to Create RES Store DC to Create
5gp1 hour210
25gp4 hours515
100gp12 hours1020
500gp48 hours1525
1,000gp72 hours2030

Pushing Your Spellcasting/Sacrificing Life Force: In FUZIONfantasy the caster is not limited to just the number of spells per day that the above formula dictates, but to cast beyond this number is costly. The caster can opt to grant themselves an additional four (4) spell castings (meaning either 1 4th level spell, or any combination up to that) for the day by sacrificing one (1) point of Constitution. Essentially, the caster is eating away at their own life force in order to continue to cast. They may continue to do this until they have entirely depleted their Constitution score, but once they have taken the last point of Constitution and dedicated it to the casting of a spell, they have very little time left to live. The GM will roll 1d10 in secret. The result is the number of rounds that the caster has left to live unless they receive immediate care from a physician (DC 30) for one point, or magical restoration of their CON stat.

Recoverying From Life Force Sacrifice: Drawing upon one's life force is no small thing. It takes its toll and should not be used lightly. When a caster has done this they regain one (1) point of Constitution back every two (2) days of regular activity. If the caster is able to spend his time in complete rest they gain one (1) Constitution point per day instead of every two.

Spell Saves: There are three different types of spell saves: REF (Reflex) saves, WILL saves, and CON (Constitution) saves. Of these WILL is perhaps the most complicated as it is pitted against the target’s sense of self. REF saves are quite simply pitted against spells that have an area of effect like a fireball. The GM may even rule that a particular ray attack could result in a REF save to avoid its effects. Simply put, the REF save is put into effect whenever the target has a chance of “jumping to” and avoiding the effects of a spell. CON saves are used whenever a spell is targeting the physique or health of an individual directly. In the case where a spellcaster wants to just snuff the life force of a target out, the target would make a CON save to negate the effects, or receive half damage. As previously mentioned, WILL saves are the most complicated. A person’s Id is defined by their RES (Resistance) derived statistic. This derived statistic represents mental damage, or Hits, and as such, whenever a spell is being pitted against a target’s WILL, it must first overcome the target’s RES, taking the total derived statistic to 0 before it is effective, except in the case of illusions. Illusions are a false sensory representation of what the spellcaster wishes to present. They don’t really exist, but at the same time the recipient of the spell believes they do and as such his belief is enough to believe that the illusion is capable of hurting him. When an illusion does “damage” it is against the target’s RES derived statistic. If the RES derived statistic is reduced to 0 then the individual believes so fully in the fact that they’ve been killed, that they die.

REF Spell Save: 1d10+REF+Dodge & Escape
CON Spell Save: 1d10+CON+Endurance skill
WILL Spell Save: 1d10+WILL+INT

As previously mentioned, Spell Resistance must be overcome before a saving throw is ever required.

To further elaborate on the WILL save we’ll look at an example: Selenberg, the wizard, has decided that it is necessary to charm a guard in order to afford entry to a tower and gain an able-bodied swordarm at his side. Charm Person is a 1st level spell, so the DC is 15, something that Selenberg is more than capable of accomplishing. So, the roll is made resulting in a 25 for Selenberg. Since the score required an 15 there are 10 excess points. These points are then subtracted from the RES score of the target. Once the RES score is reduced to 0 the spell has succeeded, and so long as the spellcasting checks are successful the subject is completely unaware that they are being attacked. This is one reason why an arch-mage is such a feared opponent; for the weaker spellcaster, taking over someone’s mind might take a few tries, but for a skilled practitioner, one spell could completely strip an individual of their willpower.

Piety: This attribute is covered in this section because of its unique aspect on the character and character play. Piety is a representation of how spiritually in-tune with a deity a character is, and directly relates to divine spellcasting. Without Piety, the character cannot invoke divine magic.

This attribute fluctuates depending on the character’s involvement in their religion. Providing that the character is a devout worshiper who follows all of the edicts of his church and seeks to further their deity’s influence, they will advance in Piety earning more privileges from their church and their deity. Should the character fail to follow their deity’s mandates, grow lazy in their pursuit of spreading the religion’s Word, and otherwise neglect their deity, they will lose Piety to the point where they cannot cast divine magic. Even the passage of time effects a character’s Piety. Needless to say, when playing a priest or cleric of a particular religion, a player must pay close attention to the actions and efforts of their character in order to grow in power. Yes, the idea here is to promote role-play through the involvement of the character’s religion in their day-to-day activities; something that is not handled so well in other systems.

So, how does one gain and lose Piety? The following table represents the actions that will both increase, and decrease a character’s Piety score. Of course, like everything else in this system, this is not the end all reference point as the GM may decide that some items would have greater impact in their campaign than what is listed, or feel that not everything is covered. As such, the GM has final ruling on the points, when they are given and when they are taken away, as well as what exactly constitutes an award.

