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Topic: Add On Story. Fill in 3 words!
Subject: hmm

hugrily eating Cheetos

Posted on 2009-02-19 at 20:42:52.

Topic: Totally Random Thoughts
Subject: Wait...

Are we allowed to feed the Grugg now?

*gives Grugg a cheesecake*

Posted on 2009-02-19 at 20:25:58.

Topic: The One Word Game
Subject: Yummy!


Posted on 2009-02-19 at 19:34:19.

Topic: I'm so bored...
Subject: I'm So Bored

I am feeding fake fish on facebook...
God I wish that wasn't true... sigh...

Posted on 2009-02-19 at 19:33:05.

Topic: The Animal Posting Game
Subject: I saw one on X Files last night...

Assasin Bug

btw... what does Returner win?

Posted on 2009-02-19 at 19:31:26.

Topic: Paranoia Q&A
Subject: Hi

Well I'm still in if we can get people together. I believe Julianne had gone off on her own so I think I'm ready for PM mode with Addy for her adventure until it is time to regroup with everyone.


Posted on 2009-02-18 at 19:31:26.

Topic: Despair Q&A
Subject: lol

Well most violence is okay... I've read over some of those zombie games.

We'll just try to refrain from senseless violence against cute harmless animals or children

Get as violent as you'd like on the dog/coyote guys


Posted on 2009-02-18 at 19:28:10.

Topic: Despair Q&A
Subject: Ahh

Loki... language is perfectly acceptable to me. I know this is a PG site, so * are good, but I warned everyone before this started that this was a grown up game. So I'm thinking it is going to be like watching an R rated movie on tv, bleep out the cuss words and cut some of the violence/hanky panky.

Cyco... at work right now but I'll look into your valid questions when I get home and have my books and get to back to you on that soon. Or Rer, if you get a chance before me... (she actually knows this system better than me) he has Mindhands-Str level 3 and Mindhands-Art level 4 if you have any advice for him.

Thanks all!
I am enjoying thus far and hope you all are too, please let me know if there is anything I can do to make this better!


Posted on 2009-02-18 at 14:11:44.

Topic: Despair: Of Life, Of Love, Of Death
Subject: What You Gonna Do To Stop Me?

While the group of Pilgrims tensed at their tables the three other patrons took squinted looks at the newcomers. As the two approached with their threats and their guns they all got up one by one and left. Two disappeared off the patio and into the shadows between the Midnite Dragon and the building standing next to it. The third wandered out onto the street and giving the two hairy men a wide berth nodding slightly to them and shuffled off.

It seemed that the Scott Brothers were not the only thing those living in Cherish Valley feared.

Clementine stamped her foot and put her hand on her thick hip. “Now look at dat! Ye went and made me customers run off.”

The one on the left smiled a snarl at her and pointed at the one table still occupied. “They stayed didn’t they? Maybe they’ll be up for a game of cards…”

“Oh they just don’t know no better. And I’ve seen how ye play cards, someone usually ends up dead if they beat you at a hand… now go.”

“No.” The one on the left stated plainly enough. And he stepped up into the light only a few feet from the dwarf and stared down at her.

His brown and grey hair grew over his face and up close looked much more like fur than hair, his wild eyes glared down, and it was all too apparent that this creature was certainly not all human.

The one with black hair stepped up onto the patio while his compatriot confronted the inn keeper. A wide fanged smile was sent to the Pilgrims as he walked past their table.

Clementine shifted her eyes between the two. “I don’ want no trouble, now just go find somewhere else to drink tonight…” she said between gritted teeth.

“Or else what?” the creature in front of her hissed. “You gonna stop me?” He laughed into the night.

A second later his laughter stopped and he reached down and grabbed Clementine by her upper arm and leaned down so his face was in hers. “Now you are going to serve me and Hector there some drinks or Bart is going to have to scrape you off your own patio. You hear me?”

Posted on 2009-02-13 at 16:30:07.

Subject: Happy Birthday!

Hmm... yet another aquarius, there are a few of us running around here aren't there?
Well aquarius' are known for their creativity

Well happy birthday fellow innmate (or are you the warden?) and aquarius!


