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Topic: Lights Last Embrace - A Wheel of Time Q&A


I may just post the Lout's wilderness journey and not wait for you, Giddy.  

Posted on 2019-07-18 at 16:27:31.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA

You are the man, the myth, the mustache!

Posted on 2019-07-17 at 17:49:23.

Topic: Star Trek: Veiled Chimera Q&A

Turn it into an ice slide and Asovil is game.

I had completely forgotten about the attack! I looked at the last couple of posts and they were back posts so I'm glad you reminded us.

I've got Asovil at her station. I can post fluff about staff rushing to their respective posts but otherwise, I'm waiting to see what we're facing to post again.

Subplots that involves Asovil:

  1. Tochi as a romantic interest

  2. Crane's demotion and subsequent punishment (she is just now coming back to double duty).

  3. Asovil's paper on using Dark Matter to locate cloaked vessels vanishing from the databanks and the mysterious figure trying to get her not to publish the paper at all.

I think that's it.

Posted on 2019-07-17 at 17:45:34.

Topic: Hidden Corruption Q&A

You've two clerics here. If both take attempts at turning the undead we may be able to stave off the bulk of the onslaught and give time for the warriors to whittle down the shambler's numbers a bit. If I remember correctly, Clerics have a certain number of turn undead attempts available to them per day. I believe that both Cedric and Gib are fully rested as far as available turn attempts are concerned.

Depending on the roll, Gib could potentially turn up to 6HD of them away at a time vs cutting down one (of course, there's always the chance of just getting one). Cedric is likely the same (not trying to rules lawyer or power play). If Kith weren't hurt we could likely outrun them and get far enough away to find a defendable position in the natural landscape. Gib is also concerned about Kith's condition and the screaming heard in the first place. Is there another victim?

I was going to post but since we're having a discussion, I'll wait.

Posted on 2019-07-17 at 17:22:56.

Topic: When dad jokes meet Star Wars

Ah! Now that it is explained, I get it. My wife would have probably picked it up right away as she loves both Star Wars and Dinosaurs.

Posted on 2019-07-17 at 16:49:04.

Topic: Lights Last Embrace - A Wheel of Time Q&A

Thren is still there, Eol. I for one will welcome you back!

Still nothing for me to post to, Giddy. Unless I'm missing something.


Posted on 2019-07-17 at 16:47:00.

Topic: Hidden Corruption Q&A

Raven is back too!? The OG is returning to the INN!

Posted on 2019-07-16 at 15:36:27.

Topic: Star Trek: Veiled Chimera Q&A

There are a lot of subplots running if I remember correctly. Asovil is involved in more than one.

Posted on 2019-07-16 at 15:34:57.

Topic: When dad jokes meet Star Wars

I'm feeling stoopid. I don't get it.

Posted on 2019-07-16 at 15:30:48.

Topic: Destiny's Flight - A Serenity RPG

His mother would have found a shaman to bless Destiny before they ever even stepped foot on it. Wyatt reflects on the luck that had drawn them to the ship floating in the Black, painted black... Luck is certainly at play. Lucky that they found the ship. Lucky that Wolf and Pops were able to bring the engines back to life. Lucky that they were able to make it to Beylix. And that's where their luck should have turned. That was three. Three up, three down, that's the rule. But no, not this time. Their luck had continued.

Lucky that they were able to machine the parts they needed to repair this enigma. Lucky that Molly Malone had decided to take a chance on them. What is that? Five? Sung's stomach twists in a knot. Where's the bad? It's past due. Running his left hand through his thick black hair, the half-Korean captain settled his eyes on the polymer sheet of paper with the words Ubiquitous, Mendacious,
Delphic, and Destiny printed on it. 

They had found the paper in the locked cabinet case combination—like one of those Russian nesting dolls—and had no idea what it could mean. So as not to forget about it, Wyatt has since kept it on the co-pilot's console. There it sits just beneath his hat, the bottom word visible in the shadow of the brim: Destiny.

