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Topic: Auguries of Destruction: The Clock Tower Q&A
Subject: As Promised...

Well I mentioned awhile ago I had done up a pic of Eve... and finally figured out how to circumvent my scanner. *kicks the blasted machine*

Eve Handle

Posted on 2009-11-18 at 02:22:48.

Topic: A Week of Absence (Abstinence?)
Subject: There you are!

I was about to send out a search party for my little cowboy

Well glad you checked in and I will be awaiting your post in Trek with great anticipation! Good luck getting internets!


Posted on 2009-11-17 at 19:02:53.

Topic: What do you want in a game?
Subject: Hmmm

I prefer low level games I will agree with what I think Keeper was saying on that. Having to get creative with minimal resources is fun.

As for a setting... anything goes but I am greatly intriuged when things get mixed up and combined in imaginative ways. I loved the setting I came up with for one of my (failed) attempts at DMing here... a wild west setting but with fantasy races and magic. Ogres with shotguns and dwarven prostitutes... yay!

I also do enjoy playing either extreme of the alignment rainbow. Pure evil characters are delightful as they allow you to do so many things you never could in real life. And pure good characters push you towards fanaticsm and make you really consider your actions. Neutral characters are -easier- and thus not as interesting.


Posted on 2009-11-17 at 18:22:17.

Topic: Anyone willing to help?
Subject: Applaud the Wolf...

Look at him... already recruiting new victims for us!

Um... wait I mean... new members. New -Members- *nods*


Posted on 2009-11-17 at 17:51:06.

Topic: 2nd Edition AD&D Houserules
Subject: Conversation?

You mean brainwashing


Posted on 2009-11-17 at 16:20:33.

Topic: Star Trek: No Good Deed Q&A
Subject: Waiting on you dude!

I already technically put Callie to bed and am just waiting for the next day to begin...


Posted on 2009-11-17 at 15:50:01.

Topic: Star Trek: No Good Deed Q&A
Subject: What IS she wearing!!?

Okay... had to post this here.

I've been doing my 'homework' and last night I finished watching the first season of ST:TNG

However... I am weary of starting up season two because if I have to look at Counsellor Troi in that hideous jumpsuit with the big 'v' around her middle that does nothing but make her look fat I might scream. She fixed her hair... that first episode was... scary to say the least with the frizz going on atop her head... but I almost preferred the miniskirt and 'Pretty Woman' boots she was wearing to the jumpsuit she has had on since.

*le sigh*

Alright... enough fashion gripping about a fictious world from Meri.


Posted on 2009-11-17 at 13:14:14.

Topic: The Fates of Fortune
Subject: Celestial Beings...

As soon as the Mith’ganni got off of her she gulped down the fetid air of the alley and let her hands seek her throat. For the moment she worked on filling her lungs and getting the blood flowing back to her brain. On her second full breath she sat up and searched for Nyx, a spell already on the tip of the tongue he had so recently violated.

There was nothing around her but dense mist, though. Cursing in her head she fell backwards into the mud again and laid there for a moment gasping as tears streamed down her cheeks and taking advantage of the privacy the mist provided. As she came further into full consciousness she slammed her fist against the ground once then fell still for once.

She had expected some reaction from him. That grin he gave her was irritating but certainly expected. This is why she had continued, she had pushed him further until he reacted. That the reaction had left her completely incapacitated, something she had not felt often in her life, had not been expected. His speech ran through her head once again: he had insulted her, complemented her, analyzed her and then finally… finally kissed her.

Sitting up quickly she spit on the ground and pushed up onto her feet.

KISSED ME… that adanedhel shoved his tongue into my mouth! I can still taste him…

Continuing to spit she started back home, moaning in a gravelly voice as she stretched out her arms, flexing them as if she were trying to regain control of them again. The loft she called home was only three more blocks from this alley and she stalked toward it. Careful now to keep her eyes on the shadows around her. The Twilight Assassin could be hiding in any of them, she had let her guard down once around him, she vowed that it would not happen again.

