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Topic: A Cold Day in Hell Q&A
Subject: Would that it were that easy.

The iPhone has a touch pad keyboard that is very difficult to thumb. I'm relegated to one finger and though I can go fairly fast, am more prone to errors. Not to mention I never did like the Safari browser and that's what you're forced to use with the thing. Oh well. Still a cool little gizmo.

Anyway, I am two pages from being finished with this comic book (art at least) and then I just have to plug in the text and barring any revisions, I'm done! Then it is life as usual again.

Posted on 2007-11-23 at 09:07:43.

Topic: A Cold Day in Hell Q&A
Subject: I had a nice, long post all ready.

I'd created it on my iPhone while away from my computer as I had some down time. I went to check something in the QA Thread and the phone erased everything I'd written. Half hour worth of one-finger typing down the drain. I'll have to try and recreate it tomorrow. Sorry.

Posted on 2007-11-22 at 06:36:16.
Edited on 2007-11-22 at 06:37:12 by Bromern Sal

Topic: Cerebral Paradox - Cyberpunk 2020
Subject: it isn't so much of a big deal right now, but...

I'll hopefully be finishing up this monster art project no later than end of next week. I'll need to know which players are still in play. There's been precious little in the way of posting from any number of people.

Posted on 2007-11-22 at 05:29:33.

Topic: Star Trek: Operation:Persephone - Q&A
Subject: More info on the Charon

Gavison runs as much of a skeletal crew as makes sense for optimal operation. He's combined TAC and security in order to eliminate any possibility of back 'n forth during critical moments. It is possible that some see him as being suicidal, but he's done his best to clear the crew of naysayers, outfitting the Charon solely with volunteer transfers where possible and taking SF assignments to his staff in stride the best he can though they've never lasted long. I don't want to paint the picture of invulnerability, more like that of a Viking ship where everyone knows they go off to die, make it to Valhalla, and sing drinking songs with a buxom wench on each knee.

Posted on 2007-11-22 at 05:19:01.

Topic: A Cold Day in Hell Q&A
Subject: Right there with you Grugg

OK, since Kernan didn't express his preference while giving Kane the orders I'll allow that Kane acted as best prescribed by military protocol. However, Kernan is a participating officer as described before, so he'll likely calmly and kindly address this issue with Kane in private and instruct him to include all officers and NCOs, etc. in these decisions.

Posted on 2007-11-21 at 05:24:04.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Q&A
Subject: Goes for a bumpy drive...

Seriously... every time my wife was "ready" we'd either go for a seriously long walk (fast paced), or we'd find the bumpiest road we could (not hard here in Utah) and drive along it until she was calling out for mercy. Baby was born that night, every time.

Posted on 2007-11-21 at 05:18:42.

Topic: Star Trek: Operation:Persephone - Q&A
Subject: Charon's location and disposition

If you'd like to post as a character of the Charon (and your character concept has been approved, of course) you are more than welcome to. Keep in mind the following:

1. The Charon has just been through a battle with Dominion forces and it did not go well. As such, the Charon is back in dock at DS-9 for repairs and will be (conveniently enough) until roughly the time that the Cerberus arrives.

2. You can post aboard the Charon, overseeing repairs associated with your responsibilities while DS-9 and Charon staff go about them, or...

3. You can post aboard DS-9 while off-duty, or...

4. You can post aboard the Charon while off-duty, while...

5. Any reference concerning Captain Gavison should be done with his exceptionally foul mood in mind. He's generally in a bad mood, but this one is particularly foul, and...

6. It is highly possible that the crew of the Charon has developed an overgrown sense of "elitness" as Captain Gavison has volunteered the ship for just about every dangerous mission he could find and so far, they've survived if a little worse for wear... so far.

Oh, and posting will be in the same thread, just title the header with the Charon instead of the Cerberus and we should be OK.

Posted on 2007-11-21 at 01:15:52.

Topic: Star Trek: Charon Staff Fulfillment
Subject: What he said

Only, hollar loud as I'll be away from the forums an awful lot these next couple of weeks.

Posted on 2007-11-20 at 01:30:55.

