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Topic: Season of the Witch Q/A
Subject: Ohh!! Spidey!

I like spidey's! But for some reason I don't think Thea will. Then again I'm not sure would like anything save for a pastry. *shrug*

I will try to get up a post post-haste


Posted on 2010-04-05 at 23:21:32.

Topic: Save The Princess, Save The Wyrm
Subject: haha

Her brow rose and she tilted her head to the side slightly while she looked at him. For a moment her look was blank, then under her veil her mouth twitched into a slight smile.

"You would forgoe all the skirted delights Noctus is certain you would recieve if we manage to save the princess?"

Posted on 2010-04-05 at 23:14:30.

Topic: Save The Princess, Save The Wyrm
Subject: Aside...

Ela simply nodded a little bit when it was pointed out that she was unharmed. Inwardly she knew that had nothing to do with her Sylvan blood but with the fact that she stayed out of the fray, attacking with small bolts from a distance while the rest dove in and fought with the creatures.

When the creatures disappeared into more streaks of oily residue in the grass she frowned and walked over sticking the tip of her boot into one of them. “I wish they would stop doing that… it is disconcerting to have something so awful simply vanish once it is done with you.”

As she was busy inspecting the oil her fellow adventurers made the mistake of freeing the hostage. Turning her head sharply as the woman began to leap about clumsily singing some ridiculous song about being a teapot. Her frown deepened and she set her green eyes at the house, watching it to see if the shouting was bringing down any further vile creatures that would no doubt fade to oil as well.

In her scan of the building her eye fell upon Crow, who with a single moment of eye contact asked her into the shadows with him. The others seemed to be getting the screaming woman under control again and so she nodded and moved to step into the darkness with Crow.

“Well what do you think Crow? This is a nice mess we have gotten ourselves into… thoughts on how to get out?” It was easier talking to just him than the whole group. They had spent so much time together before joining up with the others, and there was an easy understanding between them both, even if she suspected his feelings ran a bit deeper than hers when it came to their relationship.

Posted on 2010-04-05 at 16:52:49.

Topic: RedWyrm School of Online Adventuring - Q&A
Subject: Wow!

So it looks like we are down to three players at the moment, but... such lovely RP you have going on between the three of you!

I'm impressed, very impressed indeed! I just hope I don't have to mop up blood in the kitchen here soon...

Keep up the good work. I know Steelight is desperatly waiting for you to show up in the woods, but this RP you guys have going on is making the delay worth it.


Posted on 2010-04-05 at 13:32:07.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Well...

I read up what I've missed the past two weeks... so that is a start right? Going to try and get a post in this week for you!


Posted on 2010-04-05 at 13:19:20.

Topic: Hi!
Subject: Hello Hello!

Well hello there indeed. Always glad to have fresh faces around here. Let us know if you need anything and have a good time looking around!


Posted on 2010-04-04 at 23:45:38.

Topic: RedWyrm School of Online Adventuring - Q&A
Subject: :)

Glad to hear people are still excited.

Speaking of which... who do I still have with us? I know some people have kind of dropped off and I just want a small hail from those still around so I can update the members list and whatnot.

Also we might have a new member soon... Yay fresh blood! Er... I mean... Students... students.


Posted on 2010-04-04 at 01:23:21.

Topic: RedWyrm School of Online Adventuring - Q&A
Subject: Update

Well I managed to get the update in.

Everyone left at the school is currently scrubbing pots in the kitchen as punishment for not working as a single unit while dealing with the imp revolt. Meri has made the order that the next morning you are to report in the woods.

What will be there is unknown to any of you.

If you wish to write up your chars experiences in pot scrubbing and trying to sleep that night please do, however I want everyone's next post to end with them in the woods awaiting whatever is to come.

And please use this forum or PM's to perhaps get some coordination down. Part of what failed last time was that we had three players try to make their characters take leading roles and no one listened to the other people. Part of that was in character yes, but part of that also falls on the players heads. So... something for chars and players to work on. Situations cannot be accomplished without teamwork.

