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Topic: I'm Collecting Birthdays!!
Subject: bleh

Fudge and coffee?

Alright Eol... your making Meri make nasty faces over here...


Posted on 2009-11-04 at 14:50:22.

Topic: I'm Collecting Birthdays!!
Subject: I'm Collecting Birthdays!!

Well the rumor is true. We are working on our first official website newsletter.

At this point we are still in the 'brainstorming' 'first draft' stage...

However, I am intrested in putting birthday's in it. If you would like your own birthday to be included (the year is optional ) leave it here or send it to me in a PM and I'll make sure to get it in.

Also if you know any cool/fun birthday's let me know. I've already gathered up some Trek ones... Cpt. Kirk etc. If you happen to know say Han Solo's... or the PS3's birthdays... I'd love to include that as well.

Thanks a bunch guys!


Posted on 2009-11-04 at 13:52:30.

Topic: Star Trek: No Good Deed Q&A
Subject: Hulk...

Well... that was fast

He sounds like fun

I the description of him, both on the thread and on the roster...


Posted on 2009-11-02 at 19:35:37.

Topic: Loaded Dice #28: Dear Diary...
Subject: Ineptitude... fixed?


Think I got it to work now.

Thanks guys.


Posted on 2009-11-02 at 18:51:37.

Topic: Loaded Dice #28: Dear Diary...
Subject: Inept

I registered and all on reddit... but can't figure out how to actually vote.

It gave me some message that said the comic had already been linked...

Couldn't figure out how to vote though... I tried...


Posted on 2009-11-02 at 18:42:38.

Topic: Star Trek: No Good Deed Q&A
Subject: Hey!

I don't smell funny...

And I'm kind of glad I'm not the XO, no suntan lotion duty for me!


You know with Rowdy at the helm I think I might just settle for a good escape pod... btw... anyone hear from/see our helmsman around these parts recently?

Posted on 2009-11-02 at 18:09:59.
Edited on 2009-11-02 at 18:43:57 by Merideth

Topic: Star Trek: No Good Deed Q&A
Subject: Stoked!!

First of all... good word choice...

And we are all stoked to have you around I promise, more fresh blood in here just what we need!

Welcome aboard.


Posted on 2009-11-02 at 15:57:06.

Topic: Loaded Dice #28: Dear Diary...
Subject: dun dun dun

And so the plot thickens!!

Posted on 2009-11-02 at 14:44:05.

Topic: Star Trek: No Good Deed
Subject: Fireworks!

Stardate 2368.04.10-0830-1000
Cmdr. Kennedy USS Discovery - Holodeck 3

Kennedy stepped into the holodeck and looked up at the projections that Warwick had programmed in. Her eyes take a moment to adjust to the light and run a quick mental roll call of the figures in the room. She walked over to where Mac and Bob were standing.

“Quite a shock about Kelsey isn’t it? Gotta love Starfleet and their last minute orders huh?” She shakes her head at Mac.

((OOC: Responses as necessary then on to Bob))

“Bobdude… get the mem mods in Sheila?” She asks with a smile.

((OOC: Assuming positive response))

“Good good… catching the Z train after this right?”

((OOC: ditto last OOC))

“Good because if you weren’t I’d have to order you to.” She smiles again then watches as the last required officer walks in.

She then turns her eyes to Warwick and glances at him.

‘This better be good…’ she mouths over to him. Then offers everyone a smile. “Everyone please welcome our newest member of Engineering. Ensign Warwick. Warwick… the floor is yours…”

“Hello and welcome to the Mark VI Torpedo briefing…” Warwick began. Kennedy stood back and listened as he went on to explain the workings of the torpedoes, highlighting his speech with the graphic displays of explosions. Her arms crossed over her chest, her lips drawn into a stoic expression and her hazel eyes never leaving Warwick as he gives the briefing. Finally it drew to an end. “…These warheads are fantastic weapons at long range, the longer the better.”