At first, Wolf, Pops, and Wyatt had spent a lot of time discussing the possible connection between this ship, Destiny, and the strange, slick-looking attack ships that had taken out Victorious. What do the words mean? Who left the ship floating, all but dead, in the 'Black? All they'd come up with was conjecture, imaginative speculation, and (depending on how much sleep they had) fantasy. We're no closer to answers now than when we first found you, huh, girl? 

Destiny is female. Not just because of nautical tradition but because of her. A wholly supernatural event had happened to Wyatt once they had managed to bring Destiny fully online. He'd been visited by Eden, his dead wife. He candidly had to admit that the first visitation scared the living daylights out of him but when others amongst the crew started reporting sightings as well, he began to feel that Eden was there for a benign purpose not to haunt him for failing to save her life. Since then, Wyatt Sung had looked forward to her appearances gaining a sense of peace and comfort from her nearness. He didn't even hesitate to share his thoughts on the misty white dress wearing apparition with his crew and it hasn't even occurred to him that they might think him a little cracked. Ivy is especially thoughtful where Eden is concerned.

Ivy... where is that girl? Wyatt leaned forward and instinctively reached for the comm mic but stopped himself before the move had even fully been realized. Leave her be. Don't hover. His concern for her well-being often drifted to the far side of overprotective. Ivy Sanders is his second chance. She's too old to be the reincarnation of Summer but the 'Verse has a way of making things come round again and Ivy is his chance to make right his inability to save Summer's life. Ivy is also his lifeline when those long nights turn to terror and guilt. Even the memory of the taste of mind-numbing alcohol on his lips is tempered by Ivy. He has to stay strong for her. He can't lose himself in the bottle anymore. Fear of losing control. Fear of not being in his right mind when she most needs him. These are all tools that he uses to keep the demons at bay. Not that they work during the long dark. He still wakes sweating with his pulse racing as memories of his wife and child lying dead with the house burning around them sweep down on him like a prairie vulture. But he has thus far managed to refuse the bottle as a means of serenity thanks to Ivy. 

Settling back in the co-pilot's seat once more, he glances at Castlebrandt and wonders about how they have all come together. Seven individuals with very little time as a team under their belts speeding off into the Black with criminal intent. What could possibly go wrong?

Posted on 2019-07-15 at 19:41:02.

Topic: Flesh & Blood - A CyberPunk Game

Wouldn't that be nice (Walkies)? Ghlahn and Blossom are at the airjeep when the others arrive but that was interesting how the communication went dark for a bit.

You have a link to your sheet in your email, Keeper.

Posted on 2019-07-15 at 18:54:34.
Edited on 2019-07-15 at 18:55:06 by Bromern Sal

Topic: Star Trek: Veiled Chimera Q&A


Posted on 2019-07-15 at 18:52:04.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA

Awesome! I'll get a post up very soon.

Posted on 2019-07-15 at 18:51:32.

Topic: The Corruption Hidden Beneath the Surface...

Standing watch can be nervewracking. Moreno has pulled his fair share of hours staring into the wilds watching intently for potential hazards. Even in times of danger when the slightest shadow and the cracking of a twig in the distance causes a man's spine to coil, Gib has never felt this isolated. His companions are nearby, sure as he is always confident of Therassor's Will, but there is one who is out of reach and this gods forsaken mist amplifies his anxiousness at her absence.

How long has it been? Looking to the haze blanketed canopy, the warrior-priest squints and furrows his brow. Can't even make out the position of the—The bellow, distant as it is and barely discernable through its muffled volume, snaps his helmeted head back level with the landscape. Crossbow to shoulder his nostrils flare drawing in the unnaturally heated air with startling fury. Kith! His mind whirling with a tornado of thoughts, Gib plucks one from the maelstrom directly and acts upon it.

"Do NOT rush off!" he calls out to his companions and more directly to Ch'dau. "The survival of our friend likely depends on our ability to arrive in force, Therassor willing."

The last thing they needed right now is to have the party divide its numbers as the fastest of the group haul off into the night to face the unknown threat without the support of the less fleet of foot. But time is of the essence... Looking to Aranwen, he moves to their leader's commands hoping that they will arrive in time to be of assistance to the scout. 