‘Vergel Sea Port’ was painted onto a three story wooden building. It was graying with age, falling on one end toward the ground, and had no eyes, only a handful of entrances that seemed to eat anything that dared enter, the smell of fish hung on it like a dank cloak. A narrow staircase hugged the back of the building. The stairs groaned in protest as she mounted them and made her way to the top story.

The top story was no more than a stretch of attic. The floor, walls and ceiling bare wooden planks that held no beauty but many holes. The door had long been missing and a flap of heavy canvas covered it. As Cay pushed it aside bells along the bottom of it jingled hollowly. The few people who have had the misfortune of seeing the inside of her lair have found it surprising to say the least. The furniture itself is nothing unexpected. A pallet hiding under a tangle of worn blankets in one corner, a rough table and chair at its foot. A bookshelf made of wooden planks bolted to the wall takes over one wall. Worn books and strange jars cover the shelves.

Most of her unfortunate guests, however, have taken in these details later. The first thing that generally catches the eye is the tapestry that hangs over the pallet. It is easily a five foot square. Unlike the rest of the room it is perfectly clean and obviously well cared for. A twisted red tree stands stretching out bare limbs against a grey landscape. Lines suggesting the bark on the tree rise along its length. The right side of the tree is lined in black and seems to rise higher than the left side which is lined in white. Around the edge of the tapestry leafless thorns make a complex design and in the corner they collide to give birth to a small white rose, the maker of the weaver. It is of excellent quality despite its unorthodox subject.

In the final corner of the room a loom stands. Piles of yarn under it and a few feet of another tapestry pulled out on its wrack already. Above it a hole has been cut into the ceiling, a heavy canvas flap attached to it that with the pull of a rope can cover the hole when it is raining or uncover it to allow sunlight in. Today it is open.

Within her own sanctum she finally lets her guard down.

“eh ahm noeght moehr ehlven…” She grumbles and brings her hand to her throat as she hears the scratch in her own voice. The swollen purple lines of Nyx’s fingers were still imprinted on her skin there. With a wince she grasps a bottle off the bookshelf and takes a long swig of it. The liquid burns across her mouth and into her throat before she coughs and spews it across the floor, and yet it still does not get the taste of him out of her mouth, and there is still the feel of him, the smell of him…

The desire to cleanse herself of him overwhelms her and soon she is stripping her clothing off her body. Peeling away the soiled layers and tossing them into a pile. Bottles are opened and she settles herself on the floor before beginning the purification. Beginning at her feet and working up her body inch by inch she scours the pale flesh of her body with a rough sponge soaked in some caustic liquid.

The process was what she had hoped it would be: Painful. Fumes pulled tears from her eyes. The mouth on her palm lapped up the scouring agent between screams. The very flesh covering her body becoming angry and flushed with every stroke of the sponge against it.

He knows nothing about me. Nor apparently of his own kind. Elves are nothing but weak creatures who grovel before the humans. Who live in squalor and rely on pitiful practices to continue their fetid existence. His own kind has barely even succeeded at that!

Humans have succeeded in this world. It is they who have built cities and waged wars that have crippled everything around them. They are brutal and yet powerful.

-And yet he brought you not only to your knees but to your back in some vile alley-

A mistake, and one he’ll regret.

-He threatened your life… and then kissed you-

Another mistake. I would have fought had I the chance, and he would have screamed. At least I did not give him the satisfaction of my screams. For that I can be proud.

-Are you sure you would have fought him?-

Yes! With all I have. I have never brought myself to such degradation as being with an adanedhel, and I never will…

-And yet it bothers you greatly, even though it was taken and not offered-

Of course it bothers me! I can still feel him, I can still taste him!

-And how does it make you feel?-

Filthy! I feel soiled to my very soul, what is left of it. As if oil clung to my heart!

