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Topic: Witchcraft: Stare into the Night
Subject: What Kitty wants... Kitty gets... Right?

As he leaned down to kiss her she reflexivly shakes her head violently. Come on! Your still wet for God's sake!

She let out a pissy kitty meow and quickly started licking her paw and trying to smooth out the fur atop her head, stopping now and then only to shake her head again.

Go already will you?! And I told you last night we needed more milk, but you never listen to me. Damn humans, they never listen, especially when it's important... she grimaced, knowing he had stopped listening to her while he went upstairs to get that shower done. Meanwhile she sat on the counter and enjoyed her breakfast in relative peace and quiet.

Upstairs she heard the shower turn on and as the last bit of milk dissapeared under a flick of her pink tongue she stretched. She didn't want to look concerned, she hated to look concerned over her human, but quiet frankly she was concerned. So like any well bred cat she is concerned without looking so.

There was a little cloth bag that had been stuffed full of some dried herbs and sewn shut, a little bow tied to the top to make it decorative. Emily had done it years ago and had put it next to the bed, one of the many little touches she had done to turn this building into a home. Smoke had found it not long after moving in herself. At first Alex had seemed upset with her choice of toy, being that it was Emily's. Smoke thought that he held most of the things in this home as some totem to his dead wife, and had refused not to play with it.

It was this little bag that she pawed out from under the arm chair in the front shop and diligently drug up the stairs in her teeth to the hall outside the bathroom. A moment later her nails clicked over the hard wood floor as she pounced on the bag. It flew off down the hall toward the stairs and she chased it again. Pouncing, catching, biting, pulling it into her paws, rolling over on her back and batting at it with her back legs. With a flick of her front paw it bounced down the hall and she chased it again.

And so she played this way in the hall while her ears stayed perked for noises from the shower, making sure her human didn't fall down and fracture his skull. Or do any of the other equally dumb things he was liable to do in his current condition. The toy was a distraction, though, and while she waited for him to come out, and to take her on a ride, she thought about him.

She felt sorry for Alex. He was a good man, supposedly he'd been a good cop and a good husband. This shoty luck should not have been handed to him. There were people who deserved things like this to happen to them. Smoke hadn't come out of her long series of lives with a rosy view of the human race. Some people deserved all that came to them, and more. Once in awhile she had even been the one to give it to them, a thought that made her purr herself to sleep on good days. But Alex was not one of those.

Alex should have his wife still, instead he had this cat, a poor subsitute and Smoke knew it. She'd do her best for him though. Partly because she knew what it was like. To have someone you loved die on you, to feel it was your own fault. Faces long dead floated before Smoke as she chased the potpourri of a dead woman she had never met, the irony did not escape her. There had been many over the years, all gifted to some degree. And now all were dead save for Alex, and one day he would float with the rest. She hoped that he would be one of those that died happily though. Not all of them had.

Some had died as his wife had, screaming. When Alex tossed in his sleep she knew he was hearing his wifes screams. When Smoke tossed in her sleep it was a chorus of screams, but the loudest, the most painful for her was Toby's scream.

With the bag in her mouth she paused outside the door to the bathroom. Steam drifted out from under the door and seeped through her soft fur to her skin. A ride he had said. Life with Alex was always a ride.

When he finally came out of the shower, still slightly wet, a towell wrapped around his waist she kept playing in the hall.

Well at least you smell half way decent now. Make sure you find clean clothes so you stay that way, if there are any clean clothes she added.

A few more comments from her and they were finally in the car and on the road again. Her claws kneaded the sweater he had all but seceded to her the day he brought her home and settled into a ball there.

You sobered up yet? She didn't wait for an answer before going on Good. Now then... Last night was close, too close for my comfort. Do you even remember last night? Her head tilted a bit as she looked at him.

Oh nevermind... it doesn't matter what you remember, except that you nearly got yourself in deep s^*! with a detective. Although I must say I think he believed you on the whole 'your too drunk to actually accomplish a killing' act... too bad it is only just barely an act.

But, you did tip him off to the fact that you know more about your wife's killers then you ever told them, and he'll be back for more information. Which, like I said last night, means you have to be more careful. No more BBQ's. No more leaving bodies in identifable conditions, perferably no more leaving bodies if you ask me. Which you don't.

