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Topic: Add On Story. Fill in 3 words!
Subject: Good boy... would hate to have to ban you *wink*

just fling poo.

((hey! He's a -monkey-!!))

Posted on 2009-11-25 at 20:38:36.

Topic: The One Word Game
Subject: :NAUGHTY:


Posted on 2009-11-25 at 20:36:35.

Topic: ^ < V game
Subject: crushes?

^ Has watched one too many chic flicks...

> Prefer's serial killer dramas

V Still watches cartoons

Posted on 2009-11-25 at 20:35:13.

Topic: The One Word Game
Subject: Save the


Posted on 2009-11-25 at 20:25:48.

Topic: The Would You Rather Game
Subject: There you go hiting people again....

Bard. Had a great one recently... too bad the game didn't last too long. Have to see if I can resurrect him here somewhere.

Lab Rat or Mall Rat?

Posted on 2009-11-25 at 20:25:11.

Topic: The One Word Game
Subject: Sweet! I'll go grab that Fairy Scepter thing!


Posted on 2009-11-25 at 20:04:59.

Topic: The Would You Rather Game
Subject: wait...

I can only do it once? Well that seems like a ****ed shame. Because you know what? If Charlize Theron showed up on my doorstep (and not the 'Monster' Charlize... but the 'Men of Honor' Charlize) my husband and I would have to fight over who got to kiss her (okay it wouldn't be much of a fight... he'd let me go first).

Poker or Blackjack?

(And Merol would create characters that would simply destroy the server... Olan would have to rebuild the place from scratch after they got out! )

Posted on 2009-11-25 at 20:03:00.

Topic: The One Word Game
Subject: Sweeny Todd dear... Sweeny Todd...


((or however you spell it... and yes hyphened words do count and so do misspellings... so the Meri wishes, so shalt it be))

Posted on 2009-11-25 at 19:53:44.

Topic: The Would You Rather Game
Subject: Is that a trick question?

Um... can't we just morph them into one? Eori... or Merol?

It would be like this massive posting machine, full of facelicks bad puns and deliciously wicked humor! It could take down a battalion of young punks while wearing a corsett!

I'm so excited!

Jeans or Khaki?

Posted on 2009-11-25 at 19:51:32.
Edited on 2009-11-25 at 19:52:04 by Merideth

Topic: Add On Story. Fill in 3 words!
Subject: No fun!

need toilet paper.

Posted on 2009-11-25 at 19:42:05.

Topic: The One Word Game
Subject: I'm sick... but Johnny Depp is SO hot!


Posted on 2009-11-25 at 19:40:25.

Topic: ^ < V game
Subject: lol

^ Shops at Vickies...

> Wonders if she can borrow something...

V Wants pictures of that...

Posted on 2009-11-25 at 19:39:09.

Topic: Add On Story. Fill in 3 words!
Subject: We are still on my eunuch monkey?!!

as he lacked

Posted on 2009-11-25 at 19:35:54.

Topic: ^ < V game
Subject: phhttt

^ Only knows this because they caught Ion doing it...

> Wears women's undergarments all the time without 'fairy dust'

V Wishes they had some fairy dust.

Posted on 2009-11-25 at 18:48:44.

Topic: hi
Subject: Ewwwy!

Stop with the spittle already!

I'm going to loose my lunch.


Posted on 2009-11-25 at 17:33:48.

Topic: ^ < V game
Subject: sucker...

^ Still paid me for my magical services.

> *Runs and gets the light-up/singing/bubble blowing Tinkerbell wand from her step daughters bedroom to help the 'wizard' look out*

V Thought Tink only needed fairy dust... ha!

Posted on 2009-11-25 at 17:31:53.

Topic: hi
Subject: Haha!

I like her... she can stay.

I think you just got challenged there Eol.


Posted on 2009-11-25 at 17:27:02.

Topic: ^ < V game
Subject: :)

^ Didn't ask < and got bit alot before figuring this out.

> Thought it was pretty funny.

V Is a goblin.

Posted on 2009-11-25 at 17:14:38.

Topic: hi
Subject: I get to be first... :)

To say welcome welcome!

Glad to see you Ms. Wolf. I had seen your name pop up a few days ago and was hoping you would stop in to say hello.

If you need anything let me know I'll be glad to help you out.

I'll refrain from other usual introductions and let someone else take care of that (they will soon I promise).


Note to Eol: Be good... she's a married woman.

Posted on 2009-11-25 at 17:12:52.

Topic: ^ < V game
Subject: haha

^ Is not a frat boy.

> Should probably buy some penicillin (frat boys are gross)

V Invents penicillin laced duct tape!

Posted on 2009-11-25 at 17:05:44.
Edited on 2009-11-25 at 17:06:12 by Merideth

Topic: ^ < V game
Subject: hmmm

^ Needs an anatomy lesson

> Eat's Frat boys for breakfast...

V Will think that is dirty... even though it isn't.

Posted on 2009-11-25 at 16:54:51.

Topic: The Fates of Fortune
Subject: Poison!?

“Lle maa quel…” he said quietly as he turned his gaze out over the city. That brought her eyes to him finally.

