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Topic: The Fates of Fortune
Subject: Verbal Jab? Nah...

“Dina! Dolle na lost, e llefea nan’eleaya ten’tavua!” He said as he pulled into close to her and shoved his pointy elven finger in the small space between them. Once again she pulled in her breath and held it in her chest not pulling back despite her initial instinct to do so.

I did it this time didn’t I?

Her back foot did slide a hair backwards and she locked her knees preparing herself for whatever assault he might bring upon her this time. It didn’t come though. Instead she watched as he took a breath and paused those yellow eyes taking on a look she couldn’t place. It lasted but a moment in reality, long enough for a fish to jump in the dark water behind them, for the wind to catch a lock of her hair and twist it up and over her shoulder, for the early morning light to catch on the waves and cast a sparkle across the bay, and no longer.

It was gone as he threw his arms and “Pach!” into the air between them and finally headed off.

But what was it? she asked herself as she stood there for a moment watching how his long black mane caught the light off the bay. Lust? Desire? No… well… yes… but no.

Dolle na lost… rang through her head along with the look in his eyes. Then the memory her dreams were trying to surface for her came back.

Nyx’s narrow golden eyes changed into the twin pale blue moons of Pyrodia. They were filled with water, spilling over and cascading down her plump face. She was speaking but little of it made sense. Only two things made sense. The first she said slowly and not completely correctly despite her practice: Amen Hira Effa. The second she whispered as she reached up and touched the gentle swoop of Cay’s pointed ear with the hand not confined in the sling: Beautiful.

Pyrodia was not the only one crying. Cay was screaming as she was pulled from Pyrodia’s legs, those unfortunate enough to get this duty were met with kicks and gnashing teeth…

With his back to her Cay’s face dropped and for a moment it looked as if she might cry, curled fingers went to her lips and behind them she whispered softly, “Raika. Feamin na lost.”

It was the flutter of her hair that brought her back she made a disgruntled noise with her breath and turned her expression back to stone. Wrenching her hat from her head. The soft pink light of the rising sun washed over the tresses as she pulled her fingers through it. The next moment the hair is twisted up on her head and disappeared under the hat as it is pulled back down low on her brow.

“I’m coming with you!” She calls after him and begins a brisk stride to catch up.

“Do as you will,” Nyx replied, waving a dismissive hand but not bothering to look back as he strode for the inland end of the Grey Arm. “See that you manage to keep up, though,” he added, a condescending grin besmirching his lips as he turned and looked her up and down once more, “if we plan to get you through the Imperial Quarter looking like that, we’ll need to move quickly… and keep to the few shadows that remain…”

Again she met his eyes as he looked her over and gave him a disapproving frown.

“You know I am not the only one who will have difficulties getting around the Imperial Quarter without raising a few brows.” Her voice retained very little of the acid it had only moments ago, surprisingly enough. “With ears like yours you should be in some cheap livery in that district, not running around with weapons strapped to your back and the symbol of Prien blazing off your belt. They would likely consider me simply some beggar… I might get shooed off, but you could be hauled off… Perhaps we would both benefit from a change of attire?”

She prayed that the expression on her face was void of any emotion and that her eyes were not red from the tears she had just kept back.

Posted on 2009-11-24 at 00:49:00.
Edited on 2018-11-19 at 14:41:35 by Eol Fefalas

Topic: Yes, I'm back
Subject: :)

How delightful to see you back dear Cap'n!

Your creativity has been missed around here I assure you.

at the waiting table bit. I've got a degree in history (without a teaching certificate) which makes me qualified to audit invoices apparently... hehe.

They tell you to pick a major you are passionate about and to follow your dreams... that anything is possible! And then you graduate and try to sell that to an employer... doesn't work out so great.

But hang in there... and hang out here for some good old stress relief!


p.s. Check out 'Fates of Fortune' on the personal creations thread...

Posted on 2009-11-24 at 00:25:05.

Topic: ^ < V game
Subject: Ramen?

^ Should get their blood pressure checked...

> Skipped breakfast and feels bad about it

v Ate left over Dorito's for breakfast because they are a TRUE gamer...