-And warm… something burns over him still-


The sponge began to turn pink at her shoulder as she scrubbed mercilessly. When she realized the damage she was inflicting the sponge is thrown across the room.

A slow snarl crept over her face, but slowly it turned into a smile as she ran her tongue over her teeth and found that the taste of him was finally fading. Her skin still burned, but now it burned with the pain she had caused compared to the pain, or other feelings, that he might have caused. The filtered light of the attic swirled around her for a moment. The pink of her skin and the swollen fingers across her neck dimmed in this light and anyone watching would find themselves almost admiring the feminine figure that stood there. Without the hat her brown hair fell in strands down the middle of her back. Her curves were subtle petite lines that followed the graces not of the great planets but of the more gentle stars. It was a body most women would be proud of and would not hide under layers of oversized clothing. Eyes of muddy brown shifted over to the tapestry on the wall, wandering over the blood stained tree that grew in perfect duality there. From this the body seemed to gather strength and relaxed finally. Deep breathes were pulled through the battered larynx into lungs that filled only to accentuate those delicate curves. Then the curves moved as they stretched, the stars spreading against a pale background to realign themselves in a constellation of arcane power.

His voice came to her again, “Something for you to think on until next we meet, yes…It shan’t be long, I promise…”

“I’ll be waiting…” The voice that came from the constellation was rough still but calmer now.

Remaining in her pure celestial form she moves about the room. Lighting her lantern and placing her favored medallion upon its cap to warm. The loom is inspected and tightened. The stars then shift to the bed and envelop themselves in the blankets there, covering the form once again. She leans against the wall, the tree seeming to grow out of her shoulders as she waits.

Posted on 2009-11-17 at 04:45:18.
Edited on 2018-11-19 at 13:16:12 by Eol Fefalas

Topic: Star Trek: No Good Deed
Subject: What now?

Stardate: 2368.04.10
Cmdr. Kennedy – Forward Torpedo Bay – 1102

Petty Officer Gregum hailed Kennedy over to inspect the torpedo he had just put into a containment cell. Resting her fingers along the smooth surface of the torpedo and tapping out a beat she nodded.

“Good job Gregum. On to the next…”

Down the line she was being hailed again, but her combadge beeped before she had a chance to answer it.

"Ensign Warwick to mmm..." John wondered briefly if he should tell the commander or the assistant chief. "Commander Kennedy."

Ah… the dancing wonder boy… what could he need now?

“Kennedy here…”

"Commander it seems there's a problem with the matter antimatter system. I'm in the process of fixing the issue now I just though you would want to know." John said

“An issue with the antimatter. Don’t sound so blasé about it Warwick. What exactly is the nature of this problem.” Her voice taking on a slight edge.

((OOC: Assuming he goes into a description of what he has found))

A heavy sigh escapes from her. Just what I need today…

“Okay keep working on it.” She paused a moment before going on. “When you get it resolved please let me know. If you have any difficulties I’ll get Lt. Garrish to assist you. Clear?”

((OOC: Assuming positive response))

With a tap of her combadge she wandered down the line to inspect the next torpedo.

Posted on 2009-11-17 at 00:55:25.

Topic: training dragons
Subject: Ohhh...

Yeah I saw the poster for this when I went to see Zombieland.

It will be in 3D too! Very excited...


Posted on 2009-11-16 at 20:44:20.

Topic: Cool curses...
Subject: Not precisely a curse... but...

Deck of Many Things can always spice up a game.

My husband got an alignment change once that made him the dreaded Lawful Good.

Which all in all was not too terrible except it turns out my husband -cannot- play a Lawful Good character. Killing all evil things arbitrarily and letting fellow adventurers's get away with cutting off body parts of a prisoner to get them to talk just doesn't cut it. He tried though...

In the end the DM just gave up and found a way to give him a Wish Scroll so he could go back to his normal alignment... Chaotic Neutral.


Posted on 2009-11-16 at 19:46:55.

Topic: The Fates of Fortune
Subject: Hwandi!

