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Topic: July 6th 2008
Subject: Cousins are cool too!

Congrats to you, and to the whole family. Best wishes and long wonderful life to the little baby.

Posted on 2008-07-09 at 03:10:18.

Topic: There's No Place Like Rome
Subject: Hey!

We have two Marcus's apparently. I PM'd my sheet to Cap'n... but I am playing Marcus Junius Virilius.

Posted on 2008-07-09 at 03:07:51.

Topic: Star Trek: Operation Persephone
Subject: Bringing 'Curie' Up to Date

Stardate 09.05.2374 – 1540 hours
USS Cerberus ASRV-83964:E-001

Mac clasped a hand to the girl’s shoulder, gave a gentle, reassuring squeeze, and left it at that. “Et’ll be a’right, Ensign,” he whispered, “Keep yer mind en th’ ‘ere an’ now, lass, an’ ever’then’ll be jus’ bloody brilliant.” With that, Captain MacTavish left the fresh from Frisco Ensign to her centering and moved to assist the rest where he could.

She was still too embarrassed to turn around, but had been drastically surprised when the Captain had not yelled at her. The moment she had started to loose her cookies she was certain that he would rip her a new one like he had the CEO. However, she was glad that he hadn't, even though her stomach was empty she was pretty certain she would have found some stomach acid left to spew on his shoes if he had. Instead he had tried to comfort her a little, and that did help.

She finished off the glass of water, then put it on the replicator and asked for another glass. Finishing half of that she then took a deep breath, smoothed out the front of her uniform, now wrinkled and damp from sweat, and turned around. By now everyone was busy working at the task MacTavish had assigned them, but there might have been a few glances in her direction even still.

Her knees were weak so she still grabbed ahold of things and moved slowly but soon found herself in a chair sitting in front of the computer.

"I'll start scanning the area, see if there is anyone else out here with us..." she said to Rowrl in a shaky voice.

The first few commands she tried to type into the computer came out wrong. She closed her eyes and took another deep breath then tried again and finally managed to begin the scans of the area.

The rest of the day was like that, scanning and scanning, reporting to Rowrl every now and then that there was nothing but the other pods. With every report feeling a mix of emotions. They were vulnerable in those pods she knew, so seeing that there was nothing meant that nothing was going to attack them. Then again on the other hand seeing nothing also meant that there was no rescue ship yet, that they were floating in space stuck in these bubbles.

Occasionally she would get up and get a cup of chamomile tea, or saltine crackers from the replicator. And with her slight shaking that just wouldn't fully go away she ended up with a pile of cracker crumbs on her lap and little wet spots where she spilled the tea now and then (somehow though she managed not to spill any on the computer, only her lap). Waiting for one scan she stared into the steaming cup of tea in her lap and commented to no one in particular,

"You know... on earth, they make Chamomile tea by seeping the petals of Chamomile flowers in hot water. The technique was first done in China......" and then her voice drifted off as she took another sip.

Stardate 09.06.2374 – 1220 hours
USS Cerberus ASRV-83964:E-001

=/\\= Incoming vessel detected=/\\= the computer intoned, =/\\= Starfleet transponder signature detected. =/\\=

Lyvette had stepped away from the controls and was curled up into a tiny ball trying to take a small break and get some sleep on one of the chairs when the message rang through the pod. Blinking her eyes she sat up a little straighter, not fully uncoiling yet.

Duncan quickly reviewed the information on the screen and couldn't contain the excitement in his voice as he turned to MacTavish; "By God, they found us, sir! It's the Charon!"

Oh thank heaven! She thought to herself and actually perked up some for the first time. Finishing off her uncoiling act she stood up and without even having to be ordered when back to the controls. She ran a quick scan of the survival systems of the little pod to make sure everything was still stable and then continued to do scans of the area to make sure no one was sneaking up behind them to ruin their rescue while she waited.

Posted on 2008-07-09 at 03:05:13.

