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Topic: Torchwood
Subject: Icky

So that has been the final decision huh? I had heard rumors of them trying to make it more appropriate for a younger audience. Taking out some of the sex, violence, and adult humor... that is really sad to see that they are going that direction with it. I'm addicted! Come on guys! And less Jack? That I hadn't heard, what is Torchwood without Jack? I don't even know how to make that work, besides he and Ianto make such a cute couple

Well thanks for the update Spiders... maybe I should start writing to the BBC and tell them to keep it like it was.

Posted on 2008-07-13 at 22:37:21.

Topic: The One Word Game
Subject: I won't write you a ...

love (song)

Posted on 2008-07-13 at 20:13:27.

Topic: Demonic Vending Machine
Subject: How Useful

It spits out a wet nap.

I feed it a spork.

Posted on 2008-07-13 at 20:07:32.

Topic: Blatantly Obvious Lies
Subject: Beware

A small nuclear reactor inside the specially packaged Jiffy-pop container. Another beneficial invention by NASA. Turn off the lights next time you have popcorn, they glow!

Who killed Kennedy?

Posted on 2008-07-13 at 20:05:45.

Topic: Add On Story. Fill in 3 words!
Subject: even grosser here...

Upon oral consumption.

Posted on 2008-07-13 at 19:59:38.

Topic: The Would You Rather Game
Subject: Not all that technologically savvy

Have to go with talk, I can't figure out how to make the texting feature on my phone work.

lol... the promotion I just got at work is putting me in the IT dept. Then again I was in accounting, which knowing my math skills is just as funny a thought.


Bard or Barbarian?

(Which I guess does mean you aren't playing 4e huh?)

Posted on 2008-07-13 at 19:57:51.

Topic: The Egg Tart Game
Subject: Little Bambie

Doe Eyed

Posted on 2008-07-13 at 19:52:50.

Topic: The Morphing Game
Subject: fishy...


Posted on 2008-07-13 at 19:51:48.

Topic: Question and Answers Game
Subject: yummy

What did Duncan eat for dinner last night?


Removing a hot air baloon from their eye.

Posted on 2008-07-13 at 19:46:36.

Topic: Rhyme time!
Subject: Ha!

I found one! I suck at rhyming so I'm very proud of myself here.


New Word:


Posted on 2008-07-13 at 19:43:39.

Topic: What Should You Be Doing Right Now?
Subject: Hmmm

Well after taking everything out of my step daughters room so I could paint the dresser and bed (which I just finished) I should probably be working on putting it all back, especially since she is coming over in a few hours... but I'm too lazy at the moment to get out of this chair.

Posted on 2008-07-13 at 19:41:25.

Topic: A Shadow Over Drasnia
Subject: Internal Conflict

“But if we washes her…”

Cay had stood there in the alley, while Nyx made even more of a fool of himself by taunting her. Eyes narrowed into tiny stone slits, every muscle sculpted in tension, lips set in a chiselled grimace. She’d perched there on the corner of the building like a gargoyle until he rolled away. So perfect was her statue pose that one could barely even tell she was breathing. Deep inside the stone façade though a storm raged. She had listened to Nyx though the sound of blood rushing in her skull, blood fed to her body by the heart that pounded in her chest. No response had been made to him because her throat had nearly sealed itself off and she felt as if her anger might very well chock her to death. Her stomach flipped over on itself; pancreas flummoxed; gall bladder boiled over; bladder and bowels tightened.

It was more than just anger that gripped her though. A sea of internal conflict crashed upon her. When Nyx first rolled over to her her mind had immediately run to the Bedine coin in her purse, she could see it burning into his flesh. But a moment later a wave of reality bore down. She couldn’t do that, she still needed him. This knowledge ripped through her. As desperately as she wanted to torture him, to torture them both, to make them scream and beg for forgiveness for having been so mean to her, she knew that she could not take care of the Thanald without them. The Hellkites wanted his head, literally, she had never killed before, and there were the guards, even if she did manage to get his head there was no way she would ever get out with it alive. Being dead, while at times seemed like the merciful end to this cursed life, would not get her into the Hellkites. It would send her into the vast nothingness of death, and there there would be no pain, but there would be no glory either. The pain would be worth the glory in the end, she knew it.