Topic: A Cold Day in Hell Q&A
Subject: for future reference.

Kernan is a participating officer, and expects all able-body members of the squad to contribute. If it came right down to it he'd dig the latrines provided it made sense and his other skills weren't needed elsewhere (yes, I did refer to latrines digging as a skill). I'll likely have Kernan ammend the watch schedule to give the wounded more downtime.

Posted on 2007-11-20 at 01:24:12.

Topic: Star Trek: Operation:Persephone - Q&A
Subject: It is.

The Charon is recruiting (look Ma! I spelled it correctly this time!) though I probably won't be able to review things in much detail for a while due to workload. Just keep in mind that where the Cerberus has a new crew under a new captain, the Charon has been together through a number of battles and will actually start the game in for repairs at DS-9.

Posted on 2007-11-20 at 01:15:45.

Topic: Star Trek: Operation:Persephone - Q&A
Subject: Stupid lack of floorplans.

I've just procured every Star Trek RPG book I could find and not one has floorplans for either class. There's a couple of close constructs, and maybe when I finish this insane art project I'll use those to come up with some for us.

Hey, how did Mac wind up with the bigger ship?

Posted on 2007-11-18 at 06:41:58.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Q&A
Subject: Is there a baby yet?

Huh? Is there?

Posted on 2007-11-18 at 06:34:44.

Topic: A Cold Day in Hell
Subject: Update

Lt. Keenan was not at all happy with the way things were going thus far. Two Rangers wounded, cold fatiguelikely setting in, and some high-tech killing machine hanging out in the shadows. Then there was the report from Fire Team B concerning the radioactive materials in the canisters, and the bloodsoaked room and the trail leading off to the observatory. That was just spooky. These thoughts filled his head while the empty hall filled his vision.

Stepping into the foyer Monty was relieved to be met be Fire Team B, and while Kane approached the lieutenant watched to make sure that the doors were covered.

"Orders, Sir?" asked Sgt. Kane.

"Make sure we're properly covered while Johannsen patches those two up. Then I think we'll dig in for a few hours and see what strength we can recover. I believe the bunks'll do just fine for that.

"Set up the watch schedule, Staff Sergeant. As soon as we're able we'llmove out."

After the medic had done her thing Fire Team A will lead the squad to the bunks moving cautiously, but not wasting time. Six hours down time, fiften minutes for MREs, and then Kernan will fill Fire Team B in on the blood trail and his intention to take the squad to the observatory where he believes the answers will start coming.

Posted on 2007-11-18 at 04:51:15.

Topic: Cerebral Paradox - Cyberpunk 2020
Subject: That plan seems to have been nixed.

I don't think Croaker was keen ontrying his input out as bait.

Posted on 2007-11-17 at 17:11:56.

Topic: Cerebral Paradox - Cyberpunk 2020
Subject: Nope on both accounts.

I listed them so you would all have a list of the key characters is all.

I may have to put Bull's Eye up for adoption.

Posted on 2007-11-17 at 08:25:57.

Topic: Star Trek: Charon Staff Fulfillment
Subject: Star Trek: Charon Staff Fulfillment

This is not for a new game. This is, in fact, for the Flight of the Cerberus game that Eol is running--a Star Trek "Free Form" that is currently getting started. The Charon is a Saber Class starship captained by Kelsey Gavison, previously the XO for the Discovery (another Star Trek game currently on hiatus). Will need positions for everyone except the Captain and XO. Keep in mind that this crew has been together for some time, they are not a new crew. They've experienced space battles with the Dominion, and until recently, even the Romulans as Dominion allies. They are experienced, and this is a warship.

Posted on 2007-11-16 at 20:52:34.

Topic: Cerebral Paradox - Cyberpunk 2020
Subject: Its been pointed out...

I left Firewind out of the lineup, and there's some confusion on who's doing what. Quite simply, nothing has been decided in stone yet. DigitalScribe has suggested the following (adding Firewind in):

Jack and Piper go do what they need to do in order to clean things up a bit for all involved.

DigitalScribe and Guardian hit the media option.

Peacekeeper, Croaker, Preacher, and Firewind go take care of that dangerous little Biotechnica Lab operation.