Free of the tiny hidden room downstairs Cay tried to breathe again. A deep breath brought in stale beer, sweat, brine and cheap perfume though, and she coughed. Stepping out into the main room of the tavern she tried breathing through her mouth and found that the smells were so strong she could taste them on her tongue. The offended member stuck out from her disgusted face as she pushed through the crowd.

"Hey! Watch yer feet!" A patron now sloshed with his own beer scowled out at her.

Bumped into the lap of a customer a waitress calls out to the woman in the floppy hat, "Careful!" The customer flashes a checkered grin and wraps his arms around the waitress.

"Well, well, what luck is dis!? Such a prudy little thing on me lap!"

"Oh! Get those hands outta me skirts before I have ye bounced!" The little waitress squirms in the customer's arms trying to free herself.

"What's her problem?" The bearded chin of a female dwarf points over toward Cay storming toward the door.

With a laugh her husband's short sturdy frame leans in close and explains "Her face to start with, an' her smell to finish with!"

"Come on baby, if ye's gonna bump inte me like dat, at least gimme a bit a feel ehhh?"

The tongue slipped back into Cay's mouth long enough to hiss at the man who groped at her skirt a moment, the rest of the voices and the laughter she left behind.

Let them say what they will. I'll show them, I'll show them all just as I showed Yuri back there. I will,

Except you didn't show them anything except that you can loose your temper,

Shut up!

Tightly she clenched her hand. The bandage dug into the gaping mouth that ran across her palm, blood began to seep out again staining the off yellow bandage a dark red. Pain blossomed in her mind and she gritted her teeth to keep from crying out. It gave her something to focus on, the flowers of pain that began to dot her vision and cloud her mind were so much prettier than anything she left behind her in that tavern.

In the street it was easier for people to avoid her path and they did, giving her a wide berth. She barely noticed it though. Her whole world was focused on clenching and unclenching her hand, each time she did it it became harder to do it again. Small thin fingers twitched with the effort and dripped with blood.

Even the approach of her pointy eared nemesis went unnoticed until his voice shattered the blanket of pain she hid under.

"Mani naa lle umien. For all of your grand designs and plans, Cayrimsa Etellenya, foolishness the like of which you have just demonstrated will cut them short by your own hand!"

"Lle uumaya tyavaya mir au'!" Her wrath came out in a spew of elven words at him as she stopped and glared into his eyes. Her fist dripped blood to the soil at her feet as she opened her mouth to vomit more at him but only got half way through the first word before deciding to continue in common.

"Mire- Have I asked you for your opinion!? My plans, my life, are my business. I do not need some adanedhel hwandi telling me how to act! And I certainly do not need your protection! I can handle myself just fine. And if I cannot, I would rather die than take assistance from an Edhel, especially a Mith'ganni, You try something as foolish as touching me again, hwandi, and I swear it will be you I turn my spells on. Are we clear on that?

"I don't want to do this job with you. I work alone do you hear me? Is any of this getting into those pointy ears of yours and making sense in the brain that is rotting between them? I know elves have difficulties putting together complex thoughts, But if we could just get this job done with I would appreciate it. Find the girl, make some observations and then I can be rid of your putrid hwandi smell,"

Color rises in her cheeks while she shrieks this at him. The fact that a human couple passing by the alleyway pause looking to the skirmish going on in the shadows does not reach her attention.

Posted on 2009-11-16 at 17:17:58.
Edited on 2016-03-18 at 12:50:32 by Eol Fefalas

Topic: Loaded Dice #32: O Steve, Live Forever
Subject: huh

Yeah might be on there twice now

I clicked the little alien at the bottom of the comic page and it asked me to submit it. *shrug*


Posted on 2009-11-16 at 15:42:09.

Topic: Loaded Dice #32: O Steve, Live Forever
Subject: LOL

I really liked this one.

