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Topic: The Embodiment - A FUZIONfantasy Game
Subject: And we add another...

The Castle | Pardinal | The City of Portua | Claise 23rd, Teladay, 452ER, 6:25pm | Storming

The servant glanced at his master, his eyebrows raised a little and his mouth open with an unspoken question. When Ontzlere gave him the slightest of nods the young squire darted about the room so as to avoid even close proximity with the kazari, and then he was out through the same doors that the guards had just exited moments before.

“I am Lord Ontzlere, recently appointed chancellor of Pardinal,” Ontzlere’s tone was brisk and full of business. “I am going to assume that the prince you refer to is His Highness, Benedict, and not the exiled Prince Gen—“ Not many knew that Sna’kti had spent years adventuring with the exiled prince after they’d encountered one another in a rather dangerous situation and saved each other’s lives. They’d actually formed an adventuring company together with a young priestess of Lysora named Herai Enko, but Sna’kti hadn’t seen either of them in a couple of years. “—Prince Benedict is…above negotiations concerning this matter. I trust then that you’ve no further questions concerning my credentials, or the whereabouts of any further of the royal family, and as such I’ll continue with your assignment.”

The king wheezed and choked a bit, still having never even looked upon the felinian man in his study. Ontzlere placed his hand on the king’s shoulder and gave it a comforting pat before motioning towards a table set near a window that was still being assaulted by heavy raindrops. Upon the table was a map, its corners held in place by two bronze candlesticks elaborately detailed and bearing tall, thick, white candles that were acting as pedestals for dancing flames.

“If you would join me,” Lord Ontzlere said, his voice like dry leaves on the wind. “I will show you the proposed location of the cave. After which, you may spend some time studying the map while you eat, but I would ask that you keep your time here short as the longer His Majesty has visitors the weaker he becomes.”

The map depicted the coastline of Pardinal with some detail from the Railir Peaks to just west of Visden. There were various bits of information pertaining to taxes, some boundary designations for nobility’s holdings, and a newly inked depiction of a cave right on the coast, in what had to be shoreline, about half a day’s journey to the east of Visden.

“It shouldn’t be difficult to find,” Lord Ontzlere managed to draw out the word ‘find’ in such a manner as to leave it hanging in the air like a tempting treat. “A recent mudslide revealed the columns of the ancient structure, and allowed for those who discovered it to tamper with the protections that were in place about it. From all accounts the farms outside of Visden have been suffering disappearances of a very costly nature: both livestock and family, and at least two farms were completely razed.

“I trust that this storm won’t deter you from setting out immediately, Sna’kti. It is, after all, of great importance that we remedy this situation post haste. Oh, and the matter of compensation…The king has seen fit to offer one thousand fusat upon your triumphant return.”

The D’Oro Estate | The Empire of Drannon | Outside of The City of Drefast | Claise 23rd, Teladay, 452ER, 6:00pm | Abnormally Warm

The beast’s foul breath filled the warm air of the chamber like a putrid, rotting piece of fish. Its bulk engulfed the balance of the room and dwarfed the woman knight, but this did not affect Caterina D’Oro. She was looking for her opening, looking for a way to bring this encounter to an abrupt end, and as her plan developed she boldly straightened, inviting the demonic being to attack.

Obliging, the creature took a heavy step forward and lashed out with its dagger once more. Caterina flipped the tray up as quick as she could, and the subsequent ringing of the silver-caste tray against the black steel dagger sounded like a bell. Twisting her torso, the paladin set her jaw and drove her magical blade up with all of her strength, placing the point just below its exposed rib cage. The beast twisted in what could have possible been an attempt to put the pending injury in a least effective location, but Caterina’s aim was true and the thin, polished steel slid easily through the flesh, separating the muscle and sliding past the ribs, through the lungs, and piercing the creature’s black heart.

There was the briefest moment when the paladin met her victim’s gaze. Surprise and shocked pain registered in the demon’s red obs, and brackish spittle drizzled from its thick, black lips. Then, with a flourish, Caterina withdrew the blade and spun away from the creature she knew she’d just killed. When she’d taken up position again, the dented tray still held in her left hand, her bloodied sword held before her ready to be put to use once more, the creature fell heavily to its knees, gasping, trying to collect breath into its collapsed lung, its eyes bulging as the blood it so badly needed was failing to be pumped. It gasped, clawing away at the cushion of the couch, rending it as its wings jerked in violent spasms. Then, the symbol embedded into its flesh began to flare, and a sickly green fire encompassed the being. It arched its back in further anguish, but there was no air in its lungs to bellow forth its pain, and in a brilliant flash of light it was dissolved into small motes of lime green light that vanished as they fell to the ground. All that remained was the black dagger sticking upright in the arm of the couch where the demon had stuck it just before vanishing.