Did I hear him correctly? Surely not for there was no scorn or teasing in his voice.

And if he did say it? And meant it?

But he didn’t…

I think he did. I think he did, and I think he said it because you look like an elf in that. Just the way he wants you.

Nyx had moved on though, hidden in the shadows of his cloak again. Lips twitching she scurried after him until their feet fell into pace with each other again. Silence brooded like the swollen underbelly of thunderclouds. It threatened to break, but at the moment it let them take solace in its peaceful shadow.

Before reaching the imperial nesting grounds he guided her west and then whispered to a stop just past the little stone cottage wherein resided the newly appointed caretaker of the cemetery. His gaze flitted over the place for a moment, swept the surrounding landscape and scanned the necropolis beyond the cottage warily before finally coming to rest on Cayrimsa’s face… “Perhaps you should wait here.”

She let her eyes met his and gave him a bob of her head a reply.

A cemetery… by Prien himself I should have guessed. You would sleep amongst your victims…

She did not follow but instead leaned against one of the stone pillars just at the entrance as the flutter of his cloak melted into the shadows of the death place. He had given her this same courtesy earlier and she would return it. Besides, cemeteries bothered her. They evoked a jealous hatred that tried to eat at her soul and only starved. The comfort of death had overcome those who dwelled there. They all had been acknowledged enough by someone to warrant a memorial to their death in stone; and now the earth was slowly taking them back. It did not matter what blood had pumped through their hearts, it did not matter how much wealth they had acquired or what they had accomplished with their life, it was all reduced to worm fodder.

How I envy them… she thought as she let her eyes pass through the gates and upon the hewn stones pressed into the death enriched soil. A dark flutter caught her eye and she turned toward it, and found herself disappointed with the vision of a raven taking flight.

You envy him as well…

“Yes…” it tore from her breast as the raven moved into the tree above her.

Why Cay?

Her fingers graced the stump that remained of her left ear through the silken material of the scarf. “Because he belongs somewhere. Truly belongs there… out on the plains under the stars, with his people… he has people… his not being with them is his choice… and even in that choice he has his God…”

And you?

“I belong nowhere.”

What about to him? What if you could belong to him?

CAW! directly above her the raven seemed to mock this question. Pulling off the pillar her arms sweep the air between them. The bird took flight in a flurry of feathers.

“Hush you! Get out of here before I do something nasty!” She shouted before her voice dropped into a low whisper. “I know full well that would never happen. Half of everything I am is something he despises… he covets my elven qualities but could never accept the round eared qualities. And humans despise me for the qualities he covets. I shall never belong, to him or to anyone else…”

The snarl curled around her lips again as her brooding frame settled back against the pillar. A laugh coming from behind her finally pulled her attention from her own thoughts. Her head turned toward it and her mouth opened about to spill something at Nyx for mocking her but instead found that the laugh belonged to a grimy Halfling who was walking through the cemetery with an equally unkempt elf. Shovels were slung over their shoulders.

“I’d be willin’ to put t’ree silver down dat the ‘ole we jus’ dug twas meant for Sen’tor Olsta, an not ‘is wife.” The Halfling grinned.

“Ehh… you’d have te have three silver first!”

“Ye knowin’ what I’m sayin’. W’od want dat lady dead?”

“Who said it being a murder? No one twas arrested far as I knows. I heared it was that she chocked while eating.”

“Pshhaww. Gooseberry puddin’… I dun believe it. De word is dat she twas… poisoned…” the word caused the Halfling to waggle his eyebrows and grin.

As the elf leaned down his shovel switched shoulders, “And you should be careful what yer saying der little friend. We bury em… let de legionnaires worry ‘bout what puts em here…”

“Come on! Ye gotts te admit it’s supscicious. Sen’tor Olsta starts sayin’ ‘e’s gonna put up curfews an make t’ings ‘arder on folk like yew an all o’ a sudden ‘is wife drops inte her cobbler?”

“Ye mean suspicious” a roll of the eyes corrected the Halfling.

“Puddin’! Ye understood. Dayrned suspicious if ye’r askin’ me…”

“Too bad nobody is…”

There was something about the tone of the elf that narrowed Cay’s eyes and made her watch him a bit closer. The conversation had died though, the Halfling resorting to a series of grumbles that eventually turned into a hum as the two passed into the garden behind the caretaker’s cottage, seeming to miss Cay completely.

“Come on Nyx…” she muttered as the two disappeared out of sight and she went back to waiting.


Posted on 2009-11-24 at 22:19:09.
Edited on 2018-11-19 at 14:54:50 by Eol Fefalas

Topic: HI!
Subject: Hey!

Here I was trying to be good and Sibby starts saying all these terrible things about me.

I have NEVER advocted feeding the Grugg...

Never... I'd get smited or worse for even -thinking- of doing such a thing!

Sibby is framing me!

*tosses Grugg a cheese-it when everyone turns to look at Sibby*

Oh... and I learned the hard way... Eol can escape from leashes. He's got like 20 ranks in 'Escape Artist' it's no use. *sigh*

So... yeah... glandrena... welcome to the insanity!