I have to admit as a player I have built up some pretty neat dice structures in game. My favorite are d8's... so many pretty triangles! (and when you are a cleric you've got a ton of them sitting around you constantly, everyone donates them to you so you can heal their squishy characters after pissing off the DM )

Note: Apparently I liked it enough that I beat Olan to submitting it to reddit... as it seems I got to submit it... hope I did alright if not just tack it onto the reason's for dragging me to the yardarm...


Posted on 2009-11-16 at 15:31:42.

Topic: Corrupt a wish
Subject: tada!

Eol thinks of his wish... but like so many of his thoughts it is inappropriate to post here and thus will go unanswered forever. Although perhaps that is for the best as they always seem to go awry here.

I wish that Egg McMuffins were good for me...

((and btw... on that last one I'm still cringing at the thought of crossing my legs... ouch!))

Posted on 2009-11-16 at 14:41:58.

Topic: Petnames
Subject: hmmm

cdnflirt has actually recently returned to us.

Good job reviving old threads there... ohh... and congrats on the upgrade to 'Occasional Visitor'


Posted on 2009-11-16 at 04:44:50.

Topic: What is your favorite weapon for a fantasy game
Subject: That is what...

teleport was invented for.

Yeah... I'm known for my passive aggressive characters.

I did play a male bard who carried a quarterstaff around. Never hit anything with it but it was a great prop, especially for him. He was... special


Posted on 2009-11-15 at 16:38:18.

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: A new day...

Halia had slept through the night in relative peace. Once she had woken from a dream, memories of those she had lost tugging at her consciousness. When her eyes opened she found herself only a few spaces from Ulthok and the rest of the party, it settled her and she fell back asleep quickly.

The next morning rose only to tend to her own breakfast with a few bits of leavened bread from her pouch, then readied her spells for the day. It was Cor’s voice that pulled her eyes up to the rest of the group.

"Well, looks like a good day ta whack evil on the head. What say ye that we get moving and not keep it waiting? Master Ulthok would ye be so kind as to check the door for traps 'old man'?" Cor winked at Ulthok.

At that a small smile played over her lips and she gave a small nod of approval. Good, it seems that a nights rest has done us all well.

Standing she adjusts her sword on her belt and goes closer to the door.

“Yes… let us get on with this day and work our way through this evil place.”

Posted on 2009-11-15 at 16:24:35.

Topic: What is your favorite weapon for a fantasy game
Subject: Weapons?

What are those?

Ohh... that's right that's what all of you non-magic weilders use...


My husband played a minotaur who had a cannon ball with returning on it, that was fun.


Posted on 2009-11-15 at 15:50:01.
Edited on 2009-11-15 at 15:50:21 by Merideth

Topic: What is your Favorite Character Class and Why?
Subject: Wow...

Shadow... I must say those are some awesome character concepts!


Posted on 2009-11-15 at 05:02:55.

Topic: Hello All
Subject: Welcome!

Well Shadowbranch... glad to have you join in, sounds like you have alot of experience to bring to the table which is always good to have.

You'll notice that most of our games are not in 4e, we've only just started to have people interested in it (in fact we have quiet a few older members who make us run 2e... ).

Enjoy and let us know if you need anything!


Posted on 2009-11-15 at 04:59:43.

Topic: The Fates of Fortune
Subject: Elves Indeed

The Twilight Elf threw back his cloak and shook the mane of his dark hair free from the cowl as he strode into their midst. The kukri danced in his hands as he whirled about, pressing his back to Cay's to ensure that none of these paching roaches would have an easy time burying a blade there.

Cay was occupied with the spell she was using to clamp down on the man who had dared call her an elf and had not noticed what Nyx was up to; until she felt him at her back. Immediately she tensed, lost concentration on her spell and threw up her hands, letting go of the Hellkite vermin.

His moon-colored eyes glinted with deadly intent and his razor-lipped smile promised that he should enjoy the dance if it came to such a thing but, rather than immediately begin the bloodletting as he was wont to do, he flicked a glance in Vadim's direction. "Should you allow any of them to harm her, Captain, then you'll also need to turn them on me, yes? Who shall bring you what it is you seek, then?