Biting into her lip until she tasted her own blood she watched as Nyx and Sylla went into the Goblin. She wondered for a moment if they had known how close they had come to seeing how she operated on a very personal level. Likely they did, and yet they still had done it, still had taunted her, had pressed her to see if she would do it. Well she hadn’t, but she wasn’t happy about it.

Nevertheless though, the two of them were headed into the Goblin, and she felt that they might be going to try something even stupider than taunting Cay. This was not the plan they had agreed upon earlier, and it could jeopardize everything, that she couldn’t have. With effort she took a breath and started to move her body, each joint creaking into use after having been set so firmly in place only moments before. She brought her hand up to her mouth and wiped away a drop of blood from her lip and wiped it on her skirt then headed toward the door.

Slowly she stepped inside, and paused at the door for a moment to see if anyone took any notice of her entrance, if they did she would pass them a hard look, as was typical of anyone entering a place like this. Sliding toward an outer wall of the place she watched Nyx and Sylla approach the bar. A serving wench with a tray of empty glasses was passing by. A smile crept over Cay’s face as she considered a nice way to get back at the two of them without having to put their mission in danger.

Concentrating she leaned back against the wall and waited for the tray to sudden fall off the wenches hand and crash toward the ground right in front of her companions.

((OOC: Mage Hand))

Posted on 2008-07-13 at 19:36:40.

Topic: Torchwood
Subject: Torchwood

'Ello innmates. Was just talking to my husband about Torchwood, and was wondering if anyone around here had heard whether or not the BBC was planning a third season. I know they had not officially stated whether or not they would at the season finale this year (for which I think I ended up using an entire box of kleenex). I have been on the BBC America website and it doesn't say either way. And unforuntatly being in America I can't get onto the real BBC page. Well that's all was just wondering if anyone had heard anything

Posted on 2008-07-13 at 05:15:54.

Topic: SW: TOR Information For Players
Subject: Lelain Chaba

Your Pilot Ladies and Gentlemen...

Lelain is a quiet person. She keeps mainly to herself and does not share her thoughts on almost anything. When it comes to her job she gets it done, gets it done well, and never boasts about it. The extent of most of her conversations revolve around nods, sighs or ‘um hums’. The recent course of her life has been distressing to her though, and she has been heard making small comments under her breath about how she is glad her mother isn’t here to see what she is doing whenever they embark on some illegal activity. Being as quiet as she is it is likely that even her companions know little about her. She likely would made comments that indicate she is from Dac, had seen the Mon Calamari Battle, and comes from a big family.

Lelain is a Mon Calamari and thus has the general features of her species. She stands 5’6” tall. Her eyes are a brilliant green in color and her skin is more of a dark red than the typical salmon color. Having spent much of her life swimming in the great seas of Dac she finds too much clothing oppressive. A typical outfit for Lelain is a tank top under a poncho like shirt and then a pair of pants or a long skirt, if at all possible she doesn’t wear shoes. Her clothing selection is usually light in color, tans, whites, or pastels. Around her neck she wears a silver chain with a pendant on it. The pendant is a perfect circle made out of a blue stone that seems to change in hue depending on what angle one is looking at it from

Posted on 2008-07-13 at 00:41:25.

Topic: Borden Murder Case Investigation
Subject: Tensions Rise

Outside the Borden Home

News travelled quickly in Fall River. There was already a crowd gathered when Marshall Hilliard had arrived, and despite his words of discouragement the crowd only continued to grow after he disappeared into the house. The mob moved restlessly in the oppressive August heat. It swayed, shifted, and crashed together, carrying on its waves the flotsam and jetsam information that feed it.

“Mr. Borden was really murdered?”

“And his wife too. Maybe Miss. Emma too, no one has seen her. They saw Miss. Lizzie at the door, and the maid, whatever her name was, but not Emma.”



“But no one heard any shots.”

“I heard they were hacked to death!”

“Hmpf! Seems someone finally gave old Andrew what he deserved!”

“What do you mean by that? And what about Abby?”

