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Topic: The Game
Subject: That...

is only because you are dopped up on painkillers my dear.

I have no such crutch... and thus I am crushed that my stalking you has led me here... again. *le sigh*


Posted on 2010-02-20 at 14:56:11.

Topic: ^ < V game
Subject: mmm

^ Avacado

> Is eating nuts and fruit in her breakfast cereal

V Please be kind and rewind.

Posted on 2010-02-20 at 14:54:26.

Topic: A Collection of Short Stories
Subject: Janey

Abigail sat beside him in the truck grasping her pink backpack tightly. He could see that she was just as excited as she was scared. Her little sneakers bounced against the seat, something he would normal have told her to stop – but at that moment she was so preoccupied that he decided not to bother.

Smiling at her he turned onto Fourth Street and stopped in front of a little beige house no bigger than a postage stamp. Again he thought to himself that Madge was simply insane. Seven little six year old girls spending the night in that house.

“Daddy! Come on! Everyone has just gotta be waiting!”

“Hold on a minute lemon drop. Now remember what we talked about right? You be good and listen to Mrs. Madge, even if the other girls don’t? And if you need anything all you call me…”

“817-22 ummm… 2279… yes Daddy, I know. I’ll be good, I promise. Can we go now?”

“Yes dear”

Collecting all the necessary first sleepover gear: The birthday gift, the sleeping bag, pillow, ‘Snuggles’ the stuffed kitty, PJ’s, toothbrush, two sets of extra clothes and God only knew what else she had shoved into the bag and what else they had both inevitably forgotten, they went to the front door.

Madge answered, already looking a bit frazzled as the shrill sound that only a gaggle of small girls is capable of creating erupted from the other room.

“I have one more terror to add to your mad house, you sure you want to go through with this?” He grinned at her.

“Abby everyone is in the living room, you can go put your stuff there –“

Abby started to run off when he caught her by the arm and got down on his knees.

“Hey! How about a good bye kiss for the old man? At least pretend you are going to miss me?”

“Oh! Daddy!” she sighed dramatically and gave him a big hug, and a wet kiss.

“Alright off you go…” he released her and gave her a pat on the butt as she bounced off.

“So… you sure you are going to make it?” he looked at Madge.

She laughed and then winked “I’ve got liquor.”

“Well that is one way to put the monsters to sleep.”

Another laugh as she shook her head, “How about you? Gonna make it a night by yourself.”

“Come on, you know me, I got a hot date lined up.”

She laughed louder, “I bet her name is HBO…”

“Yeah very likely. Maybe I should just stick to that liquor idea you thought up.”

“Works every time…”

“Well good luck, be back around ten tomorrow?”

“Yep… night John.”

“Night Madge.”


John cracked open what was going to be the first of many beers that night and settled into the couch. He turned on the small TV and started flipping through the channels.

News – weather – more news – a Seinfield rerun – news – Columbo – some reality show – news

God he wished he had HBO like Madge had suggested. HBO had breasts. He sighed and flipped back to Columbo.

Being a single father was hard. Rewarding but hard. He had dating a girl after the divorce, her name was Marie, and she had great breasts, but everything was so weird and raw and it just never got off the ground. Abby started getting nightmares about then and he couldn’t leave her with anyone else for the night.

After that it was just him and Abbey. Devoting his life to his little girl took up all his time and even more of his energy.

When he was honest with himself he knew that there was more to it though. He could date, Abbey was old enough to go on sleepover now, the nightmares and the bedwetting had, thankfully, stopped. Sometimes Abbey even hinted that he should find a girlfriend, even if it was just a little girls fascination with romance and ‘the way things should be’ radar. She didn’t remember her mother really so there weren’t any feelings of betrayal for him to work around.

The problem was that –he- remembered her mother, Janey. He remembered it all in Technicolor brightness.

He wasn’t still in love with her, in fact he was relatively certain that he had never been in love with Janey. Marrying her was just one of these that… happened. You board the train and then sit in the back seat and watch as it crashes off a cliff, taking you and all the screaming passengers with it.

It wasn’t love and thus there was no ‘love at first sight’ moment. He did not even remember the first time he saw Janey. She had always just been there, such as it went with small towns. They had simply gone to school together. She was however, his senior prom date.

Not that she had been the first girl he had asked. No, that honor went to the lovely Clair Templeton. Clair with the long brown hair and the perfect curves. But Clair had politely turned him down, complete with the kiss on his cheek to seal the deal.

At that point someone – and if John could remember who he might just flatten the tires on their car – suggested that he ask Janey out. She was not particularly pretty. She ran in track so her legs were nice and she had breasts, and even mediocre breasts were still breasts especially when you are a seventeen year old virgin. But her hips were rather flat and she had a pronounced nose. Behind her back they actually called her ‘Jewy’ even though she was as protestant as they come. But the math at the time worked out. He had a tux, she had a dress and neither of them had a date.