"Cedric, will Solanis bless us with light?" Though he hasn't seen it thus far, Moreno knows that some undead are pained by the sun. The thought is but a hope that the fighting priest tarries upon as he moves towards the very distant howl.

Posted on 2019-07-15 at 18:39:03.

Topic: Hidden Corruption Q&A


Kith's growling roar... I'm assuming we hear that. If not, I'll correct my post.

Offense: Crossbow first, if the shot is available. Gib will cast the weapon aside (not so as to break it but more for speed) and draw his longsword to move forward and engage in melee. If the opportunity presents itself, he'll shield bash a target just as readily as he'll use the sword. 

Defense: Gib will attempt to stay aware enough of his companion's situations to move to their defense if he can and they need it. If there's an opening and someone needs the magical aid, he'll take the time to pray for healing but only if there's a really good opportunity not to die in the process. Defending himself, he'll use the shield in a defensive posture and attempt to maneuver into a position where his back is protected.

Retreat: Um... full-on sprint back the way they'd come (because he is at least somewhat familiar with the terrain).

Posted on 2019-07-15 at 18:25:37.
Edited on 2019-07-15 at 18:43:47 by Bromern Sal

Topic: Flesh & Blood - A CyberPunk Game

I believe that Ghlahn, Casino, and Fixer have the remaining walkie-talkies. Vegas had the fourth.

All right, We have the driver, now we need to figure out whose lap the netrunner is sitting on.

Posted on 2019-07-13 at 18:39:24.

Topic: Flesh & Blood - A CyberPunk Game

I've posted the continuation for the game. I stopped where I did to give people time to respond to Casino. The EEC Airjeep has room for a drive plus five. Let's set the whole sitting arrangement now and we'll stick with it throughout the remainder of the EEC Airjeep's life in the game unless specifically denoted otherwise. I don't want to take a lot of time on this so I'm going to offer up a suggestion based on skills and "ownership."

Driver: Casino or Echo

Shotgun (PS1): Casino or Echo

DS2: Cred Stick Charlie

PS2: Bloodbank (Blossom on his lap, or...)

DS3: Ghlahn

PS3: Fixer (Blossom on his lap...)

Anyone with the address can use their agent to look it up on any one of the thousands of map apps available. It appears to be an alley.

Looking forward to your posts!

Tann, +2CC for Casino's role-play. Each of you get a +1CC as well.

I need Streetwise rolls for each of you. If you don't have the Streetwise skill, use your COOL stat and add it to 1d10.

Posted on 2019-07-12 at 22:33:26.
Edited on 2019-07-12 at 22:37:46 by Bromern Sal

Topic: Flesh & Blood - A Night City Adventure

X00032:7.Y00001:12.Z00054:4, Building Across the Street from Rya Mendez's Listed Address  | Night City Integrate | Midcity | UrbanZone - March 9th, Day 3 (Sunday), 8:13 AM PST

Weather Conditions: High City (Thunderstorms, 15 mph winds from the NE.) | Midcity (Rain, 10mph winds from the NE.) | Undercity (Fog and Rain, no winds.)

Air Quality Index: High City = 25 | Midcity = 42 | Undercity = 75 (masks required)

Releasing the Walkie-Talkie button, Ghlahn turns to his partner, "You got anything? The lookout idea is a wash so we can head back whenever you are ready."

“Ya, I’m almost inside…” Blossom replies absently. “Not rich enough for a Reality but flush enough to have paid for some serious software.” 

Movies and novels have mainstreamed the term Reality enough that Ghlahn is able to decipher some of what she’s talking about. A Reality is a virtual construct that requires an individual to completely jack in, their mind leaving the real world entirely to basically exist in the virtual reality. Runners are most vulnerable when they are in that state as their bodies are completely unaware of their real world surroundings. Government bodies are striving to set legal limits on time spent jacked in as more and more people are finding those fake worlds more appealing than the real one. 

“There are a few servers being ran in this area,” Blossom continues to explain. “This one I’m currently peeling back; it’s got the most defenses. Makes me curious.”