“What do I mean by that? I mean he was a difficult man. Everyone knows that. Remember the ads he used to run in the paper, about those coffins? Guaranteeing they’d keep your relatives in shape longer than any others. Creepy. You couldn’t do business with him, he’d always end up getting the better end of the deal. Never took a loan in his life, he’d swear, but he certainly gave them, and with high interest rates too.”

“Ha! I remember those ads, think they’ll put him in one of those coffins now? But do you really think that him being so stingy is enough to kill him over?”

“Well he certainly didn’t make a lot of friends around here. Maybe he rubbed someone the wrong way, you know?”

“I heard one of the bank employee’s was embezzling from him… maybe he did it.”

“Yeah…? And maybe the bogeyman did it… leave that up to the cops. I just want them to catch him, whoever he is… They were murdered in the middle of the day!”

“Someone saw John Morse around town yesterday.”

“Morse? Ain’t he a horse thief?”

“How should I know? But isn’t it convenient him showing up right before the murders?”

“Pshaw… like I said, leave that to the cops. Why haven’t they arrested someone yet? Didn’t anyone see anything, or hear anything? I mean… it’s the middle of the day!”

“Nah… I heard the maid found them and went running for help, didn’t see or hear nothing!”

“Nonsense someone had to see something, murderer’s can’t just go lurking around Fall River before dinner time and not get seen!”

“Well if someone had seen something, they would have arrested them already.”

“Maybe people aren’t talking. Maybe they’se scared or something…”

“Maybe they aren’t talking because they did it.”

“Yeah? Like who?”

“I dunno… what about Miss. Lizzie, or the maid, they were in the house right?”

“No… Lizzie was out shopping. Only the maid was there, she went for the doctor.”

“That’s not what I heard. I heard Lizzie found them, and started screaming. I also heard that it’s so awful in there that when Fleet arrived at the house he ran out screaming too.”

“Why would Lizzie kill her father and mother?”

“It’s not her mother, Abby is her –step- mother.”


“Yes. And maybe she did it to get her fathers money. I heard they argue about that all the time. You know she wants to move up to The Hill. Not like they couldn’t afford it. But Andrew wouldn’t hear of it, what would he do up there with all those society people? And of course Abby would take his side, she wants to get his inheritance so she can give it to that begging sister of hers.”

“Wait, didn’t someone say Emma was dead too? Why would Lizzie kill Emma?”

“Why would she kill her father? Who knows, maybe they saw something and she had to kill them too.”

“Maybe she’s hysterical.”

“Lizzie, an embezzler? You all are crazy! What about the maid? Or Dr. Bowen, or… Marshall Hilliard himself? You guys don’t know anything.”

“Who was that other guy, with the long face who went in?”

“I dunno, but he had a medical bag with him. Maybe he’s another doctor. Not that doctors will help them out much now.”

“That’s for certain.”

The crowd went on and on, running itself in circles as the day drug on…

Posted on 2008-07-12 at 05:04:06.

Topic: Borden Murder Case File
Subject: Septimus

Go ahead and post your interactions with Dr. Bowen and give me an idea on how far you are going to go with this initial investigation of the body and I'll post up what he finds. I'm waiting to see what Dolan's comments are to Bowen before having him go into the kitchen to attend to Lizzie just to let you know.


Posted on 2008-07-12 at 04:39:27.

Topic: Borden Murder Case Investigation
Subject: Interviews Continue

11:55 AM
Borden Home

While Bridget and Hilliard exchanged pleasantries and conducted a tea ceremony Officer Fleet had been busy interviewing Mrs. Churchill. After half an hour in the parlour with her he felt he had gotten all the important information from her. Tentatively he opened up the door to the dining room and ushered Mrs. Churchill through it and into the kitchen, nodding to Hilliard and making apologizes for interrupting as they went. Having bustled Mrs. Churchill back into the kitchen Fleet paused at the door, and looked over at Hilliard.

“Sir, should I question Mrs. Russell now?”

((Assuming a ‘yes’))

“Alright sir… I’ll get right on it.” He peeked his head back into the kitchen.

Inside the kitchen Mrs. Russell was bending over Lizzie.

