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Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off
Subject: Looks like Jal failed... ;)

Char’s face remained impassive as Gwanele answered Dapple’s question and though his jaw tightened when Jal Spellbinder began his discourse, the ranger remained utterly still. He really wanted to sneer at the man’s conceited nature, insinuating that Char wished for a magical display was like referring to the seasoned mountain man as a child eager for an illusionist’s show. He desperately wanted to take that expression of the wizard’s face, but for the sake of the mission he refrained. He even went so far as to feel momentarily betrayed when Sunset took flight to land near the man, but it was quickly suppressed. Sunset had proven to be a rather independent creature. That’s not to say that the ranger wasn’t pleased when Sunset returned to land between he and Dapple, though that feeling quickly changed with the imagery the little dragon presented him.

What could have instigated such vivid and horrible imagery? Had it been something she’d “seen” when she’d investigated Jal? Was this some deep, dark secret of something he’d done in his past, or perhaps something that he was considering…? This line of thinking soured the ranger’s consideration of the wizard even further, though he admonished himself that he couldn’t really jump to such conclusions without further evidence. In all fairness to Jal, Sunset had just been by him, her impressions may have come from someone else in the room. Char’s icy blue eyes traveled across the faces of each of the newcomers, trying to see through their exteriors to what lay beneath.

He’d been on many an adventure in his lifetime; traveled with many a new face. For some reason, this particular mission and these new faces didn’t sit well with him. There’d be a time and place to discuss this with the others he’d come to trust, but now certainly wasn’t it.

Char didn’t realize Dapple had gone, so intent was he on trying to decipher the intentions of the newcomers, until it occurred to him that he no longer craved sausages. That was one thing that Sunset had instilled within him: a love for spiced sausage. Peering about the chamber, the ranger shifted in his seat and considered the young woman and her penchant for secrecy. Their trip to the keep had done little by way of building a comfortable trust between them—admittedly, Char had spent the majority of it teasing Da’ Moon, and when he’d discovered her little secret, he’d been a bit more verbose in his calling her out. Still, they’d faced dangers together most people never consider and they’d both been forced to save the other’s life so he’d hoped that she’d developed a sense of humor. While in the city they’d seen precious little of each other and it appeared to him by her desire to slip out unnoticed that his hope for a little dent in her armor had been misplaced.

Char waited as Jal made his farewells and departed, then the ranger stood and motioned at Kilgrim and Arian. “”ey lads,” he said while scratching his scruffy beard. “Wha’ say ya t’ a beer an’ somet’ng t’ fill da belly?”

In truth, he wanted a chance to voice his concerns about their companions and what Sunset had shared with him away from Dwan’s. Turning to their dwarven host, Char gave him a roguish half smile and a slight nod—the best he’d come to a full bow.

“Thank ye fer da trus’, Lor’ Dwan,” he offered. “Won’ le’ ya down. I swear on me mudder’s grave.”

That said, and should Arian and Kilgrim choose to follow him outside, Char will lead them to a small tavern he’d been frequenting that offered dark corners and an earthen air about it. There, over beer and beef stew, he’ll proceed to relay to them the vision Sunset had shared with him and his suspicions as they currently stand.

Note - Jal and Valentine are two different mages. Jal was the one who asked about wanting a demo. Valentine is the ex-red mage (carries a bastard sword). I fixed the post.

Posted on 2006-10-16 at 13:43:21.
Edited on 2006-10-16 at 14:21:28 by Alacrity

Topic: Cerebral Paradox - Mature Content
Subject: The Guardian... still haven't seen that film yet.

The Mean Streets – Night City – 11:10pm

With Guardian in the lead, the two beat it across the street, splashing through the oil-slick puddles and scanning their surroundings with a practiced, nervous eye. The media knew that they were close to one of the toughest boostergang on the street’s hide out and with all that had gone down tonight already he wasn’t sure they wouldn’t be aware that something was up. He also knew that Croaker and Peacekeeper—he still had difficulty referring to that mallplexer with that street moniker—would be about soon enough and right now, that meant an even greater danger. Boosters usually loved the spotlight and didn’t mess with a media too heavily, but there was currently nothing stopping Croaker from putting a bullet in his temple except Guardian. No matter what he thought of the large black man running point, Guardian against Croaker, Peacekeeper, Preacher, that Bullseye fellow, and Firewind was not good odds.