The Piety Table
Action (Beneficial) Piety
Attend/Hold services pertaining to devoted religion that last at least one hour. (Attainable once/day.).5
Attend/Hold services pertaining to devoted religion that last at least one hour at the proper time associated with the deity’s worship preferences. (Attainable once/day.)1
Attend/Hold services pertaining to devoted religion that last at least one hour where there are more than 10 worshippers of the same deity in attendance. (Attainable once/day.)2
Attend/Hold services pertaining to devoted religion that last at least one hour at the proper time associated with the deity’s worship preferences where there are more than 10 worshippers of the same deity in attendance. (Attainable once/day.)3
Pay required tithe. (Attainable once/day.)1
Work a notable deed associated with devoted religion’s domain. 1
Proselyte to new investigators for at least one hour. 2
Bring new worshippers into the fold on any given day. (Attainable once/day.) 3
Dedicate a structure to the devoted religion. 3
Build a structure to the devoted religion of average value. 3
Build a structure to the devoted religion of great value. 3
Undertake a holy quest related directly to the agenda of the devoted religion. 2
Complete a holy quest related directly to the agenda of the devoted religion. 5
Donate items/property of average value to the devoted religion. 3
Donate items/property of great value to the devoted religion. 5
Destroy/thwart rival religion’s influence in a small area. 2
Destroy/thwart rival religion’s influence in an average area. 4
Destroy/thwart rival religion’s influence in a large area. 6

Action (Detrimental) Piety
Failing to attend/hold services pertaining to devoted religion that last at least one hour. (Attainable once/day.)-2
Failing to pay required tithe at the required time. (Attainable once/day.)-1
Being accused of a crime against devoted religion.-4
Being convicted of a crime against devoted religion.-10
Losing items/property that belongs to the devoted religion.-5
Destroying, or allowing to be destroyed, items/property that belongs to the devoted religion. -10
Breaking a vow to the devoted religion. -5
Acting outside of the Faith.-10
Allowing a rival religion to flourish unchecked within a small area neighboring your faith’s domain.-2
Allowing a rival religion to flourish unchecked within an average area neighboring your faith’s domain. -3
Allowing a rival religion to flourish unchecked within a large area neighboring your faith’s domain.-5

These totals are a “live” pool, meaning that they go up or decrease as the incidents occur unless otherwise stated. For every 100 points of Piety, consider this equal to 1 rank for the sake of die rolling and determining scores against DCs.

More to come...

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Topic: The Embodiment
Subject: Yup...

Hammer has asked me to let him know when I started this up, and that would make six if he were interested.

I'm still reviewing writing (just spent the evening tabletopping this system), but it is likely we have the player group. Next step would be considering character basics: race, gender, basic idea, etc.

I will be posting general rules you should be aware of after these are presented.

Posted on 2008-06-01 at 07:06:10.

Topic: The Embodiment
Subject: Nice start...

This game likely won't start actual play for a bit as I'm not planning on getting it rolling until after Cerebral is ended. However, character development will start as soon as we have five confirmed players.

YeOlde, Glory, and Grugg would all be accepted as I'm familiar with your work. I'll review your writing, Septimus, shortly and post the results. Thanks for the interest folks!

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Topic: Star Trek: Operation:Persephone - Q&A
Subject: Good thinking.

Bravo. Keep it up, it keeps the ship safe.

No if we could just get those who profess to LOVE Trek gaming to post...

Posted on 2008-06-01 at 01:47:08.

Topic: The Embodiment
Subject: The Embodiment

I will, in the near future, be starting a new rules-based game depending on the interest. I've made no secret of the fact that I am no longer a strong proponent of D&D, and as such, this game will be using my system: FUZIONfantasy (which I eventually hope to license through R. Tal. as it uses a huge chunk of their FUZION system). In any case, I thought I'd start the recruiting thread now because the game will begin as soon as Cerebral Paradox ends, which isn't too much longer, and I want people to be at least a little familiar with the rules. While it won't be necessary to understand the whole of them, you will have a character sheet, and it will be important to understand at least the basics.

Title:The Embodiment

The Embodiment will take place in the Audalis setting. I've neglected it for quite some time now, focusing on my own campaign setting, and I think it is time I returned.

The FUZIONfantasy rules does not have classes, so you base your profession on your skill set and what's adding coin to your purse. However, you can base your character loosely on a particular D&D class rather easily.

There are not hit points, per se, in this system, and a single sword stroke can, quite realistically, kill your character, so if you're the type who enjoys wading into combat willy nilly without consideration for your character's safety, this is not the game for you. Your skills keep you alive, your history provides you with aid as well as enemies, and far more than any D&D game, your actions will determine whether you continue to breathe or not.