“Lizzie, drink your tea now, and take deep breaths. It will all be alright, I promise…” she tried to soothe her. Lizzie looked up at her with a face that said ‘How are you going to make it alright, exactly? Mrs. Borden and my father are dead.’

“I’ll get Dr. Bowen like I said…” Mrs. Russell said, backing up a little from Lizzie’s look, and then turned and found Mrs. Churchill back in the kitchen.

“Oh, Addie… Lizzie thinks someone poisoned the milk…” Mrs. Russell made a small face to show how ludicrous she thought the idea was. “I was just going to get Dr. Bowen, you should stay here with Lizzie, I don’t think she needs to be alone.”

“Oh! Yes, yes of course!” Addie quickly rose to the occasion again.

Fleet cleared his throat at the door. The three women in the room looked up. “Yes… actually Mrs. Russell if you’ll come with me I have some questions I am going to need to ask you as well. I think Mrs. Churchill can attend to Miss. Borden just fine.”

Alice Russell put her hand on her chest and looked around. “Me? You really need to speak with me? But I didn’t get here until only a few minutes before you all did. Truly I don’t know anything…”

Fleet looked over at her with an uncompromising expression. “I still need to ask you some questions, so if you’ll please come with me.” He held open the door for her.

Blushing slightly Alice nodded. “Well I suppose if you think I could help… Addie can you see if you can get Dr. Bowen?”

Alice caught Addie nodding in response as she moved into the dining room, and then into the parlour with Officer Fleet following her. He nodded politely to Hilliard and Bridget again and then closed the door behind him.

Back in the kitchen Addie turned to Lizzie. “Do you really think someone poisoned the milk? Oh how dreadful. This whole thing is dreadful. I still can’t believe it, and I’ve seen it with my own two eyes. Dreadful, just dreadful. Oh Lizzie. But I’ll do everything I can of course. I told Officer Fleet everything he needed to know. Oh I hope I didn’t forget anything, but I guess if I remember something later I can always call him up… But to think… this horrible murder, and right next door too! Oh!”

Lizzie raised a brow and listened to Mrs. Churchill ramble on for a moment. “Addie, Dr. Bowen?”

“Oh! Yes, yes… I’d nearly forgotten. How inconsiderate of me. I know this must be so hard for you. I know how it was when my Earl passed away, and that was nothing like this… but yes, where is he?”

“In the sitting room with Dr. Dolan…” Lizzie stated matter of factly.

“Yes, that makes sense… hold on dear, I’ll be right back.”

Lizzie watched her go out another door in the kitchen that lead to the sitting room. Then shook her head a little before dropping it into her hands and massaging her temples.

In the sitting room Mrs. Churchill walked in on Dr. Dolan performing his inspection of the body. She paled slightly seeing it and spoke up quickly. “Dr. Bowen, Lizzie needs to see you… when you can…but I’ll leave you both… to… your work…” And as soon as Dr. Bowen acknowledged that he had heard her she ducked back into the kitchen.

“He’ll be on his way shortly Lizzie…” she said and tried to smile, but suddenly she didn’t seem quiet as interested in being a part of this story as she did a few minutes ago.

Posted on 2008-07-12 at 04:37:24.

Topic: Star Trek: Operation:Persephone - Q&A
Subject: I know

Twas just giving you a hard time. They will be out of the pod soon enough I am sure. And really they've only spent like a day on it, which ain't so bad...

Posted on 2008-07-12 at 02:06:08.

Topic: Star Trek: Operation:Persephone - Q&A
Subject: Thank ye again

lol.. I'm enjoying the interaction. Although my legs are starting to get cramps from being stuck in the dang pod for so long...

Posted on 2008-07-11 at 20:36:26.

Topic: Star Trek: Operation Persephone
Subject: Filling in some blanks....

Stardate 09.05.2374 – 1800 hours
USS Cerberus ASRV-83964:E-001

“…and framing the destruction of a starship on them might likely do the trick.”

She took another huge breath and sunk back into her chair. “In my opinion that is,” she added quickly, biting her bottom lip and bracing herself slightly for whatever response might come.