"So ya found something interesting? Care to share?" Ghlahn moves closer so his voice can remain too low for the vagrants to hear. "I let the other know I had no overlook but didn’t hear back so perhaps we should head back soon. No rush, just let me know when you are ready to move."

Absently responding with a “Hmmm,” Blossom continues her dig for a few more seconds before jerking her attention towards the sniper. “No response? Do you think they might be in trouble?” Shaking her head, the netrunner quickly has her “girl” jump back to the scanning software she’s had searching for possible flags that might indicate the second team is closing in and reviews the data feed, wide eyes darting back and forth behind her heart-shaped sunglasses.

“I’ve got nothin’ and there haven’t been any gunfire… right?” Receiving a nod from her CEE-metal companion, Blossom still can’t help the sinking feeling in her gut. “I don’t like it.” 

Flagging the IP address of the server construct she has been breaking down for further investigation, she springs up, her leather trenchcoat flowing about her shapely legs with a muted rustle. All of her HUD readouts fade away as she pulls herself fully out of the cyberspace and returns to reality. “Let’s head back to the Jeep.”

(OOC: March 9th, Day 3 - Sunday, Time is 08:16 AM PST)


X00032:8.Y00001:12.Z00054:5, Rya Mendez’s Listed Address | Night City Integrate | Midcity | UrbanZone - March 9th, Day 3 (Sunday), 8:20 AM PST

Weather Conditions: High City (Thunderstorms, 15 mph winds from the NE.) | Midcity (Rain, 10mph winds from the NE.) | Undercity (Fog and Rain, no winds.)

Air Quality Index: High City = 25 | Midcity = 42 | Undercity = 75 (masks required)

The door clicks open and Marta shoves an index card through the small crack. “This all I have on Rya Mendez. Now, go. Go.” 

Echo takes the card and as the door closes, reads the fine handwriting on the front. 

Rya Mendez - End of Row, 12th Alley, Hill View - No contact number, works at Upstairs, Downstairs, Inc.

Handing the card to Charlie, Echo swings her submachine gun from behind her back into hand and without another look at the big solo, she starts walking down the hall. 

Receiving the card with the new address and or whereabouts of Rya, Charlie looks at the information and draws his agent from his inside jacket pocket. Tapping the digital keys on his device, the fixer seeks to find more information he can pass along about this little nugget. He sends Blossom the address along with a note that this potentially pertains directly to Jace’s location and turns to follow the prickly nomad out of the building. He can’t wait to return to his borrowed air jeep, finish this gig, and unload it back to its owners. 

Interested in what was written on the card now held in Cred Stick's hand, Bloodbank leans in, but something else catches his attention. An odd expression passes across Echo's eyes. Sorrow? Contempt? It is an expression that he doesn’t really have any words for. He can tell that it isn’t happiness, though.

Speeding up slightly to walk beside her, Bloodbank murmurs under his battlemask, trying to keep his voice low so that only Echo can hear him. "Hey. Are you alright?"

Glancing sideways at the medtech, the young nomad clenches her jaw against the emotions that surprisingly rise up inside of her. Long eyelashes slam shut quickly to keep any tears from escaping, she blinks as rapidly as she returns her gaze to the stairs below. 

“Everything’s golden,” she lies while admitting to herself that it isn’t. She had thought that with Casino’s obvious loyalty to Vegas and his passion that she’d found someone she could count on. Now that the Tribe has pushed her aside, that inclusion is a lot more important than she had originally given it credit for. Two days in and she has found herself hoping that this crew, this team of misfits—and most importantly, Casino—could fill that void. Why did he have to say those things and push me off like that? “Just got to get the run over with, right? Then we all go our merry ways.” 

Realizing that she’s responding very chill towards the man who had come to check on her, Elizabeth wants to offer him an olive branch but finds herself so angry—mostly with herself, she realizes—that she remains quiet and presses on leaving Bloodbank to follow just behind her and in front of Charlie.