Spiff and Bull's Eye handle the meet.

Medical care from Firewind hasn't been taken care of yet as you haven't really had all that much time to do so, and outfitting yourselves with new and improved gear or additional ammo, etc. in preparation for this meeting isn't likely since you'd have to leave the University in ten minutes just to make the meet on time.

Keep in mind, this is a suggestion from an NPC, and that doesn't necessarily mean that it is the correct thing to do, but it doesn't mean that it isn't either. NPCs in my games make mistakes just like everyone. Time is running out however...

Posted on 2007-11-16 at 20:20:55.
Edited on 2007-11-16 at 20:22:58 by Bromern Sal

Topic: Voyages of Rocinante - Serenity/Firefly RPG
Subject: Is it me, or you, Dash, that finds trouble so easily?

Wyatt sighed heavy-like and gave Willow another pat on the arm at the altercation taking place before them. "Best be fading' t' one side 'r the other Willow." His tone was dry and tired. If there was one thing that got his goat more than anything it was the mistreatment of good people. In this case good people meant the ones being picked on.

Once Willow had moved aside, or before any harm could come to the girl, Wyatt says, "Ain't it something', Sam, how it don't matter what piece I' dirt we settle on there're always low down, mangy rats that need exterminatin'?"

And if that ain't enough to draw their attention away from the old man and the girl, Wyatt'll say, "Hey! Ugly! Lay off or I'll break ya."

(OOC: Likely a trap, so Wyatt's ready to draw quick if necessary. He'll try not to kill anyone if he can avoid it, but he's not about to let things get out of hand.)

Posted on 2007-11-15 at 07:52:59.

Topic: Cerebral Paradox - Cyberpunk 2020
Subject: Time is a bit of a problem.

With ten minutes to the meet it isn't likely you have time for anything other than what you've got going for you now. Unless you decide to forego the meet that is.

Posted on 2007-11-15 at 07:34:38.

Topic: Voyages of Rocinante - Serenity/Firefly RPG
Subject: Hmm.

It was something he was only too familiar with; pretending Willow was more than attached to his arm as they made heir way through a rough portion of this city, that bordertown, or the rare Alliance outpost. There was nothing sexual about their play either. Wyatt Sung was a man still very much in love with his dead wife and more than slightly devoted to the marriage they'd once shared. His nod of acceptance and the pat he placed on the hand Willow rested on his arm was warm, like that of an older brother. Where Sam joked about sexual relations with the doctor and Ash lkely dreamt about them, Wyatt's attention was solely that of a protective older brother. Right then, the protective older brother's role meant keeping others from thinking the beautiful little Asian available for debasing catcalls, commentary, and most of all: unwanted advances. They played the content couple so well that they were often mistaken for having been married for years when their charade was in action.

This, of course, did not mean that Captain Sung did not present the image of a dangerous man as he calmly strolled down the dirty street with a beauty on his arm and a hired gun at his side. He was armed for bear, carried himself confidently and assuredly, while the look in his eye that spoke promises of a very violent end should the observer be so bold as to interfere with their progress kept people at bay (hopefully).

Posted on 2007-11-14 at 04:56:59.
Edited on 2007-11-14 at 06:01:36 by Bromern Sal

Topic: Cerebral Paradox - Cyberpunk 2020
Subject: I've put in the current post.

It is now in a place where everyone should be able to post.

Posted on 2007-11-14 at 02:58:59.

Topic: Star Trek: Operation:Persephone - Q&A
Subject: Pictures!

I want floorplans!

Posted on 2007-11-14 at 02:58:24.

Topic: Cerebral Paradox - Mature Content
Subject: I may have deleted one too many posts... but here is where things stand.

