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Topic: Buried Secrets Q&A
Subject: Moving Forward?

Are we good to move down into the village? Try and find a place to stay for the night and all?


Posted on 2008-12-17 at 15:38:29.

Topic: Paranoia
Subject: Split Up!

Once the train pulled to a stop Julianne pulled herself off the seat and out of the car. She pulled her PAD back out as if to use it and waited for the others to get out. Hearing the suggestion that they split up and search with more efficiency she nodded in agreement.

"Yes, that sounds like a good idea. We should all meet up again in four hours, here good for everyone? Oh... and please stop yelling, I'm standing right here..."

She threw a beaming smile at the group.

Posted on 2008-12-17 at 15:05:02.

Topic: The One Word Game
Subject: They go hand in hand...


Posted on 2008-12-16 at 23:06:55.

Topic: Paranoia Q&A
Subject: Hmmm

Alright I am working on a post for this, I promise.

But on a side note. My tabletop group has gotten a copy of the book for this (note: I have not read it so I am not being treasonous, please don't shoot me!) and are thinking of starting a game up. The only real concern is that they have heard that it's actually best for the GM and that the players just kind of play along with all of his inside jokes. And from Addy's last euber exuberant post I am tempted to go along with that analysis...

Not that I'm not having fun, and I know Olan got a kick out of shooting Grugg in the face, and that Grugg is cooking up some terrible form of revenge for when he can pick this up again... lol.


Posted on 2008-12-16 at 15:40:37.

Topic: RDINN Feature Updates/ Suggestions/ Bugs
Subject: Question

Is there a reason the fun little lines of goofy smilies at the bottom of the page when you are writing a post or PM do not show up when editing a post?
I've run into the situation where I've wanted to add a crazy smilie or need one to go with an edit and end up having to open another window to figure out what the html is for it to type it onto the post...

Nothing too important, just curious...


P.S. While I'm on the issue of smilies, why isn't there one making a kissie face?

Posted on 2008-12-12 at 21:23:31.

Topic: Totally Random Thoughts
Subject: wow

And I thought I was gonna go to hell for making fun of the little kids at the pre-K and K Christmas Service at church last night... well maybe I am, but I think I'm gonna have some company!

*grabs Returner's hand and goes skipping down that yellow brick road toward hell*


btw, thanks for that R. I like having a reason to laugh at work!


Posted on 2008-12-12 at 21:18:19.

Topic: Totally Random Thoughts
Subject: Ah!

So it is male, always hard to tell with elves... but that makes sense. I thought it might be a very well endowed female, but I thougth the page was PG 13 and that seemed inappropriate... hehe

Although when you pull up the actual pic, that's quiet the cod piece he has!


Posted on 2008-12-12 at 20:56:24.
Edited on 2008-12-12 at 20:57:59 by Merideth

Topic: Totally Random Thoughts
Subject: Question...

I keep staring at the holiday greeting on the main page... the blonde elf on the bottom right corner, what is that under his/her chin? I can't figure it out!
But maybe it's because I keep getting distracted by that cute red head above it


Posted on 2008-12-12 at 20:44:29.

Topic: Some Secrets are Best Left Buried...
Subject: No Cure

At the first off key note Syana had leapt to her feet and started to pull out her sword. On the second note she paused and listened again as Isaac’s strange song moved through the mist back toward them. Shoving the sword back into its sheath she couldn’t help but let a little smile play with the corner of her lips. It actually stayed on her face while she watched Shianna circle around Isaac with her concerns about his ‘signing sickness.’ Syana on the other hand was rather certain that it was not an illness but a disorder and that there likely was not a cure.

Once Shianna and Isaac were done discussing his ‘sickness’ she listened as Isaac told them of what he had found in the village. Nodding to herself she adjusted the bags hanging off her shoulders and prepared to head to village when the rest of the group left.

She had to admit to herself that she was very pleased that the village did not appear to be over run with carrion. The thought of fresh water and shelter had certainly piqued her interest and if they had decided to stay out for the night she would have been disgruntled. Not that anyone would have known it, just as none would know just how pleased she was at this turn of events. There had only been one who had ever fully understood how she was feeling, only the one, and those days were long gone. Taking a look around her surroundings, peering into the mist, glancing at the lights ahead and finally searching the sky for any stars that might be seen between the clouds she knew that those days were long over.

((Note: She will follow the group to the town, and obviously will let the others approach any villagers and speak to them about making arrangements for the night.))

Posted on 2008-12-12 at 20:24:28.

Topic: Buried Secrets Q&A
Subject: hehe

Very nice Rer... and Gin... now I remember why I never watched that show

I'll get my post up sometime soon.


Posted on 2008-12-12 at 19:38:06.

Topic: Totally Random Thoughts
Subject: *yawn*

*sings while yawning*
I hate work, I hate work, I hate work...

Posted on 2008-12-12 at 18:39:22.

Topic: The Morphing Game
Subject: new word


Posted on 2008-12-12 at 18:31:53.

Topic: The Would You Rather Game
Subject: well well

I have some rather nice lovelies that I like to treasure, and so does my husband

Jordan or Tolkien?

Posted on 2008-12-12 at 18:23:49.

Topic: Santa Baby...
Subject: It It Could Only Be True

Brand new... Intestines.
I could really use some new ones.

Posted on 2008-12-12 at 18:16:06.