DigitalScribe slowed to a halt behind his bodyguard as the man came up on the southeast corner of the apartment building between them and the Hole. Ahead of them was the outdoor parking lot, a few cars, some bikes, a couple of burroughwagons, and a pickup sat within the compound, the overhead lamps illuminating the lot with relative effectiveness. About twenty feet up the poles on nearly every third lamppost was a armored security camera and signs were posted all about stating:

The vehicles on this premise are protected by the Crandall & Martin Security Company. C&M has been authorized by the city of Night City to use excessive force in protecting these vehicles. Lot fees are 5Eb a night, or 1Eb per hour.

Peering past Guardian, DigitalScribe quickly panned the parking lot with his camera, waiting on instruction from his combat ready employee before proceeding further.

(OOC: Remember, the URL for the map is here: MAP)

The Mean Streets – Night City – 11:12pm

Posted on 2006-10-16 at 13:05:48.
Edited on 2006-10-16 at 13:27:59 by Raven

Topic: Cerebral Paradox - Cyberpunk 2020
Subject: Yes, welcome.

Blammm is, in fact, a new face in CP. I expected there to be some confusion as to what's going on concerning the initial post, but I was pleased to see that it wasn't too drastic, nor unfixable.

I've edited your post a little Blammm to reflect things you didn't know upon posting. I don't normally edit player posts, but in this case I figured it was the quickest way to get things lined up.

Everyone else, let's keep going!

Posted on 2006-10-16 at 12:35:17.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Q&A
Subject: Nothing but endearments...

Those are fine qualities!

Posted on 2006-10-14 at 12:04:04.

Topic: Star Trek: Discovery
Subject: Afterwards...

Stadate: 2366.10.22
USS Discovery, Observation Leck – 1102

Gavison watched as the others exited. He’d caught Noah’s motion to remain and did so with the calm air of one who was confident everything was under control. When the last of the staff had stepped through the door and it had closed on their heels, Kelsey gave a slight shake of his head and allowed the air to escape from between his lips.

“Jack’s intel complicates things very much,” Noah observed. “Bad enough that there is terrorist activity at all, but if Jack’s brother is indeed involved…”

“I’d been thinking the same thing.” Kel looked down at the reflection of the overhead lamps in the black gloss of the table and wondered if he should give voice to his questions about MacTavish’s intentions. Lifting his gaze he met Captain Blair’s firmly as the man continued.

“Kelsy, I trust Jack to do his duty; I have no doubt as to his loyalty. That being said, I would be a fool to not be concerned should he cross paths with Ian. If nothing else, it would be human nature to take a foolish chance in order to ‘set the record straight,’ as it were.” Noah gave a heavy sigh that Kel very much understood. “If you have any recommendations, I am open to them. I would think that, if nothing else, Jack should probably stay on board the Discovery, rather than ride the delivery shuttle, when we reach Aldor V.”

“I think that is reasonable.” Kelsey smoothed his goatee. “I was considering assigning a non-human task force to that anyway. My concern lies more in the possibility that should Jack become aware of any intel that might point to his brother’s location he might find a reason to be in the vicinity.

“Perhaps it wouldn’t hurt to provide Lt. Tuvar with reason to be in close proximity to Mr. MacTavish while he’s on duty…” Kel frowned at the slippery slope he’d just found himself on, but pressed forward anyway. “We could couch it as a concern for Jack’s safety. After all, if Jack feel’s this strongly—“ Gavison motioned towards the viewscreen where Jack had nearly let slip his expletive. “—About Ian MacTavish, it could stand to reason that Little Brother might just want to take out his political beef on Big Brother… no pun intended.”

OOC: response?

Kelsey shrugged and rubbed at the back of his neck with his left hand. “We could always pile a bunch of busywork on Jack’s shoulders in an effort to keep him too occupied to get really involved, but I believe he’d recognize that and take offense. I’d hate to undermine his confidence in our trust, and that’s one helluvah way to welcome someone into a new post. I really believe that Lieutenant Tuvar is our best option.”

OOC: response? Will update if necessary.

“It never gets any easier, does it?” Noah sighed.

Kelsey offered a small smile by way of consolation. “Look at it this way, Noah. We could very well have the opportunity to help Jack bury—“ Kel winced. “—I mean, put behind him—something that has apparently been bothering him for some time while bringing a fugitive of justice to the Federation. But to be honest, I’m hoping it doesn’t come to that. Maybe we’ll luck out and the BFT’ll have passed on to another system.”

OOC: response?

