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Topic: A Cold Day in Hell Q&A
Subject: I was, really...

I was going to post today, but ended up gaming with my two eldest chilluns this afternoon...all afternoon. So, it looks as though I'll have to post this upcoming week instead. Sorry folks.

Posted on 2008-04-28 at 02:12:44.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: I was going to...honest.

So, I've been thinking, and there's not too much different that Wyatt would do under the circumstances aside from make a comment about making sure Willow was at her meeting, and asking Trish, or The Kid what the hell happened with the girl. Aside from that, he'll continue on the course I outlined...except that now he'll know for sure that JW was in that Firefly they passed on their way in, and that will raise suspicion. He'll still try and determine everything else as I posted.

Posted on 2008-04-28 at 02:11:44.

Topic: Star Trek: Operation:Persephone - Q&A
Subject: I was going to post...

I was going to post today, but spent the day instead gaming with my two eldest children. So, it looks like I'll try and fit that in this upcoming week some time.

Posted on 2008-04-28 at 02:09:19.

Topic: GASP! Is that Eol?
Subject: You know me...

Stylishly late. Actually, I waited until the hubbub died down so I wouldn't have to squeeze my way in. Besides which, it gives me the opportunity to cover two things at the same time (which you know I planned).

Welcome back, and happy birthday.

Now, with four children of my own, I think I have an understanding of how this motherhood thing works, so I am utterly confused by this relational misdirection Grugg seems to have for you, and--I have to admit--a little disgusted. What's up wit dat, yo?

And Big Al? The Huckleberry line and subsequent action made me laugh, so thank you.

Posted on 2008-04-27 at 16:13:43.

Topic: A Cold Day in Hell Q&A
Subject: I'm all in.

I devote all of my luck points and all of my creative currency to Charlie's sudden stroke of genius and quick turn around.

Posted on 2008-04-26 at 01:28:07.

Topic: Star Trek: Operation Persephone
Subject: Not ammused.

Stardate: 2374.09.01
USS Charon – Captain’s Ready Room – 1830 hours

Kel stalled for a moment as he picked up his PADD and thumbed in the command for personnel changes. He didn’t have the luxury of a yeoman, and Operations hadn’t reported any change in staff recently…something he’d have to look into further once he had a chance to meet with Lt. Kennedy. As it was, not knowing about the arrival of Mas’Riat irritated Cpt. Gavison further causing his scarring to stand out vivid white against the rush of blood to hid face.

The roster lists formed beneath his eye, and within a couple of passes of his fingers he’d taken the PADD through to Flight Control/Operations…and there she was: Lt. Cathica Mas’Riat, half Bajoran…not much else to go on, but a personal note from Sisko stating that she’d be valuable in what was to come.

Kel looked up from the PADD’s display and quickly gave her the once over. More and more Star Fleet personnel were bearing scars, so hers wouldn’t be distracting, especially to a crew that worked under him. They were mere white lines compared to his disfigurement—something that would keep him from gracing the halls at Star Fleet Command as a desk jockey, of that he was certain, and with no grim satisfaction at that.

“It would appear, Lieutenant, that you aren’t due until later, so your apology need not be presented to me.” Kel’s narrowed eyes met Talon’s with more than a little fire behind them. “It states that you’re a decent pilot,” The whole while Kel is speaking to Mas’Riat, his eyes remain locked with Talon’s. “You’re likely going to need every trick you’ve got up your sleeve Lieutenant. When flying for me, you have to think outside of the box, as sometimes, regulation doesn’t cut it.”

The PADD hit the tabletop again with an audible clanking sound as Kel dropped it unceremoniously, eyes still on the Lyran. “Welcome aboard,” he stated in a near growl, his teeth clenched. “I’m sure you won’t mind waiting outside for our Chief of Security, now will you, Lieutenant?”