Topic: The Morphing Game
Subject: It's cold, get your


Posted on 2008-12-10 at 17:43:48.

Topic: The Would You Rather Game
Subject: Well Then...

Peanut Brittle once again for the win.

'I Found a Peanut' or 'The Ants Go Marching'?

Posted on 2008-12-10 at 17:20:05.

Topic: Totally Random Thoughts
Subject: Weird

I watched Resivoir Dogs last night, and the lime coconut song is played during the credits, I was singing it for the rest of the night, and even dancing badly to my bad singing of it (my husband just shook his head and sighed at me).

Speaking of singing I also get the 'Santa Baby' song stuck in my head every time I see that game.
"Just think of all the boys I haven't kissed..."


Posted on 2008-12-10 at 16:56:43.

Topic: The Would You Rather Game
Subject: Well

Depends who you ask...

I am Deliciously Wicked... and I keep telling my husband that he isn't going to get every single robot toy that we see in the store, so perhaps I am the Grinch.
Then again I like giving gifts (that fit into my budget) and everyone at work thinks I'm very sweet and innocent, so perhaps I'm St. Nick.

Although I look really good in green...
We'll go with the Grinch.


Continuing with the holiday theme:
Peanut Brittle or Peppermint Bark?

Posted on 2008-12-10 at 16:44:21.

Topic: Santa Baby...
Subject: Well... If I'm Gonna Ask...

Might as well go big...
The Byzantine Empire,


Posted on 2008-12-10 at 16:31:57.

Topic: Failure to thrive
Subject: Yay!

Well good luck stuffing his cute little face!


Posted on 2008-12-10 at 14:54:05.

Topic: Paranoia
Subject: Made It!

Out of the crowd Julianne suddenly appears, running at full speed for the lift where the rest of her group is standing.

She grabs a hold of one of the hand bars just as it lurches out of the station.

“Whew…” the exclamation falls out of her breathless lips. She then brings her hand to her mouth as she yawns deeply.

“I really need to get more sleep if I’m gonna run like that.” She smiles as she pulls out her own pad and starts to type on it.

Before long though her eyes flash open wide for a moment and she raises her head, looking around. Anyone who might have caught her sudden movement she offers a wide reassuring smile to, then she eases herself down onto a seat, eases herself all the way down onto the seat, laying her head down on it with her left ear pressing against the vinyl.

“Woah… not really used to the lift, don’t ever have a need to take it… let me know when it is our stop.” And she closes her eyes, looking slightly pale and possibly motion sick.

Posted on 2008-12-09 at 16:16:18.

Topic: Totally Random Thoughts
Subject: Christmas Angst

Why do we wrap presents and put bows on them, isn't christmas expensive enough without having to pay for something that will just get torn up by the cats and the children and finally thrown away?


And not to mention that once you get that present wrapped and put the bow on it, the bow only serves as a magnet for the cats?


Posted on 2008-12-08 at 18:15:44.

Topic: Some Secrets are Best Left Buried...
Subject: Another Silent Bardic Tale

Once she stepped back she waited to see what the others would say about her suggestion. In the dim light it was hard, but not impossible to see a small smile touch her lips as the group caught on and seemed to support the idea.

Then when Isaac spoke of being as dense as the mist her checks flushed pink and she ducked her head even lower.

Despite the blush and the small smile she said nothing and did not move to make a sign to enlighten the rest of the group to her thoughts. Instead she waited until Isaac had started to move away from them and into the swirling mist. With his back to her she crouched down on the ground, resting only on her feet with her skirt pooled around her, and watched him until he disappeared from sight. Once gone she keeps her eyes moving, looking between the spot he disappeared from, the distant lights, and the surrounding woods.

Her lips move in silence again, one hand rests on her sword, the other on her pendant, and she shivers now and then.

If one could read lips: The snow fell heavily so when he opened the door it flew in the home and settled upon the carpeted floor. His snow caked figure stood large and looming at the threshold of his own home, the cold dagger still held firmly in his grip. Inside a delicate woman cradling a babe in her arms looked up, the soft yellow light from the fireplace playing over her features. Seeing her husband she smiled, but it faltered when she noticed the dagger. Her mouth opened as if to speak, but the words would be stopped by a scream, as the snow on the floor turned red and melted with the heat of blood…

If Isaac calls for help she will rise, unsheathe her sword and go toward where his voice came from. If he returns silent and safe she will again rise and wait to see what he has to report before making any other actions.

Posted on 2008-12-08 at 17:45:12.

Topic: Who is your favorite superhero?
Subject: My Two Cents

I can honestly say I have read like five comic books my whole life (real super hero comic books that is)... so this opinion is based souly on movies, cartoons, and talking to friends who have read books...

Hellboy. I'm surprised to see no one has mentioned him. I love him, he loves kitties, and he's the reluctant hero type, human to the core, but awesome at the same time...

As for a villian... I guess Malicifient doesn't work in this catagory does she? Which is unfortunate, she really is the ultimate villian of nearly all time. But I guess if I had to pick a comic book villian... umm... I'll go with the Joker, both Jack and Heath's version are awesome.


Posted on 2008-12-05 at 21:23:24.

Topic: Totally Random Thoughts
Subject: Hmm

Where can I get a pom pom crab to keep as a pet?

Posted on 2008-12-05 at 20:12:32.


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