Posted on 2006-10-13 at 19:27:03.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off
Subject: Consideration.

Char was once again reminded of how it was that Dapple had stayed alive thus far in such a cruel world where one of her persuasion was likely to be crapped upon, knocked over, and ground into dust. He'd learned quickly enough that though she was a sarcastic, smart-mouthed, hard-headed thing, she had the right to be so, especially when so many of them were eager to follow the rest of mankind into the frey without so much as considering the consequences. Having grown up in the camps following mercenaries across Furyondy, Char was only too aware of the tactical disasters that a failure for proper planning could result in and he mentally chastised himself for even thinking of rushing out into battle like some bull-headed gladiator to please the crowd. Been in da ci'y fer too lon' Char'lad. Goin' sof' in da 'ead.

He listened to Valentine's simple explanation for seeking an end to a conflict with Reds and wondered at the ease with which it was delivered. It sounded easy enough, but...

"Da trick be t' git close enough," the ranger offered with a hard smile. "Da' Moon 'ere, an' I be decen' enough fer such a ting, bu' da res' o' ya are likely t' draw some few eyes yer way les' ya be able wit da magics dat can cloak da eyes."

He looked to the obvious spellcasters and peered down his nose at them, not so much in an attempt to look imperious, but more so that his hair would fall out of his eyes. Nevertheless some few strands clung to his scruffy facial hair leaving the desired effect incomplete.

"Well, now I guess be da time t' say such tings. Wha' ya likely t' bring t' da table, lads?"

As he waited for an answer his eyes flickered to Sunset. Yer gettin' me t' be 'un-gary, li'l beau'y... I wan' some o' dat sausage too.

Posted on 2006-10-13 at 18:54:55.
Edited on 2006-10-13 at 18:58:05 by Bromern Sal

Topic: Star Trek: Discovery - Q&A
Subject: Very interesting...

I just went glassy-eyed... J/K

I love history, though not enough to actually delve into it. Throw a good documentary on the History Channel though, and I'm way into it.

Posted on 2006-10-13 at 18:24:55.

Topic: Star Trek: Discovery - Q&A
Subject: Ah, the beauty...

The beauty of Kel's relationship is that really, its me having a relationship with me! Oh... uh, wait. That just doesn't sound right.

Posted on 2006-10-12 at 18:34:27.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off
Subject: Are we there yet?

Char accepted Dwan’s answer to the question Dapple posed with a nod. It made sense, and he certainly didn’t begrudge the man his reasoning (not to mention he had no qualms about earning the extra coin). But as the meeting drew on the ranger’s attention was drawn to their new companions and the strange mutterings of Jal. It was entrancing really; like watching a bunch of wagons converge on the same spot at the bottom of a steep hill. The pure horror of the process insisted on one’s attention. Char sat quietly after he’d given his support of Dapple’s query and watched Jal flitter about speaking as though directly to someone who upheld the other end of the conversation. After a few bit of this a chill ran down the ranger’s spine causing him to shift in his seat and present Arian with a single, raised eyebrow. Oh, this one’s gonna gi’ us all dead, Char-lad.

That’s when Talas made his declaration that Arian would do as leader. Char very nearly burst out laughing at the simple statement, but deftly turned it into a cough instead. Reaching for a glass of wine the ranger wiped the corner of his eye and did his best not to look at the man. It was best that they get on their way. He was sure that if he stayed cooped up in this chamber with them much longer he’d likely offend.

Posted on 2006-10-12 at 15:14:04.

Topic: Cerebral Paradox - Cyberpunk 2020
Subject: I go to sleep and...

You all get in a face down? - I love 'Punk!

Posted on 2006-10-12 at 14:58:19.

Topic: Star Trek: Discovery - Q&A
Subject: Kel's Dull?

Huh? I mean, I can see the others being that way: especially Jack, but Kel? C'mon!

Posted on 2006-10-12 at 14:56:16.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Q&A
Subject: I KILL 'EM!!!


Posted on 2006-10-12 at 14:54:30.

Topic: Cerebral Paradox - Cyberpunk 2020
Subject: .........

Freedom felt. Feel free to post it.

Hey Raven, you ready to get back into this?

Posted on 2006-10-11 at 22:00:53.
Edited on 2006-10-11 at 22:03:09 by Bromern Sal

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: LOL

Why not?