Taurwen | Rayther | Outside of The City of Rayther | Claise 23rd, Teladay, 452ER, 6:00pm | Storming

It had been relatively peaceful these past few months for Sanya Miluiel. Rayther’s political scene had been her focus for some time now, but she’d just spent the past few months in Bayris working her charms on the Trade Council in relation to certain taxes that were making it more expensive than necessary for trade of southern wares to her city of Rayther. She’d been home at her tower outside of Rayther for barely two days, and now she sat at her dining table prepared to devour a rather succulent pheasant, content to let the winter blizzard rage outside her doors while she enjoyed the warmth and comfort of wealth.

The Sylvari sorceress maintained a skeletal staff for her tower. There was the rare individual one could trust in a wizard’s tower not to inflict themselves with injury, or sell the wizard’s secrets to those seeking greater power. Her servants consisted of Youdar who acted as the butler, Sabil the cook, and Nalin the maid. She’d seen only Youdar of late, and that when he’d brought her the meal that was now laid out before her: roast pheasant with a wine sauce and diced potatoes mixed with green beans which had been sautéed in onion and leek soup. A bottle of white wine, Perrymoor Hill 346ER, sat inches from her imported porcelain plate, her crystal goblet already partially filled with the delicate liquid.

She’d enjoyed barely three bites of her meal when Youdar approached through the side door as silently as a mouse. The old human had served her for years, and he moved a little less quickly than he once had. His long white hair was pulled back in a glossy ponytail, and his neatly trimmed beard and mustaches were like sheets over his wrinkled, weather worn face. He was a tall man at one point, having been at least six foot three inches, but now his back bowed and he barely cleared five eleven. He wore a deep blue tunic over black breeches and a pair of mink-fur lined black boots that bore a high polish.

“Ahem,” Youdar’s voice was still as strong as it ever had been. Sanya had long ago discovered he had a beautiful tenor singing voice, but she could rarely coax him into performing. “Your ladyship, the High Judge Jalber Cyeen is here to see you.”

Jalber Cyeen had been a recent addition to Sanya’s list of friends. He was a portly fellow with a sour expression on his face most of the time. He had a large nose that was mostly red, heavy jowls that reminded the sorceress of a bulldog, and though he was nearly bald on top, he wore a fringe of black hair that hung to his shoulders in stringy strands, and sweat quite a bit when indoors. He was also a newly appointed high judge in the recent restructuring of the Rayther judicial system. He had been instrumental in a number of her political dealings, and though his appearance was definitely slovenly, he bore a sharp mind. Of course, what he was doing traveling the miles between Rayther and Taurwen at this time of night, in a raging blizzard was an enigma, especially since he usually adhered to propriety and sent a messenger a day or so in advance of his visits. It wouldn’t be proper to have a man such as himself visiting a woman of wealth, and a bachelorette to boot, without announcement.

(OOC: assuming your instruction is to show him in.)

Youdar bowed—again, not as deeply as he’d once been able to do—and made his exit from the dining hall. Within a few minutes the butler had returned, and in tow was the fat judge, his nose almost white from the cold, and his jowls shaking with each step. His brow was furrowed, his hands rung together, and occasionally blown upon. There was no smiled greeting for his hostess, but rather, Jalber hurried to the fireplace and nearly stuck his hands, and his belly, in the flames.

“Praise Shinara,” he breathed heavily. “I was beginning to think that I’d never thaw.”

(OOC: again, assuming some question as to what brings him out this way…or silence…either way…)

“It is potentially a terrible thing, terrible news, no, a terrible thing and news,” Jalber continued to keep his wide back facing Sanya as he warmed himself. “Truly disastrous, and well worth the journey to your tower, Lady Sanya. Oh, well worth it indeed! There is trouble afoot. Trouble of the most heinous kind, I assure you! And it should need your direct attention. Yes, yours and yours alone, for there are no others to fall back upon at this point. Disastrous, I tell you. Disastrous!

“They’ve all gone, all of them—or at least some of them…most—any who could have done anything most assuredly. And the council? That council does nothing but preen and accept gifts. Oh!” Jalber struggled to remain facing the fire, but at the same time tried his best to find Sanya with his wide-eyed gaze. “The gifts are all secret, but I’ve seen some, and I tell you that I like none of it! I’ve had to practically lock myself away, a prisoner in my own home, Lady Sanya. A prisoner! I’ve been too afraid to even hold court, and I’ll open not a single package. No, not I. Glassy-eyed, and soulless, that’s what they become. Puppets! Oh, I’ll not be a puppet!”

Jalber turned quite suddenly and started warming his backside, his hands still held behind him, his great girth slow to follow his momentum. “I came as soon as I learned you’d returned from Bayris. Did you not receive my missives? I’d sent three. All by foot messenger, and the last was through my trusted servant Densam. Oh, what has become of Densam? Poor lad…I shall never forgive myself if he’s been harmed. Never!”

Posted on 2008-11-16 at 21:31:11.

Topic: Cerebral Paradox - Mature Content
Subject: Gambling with one's life...

