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Topic: You can't keep a good elf down...
Subject: I heard a rumor about this....

*Pounce, facelick*

And everywhere that Eol goes, Eol goes, Eol goes
Everywhere that Eol goes
His Meri's sure to go.


Posted on 2013-09-04 at 13:29:42.

Topic: New Season of Walking Dead!
Subject: A little late to the conversation but not the show...

I've been obessively keeping up with the show this season...

And last night was a bit rough... especially considering my current situation (only 8 months pregnant myself haha). But I handled it better than I thought I would. Like Eol I knew it was coming just not sure how.

Personally I'm really intrigued to see how everything with the Governer is going to work out. I found the plot line with him in the graphic novels to be really compelling, and as they aren't being fully true to those (which is okay as it keeps me guessing all the time) so seeing how it turns out here is going to be really interesting.

I'm also thrilled to have Michelle in the cast now, she's always been one of my favorite chars. Hot bad*** chick with a sword... I may be straight but still *swoon*


Posted on 2012-11-05 at 19:32:30.

Topic: Totally Random Thoughts
Subject: Yes yes...

We know you have a swollen head Eol... tell us something we didn't know.


Posted on 2012-11-01 at 23:18:14.

Topic: Zombies in Chicago: Chapter 2 Q&A
Subject: Too long I know...

I think I am going to try this out. Although I've only got two months before this latest baby arrives (if she arrives on time that is )

Working up char information with the bossman.


Posted on 2012-10-25 at 21:56:04.

Topic: Zombies in Chicago: Chapter 2 Q&A
Subject: Boss!

You killed Amber!

But if the invite is still open for me I might have someone new to join in the group. I'll PM you my current thoughts, although they aren't fully fleshed out yet...


Posted on 2012-10-25 at 18:09:37.

Topic: ^ < V game
Subject: Cake anyone?

^ I am an opera singer
< I stand on painted tape
V It tells me where I'm going, and when to throw my cape

Posted on 2012-09-19 at 14:32:36.

Topic: Avast, mateys!
Subject: Hey I just woke up... give a girl a break ;)

Posted on 2012-09-19 at 14:29:59.

Topic: ^ < V game
Subject: hehe

^ Target Practice

< MIA too long

v Living La Vida Loca!

Posted on 2012-09-13 at 16:19:15.
Edited on 2012-09-19 at 14:30:51 by Merideth

Topic: Smuggler's Moon Q&A
Subject: *sneaking in the back*

Well I've been trying to catch up on reading everything that is going on here... and everytime I think I'm getting close someone posts up a massive 'novel'

Keep it up though.

Hopefully I'll catch up and maybe Davi will join in the fun again here soon.


Posted on 2012-05-14 at 21:08:49.

Topic: Add On Story. Fill in 3 words!
Subject: ...

who will serve

Posted on 2012-05-14 at 19:27:11.

Topic: Totally Random Thoughts
Subject: Curtains...

Closed curtains on tubs aren't that bad... although between Hitchcock, the Shining and What Lies Beneath they should...

However all white bathrooms make me very uncomfortable, because of the three above mentioned movies. I had to paint my main bathroom yellow soon after moving in due to this fear.

So don't worry Celeste you aren't alone


Posted on 2012-05-14 at 18:20:28.

Topic: Last one to post wins - Part II
Subject: wow

I haven't won this in forever... I feel so happy!

*happy dance*


Posted on 2012-05-14 at 18:17:17.

Topic: Geek Children's books?
Subject: Nerds don't have children do they?

Let's see if ol' Meri can remember how to imbed links:

Star Trek Opposites

Star Wars ABC

Nerdy education.

There are also alot of fantasy based childrens books out there that we love.

'Who Wants a Dragon?' and 'Serious Trouble' are big hits around our house.

That's what I have atm... enjoy!


Whoo! Looks like I did remember!

Posted on 2012-05-04 at 14:16:15.
Edited on 2012-05-04 at 14:17:08 by Merideth

Topic: Ground Hog Day 2012
Subject: Hail Fellow Aquarian!

My big day is tomorrow.

Enjoy your day in all it's wonderful geekiness!

Don't know about where you are but here it is pretending to be spring, no matter what that danged little rodent says!


Posted on 2012-02-02 at 17:23:51.

Topic: Merry Christmas!!
Subject: Quel Yenearsira

And all that jazz to my lovely Innmates from me and my crazy family!


Posted on 2011-12-23 at 17:23:04.

Topic: worst DM/GM blunders
Subject: Hmmm...

Well I've tried a few games over the years, usually as a player, but one as a DM (which did not work out very well). I'm not good at thinking on my feet and adjusting for the silly stunts players throw at you. Ohh... and a small word of advice, if you want to play an NPC with an accent... try and keep the accent steady the whole time or just give up and have them speak like you do. I had this little female Dwarf named Clementine that ran the local tavern... and she went from being Southern, to Cockney, to some strange accents no one recognized in the same sentence. Needless to say my players though Clementine was hilarious.