Posted on 2009-02-11 at 14:53:04.
Edited on 2009-02-11 at 14:53:28 by Merideth

Topic: Despair Q&A
Subject: Alright

Everyone has posted I'll work up what happens next with our newcomers very soon! Good work everyone!


Posted on 2009-02-10 at 21:47:40.

Topic: Buried Secrets Q&A
Subject: Hey!

I posted!

Posted on 2009-02-10 at 14:23:12.

Topic: Some Secrets are Best Left Buried...
Subject: Action!

They had wounded her once tonight and that was enough, it would not happen again. One hand held her sword, raised and ready to provide defensive actions for her.
The other hand fumbled with a pouch at her belt while her eyes stayed on the decaying flesh that moved into the room.

After a moment she managed to pull out a small glass vial. It was smaller than her palm and had a most curious design. The bottom part of it was divided into three sections like a pie, each containing a fine colored powder, one red, one blue, one yellow. The top was capped off with a cork which she used her teeth to pull out, and then poured a small pile of the colored powders onto the closest table. The cork went back in the bottle which promptly disappeared into her pouch again.

She bent over to bring her mouth closer to the table, and keeping her eyes on the undead in front of her she started to whisper softly.

“Lidana I beg thee be with me now as I know you just were. Let these colors, so full of life and brightness be a plague upon their undead eyes…”

And with that she blew on the powder and watched it spray forward.

((Color Spray, obviously. When that has had its effect she will resort to her sword for the rest of the encounter, fighting off all that she can as long as she can))

Posted on 2009-02-09 at 19:07:24.

Topic: Deployment
Subject: Tons of Happy Thoughts

Vesper gonna keep throwing happy thoughts to you while you are out there in desert land.
Glad to hear from you again!


Posted on 2009-02-09 at 04:41:53.

Topic: Shucks
Subject: And to think...

I was gonna pay to see a dinosaur this weekend, when I could just come here to see free ones.

... I'm still probably gonna go pay to see one this weekend though, can't miss a chance to see the real Sue when she comes to town!!

*Please insert cool dino emoticon here*


Posted on 2009-02-06 at 21:48:54.

Topic: Shucks
Subject: lol

You know Olan, that spell might work better if every time I turned around in your game I wasn't being munched on by some ungodly undead thing hehe


Posted on 2009-02-06 at 19:33:00.

Topic: Shucks
Subject: Olan...

It's because we love you so much. If your not around we just sit here and cry, but when you show up we glow in your presence...

Your kind of like a muse.
Speaking of muses mine is missing... Anyone hear from Eol lately?


Posted on 2009-02-06 at 15:02:49.

Topic: Shucks
Subject: I blame the economy

Everyone is working two jobs, and/or is too afraid of getting fired to get on here while at work...
shucks indeed!


Posted on 2009-02-05 at 21:58:18.

Topic: Despair Q&A
Subject: As Promised

Thanks Nimu

And as promised to everyone there is a new post out there. Some more crumbs of information and what could be some trouble.

Oh and I was going to assume everyone came down for food after settleing in, but if you wish for your character to do something else please feel free to do so. I only officially put Nuar down there due to his intended actions from before the bartering started.


Rer - Check your PM before posting to see what your MindTime effort reveals.

Posted on 2009-02-05 at 02:54:12.
Edited on 2009-02-05 at 02:56:22 by Merideth

Topic: Despair: Of Life, Of Love, Of Death
Subject: Welcome Home

The dwarf woman eyes the elf cautiously, she opens her mouth as if to make some kind of objection, but then something seems to almost come over her and she sighs and settles back against the table quietly. Reaching out with her grimy fingers she snatches the golden coin and holds it in her hand as if weighing it before bringing it up to her mouth where she promptly gums it slightly.

“Know, that trick works better when ye got teeth!” She laughs and the coin disappears down the front of her dress, where to, no one really wants to imagine that.

“Horses go out back, like I said. Inside dem doors Bart had better be behin’ the counter, he’ll get ye two rooms, upstairs on de back like I say. Once yer all settled in make yer way back here and I’ll get ye some grub. I be Clementine, if ye be wonderin’.” She grins at them.