Topic: Star Trek: Operation Persephone
Subject: Private Dispatch for Captain Gavison

Stardate 2374.09.05, 22:05 hours
Communication from Admiral Long at Starfleet Academy to Captain Gavison USS Charon

The Starfleet emblem flashed on the screen and then the image of Admiral Long came into view. He was an older man of Asian heritage, black hair greying at the temples and combed back neatly from his brow. There were deep wrinkles around his almond shaped eyes, and tonight there were also large dark circles underneath them. He was not dressed in his bright red uniform, but instead had on a black kimono and the back ground appeared to be his private quarters.

He cleared his throat slightly and then spoke.

"Captain Gavison. I have just been informed that the USS Cerberus has fallen out of communication and scan views and that your bird has taken on the mission of finding out why. Normally I would not take any action in a situation like this, being the Commander of the Academy it is not my place, and I am not currently taking an official action in this matter. I am sending you this on a purely personal level. My niece, Ensign Sojourn Lyvette was aboard the USS Cerberus..."

And here he pauses slightly, his face construing into a tight grimace.

"She wasn't even supposed to have been assigned to that ship, administrative error, and I assure you that situation is getting sorted out, but that is another matter." He shook his head and then continued.

"I realize that she is not the only soul aboard that ship, by any means, and that all of their lives are important. For you I am sure her life means no less or more than any other crew member, for me I cannot say the same. All I am asking of you Captain Gavison is to do your best on this mission. And that when you find her, to please have her contact me immediately. One further thing, as I said her assignment to Cerberus was a mistake, and I am having orders reissued for her, so as soon as possible please have her transfered to the nearest Star Base so she can receive her new orders. I hope my requests will not infringe with your mission.

Thank You.

The image of Admiral Long was replaced with his 'signature' under the emblem of Starfleet Academy.

Posted on 2008-07-09 at 02:39:06.

Topic: Borden Murder Case Investigation
Subject: To the good doctor

Lizzie looked over at the man who called himself Dr. Dolan, a sour looking man to be honest. She wrinkled her face a little bit at him, especially when he suggested that she show him the bodies.

Dr. Bowen who was still milling about in the kitchen smiled at Dr. Dolan and extended his hand.

"Dr. Bowen, I'm the family physician, I live across the street. Perhaps I could be of assistance to you, I've already done brief examinations of the bodies, I think it might be best if I show you where they are, Lizzie is in a fragile state right now. If you'll follow me..."

Bowen started to lead the way. For as well dressed and lean as Dolan was Bowen was his opposite. Short, almost pug, with black hair receding at the temples and beady blue eyes. Today he was dressed in a grey flannel suit that had obviously seen many previous wearings.

On his way out of the kitchen he picked up his bag from the kitchen table and then moved from the kitchen into the sitting room.

"Mr. Borden..." He said with a small flourish at the figure laying under the sheet on the sofa.

"I had the maid get sheets to cover up both of the bodies. I've moved them very little, it was pretty obvious they were dead and there was little I could do for them. Let me know what I can assist you with sir." Bowen stepped back to let Dr. Dolan look over the first body.

Posted on 2008-07-09 at 02:10:51.

Topic: Borden Murder Case Investigation
Subject: In the kitchen with Lizzie

Lizzie still sat in the chair in the kitchen.
When Hilliard brushed in she was about to respond to 'Maggie' but the officer's presence made her stop. She watched as he marched into her house and took over.

Nodding slightly to 'Maggie' as she left Lizzie turned to Alice and whispered something to her. Alice nodded and started to rub Lizzie's hand gently.

Mrs. Churchill almost looked pleased to be questioned so promptly and followed Fleet out into the parlour through the dining room.

Posted on 2008-07-08 at 20:23:59.

Topic: Borden Murder Case File
Subject: Sounds good

I'll have that report up soon

Posted on 2008-07-08 at 19:47:11.

Topic: Star Trek: Operation:Persephone - Q&A
Subject: aye aye

If you want to work up reactions for a bit on her I was planning on having her kind of regroup, and work on those scans as she said, but be rather shaky and pale the whole time.

Lets just hope for Chantell that she doesn't remind him too much of her


Happily awaiting reactions

Posted on 2008-07-08 at 19:11:32.