Night City University, Medical Education Laboratory, Science Labs Building – Lower West Side – Night City – March, Friday 13th, 2020, 2:37am

“You, Jack,” Frankie boldly began. “Will meet with your contact as scheduled with the package ready for her close-up in the back seat where she can be seen. Play at negotiations, or whatever. You’ll buy us time while Croaker leads a team to a nearby Biotechnica facility with Net access. Pick up a ‘runner, or have Preacher do it—doesn’t matter so much as fingerprints are left on the Biotechnica Datafortress.” Here, DigitalScribe paused as though gauging the success behind his next toss of the dice. “Meanwhile, I get the story out on the wire that sources have just leaked information concerning a new designer drug by Biotechnica and are offering the formula to the highest bidder. Your contact is sure to get wind of this, and if not, you can have one of your men keep their ear to the radio and interrupt your negotiations with the news. This helps put pressure on the contact to pay up quick and get some PR in motion to cover this fiasco up. Maybe we incite pressure from his boss that takes us out of the crosshairs and turns the lions on their own.”

Jack shrugged. “OK, we got four plans, except you forgot, Lad; I ain’t goin’ t’ the fight, so...” he turned and looked at Spiff, having obviously picked out one of his own from the group. “The negotiator’d ‘afta be that bloke. Any more bright ideas?” Whether the fact that DigitalScribe had just outed himself as a media bothered Springed-Heel Jack or not was undeterminable.

As Croaker waited for a reply from Jack, or Spiff, he had a bad feeling that something or someone was going to put a wrench into any sort of plan to deal with the situation. How right he was as Jack decided he would do a Spiff and try to back out of really helping them Then before Croaker could tell Jack to go to hell Scribe had brought up his idea. Croaker could not believe what he had just heard; Jack was pretty much telling them he was going to stay in the shadows and to hell with the rest of them.

“OK, here’s a bright idea for ya Jack…Frag you! Ya wanna play ghosti ghosti go right ahead, but you’ll do it without Peacekeeper, me and my Tribe brother.

Now here’s my take on this, Scribe’s plan has merit but for one or two issues. First, sending Spiff to the meet could be a bad move as he is liable to try to save his skin by turning us all in. I have never trusted him and, as he showed at the Hole, he’s a coward, and cowards only worry about themselves.” Croaker made sure as he said that last part he was looking directly at Jack. “Second, as far as taking a run at the Biotechnica facility—well I hate to say it, oh, Mr. Ghosti, but we do not have the fire power among us to succeed. Give us the services of Piper there, show me we can trust you by doing so, and we might have a chance to pull off this heist. If not then the three of us are walking away, your call Jack.”

There was a moment of silence while the renowned fixer stared at the nomad. It wasn’t Jack that spoke first, however. It was The Piper.

“Lad,” the dangerous man said in a very low voice. “No one speaks like that t’ Springed-Heel. No one.”

Jack held up a hand to stall his gun’s action and The Piper slowly lit a cinnamon-scented cigarette while continuing to eyeball Croaker from beneath the brim of his fedora.

“Frag me? That’s rich comin’ from the bloke tha’ fragged the gig as I set it out from the beginnin’. I say no’ t’ get the cops involved an’ within an hour of contractin’ you an’ your team has the cops chasin’ ya through the city streets. I say no’ t’ bring the media in—“ Jack flung an arm out at DigitalScribe, though his rigid face still faced the nomad. “—an’ you bring a media int’ the scene. You’re done, Lad. Ain’t no one gonna trust you t’ work should you continue t’ cross me. I make n’ break the likes o’ you on a daily basis. You are no’ in power here, Boy. Apparen’ly you forgo’ tha’. I gotta give it t’ ya though. You got balls the size o’ friggin’ melons, but brains the size o’ a walnut if you think you can walk on me, let alone call me a coward.

“You forget yerself again, Boy, an’ R.E.O. Meatwagon’ll be scrapin’ yer corpse out of a gutter.” The fixer turned abruptly from looking at the nomad to the beautiful bounty hunter. “Where’d you fin’ this bloke, Peacekeeper? More so, what’re you doing stuck t’ his arm like tha?”

Jack then shared his gaze with each of them as though challenging them to speak against him again. With The Piper and the two soldiers he brought with him behind him, it was very likely that he held a superior position. It took Croaker’s entire being not to respond to Jack’s taunt with more angry words, and he felt Jaimy shift uncomfortably on his arm, fully aware that she was caught between loyalties.