Scanning ahead, looking past the leather clad woman in front of him, he admits that he is still worried about the other team and wonders how close they are to him. Echo does her job, cold and efficient, stopping them before progressing onto each landing and investigating before leading them further down the stairs. On the second floor she stops them with a raised hand. Sounds of something moving about in the lobby drift up the stairwell, a low rolling clip that the woman immediately places as wheels. Stepping softly, the soles of her riding boots absorbing the sound of her decent, Echo raises up her submachine gun and approaches an angle by which she can better observe the cluttered space. Spotting a grubby looking child scooting about on a Big Wheel, she quickly scans the rest of the room before lowering her weapon and stepping out, motioning the others to follow. 

Perhaps seven years of age, the child is a little Latino girl with scraggly black hair that hangs loosely about her shoulders, dirt smudges on her face, and wide eyes that show no fear only curiosity. She wears a faded white T-shirt with thin red stripes and bright blue shorts along with rubber flip-flops. Still as a statue while the team passes, Casino picks up the rolling of her ancient plaything pick up again once they step outside.

As they reach the outside and the rest head to the car, Casino finds himself hesitating, debating his next move; rejoin the rest of the group or say to hell with it and go after Vegas. He still has the walkie and can hopefully contact his partner’s captors to arrange a new meet-up and try to get him back. Yeah, the big solo’s chances are slim to none attempting to rescue his friend alone, but he does have options if only they aren’t so few and not guaranteed. Looking at Echo’s retreating back, Casino feels first hurt then angry and unsure of where he actually stands with her.

After all, once again the big solo has been guided away from where he should be right now, all because he is lonely and the nomad girl had sparked something in him. Echo had been the one to talk him—and if Casino has to be honest—kiss him, into going with the group instead of after Vegas, his partner for three times longer than he’d ever know this 18-year-old kid. Goddamn it! He’d once again thought with his d**k and heart instead of being loyal, well f**k that, that changes now. He makes his choice, pausing in front of the team as everyone gathers around the air jeep, Ghlahn and Blossom having been waiting for them to arrive. Now is the time where he makes it clear.

“I’m done being nice and quiet,” The big solo says staring directly at Echo, a hurt, yet determined look in his eyes that his battlemask keeps from being revealed. His voice steady and calm, he continues, "I don't know what the hell is up with you Echo, one minute your all nice and affectionate, the next you’re basically telling me, f**k you! I looked to you and thought my idea of you taking the lead with the old lady was okay as you did not give any indication it was not. I never had any intention of sacrificing your ass to the ‘gods of luck.’ If that’s how you feel then I apologize.”

Turning to look at Charlie, he addresses their faceman. “And you Charlie, you start doing your part finding this kid fast or no more Mister Nice Guy from me. You got stuck as the leader by Starlight, then f**king start leading. We need the kid and we need him fast so we can go after Vegas.” A deep couple of breaths to calm himself and he looks at everyone else. “So where to next?”

“So…” Blossom removes the lolli from her mouth with an audible popping sound and smiles into the awkwardness. “Everything go well with you choombas?”

Mortified that Casino would address her in front of others as he did, Echo refuses to look at anyone, focusing her eyes on the stream of dirty water rolling down the gutter. “We go to that address and confront Rya,” she mutters.

“Sure,” the netrunner chirps. “Let’s all get lovey-dovey in this quaint piece of military surplus. Who’s lap am I sitting on?” Turning her childish heart-shaped sunglasses towards Bloodbank and Fixer, she grins broadly and points the ball of her grape sucker at each in turn while swinging her hips to one side with each change, “Eenie, meanie, miny, moe…”

(OOC: March 9th, Day 3 - Sunday, Time is 08:30 AM PST)

Posted on 2019-07-12 at 22:22:54.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA

Ready and waiting.

Posted on 2019-07-12 at 16:06:10.

Topic: Star Trek: Veiled Chimera Q&A

I won't know what to do with a game that manages to maintain...

Posted on 2019-07-12 at 16:04:06.

Topic: Hidden Corruption Q&A

Be free little scout... Your sacrifice will not go unappreciated.