I16 Southbound – North Oak – Night City – March, Friday 14th, 2020, 4:57am

“And you expect us to do something about this? And for what? No,” Kremlin chuckled. “No, Mr. Spiff. I think better question, what do you expect we do?”

Spiff smiled, taking another sip of his Vodka. He'd been cautious to only sip lightly, but to say he felt none of its effects was crazy. This was Russian vodka; the good stuff. It wasn't to say he didn't realize all eyes were on him, but it wasn't anything new that they were. He was the outsider here.

"I'm the one up for sale here. I won't put up my own price. I would prefer you tell me what you think I'm worth."

“At the moment, Mr. Spiff, you’ve proven nothing more than you can negotiate a deal, and I have dimes of dozens who can negotiate a deal. But I am interested in seeing what more worth you provide organization. So, I play your little game a little bit longer.

“I trust I have given you what you ask for, no? I have outlined your value to organization sufficiently, yes?” Kremlin’s fat lips were still spread in a smile, but his tone was all business now.

"You're a lot of fun, my man. Why don't we make a game of this? You still got those cards on ya?" Spiff smiled, waiting for the man to obtain a deck of cards.

Kremlin held out his hand and one of his flunkies produced a deck from an inside jacket pocket.

"First, I'm betting a full day's work for you against you providing me with someone who can use this." Spiff tapped the gun lightly. "Is that a fair bet to you for the first hand of five card-" Spiff paused, cutting himself off for dramatic effect and looking around at the already on edge bodyguards, "-draw" and he smiled.

Kremlin’s laughter filled the cabin and only subsided as he wheezed a few coughs through, again waving his bodyguards off as though annoying insects. “You wish to gamble? You wish for us to provide you with sniper? For how long, Mr. Spiff? What guarantee that sniper will live? What guarantee that sniper will not be pinched?” The fat man’s piggy eyes narrowed to a point where they were practically swallowed by his cheeks. “What guarantee you have that I work you in some way you can manage?”

I16 Southbound – North Oak – Night City – March, Friday 14th, 2020, 4:58am

Posted on 2008-11-16 at 20:11:01.

Topic: Cerebral Paradox - Cyberpunk 2020
Subject: Here's your map.

Subfloor 3 Map

I've also updated your conversation, Sui.

Posted on 2008-11-16 at 20:08:46.
Edited on 2008-11-16 at 20:10:38 by Bromern Sal

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off
Subject: Cool...bad weather rocks!

The only reaction Char had to Maximus’ exit was to raise his eyebrows into the muss of dull brown hair draped across his tanned face. Don’ be judgin’ da man, Char-Lad, for you’d been that brash at one time if’n ya remembers correctly enough… Eftari’s voice sounded in his head as it often did when Char was reprimanding himself for thoughts unbecoming. It was a habit that had developed from the solitude of the Wilderness for months at a time, a defense mechanism against the insanity brought on by loneliness. He never shared his private conversations with others, and the memory of his mentor’s voice was often a comfort, but this time it was dismissed by a snippety response, Ne’er walked ou’ on frien’s, Eftati. Ne’er doon dat. So it was that Char was easily able to dismiss the big man and his actions. If he wasn’t going to stick around, he obviously didn’t consider them friends—or shared any sense of loyalty whatsoever—so there was no reason for the ranger to worry after him.

After the meeting, the woodsman spent the remainder of his day restocking his supplies as needed, buying a new cloak of earth brown color with a deep cowl, a bearskin fur cape to drape over the top, and then retiring to a tavern for a meal of hot stew and a cool ale before seeking out an inn for the night. That night he oiled his armor and weapons, sharpened his blades, tested the warp on his arrows, strung his bow and tested the pull, then unstrung it and prepared all of his gear for travel. He spent an hour with Northwind making sure the horse was well groomed, fed, and warm, and then he allowed himself to sleep.

The following morning he was among the first, if not the first, at the stables, and as others arrived he stood quietly by his dun and nodded a greeting to some, accompanied by his signature half-smile to those he considered his closer friends.

It was strange how just a few months before he hadn’t known any of these individuals, and yet now he considered a good portion of them some of his closest friends. Adventure did that to a person. The strains of the trail, the challenges they faced together, and the danger and hurt they experienced and won through all sewed threads of companionship and long-lasting loyalty…at least for Char. So, for those he’d traveled with in the past and who’d won his trust there was a warm greeting.

As Arien had done, Char accepted the additional items from their patrons with grace, though his was silent in nature. He was eager to get out on the road once more, never really liking to spend more than a couple of days in any city at a time, and when he was able to mount and lead the group out of the gate, Char felt free once again.

The mountain trails about Freegate were surrounded by rugged beauty that Char appreciated to no end. As the day progressed, he often found himself scanning the peaks, not for danger, but for their majestic line, and their capturing strength. This close to Freegate there wasn’t much chance of trouble, but as they drew further away, he focused more on the trail and their more immediate surroundings. His eyes darted from overturned rock to broken blade of grass looking for the telltale imprints of those who’d passed before them. He also drew further ahead of the party on occasion, scouting their path, but not by too much. A couple of seconds caught alone and unaware on the trail could find him dead, and then what good would he be? So, he was rarely away from the others for more than a couple of minutes, breaking the horizon at an easy gallop, or waiting at the crest of a hill for their arrival.