Armor is a great protector, but it also hinders you in both your ability to respond quickly, and how fast you move. If wearing a helmet, you can also affect your awareness.

Alignment is replaced by Philosophy, a guidepost to your character's moral standings, but in most cases not something that you are strictly required to adhere to (though it can still affect whether you remain in good standing with your god).

Magic use is scaled considerably: no more 20d6 damage spells, your ability to cast is determined by one skill while your knowledge of how to manage the casting is tempered by another. Religious magic is determined differently than arcane, and Nature even more so.

There are no character levels, just skill ranks...

In short, this is a game for people who prefer some real heroics due to tight spots and difficult odds at the real, and immediate risk of the character dying should they slip up.

The characters are going to really need to be heroes, but this does not mean that they are shallow, or "Lawful Stupid". They need to have depth, drive, concerns, fears, etc. They can be any of the player races of Audalis--I'll adjust their write ups for the rules as necessary. I will also work closely with the players to intertwine the character's histories so we can forgo the "introduction" period. The characters can also be from any of the countries, even Sendria.

I am interested in developmental writing--in other words, I would like to see people capable of carrying a story, developing relationships with characters, developing the character's personality, who can post at least once a week, and who are comfortable taking initiative to help promote interaction. In my experience, Campaign-like games don't appear to fare well in PbP games, but I'm willing to give it another shot with The Embodiment, I just need players who are willing to as well.

I won't subconsciously direct your character creation choices by giving you a premise for the adventure--after all, in my opinion, realistic adventures wouldn't be geared towards the adventurer, the adventurer would be forced to convert their way of thinking and skills to reach their objective. What I'm looking for right now is an adventuring group of about five to six people. We'll start with the players first, and then flesh out the characters after we've established the player base.

Again, I'm looking for people who can write well, where any one of them can be the "main character" at any time as this focus may change and that player would be required to carry the group forward. As for timeframe...well, theoretically, this game could take years to complete. I guarantee it will be epic.

First step: post your interest in the game, and give me some examples of your writing/storytelling ability.

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Topic: Star Trek: Operation:Persephone - Q&A
Subject: There will be...

A notice from the captain about the transport, but no details pertaining to its contents.

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Topic: Hi all.
Subject: Walks in...

Shakes hands...
Kisses babies...
Waves and smiles...
Exits in armored limo...

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Topic: G'day
Subject: Passin' by...

Sayin' hi...

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Topic: Just a ello or hello or...
Subject: Hi.

I'm the talkative one.

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Topic: A Cold Day in Hell Q&A
Subject: Need?

All you need to do is post the order of rooms you want to take the fire team.

Posted on 2008-05-30 at 05:56:02.

Topic: Star Trek: Operation:Persephone - Q&A
Subject: Ok

I've postedto a point where the main characters are waiting on other main characters (hint, hint), so about the only thing I can do is post auxiliary character actions on board both ships.

Posted on 2008-05-30 at 03:20:23.

Topic: A Cold Day in Hell Q&A
Subject: Up to Tann.

I'll leave the route to the fire team lead.

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Topic: Star Trek: Operation Persephone
Subject: Long post...multiple events, spans some few hours.

Stardate: 2374.09.01
USS Charon – Captain’s Ready Room – 1910 hours

Kelsey sat behind his desk reading through the missive he’d just received by private relay. His narrowed eyes were studious, not angry, and the slight twitch to the corner of his mouth was indicative of a smile forming. The information he’d received was just what he’d been hoping for, but as usual, it would take some unique skills to act upon.


“Come,” Kel said as he set the PADD down on his desk—face down on his desk.

The door slid open revealing a tall human, male wearing the command red and the pips of a junior grade lieutenant. He was clean cut, with black, regulation cut hair and kind, brown eyes. He had broad features, probably with some hint of African genes somewhere in his bloodline, but appeared Caucasian.

“You requested my attention, sir?” he said as he stepped inside and snapped off a salute, the door closing behind him.

“I did, Lt. Kennedy,” Gavison placed his right hand on the desk and leaned back in his chair, his left finding the arm to sit upon. “Sit down, Abe. We’ve some things to discuss.”

Lt. Kennedy did as instructed. Having served aboard the Charon for close to a year, he was well aware of Captain Gavison’s mannerisms and temper flares. He—perhaps better than anyone else aboard the Charon besides Commander Fletcher—knew the captain best, and had developed a thick skin where his dealings with the man were concerned, if not out of sympathy for the hellish history the captain endured, then out of respect for what he managed to accomplish. Even if the accomplishments weren’t always within Star Fleet regulation.

“Why is it that I have new assignments aboard my ship, and the first I learn of them is when one of them shows up at my door?” Kel drove straight to the point.

“Minor details I thought best to keep off of your desk, sir,” was the calm reply. Abe’s eyes remained fixed on Kelsey’s.