John knew he could get up from the couch, go to the back bedroom in his doublewide trailer and pull out a box from under the bed. In it he could find the picture of the two of them at prom. The gold and black balloon arch behind them, the way the black silk dress she had for the occasion didn’t quite fit her right, the strained look on his face from being told to put his arm around her by the camera guy for the picture. Normally she didn’t wear makeup so that night it was grossly overdone, as was her hair. He had forgotten to get her a corsage, so he had tried to tie the boutonniere she had gotten him onto her arm with a hair tie from her car, it dangled off her wrist and by the end of the night was lost.

It wasn’t the only thing that got lost that night. John took a long swig of his beer and tried to forget the sticky inexperienced fumbling that happened in the back seat of her car that night (his had been in the shop getting a new muffler).

He sunk lower into the couch. Columbo was arresting someone, the show would be over soon so he let his eyes wander over the living room. Most of the furniture had once belonged to friends or family who had given it to him when they had gotten something better to replace the item. The only thing that tied it together was the pinks and purples that came with having a daughter. Next to the couch was a miniature pink fuzzy armchair. There was a Barbie lap tray on the floor next to the TV with a coloring book and a handful of crayons left out on it. Hanging near the door was a purple puffy coat and three scarves in various bright colors. Roller skates with glittered stars on the sides were sitting on the coffee table next to the vase full of white marbles and fake flowers she had made out of tissue paper. Without leaning to look he knew the fridge was overwhelmed with pictures torn out of coloring books and her first spelling quizzes with gold stars on them, all tacked up with strange magnets, her favorites being the set of pink flamingos. Her room was like the rest of the house, hand-me-down furniture (with a fresh coat of purple paint to make it hers) and exploding with cheap little girl princess wonder.

He had his sister to thank for a great deal of it. Melissa had pulled through several times and come in with her ability to turn anything into a little girl’s dream. She had even helped him a few times when money was short and the gifts under the tree were sparse. A lot of it was sympathy.

The divorce had wiped him clean, not that he had had much to begin with. When Janey had decided to fight for custody of Abigail he had been shocked, and then appalled. What was even more appalling was that the case was not immediately thrown out. The judge actually listened to her, they went through months of fighting. John had not wanted to drag out all of Janey’s life before the court, but she would not give up and so he had little choice. The lawyers bills went to credit cards and for awhile he found himself paying for credit cards with more credit cards. In the end though Abbey had gone home with him, and even if the child had to spend the rest of her life on government funded school lunches and living in a trailer park, he knew she was safe and that was all that mattered to him.

2/19/2010: Another begining of a story. This has been mainly setup thus far. Will get to the good stuff here shortly I hope.

Posted on 2010-02-20 at 03:24:24.
Edited on 2010-02-20 at 03:30:32 by Merideth

Topic: Last one to post wins - Part II
Subject: *nod*

Tas is fantastic...

Posted on 2010-02-20 at 01:51:32.

Topic: ^ < V game
Subject: ...

^ Tangerine

> Lemon

V Pickle

Posted on 2010-02-20 at 01:22:43.

Topic: ^ < V game
Subject: In Gnome size maybe...

^ Plays in the snow

> Hates the snow

V Eats the snow

Posted on 2010-02-19 at 03:57:07.

Topic: ^ < V game
Subject: ...

^ Was missed as well!

> Probably posts more than she should...

V Is addicted to fairy dust

Posted on 2010-02-19 at 03:51:36.

Topic: Last one to post wins - Part II
Subject: Well...

Tika honestly, although she hasn't done much. But she's a cute little red head and I can relate I guess... I hope they do more with her.


Posted on 2010-02-19 at 03:28:18.

Topic: ^ < V game
Subject: I am good at that *nods*

^ Has a pretty princess tattoo bandage for that Boo Boo

> Is going back to school!

V Once went to Princess School...

Posted on 2010-02-19 at 03:23:29.

Topic: The Sarcasm Game
Subject: Tell me about it...

They are always like 'What do you do?'

And I just kind of go... movies? Internet? God forbid I actually spend some time with my family outside of watching Survivor or some such!

Oh! Speaking of books, I just started your favorite book Ion. Made it through the first Dragonlance book and am onto the second


Posted on 2010-02-18 at 15:36:46.

Topic: Blatantly Obvious Lies
Subject: Well...

Because... um... wait a minute... I'm not mean am I? *sniffle* Ion! Don't say I'm mean. I don't want to be mean, a little wicked perhaps at times, but not mean. Ohh

Why did you make Meri cry?

Posted on 2010-02-18 at 15:18:08.

Topic: The One Word Game
Subject: hehe


Posted on 2010-02-18 at 15:16:01.

Topic: Blatantly Obvious Lies
Subject: Excuses Excuses

No... I don't think they can be killed. However I think it might be possible to commit suicide.

Why can't more things be alphabatized?

Posted on 2010-02-18 at 15:09:14.

Topic: Blatantly Obvious Lies
Subject: Well Duh!