Topic: Borden Murder Case File
Subject: Locations

Having memorized the map of the house during my study for this... I will put everyone in rooms here for interrogations.

Lizzie will still be in the kitchen with Dr. Bowen and Alice Russell for now.

That leaves only three rooms on the ground floor for questioning, one still has a body in it so we will leave that for Dr. Dolan

Mrs. Churchill and Fleet can go into the parlour at the front of the house.

Bridget and Hilliard can then be in the dining room.

That should work... wow is this a full house suddenly

Enjoying the posts so far I'll have Mrs. Churchill up soon...

Admiral do you want to run Fleet's interogation, it is alright with me if you do, or I can work it up and have him report back to Hilliard when he gets done with Bridget? I'll leave that up to you, just let me know.


Posted on 2008-07-08 at 18:56:15.

Topic: Star Trek: Operation:Persephone - Q&A
Subject: Thank Ye Eol

Thanks for that. Like I said I'm not up and up on all the star trek tech... but again thanks, it helped out the post alot. I'm going to be very interested to see how everyone reacts to Soujourn's
hehe, hey someone had to do it!

Posted on 2008-07-08 at 18:01:36.

Topic: Star Trek: Operation Persephone
Subject: Mac... look at what you did...

Stardate 09.05.2374 – 1530 hours
USS Cerberus ASRV-83964:E-001

Ensign Lyvette sat in a little metal bubble floating through space, while she grasped mentally again and again for an answer the question bouncing around her head ‘How did I get here?’

The answer was not forthcoming. She had been on the bridge, it was the first time Lt. Solus had let her do the shift alone, and she had been happily investigating the buttons and scanners and screens, watching as she found bits of interesting information as they flew through space. Then something happened, she felt the ship lurch a moment and then her senses were filled with flashing red lights. Her mind quickly scoured the nine months of training she had at the academy, trying to make sense of what was happening, but this wasn’t a paper test, or even one of the simulators at the academy, this was real, they were floating through space and the red lights were flashing… her mind raced and got just about nowhere except that something was wrong. The captain started yelling orders, but none were directed at her, so she pushed herself back up against the controls trying to stay out of the way. It seemed to be an engineering issue, the golden uniforms were scrambling about, the CEO was desperately trying to fix something, but every time he punched a button his face only grew more red and frustrated. Finally he gave up and looked over at Captain MacTavish, "Captain, we're lookin' at a breach in 30 seconds! There's nothing I can do!"

And then the Captain spoke. "This is yer cap’ain speakin’. This is no’ a drill. Abandon ship wit’ pos’ haste. I repea’ this is no’ a drill.” His voice echoed through the ship, while her stomach dropped to the floor.

This was more than just bad, Lyvette moved on auto pilot from there on. Her legs moved as the captain herded her and the others present on the bridge to the escape pod, she found herself being shoved into a seat, and promptly buckled herself in. In a moment they were ejected from the ship, the G forces thrust her back in her chair and she closed her eyes, gripping the edge of the seat beneath her until her knuckles gleamed white. She kept her eyes closed, and did not see the explosion of the ship so much as she felt it, the slight wave of energy that hit the pod and the sighs and winces going on around the cabin told her the ship was gone.

Slowly she opened her eyes and looked around. A girl was crying softly, and the CEO looked blank, the others were pale and solemn looking, except for the captain who still had a deep burning fire in his eyes. Desperately she tried to put names to the faces around her. At the launch she’d been introduced to everyone, but the names faded, she could only recall the Captain’s name at the moment.

Then the radio had started. Other pods were reporting in, and a roster began to form, the survivors. Intently she had listened to each report, hearing only the names, listening for the ones she knew, but with each pod that called in she was losing hope, the names were unfamiliar to her.

Only having been on board two days she had not had time to meet many people, and certainly not to forge deep friendships with anyone, but there were a few she was getting to know.

Lt. Lassiter her fellow science officer had seemed like a nice enough man. He was quiet around her, often listening to her ramble on and on while he worked, nodding his head now and then to at least appear like he was actually listening. He had shown her around the ship, and in the laboratory he had taken the time to explain something new to her with patience. Lyvette liked him, and had hoped that she would get to know him better during the mission.