(OOC: assuming Mas’Riat doesn’t have any questions, but leaves to wait outside…)

Once the flight officer had been separated from them by the hydraulic-powered door Kel gave a slow shake to his head while his lip curled, eyes still on Talon. “Have I not given you enough to do, Commander Talon? That you would find time to play cat and mouse with a new crewmember while I’m waiting on intelligence pertaining to our flight paths, ship operations, and plans on just how you’re going to protect my ship from Romulan technicians!? The Cerberus will be here in a few day’s time and my ship is still sitting in drydock under repairs! Get out of my sight, Commander, unless you’ve something productive to report on. MOVE! Before I skin you alive…”

It was an order Kel fully expected to be obeyed. He’d known Talon long enough to know that this kind of reaction wasn’t alien to the big cat as he was still being kind compared to the Lyran officer’s code of conduct. It wouldn’t damage the trust between the two, Kel had been standing side-by-side with Talon facing Jem’Hadar soldiers when the two of them had burned through their phaser charges and were reduced to nothing but knives. There was too much history, and that’s one of the things that bothered Kelsey about this shenanigan: Talon should have known that Kel took wasted time very seriously.

(OOC: again, assuming that Talon doesn’t have a response and leaves to collect Mas’Riat and begin work on their flight plan…)

When the door had slid shut once more, Kelsey snatched up the PADD once more and made his way to the window overlooking DS9. He stared blindly at it for a moment before opening a channel to the computer.

“Computer. Inform Commander Fletcher that I’ll expect him to join me for a late dinner with a full report on what he’d been able to determine in his meeting with Shilotte at 22:00 hours. Make sure Lieutenant Commander Jones is fully aware that I expect a report by the same time on the timetable for completing the repairs. I’ll have a plotted course from Lieutenant…Lieutenant Mas’Riat and Lieutenant Commander Talon no later than 10:00 hours tomorrow morning. I will see Lt. Kennedy in my ready room as soon as possible. Confirm.”

/--\ Confirming: Commander Fletcher has been notified of your dinner appointment and the required report. Lt. Cmdr. Jones has been notified of the report deadline. Lt. Cmdr. Talon and Lt. Mas’Riat have no been informed of their report deadline. Lt. Kennedy has confirmed receipt of your request and has replied that he will be back on board the Charon within the hour. /--\

Kelsey heard, but did not reply as he continued to stare past the pylons of DS9 at the place where the wormhole opened. Right now, it was black space filled with mines. Somewhere on the other side were the graves of his wife and daughter, and he’d be exacting vengeance for them again soon.

Posted on 2008-04-21 at 18:41:01.

Topic: Happy Birthday Suicidolt!
Subject: Happy Birthday

And my condolences on the advancing years.

Posted on 2008-04-20 at 19:12:17.

Topic: Star Trek: Operation:Persephone - Q&A
Subject: The Charon

I've updated the Charon.

Posted on 2008-04-20 at 19:11:32.

Topic: Star Trek: Operation Persephone
Subject: Charon's Ready Room

Stardate: 2374.09.01
USS Charon – Captain’s Ready Room – 1830 hours

Gavison stared at the PADD with such a foul look on his ugly, scarred face that he might have broken the device by sheer willpower. He hated being manipulated, despised the cloak of espionage that was now surrounding him, and was allowing his rage to build up inside of him at the thought of being a weapon in someone’s arsenal. His meeting at Quark’s hadn’t been what he’d hoped it would have been, and he had yet to hear back from any of his officers concerning the footwork he’d asked them to undertake. By his estimation they only had a few days before the Cerberus arrived expecting the Charon to be ready for departure, and he was no where near ready.

Kel’s teeth ground beneath the pressure he put on them as he tossed the PADD to the tabletop in disgust. What the Hell is this all about? he thought angrily. And how the Hell am I going to get the Charon and the Cerberus out of this one while still doing as much damage to the Dominion as possible?

Just then the computer beeped indicating that there was someone outside the door requesting admittance. Kel turned a withering eye on the door and considered for a moment whether one of his officers had actually found something useful. When it beeped again, he took a deep breath and rose up from his chair. “Come.”

The door swished open admitting Talon and a Bajoran female in Star Fleet red. Gavison had never seen her before and the enigma didn’t sit well with him. If she were a Star Fleet messenger with more hidden instruction, he was going to break her neck.

“What is it, Commander?” His tone was almost as much a growl as the Lyran’s own throaty voice.

Posted on 2008-04-20 at 19:06:34.

Topic: Voyages of Rocinante - Serenity/Firefly RPG
Subject: Cargo, and suspicions.

“Yes sir Cap’n I will try to draw something up for you once we get inside.” Fenris quickly stepped too, and was gone inside before Willow had finished speaking.