Mac had yet to move and, for a long moment, the only noticeable change in his stance or expression at all had been a half-amused arching of one brow and a half-irritated lowering of the other. His teeth clenched as his steel-eyed gaze shifted from Lyvette to Rrowl and, then, over the rest of those packed into the tiny pod before he offered a scarcely perceptible nod. “Th’ pair o’ ye’re finished, then, aye,” he rumbled rhetorically, his gaze again ticking deliberately between the junior science officer and the TAC Chief, “Grand! Thank ye both vera much fer offerin’ up yer opinions ere I’d ev’n asked, aye?

While she had been speaking she had not paid much attention to the reactions her words were having on those in the pod. Once she stopped she noticed that the Captain had changed position, moving between her and the cat-thing, and that that creature looked a bit bristled. She shrunk more into her chair, and then when the Captain rebuffed them both for speaking out of turn she shrunk even further down. She only took a small breath of relief when Mac turned first to the Rrowl.

‘Mester Rrowl,” he said, his eyes finding the Kziniti’s once more, “Ef ye believe fer one fargin’ second tha’ me first inclination were no’ tae try an lay this whole bloody mess a’ th’ Romulans’ doorstep, ye dinnae know me as well’s I thought ye might’ve, lad. Fairhtermore, ef ye think I’m gonna swallow tha’ lo’ o’ sap from th’ Centurion wi’oot s’much as sniffin’ th’ bottle from which she poured et, I’d say ye’ve lairned nothin’ from our years wairkin’ t’gether. Be that th’ case, Lt Commander?” Mac smiled at Rrowl just then, challenging the kzinti to lie and tell him that, yes, Rrowl figured Mac had made a tactical blunder in his ‘soft handling’ of the communiqué from the Roms’ pod, “Ef so, I rec’mmend tha’ ye relieve me o’ me command ‘ere an’ now, aye?”

As quickly as the smile had appeared so, too, did it fade from the Captain’s face. “Per’aps ye’d’ve preferred me tae cut th’ Centurion off ere she p’rvided us wi’ the information – fenger pointin’ an’ smoke blowin’ aside – tha’ she did, aye? Give ‘er a reason, ef she’s no’ ‘ad one a’ready, tae truly cause some mischief?”

Breaking eye contact with the TAC Officer before he did so, so that the kzinti wouldn't take the gesture as a threatening one, Mac reached out a hand and clasped it to one of Rrowl’s massive shoulders. “There be a twistin’ of a sayin’ on Airth, Rrowl, older’n e’en Cameron, tha’ says ef yer gonna do th’ time, ye may’s well do th’ crime,” a tilting of his head towards the pod’s viewort directed the Kzinti’s gaze to where E-025 bobbed in the black, “Ef tha’ lo’ where ta think tha’ they were tae face some kind o’ lynchin’ b’cause o wha’s just ‘appened, lad, rather’n ‘avin’ a fair chance tae mount some sort o’ defense an’ pr’sent their own evidence tae suppairt et, whaddya think th’ chances o’ them floatin’ oot there an’ jus’ waitin’ fer it tae ‘appen’d be? Slim tae go’dam none, I figger… Ye know’s well’s I, Rrowl, ‘ow th’ Romulans thenk en situations like this… ef they truly thought they were done fer, they’d’ve no’ bothered ta repairt in’t all an’ mos’ likely’d’ve a’ready been tryin’ ta inch tha’ pod oota th’ fold an inta th’ arms o’ a waitin’ Warbaird.”

Jack turned his eyes to Lyvette, then, and he studied the girl for a moment before he continued.

For every bit that she had relaxed while Mac spoke to Rrowl she tensed back up immediately when the eyes of the Scotsman turned on her. ‘Curie you’ve gone and done it now. This isn’t Oxford, or even the Academy, you can’t go off spouting your opinions all the time just because you know you’re right. You got away with puking on his ship, you’re not going to get away with this. He is gonna rip you a new one, and then send you packing. Uncle Josh is not going to be able to weasel you out of it either, your going to be stuck trying to suck space…’ she thought to herself, her mind thinking twice as quickly as her mouth had gone just a few moments ago, which is actually impressive to consider.

“An’ yew, Ensign,” he sighed, “fer all o’ yer pukin’ an’ wobblin’ aboot, seem tae ‘ave been keepin’ a keen ear onnat transmission, aye? When’d ye graduate, lass?”