Sober up a little bit before you go on a hunt that way you'll actually do a better job, not to mention you'll be more likely to actually remember it later. And isn't that the point? To savor these kills, not forget them in a pool of scotch? You know you might want to sober up some period, not just when your on the hunt.

Did you ever manage to pay the phone bill last month? They were threatening to cut off service if you didn't. Not that I'd care, I hate that thing... but you get good tips from it, oh and real jobs sometimes, you know... those things you get -paid- for to do...

You know maybe that's the ticket. Find yourself some real jobs... even if it's not real police work, even if it's just taking dirty pictures of some guy cheating on his wife... those things pay the bills. And hell maybe you'll get lucky and the wife will be lonely and you can get laid again. Even your cop friend would agree you need that.

Rather pleased with herself she licks her paw as the pull up to the store. And love... her golden eyes rise to his as he starts to shut the car down to go inside Whole milk... I'm not on a diet...

Posted on 2009-09-03 at 01:24:07.
Edited on 2009-09-03 at 01:27:39 by Merideth

Topic: Stare into the Night Q&A
Subject: Beautiful Darling

Simply beautiful... I'll compliment it because I for hella certain Smoke won't...

Working up her snotty responses now


Posted on 2009-09-03 at 00:36:34.

Topic: Stare into the Night Q&A
Subject: yay!

I will be sitting on the edge of my seat just waiting! I hope no one does anything too exciting here, I'll wind up on the floor!

Posted on 2009-09-02 at 19:55:09.

Topic: Stare into the Night Q&A
Subject: Around here?

We're all nuts around here for certain *nod*
But love the nightmare post. Poor kid...


Posted on 2009-09-02 at 19:33:21.

Topic: Stare into the Night Q&A
Subject: hmmm

I agree with Rer... it is perfectly fine in the horror section. You keep talking about flaying people for Heaven's sake

And in response to Rer... Smoke would likely not feel like it was -her- job to 'wake' Janelle up to her powers. Alex is her human is her concern, although she'll protect Janelle if necessary. However, Smoke making witty comments to her, perhaps even like she did with Alex at first (little one liners he thought he was going nuts over...) totally in her style. So unless Alex has done something Smoke would just make comments to suggest things to her, but not lay anything out for her. I'd imagine that when Janelle asks for more info or denies something Smoke would just kitty snicker, purr and go back to sleep.


Posted on 2009-09-02 at 18:18:12.

Topic: The One Word Game
Subject: pretty


Posted on 2009-09-02 at 01:21:29.

Topic: Witchcraft: Stare into the Night
Subject: Awww

Smoke stayed in the kitchen through all of this. Ears piqued, tail twitching. The tuna and milk long gone, it was amazing how even the worst moments did not destroy her appetite. She didn't pad out into the room until the detective left, no doubt this was the last way that Alex wanted her (or anyone) to see him, but here she was and she wasn't going to just let him be.

Well s^*! Alex, at least you didn't get yourself thrown in the slammer, but God (if there is one). He'll be back now, you know that, which means you got to clean up your act, with a detective sniffing around these murders you don't want your fingernails to show up with blood under them.

She starts in on him but then brings her big golden kitty eyes up to the sobbing figure that used to be a man. A pause to lick her paw and she leaps up onto his lap, rubbing her head against his belly before settling down.

Alex,. she purrs softly Come on love, we should get you back to bed, get both of us back to bed. And don't think I'm getting soft on you. I'm not. I like the bed and I hate it when it's cold because you've drunk yourself into a stupor and fell asleep in the arm chair down here. So it's in my best interest if you get up and come to bed with me

She rubs his chest nudging him until the tears eventually subside into a wracking sobs and he gives in. Once back in bed, the clock reading 4:07, she crawls onto his back and starts kneading with her paws into the tight knots forming on his shoulders.

She was beautiful, I wish that I had met her, but I know she was a good woman. And I know she'd hate to see you like this. Just go to sleep Alex, dream of Em, but dream of her when you two were happy alright? Promise me that, remember your wedding day, or better yet the honeymoon. Remember how happy you were, how happy she was. Go to sleep thinking of her smile and we'll sort everything out in the morning

Thus she spends the next half hour kneading him to sleep and then the rest of the night curled up close to him, letting her breathing match his.