Lt. Solus had not been as patient, often he had cut her off during her ramblings and reminded her they were aboard a starship, working as science officers, not sitting in a social club gabbing. But he had always said that with a small smile at the corner of his lips. He always seemed to know the answer to any of her questions, and she was certain that she would learn a lot from him.

Then there was Bruce. Crew Member Bruce Wainwright. He had been the first person she’d met, she remembered the strange look he’d given her when she’d shown up on his teleporter pad with all her plants… her plants!!

Corney, Judas and Jezabell, her plants were surely gone too. She’d spent so long finding them, nurturing them… Jezabell had been a present from Brandon, she’d meant so much to Lyvette. Gone.

But Bruce, he seemed to be gone too. He had found her the next day at breakfast and sat down with her, even remembered to call her Curie. The two of them had spoken for so long that he was five minutes late to his post. His grandparents had a farm out in the Midwest, he told her all about spending the summers there planting crops and tending the cows. Lyvette had only been to the America’s once, to New York for a conference, and had bombarded Bruce with a million questions. He had happily answered every one. They had met several times around the place since and had stopped to greet each other, he had even hinted that perhaps they should get together for dinner tonight…

Her bottom lip quivered as she thought of them, and her milky chocolate skin paled to the color of cinnamon chai, her stomach churned, and her eyes moved to the window, where there was nothing but blackness and she quickly shut her eyes again, wishing to keep the blackness away, maybe if she didn’t see it it didn’t have to happen.

She had just pulled a memory out, sitting on the quad back at Oxford, the sun on her skin, her bare feet playing in the cool grass and Brandon’s big strong tattooed arms wrapped around her, and was working to wrap herself in that memory of a much happier time and calm herself down. When suddenly the memory was torn from her and her eyes popped back open to stare at MacTavish who had suddenly started barking orders.

Through the fading sunshine of her fantasy and the raw emotions bubbling up inside of her she tried to concentrate on what he was saying. Something about rounding up the pods, and she was supposed to help with scans. Numbly she nodded to him indicating she would help, although she still was not sure how, she couldn’t hear everything he was saying, and even if she could she wasn’t sure she could make her fingers do anything on that computer but make it spit out ketchup filled doughnuts.

She had just begun to will herself to move, and had begun to wonder just what she was supposed to be scanning for when MacTavish Blew Up. To her it seemed to come out of nowhere. His screams were directed to the CEO, who at first did nothing, and Lyvette was terrified that the man was dead. The words coming out of MacTavish’s mouth meant nothing, they were white noise, but she could see spittle flying from his lips, and then his hand turn meaty and red as he unlatched the CEO, slapped him and then shook him hard. Lyvette had pushed herself as far back against her seat as she could, trying to melt into the very cushion, her hands pressed against the sides of the chair, her eyes bulged, and her skin paled from cinnamon chai to vanilla chai in an instant. Her entire body shivered when she heard the CEO get slapped and she felt her stomach turn and twist inside her. The CEO moved, he wasn’t dead, but then MacTavish said something about the dead, and causalities of war, she saw Bruce in her mind and suddenly the bile rose in her throat.

The girl was still bright sappy green, not even a week out of the academy, and combined with the fact that her emotions felt like someone had tied them to the back of truck and sped down the Autobahn with them scrapping along every inch of pavement the whole way, she was not doing well. One hand immediately cupped around her lips while the other frantically searched under her seat. She found the ‘air sick’ bag under the seat only a moment before she actually needed it. Doubling over in her chair she wretched unceremoniously into the white wax paper bag.

Luckily she had not eaten much before everything blew up, so she only managed to heave twice before she stopped, and slowly raised her big dark eyes up over the bag and looked out into the pod. Sure enough everyone stared at her, and the color rushed back into her face in a deep flush. Scanning those looking at her her eyes moved up toward MacTavish, and she muttered very softly.

“I’m sorry I puked in your pod sir. I didn’t mean to. But I didn’t get it on your deck… “ she looked at him with a face that was unsure if what she said was funny and she should laugh at it, or if she should start crying.