“A wise man once said that coincidences are connections that have not been discovered,” Willow responded. “Ludlow’s not exactly ‘Smith’ or ‘Chan’. Brigit’s here for a reason, too, and we should have no desire to get caught up in it. Let me see what I can find out about her,” Willow concluded, tapping her folded fan thoughtfully against her jaw. “Besides that, shouldn’t we look for some cargo to take offside? Deadheading – I believe the term is – can be costly, hmm?”

Wyatt grimaced. In all of the twists and turns he’d forgotten one of the most basic things about their existence. How the gorram hell had that happened!?

“Bless ya, Willow,” he said with a shake of his head. “You keep my feet firmly placed on Rocinante’s gangplank, and I thank you for it.

“While you look into Miss Brigit, I’ll double check the usual suspects and see what I can drum up. I swear, sometimes I think I’d be Tian Di Wu Yohn (completely useless) without you here to keep my hat on for me.” The captain offered up one of his rare smiles before turning and making his way into Rocinante’s belly. Breathing in the familiar odors of oil, metal, and machine dust, the captain made his way up the stairs to the front hall, intent on achieving the bridge where he could access the Feed necessary to track down some paying work. His mind was still on the situation he’d put Sam in, the fact that Ludlow appeared to have a brother in town, and that Willow had indicated she thought Brigit was certainly in place as more than the simple school marm—something he’d deduced the instant she’d become apparent as their benefactor, though he hadn’t considered to what extent until now.

Scratching the stubble already growing on his chin he proceeded on through his ship with his head lowered in thought. If Ludlow had been after Sam Dash and not Sam the Miner had he, Wyatt, just sent Sam off to a Da Shiong La Se La Ch’wohn Tian of Ma Fuhn (Explosive diarrhea of an elephant of trouble)? Were they being played? They had, after all, ran into some serious Luck when that other Firefly had began leaking vitals just as the blockade began closin’ in.

(OOC: assuming he makes it to the bridge without interruption—if he doesn’t I’ll backpost.)

Making his way to the communications console, Wyatt dropped into the seat and pushed his hat back on his forehead. Firing up the computer he waited until he had access to the directories he needed, but just before settling in to do some digging and negotiating, he decided to take a slight detour. Wyatt Sung knew enough about computers to be dangerous…mostly to the systems. However, he could often find what he was looking for without too much help, and in this case, he wanted to see what kind of ships Brigit had access to, what this Ludlow fellow came in on, where he was staying, any additional information pertaining to the people in question; including everything possible on Brigit’s fiancé: how long he’d been gone, what was publicly known about him, what kind of vessels he had at his disposal, what kind of connection he had with the consortium, anything he could drum up. After he was satisfied that he could gather no more information on his own, he’ll turn his attention to picking up more cargo.

Posted on 2008-04-20 at 18:53:52.
Edited on 2008-04-20 at 21:08:14 by Vanadia

Topic: A Cold Day in Hell
Subject: Wanna watch a movie?

Monty remained at Blake’s side while she played around with the computers, hoping that the warrant officer would be able to gain access to the systems. He was sure they weren’t dealing with an EMP situation, as their electronics worked, and the computers were powered; it was just a security issue, and maybe Blake wasn’t up to the task.

“How long would it take you to hack this?” He asked as she punched through a couple more sequences that returned with password failure.

(OOC: Next bit if she gives a reasonable timeframe. If not, look further down for the other piece.)

Reasonable Timeframe: The Lieutenant gave a nod, “Let’s make it happen then. We could really use the security cameras, and I wouldn’t mind reading some of the recent e-mails to see if we can’t determine what’s happened here.”

Turning to the others he pointed at the doors in a likely unnecessary order. “Secure those. We’re taking over this post for a time. Staff Sergeant Kane, contact Corporal Hatherford and make sure everything is still kosher back at the observatory.”

Orders given, Kernan steps slightly away from Charlie in an effort not to make her feel like he was hovering before catching site of the videos once again. Pushing off from the tabletop he was leaning against, Monty walked over and began rifling through the titles, looking for anything of interest: security logs, test documentation, personal recordings, etc. If he finds some, he’ll use the equipment to view them.

Unreasonable Timeframe: It was disappointing, but he couldn’t hold it against her. Sometimes, things were just beyond the capabilities of the specialist; that’s what teams of specialists were for. Still, there were those videos to look at—it bothered Monty some that they were using cassettes when digital technology was so much more secure, and permanent, but if cassettes were all he had to work with, then that’s what he’d review.