She stayed silent through any questions or comments that came up, her cool eyes watching, but staying on Warwick more than anyone else. After all everything has been explained to the satisfaction of the crowd she walks over to Warwick and puts her hand on his shoulder for a moment before leaning in and speaking softly to him.

“Report to my office… now.” Her voice leaves no room for argument, and she walks off, not waiting for him to follow.

Posted on 2009-11-02 at 02:53:00.

Topic: Star Trek: No Good Deed Q&A
Subject: Replicators... non cocoa related :)

Where are replicators located...

Say if Callie wanted a cup of coffee where would she need to go to get one?

And I know... this is probably located out on one of those fantabulous links that have been provided for us but I'm feeling lazy and instead of searching for the information I figured I'd just rely on one of you trekkies to have the answer off the top of your head.


Posted on 2009-11-01 at 16:40:23.

Topic: Star Trek: No Good Deed Q&A
Subject: Cocoa

I was rereading some of our posts and noticed the bit on Warwick's father duping him into trying unsweetened cocoa powder and couldn't help but laugh.

My mother did that to me when I was little... and I just did it to my step daughter not that long ago. Her face was so cute... stuck out her tongue and made this terrible noise.

I'm working hard for that 'Evil Step-Mother' award


Posted on 2009-10-31 at 04:01:39.

Topic: Star Trek: No Good Deed Q&A
Subject: What!?

Deck 16 is dedicated to -

Captain’s Yacht Docking Port

The Captain gets a Yacht!? He's single right? Need a good woman in his life that can fix things?

I wanna yacht!



Posted on 2009-10-31 at 03:25:48.

Topic: Star Trek: No Good Deed Q&A
Subject: Pschobabble!


And just make up the Trek stuff... that's what the rest of us do


Posted on 2009-10-31 at 02:43:29.

Topic: RDI Stats 2009
Subject: *blink*

I leave work to go pick up a six year old and find that there is a whole string of posts dedicated to me...

I feel honored... or dirty... or both... all at the same time.

And yeah just jump on the bandwagon there Al... I think I can handle one more stalker in my life

p.s. that enough innuendo smilies?


Posted on 2009-10-30 at 20:46:01.

Topic: RDI Stats 2009
Subject: lol

I promise I've volunteered for worse...


Posted on 2009-10-30 at 19:31:43.

Topic: Star Trek: No Good Deed Q&A
Subject: Bob & Mac

Posted on 2009-10-30 at 18:43:06.

Topic: Star Trek: No Good Deed Q&A
Subject: But but...

I whispered it...


Posted on 2009-10-30 at 16:58:11.

Topic: Star Trek: No Good Deed Q&A
Subject: Points to Rowdy

No secrets!?



He smokes in his quarters!!


Posted on 2009-10-30 at 16:42:23.

Topic: RDI Stats 2009
Subject: hmmm...

Well... if you need a newsletter writer... let me know. I got one of those 'you will write 30 million papers or never graduate' degree's just rotting away on my wall...


Posted on 2009-10-30 at 16:21:59.

Topic: A Collection of Short Stories
Subject: Confessions of a Fallen Angel - The Abbey

She was naught but a child the first time I laid eyes on her. I could scarcely believe that the figure that crouched before could be responsible for the pure mayhem that had been described to me. I glanced at the guards who stood at the doorway, they didn’t look at me though, they looked at the girl, and they shook in their boots. Apparently they believed it.

The cell they had shoved her into was small and dank. Soiled hay clung to the walls and the corners of the room. A window, high up on the wall and barred provided the only light, it was enough though in the late morning to see her well enough. She was crouched over naked, shivering and holding her knees to her chest. Dark curls stuck to her like oily black snakes. I could see part of her back from this angle, and the deep wounds that were etched into her shoulder blades were still bleeding slightly, the sight made me wince some.