Not that I normally do this, but I'll let you know Cor's line of thinking: Conall's decision was rash and foolish, but it was instigated by a perceived loss of honor (in Cor's view anyway. I don't personally know whether this was something Tann and Kyle had dreamed up on the side anyway). That perceived loss of honor was a direct result of the love birds engagement and a paladin's sense of propriety (which the old nobleman dwarf would share. A young lady just does NOT go galavanting about sleeping in adventurer's arms no matter how honorable that adventurer might be. Especially a young lady who is directly in the care of the KING. Oh, the dirt! So, naturally, Cor is not happy with the two of them, nor is he happy with the errant knight... and you can bet that while Magma is giving Conall an ear full about taking off and seeking adventure without giving the bored dwarf the opportunity to join him; Cor will be yelling in his other ear about abandoning his companions in such a "cowardly" fashion... all the while shaking his finger at Alasdair and Althena and intermittently turning to chastize them for ill-conceived and ill-mannered behavior.

Ah, but this will be a fun period here in the future...

Posted on 2006-10-11 at 21:59:06.

Topic: Star Trek: Discovery
Subject: Enlightening...

Stadate: 2366.10.22
USS Discovery, Observation Leck – 1010

Kelsey stepped into the observation lounge with a PADD in hand and a smile on his face. He’d just received a message from Sherry that thanked him for the flowers and that set his mind at ease concerning their row, though he wasn’t nearly naïve enough to think that she’d so easily forgotten Lt. Cmdr. Waldgrave.

“Noah,” Kelsey gave his captain an informal nod. When in private like this the two had adopted a more leisurely way about things.

“You’re looking better,” Noah was seated at his customary end of the table going over reports on the tabletop display. He smiled, however, when Kelsey walked around behind him and deposited himself in the usual chair.

“Much better, thank you. Got Sherry some flowers,” Kelsey grinned and set the PADD on the table in front of him. “I swear, Noah. It’s like she just lost whatever logic she once had. I’ve spent some time looking up hormonal variations and related theories—“ The XO whistled and shook his head. “I’m going to see if Dr. White can prescribe something that will take the edge off. I can’t have her going off the deep end just because I spoke with a pretty face.”

“I take it that there was an altercation?”

Kel paused for a moment and then chuckled as he looked over at the captain’s face and realized he hadn’t told Noah about the previous night’s events before the meeting. He’d been too caught up in Jack’s drama this morning and the captain’s door had opened and closed enough this morning to make someone dizzy.

“Oh,” Kelsey grinned broadly. “You won’t believe this—“

The door swished open admitting Lt. MacTavish just at that point. Kel’s smile faded away as the 2O made his way into the room. Noah must’ve caught up on the mood that had swept the three and offered to lighten it a little.

“Jack, you’re still considering my earlier recommendations, I hope?” Noah shook the other man’s hand.

Kelsey briefly wondered just what those recommendations were, but didn’t press. If the captain wanted him to know, he’d tell him.

“Aye, sair. I’ve no’ ‘ad th’ opportunity ta make an appointment wi’ th’ ‘eadshrinker as yet, but I’ll be sure ta ‘ave one made afore me shift’s up. Et’s been a bloody riot o’ a marnin’, sair.”

Kelsey remained silent while Jack took a seat in the wrong chair and sheepishly shifted to the customary 2O’s position. He’d read the results of Noah’s conversation with Ens. Drummond and he was inclined to wonder at the meek demeanor the TAC officer was presenting at the moment. Then, Jack met his gaze and offered a smile.

“G’marnin’, sair,” he said, “I reckon I owe ye an apology, ‘s well. Me moment o’ stupidity las’ night likely reflected ‘s poorly on ye’s it did meself an,’ fer tha’, Kel, I am sorra.”

The XO’s lips thinned for the briefest of moments while he took a deep breath. In the face of an apology from Jack MacTavish, Kelsey knew that the man was taking the situation seriously enough. Releasing his breath, Commander Gavison gave a nod.

“Thank you, Jack.” He had nothing more to add really. What do you say in the wake of an apology concerning one of the biggest faux pas a man could make on his second day as 2O of a Star Fleet vessel of exploration and diplomacy? Had Jack been anything other than senior staff, Kelsey would have raked him over the coals for such a move. But Gavison knew that Blair was covering up for the mistake, probably under the conditions that Dr. Arevaci find some sort of solution to the man’s considerable record of explosions. Luckily, Kel didn’t have to cast about for more to say as Dr. Milkens arrived. This led to a surge of arrivals and within a short period of time the room was full.