“Let’s see what we have here,” he told Blake as he made his way over to the videos and began to peruse the titles, looking for anything of interest: security logs, test documentation, personal recordings, etc. If he finds some, he’ll use the equipment to view them.

He’d really wanted to have access to all of the facilities security systems; that would have made his job so much easier, but when has a Ranger operation been easy? Not to mention this was the most whacked out mission he’d been on to date: soldiers claiming the Ranger program had been disbanded, people using the names of civilians with officer rank, blue energy fields with no apparent effect, strange yeti creatures…

“Ain’t in Kansas anymore, Dorothy,” Monty muttered as he reviewed the titles, setting the useless cassettes in one pile, and possible interests in another. If some strange anomaly had occurred with the testing going on, as the soldiers they’d encountered in the observatory had claimed, Monty could only assume the worst his imagination could conjure, and that could lead to some very poor decisions. No, best stay with the basics of your training, Monty, he told himself grimly as he considered what jumping to conclusion could lead to. So far they’d been lucky enough to sustain minor injuries despite the strange occurrences. Getting all paranoid and junking protocol in favor of mysticism would most certainly lead to some deaths.

(OOC: assuming they find something in the cassettes worth watching, I’m going to end the post here.)

Posted on 2008-04-20 at 18:33:26.

Topic: A Cold Day in Hell Q&A
Subject: Posting today hopefully.

Don't mean to keep people waiting any longer, so I'll try to get somthing in place as soon as possible.

Posted on 2008-04-20 at 17:26:16.

Topic: Cerebral Paradox - Mature Content
Subject: Share the knowledge

The Red Lantern – East Marina – Night City – March, Friday 13th, 2020, 12:11pm

Scribe could palpably feel the tension rising again as Croaker and Spiff faced off. He was thankful that Guardian spoke up and offered his two bits. It seemed to the media that everyone was at each other’s throats every five seconds, and if they couldn’t pull it all together, figure out roles, they’d all be dead before the week was out; and that wasn’t what the media had signed on for.

Shaking his head he injected his own two bits, “I think Guardian’s right. We’ll have more luck moving overland on foot—now I’m no infantryman, but we put people in a vehicle and we’re running the risk of all our eggs in one basket. We go in on foot and we can spread out as we need, no? Not to mention that there’s tech out there that might help provided we can get the Euro together to give Spiff the wherewithal to do so.”

“Yeah…” Preacher agreed, apparently deciding to let Spiff’s response to Croaker suffice. “Things like sneaksuits, radar jammers—I heard o’ them, but what’s the price tag, and can we scrounge up enough dough to make it work? Not to mention pull together a meet with a dealer in the limited timeframe we have available to us.”

“I don’t think we have enough Euro between us to buy that rifle Spiff was showing us,” Firewind added glumly. He was really beginning to think they didn’t stand a chance in hell, and was getting more and more disparate over Croaker and Spiff’s continued confrontation.

“Can you create something that jams e-sec operations such as radar an’ such?” Preacher turned his attention to Lightning, who up to this point had been ominously quiet.

“Yeah,” Bull’s Eye leaned forward and placed his own piercing gaze firmly on the new arrival. “Something that can sit in the trunk of a car, or fit in a backpack?”

Most of what Bull’s Eye had made mention of was likely equipment Spiff would have to arrange, but DigitalScribe was already thinking back on various tech updates he’d witnessed, advertising floating by on corporate dirigibles, displayed loudly on megascreens, in front of stores using holographic displays, trying to remember the pricing on items that might help them. Unfortunately, nothing came to mind as everything they’d need had to be gained on the blackmarket, and any major purchases of legal items would raise the red flag for the netrunners Biotechnica likely had tracking them.

“What’s your number, Peacekeeper? I’ll fire you a tag and you can shoot me the map. I’d suggest the rest of you with phones do the same.” Scribe instructed as Croaker thought about how to respond to the queries and ideas that were put before him. Might as well have everyone prepared, Frankie thought. Little good though it will do if Croaker and Spiff get us all killed…

The Red Lantern – East Marina – Night City – March, Friday 13th, 2020, 12:12pm

Posted on 2008-04-19 at 23:58:32.
Edited on 2008-04-20 at 18:11:41 by Bromern Sal

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off
Subject: Green arms and crumbling towers

Chaos was not something unfamiliar to the ranger. Nature was, in a lot of ways, Chaos. It forced one to react with limited warning unless one knew what they were looking for. Char could predict the weather based off of the humidity in the air, the temperature, the direction of the wind, and the appearance of the clouds in the sky coupled with the actions of plants and animals. He could even predict the path an individual he was tracking would take based off of the terrain and what the terrain indicated would lie ahead, but he had so far been unable to predict the actions of this battle. There were no warning signs, nor tracks telling a story in the path…there was just chaos.