It isn't until the digital lines on the clock read 10:30 that she mews at him, rubbing her face against his and then licking his three day stubble.

I'm hungry, come on Alex. I don't have thumbs, I can't open the milk. You gotta get up. I know you're hung over and feel like crap but come on,

Posted on 2009-09-02 at 01:16:44.
Edited on 2016-03-05 at 15:56:16 by Eol Fefalas

Topic: The Sharpeness of Smoke
Subject: Elle & Chet


Tap Tap Tap


Whiskers twitching Elle watched his fingers type out the letters of his name at the bottom of the page before the paper stopped its dance and the typewriter fell silent. Chet lounged back in his chair, taking a long puff off his cigarette before stubbing it out in a blue glass dish. Rolling his head forward until the brim of the hat hid his face he seemed to sleep for a moment. A tilt of her head and Elle viewed him askew while she waited for him to pull out of his trance.

His body shivered before his hand pulled the hat off his head and the grayish eyes blinked. Glancing around at where he now sat he sighed slightly and with one hand he pulled the paper off the roller while the other seesawed Elle’s ears on her head.

“Well… what have I been up to this morning huh Elle baby?”

She said nothing until he was done reading the article.

So… who is the brunette? her tone knowing.

“Elle baby… you jealous?” He grinned at the cat easily. “You know none of these ladies comes before you. You will always be my number one lady, promise” He leaned over and kisses her nose.

Her nose wrinkles at the feel of his lips and her whiskers twitch before she pulls back and sneezes lightly. Ehhh… don’t do that. Human spit. Ehhh… And no I’m not jealous. I’m concerned Chet baby. Concerned one of these days your going to wake up and find you’ve written your own obituary instead of one of these slim balls. ‘The body dragged from the Mississippi last week has finally been identified as that of Chet Rowls, reporter for the St. Louis Post Dispatch. Rowls had been missing for over a month. Local authorities have been suspecting mob involvement in his disappearance. The identification of his body is intensifying the investigation. He is survived by his ‘best lady’ his cat Ellgawen.’

Chet laughs at that and seesaws her ears again before dragging his hand down her back. “You’re too dramatic for your own good.”

And you’re not answering my question. Who is the brunette?

He just shakes his head and stands up, folding the precognitive article in half and slipping it under the typewriter’s base. “You are jealous…” He grins and heads back to the bed where the brunette lays and crawls back under the covers with her with a light laugh.

Posted on 2009-09-01 at 14:12:43.
Edited on 2009-09-01 at 14:14:25 by Merideth

Topic: Stare into the Night Q&A
Subject: ahhh!

good good.. thanks

Hope you enjoy Smoke's attitude. It isn't long but it gets the point across... I love playing characters with real smart mouths


Posted on 2009-09-01 at 13:31:15.

Topic: Witchcraft: Stare into the Night
Subject: Kitty's Two Cents

"Where were you last night, Alex?"

"Screw you, Joe!"

A striped grey tail swished back and forth on the counter while Smoke lapped up the milk in the saucer. She was nervous, this wasn't going well, despite Alex's comment about not being hauled away in cuffs, yet. To human eyes her tail swishing was likely due to some lactose induced climax, but it was her nerves that bounced and twitched and made the tail move in angst.

Milk is going to sour in a day or two Alex, her voice as sour as she predicted the milk would be.

And if your scruffy hide ain't here to buy me new milk because you cop an attitude with this cop instead of thinking straight,, although I suppose I wouldn't actually let you get arrested, now would I love? her voice goes from sour to a mocking coo.

No, even drunk I think you know better than to think that. Although I'd really rather not have to do anything drastic, so pull it together Alex. voice more firm now.

Tell the mother * the truth. Couldn't have been you, you were too drunk, passed out, wallowing in scotch, every night, that night, this night, even if you wanted to fry some punk Zazy cult member your too much of a lush to get it accomplished, and looking at you right now, it's so close to the truth anyone would believe it. However, whoever did it should get a medal of valor from the police force instead of a trip to the slammer, at least that's my advice Alex love, but you don't take my advice often. Which is how we got here in the first place, come to think of it. Just don't make me do anything too drastic, it ruffles my fur. and then she laughs lightly, while she starts to dig into her tuna, tail swishing back and forth with anticipation.