"Thank you all for coming," Noah stated in his usual quiet tone. "This meeting should, by all rights, be a short one. For now, let me turn the meeting over to Doctor Joseph Milkens. Doctor?"

Kelsey turned his chair slightly so that he might view the older man during his dialogue. "I'm not sure what I really have to add," Milkens stated in a thin voice. "There is a plague sweeping Aldor V. I have developed a vaccine to protect the uninfected Aldorians from it, but the materials do not replicate well; thus, the need to physically transport the vaccine, rather than simply send the formula to them." He paused for a moment giving Kelsey time to consider the implications behind the statement.

"The vaccine works in a manner similar to the first …”

When the doctor wound down Kelsey had to admit that so far, nothing had been said that would raise too many alarms. They could probably throw a containment field around the vaccine while it was on board the Discovery, assign a retinue of non-human personnel for duty call, and then be merrily on their way once they’d overseen the delivery via a medical transport.

"Thank you, doctor," Blair stated. "We expect to arrive at Aldor V in approximately seventy-two hours." He looked at the Bajoran helmsman for a moment. "We are on schedule, are we not, Lieutenant Zara?"

OOC: assuming an affirmative

"We must keep our guard up," the captain explained. "I have been made aware that one or more terrorist organizations are known to have active operations or sympathizers in the Aldor system. Obviously, I cannot stress enough how dangerous it could be if this medicine were used for any other purpose."

Now that was certainly something Commander Gavison had not been expecting. None-the-less, he remained expressionless and waited for Noah to continue.

Noah turned the time over to MacTavish.

Well, here’s where Jack shines…

“Aye, sair,” Mac replied with a heavy sigh as he got to his feet and tapped a key sequence that would transfer the data on his PADD to the wall mounted display, “an’ given wha’ Dr Miliken’s jus’ said, I’m afraid I’ve go’ a wee bit more’n wha’ I’d set off with…

Kelsey’s eyes narrowed when Jack brought up the personnel file and he couldn’t help but shift so that he was leaning forward in his chair. What the hell? Is that…? No. God, but it looks like him. Don’t tell me this group has definitely targeted the vaccine and used cosmetic surgery to get one of their operatives aboard the Discovery… No, that’d be too elaborate from what I’ve read. Family then? Someone inserted in their organization by Star Fleet most likely.

““This lit’le fu—This man,” Jack said in a voice filled with vehemence as he turned from the screen, “is Ian Michael MacTavish. An’ I c’n guarantee ye, ladies an’ gen’lemen, if th’ lad’s so much’s caught the scarcest whiff o’ wha’ we’re deliverin’ ta Aldor V, we’re likely gonna be fair in ‘is sites…”

The XO fell back in his seat with raised eyebrows and concern showing on his face. Would this relationship between Jack and Ian—strained though it appeared to be—present a security risk? I’ll talk with Dr. Arevaci after the meeting and see what his psych profiling might present. The last thing we need is some sibling rivalry stirring things up, and we certainly don’t need to risk Jack going soft at the wrong time!

With MacTavish’s part finished, but for the questions, Kelsey remained quietly pondering the newest puzzles until the others he’d tasked to present reports spoke up. He had no questions that he could pose to the room at this point, though he was unsure if anything new would present itself in the duration of this meeting.

Posted on 2006-10-11 at 20:14:16.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Q&A
Subject: Onward!

I don't really have much to do around town. I'd imagine Char is pretty much tired of the city.

Posted on 2006-10-11 at 15:06:02.

Topic: Star Trek: Discovery
Subject: Wha-?

Stadate: 2366.10.22
USS Discovery, Gavison Quarters – 0630

He’d been careful not to wake his wife and child where they lay sleeping cuddled together on the mattress as he rolled out of bed. The carpeted floor of the cabin was warm, the air comfortable, and the lighting off, so it wasn’t difficult to remain as quiet as a burglar exiting the room. The ion shower was refreshing and within fifteen minutes the XO was cleaned, groomed, dressed in his pressed reds and ordering a cup of coffee from the replicator while reviewing last night’s reports over his PADD. With the volume of activity on board a Galaxy Class Kel wouldn’t be through the reports until mid morning, so the earlier start he got, the better.