You find a small stable out behind the inn. Not a whole lot more than a log attached to the back of the building for tying up the horses, a bed of straw and a thin tin roof covering it all. Bart is at the counter like she said. Although he is human unlike the land lady he is just as grisled and lacking in the teeth department. Though while she seems like she could talk up a storm if she wanted to he barely says a word to you as he hands over two skeleton keys and shows you up a flight of steep wooden stairs to the upper floor. Two rooms are given, one on the southern corner of the building, and the other on the northern corner, there are two rooms between them. The rooms themselves are not much. Wooden floors that seem to let light in from the floor below between the planks. There is a small bed in each with a hay stuffed mattress, Bart kicks a pallet with another hay stuffed mattress on top of it that is hidden under the bed to explain where the other occupant will sleep. A small dresser with a lantern on it, a chamber pot and a thatch seated chair accounts for everything else in the room. Each does have a window facing west however, just as Clementine had promised. Thin curtains are drawn over each, and each looks down onto the tin roof of the stable.

Back downstairs the group finds that the evening has given away to night and the candlelit patio is the brightest thing on the block now. A few other buildings have lights coming from their windows, but nothing worth too much notice.

Four bowls of watery bean and pork soup are sitting around a table, along with a loaf of semi-stale bread and four mugs of ale. As can be expected none of the bowls, cups or silverware match and all look like they’ve lead a hard life.

When Clementine wanders by to check on them Nuar asks about the compound they saw on their way in.

“How you liken’ the food? Well it’s warm anyway, and the ale ain’t hot, not that it’s cold, but ice is sometin’ you never see round here, besides I figured you’d want ale over the water I gots to offer.” She laughs a little, then goes on.

“Ah… dat fortress. That is where the Scott brothers are. Henry calls it the Oasis.” Cough. “Fitting I suppose. I’m guessing you noticed the river runs right under his wall, but it don’t come out the other side. Used to be that the river ran down through the valley. Didn’t disappear until it got soaked up by the sun on Lester’s Pan. But not no more…” shaking her head. “Nope, Henry went and stopped up the river. Built that big wall round his dam, and the massive house he built for himself. Got it made real nice in there he does. Or so I heard. I never much had occasion to go in myself, and don’t feel too sorely about that either. Never seen Henry close up either. Now his brother, James, seen him around. He’s a quiet one, James that is. But he watches, could always feel his eyes on you if he was around. They clean the water up in there. That’s what all them clouds and all that noise is about. Didn’t ye notice that soon as the water comes down from the mountains it hits the valley floor and turns into mud nearly. No good for drinking, gots to clean it up, get the mud out before you can drink it, or before I’d drink it!” Another cackle.

“How does he clean it? Ain’t no one know for sure, except those that do it, and even them I’m not sure know completely. Some say it’s magic, black, white… hell could be purple for all we know. But since he stopped up the river and cleaned up the water, there ain’t really any good place to go for water, cept him. Sure der are a few who go up river from the Oasis, but they just can’t compete. Can’t gather up as much water as him, and can’t clean it as well or as fast as he does. Besides it’s hard to find someone to buy it. But I done told ye about dat already…” she cackles at that until she coughs some more.

After a spit she looks back up at Nuar and opens her mouth to speak but something behind him catches her attention instead. Her eyes narrow and her mouth snaps closed.

“Excusin me for a minute…” She mutters between her lips and stands up without another look at Nuar. At the edge of her patio she puts her hands on her hips and looks down the road.

As Nuar and the others turn to see what has gathered their landlady’s attention they notice two figures swaggering up the street. In the dark it is hard to gather details, but they are vaguely human in shape, but there is something animalistic about their swagger. They both wear large hats resembling sombreros, and brightly colored ponchos over their clothes. Ragged pants are held up with heavy gun belts. Hands and feet are bare and even from this distance seem to be hairier than would be expected.

“Ye best keep walkin… ye know ye aren’t allowed here. Still haven’t paid for last time. An’ even if you do you ain’t welcome back!”

A growl came back from the one on the left. “Hey! You don’t get to tell us where we can go. If we want some of your watered down ale, we’ll have it!”