The waymeets were a welcome change from camping out under the stars for some, but Char preferred to find purchase up on the rooftop, with bow in hand and doing his best to blend in with the thatch. Wrapped in his new cloak and skin, he felt warm and in his element.

As the early gray of false dawn would peak above the mountainous horizon he would leave his perch to seek out replacement food for that they’d used in their stay, leaving the waymeet restocked, sometimes better than it was, before they’d departed. It was, after all, only polite.

It wasn’t until the fourth night that Char joined the others within the waymeet as the thunderstorm began to rage overhead. Slightly wet from the sudden downpour, the ranger shook his bearskin cloak out near the door and then snatched up a chair to settle near the window where he could still keep an eye on the landscape outside. Periodically throughout the night he would remove himself from the comfort of the shelter to check on their animals (OOC: Animal Lore to attempt to keep them calm). The strangeness of the thin sheets of rain wasn’t lost on the ranger. In his experience mountain rain was thick and heavy; not having enough time in its decent to dissipate as it did on the plains, and when accompanied by lightning and thunder, it was usually torrential. Yet, as the night drew on the thunder and lightning faded away until it was just the rain and a slight mist clinging to the ground as they prepared to ride the next day.

It was cold, bitter cold as a matter-of-fact, but Char was used to enduring the weather, and he took it in stride. Tugging his newly acquired protective clothing about him tighter, he made certain that his equipment was being tended to the best he could manage all things considered, and stopped near Dapple to check on the street urchin and their friendly pseudo dragon before they continued on their path.

Char had returned to the party from one of his off-trail excursions checking on a fleeting shadow he caught in the treeline and was hovering near Arien near the front of the group when he caught sight of the first of the refugees. His head instinctively tilted to the side, like a dog faced with a puzzling activity from a human, and his brow furrowed. Caught up in the rain, his usually free-flowing curtain of hair was clinging to his face and beard as though scared it might be blown away in the wind, and his bearskin cloak was matted and heavy, but these people looked downright miserable. He was about to raise the question as to who in the Nine Hells would be traveling in this weather, when the irony of the statement caught him and he held his tongue.

As was to be expected, Arien and Kilgim led the conversation when they drew near and the resulting tale was enough to set Char to watching the skies as well as the horizon even before it had finished. He was nearly surprised when Arien declared his indignation:

"My sincere apologies, ladies,” the knight snarled in obvious disgust. “At the worthlessness of these who would call themselves worshippers of Heironeous How such can live with themselves after allowing events like these, I do not know. You have my word that we will do all in our power to set things right."

"Char," Arien asked, "will it benefit us to leave the path, and travel cross country? Or will we lose more time than we already would in dealing with the refugess?"

The ranger peered out at the rough terrain where rivulets of water cut away at the countryside. His icy blue eyes had turned slate gray in the weather and they narrowed slightly against the onslaught of the rain, occasionally snapping closed as a droplet of rain got caught up in his lashes, or struck his higher cheekbone and splashed into his eye. After a moment’s time he shook his head slightly and turned to address his friend, his gloved hands sitting easily upon the saddlehorn.

“Na’, t’wood be too much on da ‘orses an’ mules wit’ da mud n’ su’.” He nodded at Arien’s armor as well. “An’ yer metal skin’d be a problem. Bes’ ya stay t’ da trail.”

Turning to the villagers he leaned slightly forward in his saddle so they could hear him better. “’Ow far t’ da village?” Receiving his answer the woodsman looked back over to his friends. “I cou’ go an’ scou’ I’ ou’ firs’. Mee’ ya back on da trail a mile ‘er so ou’si’ da village.”

It was a logical course of action. Char could get within view of the village with very little chance of someone noticing him should he leave Northwind with the rest of the part, and from a vantage allowing him to survey the situation he could provide them with valuable information pertaining to what they were likely to encounter. He knew Arien would see the tactical advantage to having the information in hand, and Adrian would likely as well, both having some military background. He doubted very much that the others would object, and Da’ Moon looked downright miserable so far from her precious cities that he wasn’t sure she’d want to go along. So, with a nod to the knight, Char dismounted, slipped his backpack onto his shoulders, and withdrew his bow from its place in his quiver, stringing it and then holding it beneath his cloak. During his preparation, Arien had continued his discourse:

"I would like for us to reach this evil as soon as possible... we should not suffer these poor people to be stricken any more than we can help. Even so, all know that darkness lends aid to such wickedness, and I would have all in our favor as is possible. What say you all?" The last is directed at the party in general.