Further out of character notes... yes Steelight (the player) is wrapping up a new character who will take on a faculty role as he is more familiar with the 3.5 gaming system. That being said he is functional as a DM, and what he says goes. We will be working behind the scenes to make this work. If there are any concerns please let either (or both) of us know.

Again sorry for being so flighty... I shall try to be better (but won't make any promises in fear of them being broken).


Posted on 2010-04-03 at 15:17:49.

Topic: RedWyrm School of Online Adventuring
Subject: Moving Along

Professor O'Leary
RedWyrm Kitchen
Tuesday Afternoon - Week 1

The Professor had silently entered her chambers shortly after Zeph had settled himself and his wolf within them. For the next hour only deathly silence was heard from the door outside. Whatever transpired in that room during that time was between her and goblin, but the sour expression on both their faces when finally the door opened spoke of it not going as well as either of them would have liked. Zeph made it to the kitchen shortly there after and joined those already scrubbing at pots and pans.

Steelight was next to enter the directors office, and his stay there was not as ominously quiet. Instead his voice carried through the empty halls raised in defiance. After that it did not take long for the door to open and under her survelliance Steelight's feet carried him to his room, where a few minutes sufficed to gather his things, and then out the front door.

As the afternoon wore on she knew she had to say something to the rest of the students and shortly before their time in the kitchen was up she went to see them.

Standing in the doorway to the kitchen she said nothing at first, letting their eyes slowly draw from their work to the hardened lines of her face. When everyone put their attentions on her she spoke calmly but firmly again.

"Steelight decided he could no longer be a student here. It is a shame, but he knew the rules when he signed up for this school. You all know the rules. I want you all to start working better as a team... that is the only way you will graduate and the only way you will survive outside these walls. First thing tomorrow morning you will begin this mission. Report to the woods just beyond the East Wing, and be prepared to work together or I shall have more empty rooms to fill with students who can..."

And without waiting for questions or comments she turned on her heel and left them to finish scrubbing gruel.

Posted on 2010-04-03 at 15:09:57.

Topic: Important News
Subject: Hey!

I was serious!

Ban the grammatically incorrect! You know how much of a headache I get having to edit it all for the newsletter. I mean seriously folks.


Posted on 2010-04-01 at 20:16:49.

Topic: Important News
Subject: Suggestion...

We should also ban members who cannot use the english language properly. As this is a text based site it is simply unacceptable to have members getting lazy with grammar, things need to be readable.

Correcting the Webmaster can also lead to banning. To paraphrase Caligula, the Webmaster is god, god is the webmaster, ergo, I'm infallible. - Alacrity

Posted on 2010-04-01 at 14:09:26.
Edited on 2010-04-01 at 14:47:52 by Alacrity

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Appologies

I know I missed posting this week, the first week we are back on and I missed... life got hectic again. I will try to get something up this week though. Just bear with Meri being flighty for a bit longer please...


Posted on 2010-03-30 at 02:13:16.

Topic: Season of the Witch Q/A
Subject: Still here I promise

I know I've been a bit flighty recently and that might continue... but I am still going to try and keep up with this just to let everyone know...

Not going to let this die because of me... just might be a bit slow. Thanks all!


Posted on 2010-03-30 at 02:11:45.

Topic: RedWyrm School of Online Adventuring - Q&A
Subject: Update?

Yes I know I promised it this weekend and then went a little AWOL on you...

Life went and got complicated.

I will try to get something up as soon as I can.

Also to let you know Steelight's character (Steelight) is going to be expelled from the school for his actions. And Steelight (the player) will be coming in with a new character who will be taking over most of the combat 'training' in the very near future.

Also I am keeping the rest of what happened in the Directors office with Zeph to myself for the moment, if Sheild Wolf wishes to disclose what happened in or out of character that is up to him... he will still be attending the school, however.

Thank you (again) for bearing with me... I'll get you moving as soon as I can I promise.


Posted on 2010-03-30 at 02:10:04.

Topic: Save the Princess Q and A
Subject: Meri bad

I know I've been silent on this game for a bit... I appologize... I can likely come up with a whole sled full of excuses but... let it suffice to say I am sorry.