I didn’t want to get my robes soiled but I had to get down to her level. So I slowly knelt down on the floor and got a closer look at her face. Her eyes were not yet open, and if it were not for the busted lip and the dirt that was smeared across her features I could have sworn she was one of the statues of the angels that watched over the church above us. Cherubic. And when she opened those eyes and looked upon me for the first time I nearly fell backwards. Her eyes were like solid dark coals set on a sheer white background. They were large and her dark lashes framed them in a beauty that most women simply did not possess. Even at her tender age I felt an uncomfortable stirring inside myself, and I knew now why the guards were shaking. There was something about this girl that should be feared.

“Maria... that is your name isn’t it child? Maria, I am Father Sebastian. A priest. Your priest if you will let me. The cardinal wanted me to speak with you, do you remember meeting him?” I spoke in a soft tone, not wishing to distress her any more then she already was.

A flash of red I was not certain I had actually seen rushed over her eyes at the mention of the cardinal and her lips pulled back to reveal a mouth of pointed teeth, the cherubic visage was no longer so.

“Ah... I see you do remember meeting his Eminence. Well, you shall have to forgive his treatment of you thus far my child. He was not sure how to react towards one such as yourself. Quiet honestly none of us do. I came to talk about what happened Maria. What happened at the abbey... do you remember what happened at the abbey?”

She snarled again showing those teeth. I sighed, I had to get through to her.

“Please, Maria. I know you can speak. I’m not going to hurt you. I’m actually here to help you. I can get things for you, some clothing, some food... would that be alright?”

That was when she looked at me, really looked at me for the first time. Those dark eyes searched into my own, I could tell that she saw more of me than perhaps anyone else ever had, or ever would. She was the one who was naked, but I felt it at that moment. But while she looked into me, I caught a glimpse of her, one of a handful of times I would see her unguarded. What I saw was beautiful, and terrifying. She was a creature not of this world, above it somehow, and yet trapped. In a way I feel in love with her right then. I like to pretend that that feeling was mutual.

Love or not she did seem to soften after searching me. And finally nodded a bit.

“Alright then. I’ll be back in awhile.”

She said nothing as I got up and walked out of the room. As I did I made a brief comment to the guards.

“Don’t touch her...”

They looked at me as if they were afraid, although if they were afraid of her or me I wasn’t sure.

I did not go straight for a dress for her, or to the kitchen for some food. But instead went straight to Cardinal Robert’s chambers.

“What is she? Really?” I demanded as soon as I was granted admission into the room.

Robert sat at his small desk, draped in red velvet. His face was smooth and oiled, hair neatly trimmed, and he smelled of musk. Slowly he turned his eyes, deep velvety brown to go with the gown, towards me and smiled slowly.

“That’s why we brought you in... we were hoping that you knew.”

“Me?” I considered this for a moment, and then shook my head with an exasperated sigh. “I see.”

“Don’t look so... upset about it Father. Have you seen the wings?” he almost sounded excited.

“Wings?” I must have blinked then and looked confused for Robert laughed at me and nodded.

“Yes the wings. Surely you noticed the wounds on her back, we had them removed.” He clapped his hands together twice and from the next room a young monk entered, head bowed.

“Your Eminence...” the boy spoke reverently.

“Show Father Sebastian...” he paused for dramatic effect and I tried not to roll my eyes at the ceiling, “the wings.”

The thought obviously did not please the monk who soured around the mouth some and nodded tensely. Without a word he twitched his head toward the room he had come from to me and scurried back to it.

“Why didn’t anyone tell me about a set of wings?” I stood up and brushed my hands together, they felt much too dry I thought, and looked at Robert.

He just shrugged, and nodded toward the room. “I thought someone had...” and left it at that.

In the next room the monk hovered near a table. A white cloth had been thrown over some objects on the table, and already blossoms of red were blooming on the cloth where the object and it came into close contact. The monk gestured but did not get within two feet of the table. I would have to lift the cloth myself to see what lay under it.