The ground outside the window had been hard, but he’d rolled to his feet from his window dive with precision Da’ Moon could have been proud of, favoring the side his bow wasn’t protruding from. He’d arrived in the outdoors once more in a crouch, legs spread, on the balls of his feet, weapons in hand. He’d called out instruction, desperate to reach the side of his noble friend, and just as he’d started forward, the stone of the tower blew apart as it shattered in on itself. Char flung his right arm up in front of his face instinctively as he hunched against the explosion, feeling the debris of it pelt his cloak and body. It had stopped his momentum, staggering him to one knee, but he was quickly up again, his mind reeling from the thought that perhaps the collapse had crushed companions. And that’s when he saw her.

“Alloryn,” he breathed, his narrowed eyes incredulously witnessing the trapped sorceress, the woman with an acerbic tongue and an infallible link to her brother. They’d survived one adventure together, the same as Arien, Da’ Moon, and Kilgrim. This was the longest Char had stayed with any one group, and despite the sharp words Alloryn and he had shared on more than one occasion, he counted her a friend as well. There she was, trapped by magic he couldn’t even begin to understand, collared like a beast, and obviously in no end of discomfort.

“Hang in there, Alloryn,” Da’ Moon shouted. “Brother’s here somewhere!”

Char had his doubts about the help Arien could provide, knowing full well that the knight had been flung through a stone wall. He had once witnessed a porter carrying a load of military supplies along a cliff trail slip and plummet over the edge. The man had struck the rocks below with enough force to break every bone in his body and explode his head like a melon. The ranger hoped beyond hope that the knight hadn’t been forced through the wall with that much force, but reality was a demon Char had trouble expelling. None-the-less, the ranger wasn’t about to give up. With the crashing down of the tower, the separation of the company, and the obvious magic being thrown around like it was in surplus, he had to grasp a hold of hope and use it like a rope to climb up from a deep, dark well or he’d succumb to despair, and there simply wasn’t time for that.

Leaping forward once more, Char skipped over the rocks of the rubble like he would a mountainside dispersion of granite boulders, leaping from one large rock to another, swords quickly being sheathed so as not to accidentally slice himself.

(OOC: Assuming Char will come into view of the green-armed captain…)
Taking purchase upon the ground once more, Char’s brow furrowed once more at the sight of Arien in single combat with a man bearing a demonic green arm. The Thedell shield was shattered, and Arien seemed to be taking the worst of it. Slipping his swords from their sheathes once more, Char snarled like a wolf about to take down its prey, his muscular legs carrying him quickly into battle.

(OOC: If ol’ Greenarm doesn’t notice him, Char will sweep past, cutting the man as deep as he can with both blades, avoiding armor as he can. If Greenarm notices him, Char’ will attempt a bull rush maneuver, dropping his shoulder to knock the man to the ground, all the while prepared to defend as appropriate any sword strokes. If none of this is wise, or possible, he’ll move to flank the man with Arien and engage in a sword fight…woot!)

Posted on 2008-04-19 at 19:29:34.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: Awe

It's funny 'cause it's true.

Posted on 2008-04-19 at 17:10:29.

Topic: A Cold Day in Hell Q&A
Subject: Not to put too fine a point on things, but...

Hey! I can do all of that too, but no one rings a bell for me. What gives?

Posted on 2008-04-19 at 01:43:36.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: Infantile remark warning.


Posted on 2008-04-19 at 01:40:36.

Topic: Star Trek: Operation:Persephone - Q&A
Subject: Have at it!

All of the sub plots I've got running can continue whether you woot or not.

Posted on 2008-04-18 at 06:28:01.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Q&A
Subject: LMAO

I have absolutely nothing to add. But my gut hurts from laughing at the exchange. I promise I'll post soon. I just finished spending a huge amount of time preparing for a presentation to the company heads and may actually find some spare time in the near future.

Posted on 2008-04-17 at 22:28:11.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Q&A
Subject: Better be

It had better be, or I'll kick you in the shins!