Posted on 2019-07-12 at 16:03:27.

Topic: The Corruption Hidden Beneath the Surface...

Sleeping in armor is never a restful experience. To some extent, Gib is used to the lumps, pinches, and constriction that accompanies the practice. While these discomforts can wear on a person they also help a soldier sleep lightly which can come in really handy on nights like this. Even after trekking through the eerie woods with tense nerves and watchful eyes, the war-priest finds it difficult to fall asleep. Trail food isn't the best and he made the decision early in the day to withhold asking for Therassor for a blessing of divine food and water in favor of reserving his deity's energy for more practical uses. As he lay his head down on his backpack, Moreno found himself thinking of the refreshment his god's meal would have delivered. These thoughts are what he finally drifted off to only to be awakened by the distant screams.

Eyes popping open, the cleric stared into the misty canopy overhead, his right hand instinctively dropping from his chest to the loaded crossbow at his side. Seeing no immediate threat looming overhead and hearing the soft pad of Ch'dau's feet, Gib sits up while cradling the crossbow to his chest and peering through narrowed eyes all about.

Shifting his feet beneath him, the priest sets the crossbow down as quietly as he can and retrieves his helmet, securing it in place with practiced ease. Blood pumping with the anticipation of pending battle, the bearded man snakes his arm through the straps of his shield and arranges it securely against his shoulder allowing him to have both hands free to use the crossbow. Taking the ranged weapon to hand once more as he rises, Gib whispers a prayer to Therassor for guidance and victory as he walks over to the gathering companions.

Kithran must have been asked a question that she answers just as the warrior priest comes within range of her low voice, "No. Only the screams, but the laughter may not carry this far."

Squinting in the direction the deadly woman is pointing her bow, Moreno raises his crossbow a little higher ready to take aim at the blink of an eye. To his left, the scout moves further from the firelight and says, "There is a distance between us, but I don't trust it, especially with our fire. I would like to scout in that direction, just to be certain they are not headed our way. I am very silent and won't stray too far. Should I come back unscathed, we may be okay for the night with no need to wake the restful. However," her tone changes to wry, "my screams shall be an early warning system and you should come running after me willy-nilly. What say you lot?"

Being accustomed to the practices of military scouts, Gib can see no fault in this plan. Glancing at Aranwen, he dips his helmeted head slightly to indicate his agreement. Still standing outside of the fire's light himself, the Man of Therassor does his best to keep his eyes pure from the fire so that the darkness does not become darker still. Should it be necessary, he is ready to fire his crossbow, drop the weapon and draw his longsword for melee. 

Posted on 2019-07-12 at 16:01:42.

Topic: Firefly Serenity reboot

I am a Google Drive expert. I basically don't even use Microsoft Office anymore except when someone forces me to. So, if you have questions, let me know. My wife uses a Chromebook as well, so I may be able to help there.

Posted on 2019-07-10 at 14:56:14.

Topic: Flesh & Blood - A CyberPunk Game

Great questions!

1. Yes, you saw surveillance video of Rya Mendez and Marta is definitely not the younger Rya.

2. You made a pretty good assumption. Setting your agent to work locating the address (Google Maps) will return five different possible addresses for "Hill View" of which the closest is further east, same city level, about three miles away.

3. If you believe it is accurate, then belief is Reality.

4. The next name on the list is a man, Hector Alvares. His listed address is about five miles away, same city level, but it is a building address according to your agent.

Having answered the posted questions, I'll let you add to your posts or not, but I am looking for a post from Keeper. Espatier, I could use something a bit more. Does Charlie readily share the information he's just received? Is any discussion going to be held? Plans laid out? Communication with Ghlahn made? Does anyone need to use the restroom? Everyone should use the restroom before going on a trip.

Posted on 2019-07-09 at 11:19:54.
Edited on 2019-07-09 at 11:25:21 by Bromern Sal

Topic: Lights Last Embrace - A Wheel of Time Q&A

Still wandering in the wilderness. 40-days... 40 nights...

I'll be happy to post whenever.

Posted on 2019-07-09 at 11:11:55.


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