“Minor? Some of my senior officers and you considered them minor?”

“Not them, per se, but the fact that they were assigned recently. Being under repair with the knowledge that we weren’t going to be leaving dock soon, I felt that the introduction of said officers could wait until a more opportune time.”

“Opportune? Such as?”

“Such as the dinner you usually hold just before launching.” Abe’s face remained calm under the heat from Gavison’s gaze.

“Senior staff, and you thought it would do to—“ Kel’s visible hand had clenched into a fist, the muscles in his jaw clenched as he fought the urge to bowl the man out of his chair with a bellowed reprimand. Taking a deep breath through his nose, Captain Gavison kept his gaze level. “You weren’t informed of our pending mission, so I won’t hold you responsible for any delays your actions may have caused, Lieutenant. However, the assignment of new senior officers to my bridge will always, and I repeat, always warrant my immediate attention. Understood?”

“Understood, sir.”

The room fell silent once more while the two men stared at each other: one with a fiery countenance, the other a rock cliff before the storm. After what seemed like an eternity to Lt. Kennedy, Gavison spoke once more.

“The details of the mission are such: We’re to be joined by the Cerberus in a few days time, and shortly after, we’re entering the wormhole. However, after the Cerberus docks we’ll have the dubious honor of entertaining Romulan guests for a short term while they install a cloaking device. You’ll see to it that the replicators are programmed with a menu to their tastes, and that we’ve at least one bunk available in case they need to rest. Coordinate this with Lt. Cmdr. Talon so that his security forces can prepare.

“I’ll need you to also coordinate the secure delivery of a shipment currently held in cargo bay one-oh-nine. After making the arrangements for transfer from the Ferangi, Hinal, use the Charon’s cargo transporter to beam the containers on board. There’s no need for DS9’s security teams to concern themselves with the cargo, understood?”

“None of their business, sir.”

“Now, are the ship’s industrial replicators online?”

Abraham cocked his head to one side, unable to contain his surprise at the sudden shift in direction. “Uh, yes sir, I believe that Lt. Cmdr. Jones’ teams managed to repair the damage sustained in our last mission just two days ago.”

“Good. I’ll need some new furniture for my private quarters. Make sure that’s taken care of ASAP, Lieutenant.”

“Will that be all, sir?”

Kel considered the effective—sometimes overly effective—young man for a moment before nodding slightly. “That will be all for now, Abe.”

“Thank you, sir.”

As the Operations officer exited the ready room, Kel absently turned the PADD on its face while he considered what objections the man would raise if he knew what he was beaming aboard the Charon. Hell, the captain wondered if he’d receive objections from all of his senior staff should they know. Snatching the PADD from his desk once more, Captain Gavison rose abruptly from his chair and began pacing while pulling up star charts on the GQ. He was positive that he’d have to adjust Mas’Riat’s flight plans, though not through any fault of her own, and he wanted to make sure he was as familiar with the charts as possible before her report in the morning—besides, it kept his mind occupied while he waited on the arrival of his XO to report on the meeting with Shilotte at 22:00 hours.

Stardate: 2374.09.01
USS Charon – Officer’s Dining Room – 21:57 hours

The Charon was a light cruiser classification of starship since its refitting. Serving in the capacity of escort, frontier support, and combat support it was not exactly the luxurious design that some of the heavier cruisers were afforded, however, it wasn’t as sparse as some of the scout ships either. It did, after all, have separate officer dining, five luxury suites, and ten expanded suites; and none of the crew quarters could be classified as Spartan. Add on the fact that it had a captain’s yacht, and the ship was downright cozy.

It was in the officer’s dining room that Kel awaited the arrival of Jonathan Fletcher, his XO. Earlier that day, he’d set Commander Fletcher on an assignment to see if a Bajoran prylar by the name of Shilotte knew anything about the personnel they were to rescue from the Gamma Quandrant. The commander should have taken a couple of Talon’s security personnel just in case, and Kel was eager to learn of his officer’s findings.

Seated in the captain’s chair, Kel had already had food and drink brought in from Quark’s (no need to tax the replicators when there was a restaurant within an arm’s throw), and the spread for the two command officers aboard the Charon was wafting delicious scents through the air.

As usual, Jonathan Fletcher was right on time—the door sliding open innocuously as the red-shirted man strode in.

“I hope your day wasn’t nearly as eventful as mine, Jon,” Kel said, motioning unceremoniously at the seat kitty corner from him. “I’ve ordered Bajoran summer squash and lamber bird with some speckled something-or-other on the side. There’s a nice red wine to go with it as well.”

(OOC: allowing for some comments before diving into the report…)

Kelsey was a man of action now, a man bearing his own code of conduct, his own principles, the like of which occasionally collided with Star Fleet’s. None-the-less, he allowed his XO some time to enjoy his dinner before pressing him for his report.