She blushed furiously. “Less than a week ago… sir…” her voice little more than a small squeek, although in her head it was screaming, ‘See! Eavesdropping… should have just kept your ears closed and done your job, but no, you always gotta prove that your right. Brandon thinks it’s cute, but this guy doesn’t…’

Jus’ a beebeh, Mac couldn’t help but think even as he nodded his acknowledgement, Fresh oota Frisco an’ ‘er fairst tour sends ‘er straight tae hell.

“Did ye take anythin’ beyond th’ required courses fer TAC an’ Security, then? Any o’ the count’r-insurgency er invest’gation tracks, per’aps?”

“Nay…” she shook her head, not wanting to sound like she was mocking his accent, “No sir. I was… I… we took an expedited course load sir, to graduate early, it’s a new program, me and some other students were part of the trial run see… so no I didn’t take anything beyond required courses in any departments…” she muttered, then to herself, ‘Shut up, your rambling, stop rambling, he doesn’t want your bloody life story…’

“Nae? Are ye sure, lass,” Mac queried, “fer ye seem tae ‘ave fairly strong opinions on tactical matters… an’, fer truth, ye may’ve touched on some o’ the vera points tha’ kept me from ‘avin’ Rrowl scuttle tha’ pod tae begin wi’. Ye may’ve missed yer callin’…” he smirked and folded his arms across his chest then

‘see you and your strong opinions. He’s gonna lay it on you now..’ then her inner dialogue stopped short. Was that a compliment, had he just complimented her? Really? Her jaw dropped open slightly and her eyes widened, he couldn’t have shocked her more if he’d just dropped his pants. She took a breath and licked her lips then shook her head a little and in her now famous tiny chirping voice replied: “No sir… my… my specialty is botany. You know… plants, flowers… “

“…or, per’aps no’.”

His gaze flitted from face to face, again, and, after another moment, fixed his gaze on Rrowl. “Lt Commander Rrowl,” he said, “Should I be consairned aboot this Stowbrieski bloke fer no other reason than th’ Roms’ve o’er’eard ‘im misspeakin’ a tairm like ‘butterfingers’?”

(( “No, sir. Such diversions are common place and, despite the recording…etc, etc, etc”))

“Aye,” Mac nodded, his eyes flicked back to Lyvette, “true enuff. Why, then, Ensign, if ye’d care ta offer yer opinion on this tactical matter’s well, might I be inclined tae ‘ave doubts aboot this lad ef all I’ve go’ tae go on are th’ ‘ints an’ allegations stairred up by a knot o’ Romulans tha’ I’ve no’ a lot o’ trust in tae begin wi’?”

“Wha? Oh…” Her mind was still trying to catch up on the conversation since she was still shocked she was alive, “Um… no I don’t believe so…sir.”

“O’ course no’,” the Captain nodded, his gaze drifting away from the science officer to fix, now, on the CEO. “Mester Cameron,” he demanded, “Wha’ was crewman Shytepants post tae be this marnin’?”

((Something to the effect of; “He should have been in Main Engineering, sir…blahblahblah…”))

“Main Engineerin’,” Mac repeated, regarding Lyvette and Rrowl again. His stomach turned as he asked the next question; “An’ ‘ow many tha’ were en Engineerin’ a’ th’ time o’ th’ breach made et off th’ boat an’ inta an ASRV?” He heard the computer chirp as someone accessed and reviewed the records from which that answer might be derived… and waited…

“Only Stowbrieski, sir,” came the somewhat tentative answer.

“Aye. Only Stowbrieski. How inna bloody ‘ell did an’ engineer, who by all rights shoulda been kelled wi’ th’e rest o’ ‘is shift, manage tae make it tae a pod wi’ th’ Marines,” he cast a questioning but meaningful glance to the tiny crew of his own pod, “Tha’s wha’s go’ me buyin’ a bit more o’ th’ Centurion’s bit than any other, aye?