Posted on 2009-11-23 at 18:42:37.

Topic: The Fates of Fortune
Subject: I'm Going

“Report to Dmitrova? Report what exactly? That you assaulted me in an alley and are out killing legionnaires that have nothing to do with our current task? That you’ve gone off on your own to scout on the little Bolstoii princess? Is that what I am supposed to go tell Dmitrova? And am I supposed to trust you not to finish the job and then run off to Dmitrova and make a report of your own, taking not only all the money for this but also all the honor? 

“I told you last night, adanedhel, that I do not trust you. You think that your little trick this morning has made me feel any differently to you? 

“I’ve had plenty of sleep. I do not need any further rest nor do I need your pity, or your compassion. Any compassion you might feel is only your confusion over the lust burning in your pants. Perhaps you would have benefited by finding a whore to thrash around with yourself last night. 

“Come to think of it… I know a few around here. Perhaps I should find you one and let you ‘rest’ up while I go and investigate the Bolstoii manse. 

“Or perhaps…” she smirks, “perhaps you are trying to get rid of me just so you can get the little Bolstoii princess on your own? Hoping to get a taste of a human yourself? Is that it?” 

This spews out from her even as the color rises slightly into her cheeks and she inwardly curses herself for allowing herself to lose control of her temper once again. 

“I’m going with you.” She finally ends without much room for discussion in her voice. 

Turning to head toward town she caught sight of her hair sliding over her shoulder and made a disgruntled noise. Her hat is wrenched from her head. The soft pink light of the rising sun washing over the tresses as she pulled her fingers through it. The next moment the hair is twisted up on her head and disappears under the hat as it is pulled back down low on her brow. 

Posted on 2009-11-23 at 04:41:47.
Edited on 2018-11-19 at 14:32:33 by Eol Fefalas

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: Ready Sir...

Halia looked over at Cor when he spoke. The noise of the door opening had stopped them all in their track and she gave a slight nod to Cor. Not only letting him know that she had heard him and was listening to advice but also a small reminder that she still considered him their leader.

Carefully she drew her sword and held it at her side while keeping her eyes on the door from whence they just came.

Posted on 2009-11-22 at 22:27:51.

Topic: The Fates of Fortune
Subject: mmmmm... tasty

She itched. Naken miretse. Little red naken miretse all over her body. Once she had tried to remember a time when she was not covered in them, and couldn’t. She had always itched, and in the spring it was always worse. The cold snows of winter melted and just as she felt that her own limbs had begun to thaw they were overtaken by the miretse. 

Scratching at her arms she crawled out of the little tent and found herself again assaulted by the smell of estolad nuarea. Around her the camp had begun to stir. On the far edge of the camp a small blue tent sat huddled in the mist. No one from that tent yet stirred but that was the tent she focused on. 

Pyrodia was in that tent. Pyrodia was the most beautiful woman Cayrimsa had ever seen. Everything about her was round something that Cayrimsa found intriguing. Her figure was a soft oval, her eyes were like the moon, even her ears were perfect half circles on her bulbous head. The ears were not as good at holding back her hair as elven ears were, so the golden locks would fall across her eyes constantly, and she would laugh and push them back vainly. Sometimes Cay would reach forward and push them back for her and they both would laugh.

The round woman had promised Cay that soon she wouldn’t itch anymore. A ‘tub’ would fix it. Cayrimsa was not sure what a ‘tub’ was or how it could stop her from itching, but she wanted to find out. She desperately wanted to find out. 

Soon… so very soon…

Laughter erupted around her prodding into her skull with jagged points. Before the taunts even began she had started to cry.

“Amin miqula he avari…”

“Laiwa earendil…”

The elven children taunted as they tossed pebbles at her.

“Waen agar!”

A rock hit her calf as the anger began to boil her waen agar…

“Wake up,” 

Groaning she opened her eyes and before truly allowing sight to enter them sent out a prayer that she would see the beautiful rounded woman before her. Instead her eyes took in the black angular form of Nyx standing above her and she groaned with distaste. His image blanked out for a moment by a great orange sun that landed in her lap. 