“He’s a good man, Jack,” Peacekeeper responded, iron in her tone. “If a little bull-headed.”

Croaker knew the situation was quickly spiraling out of control, and though he wanted to forget this run had ever started even he knew there was really no running away. His bluff with Jack clearly had not worked and now it was even clearer he had to pick a side. With Biotechnica apparently already gunning for Jaimy the choice was clear. Turning to her he placed his hand on hers and spoke quietly to his lover.

“It’s OK Peacekeeper. As much as I hate this, we have no choice but to side with Jack. I love you and don‘t want to see you dead.”

With a last look at her he gave her his best smile and a cocky wink he turned to speak to Jack, but Frankie beat him to it.

“Jack,” DigitalScribe interrupted using a congenial tone. “You’ll have to forgive Croaker. He tends to get a little emotional when he doesn’t get his way, and he has a view on bravery that is a bit archaic.” The media held up a hand to forestall any response from the nomad while he looked around at the crew he’d tailed most of the evening. Taking a deep breath he smiled a friendly smile and went on. “Croaker didn’t necessarily invite me and Guardian along, Jack. We kind of forced it on him. All the same, we’re now involved—we’re all involved. Look, Croaker, you’d be a damned fool if you tried to go it on your own. You don’t think Biotechnica wouldn’t track you, Peacekeeper, and Bull’s Eye down? They need to protect their reputation, their investment, and their future. They’ve got the money, the connections, and the guns to make your life very short. You’ve been touting care and love for your tribesman and your input, but you walk, and you’re as good as signing their death warrants.

“I think I’ve got you, Spiff, pegged as well. You’re a front man, a P.R. rep, not a gunman. I think Croaker’s wrong about you, especially since you have probably already realized what kind of future awaits you should you decide to walk away from this.”

DigitalScribe sighed, “What I’m trying to say is that unless we come together—whether it be my plan, or one of the others—we’re all going to die at the hands of Biotechnica, nameless, faceless.”

“Nice speech,” The Piper drawled. “Now I get t’ make one thing real clear: I don’ leave Jack’s side.”

“Don’ think tha’ while the lot o’ you are playin’ yer games that I’ll be sittin’ quiet, smokin’ a cigar an’ playin’ with a couple o’ birds. Someone’s gotta work towards cleanin’ up the mess afta.” Jack intoned quietly.

“I’m in,” Firewind interjected from where he stood looking down at the body of the poor girl. “Doesn’t matter what plan is enacted; I’m in. If a corporation did this—killed this girl, even through the use of an experimental drug—I want to burn them. Not to mention, I’d like to keep breathing so I can burn them again and again in the future.”

Spiff thought carefully about his strategy. To him, this was just another tough meet with an aggressive guest. Spiff stepped into the space between the line of his group, and Jack and Piper. His eyes did not leave Piper's hip until he was standing there with his arms out. The words that preceded his entrance were "Whoa! Calm down everybody." They weren't the most calming, but with the right tone, they would collect attention to him and at least give him the opportunity to defuse the situation. He turned to face Croaker.

"Look, I don't care what you think of me, or what you think of Jack, but this gig ain't about making friends." He dropped his hands and took a second check on Piper. "Let's face it: there are not nearly enough guns here to take on a Corp blind, but Scribe's idea has merit. If I make the meet, which I'll happily do with a bit of firepower behind me, and you all do a sneak and peek in their systems, we may well be able to get some information to hit them in the future. I'm all for it, and just to prove it, since it's late we should sleep after this. I have a friend over at the Red Lantern in the East Marina. I'll buy some drinks tomorrow. Let's meet there in the morning. Then you can tell us what you've got."

Spiff sighed and turned to Preacher. "My phone please?" He flipped it open after the cowboy had tossed it to him, and closed a few times before continuing, still flipping it. "The only raw point is that, not only do we not know what location to start at, but we don't even know which Corp to start at.” He sighed and turned back to Jack. "I know you need to clean up our mess back there, but with Preacher's help I may well have taken care of that. Can you help us here? Maybe guide Preacher and our 'search' team in the right direction? I'm gonna be tied up at the meet, so the search there is out of my hands. I'll be perfectly happy with just our wheelman here...Bullseye was it? Sounds terrifying enough. The rest of you can cover Preacher with the more dangerous job."