The dwarf’s eyes flickered to the canvas doors leading into the actual building as if judging the distance, and then looked back at the two figures who were coming closer. As they drew closer everyone could see them a little better. Neither was large, in fact their limbs seemed oddly thin for their bodies. The one on the left had long scraggly hair that was a mix of brown and slate grey, his eyes caught the light of the lanterns and reflected their golden iris’s, though his face was still shadowed white sharp teeth more like fangs than teeth seemed fixed in a snarl. The one on the right had his mangy black hair tied at the base of his neck, his face was more in the light and they could see the distorted features more clearly. A heavy beard, or was it fur, surrounded his face, his nose pulled forward more than it should, his top lip split in the middle and reached up toward his nose, his bottom lip curled up in a hideous grin, heavy eyebrows turned down on his wide eyes the color of cool water. Under his poncho his hand rested on a large revolver.

Posted on 2009-02-05 at 02:51:34.

Topic: Despair Q&A
Subject: Delightful

Kudos all around.

I've got my birthday dinner tonight, getting older by the minute , but I'll try to get some kind of response up tomorrow for you all!


Posted on 2009-02-03 at 21:57:52.

Topic: Despair Q&A
Subject: Moving On

I'm keeping this moving by going on with the bargaining, ladies feel free to jump into this whenever you would like.
Action will be upcoming soon I promise


Posted on 2009-02-02 at 16:15:14.

Topic: Despair: Of Life, Of Love, Of Death
Subject: Worth More Than Gold

“So ye want to know about dat?” Her eyes glittered slightly as she whispered with Karn

“No so much a pilgrim as I’d thought I sees.” A cackle erupted from her chest which overtook her completely for some minutes until it turned into a cough that wracked her body. To stop it she hit her chest and leaned over the side of the table, spitting something up onto the floor and then turned back to Karn, face red, eyes watering slightly.

“Eh… the dust round here, that and the tobac.” Again she started to laugh but managed to cut it short before she started that terrible coughing again.

“But enough lamentings of an old woman. Yeah de Scotts Brothers run the water around here. An what’s it worth? More than ye could know pilgrim, more than you could know…” She leaned back against the table and grabbed a dirty glass from behind her, it was chipped at the top and covered in a thin almost milky residue. It was a pint beer glass. Holding it between the two of them she grins at Karn.

“Ye fill up two of des with some of that clean mountain water, I let you, yer friends and hell even yer horses fer three days. But like I says ye gotta pay upfront. An don’t think I’m doin you any favors on this either. James or Henry finds you buying water from someone else…”

“Well fires have been known to start over such things. Funny thing that too, cause you either gotta watch your building go down in cinders or pay James to get water to put it out…” she cackles at that until she coughs some more.

“So… what ye say?” She leans in again, the foul stench of her breath is overwhelming, but she doesn’t seem to notice. “Get me paid an I’ll get ye all a drink and some food an we can sit here and talk all ye want…”

Grinning widely she waits for a response from this group.

Posted on 2009-02-02 at 16:11:29.

Topic: Despair Q&A
Subject: Oh Shiny!

The Monetary System In Despair

There is no consistent monetary system.
Cherish Valley will be more like systems in the West in that gold and other shinys are valuable.
From what the Dwarf said the current exchange would be in a certain weight of gold, or water. Weight will probably come into play anywhere you go, as the worth of a certain coin only means something in the land it was forged in.
As for how much an ounce of gold is worth here (for this particular inn) it seems to be as much as a night in the inn. *grin*

I think you will find that bartering, and trading are all very acceptable means of payment anywhere in Despair.

As for comparison, again that is all hard to say as out East the value of things changes from one Kingdom to the next. However, just on the other side of the mountain (where Karn is from) four ounces of gold would likely get you a shabby room for a night, and little else (of course the quality of these rooms and the food she is offering has not been discussed).

Other than that I'm not going to give you much help on the issue, since it is highly unlikely any of you would have much more knowledge.

As for what form the wealth you carry on you, I leave that up to you.

Part of the fun of Despair is figuring out how things work


Posted on 2009-01-30 at 19:08:35.
Edited on 2009-01-30 at 19:16:06 by Merideth

Topic: Despair Q&A
Subject: GM Note

I posted up the dwarf's response to the room and the price to give everyone a little more to go on.

Cyco - I've noted the rest of your post and will get to his conversations at the bar once we get the price negotiated. Don't want to let too much out yet.

Loki - I'll send you a PM concerning what Karn might know about Cherish Valley sometime today.


Posted on 2009-01-30 at 15:54:58.


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