There’d been some strange sensor readings at 0136, but they’d passed quickly and were determined to be magnetic interference from a passing meteor rock, a lift hydraulic had a bit of a spasm on deck fifteen requiring some attention from engineering, and two children had been admitted to medical in order to treat some abnormalities in their breathing--God! What kind of fear that must’ve put into the parents! Done with the cursory review of the least involved events, Kelsey sipped at his coffee and pushed through to security. This was always the first thing on his list of detailed review since the well-being of the ship was his primary concern in the morning. Normally there were small issues with a sleep walker, an accident on one of the night shifts, or something minor concerning a…

Commander Gavison’s mug stalled pressed against his lips, the steaming coffee building condensation on his mustaches. His eyes narrowed while they scanned the report, then reread the names.

“Damn,” he uttered as he set the coffee mug on the table and strode towards the door. “Damn!” he hissed as he passed through it into the hall. What the hell is the man thinking!? The XO rounded the corner and breezed by two red shirts. He’s a bloody command officer! The fargin’ idiot! A small, yellow-skinned alien in a blue uniform had to jump out of his path as Kelsey rounded another corner and headed straight for the lift. Muttering an apology Commander Gavison entered and declared his destination as the Bridge. I’ll ring his fargin’ neck if he’s done anything to discredit the Captain or this ship. Kelsey’s face was a mask of grim determination as he impatiently waited on the turbo lift. I’ll personally throw his scrawny ass in the brig. The political fallout of this incident could ruin the man—Kelsey’s breath froze in his lungs. Are you actually worried about Jack MacTavish’s career? His head cocked just slightly to the side as a puzzled expression swept his face. Oh, my God! You are! Of course you are, he’s a member of your crew. You worry about each member of your crew no matter how bull-headed and pea-brained they are. The lift opened admitting Kelsey onto the bridge.

Returning the salutes he passed straight through and went to the Captain’s ready room. So why aren’t you worried about Drummond? Stopping in front of the door, Kelsey composed himself, shoving the disconcerting concern he felt for MacTavish to the side for later evaluation. He pressed the button and waited for the captain’s permission to enter.

=/= Come in. =/=

Kelsey did as he was told, his face, once again, a mask of grim thought.

“Good morning, commander. You’re here early. Did Kaila keep you from sleeping?”

“No sir, she slept fine.” Should he preface this? The sudden realization that Noah might think he was sabotaging Jack’s command entered his head and Kelsey paused for the briefest of moments. If Noah would believe that of me, he doesn’t know me at all and I might as well be serving on some station somewhere. “I thought that you should see this.”

When Captain Blair accepted the PADD from him, Kelsey dropped into a guarded attention. He didn’t look at the captain in an attempt to read his response, but carefully held his gaze on the passing stars so as not to appear too interested, but still retain the elevated level of concern that something of this nature called for.

“Thank you for bringing this matter to my attention. I will deal with it.” Noah’s voice spoke volumes. It was well within Gavison’s jurisdiction to handle the matter should he go by textbook command rules, but that left all sorts of sticky on the walls, so he was only too happy to relinquish the responsibility.

“Aye, sir.”

With that handled, Kelsey turned sharply on his heel and stepped back onto the Bridge.

USS Discovery, Bridge – 0844

It had been Kelsey’s intention to provide Sherry a bouquet of flowers when she woke up, but the incident with Jack had pushed the idea from his head… until he saw the 2O cross from the turbo lift and enter the captain’s ready room. Then the details of the report fluttered to life in his head and he found himself tightly squeezing his eyes shut in a silent, “Doh!”

Tapping the control interface on the left arm of the captain’s chair, Kelsey brought up the Operations console. He thumbed through the replicator options until he found what he was looking for and selected delivery. When he was finished he wondered briefly if she’d think it childish of him for ordering three times as many flowers as MacTavish had provided, but dismissed it outright as an improbability, awash as she’d be in flowers when the red shirted deliveryman arrived.

With Jack in getting the discipline he deserved, the flowers ordered, and the ship sailing smoothly through the black of space, Commander Gavison considered the little information he had on the Aldor V. It seemed to be just like any other number of colonies on the outside. Beset by some mysterious disease that the Federation had managed to concoct a cure for, the Discovery was their only hope. Dr. Milkens had also seemed your everyday scientist, even a bit on the absent-minded professor side of the meter a bit. Everything appeared to be in order and that meant that he had nothing really to offer but to sit and listen to the mission debriefing later that morning. So, like every other good officer, he dedicated himself to making sure everyone else had all the information they needed to present come meeting time.

“Lieutenant Zara,” he began calmly, speaking to the back of her head. “Please make ready a plotted course to Aldor V complete with the usual detail concerning neighboring planets, constructs, etc.. You’ll need it for the meeting later.”