Char had already made his position on the matter known, so he stood next to Northwind’s front left flank and watched the reactions of his companions while he remained ready to peel away from the others at a jog and head off into the wilderness. The plan would be to cut cross country some distance from the trail and come in on the village from a position that would put him uphill and far enough away to get a good look at the lay of the land and the whole of the village. He’d watch it for a time to make sure he had an understanding of what was going on within, and then he’d return to the others by cutting across country once more to reconnect with the trail a mile or so away from the village. He was already envisioning the terrain he’d have to traverse and taking deep, long breaths to expand his lungs in preparation for the run.

Posted on 2008-11-15 at 20:31:33.

Topic: The Embodiment Q&A
Subject: Update: Character Creation

Gboy and Sui, your characters have been begun. I'm hoping to have them finished up within the next week. Thanks for your patience there.

Vanadia, any chance of a post before tomorrow? I'm going to move things forward tomorrow sometime (Sunday).

YeOlde and Blammm, I was hoping to be able to post for you two before now, but I'm afraid it will be tomorrow as well.

Thanks for your patience folks!

Posted on 2008-11-15 at 19:43:48.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: William

Sympathies and congratulations to beth the parents and child.

Posted on 2008-11-12 at 20:18:11.

Topic: Cerebral Paradox - Cyberpunk 2020
Subject: Ill see if I can't throw one online in the next couple of days.

you might get lucky.

Posted on 2008-11-12 at 05:55:20.

Topic: The Embodiment Q&A
Subject: Great!

I was going to post again for YeOlde as well since he's in conversation. I'll likely just work yours in there too.

Posted on 2008-11-11 at 23:21:30.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: Whew!


Posted on 2008-11-10 at 06:46:12.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Q&A
Subject: I was going to post tonight, but

I figure Char has gladly stepped out of the leadership role with Arien back in full form, so I'll post once we've the reaction in place by those more in the forefront of party politics.

Should anyone be curious, Char will scout ahead while on the trail, and will happily hunt to replenish the stores they use at the way points.

Posted on 2008-11-10 at 06:44:51.

Topic: Cerebral Paradox - Cyberpunk 2020
Subject: Update's in place

Sorry Tann, but I'm going to leave you hanging for a bit. Let's see how much worse off things can get? Eh, gatos!?

Posted on 2008-11-10 at 06:40:34.

Topic: The Embodiment Q&A
Subject: So, post made.

Sni'kti and Caterina have been advanced in the timeline. Van, Caterina cast Protection From Evil. It was the closest thing to Armor in the Paladin's List. Armor would have provided a +4 deflection bonus whereas PfE provided a +2 in addition to eliminating it's ability to physically touch her or possess her. I also used up almost all of her LUCK points to keep her alive and successfully defending. You'll regain one LUCK point each time you post.

It looks like gboy is joining us as well, but we've yet for anyone taking an interest in picking up the two characters already made. I've also got to revamp some histories a bit and release those to the players.

This is shaping up nicely though.

Posted on 2008-11-10 at 06:36:32.

Topic: The Embodiment
Subject: That's good to know.

Thanks for clearing it up.

Posted on 2008-11-10 at 05:20:40.

Topic: Cerebral Paradox - Mature Content
Subject: An update for some, but not for all.

I16 Southbound – North Oak – Night City – March, Friday 14th, 2020, 4:57am

“And you expect us to do something about this? And for what? No,” Kremlin chuckled. “No, Mr. Spiff. I think better question, what do you expect we do?”

The lights reflecting off of the windows cast deep shadows across Kremlin’s face as the limo sped along the freeway back towards the docks. The men in the back of the limousine with Spiff were all intently watching the fixer, waiting for the answer.

I16 Southbound – North Oak – Night City – March, Friday 14th, 2020, 4:57am

New Harbor Mallplex – Studio City – Night City – March, Friday 13th, 2020, 6:41pm

“Just looking to talk,” he said as Guardian drew closer. “Would prefer to talk someplace a little less…imposing. There’s an offer on the table that I think you should listen to. Shall we continue on up the stairs?”

Scribe was intrigued—a little concerned, but intrigued nonetheless. As they continued their brisk pace towards the stairs, the security truck behind them blared a demand for all of them to stop where they are.

“Alright,” Scribe said as he refrained from looking back over his shoulder. “Where’d you have in mind?”

“There’s a car outside of the mallplex,” the man said as he turned to match their pace. “We can meet privately there.”

“No,” Scribe said. “No place you choombas would find familiar, and we’re obviously not going to be able to find a place to sit undisturbed in the foodcourt—“ They arrived at the stairs and double-timed it up back the way the other fellow had come. “—I know of a place nearby…”

“Fair enough,” the man said, and followed. Guardian then realized that the second fellow hadn’t joined them in the stairs. Behind them the screech of tires sounded and the shouts of men could be heard.

It took a few more seconds to reach the door leading to the first floor of the mallplex, and when they did they found it locked, secured by the electronic security system.

“Damn!” Scribe muttered, not taking his eyes off the suit. Suspicion filled his head: where was the second man? Where was security? They had to be hot on their heels.