“How was your meeting with Shilotte?”

Stardate: 2374.09.01
Deep Space 9 – Cargo Bay 109 – 20:03 hours

Lt. Abraham Kennedy stood just inside the russet brown door of the cargo bay tapping his PADD against his thigh as he scanned the visible isles between variously shaped and colored containers. Crewman Walter Ashton stood nearby, also peering about in an effort to catch any sign of the Farengi they were supposed to meet. In line with Captain Gavison’s standing orders both men wore Type II Phasers on their belts.

“You represent Captain Gavison I’m to presume?”

Abe turned slightly to his right to bring himself inline with the Farengi that suddenly emerged from between two large columns of cylindrical containers, one with red markings, the other with blue. Kennedy wasn’t surprised to see two additional Farengi with phaser rifles hovering not too far off, though it made him wonder what the captain was ordering on board even more.

“I am, and I don’t have much time for this, so if you don’t mind…”

“There’s always time for profit,” the smallish man grinned bearing a mouthful of sharp, pin-prickish teeth. “But, you ‘umans are an unusually passive people when it comes to profit, aren’t you?”

“And you Farengi are unusually profit-minded.” Abe sighed. “Can we get on with this? I have transfer protocols in hand for the shipment, and I don’t fancy I want to be hanging around with the order in hand should security show up.”

The comment elicited a snorting laugh from the alien as he slowly approached the operations officer his head kreening to the side to inspect Crewman Ashton as he reached out to accept the PADD Abraham Kennedy offered.

“Captain Gavison should have already handled payment,” Abe said by way of explanation, hoping to ward off any queries about latinum since Gavison had, in fact, failed to mention anything of the sort.

“Mmmm,” Hinal murmured in response as he took in the information on the PADD. “Yes, yes, your captain paid, though I ought to charge him extra for the hours this has sat in the cargo bay since notifying him of its arrival.”

“You could, but then I’m sure Captain Gavison would want to speak with you face-to-face about that,” Abe raised his right hand to his chest, allowing it to hover over his communicator badge, and smiled amicably at the bulbous-headed alien. “I could let him know if you’d like.”

Hinal hissed at the Star Fleet officer and shook his head. “There’s no need to get nasty, Lieutenant. I was just saying—“

“Well, I’d appreciate it if you stopped ‘saying’ and started doing,” Abe dropped his hand back to his belt where it rested on the phaser butt. “As I’ve said, there are plenty of other places I’d rather be right now.”

“As would I, ‘uman,” Hinal responded sourly as he turned and made his way to the pedestal-like computer control console. “I’m assuming these transfer codes have been cleared through security?”

“Certainly have,” Kennedy replied, still standing where he’d arrived at before the whole exchange took place.

Hanil muttered something further under his breath that Lt. Kennedy was sure had something to do with trading with ‘umans before the Farengi punched in the security codes and activated the transport. With the sound of the demolecularizing material still humming in the air, Hanil stalked towards the Star Fleet personnel and shoved the PADD in Kennedy’s face.

“Done! The deal is complete. Tell your captain to find his—“ Hanil suddenly widened his eyes as he realized he had just about revealed what he’d delivered, and his scowl was suddenly replaced by an apologetic smile like that of a cartoon shark. “Tell your captain it was a pleasure doing business with him.”

Kennedy’s brow furrowed, “I will.”

Stardate: 2374.09.02
The Charon – Captain’s Ready Room – 09:50 hours

Kelsey sat at the head of the table, as usual. To his right sat Jonathan Fletcher, at his left, the newly arrived Lt. Talon. Proceeding down the table from Fletcher’s right sat Lt. Jason Hamilton, and the newly arrived Lt. Cmdr. Kato 3. To the left of Talon sat Lt. Cmdr. Benjamin Jones, and the empty seat that would soon belong to Lt. Mas’Riat should she deign to join them. Pleasantries had been endured by Kel, and he’d remained stony silent throughout the various discussions that were bound to pick up while waiting for the meeting to start until, with an obvious frown of annoyance at Mas’Riat’s tardiness, Kel opened the meeting.

“I welcome Lt. Cmdr. Kato—I’ve not had much time to review your service record, but judging the circumstances Star Fleet is aware of, I’d imagine you’ll do just fine.” Captain Gavison peered calmly around the table, the expression of dissatisfaction still on his face. “You’ve all had time to consider the operation we’re about to undertake. We’ll obviously be making adjustments as necessary to our plans once the Cerberus and Captain MacTavish arrive, but we’d damn well better have a plan of action to present that is better than decent in the meantime. So, Lt. Cmdr. Talon, what’ve you got to add?”