I will try to get something done here in the next few days... things are just a might bit nutty right now though on the home front so I will refrain from giving myself a deadline.


Posted on 2010-03-30 at 02:06:32.

Topic: The Fates of Fortune
Subject: To Sleep... Perchance to Dream

“Make me…” her moan challenged against his lips.

And he lived up to that challenge, unleashing his raw passion against her until he coaxed his name off her lips. It rebounded off the walls of the crypt in a sweet chorus while their bodies and souls again melted together.

Finally the crashing tidal waves of their passions tossed them spent upon the sarcophagus.

“What… what was that… you were… saying… about the Imperial… Imperial Highway?” Cay whispered in heavy breaths from the warm enclosure of Nyx’s arms.

“I’m sure… I don’t remember… now…” his heavy breath returned against what was left of her ears.

“Sorry…” she laughed lightly. “Just couldn’t help myself. Do you think you will remember in the morning? I’m afraid you have worn me out…”

The kiss he rested against her ear sent a tingle down her spine, “Then sleep Cay, we will begin working out the details of your first kill tomorrow… mela en’caiamin quell kaima…”

Nodding out a yawn she began to do just that. Vaguely she was aware of him shifting under her, pulling a discarded cloak up over them. His fingers ran through her hair and she knew he was not sleeping but simply watching over her while she drifted.

Bloody elves and their trances… she thought with a smile. My bloody elf though…

Musings on how simple this had become the moment she had accepted it into the scarred remains of her heart carried her into the darkness of sleep. The darkness kept her wrapped in a blanket of dreamless bliss until the first grey fingers of dawn were teasing at the sky. Only then did she shift against her elf, an unconscious attempt to stop the voice that pierced through her sleep.

Kill him! The voice of Death had commanded over the screams.

It was a familiar dream, and she felt only the normal discomfort the memory brought back to her with it. The bluish white frame of the elf writhed on the ground screaming at her feet. The black of his blood in the moonlight ran streaks across his body as it seeped from the side of his head. Somewhere in the grass what was left of ear would be sitting, but she still could not find it.

Kill him… the voice repeated with a purr.

She turned her eyes to the sky, searching out the stars, or the moon that cast its unearthly glow upon her and the elf who still screamed. The sky was dark, though, a cloak of shadows that offered no hope.

He deserves it for what he has done. Kill him. Stop his weak screaming and cut off the pleas for mercy that come from him. Severe his thread, Cayrimsa… become MY mistress…

She considered it. He did deserve it. She could end the screaming that echoed through her brain and sit in silence, spreading her body before the darkness of the sky and submit to the voice that coaxed her. While she thought about it a black dagger with a red ruby buried in the hilt appeared in her hands.

“Such a beautiful weapon… you should be honored to be sent to the underworld by such a work of art…” She grinned as she turned and descended upon the man in the grass.

The blade disappeared into the soft pale flesh. Blood welled up around the hilt and the screams rose in the night around her. Hands reached up to stop her from attacking again and in the scream words were heard.

“Please… don’t… don’t do this… please…” Shaking her head she crawled over the body and pinned the wrists down to its sides with her knees. Bathed in blood and moonlight she rose above the elven figure, taking control of him with a delighted ecstasy.

“Stop screaming!” She commanded then as she yanked the blade from the body. Blood flew off the blade as she did, arching in the air and splashing across the grass. With every pounding beat of her heart she brought the blade down again, and again. Vaguely she heard the bones crushing, the organs collapsing and filling with blood as she kept stabbing at the man below her. A familiar heat rose up from her loins as she slickened with the dark blood and felt the life begin to fade from her victim.

The screams died down to muffled gasps, “elen.. en… cormamin…”

Over them, starting low and quiet, though, a laugh had begun. Delighted cackling that grew as the gasps stretch further apart, and then erupted loudly in her mind when they stopped.

“Now? Might I be Death’s Mistress now?” she whispered in the dark to the voice.

Take a look and see my pet…

Grinning with satisfaction she stopped her assault and let her amber eyes rove over her accomplishment. The deep wounds still bleeding in the chest gave way to the twisted face of the man she had killed. His eyes were still open and stared at her, two dull yellow moons.