“We may not be going anywhere,” the suit grinned. “So, I’ll be quick.

“You blokes were compromised, but not necessarily how you likely suspect. I’ve taken care of the problem…temporarily. My employer has an interest in your success, so I was sent to make sure that your enemy wasn’t successful in offing you. Consider Phase One complete.”

“And what of security? What of our current situation?” Frankie wasn’t dismissing the idea that this could all be bull, but he couldn’t ignore the fact that this fellow could have pulled on them at any time and he hadn’t yet. Besides, megacorps were always playing against one another, and the idea that Biotechnica had one of their enemies in the game wasn’t too farfetched.

“They’ll be here momentarily, but I can take care of that as well.”

“And your partner?”

“Wasn’t working with me,” the suit said with an amicable grin. “Besides, I think he went off-shift recently.”

“Guardian?” Scribe could read faces, he could even read body language fairly well, but this guy wasn’t reading. So, the media was relying on his bodyguard’s experience to make the call.

New Harbor Mallplex – Studio City – Night City – March, Friday 13th, 2020, 6:42pm

Biotechnica Facility; Northernmost Building – Northeast of Night City – March, Friday 14th, 2020, 12:08am

Firewind was absolutely astounded when MDK bolted around the corner and began running. He couldn’t believe the level of the man’s insanity! Hadn’t he just said that they were outpositioned?

Bull’s Eye swore when MDK made his rush, but he followed nonetheless. With his weapon ready he darted forward, trying to see past the bobbing form of the assassin. Croaker had damn well better appreciate all of this!

Peacekeeper was less impulsive, reaching the corner the other two men had just rounded, she paused long enough to check behind them, looking down the hall that would be the direction reinforcements would be coming from.

“Stay here and watch that way,” she ordered, pointing down the hall with her submachine gun before clenching her jaw and rounding the corner in pursuit of her companions.

Firewind glanced at Freeway and Lightning and then motioned back down the hall. “Should we move to that corner?” he asked, forced to speak loudly over the alarms.

For MDK the hall was open, a very real shooting gallery. He was in the open and his opponents were all using doorframes or corners as cover. The first two popped out and fired off rounds from handguns, the bullets whistled past his head, and he just continued to press on, weapons blaring. The first of his shots ate drywall, ripping through the plaster and the metal doorframe. It impacted the left shoulder of the target and staggered him back against the wall. The whiteheat from the round engulfed the man’s shoulder with fire and he screamed, but MDK couldn’t determine the extent of the wound. His next round, however, found the man’s head, and he died a very quick death.

The second pair of people rounded their corner and fired. MDK felt the impact of the rounds striking the armor of his chest and lower abdomen. It turned him slightly, staggered his step and he knew instinctively that they were firing large caliber rounds his way. Large caliber versus any armor spells danger, plus these were corporate soldiers, and not the kind in the fatigues, so these were likely using a higher tech of ammunitions. But now was not the time to reconsider.

The bullets were flying now and Peacekeeper was the last in line so she had a pretty good seat for the show. She saw when MDK staggered after taking out the first of the four men they were facing down, but she hadn’t much time for concern as Bull’s Eye suddenly staggered and hit the wall with his right shoulder as he went down. He spun about, his submachine gun being flung backward over his head, which resulted in it flying after MDK, and Peacekeeper saw that he’d been hit in chest. Again, no time to worry as the bullets were still flying.

Peacekeeper slid to a stop and leveled her handgun. She’d slung the machinegun over her shoulder as she’d rounded the corner and had replaced it with her .44. Smartchipped and rigged to go the bounty hunter leveled her handgun at the other who’d taken position across from the one that MDK had just dusted, and popped off a couple of rounds. She was rewarded with the second of the two striking the man in the throat and spraying arterial blood all over the wall behind him.

Biotechnica Facility; Northernmost Building – Northeast of Night City – March, Friday 14th, 2020, 12:08am

Posted on 2008-11-10 at 05:17:39.

Topic: The Embodiment
Subject: ADD!?

I received the answers. I'll work up a character sheet right after Sui's.

Posted on 2008-11-10 at 04:18:07.

Topic: The Embodiment
Subject: Sui

Sui was playing a rogue, but that doesn't mean there can't be more than one.

Posted on 2008-11-10 at 02:23:00.

Topic: The Embodiment - A FUZIONfantasy Game
Subject: A Fight, and a Meeting

The dread creature’s nose wrinkled at his prey’s response, and as Caterina began to utter her prayer for Rydor’s protection it lunged forward and slashed at her throat with the black dagger. The paladin arched backward, some strands of her hair being severed as they flew before her face, but the blade missed, and unfazed, she continued her prayer.

She’d been forced to take a step backward, allowing the massive reach of this demonic being to cover the range between them, and as she continued her prayer, it lunged again, but its hoof found no purchase on the fallen fruit and sweetbread, causing it to misstep and the blade to slash the air to her right. Caterina’s voice remained unwavering as she lifted it a bit louder.