“Breakfast,” he said simply, his eyes scanning the rippling waters of the bay for a moment, finally sought out the amber eyes of the witch and, once having met them, flicked a meaningful glance at a damp-looking black bag that sat on the other side of the pylon against which she had been propped. “That’s for you, as well, yes,” he said, turning away and strolling a foot or so away as he feigned interest in finishing his orange. “We’ll talk business when you’ve finished eating and opened your gift, perhaps…”

“I’m not hungry…” muttering in a nearly healed voice as she plucked the fruit off her lap and tossed it over her shoulder into the dark waters. 

And even if I was I wouldn’t care for your handouts.

Her ‘gift’ was close to her and at this distance she could smell it. A heavy metallic scent that she knew all too well. Cautiously she pulled the strings of the bag and leaned over to peer at its contents. 

Out of the darkness a blue eye stared up at her from the palm of scarred hand. The fingers of the hand had curled up around the lidless eye and she could see the cheap gold ring with the ‘D’ engraved on it. The same ‘D’ that had been imprinted into her own flesh on more than one occasion. 

“Ehhh…” the sound escaped from her before she could stop it and she struggled to keep her eyes on the contents of the bag instead of lifting to the elf who had brought them for her.

Dugan. So he did watch… followed me last night like the bloody assassin that he is. And apparently didn’t like what he saw. 

Or maybe he did…

True. Perhaps the sight of me pressed up against the wall crying out into the darkness turned him on. No better than your human counterparts now are you Nyx? Jealous that you didn’t make me scream like that… unable to comprehend passion without pain. You are nothing special Nyx… so stop pretending you are.

You also will not get a rise out of me on this, not again… you want to hear me scream? You’ll have to try harder here on out.

Deliberately she reached into the bag and plucked out the hand with the eye still balanced in its grip. Eyes finally reaching up toward Nyx she rotated her own hand so that the blue iris of the eye fell upon him, almost as if allowing Dugan to have a final look at his killer. Still holding the hand she eased her way to her feet. The motion was not as graceful as she would have liked as her muscles ached and fought against her.

“I see you do not approve…” She glanced at the hand once more then tossed it after the orange. 

She allowed a small moan to peel from her as she stretched out her shoulders some, watching his face as the sound hit his pointy ears. 

“There are others of course. Will you do this to them all?” Slowly she took a step closer to him as she raised her hand up between them, giving him a good look at her blood streaked across it in explanation.

“Will you? Because it won’t matter. You could kill every one of them… and still you would not taste…” she paused and moved her palm to her own lips. Her tongue slipped out and trailed over her own skin from the point where her thumb met her wrist to the tip of her index finger and let her eyes lid slightly as the thick human blood filled her taste buds, “as sweet as a human…” 

The blood stained tip of her tongue disappeared with a lick of the lips that curled into a snarl again. 

You know that is lie though Cay... Elves do taste sweeter than humans. Don't you remember? Even through the screaming you could not help but to savor that sweet taste now could you?

Shut up you elven bitch! You told me to move on... I'd really rather not remember. Thank you very much...

But you do...

Ignoring the battle within she cleared her features as she watched Nyx.

“Now that you have that out of your system. We can get to work right? You said you knew where to start…” the taunting sultriness in her voice faded to a firm snap. The blood stained hand rubbed against her thigh transferring the stain onto the already well soiled dress.

Posted on 2009-11-22 at 17:51:24.
Edited on 2018-11-19 at 14:22:46 by Eol Fefalas

Topic: The Fates of Fortune
Subject: He left!

Alone… she sighed after his presence had been gone from her space for several minutes. But am I really? How long had he been on the roof before he came down? What did he see me doing? How can I be certain that he isn’t there now? Watching… lusting perhaps… like some fetid animal…

Carelessly she swabbed the salve out of the vessel and across her battered neck. The little grey leaves… covered in his spittle… she snarled at but then popped into her mouth with a disgusted look upon her face after she coughed again. With a great hatred she noticed that they worked. Leaving them in her mouth she drew the blankets up over her head and buried herself in them on the pallet. Darkness consumed her vision and she closed her eyes desperately trying to will herself to sleep.