“No…” she whispered over the body and started to tremble. Her eyes lowered and she looked down at her blood stained fingers, holding Nyx’s blade in their grip. Her hand ran out of focus as she gazed at the gaping wounds she had caused, as she looked at the bloody fingerprints his fingers had dug into her calves while he struggled for his life.

“No… no no no…” she repeated as the blade dropped from her fingers and onto the body of its owner. Leaning over she sought out the face of the man she loved, pulling him up off the damp grass and into her arms. Her pleas stopped as she brought her lips to his and found that the breath of his soul no longer lingered upon them.

“Oh… Nyx… please, please come back!” Still sitting in his lap she pulled him fully against her, cradling his head against her breast as she curled her body around his and screamed into the empty sky.

“What have you made me do!?”

I made you do nothing… you wanted to do it Cayrimsa… Prien cooed and let his words sooth her bleeding soul like salt.


The stillness of the coming dawn was shattered as she bolted up, the last cry that had been wrenched from her soul still bitter upon her lips. Desperately she searched in the dark for Nyx, finding only discarded clothing at first her heart kept thrashing in her chest.

“Nyx…” A strangled cry in the dark called to him, followed by a relieved gasp as she felt his arms wrap around her, pulling her chilled and clammy curves up against the familiar scarred warmth of his body. Fingers ran along his chest, pleased to find it whole and unbleeding. She brought her ear to his heart and let its reassuring beats calm her, ignoring his questions.

Posted on 2010-03-27 at 17:45:56.

Topic: RedWyrm School of Online Adventuring - Q&A
Subject: :)

I'm working on getting some things cleared up via PM but hopefully will have an update this weekend. Thank you all for being patient.

Good job everyone btw... very proud of the lot of you!

Now... if we can just get our characters to show a little more teamwork.


Posted on 2010-03-26 at 13:43:57.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Well

I think this goes without saying... but... I'm still with you.


Posted on 2010-03-22 at 01:31:53.

Topic: Crafting for Nerds - Sprite Stitch
Subject: Crafting for Nerds - Sprite Stitch

Alright... I ran into this site while looking up some cross stitch patterns, was not at all what I was looking for, but had to share it nonetheless...

Sprite Stitch

There is some really cool stuff on here.


Posted on 2010-03-21 at 18:42:34.

Topic: Demonic Vending Machine
Subject: Hmmm

It spits out Eol's job and then asks for listerine to clean the taste out of its mouth.

I feed it a Kalediscope, an over sized pillow and a grape.

Posted on 2010-03-21 at 15:34:03.

Topic: The Fates of Fortune
Subject: What you give... and what I take...

“Lady Shyndyn?” Cay laughs in a hushed whisper as the old man departs from their table. “Well… I do suppose it is better than Ettelenya isn’t it?”

His twined moons danced over a wide grin as he slid a finger down the line of her jaw. “You know, I have always been curious about that name. It is not a common surname…”

Slowly her head shakes and as she lowers it to his shoulder her eyes close as well. “No… it is not a surname, common or otherwise. Half breed infants abandoned on the side of a road don’t have families to give them surnames… they are simply called Ettelenya until they give themselves first names.”

The length of his arm curled around her and pulled her tightly against him. “I’m sorry Cayrimsa…”

“Don’t be sorry for something you did not do.”

She felt his fingers on her chin then, lifting her head off his shoulder before he ducked under the brim of her hat and pressed his lips firmly against her own. The gentlest of moans escaped from her at the reminder that it would not be like that anymore. To him she was not ettelen.

When he pulled back his fingers, bearing a layer of the bayla, replaced his lips. Laughing she took the offered pastry.

“You are welcome to all I have, including my name…”

The effervescent feeling returned, and under his gaze she brightened. “As I’ve already had your body…” she winked before leaning in and pressing her honeyed lips to his again, “I think I’ll go for your contract next…”

Her words garnered a spark in his eyes accompanied by a surprised laugh. “We should first get all the details on that contract then love…”

“Of course… and then… back to your place.”

His brow arched and he grinned, “My place? Have you brought your pillow?”