“First off Captain,” Talon started, “we received very little further intel on the Dominion movements but what I did get I forwarded to Lt. Mas’Riat to help in her evaluation of potential routes into the system. I also sent her my recommendations on the matter but I left the main planning of this area to her and her ‘unique’ expertise.” The last held a hint of sarcasm about why she was assigned to this ship and this mission.

“Ships’ security is tighter than ever,” he said moving on to the next subject, “ and all Tactical system repairs have been completed. The Type X Phaser arrays are fully operational, both Mark XXV Photon Torpedo launchers are operational and the torpedo bays are filled with 45 torpedos, and Deflector shields are operational and running at 99.99% efficiency. I am working on getting that up to 100% before the end of the day.”

“As for the Romulans,” he set his PADD down and ended the data that had been streaming to the main display, “they will be under constant surveillance by either me or one of my men. They will be allowed only in areas they need access to do their job and each one of those will have to be cleared by either you or me. They will not be allowed anything resembling a weapon, and they will be subjected to a full body scan and I would like them to receive a full physical and medical scan as well to make sure they are carrying no concealed weapons or viruses. They only place they will be allowed even the smallest amount of privacy will be the quarters where they will be housed and then a guard will be stationed outside the door at all times.”

Talon paused to look at the Captain, his countenance showing no hint of humor now as he concluded, “If I had it my way, I would rather beam them out into open space where they would do the most good.”

“Wouldn’t we all, Talon?” Kel answered grimly. “But we will afford them all of the diplomatic interaction necessary to make sure this mission is a success nonetheless.”

Just then, the door opened and Mas’Riat entered, looking a little concerned, and with reason as far as Captain Gavison was concerned. Kel let his expression do the talking as she seated herself, then said simply, “The floor is yours, Lieutenant.”

When called upon, Mas'Riat began by calling up a 3D display of her projected flight path, noting potentially dangerous atmospheric conditions as well as probable interaction with enemy forces.

"Given the information availible, I supplemented our flight path with my direct knoweledge of some of the area involved and have come up with the most direct route with limited probable interference from Dominion forces."

Kel reviewed the path with the rest of them and had to admit, it was as sound as could be given under the current circumstances, taking them past Torga IV, through the Bopak System, and entering Dominion Territory near Vandros IV. It was a round-about approach, but the angle wouldn’t be expected, especially since the wormhole opened up near New Bajor, respectively some few light years away, and the majority of Dominion/Star Fleet occurances had taken place on almost a direct path to Calinon VII where a known Dominion base was located. It also meant that they’d charted their course away from all Federation listening posts. The only real danger in the flight plan was that it took them within spitting distance of Skrreean Space, though Kel was confident that they’d be able to outmaneuver any Skrreean patrols that far out should they stick with that course. Kel’s focus on the plan returned to Torga IV, however, for it was here that his own agenda interceded Star Fleet’s mission plans. Still, now was neither the place, nor the time, to discuss that little variance.

“Well done, Lieutenant,” Kelsey said through barely moving lips as he continued to study the plan on the holo-display over the table’s surface (another of the perks of the Saber Class). Communications could be handled this way as well. “It almost makes up for your lack of attention to punctuality…” The captain’s nonchalant reprimand was couched in such a way as to slip it under the compliment allowing him to move on. “Maintain this information on our secure datafiles until such a time as I deem it prudent to transfer it to the Cerberus. Meanwhile, make sure you’re utilizing all of the holodeck time you need to practice the run. I want multiple scenarios in place: Gem’Hadar, Skrreean, atmospheric, everything you can think of. Talon will help you with that, as will Hamilton and Kato, I’d imagine. You’re new to the Charon, Mas’Riat, so I expect you to become intimate with her very quickly.”

(OOC: any response…)

“Kato, I believe that makes it your turn.”

"Well, ladies and gentlemen," the alien began, "I've been on a shuttle from Eminiar 7 for the past few weeks, and due to the nature of our mission, much of my work will be in coordination with tactical. However, I have called up all the available information about planets and lifeforms in the regions of space we'll be flying through."

He quickly flipped through a variety of documents showing the traits of planets and planetoids they would be coming into the vicinity of, as well as lists of M-class planets that they could survive on if the ship went down, etc. Additionally, there were a few slides on diseases, viruses and hostile lifeforms that they might run into while planetside - the kinds of biological threats that were native to or common to the Gamma Quadrant.

"As you can see," he concluded. "I've very little to go on. The Federation doesn't exactly have a wealth of information about Dominion space, for obvious reasons. For a more comprehensive report, I'll have to coordinate with tactical."

Kelsey was impressed. The man just dived right into his duties, and for that, Kelsey was grateful to Star Fleet. Having an impressive science officer on board was more than necessary, and this one looked like he’d pan out just fine.