Should you allow any of them to harm her, Captain, then you’ll also need to turn them on me…

Even in the dark his words came back to her. She rolled over to her side and tried to wipe her mind clear. On this side of the bed his breath was upon her face though.

You on the other hand, arwenamin, seem to be keen on undermining anything that may be placed within your reach for no other reason than to sate your own self-loathing and unreasoning hatred towards the points of ears which you have long since carved away from your fetid little head…

Groaning she clutched the blankets up to the nubs of her ears, even through the blankets she could feel the scars where once graceful points had held her hair back. 

Something for you to think on.. the phantom elf whispered out of the darkness. She rolled to her other side, her lips pressing tightly against her teeth against the memory of his kiss.

There are no others of my kind, Cay… what remained of my clan I dispatched to their end with my own hands after your beloved humans had killed or enslaved the rest…

Finally she plopped herself onto her back and tore at the blankets that now twisted around her. They bunched at her feet and she took a deep breath opening her eyes and half expecting to see his yellow eyes gleaming out of the darkness, that smile on his lips as he examined her bare figure in the starlight that drifted through the skylight. Instead the branches of her blood red tree spread themselves over her.

Your weaving is exquisite. You’ve really quite captured yourself in that piece over your bed…

“Aaarreeegggggggghhh!” She cried out in frustration and pulled at her hair as the final whispered words drifted over her skin.

I may have to touch you…

“No. I won’t let you.” Finally she sat up, giving up on the thought of sleep. Her impure blood coursed through her veins quickly. Desire and hate burning across her flesh and her mind until she could stand it no longer.

He is nasty to you and you lash out at him… when he is trying to be civil and decent… perhaps even nice… you lash out at him. What is it you want Cay?

“I just want to be left alone! I don’t ask for his hatred, his pity, or his kindness!”

What do you want? the voice repeated.

“You know damn well what I want!” The next moment she was across the room, tugging her clothing back on, snarling as that elven scent drifted back up to her as she did. 

This isn’t what you want… the voice mocked her with a laugh.

“Enough!” She spat and with a jingle of bells left her space to enter the darkness of the night once again. Through the mud of back alleys along the wharf she wandered, pulling her hat down over her eyes to hide the stars from her vision. Reducing her vision to the tips of her boots did not impede her progress though, the path she took no doubt embedded in her memory. 

Mud gave way to wooden planks and her footsteps made dull echoes along the dock. A few feet of this and another set of footsteps moved in behind her. A smile began to curl at the corner of her mouth.

So predictable…

Is this what you want?


When the arms finally wrapped around her she jumped for but a moment before being spun around in them and finding herself looking up into a familiar face. The human had a long scar running down through his left eye and seared it shut with the unforgiving tissue. The other eye, a brilliant blue, gleamed down at her in the moonlight as a smile cracked over jagged teeth. 

“Been awhile…” the voice was rough and solid, just like the body that was now pressing against her own.

As Nyx had pressed against me… 

She returned the smile to the human and turned her face up. “Very true. It has been awhile. But I see you have not forgotten…”

A laugh, “Forgotten you?” A hand slid down her back to the swell of her bottom and gave a hard squeeze even as his hips shifted against her. “No… I couldn’t forget you.” 

“Not too busy protecting the docks tonight then?” a teasing tone to her voice.

“Seems you are the worst that could happen to them, now doesn’t it Cay? Perhaps keeping you occupied is the best way to protect them.” The face disappeared a moment before she felt lips upon her bruised neck. 

“ummm… seems so…” she whispered through a slight wince at the pain his nibbles caused.

“You hurt?” The man pulled back and took a look at the flesh he had been teasing. A look rippled over his one good eye. “You’ve been with someone else…” The voice dropped into a dangerous growl.

Cay did not pull from his arms though, instead she looked up into that eye until stars clouded her vision as the fist she had been anticipating crashed into her cheekbone. Even expected, it took her a moment to recover from the suddenness of it, and the pain. It seared through her like wildfire, consuming everything else just as she had anticipated it would. The desire and hate she had been feeling when she left her space was eaten by the pain that now burned in her core.