With shaking hands she lowered the bag and fumbled while trying to fold down the top of it. Then she fumbled some more with the buckles holding her in. Once she finally got clear of them she stood on jelly legs and looked around at everyone as she tried to make her way to the replicator. At the replicator she leaned against the wall and put the bag on the platform then hit the button to make it disappear then leaned over and asked for a glass of water.

She took deep heaving breaths while she waited for the water, when it arrived she sipped on it slowly. The stinging metallic taste would not leave her mouth though. After a few sips she turned back to the captain and again whispered to him.

“I’ll get on those scans in a moment… just… I’m sorry sir…” then she turned her back on the pod and continued to try to wash the sour taste out of her mouth with the water.

Posted on 2008-07-08 at 17:26:09.

Topic: Star Trek: Operation:Persephone - Q&A
Subject: Trash?

I am working up my post. I noticed that others have mentioned replicators on board the pods, are there also some kind of trash recipticles? And if so how would they work?
Also, does anyone have an approximate size of the pod, just for me to have an idea of what I'm working with?

Posted on 2008-07-08 at 14:01:00.

Topic: Star Trek: Operation:Persephone - Q&A
Subject: Well Sheesh!

I step away for a week, and you guys go and blow up the ship! Can't trust you for a minute can I? I'll read all the disaster stuff and work up a post here very soon

Posted on 2008-07-07 at 15:07:04.

Topic: Borden Murder Case File
Subject: Post

Alright I kind of got us started on the actual play. Until Admiral posts there isn't a whole lot to do, and Septimus said he would hopefully put something up on Monday, this game might be a bit slow, especially at the start. Thank you in advance for hanging in there

Posted on 2008-07-06 at 23:39:54.

Topic: Borden Murder Case Investigation
Subject: Both?

11:29 AM
Borden Home

Lizzie sat in the rocking chair in the kitchen. Her face seemed a bit paler than usual, and her big eyes stared down at the floor almost absently.

"Mrs. Borden too? Both of them..." She sighed softly. Picking at a hem on her sleeve she continued to not really look at anyone in particular.

Beside her Alice leaned over again, "Are you sure you don't want me to loosen your dress?"

"No no... I'm fine." Lizzie replied, shaking her head once again. "Someone will have to tell Sarah. Emma's coming right?" Finally looking up absently at Dr. Bowen.

He nodded. "Yes Lizzie, I sent her the telegram."

"Alright..." she muttered back and went back to looking down at the floor.

She did not even look up when she heard the side door open and steps approaching from the hall.

Posted on 2008-07-06 at 23:38:16.

Topic: Who Owns Rusty Dull Swords? (W.O.R.D.S.)
Subject: S.H.E.E.T.

Scurrying Heathens Enter Elysium Timorously

Posted on 2008-07-06 at 22:35:43.

Topic: A Shadow Over Drasnia Q&A
Subject: Sorry it took so long...

But I finally posted. She's just watching for now, angsty as ever... Feel free to pull her into the situation if your character is brave enough to approach her

Posted on 2008-07-06 at 22:29:05.

Subject: No Problem

Glad to see you back again

Posted on 2008-07-06 at 22:26:48.

Topic: Druidness Rule Over the World (Q&A)
Subject: Sure

Might be a little slow, since I just started up my first GM game, and it looks like Rome is coming up soon... but I'd love to get started on this too, I don't really need a social life outside of rd right?


Posted on 2008-07-06 at 22:25:50.

Topic: A Shadow Over Drasnia
Subject: A Curious Situation

Cay shrugged back at Ovelia when she made the comment about how much she had been paid. She had made the allusion to the butchers shop on purpose, if the girl had been disgruntled by the price she didn't mention it until she had spoken. And Cay had found out most of what she had come here to find out. She nodded slightly to Ovelia as she slipped back inside, not bothering to actually say goodbye.

Once Cayrimsa was alone again she cocked her head looking up toward the third floor, and at the curtained window there. Soon Thanald, we shall meet. I'll make sure you scream, but it is nothing personal. Not that I care much for your kind, I imagine the feeling is mutual. But in the end you are just the means to the end, I need membership in the Hellkites, and your my ticket. Sleep well tonight... it will likely be your last. She thought to herself with a smile.