Posted on 2008-04-17 at 01:01:32.

Topic: Cerebral Paradox - Cyberpunk 2020
Subject: Oops

Tann has graciously reminded me that I haven't provided you with the map reference Jaimy received on her phone. I understand this makes it a bit difficult to come up with a plan. I'll remedy that as soon as possible.

And the map location is:

Biotechnica Facility Satellite View

Posted on 2008-04-14 at 21:31:25.
Edited on 2008-04-19 at 23:52:14 by Bromern Sal

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: Sleep?

We're a family aboard Rocinante. Sam would likely have access.

Also, I won't lie and say I'd considered lining up a new job before leaving, but the story Wyatt'd put forth of them getting back to the Black still works.

Have I stated how good it is to see this game rolling again?

Posted on 2008-04-14 at 21:26:26.

Topic: Voyages of Rocinante - Serenity/Firefly RPG
Subject: Warning

“Honestly Cap’n, most of what I know of her is maybe gossip and rumors. She's JW's fiancée—make no mistake—but he travels off world a lot, and there’s talk that she's got a wandering eye. But trustworthy…?” Fenris paused for a moment. “No I think we need to do as Miss Willow says and not trust her too far. Sorry I can’t help ya more Cap’n, but I never got close enough to her know her that well.”

Wyatt acknowledged Wolf’s lopsided grin with an absent-minded nod. His thoughts were already on contingency plans in case they were double-crossed, the method of getting Rocinante and his crew off-world, and how in the bloody hell they’d manage to run the gauntlet again.

“That’s cuz yer big, bald, an’ ugly as a mud-fence, Wolf,” Dash chided, nudging the big mechanic with an elbow as he fell into step with the rest of the crew. “B’sides, she’s been keepin’ herself fer me, anyhoo…”

“But I like gossip and rumours, Mr. Wolf!” Willow interjected playfully, though her meaning was serious. “Is Brigit from here or somewhere else? Has she always been JW’s woman, or did she work her way up the food chain? Details, my dear, details!”

Wyatt remained silent still as Wolf began to relate that Brigit was not a local, but came from off world less than a year ago. She managed to attach herself to JW McClarrin, the mine's owner, within a few months and was soon tossing about that she was his fiancée. JW ain't denying things but he is off world himself a whole lot because he's a member of parliament. She seems to know everyone and everyone's business. She can play the weak and helpless but then again, there was that time that that Ludlow fellow was coming on strong and she face-planted him with some fancy moves.

Fenris continued by relating that some think she ain’t exactly the faithful type either—with a real weakness towards the bad type. He ain't talking the wearing black bad boys either, but the real rough and tumble baddies than infest these lawless places like Frisco. But then again, she’s the one that has been pushing JW to hire a sheriff to get some law and order in this town. So take it as you want, and remember that talk is cheap when the story is good and the target is a fine sight -prettier than most.

Dash hooked his thumbs over his gunbelt at that point and cast a disbelieving glance from face-to-face of his crewmates. “Y’know,” he chuffed, “I conjured I were s’posed ta be th’ twitchy one ‘round here… There ain’t a damn thing wrong wit’ that woman as I c’n see…” The pilot’s footsteps faltered suddenly, again, as the distrusting conversation sparked an idea (or an excuse, depending on how one might’ve seen it), “…If’n yer all that bunched up ‘bout it, though, I reckon I’d be a’right wit’ escortin’ Miss Bridget so as ta make sure she don’t go humpin’ things up fer us.

What say, Cap? Want me ta go put an’ eyeball on ‘er?”

Wyatt’s brow was furrowed beneath the brim of his hat. The news from Wolf that she’d taken a man to the ground with some fancy moves had been the major point that caught his attention. He was about to ask Fenris to verify that the man’s name had been Ludlow when Brigit called out to them and came strolling up in their wake.

“Oh Captain Wyatt? Perhaps you could lend me your right hand man here, “ She said strolling up next to Sam Dash and linking arms with him. “Frisco is a desperately lawless place and a woman can never be too careful. Sides, that way Sam here can make sure the transfer is on the up and up and I can feel safe with such a well armed man protecting me.” She said sweetly while looking very helpless and frail before the captain. “I promise to give him back in one piece Captain, and I’m sure Wolf here is dying to see them there engines of yours and I’m sure that you and Miss Willow here would appreciate the alone time.”