Opening her eyes finally she stared up into that human face while she grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled him closer. Their lips met in a violent kiss that consisted more of teeth and raw passion than anything else. Arms curled tightly around her before dragging her into the shadows created between a building and a mountain of crates…

…ten minutes later the shadows let go of the large man first. Throwing back his brutish shoulders he refastened his belt and grins with satisfaction. Still adjusting his uniform he wandered down the seafront without a glance back. 

As his footfalls stop reaching her ears Cay herself stumbled out of the shadows. She wiped her lips with the back of her hand and drug the blood it drew against her thigh. A rose madder blossom already blooming across her left cheekbone. 

Well you don’t smell like him anymore now do you?

“No…” she whispers between deep breaths. Commerce and mortar… “Exactly…” 

With the scent of the human still fresh on her and the memory of his hands pulling at her skin while he took her she walked toward Gray Arm Dock. Going back to her space for a few hours of sleep would be a futile task and she knew it. The space no longer seemed completely like hers anyway. He had invaded it. He had touched her things, breathed upon her things, cast his sickly yellow eyes upon her things. It would reek of him still. It was better to simply go to the dock and await the coming day there. 

Once at the dock she took little care to look around the shadows for Nyx. 

He could be there… still watching. Perhaps he has trailed you this whole time. Perhaps he even saw what you did.

“I almost hope he did…” she whispers into the sea as she melts down against one of the heavy logs. Black waves washed in toward her and pulled back out into the great ocean. Above that the sky spread out in every direction. Stars winked at her and bounced their luster off the crests of the ocean. 

Long ago someone had taught her about the stars. The stars each had names and most of them belonged to a constellation that had a name as well. Constellations belonged to greater groups of stars that sometimes also had names. Each revolved in a perfect harmony around the others. If one took the time to truly study them the answers to the universe could be found. No matter how many times she gazed upon the stars, though, the answer she sought never appeared. 

Silently her swollen lips began to name the stars she saw above her. One by one they were named and still they brought no answers… only sleep. 

Her face hidden under the brim of her hat as it rested between her knees and her chest Cay did not notice when the stars began to fade from the sky and the first streaks of light played across the horizon.

Posted on 2009-11-21 at 16:09:26.
Edited on 2018-11-19 at 14:04:00 by Eol Fefalas

Topic: Star Trek: No Good Deed
Subject: Warp Core...

Stardate: 2368.04.10
Lt. Garrish – Main Engineering – 1220

Cole Garrish stepped out of the turbo lift in main engineering. In another time and place he would have been a great candidate for a football team. Tall and broad, a fact that is only accentuated by the gold uniform, he is an impressive sight.

The respectful pulls to attention the crew gave him as he walked by, giving each a small nod of ‘as you were’ as he passed, was something that size alone could not garner, however. He picked Warwick out of the crew immediately. The new shiny face matching the new shiny shoes on the eager young officer.

((OOC: Expecting a proper formal greeting from Warwick as Garrish approaches))

“As you were Ensign Warwick. I’m Lt. Garrish…” He held out his hand which envelopes Warwicks completely when they shake hands.

“The Cmdr says you have found a problem with her warp core… care to show me what you’ve found?”

While following the boy back up to the problem Garrish cannot help but consider what Callie has already said about him.

He’s already impressed the pants off me… Callie was always supportive of her crew, she knew that confidence was something that sometimes had to be given, but that statement was more than her usual confidence boosting speech.

Now that he had Warwick in his own sights he could understand what it was that she was impressed by. He was mighty eager. Excited even.

When they reached the matter injection Garrish took a look at the force field himself. Frowning when he noticed the same flocculation that Warwick had earlier. Stepping back out onto the lift he tapped his combadge.

“Lt. Garrish to Cmdr. Kennedy.”

“How does she look Cole?” Came the snappy response from Kennedy.

“Just as the kid said she would. We’ll have to shut her down to do the repairs. Run a full diagnostic before kicking her into gear again too…”

“Alright. Get whoever you need to fix it. I’ll let the Captain know.”