Making Listerine Strips: A Step by Step Procedure

1. Grab an Eol (the original is best but sometimes a clone can suffice)

2. Wrap Eol up in lots and lots of duct tape so he cannot escape during step three

3. Force Eol to drink 27 gallons of Listerine (He might get a little tipsy from this but years of conditioning with Cap'n have him well prepared for this we have found)

4. Grab random victims off the street (perferably people with smooth skin and decent hygene practices)

5. Sick Eol on victims (it does help to remove the duct tape, we have found that he flops around like a fish and is not as effective if you don't)

6. Watch the inevitable FACELICK

7. Duct tape the victim (this process does involve ALOT of duct tape, we recommend getting the many colors of it to liven things up some)

8. When the FACELICK has dried peel what is left of it off the victim's face and cut into small squares

9. Wash... Rinse... Repeat

Why didn't Ion already know this?

Posted on 2010-02-18 at 15:01:58.

Topic: The Morphing Game
Subject: Perhaps...


Posted on 2010-02-18 at 14:48:12.

Topic: The One Word Game
Subject: Stop putting dirty thougths in my head!


Posted on 2010-02-18 at 14:39:52.

Topic: Last one to post wins - Part II
Subject: Sorry

Haven't really made it to Western Europe yet. Japan yes... Eastern Europe (Greece) yes...

England... only the airport for a few hours and I did not notice any flakes or butty's there. *shrug*

Someday though. My husband and I were actually discussing that the other day. His mom is going on her second cruise next month and thinks that everyone should go on one now. But I am so not interested in a caribbean cruise. I'm actually not that interested in a cruise to start with mind you, but one that just travels over the caribbean hoping from beach to beach sounds intolerably boring to me. If I ever did one it would have to be either Alaska or Europe. If I'm not taking in spectacular views of glaciers I had better be able to hit up a fantastic museum or historical site whenever I pull into port.

- end random Meri rant -


Posted on 2010-02-18 at 14:26:24.

Topic: Blatantly Obvious Lies
Subject: But... Ovaltine is chocolate flavored... bleh

John Mayer is actually... shhh this is a big secret... a tea plant. He mutated during gestation to be able to survive for short periods of time with his roots pulled out of the ground. Every night though he must return to the soil. This explains why his relationship with Jennifer Anniston never really took off. All those times she thought he was sleeping with other women he was actually getting fertilizer treatments out in her garden *shrug*

Why are there rainbows in the sprinklers?

Posted on 2010-02-17 at 14:27:29.

Topic: RedWyrm School of Online Adventuring - Q&A
Subject: Ummm...

ATM... no... but that's because I'm here at work and am frazzled by the thousands and thousands of lines of zip codes and state abr. I am currently buried under. If I dissapear send the national guard to pull me out of excel please.

I have heard your pleas for answers though and will try to get to them tonight, after some drugs and dinner


Posted on 2010-02-16 at 21:05:21.

Topic: Witchcraft: Stare into the Night
Subject: Not great either... but keeping us moving...

Smoke bounded after Alex, taking only a quick glance back at Penelope as she walked off with Alice.

Good luck, she offered before slipping back inside and rubbing her body against the door until it nudged itself closed behind her.

A moment later she sat on the edge of the kitchen sink, licking her paw daintily between glances at Alex retching.

Well, for your sake I'm actually rather glad that Penelope went with the child, instead of coming back in here to see you like this. You'll have a much better shot at her if you haven't spilled your stomach on her rather expensive shoes. I've at least seen this before, probably more times than you would care for me to relate to you. I'd get you a towel love but alas, she licks over her paw again, where a thumb would be if evolution had graced her with one to punctuate her point.

Still preening the kitty waits until he has finished cleaning up and to finally spin on her with the rather expected, "Who, what, on earth was that and what has she got to do with Rose?"

Tuna, tuna first, she purred as she lounged out on the counter. The bangs and complaints are ignored and finally when the tuna is put before her she licks her lips and starts to explain what she saw in Rose's dreams when she went upstairs with the girl.

Posted on 2010-02-16 at 18:21:41.
Edited on 2016-09-30 at 09:49:11 by Eol Fefalas

Topic: The Morphing Game
Subject: But only in PURPLE!


Posted on 2010-02-16 at 17:02:44.

Topic: ^ < V game
Subject: blah

^ Is a liar... he isn't wearing any socks...

> Couldn't find her purple fuzzy socks this morning and is wearing boring white ones

V Prefers full length stockings...

Posted on 2010-02-16 at 16:59:02.

Topic: Blatantly Obvious Lies
Subject: Umm...

I think that you will find the answer to that at the bottom of your coffee mug. Keep drinking dear... keep drinking the answer will surface, maybe not with this cup, but surely with the next...

What is it about tea leaves that make them so... prophetic?

Posted on 2010-02-16 at 16:26:11.
Edited on 2010-02-16 at 16:26:53 by Eol Fefalas

Topic: The Morphing Game
Subject: Look we can play by the rules!


Posted on 2010-02-16 at 16:22:46.

Topic: Blatantly Obvious Lies
Subject: Weeellll...

Probably... but I'm still disturbed by the lack of purple in my life. At least is purple... that's a relief.

Is it true?

Posted on 2010-02-16 at 16:12:29.


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