The way Spiff remembered their original meet, Bullseye would be the least surprised with Croaker's actions. Someone close to Croaker was surely the only worthy candidate to 'cover' Spiff. Since Peacekeeper didn’t appear prone to leaving his side, Bullseye was the next best option. He opened his phone again and looked at the time, taking a second to glance again at Piper and ensure he didn't have a gun to his head. "There's not much time to go, so let's get out of here. I'll see you guys tomorrow unless you want to continue the name calling. After all, it's clearly not doing us any good." Spiff turned back to Jack to see if his employer would confirm the plan.

"I'm all for going to the meet but the way I see it is I'm more useful hackin’ the corp. Trust me, getting’ in their datafortress ain't goin’ ta be easy and getting’ somethin’ they obviously don't want gotten at will be twice as difficult." Preacher stated thinking through the plan "Now I got the whole attempt to negotiate our way out of this but what’s stopping them from promising to spare us and then turning around to shish-kabob us? As much as on our own we don't have the resources to take them there might still be a way. No one goes through life climbing the ladder without making some enemies. And as the old saying goes the enemy of my enemy is my friend. As much as I like Scribe's plan it's still not considering the size and power a corp has. Now I've got a few contacts that owe me a favor or two and I'm sure you guys have a few that owe you. The point: if we cash in on the favors and contact the enemies of Biotech then maybe we'd be better able to make it out of this in the longer scheme of things."

“No, Bull’s Eye stays with me," Croaker calmly stated that one word easier then he had ever before even knowing the possible consequences of it. “Not gonna happen Spiff, ya see Jack’s right about one thing, if Bull’s Eye, Peacekeeper, and I walk away from this there’s a good chance we’re dead. I can‘t let that happen. Call it morality; call it a sense of warped honor, hell call it fragging chivalry for all I give a s***. I have run these streets for many years and have done some things to make a buck that I will never be proud of.

“Jack, Scribe’s plan could work, but not at our current state of equipment, so if you’re willing to get us gear’d up that, at least, will show me that we can trust you for now. If you can do that Jack then the 3 of us are in.” Turning towards Spiff, Croaker offered one alteration to the fixer’s plan. “You and Preacher can do the meet like I said. Bull’s Eye and Guardian, with his and Scribes ok, stay with me.”

With that Croaker turned back to Jack, “OK, Jack. Where too now?“

Springed-Heel Jack began to chuckle and momentarily ducked his head as though he were embarrassed by the sudden outburst. It was calculated, to be sure, but it was disarming enough that when he raised his head again, the grin still present, Firewind felt he could release the breath he was holding.

“Sure,” Jack sniffed. “I got some stash tha’ might be useful, bu’ you’re misconception o’ my ready inventory is flatterin’ all the same, Lad. Put together a laundry list an’ I might be able t’ fill it given some time. Dependin’ what the items are yer lookin’ fer, of course, an’ how much money the lot o’ you is willin’ t’ front. But this ain’t no corporate party tha’ we ‘ave a couple weeks t’ prepare fer. You’re right, Lad, in tha’ any who try t’ walk away from this are likely meat fer the grinder. It may take a few months, bu’ this Biotechnica bloke’ll flatline ya sooner than later whether ya join the fight agains’ ‘im tonight, or run with yer tail tucked ‘tween yer legs…speaking o’ cowards.

“Like it ‘er no’, we’re in this together. Listen to yer media mate, Zero. We all ‘ave skills suited t’ spices o’ life…some o’ us jus’ use our ‘eads a little more’n our gun. You chose your way, don’ make the mistake o’ tryin’ t’ force it on other people cause no’ everyone bends.”

“We covered this already,” Scribe sighed like a parent dealing with fighting children. “So, the lot of us should take Spiff’s offer for the drink to heart only turn the clock a bit and get that right now. We’ll create a list of what we’re going to need after we nail down the just of the plan, and give you a call Jack. You can tell us what you can do for us then.”