Turning her attention away from the window she looked back down the alley. For a moment she wondered what her compatriots were up to. Then she remembered the way Nyx's eyes wandered over Sylla's body, and decided that perhaps she didn't want to know. She shivered a little bit at the mere thought of the two of them together and wrapped her cloak around herself tightly as if to ward off evil thoughts, and started down the alley.

Stepping out from the corner of the Goblin she took a good look around. Sea Snakes. Everywhere. With a deep frown she pulled her hat down further over her clipped ears and narrowed her eyes. She had just started to survey the crowd closer, looking for any familiar faces, when a movement nearby caught her eye.

A filthy elf was crawling around on the ground, tumbling toward a human woman like some acrobatic dog. Her upper lip curled with disdain. See what I mean Nyx? Elves are not so superior, nearly animals... Nyx?! Her internal discourse into the inferiority of elves was stopped short when she realized that the filthy elf was in fact Nyx, that hair was hard to mistake, and the woman he was rolling toward, Sylla? She was dressed like Sylla, but she looked human. A charm, damn her.

Her eyes narrowed into deep slits and she slid back into the relative shadow of the alley, staring at the two of her compatriots making a spectacle of themselves. Taking her eyes off them for a moment she scanned the area for Mally's but did not see her, but felt that she must be nearby.

What sort of kinky game are you two playing? And you had better not get yourselves caught, I don't know if I'll come to your rescue...

Posted on 2008-07-06 at 16:30:02.

Topic: Who Owns Rusty Dull Swords? (W.O.R.D.S.)
Subject: Radishes?

Herring and

Posted on 2008-07-05 at 23:05:07.

Topic: Borden Murder Case File
Subject: Time to Begin...

Alright, I've posted up the first gaming post.
This takes us from the moment Lizzie finds the first body until everyone but Emma is on the scene. She will arrive soon. It will be helpful if you post with a time and location at the top of each post (kind of like with ST:OP for those of you familiar with that), just so we can keep track of what is going on.
Well good luck everyone


Posted on 2008-07-05 at 18:24:29.

Topic: Borden Murder Case Investigation
Subject: Discovery

Murder Most Foul
92 Second Street – Borden Home
11:10 AM

Lizzie Andrew Borden stepped into the sitting room and her eyes moved immediately to the figure of her father laying on the sofa. His head rested against the arm rest, and it was bleeding profusely. Blood was splattered over the wall and even on the ceiling above him, he did not call out for help.

“Maggie! Come quick, someone has killed father!” her voice broke the silence of the house as she ran out of the sitting room into the kitchen.

A moment later ‘Maggie’ came running down the stairs and into the kitchen.

“Don’t go in there Maggie!” waving her hand toward the sitting room door, Lizzie exclaimed, “We need a doctor, go get Dr. Bowen.”

‘Maggie’ paused for a moment then nodded, almost absently, “Yes, Lizzie” and went to the side door of the house, grabbed her shawl from a peg next to the door and headed across the street.

At the Bowen home ‘Maggie’ pounded on the door furiously. Mrs. Phoebe Bowen answered the door.

“Dear Bridget, what is it?” she asked looking surprised to see the girl at her door.

“Something’s happened, we need Dr. Bowen…” she quickly spit out.

“He’s not here dear, but he should be home soon, I’ll send him over as soon as he gets home. Everything will be fine dear.” Phoebe tried to reassure the girl who almost seemed to be shaking.

Bridget nodded a moment then dashed back across the street, she went up the side path and up to the side door. Lizzie was standing at the screen door, looking outside dazed, a tear running down her cheek.

Without going in ‘Maggie’ told Lizzie the news.

“Dr. Bowen is out, Phoebe said she would send him over as soon as he got home.”

Then she stood there waiting to see what Lizzie would say.

Lizzie blinked a moment, glanced back into the house and responded, “I can’t be alone Maggie, go find Alice Russell and ask her to come.”

‘Maggie’ nodded and headed off toward Borden Street where Mrs. Russell lived.