“Commander Gavison to Commander Waldgrave,” Kelsey tapped his badge and waited for her response. “Commander, please have a report ready on the feasible means for transporting the vaccine to the surface of Aldor V. Please consider the possibility of transporter difficulties… and you may want to follow up with Dr. White concerning the impact transporters might have on the vaccine—if any. Please have your report ready for our meeting later this morning.

OOC: response.

“Thank you Commander.” Tapping his badge he closed communication only to open it again right afterward. “Commander Gavison to Dr. White.”

When the 3O had answered, Kel continued, “Doctor, would you please provide a report on the status of your department concerning readiness to administer the vaccine should it be required, preparedness concerning the possibility of treatment aboard the Discovery, and get together with Commander Waldgrave concerning any transportation requirements for the vaccine?” He didn’t need to include that White might want to speak with Dr. Milkens if he hadn’t already.

OOC: response.

Closing the communication, he immediately opened it again. “Commander Gavison to Lieutenant Raines.”

=/= Raines here, sir. =/=

“Lieutenant, please make sure a staffing and shift report is ready for this morning’s meeting concerning the responsibilities for aiding in the delivery and administration of the vaccine to Aldor V. I’d also like a current report of any additional supplies we might be able to offer should their condition be worse than reported. Feel free to get with Dr. White concerning eventualities.”

OOC: response.

“Thank you.” Ending that communication, Kelsey tapped his badge once more. “Lieutenant Tuvar.”

“Lieutenant Tuvar, please make ready a report on all possible security risks entailed in our drop of the vaccine on Aldor V, an outline for security measures in the chance that we might have to aid the government in maintaining order, administering the vaccine, etc., and a plan for constant security personnel escorts of key dignitaries during the delivery.”

OOC: response.

Gavison sat back in the captain’s chair, fully aware of the fact that most of these individuals had more than likely already begun their reports before he’d contacted them, but secure in the hope that his redundant instruction had helped jog their memories concerning one point or another they might have overlooked.

Posted on 2006-10-09 at 22:44:44.

Topic: Cerebral Paradox - Mature Content
Subject: Keeping it simple...

"Ah," Elizabeth's voice was filled with sarcasm when she answered after the first ring. "I suppose you're wanting something in return for the warning? Look, Spiff, you're messing with the heat, savvy? You gave us the bell, so I'm gonna give you one. Stallion won't take kindly to anyone messin' with his input. You got the opportunity, don't be anywhere near the Hole when it goes down, or you'll wind up in a body bank."

That said, the Wild Thing hung up, not even allowing the fixer a word in edgewise. Chances were, she'd be blocking his number for a few days until she was sure things were clear.

Posted on 2006-10-09 at 21:46:49.

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: Oh no he di'n't!

Cor wasn’t in the worst of spirits, having spent a good morning supping and drinking with friends, but when Alasdair stepped before him (interrupting a riveting tale of Odin Versus the Troll Queen direct from the Hallowed Script and with minor elaboration by Cor) the priest was more than a little put out. His chair fell to all four legs with an angry thump. His face turned the red of his beard.

“The rash—blasted hot-head…” thus it was that the dwarf stomped about the commons, tossing his hands in the air and blowing through his mustaches while mumbling to himself. He remained animatedly fuming through Alasdair’s and Althena’s explanation and conversation, following the rest of the group (without ceasing in his unorthodox behavior) to the stables. Only when his horse is saddled does Cor finally give pause, the sudden calm perhaps a bit unnerving.

“We need not go traipsin’ through the countryside in search of the errant knight,” he mumbles, his right hand beginning to stroke his beard. He envisioned a night’s rest and beseeching Odin for the rights to command an aerial servant. The circle of silver that would protect him from the being would be easy enough to create and from within it he saw himself calling out the ethereal creature and commanding it to bring Conall back to them. The invisible being would stalk the knight, pouncing on him and wrapping him in an unbreakable grip, lifting him into the heavens where it would then deliver him back to the waiting and infuriated dwarf. Ah, the reunion… “No, if the lad feels that his honor has been tainted by his failure to keep the Lady Althena from the amorous clutches of one Lord Alasdair—“ Cor suddenly broke off, chuckling to himself at the mental image that presented, all propriety momentarily forgotten in the heat of the moment. “Aye, if the lad feels the taint, he’ll not take lightly to an old codger like meself calling upon Odin to bring him over my knee like a young digger.”