“Well done,” the captain offered up one of his rare compliments. “Take note of the flight plan, Kato. You’ll want to further instruct yourself in the regions we’ll be passing through.” Turning his attention to Lt. Cmdr. Jones, Gavison continued. “How are the repairs coming?”

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Topic: Cerebral Paradox - Mature Content
Subject: Scouting Party 01

Outside of The Red Lantern – East Marina – Night City – March, Friday 13th, 2020, 12:14pm

Lightning blinked into the acidic rain and frowned. He wasn’t exactly a car thief, and for the life of him, couldn’t think of the best place to procure a vehicle. Of course, once they found one, he was confident he’d be able to start ‘er right up…

“Sorry, but no dice here. I’m an upstanding citizen,” the techie grinned as he said this.

Bull’s Eye sighed and motioned down the street as MDK stepped off a ways to start making calls. “Let’s start walkin’. If we see something prime, I’ll clue you all in.” That said, the stocky nomad splashed through a puddle in the center of the concrete and began to walk away from where DigitalScribe and Guardian were getting into a Red Cab.

The rain was cold, the wind like a sandblasting tool, but Bull’s Eye was determined to get this underway. There had been a time when he would have been more relaxed in a city than out on the road where they’d have to keep an eye out for bandits and the Raffen Shiv. Prison had changed him. Inside, he’d had to watch his back, watch his side, watch his front, and sleep with one eye open. It had made him cynical, and brutally effective out of necessity. The man Croaker had known as a simple driver was no more, even if Croaker didn’t realize it. Now, with the somber, tattoo-faced medic, the all too beautiful bounty hunter, the techie with ADD, the enigmatic assassin, and the nomadic councilmember in tow, he had to find them a suitable ride, and quick.

There weren’t many on the street despite the time of day. When huge storms rolled in, Night City, just like any other city, kept its pulse pounding, but there were all too many different ways to stay off the street, and many took advantage of them. What that meant was twofold as far as Bull’s Eye was concerned: one, they had little potential for interacting with some fool ganger, and two they stood out like sore thumbs to anyone who just happened to take an interest in what was going on outside. Hunching his shoulders, the driver dug his hands deep into his trench coat pockets.

Covering his mouth as he took a deep breath, Firewind set off after the grumpy nomad, keeping his gloomy thoughts to himself. Part of him was ecstatic over the opportunity to finally do some damage to a megacorp, no matter how small. Ever since his loss, he’d been vying for an opportunity just like this to come along, but had been forced to work mamby-pamby gigs just to stay alive. This was the first real espionage outing he was involved in, and though he was excited about the prospects, he was more than a little concerned with the dynamics of the group. Glancing at Croaker, the medtech wondered briefly if he were really the best suited to be in charge. It wasn’t the first time he’d wondered as much, but perhaps he was missing something—after all, Bull’s Eye had said that Croaker had been on a council, and even though Firewind knew very little about nomadic society, it was fairly common knowledge that most nomads had a government system that involved a council of sorts. So, if Croaker really had been on their family council, why was he so…unreasonable when it came to working with others?

The medtech’s gaze shifted to Peacekeeper for a moment before dropping back to the cement in front of him. Maybe that was it. Maybe having her along for the ride was setting the nomad on edge. But wouldn’t that make him want to pool all of his resources even more instead of alienating them? Keahi remained baffled as they wondered down the street.

“There,” Bull’s Eye’s gravel-filled voice brought their attention around. The group had progressed a few minutes down the street, working their way past shops, alleys, and restaurants until they’d come to a wide, one-way street that cut back between two red brick buildings tagged by graffiti. “Don’t no one point, or do nothin’ stupid like that. Just gather up like we’re talking lunch.”

While everyone gathered around, Bull’s Eye fished Canned Air out of his bag and put the mask over his mouth, filling his lungs with clean oxygen. About midway down the street, the area opened up to about three times as wide—possibly a loading/unloading area for the shops and restaurants. Parked there was a dull gray delivery van, the back doors opened wide and two people unloading boxes while another stood by with a submachine gun in hand smoking a cigarette. All three wore dark gray coveralls, ball caps, and heavy black work boots. The one holding the weapon was looking down the alley at the group of edgerunners that had just come into view, but the others were still working hard at removing the brown cardboard boxes from the back of the vehicle and placing them on the covered deck nearby. A stream of rainwater rushed down the alley away from the edgerunner’s positions towards the van that was about a foot wide. There was a large mottled green dumpster a bit further down in the courtyard, tucked into a corner just before the street narrowed again. The direction one-way sign pointed out towards the street the team hovered near, and traffic was slim, comparatively.