It took her only a few minutes to get to the Russell house, where she again pounded on the door frantically. Mrs. Russell answered, wearing a simple house dress.

Bridget again spilled out the news, “Something’s happened, Lizzie wants you to come over quick.”

“Come in, what’s happened? Let me go change…” Alice went upstairs without even waiting to hear the response and slipped into a more appropriate dress for making house calls.

Downstairs Bridget called up, “Do hurry, Lizzie said she thought there was a murder.”

“A murder! How dreadful!” Alice called back down, and a few minutes later came down the stairs in her fresh dress. “Well what are we waiting for? Lizzie must be in a terrible state…” And the two headed back to 2nd Street.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Adelaide Churchill, who lived next door to the Borden’s, returned from grocery shopping and noticed the commotion out her kitchen window. Going to her kitchen door she called out to Lizzie who she saw standing just inside the side door. “Lizzie, what is the matter?”

“Oh, Addie, do come over! Someone has killed father!” Lizzie called out, sounding a bit relieved finally.

Leaving her groceries Addie rushed over, Lizzie let her in. “Where is he?” She immediately asked.

“He’s in the sitting room, it’s awful Addie… just awful.”

“Where were you when it happened?”

“Out in the barn, looking for a piece of iron, when I came back the screen door was open, and I found him.” She shook her head a little.

“And where is Abby?”

Lizzie shook her head again, “Not here, she had a note to see a sick friend…”

“Addie can you see if Dr. Bowen is back yet?”

“Of course…” And she hurried out of the house.

Outside she ran into John Cunningham, she told him that there had been a murder at he Borden house and could he call the police or a doctor. Cunningham ran off to find a phone, he did, but first he called the Fall River Globe to tell them to get a reporter down to the Borden home immediately. He then called the police station.

Marshall Hilliard had just finished a patrol of Main Street, he stepped into the coolness of the police station, and the phone rang, noting that the clock on the wall said 11:15 he answered it.

“Marshall Hilliard here…”

“Marshall, there has been a row at the Borden house.”

“I’ll send someone over.” He hung up the phone and looked over at Officer George Allen, who was typing up a report in the corner.

“Alright, you’re up. Second Street, the Borden’s go find out what is going on.”

“Kay boss…” George got up, put on his hat and started out the door.

Meanwhile back on 2nd Street Mrs. Churchill had told everyone she could on the street and worked her way back into the house. Dr. Bowen had returned home and his wife sent him across the street, he found Lizzie and Addie in the kitchen.

“Lizzie, what happened?” He asked her as she let him.

“Oh, Dr. Bowen! I was out in the barn looking for iron, and came back in to find father murdered.” She spoke quickly, ushering him into the kitchen, then pointed at the sitting room door. “He’s in there Dr. Bowen, I just…”

“There, there, stay here and I’ll go take a look.” Dr. Bowen walked into the sitting room, and took a few minutes to exam the obviously dead Andrew Borden. He came back into the kitchen, finding that Bridget had returned with Alice Russell, and sighed sadly.

“He is gone Lizzie, is Emma still in Fairhaven?”

Lizzie sat down in a chair and nodded.

“Shall I send for her for you?”

Lizzie nodded again.

“Alright. Bridget, can we get a sheet to cover Mr. Borden up with?”

Bridget’s eyes widened a little and she started to shake her head “I’m not going in there…”

“I’ll go with you.” Mrs. Churchill offered quickly, the two women looked at each other then stood up.

“Thank you ladies, I’ll be back in a short while.” Dr. Bowen headed off with his medical bag to the telegram station a few blocks away, where he sent Emma a message telling her her father was dead and that she was needed back home.

In Fairhaven Emma received the message and immediately threw her things in her bag, rushing to the train station and just making the twelve o’clock train back to Fall River.

In the house Bridget and Mrs. Churchill went into the sitting room to get the key off the mantel, then hurried out again, going up the back stairs to the master bedroom. Mrs. Churchill unlocked the door and followed Bridget in who found a sheet in the linen closet. They came back down with it, then went back into the sitting room, quickly covered the body with the sheet and put the key back on the mantel.