The creature snarled a word that sounded as though it were heaving phlegm from its throat and lashed out again at his target, but Caterina ducked under the blow, her prayer uninterrupted, as she went underneath and towards the railing.

It wasn’t finished, rolling about and slashing once more, gray spittle flying from its mouth as its elusive prey once again dodged its attack, moving within a couple of feet of the tray. It was then that the last of her prayer was uttered and the warmth of Rydor’s protection washed over her engulfing her body in the sensation of being embraced while the air about her wavered and momentarily filled with motes of golden light that fell gently to the floor.

Caterina darted forward, her magical blade held back as though to strike, while it held its greatsword before it with one of its massive hands as it readied a defense, the left drawing the dagger back, its wicked blade poised to be buried in his foe’s flesh. His narrowed eyes widened slightly as the paladin’s stance suddenly changed and she ducked low to snatch the silver tray by its handle, recoiling from the creature’s proximity.

It snarled another word Caterina didn’t recognize just before lunging forward and slashing at her with its dagger. Caterina’s sword turned the attack aside with a heavenly ringing sound. Rolling to the left the paladin slashed at the creature, only half intent on successfully striking it as she determined to take the fight into the drawing room. The creature was intent upon stopping her retreat though, and it lunged forward prematurely, unable to rotate its massive body out of the way of her slashing strike, and Caterina felt her blade slice easily through the muscle of its shoulder.

It snarled in pain and slashed at her once more with the dagger while holding the greatsword ready to defend once more. But Caterina deflected the attack once more with her own blade. She felt the metal connect and her arm vibrated from the impact. The creature was very strong indeed, as strong as a horse at least, perhaps the strongest she’d ever faced.

Stepping backward, Caterina slashed again, attempting to keep the baleful creature at bay as she retreated towards the drawing room, and in doing so, her next slashing attack went wide as the beast withdrew its belly from danger. The beast followed closely, its eyes wide as it flipped the dagger about in its hand and brought it down in an overhead strike that Caterina was lucky to deflect; this time with a full knowledge of the potential force behind the blow.

She was forced to step backward, navigating by memory as she kept the fell creature in her line of sight. Upon feeling the doorframe strike her back at the left shoulder blade, Caterina spun into the warmth of the drawing room, slashing at the advancing beast as she did so. The tip of her blade cut deep into the pectoral muscle of Ethain’s killer releasing a gush of brackish blackish blood that poured down its ribs and mated with the hair of its lower body. Unfortunately, the attack didn’t appear to phase it, and this beast was much faster than its size would have indicated, and it was right on her, pressing through the doorframe with all of its bulk, its wings folding in tightly against its body, the dagger, not the sword, held ready before it, its wounds apparently not deterring its determined assault. With a bellow that echoed through the halls, the creature slashed at her with the dagger once more, a blow that she was again able to turn, though it had to of been a combination of the protection from her god and luck that effected her deflection of the blade. Again, her arm ached as the power of the blow was carried through her blade.

Within the drawing room, Caterina stood with the tray in hand, her bloodied longsword held before her ready to continue facing down the angered and wounded beast bearing the strange brand and the black-bladed weapons.

Sna’kti glanced up at the Captain again and sipped from his mug of warm honeyed ale as he mulled over what he had just heard.

“I am eating,” was all he said as he turned back to eating his kidney pie, and slurping his beef and lentil soup.

“I noticed,” the captain intoned with a dryness that didn’t match his wet condition. “But that doesn’t change the fact that the king of Pardinal has summoned you, Kazari. When a Menbren summons you, it is my duty to make sure that you acknowledge the summons with alacrity.”

The Kazari picked up his mug and took another sip of his honeyed ale as he looked up at the Captain and the determination on his face. He weighed his options; he knew he could probably take these four men with a sudden hand to hand attack, but then what kind of trouble he would be in.

Sitting the mug down after draining the last of it, he stood up and wiped his whiskers off on his arm. He had decided that his curiosity had the better of him; he had to know what his Majesty wanted for him.

“Well his Majesty had best feed me,” he said as he started towards the door, “I don’t like missing a meal.”

The weather hadn’t relented any and the soldiers did their best to show some dignity in the face of its wrath as they led the way, two in front, two behind Sna’kti through the nearly deserted streets towards the rain-slick black walls of the castle. It was a long walk and the rain made it a miserable one at that, but the benefit of being escorted by the guards was that they weren’t hindered as they went through the gate, or up the wide, sweeping stairs, or through the huge, reinforced doors. The halls inside were cold-looking and sparsely decorated, but guards were all over the place standing ready to respond to the slightest indication of danger. Sna’kti wasn’t led into the throne room, but down a stretch of halls that bore very little in the way of invitation to a room that must have been in the very back of the castle. It was here that he first met with the king of Pardinal: Beraunnis Menbren.