“The meet is in less than a half hour. We haven’t the time to screw around,” Keahi reminded them with an icy tone. He was fed up with the pissing match and if The Piper hadn’t been guarding Jack, and Peacekeeper guarding Croaker, he’d likely have sedated both men so that the rest of them could have civil conversation.

“OK,” Frankie sighed again and parted his hands. “You’ve got to see reason, Croaker. It looks like everyone is up for the basics of my plan, so there’s just the ironing out of the details left to do—and the contingencies to put in place as per Preacher’s suggestions—but the roles are all wrong.

“Spiff needs someone who can drive along for the ride with him. I think he was dead on in suggesting Bull’s Eye. Preacher has some Net experience so he’s better suited for the lab run. Guardian and I need to split to get the word to our sources, so we can’t be included in either run, and Jack obviously needs to being working his magic in order to make sure we all have time to enact our plan. As I see it—and correct me if you see a better idea—this leaves Spiff alone with Bull’s Eye, Croaker, Preacher, and Peacekeeper making the lab run, Guardian and I off to Hollywood (figuratively speaking), and Jack taking his crew and getting to work. Four different teams working towards the same objectives.

“Where’s the meet, Jack?”

“J-Town, the Gazebo.”

Scribe tilted his head to the side in distaste. The Gazebo was where “The Claw”, a ‘borg serial killer, had left the bodies of most of his victims before he’d been slain by C-SWAT. “OK, so J-Town is only ten minutes from here if traffic plays out. That gives us ten minutes to finalize the plan, and no time to pull anything together as far as extra gear goes with Jack, am I right?”

The fixer nodded while tucking his hands in his jeans pockets. Frankie glanced over at Guardian and shook his head slightly. How in the world did I go from watching the scene to running the scene? he thought as he looked to everyone else in turn. “Well, the clock’s ticking, folks.”

Night City University, Medical Education Laboratory, Science Labs Building – Lower West Side – Night City – March, Friday 13th, 2020, 2:40am

Posted on 2007-11-14 at 02:54:32.

Topic: A Cold Day in Hell
Subject: Sorry for the short post.

Lt. Kernan quickly rose up from his crouch--the position he'd taken when he'd ordered Pearson to end their encounter. The private had done well and the machine lay scattered at their feet.

"Good job, Private," Monty intoned as he turned to find the other two.

”Hatherford, you ok, man?" Blake's voice rolled through the silence. "Should we call for Bjornnsen to see to Hatherford? He looks bad, sir, and I’m not so peachy myself. I can soldier on, though, pending your orders.”

Hatherford followed up with, "Phew, that was fun. Don't think I'd hit that one again anytime soon though."

“This is Johnannsen, IS anyone injured? Is there still hostile action.” This from Johnannsen.

“Belay that!! Maintain radio discipline, if the Lt needs us he will call us. Continue your search.” This from the Staff Sergeant.

"Pearson," Kernan said abruptly as he jogged towards the injured pair. "Secure the room."

While the grenadier went to work, Monty quickly investigated the superfluous injuries of his team. Grimacing at their injuries he was about to switch over to the overall team frequency when Kane's voice rippled across the line.

“Lt be aware have discovered radiation marked canisters, radiation protocol in effect for Team B, continuing search at this time.”

"Sergeant Kane," the Lieutenant switched to open frequency. "We've sustained some injuries here. Secure a path to the rendevous point and meet us there. Over."

"All right people, let's roll."

Monty's intention to search through every room was circumvented with the wounding of his team. Right now with the mission objective not in a critical state, the achievement of their mission was dependent upon the health of his team. Two members bruised up and blistered within the first hour of mission time was not a good average.

Carefully taking lead once more, Monty set a reasonable pace through the garage, into the adjoining hall, and straight to the foyer where he hopes to meet up with Team B and enlist the aid of the medic.

Posted on 2007-11-14 at 01:57:40.

Topic: Star Trek: Cerberus Recruitment
Subject: keep in mind

The Cherron needs staffing as well. The XO slot is being filled by Olan, I believe, but everything else is open.

Posted on 2007-11-14 at 00:48:22.


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