“Yeah, I know. There’s three obstacles, and one of them has heat, but that’s a delivery van, and it appears to be office supplies, so it could be an excuse for bein’ up that way if we ace it.” Bull’s Eye took another drag off the Canned Air and smiled as if he were telling a joke. “You’re call, Croaker. You want this one, or do we keep lookin’?”

“Oooo,” Lightning whistled. “You could do a lot with that and a bone yard.”

“Over here,” Bull’s Eye snapped his fingers in front of the techie’s eyes to draw his gaze back away from the van. “Frackin’ dunce.”

Outside of The Red Lantern – East Marina – Night City – March, Friday 13th, 2020, 12:30pm

Posted on 2008-05-29 at 18:53:48.

Topic: A Cold Day in Hell
Subject: Change in focus.

Lt. Kernan felt like he was getting no where and fast by reviewing the security videos. It was obvious to him that what he needed wouldn't be available after the first few minutes of review, at least not for some hours yet, and they didn't have those hours as far as he was concerned. Snatching his weapon from the desk top, he turned and made his way back over to Blake to see how she was doing. He knew enough about computers to know that she was likely doing everything she could, and the setup she had running there was impressive enough to keep the question about timeframes quelled.

Leaning up against the table in back of the Chief, Kernan brought up a mental picture of the facility, the electronics schematics, air conditioning...he didn't have an eidetic memory by any means, but that information was contained on Charlie's computer, and for the moment it was busy. So, he had only his memory to work off of, and after years of training, years of remembering orders, timing, and maneuvers, his memory wasn't that bad. If he remembered correctly, there was a power station control room across the way accessible through an underground tunnel.

"Go with me on this, Blake," Monty muttered, his eyes still on the only door anything could come through. "The people stationed here are mostly eggheads, right? They've got some chest full of degrees tucked away somewhere that make the common man the equivalent of an elementary school student. So, they're working on some top secret experiment up here in the lonely cold, and they either achieve some major milestone, or something goes wrong and they screw up big time. Either way--like I said, they're a smart bunch of people--they realize that the sh*t's hit the fan. So, I'm assumin' that the first thing they'd do is try to deactivate that generator-thing. Can't get through to it without riskin' a whole helluvah lot if there's a blue field around it as they'd try to turn the power off at the station, no?

"Only, they either never made it to the station, or turning the power off did no good, and that means that the generator is creating its own power, or--" Monty tapped his weapon while he thought for a couple of seconds. "--Or it is drawing its power from somewhere else. That's a nasty thought.

"OK, so they couldn't shut it down via the power switch, couldn't get to the plug, if there is one, and resorted to trying to blow the hell outta it--which, of course, didn't work, cause that'd be too...normal in this strange little dreamland we've entered into. So, it is likely safe to say that the blue field is some sort of forcefield, or something, and that's why the weapon's fire and munitions couldn't affect it. With that assumption, it is safe to assume that the blue field around the base is also a protective barrier and we can't just evac and nuke the place. This leaves one realistic option here: You've got to get into their files and find out what the hell we're dealing with. Meanwhile..."

Monty had explained his line of thinking out loud to see if Blake could find any fault with it. Switching the radio back on, Lt. Kernan addressed the squad.

"Kane, what's the four one one?"

(OOC: assuming the answer is something akin to, "Uh, there's no way to unplug it from here.")

"All right, well, it is safe to assume that the people stationed here tried to shut the power down on it and failed, but we can't act on assumptions, so you and your fire team are to finish clearing this level, and then you're heading down to the access tunnel in order to secure the power station where you'll try shutting down power from there upon my order. Keep radio communication active. I want a play-by-play, and our enemy encounters thus far haven't led me to believe we're dealing with anything that can intercept our transmissions, so be vocal, everyone. All communications are to be on the open bandwidth, read me?"

Releasing the relay button, Kernan sniffed and released a deep breath. "Can I help out at all, Blake?"

Posted on 2008-05-29 at 18:12:50.
Edited on 2008-05-29 at 18:18:27 by Bromern Sal

Topic: Star Trek: Operation:Persephone - Q&A
Subject: Less subtle

Eol! Olan! All you others who have signed on and aren't doing anything! Let's get these ships flying!

Posted on 2008-05-29 at 17:05:33.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: I'm enjoying it.

And, with Tann's decision to grind the mule into the mud, I'm just waitin' to see what Wyatt get's t' deal with next.

Posted on 2008-05-29 at 17:03:41.

Topic: Star Trek: Operation:Persephone - Q&A
Subject: Not the players...

Just isn't much good interaction in the timeline between SF and the Romulans.

Now, what's the plan people? There has been a lot of talk about posting and such, but no real action taken. *Knocks on the window* Hello!

If the game dies, I'll take the Charon on the mission without the Cerberus.

Posted on 2008-05-27 at 05:09:16.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: Yup.

That's how we should do it.

Posted on 2008-05-27 at 05:02:50.


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