None of these, I'm certain," he promised as his glare tracked from face to face, "nor any of your other dogs, I'd wager, else you'd not have summoned we two. Call them down, Vadim, or by Prien's burning eyes, I'll gut them all."

Vadim himself had risen out of his chair when Cay began to burn her wrath upon Yuri. He was actually slightly surprised when Nyx jumped in and was now defending the witch. It took a moment to consider the options. His men had been drinking, Cay had been insulted but now withdrew her attack, Nyx was capable of taking down at least a few of the men in the room (especially with the liquor factor taken into consideration), and Nyx was right, Vadim had called upon these two for their skills on this task. Very slowly he raised his pudgy pink hand and the blades at least stayed still.

"Yuri, you okay there?" Vadim asked but kept his eyes on Cay and Nyx. Something in his voice was also suggesting to Yuri that if he said ‘no' it would not be considered very ‘manly'.

Yuri was looking down at his wrists, at the pink skin that had blistered and cracked under the witches spell. His eyes were wide and his breathing came in gasps. When the voice of his boss came through his pain and anger he grunted. "Let me at her boss, I'll be fine if you'll just let me at her!"

Vadim watched carefully as Nyx tightened his grip on his kukri and turned those yellow eyes on the room more intently, and Cay flexed her fingers into a fist while her lips parted slightly with some spell on her tongue.

They make quiet the pairing, He mused to himself then shook his head.

"No Yuri. Cayrimsa here is not an elf, which is something I don't think you are going to forget anytime soon. If she is done with her demonstration she can leave and get on with the task I have assigned her."

Yuri did not seem pleased with this decision and glowered at Cay as his wrists continued to bake from the sheer heat of the burns.

Cay stood there in silence though. Against her back she could feel Nyx. His breathing was anxious and yet controlled, coming in long deep inhales then pausing a moment before being exhaled again; his long black hair tickled against the base of her neck; his muscles flexed into tight chords turning his whole body into a weapon.

A moment ago she had watched Dmitrova consider things when Nyx had handed him the cards, now those cards were in her hands. Two things made her decision for her. One was that Nyx was too damned close for comfort. The other was her desire to stay with the Hellkites and continue to rise through their ranks if only to destroy them later. Now was not the ideal time for that. Her reaction to Yuri had been rash and inopportune, now she was being given a chance to pull back, and she took it. It was not an easy decision though, hearing Yuri scream had brought her such pleasure. Making him do it again would be amazing, making Dmitrova scream would be ecstasy, Without a word she simply reached up with her hands and tugged the brim of her hat down further over her ears before stepping out of the room.

The humans in the room watched Nyx with their blades still drawn after the witch had left the room. Every one of them was ready to attack should he make the slightest wrong move. Outside, the half-elf he had defended was not waiting for him. Already her large boots were pounding a trail toward the stairs leading out of the cellar.

Posted on 2009-11-14 at 05:46:19.
Edited on 2016-03-18 at 12:47:16 by Eol Fefalas

Topic: Butterfly's Leave of Absense
Subject: :(

That is sad news. Lots of hugs to you my dear. We will be waiting when you are able to come back.


Posted on 2009-11-14 at 05:02:57.

Topic: What is your Favorite Character Class and Why?
Subject: Hmmm


Surprised no one has said that already. I me some spontaneous casting.

Race is a bit harder. Tieflings are neat... wish the tail was prehensile though... how else do you catch flying babies?


Posted on 2009-11-14 at 03:55:14.

Topic: Yo, new and Roleplay friendly.
Subject: Welcome

Well I just said it in chat... but welcome again.

I don't have a big long list... you'll just have to learn about me as we go.


P.S. I didn't tell you to feed the Grugg...

Posted on 2009-11-14 at 03:41:52.


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