“Over and out sir.” He tapped his badge again and then looked down at the Ensign.

“Alright tiger. Let’s get this girl fixed.” The big man rubbed his hands together and turned back to the warp core…

Stardate: 2368
Cmdr. Kennedy – Forward Torpedo Bay – 1230

The rhythm was completely lost for her now. All the while she had been hoping that Garrish would find some fault in Warwick’s diagnosis. Not that she wished for Warwick to fail at something, but instead she simply didn’t want another problem for her crew to handle right now. Things were busy enough. Beyond that she did not want to tell the Captain this.

With a deep breath she activated her combadge.

“Cmdr. Kennedy to Captain Blaire”

((OOC: Assuming response))

“Sir. I just wanted to inform you that a problem has been discovered with the warp core. We will have to shut down the core functions for at least 12 hours possibly more in order to properly repair the malfunction. I am of course aware of our launch date and all will be done to ensure that we are fully operational for that. I do not foresee any reason that this malfunction will be difficult to repair and impede our launch, however I wanted you to be aware of the situation.” As usual with her dealings with the Captain she was formal and to the point.

((OOC: Response from captain))

“Cmdr. Kennedy Out.”

I won’t let you down Captain… I promise you that…

“Hey! That is a warhead not a simple cargo crate! Treat it with respect!” She shouted down the bay as one of the torpedoes bumped lightly against a wall by accident.

“Sorry sir! I won’t let it happen again!” the little gold uniform responded quickly.

The volume on her music soared back up to full.

Posted on 2009-11-21 at 05:48:58.

Topic: Star Trek: No Good Deed Q&A
Subject: Yay!

Callie postage. Keep your tap shoes on too there Warwick. Lt. Garrish is on his way to the rescue!


(So I just went to look at the details for Garrish and Warwick. Garrish is -exactly- one foot taller than Warwick and 100 lbs heavier. )

Posted on 2009-11-21 at 05:11:14.
Edited on 2009-11-21 at 05:18:02 by Merideth

Topic: Star Trek: No Good Deed
Subject: I don't have time for this!

Stardate: 2368.04.10
Cmdr. Kennedy – Forward Torpedo Bay – 1215

Six torpedoes later it seemed the crew she had assembled in this bay had finally found their rhythm and were moving along nicely. The volume on her music had gone down a notch and seemed to guide her along peacefully.

Peacefully until her combadge beeped again and Ensign Whippersnapper’s voice came forth.

“Ensign Warwick to Cmmdr. Kennedy. I’m sorry to report sir that I’ve found the problem and you’re not going to like it.”

First a sigh. “What do you mean I’m not going to like it? Get on with it Warwick.”

“Well sir, it seems the force field emitters for the warp core are failing. As you know that’s not a very pleasant situation, I estimate with a team of two others it’ll take about a half day to replace them and since we’ll have to take the warp core offline that’s another half day in dry dock. It’s probably best in the long run if you convince the Starbase to lend me hose two hands instead of taking it away from our own duties. Since we’re in drydock anyway. Do you want me to tell the Captain or will you?”

“A full day of repairs? Is that what you are telling me Ensign?” She paused for a moment.

I simply don’t have time for a full days worth of repair on the warp core. This is dry dock… everyone is supposed to be resting, preparing for the journey to come. Instead we are chest deep in torpedoes, upgrades, faulty turbo lifts and now broken force fields!

Of course the thought of force fields brought up the thought of Rowdy… and then Warwick mentioned the Captain…

“I’ll tell the Captain. Don’t bother the Starbase. I’m sure they are already taxed enough. I’m sending Garrish your way. Lt. Garrish, assistant CEO. Let me know the minute it is fixed. Clear?”

((OOC: Assuming positive response here))

As soon as the Ensign tapped out she was tapping her own badge to get things rolling on this.

“Cmdr. Kennedy to Lt. Garrish”

“Yes sir. On my way to your location now sir.”