Posted on 2009-09-01 at 13:24:39.
Edited on 2016-03-05 at 15:50:16 by Eol Fefalas

Topic: The One Word Game
Subject: *blink*


((okay that was a strange leap for me. I missread Eol's post at first and thought he said Macarena, and I was reading Hannibal last night and in the opening scene Agent Starling takes down that drug dealer lady while Macarena plays in the background... *grin*))

Posted on 2009-09-01 at 13:10:05.

Topic: Stare into the Night Q&A
Subject: que?

Nimu - Love the spanish in spanish but unlike Eol here my HS spanish classes didn't do much but help me translate Will Smith's 'Miami' song... lol... english translations here would be a nice

Eol - Hehe... gonna work up kitties response to this today


Posted on 2009-09-01 at 12:51:52.

Topic: Demonic Vending Machine
Subject: dun dun

It spits out The Red Queen (from Resident Evil)

I feed it an orange crayon.

Posted on 2009-08-31 at 23:43:04.

Topic: The One Word Game
Subject: works for me!


(I went to HS with a girl named Dolly and she said that all the time *grin*)

Posted on 2009-08-31 at 20:11:13.

Topic: ^ < V game
Subject: so?

^ GAVE her the mustard.

> Can't wear the costume until Eol returns it, dry cleaned...

v Is going to dress up as Col. Mustard for Halloween.

Posted on 2009-08-31 at 16:30:08.

Topic: The One Word Game
Subject: huh


Posted on 2009-08-31 at 16:25:38.

Topic: Demonic Vending Machine
Subject: Huh... that is stakeout gear huh? *grin*

It spits out a copy of Office Space redone by the cast of Cats.

I feed it a cowboy.

Posted on 2009-08-31 at 16:25:02.

Topic: The One Word Game
Subject: hmmm.... not one word, but I'll manage ;)


Posted on 2009-08-31 at 13:18:38.

Topic: hey guys
Subject: Well...

Can't say I chill on that other site... however I look forward to getting to know you here.
Hang up your coat, take off your shoes and stay awhile...


Posted on 2009-08-31 at 13:16:48.

Topic: Stare into the Night Q&A
Subject: Nightmares?

Oh dear... you know I just finished reading Silence of the Lambs, not sure how much more reading I can do on flaying people and still be able to sleep...
Then again I've read all about Ed Gein so how much worse can it get? *grin*


Posted on 2009-08-31 at 13:14:50.

Topic: Stare into the Night Q&A
Subject: Past Lives

Well... I told Eol I was thinking of writing up some of the past life experiences of my kitty to give her some good depth. I've done the first small installment (got all inspired and stuff tonight apparently). I put it up on the old 'Sharpness of Smoke' thread if anyone is interested in reading


Posted on 2009-08-31 at 03:56:49.

Topic: The Sharpeness of Smoke
Subject: Elle & Chet

St. Louis – May 1912
1643 A Locust Street

Tap Tap Tap



Tap Tap Tap Tap

The familiar sound filtered through the morning light. Ellgawen opened one eye and peeked over at the small desk across the room. To do so her eyes had to first flit over the figure sprawled out on the bed between the chair where Elle was curled up and where Chet was at the table. The girl who dropped all her r’s in an awkward Jersey accent lay on the bed, seemingly naked save for the sheet draped over her.

Chet sat at the desk, hunched over the shiny new typewriter plucking away at the keys. Tumbler beside him full of liquid, cigarette dropping out of the corner of his mouth, his grey wrinkled fedora pushed back on his head and a pair of white cotton boxers - journalist extraordinaire.

Two leaps and Elle was across the room, a hungover groan coming form the girl when a pair of paws paused on her back on the way, and sitting next to the typewriter. Peering over the type guide at the lines of letters:

Tuesday - Missouri State Senator Thomas Kinney died in his home. Senator Kinney had been diagnosed with tuberculosis a year ago and finally succumbed to the illness. His efforts to help enforce

Today was Sunday. Elle did not need to turn around and look at Chet to know that his eyes would be slightly glazed over, not reading what his fingers typed onto the page. This is the way it was with Chet Rowls.