Es et suspicious tha’ the Romulans’re th’ fairst ta bring et to attention? Does et per’aps lead me ta believe tha’ the Centurion an’ ‘er blokes may’ve been wi’oldin’ more’n jus’ th’ hint o’ Tal’Shiar involvement? Yer bloody well right et does! But, seein’ as ‘ow the Tal’Shiar an’ th’ Klingons both go’ their arses ‘anded to ‘em when they tried ta destroy th’ Founders ‘omewairld, I find et highly doubtful tha’ they’d pess wi’ Starfleets attempts tae go galivantin’ aboot the Gamma Quadrant. Nae, gentl’men, they’d much pr’fer tae sit back an’ watch us get our arses handed back to us so tha’ they could ‘ave the last I tol’ ye so…

Ef the Romulans did ‘ave anythin’ tae do wi’ this, ye c’n be sure tha’ et’ll be handled appropriately, but wha’ I’m thinkin’ es, as Ensign Lyvette’s pointed oot a’ready, tha’ whoe’er’s truly respons’ble en this wants us tae believe et’s so an’ ‘as made a damn fine show o’ et… e’en convincing th’ Roms themselves.”

And she actually smiled a little bit with that last compliment, and pulled herself out of her chair some, there was likely a sweaty imprint in the cushion that will never come out of it in the shape of her rear end. Then blushed deeply and with an almost worried glance at Rrowl averted her eyes back to the computer where she went back to keeping an eye on the vast amounts of nothingness around them.

Posted on 2008-07-11 at 20:32:15.

Topic: Star Trek: Operation:Persephone - Q&A
Subject: Another technical question from the Trek newbie...

Those scanners on the pod, and I guess in the big ships as well... what kind of information can they glean about the surrounding vacum of space?

What I'm directly trying to get at is can they determine what -type- of life forms are present out there, or if they can only determine that there is a life form?

Posted on 2008-07-11 at 19:38:53.

Topic: There's No Place Like Rome
Subject: SPQR

Sounds great. Am looking forward to getting this started. I'll be watching for your post and will try to have something up this weekend in response before I start my new job on Monday.

Posted on 2008-07-11 at 19:10:11.

Topic: Borden Murder Case File
Subject: Sharing

Just thought I would share this with you guys. You'll either be amused or run screaming... lol

Apparently I've been thinking about this little game recently. Last night I had a dream about it, of all things. It started up right where we are, Emma just showed up, and everyone was being interrogated. Then there were other people there that I know in rl, like my husband and such. The police were searching the house, and I had a map of the house up and everytime they searched a room it got outlined in red to show it was done. And they kept finding sharp things, axes, hatches, saw blades, knifes, etc... everywhere. With each one I (a weird combo between myself and Lizzie) grew more and more terrified that the police were going to arrest me.

LoL... it was crazy.

Btw I am working up my next post for you guys...

Posted on 2008-07-11 at 16:02:38.

Topic: Moving Up
Subject: Duncan...

Thank you very much. And happy to hear about your new position too, good luck with it!
I'll catch you out in space

Posted on 2008-07-11 at 15:15:36.

Topic: yet another movie thread...
Subject: Hancock & Bloodwork

Saw Hancock recently. The movie was funny, and I enjoyed it a great deal. I think my biggest issue was that the plot turned out to be more complicated than I had orginally anticipated and it almost felt like they were trying to squish this very interesting complex story into a tiny time frame. I actually wanted more information in the end and wished the movie had gone on longer. Or that they had gone with a simpler plot and kept it at it's current length.
But Will is hot as always, and amusing as Hancock.

I also watched Bloodwork last night, with Clint, and older movie but my first time seeing it. I had part of the movie figured out, but not all of it and for that I give them kudos. And I was hugely impressed that for a change the murderer was actually a believeable character. I've seen too many of these movies lately with serial killers and assasins and the what not in them that are just not believeable, mainly because they lack in consistency or they are cardboard cut outs of supreme evil. Most recently it would have to be the serial killer in Disturbia. The concept behind the movie is great, Rear Window, mets teenage delinquincy in an American Suburb... fantastic. But the killer was not that great of a character. Serial killers do not generally start off doing a great job of covering their tracks, being careful, neat and organized only to end up becoming some manical hack-n-slash killer jumping out of shadows. Bloodwork was much better.

Posted on 2008-07-11 at 14:34:28.


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