“Change of plans. Report to main engineering. I really want you here, but I need you there. Ensign Warwick reported for duty this morning and has already located a problem with the force fields in the warp core. I want you to take a look at it yourself. Not that I don’t trust the boy, but I’ve known him for four hours and while he’s impressed the pants off me in that time it’s still only four hours. I want your eyes to look it over. Get back with me once you’ve verified the diagnosis and then get to work on it. Captain Blaire wants us out of here in two days… and by God I don’t intend on letting him down.”

Over the line a slight laugh can be heard. “Callie… when have you ever let anyone down? I’m on it. Over and out sir.”

I let all those people on the Gallant down… I let Jason down… She let her thoughts trail off at that.

Turning back to the Forward Bay she sighed as she noticed that her team had kept up the rhythm they had begun before… but she had lost hers.

Posted on 2009-11-21 at 05:09:38.

Topic: The Fates of Fortune
Subject: I'm done with you...

“Your dagger.”

The ever-present grin almost faded completely from the Twilight Elf’s face, then, and his moon-colored eyes narrowed suspiciously. Inwardly she grinned as she watched the conflicted emotions play in his eyes. 

Weren’t expecting –that- now were you dear? No… no you weren’t… 

“You may never trust me completely, Cayrimsa Etellenya,” Shyndyn said in a hushed tone as he took hold of the weapon’s cold blade, the bloodruby set in its pommel pointing at the half-elf, and laid it gently atop the yawning gash that marred her hand, “and for that I cannot blame you… trust is not a thing easily found in either of us… but let us hope that this, perhaps, imparts enough to, at least, allow us to work more efficiently together, yes?”

She was somewhat surprised when he relinquished his blade to her.

Not what –you- were expecting either now was it?

Her fingers curled around the hilt and she found the cold metal stung the wound across her palm. As he slowly came closer she found herself looking at her hand, at his dagger with the beautiful gem in its hilt, again losing her breath. It was very…


Unexpected. When he edged close enough she pressed the dagger to his throat with her trembling fingers. “One wrong move mith’ganni…” she whispered quietly but firmly.
I almost hope you –do- move. I wonder what you would sound like screaming. I wonder if I –could- make you scream…

“More familiar with spells than steel, yes,” he noted aloud, wincing a bit but elsewise ignoring the tickling sensation of the tiny stream of scarlet blood that trickled from the edge of the blade to disappear under the collar of his padded coat, “Carefully, arwenamin. The blade is poisoned and I should not care for my corpse to be dumped in the bay.”

The smile on the mith’ganni’s lips was a curious mix of nervousness and wary confidence in the fact that she wouldn’t kill him just yet; “I may continue, yes?”

Her eyes had simply narrowed on him at that even while thoughts of him screaming in a puddle of his own blood entertained her thoughts. It was his touch that shattered these thoughts though. The slender fingers that played against her skin were much gentler than she thought they could be. It did not hurt though she took a raspy breath as if it did and held it again. A light, almost drunken, feeling wrapped around her head as she found herself all the more aware of what she was not wearing as he kneeled so close. For the second time today she could feel his breath upon her. Her nose twitched slightly as she took in his scent. Elves smelled so differently from humans. No matter how long they had lived in an urban setting something to their smell recalled memories of campfires and running through the woods on a spring morning. Humans smelled of the city, of commerce and mortar. 

And what do I smell of?

“You have herbs as well as books on that shelf, yes?” he asked, his hands moving slowly and staying within her sight as they moved from her neck and jaw, “feer’apsa, arnica, and perchance a bit of lavender?” 

Very slowly she nodded her head. The dagger moves from his throat half an inch, giving him the leeway to move again. The sudden civility that was occurring between them made her itch. At the shelf she directs him to a few of the items, small boxes, jars and vials contain what he is looking for and more. There is even a mortar and pestle on the bottom shelf, a bit of some bluish dust in the bottom, which she asks him to wipe out before he uses it. 

While he prepared the unguent she held onto his dagger. The dark blade that still held a thread of his pure elven blood was interesting. Poisoned, he said. Carefully she caressed a finger along the flat edge of the blade. Her head was still feeling slightly light from the… intimacy… unexpected turn of events. 