Carefully I lifted one corner and took a quick peek at what lay there. At first it looked like a dead crow. I was about to claim hoax when I pulled the rest of the cloth away and simply stood there, staring down at what was most defiantly not a dead crow.

The two wings, for surely they could be nothing else, lay on the table. Each was folded up as a bird holds its wings when not in flight. The feathers were black as night and shined even after being removed from their body. How they had been removed from the body appeared apparent. Violently. They were matted with blood, feathers were bent and a few stripped down to the shaft. I bent closer looking at the bloody stubs of flesh where they had once been affixed to the poor girl downstairs. The wounds on her back matched them perfectly as far as my mind could remember. I measured out the distance from that nub to the first joint, and then to the next and finally to the tip of the wing. They had to have spread out from wing tip to wing tip nearly six feet.

I can recall pressing my fist to my lips as I took it all in: the black wings, the pointed teeth, those eyes in that lovely face. I was not sure what she was exactly. But my first impression that she did not belong upon this plane of existence was only becoming more and more confirmed.

I dropped the cloth back on the ruined remains and nodded a thank you to the monk before passing back into Robert’s chambers.

“What are your intentions with her?” my voice firm as my eyes.

“I need to know more about her.”

“That isn’t an answer Cardinal.”

“It’s all the answer you are going to get until I learn more.”

“Where did she come from?”

“I need you to find out.”

“Cardinal!” I was loosing my temper quickly. “This girl... or... I don’t even know if I can call her a girl. She’s not like anything I’ve ever read about, let alone seen before. No one knows anything about her? Surely someone must have said something, she had wings!”

Robert pursed his lips a little as I raised my voice. “Father Sebastian... I got a report that something was amiss at one of my Abbey’s. I sent Bishop Regau to find out what was going on. He returns with that girl, for lack of a better term, in a cage. There were no survivors to tell of. Only the village people who had watched the Abbey burn to the ground. They spoke of witchcraft and a giant flying bat. Other than that I know nothing more than you. I brought you here because of who you mentored under. Find out what she is. And when you are done doing that we can discuss what we need to do with her.”

It was my turn to purse my lips together. I wondered if I could trust him, if he really had no real clue as to what she was and how she played a part in the demise of the Abbey or if I was becoming a part of some scheme. Then I wondered what choice I really had in the matter.

“I’ll do my best Your Eminence...”

“I expect nothing less. Is that all?”

I now wonder what would have happened if I had refused this assignment. I did have a choice, despite my thoughts at the time. We always have choices. Our life and inevitably our very souls depend on those choices. Whether the decision to do what the Cardinal asked of me saved me, or damned me, I am still uncertain of. Of course I know I cannot hinge my entire soul upon that one decision. I have been given many choices when it comes to Maria, and every one weighs upon me.

“Can you tell me what happened at the Abbey?”

Now dressed and hunched over a bowl of watery soup she looked more like a normal child somehow. The teeth were even more rounded than pointy I thought, perhaps I had imagined them being fang like before. Just as I must have imagined that flash of red over those coal-like eyes.

She shook her head at me as she spooned a carrot and some broth between her lips. Save for sipping up the soup she had not yet even opened her mouth, let alone spoken. This would take time. Hopefully the Cardinal would allow me that time.

“Okay... you don’t have to tell me. Why don’t we start with something much simpler? Your name is Maria right?”

Me telling her she didn’t have to talk about the Abbey seemed to make her relax some. When I asked her name she nodded and slurped a noodle into her mouth, it splashed a bit as she did, even getting a drop of the broth on my chin. As I moved to wipe it off with my sleeve I caught a hint of a smile on her rose bud lips.

“Well that is a start, Maria. How old are you?”

A question she could not answer with a simple nod or shake of the head, how clever of me.

She caught on too, and bit her lip a little bit, chewing on it. I leaned over then and reached out, touching her chin with the pad of my finger. The first time we touched a shiver ran through my body as if some cold finger had run down my spine and a smell that would come to haunt me filled my nostrils, right then I couldn’t place it, but it caused a surge of conflicted emotions to run through me. But I didn’t pull back, instead I looked into her eyes and spoke quietly.