As Sung turned, the concern on his face washed away, replaced by his usual deadpan expression. With Willow still on his arm, he forced himself to relax a bit, but his next action was the opposite of what it would have normally been: he settled his hat low on his brow. Normally, when speaking to polite company, he tilts the hat back to show more open face, more honesty. In this case, he hoped Sam wasn’t so enamored with Brigit’s appearance that he’d miss the warning, weak as it was.

“Miss Brigit,” he said in an even tone while affecting a pleasant smile. “I’m sure that good ol’ Sam’d love to be your escort. However, we’re not planning on staying dirt-side long, so I’d need him back at Rocinante ‘fore too long.” The last was as much an addition to the warning for Sam as it was an attempt to put a timetable in place so that they’d know when to start worrying.

(OOC: Back at Rocinante…I’ll post again if I need to backpost.)

Once Rocinante was back in sight, Wyatt opened up.

“I’m supposin’ you been chewin’ on what Wolf said as much as I, Willow,” Sung maneuvered the doctor out of the way of an oblivious dockhand pushing a large load of crates towards a warehouse and redirected them towards the back hatch. “What’re the chances of that fellow she roped from Wolf’s accountin’ bein’ different than the one I ended on the comet? Ludlow ain’t exactly a common man name.”

Wyatt stopped at the back door, hand on the access panel. “Got a description of the Ludlow that Miss Brigit took down, Wolf?” Wyatt’s tone was all business now. He was putting together a conspiracy theory that topped them all. I’d thought that Ludlow was after the miner, but the Sam he was after could have been… The thought sent a shiver up his spine, but outwardly he was still calm in appearance.

Wyatt punched the access code in as the replies were given, the decompressing air sounding about them as the door swung open.

Posted on 2008-04-14 at 05:19:41.

Topic: Cerebral Paradox - Mature Content
Subject: Decisions of Peace and War

The Red Lantern – East Marina – Night City – March, Friday 13th, 2020, 12:10pm

Bull’s Eye had remained quiet through the whole of the discussion, but as MDK rose up to make his call, the nomad offered up his suggestion. Whether it was the time he’d spent in prison, or the hard personality of a Zero trying to survive in a world full of Statics, not even Croaker could tell, for the man had never really spent a lot of time with Bull’s Eye when the family had been together. As a junior member of the Council, Croaker had other responsibilities than spending time with the drivers. Be that as it may, they were all that remained free of the Family.

“Croaker,” the roughneck driver said in a low tone. “Why not just take a car, or a truck—I doubt we’ll be able to get a gyro, vectorthrust, or anything similar…even if Spiff may be overlooking some aspects of the approach, the gato’s got somethin’ goin’. We’re not gonna be able to even afford the fuel necessary to handle an aircraft—hell! I’m bettin’ we’d have enough difficulty affording that lightnin’ stick. We sure as hell aren’t gettin’ nothin’ high-tech.”

“Is there anyway to determine what security they do have?” Firewind asked.

“Not without the Net, and a whole helluvah lot of luck,” Preacher drawled.

The medtech looked over at the cowboy with furrowed brow, “What do you mean?”

“The megacorps all maintain datafortresses for each of their major centers, and even their top secret laboratories have one—but they’re all protected with so much ICE there are few netrunners who can infiltrate.

“Datafortresses are what harbor all of the data for the facility. Some are maintained with AI, some are wrangled by a constant netrunner watch. So, you wanna know the e-sec and m-sec detail, you gotta get in the datafortress, an’ I don’t see that happenin’.”

“Cynical bastard,” Bull’s Eye growled. “There’s more ways than tech-ways to bring down an enemy. You wanna know what the security is like around the facility, you go to it and observe using binoculars—maybe snatch yourself a guard and interrogate the sardine.”

DigitalScribe settled back in his seat as the two men began to argue, a slight smile on his face. This group had better start learning to play well together, or Biotechnica is going to eat us alive, he thought.

“Tick tock, people,” the media said by way of bringing their argument to the end. “Tick tock. We’ve all expressed our opinions…barring MDK coming back with some miracle; what’s the plan, Croaker?”

The Red Lantern – East Marina – Night City – March, Friday 13th, 2020, 12:11pm

Posted on 2008-04-13 at 23:45:30.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: Welcome back!

It's really good to have Eol back (welcome back Eol)!

Posted on 2008-04-13 at 20:35:15.


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