Beraunnis was seated in an oversize, cushioned chair covered with a deep blue felt. He was thin, frail-looking, and had a blanket over his lap that was thick and quilted. His head was cradled by another quilt that wrapped around his shoulders allowing it to rest in the crook of the chair’s embrace. The king’s hair was white, thin, and straggly, damp with sweat and stuck to his forehead and hollow-looking cheeks. His chin and upper lip were spotted with a thin layer of white facial hair, and his eyes appeared to be sunken. His hands were skeletal, and his left gripped the arm of the chair while the right firmly held a slightly bloodied rag. He wore a rich blue smoking gown, and the only pieces of jewelry on his person was the amulet about his neck and the signet ring on his right hand. At his side stood a tall fellow with the expression of a mortician. His face was long and angular. His hair was cut in a bowl cut and was as black as a moonless midnight. A thick mustache covered his upper lip, and his beady eyes were narrowed as they took in the appearance of the rain-soaked Kazari and his guard escort. His outfit was wealthy and of various shades of gold and red, and unlike the servants who attended the fire and the various other needs pertaining to the room, he carried a scimitar at his waste and the amulet about his neck had a gemstone that seemed to catch the limited light in the room and imprison it deep within.

There was also a priest of Lysora sitting near the fire. The man was plump and bore a flushed face. He wore the traditional garb of a temple priest, and carried no weapon. When Sna’kti and the guards entered, the feline noticed that the man glanced at him, but returned his gaze to the fire after seeing who it was who’d arrived.

“This is he then?” It was the man at the king’s side that spoke, not the king.

“It is, Lord Ontzlere.”

“Leave us.” Ontzlere didn’t move his body at all as he spoke, and the thickness of his mustaches kept Sna’kti from seeing his mouth move much as he spoke.

The guards saluted and then sharply made their escape, leaving Sna’kti alone in the room with the king, Lord Ontzlere, the priest of Lysora, and three servants.

“I hear tell that you are something to behold on the field of battle,” Lord Ontzlere spoke crisply and articulated everything very carefully.

(OOC: regardless of the answer.)

“The Kingdom has a need for your services.” Lord Ontzlere continued to stare at the Kazari without expression on his long face. “It seems that there’s a cave near the city of Visden where a creature was imprisoned some centuries ago. The scholars that were consulted on the matter have determined it from a previous rule where creatures of some power and dubious intention controlled the country. Historically speaking, the people—ancestors to the great families of this kingdom—rose up and deposed their rule, but they weren’t able to kill the most powerful of these, and just succeeded in imprisoning her. As you’ve likely surmised, her prison was within this cave.

“Unfortunately, it has been brought to our attention that the prison has been tampered with, and certain events in the area have led us to determine that this being is building her power, and still operating from this location. Of course, we’ve yet to be able to determine whether this is fact, or assumption as our scrying has been defeated, and no scout has yet returned. This is where you come in. The king would like you to travel to the cave and ascertain whether this threat exists, and should you determine you’ve an opportunity to put an end to the threat, the Kingdom would be most appreciative. If you determine that the threat is too great for you, return and we’ll send in the proverbial cavalry.

“You will, of course, be well compensated.”

Posted on 2008-11-09 at 23:46:22.

Topic: The Embodiment Q&A
Subject: No problem.

I'll post a continuance for Snickers, and will post a follow up for Caterina.

Posted on 2008-11-09 at 20:19:37.

Topic: The Embodiment
Subject: I'm not the one with the reputation as a player killer.

That's Roger and Olan...

You're pretty close gboy. Close enough that I think you will understand the concept. You work out the concept and let me worry about putting the character sheet together. There's a series of questions in the recruitment thread for you to provide me the answers to. Alternatively, there are two characters already created whose players vanished from the face of the Inn that you could pick up if they appeal to you.

Sui, I'll try to have your character added to the scheme of things shortly.

Posted on 2008-11-09 at 20:16:35.

Topic: The Embodiment Q&A
Subject: Thanks

The world is Audalis.

I'll see what I can throw together.

Posted on 2008-11-09 at 08:31:38.

Topic: The Embodiment
Subject: I have not heard of that game.

Let me know.

I think my rules scare players.

Posted on 2008-11-08 at 00:30:23.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: Did I miss something too?

I don't see anything further for me to go off of unless I missed an email ad well.

Posted on 2008-11-08 at 00:27:30.

Topic: help the webmaster, part deux!
Subject: So?

Did he win?

Posted on 2008-11-08 at 00:25:25.

Topic: The Embodiment
Subject: No takers?

No one's interested in taking over the two characters that are already created?

To look the sheets over, check out the Q&A thread and click on the character names.

Posted on 2008-11-07 at 15:34:30.

Topic: The Embodiment Q&A
Subject: Van...?

I was hoping for a post from Vanadia so I could continue this on this weekend. Is that still possible, Van?

Also, Sui, I'm going to need more information. Such as where he's from, race, any mundane items he absolutely has to have, etc. I like what I'm seeing so far though.

Posted on 2008-11-07 at 15:32:18.


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