“I’m not going to hurt you Maria... I promise you that.”

Finally she stopped chewing her lip and let her rose bud lips fall open as a single word was said, “Thirteen.”

A smile spread over my lips as she finally spoke to me. Although that smile did not touch my heart for that was bleeding for her. Thirteen years old and already she was laden with something vile.

Ever so gently I pulled my finger back, though the smell still lingered and still tugged at some distant memory.

“There... see? I didn’t hurt you.”

Nothing else moved except her head, which nodded a little. I was getting somewhere with her I mused to myself.

“So… you are Maria, and you are thirteen years old. I am Sebastian and I am twenty three. That makes me ten years older than you.” I kept the smile on my lips as best as I could, waiting for the moment it would be mirrored somehow in her.

“Can you tell me what happened at the Abbey yet?”

Her delicate eyes fell from mine when I brought it back up. Movement shifted from her head to her shoulders and she shrugged, almost as if it did not matter what happened there and another word dropped from her lips. “Dead.”

I sighed slightly at that. “Yes child… they are all dead. But I would like to know how, and perhaps why. Can you help me with that?”

“I do not know why…”

My heart leapt into my throat as I watched her shake her head. Not only had she finally spoken more than a single word, but she did not know why the people had died in the Abbey, perhaps she was not what Robert thought she was. Perhaps she had been a victim, a spectator even of whatever had happened. I felt a little guilty for taking pleasure in her answer, for certainly she was not, but I could not help how I felt.

“Alright. It’s okay Maria. You don’t have to have all the answers.”

I would almost prefer you didn’t my child… I thought as I reached over and placed her hand in my own.

“How about how they died? Do you know that?”

“Me.” The word seemed smaller than her as she uttered it. My heart fell, not to where it was before but lower down into my bowels and it took my breath with it. I could not fully realize what she said. The cherub who sat before me, barely old enough to be out of her swaddling clothing, said that she was responsible for the deaths at the Abbey, all of them unless I heard her wrong.

This moment hangs in my memory. I see her eyes with tears burning at the corners, her lips pulled into a frown at this admission, the way she trembled. I remember her feeling guilty. It was one of the few times she ever would. I wonder occasionally if I truly saw guilt rise up in her eyes, or if my memory has placed that guilt there by my conscience, or by my wishful thinking. But the moment also stays there, suspended in its brilliance, as one of the last times I was shocked by her confession. She would repeat that word many times throughout her life to me. It has always made my heart fall, but only out of pity now, not shock.

At the time though I was still desperately trying to deny everything. I would give this child innocence even if I had to paint the picture of it myself. Carefully I tried to do this.

“You set the fire then? Was it an accident?” I began to pray that both answers would be ‘yes’. That she would paint her own innocence and not peel away the gentle façade and reveal some horrible monster. But as all my prayers about Maria, it was answered with a twist of irony.

“I did not mean to start a fire…”

I did not let her finish, I was too overwhelmed with joy. My hands left hers and clasped together tightly before my chest. “Oh! Thank the Lord!”

She looked at me with slightly widened eyes as if trying to understand what this man was speaking about. Quickly I took up her hands again and wrapped my fingers around hers, noting how small and thin they were.

“It can be forgiven… accidents can be forgiven my child. Just tell me how it started.”

Her fingers twitched inside of mine and she looked up at me, hope beginning to fill in her features. She truly was lovely beyond anything I could have ever imagined possible. “Forgiven?”

I held her fingers tighter and nodded vehemently. “Yes child, forgiven. All sin can be forgiven. You just have to tell me what happened and it can be absolved.”

At the time I believed every word I said to her. I know that that is the reason she spoke to me, she could tell I was being honest with her. Only now do I doubt that all sins can be washed away. Some I think stain your soul. But I did believe them then, and more than that I wanted to give her forgiveness. I wanted to cleanse her soul of whatever darkened it and free her from her burdens, to bring her closer to God – I still do.