“No… but my place is likely being watched. Besides, can’t I just use you?”

Another bright grin was sent her direction before he nodded. She smiled back, marveling at how natural all of this felt, and how perfectly wonderful that was.

 * * *

In the hours that had gone by since they left ‘The Blue Dove Inn’ she had begun to fully understand the magnitude of her growing addiction for him. Over time this might dull as she became accustomed to him. For now, though, it was still too new and she needed a fix.

He followed behind her through the crack in the wall of his crypt. In the shadows she could hear his voice, still debating some details of how they would fulfill the contract he had just accepted: a senator.

After finishing their wine and sweets at the Albatross, under the occasional scrutiny of the old man who had tipped them off to the new job, they had made their way to Olsta’s gardens. As expected the slave was waiting. Again she left the talking to Nyx, although little needed to be said. He had quickly spilled the details before them, quiet obviously relieved to finally be getting this meeting over with. Olsta would be leaving with a small band of others, mainly servants but a few others of noble blood, in three days for the capitol. He was currently settling the affairs related to his wife’s recent death.

The job would prove to be dangerous no doubt, but she could not concentrate on the details of the job. Instead her mind buzzed with the memories of the voice that was now considering blood loss purring her name into her neck.

The moment the shadowed assassin pulled up to his full height again the witch pressed herself against him and bore him back against the crumbling wall. One set of fingers began to dance across the buckles of his jacket as the other set tossed her hat to the floor. The only light in the room were the amber coals that flashed at him wantonly.

Rising onto her toes she touched his cheek as she cut off his words with her lips. The lights went out and she breathed him in. His kiss alone made her dizzy, but his firm arms were wrapping around her and holding her in the kiss and so she let herself get lost in it.

When their hearts pounded with desire the kiss enflamed and their bodies ached to be freed of the clothing separating them she pulled back with a gasp. Falling back to her heels she took half a step back and looked up at him with lidded eyes. A smile spread across her face as she pulled the rubied dagger from his side. The blackened point of it drew up against the heavy padding of his coat, just over his stomach.

“Your preferred weapon correct? May I borrow it?”

The blade moved a few inches up his torso, into the opening of his coat and slid under one of the buckles. Her slender fingers curled around the hilt tightly and with a flick of her wrist she pulled the dagger out, it cut through the material holding the buckle in place easily. Her smile widened and she watched him with her playful eyes as the dagger moved up his body toward the next buckle.

“I know this job needs to look like an accident, but… I’d like to use this” her eyes ticked down to the blade a moment before she went on, “on the senator…” The next buckle opened and she continued her ascent up his torso with the weapon.

“I’ve never really killed on purpose before…” As the blade inched up toward the third buckle her other hand slid inside the opening coat and toyed against his stomach through the thin tunic.

“You would help me though, wouldn’t you?” The third buckle gave way and the blade inched up his chest, drawing closer to his neck. She breathed deeply, staring up into his eyes as the blade severed that last buckle and then came to rest against his neck.

She let it linger there a moment, biting her bottom lip as she listened to him breathe deeply. Then carefully she drew the poisoned blade across his throat, a hairs breadth from actually spilling his blood, “Help me make my first real kill?”

The deep pleased growl that served as his response while he reached up and firmly grabbed her wrist, twisting the dagger back into his possession, lit her face with a brilliant smile.

Posted on 2010-03-20 at 18:05:47.

Topic: Avatars, they can be of HUGE impact
Subject: *Grabs a Duck*

Don't be so hasty Grugg, we have to be SURE of their witchiness before we take any drastic measures.


Posted on 2010-03-20 at 14:52:01.

Topic: The Skill Check Game
Subject: oohhh la la

Success! Thanks, I look great in that chain mail bikini

I roll Knowledge (The Planes) check

Posted on 2010-03-20 at 14:50:00.

Topic: The One Word Game
Subject: Hump Day


Posted on 2010-03-20 at 04:04:43.

Topic: RedWyrm School of Online Adventuring - Recruitment Suspended
Subject: Still Ongoing...

This 'game' is still active and always taking applications for new 'students'


Posted on 2010-03-19 at 18:17:22.


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