On horseback once again, his buttocks very much in complaint of his return to the saddle, Cor Trollhammer, Called of Odin, turned a very stern gaze upon the Lord Alasdair and Lady Althena. “While I do not condone the childish manner in which Lord Conall has run off to seek penance for his failures, I view the behavior of the two of you with even less favor. Behaving like lovesick children at festival with no mind for the task at hand, your companions, or oaths taken! I’m not the proclaimed leader of the King’s Select, but I am your spiritual guide and you have stepped awfully close to the edge of the brink—and you, milady, with the age that should be accompanied by wisdom! For shame! For shame on the both of you!”

That said, his face flushed with righteous indignation, Cor dug his heels into the ribs of his horse and arms held out straight from his body, legs held rigid to balance himself in his hurried motion; the dwarven priest left no room for reply as his steed bound from the stable and hit the northern road.

Posted on 2006-10-09 at 21:40:10.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off
Subject: Ah, The Little Dragon Rears Her Ugly Head

So tha’s where th’ li’l beastie be…

“Da’Moon speak true,” Char had also catalogued the landscape, though his distrust of magic went only so far as it was being used against him. “Th’ Empire’s own donna be simple hiders in da bush, no’ like a bushel day be.”

The ranger shifted so that he was no longer reclining in the chair, but instead leaning forward and pushing his unruly hair from his face. “I be in’rested in knowin’ th’ way th’ brook does tumble as well, Lor’ Dwan.”

He purposefully neglected to put in his two bits as to who should lead, for in his mind each had their part to play and when they went into the Wilds… well, it was like Eftari used to say, ”If’n they don’t follow, lad, then it be their own damn fault should they get lost.”

Posted on 2006-10-09 at 21:08:37.

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: Ah, Perhaps There's More To Last Night...

Cor received the answer with a nod and a sigh. It was the answer he’d been expecting, but it certainly wasn’t one he desired with all of his heart. He’d been enjoying the ale he and Magma had ordered earlier and knew that once they hit the road this would be an impossible luxury. The make up of the wineskin was a strange combination for the ale, and Cor was fond of adding a little honey which was, of course, scarce and difficult to transport. The noble priest pressed his lips tightly together and looked towards Magma—not for support, but rather in the hopes that his Earthbrother might take some joy in their departure. Though the others might not see it, Cor could tell that the peaceful delays wore on the other dwarf and while he hoped that the desire for action wasn’t soon met, it would be satiated when it did happen.

Either way, he had already prepared for their departure and was preparing to resign himself to the road once more when Alasdair left and Conall joined them. The knight looked to the dwarven priest as though he’d slept in his armor. There was something that weighed heavily on him, something more than the duty he’d likely feel towards their end goal.

“Come,” Cor shifted so that he could push a chair out from the table with his booted foot. “There’s still time before we put our backsides to the saddle Conall-lad, you should have an ale and prepare yourself properly for the journey. Besides, ya look like ya could use the time to gather yer thoughts.”

Should the knight wish it his old friend would be more than willing to listen to his concerns, and just like of Old, the priest would be there to offer advice.

Posted on 2006-10-08 at 12:10:37.

Topic: Cerebral Paradox - Cyberpunk 2020
Subject: Haven't heard

Frankly, there's been such a slow down in the rate of the game and it has primarily been focused on the group in the rain. I'm not writing them off just yet, though I'd like for them to post soon to remedy the belief that they aren't participating. There's got to be some opinions, insight, etc. that could be posted even if they aren't directly involved in the interaction.

At this point, I think all we're waiting on is some direction from the party as to where they wish to go and what they wish to do.

Posted on 2006-10-08 at 11:21:32.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Q&A
Subject: Heh!

Oh, ya... I'd forgotten that was up there. 'Tis true, though. That be Char and one of the few acrylic paintings I've ever done (with craft acrylics no less).

Posted on 2006-10-07 at 11:09:30.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: I can't really...

I can't really think of anything more productive to have Cor do, so... I hate to say it, but yeah, I think that's it for me this week.

Posted on 2006-10-06 at 18:06:14.

Topic: Star Trek: Discovery - Q&A
Subject: I have...

I have a delicate mind and am afraid that R postings would burn my brain.

Actually, I too have chilluns that could occasionally read the games dad is involved with and I'd appreciate such consideration.

Posted on 2006-10-06 at 18:03:40.


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