10/30/2009: Well this is a beginning of what I hope will become a much larger work.

2/19/2010: Added a bit more here. Hope to have her first 'confession' in the works soon

Posted on 2009-10-30 at 02:16:19.
Edited on 2010-02-20 at 03:28:07 by Merideth

Topic: Loaded Dice #27: Happy Halloween 2009
Subject: *grin*

I voted TWICE... once at work and now at home...

Oh yeah doing my part for the home team!

Hey look... Eol works in a cube! Haha! Wait... )"*($£"(!!! so do I

And I even lost my fun cubby walls that I can stick stuff in... I have real walls... white boring walls that the boss will yell at me if I put things on...

And I used to have so much fun removing coworkers fingers, filing the bones down and using them as push pins!

*swats hands* Enough posting for that girl...

At any rate... I voted twice... nananana...


Posted on 2009-10-29 at 23:28:35.

Topic: Star Trek: No Good Deed Q&A
Subject: Ohhh...

How technologically savvy we are!

Isn't Meri fun when she's in a good mood? lol

*pokes Ion* I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for that breifing! Expecting lots of explosions and graphics and surround sound! Academy Awarding winning performance!

*pokes DB* I'm nearly on the floor waiting for Rowdy's response... wondering if he'll fall over from shock due to the fact that he is left unmaimed by our favorite little state... then our new vulcan dr. man will have to dig him out of the pile of clothing in his room, curse about the smoke and drag his American clad rear end to the re'organized' sick bay!

In the words of my personal hero:

"I like this ship! You know, It's exciting!"


Posted on 2009-10-29 at 23:24:12.

Topic: Star Trek: No Good Deed Q&A
Subject: psst...



hehe... it looks like Olan has a big NOSE....

Oh... wait... *readjust glasses* he said NOES...



Posted on 2009-10-29 at 21:20:09.

Topic: Loaded Dice #27: Happy Halloween 2009
Subject: hehe

Delightful... I voted and everything!!

I want one made up for my tabletop game now!


Posted on 2009-10-29 at 17:21:05.

Topic: Star Trek: No Good Deed
Subject: Callie needs a break... or a stiff drink...

Stardate: 2368.04.10
Cmdr. Kennedy - Forward Photon Torpedo Launch Bay 0815

“Aye, sair.” Mac hadn’t even turned around as he gave her a wave and his response. They were even.

Kennedy turned her attention back to the engineering feat before her. Carefully she slid the casing closed again and gave herself a slight chiding for allowing herself to get so carried away with it. But with her usual head shake she pulled herself back to her duties.

She tapped her combadge started to talk then sighed and tapped it again to turn it off. Turning toward one of the computer screens in the forward bay she spoke to it instead.

“What is the name of that new Ensign, Sheila?”

=/\=Ensign John Warwick, Sir.=/\=

“Thanks, don’t know what I’d do without you.”

Retapping her combadge she spoke into it now, “Cmdr. Kennedy to Ensign Warwick.”

She liked her still shiny pips and even though it was a bit formal sometimes she preferred to use them even when speaking about herself, and certainly preferred it when those below her used the title.

OOC: Assuming response from tap dance boy.

“Mac in TAC,” a slight pause as she physically winces at how that came out between Rowdy, the cocoa and Mac catching her getting personal with the torpedo’s she isn’t thinking straight today, “Lt. MacTavish in Tactical,” she corrects herself quickly, “would like for that briefing to happen before 10 hundred hours. Can you swing that?”

OOC: Assuming some kind of positive response.

“Good. Go ahead and reserve a room through Operations and then send out a request for all required personnel. Speak with MeCall about who that should go to, she’ll get you a list of who needs to be there.”

Posted on 2009-10-29 at 16:17:43.
Edited on 2009-10-29 at 16:18:48 by Merideth


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