Posted on 2009-11-24 at 04:16:59.

Topic: HI!
Subject: Nervous?

No need to be nervous!

We haven't eaten Fletch yet have we?

Welcome welcome... and so long as you don't feed the Grugg you'll be left *relatively* unharmed.

Watch out for Eol's though. They facelick...

All joking aside... glad to see new faces as always and if you need anything just ask. I promise you aren't bothering us... we like avoiding real work anyway!


Posted on 2009-11-24 at 04:02:45.

Topic: The Fates of Fortune
Subject: Why did I keep this old thing?


What is this? A civil conversation? And after he just insulted you and made you remember?

A slight flick of her head to wipe out the voice and she continued.

“I should have something at my place. Been awhile…” quickly she shut her mouth.

Why am I explaining things to him? I don’t need to explain anything to him. Is he closer?

Her eyes, still burning with the tears uncried, drop to her feet, catching the tips of black boots out of the corner of her vision at the same time. Silence overwhelms then. She does not ask if her place is closer than his, no doubt it is. Few but sailors call the wharfs their home, and Nyx is certainly not a sailor.

In that silence she takes the most direct route back to her place. The door on the first floor is cracked open now and inside a few voices can be heard amidst a wet slop noise. Fish being taken from the storehouse to be sold at market. Before reaching the front of the building, however, she skirts into a narrow alley and lets it wind to the secluded safety of the back of the Vergel Sea Port warehouse. In the narrow darkness of the alley she holds her breath again and works harder to focus her eyes on her feet and even then she can sense his closeness to her. It crawled over her like the miretse used to, making her itch.

It was not until they reached the foot of the ancient stairway that she paused and finally brought her eyes up to him.

“Wait here… I’ll bring your cloak down. I’ll be just a minute…” The bite was missing from her voice still. She knew it was, and quickly she tore her gaze from his and bounded up the stairs without awaiting his response. The hallow tinkling of bells announcing when she enters her apartment.

Just inside the canvas she stopped. Two things immediately gathered her attention. First is the black cloak huddling on her chair, casting its material across her floor in a rather insolent fashion, proclaiming its right to be there. Second is the tapestry he had complimented the night before. Sunlight now tickled the branches with the white lines crossing them.

Amen Hira Effa the phantom whispered.

They pulled her off finally. Threw her to the ground. Rocks bit into her hands and spilled her impure blood into the dirt. She scrambled back to her feet though and ran after Pyrodia. He stopped her though. The massive form of… Bittan Bolstoii… blocked her path, his eyes raging.

Cay screamed at him, but knew that the elven curses that passed her lips would not be understood by his blunted ears. It didn’t stop her from screaming.

“Quiet… half blood!” She understood what he said though. The slap across her small oval face helped to drive the point in further. In the distance Pyrodia’s eyes turned away.

Cay brought her fingers to her cheek, it was wet but when she pulled her fingers back it was tears and not blood that had caught on the tips.

“Cayrimsa… get a hold of yourself.” The backs of her hands rubbed out the tears that had spilled out of her eyes. “You’ve come this far. Don’t let that bastard elf… or… a Bolstoii get in your way.”

He only gets in your way because you let him. Did not even remember that your precious Pyrodia was a Bolstoii because you were so wrapped up in prodding at the elf…

He started it…

Childish Cay

“Hush…” she muttered as she made her way to a chest that huddled in the corner behind the loom. A few moments of digging into it and she pulled out a few items. As she had last night she began to peel her clothing from her body, but stopped with her dress midway up her thighs, eyes narrowing.

How long had he been watching last night Cay?

Scowl deepening she looked around the room and then cocked her head up to her skylight, searching for those pointed ears. Dropping her skirt she decided not to take any chances and pulled the pulley hanging from the ceiling and the flap of canvas pulled over the opening. Shadows fell over her and in them she changed quickly.

The tinkling of bells gave him warning that she was coming back down. Before she comes fully into view the black fluttering of his cloak fills his vision as it is tossed at his head.

“Be more careful about where you leave your things…” the bite returning to her voice.

The bite has not returned to her eyes, which is easy enough for him to see as the hat is missing, in its place is a purple scarf tied bandana style over her head with her ears carefully tucked under it. Knowing how exposed her eyes are, and how red, she keeps them fixed on some distant point instead of looking at him as she speaks.

Don’t you want to look at his face when he see’s you in that dress though?


However, she does smooth out the full floor length purple skirt that graces her legs now and then tugs at the lighter purple top that has replaced the burlap dress. She still wears the billowing white shirt but it is pulled in snuggly to her curves under the sleeveless bodice. A high collar edged in delicate elven knots splits at the hollow of her neck and plunges down to the swell of her bosom. Around her middle a simple grey belt hugs her hips before giving way to the skirt. The dress is old obviously, the material wrinkled and bearing a few small stains, but still flattering.

“To your place then?” she asks as soon as he has refastened his cloak around himself.

Posted on 2009-11-24 at 03:59:42.
Edited on 2018-11-19 at 14:46:08 by Eol Fefalas


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