Most of the articles he wrote for the St. Louis Post Dispatch were real nose to the grindstone pieces. But now and then he got lucky and caught the scoop early. Early then the scoop even happened.

Elle looked back at the girl sleeping on the bed. Her short dark hair had been pulled off her forehead with a sparkling headband, which was now askew. She must be involved somehow with Kinney, perhaps through Egan and his boys. Those golden eyes (the one feature that always remained the same) narrowed and pulled away from the type guide and up to Chet’s face. Examining his blank expression she wondered if he knew about the connection before he brought her home, or if that had been pure coincidence. For his sake she hoped that it was coincidence.

She had warned him about continuing associations with the Egan boys, but Chet did not always listen to reason. Reason was often flooded out by scotch. Perhaps he hadn’t known though. Perhaps she was just a girl he had picked up at one of the lounges he liked to frequent on Saturday nights (Friday nights, Wednesday nights, any night he wasn’t working on a big story really). Perhaps he would only realize her connection to it all when he finally snapped out of his zone and found himself reading the article he just wrote.

His Gift was unique. Not in that he could see the future. Elle had met many over her lives that could do that, a few had even been her humans. No it was his ability to take the information he received and turn it into a piece of journalistic prose with no conscious thought. The years of writing, from the high school paper, up through his current job were so ingrained that it was more natural to write out the future in news style then to do it in any of the more conventional methods.

Posted on 2009-08-31 at 03:52:11.

Topic: The Sharpeness of Smoke
Subject: Continuing

Well Vesper's game didn't really get too far off the ground, and Eol and Meri both ended up taking some personal leave from this place but are back now. (Hold the applause) These characters have begun a new thread in the Horror selection. However I wanted to do some work on the history of my character (Ellgawen/Smoke) and figured I would post it up here instead of on the the 'Stare' thread so as not to interupt the flow of things. Feel free to read and if you have any comments PM or post on the 'Stare' Q&A for me.

How convienent this started page 2

Posted on 2009-08-31 at 03:50:06.
Edited on 2009-08-31 at 03:50:58 by Merideth

Topic: The One Word Game
Subject: only if one has

An eye

Posted on 2009-08-30 at 23:33:41.

Topic: Witchcraft: Stare into the Night
Subject: Meow

Streeeeeetch. Claws dig into the comforter on the bed, tail extended high in the air above her, eyes closed tightly, mouth stretching to its outer limits unrolling a pink tongue.
The indentation on Alex's pillow was still warm, smelling slight of scotch, but still warm. So tempting to go over and curl up on it, drift back into happy little dreams about tuna.
Down the hall Alex's bare feet padded toward the stairs to go find out what the pounding on the door was all about. Another stretch before resigning herself to go find out as well.
Slowly she slinks her way downstairs, padding into the main room as the men start talking to Alex. A rub on the wall near the stairs, a lazy zig zag toward Alex's legs. She looks uninterested in all, just a little grey kitty up because her master is up, checking things out because she is a cat and is curious but has no actual interest in the matter at hand. Her ears however are well perked, and a little staticy dance of essence around her, looks can be so deceiving.
When the pendant drips from the detectives fingers and swings in the air between him and Alex.
Christ Alex's voice rings in her head, and she can't help but to agree with him on that account.
Well look at what your obsession has gotten you into this time Alex. Nice job...
Slink up to Alex's legs giving him a good rub as she twirls between them before glancing up at him with her golden eyes and letting out a mew. But before he can shoo her off she escapes over the threshold of the doorway and between the detective's legs. One good rub and the black pant leg is covered in her grey fur. She goes to assault the other leg.
"Didn't know you had a cat Alex..."
He doesn't. I have him... she responds silkily, but only to Alex. All the while going about rubbing and mewing slightly, perhaps buying Alex some time to collect his thoughts on what he should say to the detective about the little fried Zazy.

Posted on 2009-08-30 at 23:16:08.
Edited on 2016-03-05 at 15:13:42 by Eol Fefalas


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