Another bit of advice I'd have is to say 'yes'. When a player comes up with a crazy idea let them try it. We've had DM's that simply put down a nutty idea the second it comes up instead of letting it play out. If the idea is REALLY nuts have it fail, maybe even an epic fail, but let it happen. For one those ideas often become the golden moments that making gaming fun. And if players feel that the DM is simply going to shut down all of their ideas they will stop putting effort into play and will simply go 'I swing my sword at that guy...' during combat and everyone looses interest.

That's all for now!


Posted on 2011-12-17 at 20:30:25.

Topic: The RDI SHOP
Subject: Egads!

I still haven't gotten my little guy that onsie! He's still small enough though. Might have to be a Father's Day present this year

And yes I do have to agree with flirty... there should be some slinkier RDI stuff. Tank Tops perhaps? Or panties... ohhh... Chaotic Evil panties!? And Lawful Good panties... for all of our many different moods Bikini's or boy-cut-shorts please. I prefer it if my a** is covered at all times.


Posted on 2011-12-17 at 20:17:26.

Topic: RPG MB - Holiday Edition
Subject: Definatly my favorite Christmas Card!

And lovely job at building the stats Mort.


Posted on 2011-12-17 at 15:19:02.

Topic: ...and he breezes back through...
Subject: Dunky!

Awww... hon we've missed you! Sounds like alot has gone on in your life. Glad to see you've wandered back to us though.


Looking forward to seeing you around.


Posted on 2011-12-15 at 15:39:09.

Topic: Creative Writers and Role Players Required
Subject: Mostly off topic here... okay almost completly, so shoot me ;)

First yay to babies! Congrats Orb on the new addition, and I like the name, kind of a Firefly reference

Ohh... and yay for World Series inspired games. Go Cards!

Well have a great game guys, looks like fun, wish I could join in but I know I'll just flake out right now.


Posted on 2011-12-14 at 20:33:53.

Topic: Breaking the Fourth ~ A D&D Webcomic
Subject: So I just found this...

And got all caught up. Very fun Celeste.

The strangest things happen during D&D nights... I've never drawn comics, but I have played 'secretary' and typed up comments that are said around the table, and those can be very funny.

Glad you are sharing this with us! The bow one is my personal favorite so far... 'practice more'


Posted on 2011-12-14 at 18:13:07.

Topic: Tales from the Smuggler's Moon
Subject: A small post while I wait for everyone to return

“He won’t hurt you or turn you over to those that would,” Asim continued as he turned and left, his voice came faintly from down the hallway, “even if you hurt him in the end.”

Davian set down the bit of bread and cheese she was about to eat, having suddenly lost her appetite.

Fools and good men were often hard to tell apart. It seemed the Captain might be more of the former than the latter. Which was a damned shame.

She went about cleaning up the little lunch that she had shared with Asim and then wandered back to the Captain’s quarters. The good feeling she had gotten talking to the rope runner had disappeared and left her with a feeling as grey as an impending storm. Nothing good would come of this trip… but she had little choice in the matter. Looking out the little window in his quarters that faced the Eastern bluffs of the city she knew that Freeport held only a fate worse than death.


Across town, in one of the veritable palaces on the Eastern bluffs, Vernon sat with a fine brandy warming in his hands and looked out West. The port was dotted with easily a few hundred ships. That was the real Freeport. The docks and the warehouses, the taverns, and shops that spilled out onto the land beyond them were simply support for the ships. If the harbor shut down this entire city would collapse.

Most of his own fortune was tied up somehow in those ships. Certainly he had some money squirreled away in ventures that were completely dry just in case a drought sapped the ocean into a dessert. But that was an unlikely future and one that he did not realistically plan for. No. Those ships were pure gold.

On most afternoons the mere sight of them could bring a small smile to his lips. Today though a tight scowl was etched into his face and would not leave. Seeing those ships only made it tighter. Somewhere down on those ships there might be a treasure worth more than gold.

Already the city scurried with the tiny cockroaches he had sent out to find her, but so far none had come back with even a crumb. They would though. Eventually they would drag her back to him as they always had. And she would pay… she would pay back every gold piece he had spent finding her with interest… she would pay with her screams and her tears. Only that thought brought the slightest smile to his eyes.

He swirled the brandy and thought about having her back as he watched the ships in the harbor. Never knowing that the whirlpool eyes he so desperately sought stared back at him from one of them.

Posted on 2011-12-07 at 19:50:46.

Topic: Smuggler's Moon Q&A
Subject: :)

Glad some of that muse-glitter wore off!


Posted on 2011-12-07 at 19:14:22.

Topic: Smuggler's Moon Q&A
Subject: Oh I know... I know...

I am going to get something up by the end of the week. And hopefully I've kicked enough muse-iness into Eol to garner something from him as well.


Posted on 2011-12-06 at 22:59:50.

Topic: Olan MIA (again)
Subject: *hugs*

Ehh... sorry to hear about the sudden bad luck, but hope you get things sorted out quickly.

Lots of good thoughts for you and your family this holiday season!


Posted on 2011-12-06 at 17:10:48.


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