Lizzie sat in the kitchen with Alice, who was offering to loosen her dress, “I’m not going to faint…” was her response.

While the ladies waited for Dr. Bowen to return Officer Allen appeared. News had been spreading already and a small group stood outside the house talking, they directed him to the side door. He knocked and Mrs. Churchill came to the door. He was directed by the ladies to the sitting room.

Walking into the room he noticed the body under the sheet, and lifted it to take a peek. The body was dead. Looking around Allen noted that there were no signs of struggle, the windows were closed, the furniture all appeared to be where it was. He did a quick inspection of the first floor, checking the dining room, parlour and finally the front entry way, finding the front door bolted. Returning to the kitchen he told the women to stay in the kitchen and that he would return with help.

On his way to the police station he found Charles Sawyer a local painter among the crowd outside, he deputized him and told him to stand guard at the side door, and to allow only police to enter and exit the house. He then ran back to the police station to get Marshall Hilliard.

In the house Lizzie asked the women around her, “You know, I’m almost certain I heard Abby come in, perhaps she went upstairs, should someone go check?”

“We should…” Mrs. Churchill agreed and looked at ‘Maggie’ again. Nodding a little the two women stood up.

Again they ventured into the sitting room and to the front hall, ‘Maggie’ leading the way. They mounted the front stairs, nearly at the top ‘Maggie’ paused for a moment, and let out a startled exclamation, and hurried the rest of the way up the stairs.

The guest bedroom door was open and ‘Maggie’ rushed in, she threw open the shutters on the window, and looked down at the body of Abby Borden, laying on the floor on the far side of the bed, face down, the blood pooling around her head.

“Abby too!” She called to Mrs. Churchill who stood on the stairs still. Paling considerably Mrs. Churchill beckoned to ‘Maggie’ to come back down, who came immediately and the two went back to the kitchen where they told Lizzie and Alice what they found upstairs.

A moment later Sawyer let Dr. Bowen back into the house, he went upstairs and looked at Mrs. Borden’s body, then came back down and asked Bridget and Mrs. Churchill to also cover her body with a sheet. The two went through the same procedure they had for the first body to do so.

Once Officer Allen arrived back at the police station he quickly informed Marshall Hilliard that Mr. Borden was dead. Hilliard shoved his hat back on his head and headed to 92 Second Street immediately.

The crowd outside the house grew, Sawyer managed to keep all but Dr. Bowen out of the house, but not necessarily the yard. One of the curious onlookers was Dr. Dolan, who had been in town on an errand. When he heard the rumours in the crowd that a murder had happened inside, he realized he was suddenly on duty. He rushed back to his buggy on Main Street to get his bag.

Meanwhile Hilliard arrived at the house and stepped into the kitchen. A moment later Dr. Dolan approached Sawyer with his doctors bag and explained to him who he was.

The time was 11:30 AM.

((OOC: I believe that explains where everyone is. Hilliard and Dr. Dolan have just arrived on the scene. Lizzie and Bridget along with Dr. Bowen, Addie Churchill and Alice Russell are in the kitchen. Emma is on her way, she will make the noon train and should be back in the house in an hour by my estimation.))

Posted on 2008-07-05 at 18:20:25.

Topic: There's No Place Like Rome
Subject: Centurion

I know I've been quiet as of late... sorry been plotting out a murder, but that should be up this weekend and I'll make sure to have in my history to you on Monday at the latest.
Looking foward to putting on that cute little red skirt with you all soon!

Posted on 2008-07-03 at 15:05:45.

Topic: Borden Murder Case File
Subject: Borden Murder Case Investigation

I have opened up the gaming thread. However we are NOT starting yet. Just getting things ready. I just reposted the teaser blurb I had in recruitment up for now. You guys are likely going to learn that when it comes to something like this I can be a bit anal retentive and overly organized (but hey it just got me a promotion at work so... yah...), and I had to have something up there. I hope I don't drive you nuts, and if I do please feel free to axe me to stop... god that was bad, but I couldn't help myself. I'll stop rambling now

Posted on 2008-07-01 at 00:54:45.


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