Why are you so confused about things Cayrimsa? You are half elven. Denying your blood does nothing to change it. 

I swore… never again. I meant it.

Ohhh… that. Cayrimsa, that was ages ago. When will you let it go?


The sound of a scream rang through her head and the taste of fresh sweet elven blood coursed over her tongue. Elven blood… elven blood… her eyes flicked to the dagger in her hands. There it was that thin line of dark red against the ebony of the blade. With a muffled cry she leaned forward and buried the blade into the floor boards with a heavy thud. 

Nyx’s yellow eyes rose up to meet hers with her sudden movement, as expected there was some satisfaction in them at her sudden outburst. Before he could make whatever comment was coming to that snide smile upon his lips she once again held out her hand to him.

“Give me that. I’ll tend to my wounds from here. I appreciate your assistance and I’ll see you in the morning. And… there is a door…” her voice taking on a slightly acidic tone to it again as she cocked her chin toward the canvas covered entrance to her space. 

Posted on 2009-11-20 at 19:41:03.
Edited on 2018-11-19 at 13:57:50 by Eol Fefalas

Topic: Greetings to all!
Subject: Hey!

How dare you say such vile things about me?

I wouldn't... umm... wait...


No one seems to complain though.


Posted on 2009-11-20 at 17:47:36.

Topic: Greetings to all!
Subject: Oh!

Look! Another newbie. Sorry... I was busy batting eyes with the bartender and missed you coming in. He's so cute!

I'm embarassed I seem to be the only one who hasn't gone and read your story yet. I'll get to that soon I promise.

Welcome at any rate. Pull up a seat, get a drink, rent a muse...

*smacks that bartender on the rear* Appletini dear... and don't be greedy with the cinn-sugar, sugar... oh... and an ale for the new guy while you're at it.


Posted on 2009-11-20 at 17:29:20.

Topic: Loaded Dice #33: He Just Never Quits
Subject: You know...

I know on the facie it is eyebrows that are waggling... but whenever Al uses them I almost picture his 'stache going up and down...

and it just makes me


Posted on 2009-11-19 at 20:55:21.

Topic: Loaded Dice #33: He Just Never Quits
Subject: *sigh*

Alright boys...

Settle down... don't make me seperate you two.

I will.


Posted on 2009-11-19 at 20:51:23.

Topic: ^ < V game
Subject: No it's the Avatar dear...

^ has already been enslaved

> the power

v is jealous they have not yet been enslaved by Meri

Posted on 2009-11-19 at 19:53:14.

Topic: ^ < V game
Subject: duh...

^ IS edgy because

> is going to take over the world...

v is one hot vampire

Posted on 2009-11-19 at 19:17:20.

Topic: Assistance is Required...
Subject: Question concerning religion...

We have already spoken some on this Tek but I had a question and felt that others might have this same question so figured I would post this here.

I am making a follower of Mirros personally...

How does this religious order (and others) function in a very nuts and bolts way.

Heirarchy, temples, communities, leaders etc...

If a character wanted to be more than just one of the 'flock' but more of a 'shepard' what would be required?



Posted on 2009-11-19 at 16:52:48.

Topic: Loaded Dice #33: He Just Never Quits
Subject: Oh Crud!

The bad pun and the D&D game... may they never part!

Looks like our little party has a lot on their hands too.


Posted on 2009-11-19 at 15:25:52.

Topic: The Fates of Fortune
Subject: Unarmed...

“If that is clear… we should arrange a more appropriate place to meet tomorrow and begin this job.”

With those narrow slits she watched him, followed his eyes up to the tapestry behind her and yet again found herself pressing back against it.

Why does it bother you so that he looks at it?

Because it is mine!

“Your warning is duly heeded, nwalmaer,” he said quietly and rose to his feet. With a rattled breath she twitched her fingers and let the clay pot follow him up, every muscle in her lean frame tense and waiting for him to strike. But instead he bowed slightly to her, a flash of confusion drifts across her dark eyes and again her breath catches in her throat.

He keeps doing that to you doesn’t he?

It isn’t him… it’s my throat, it is hard to breathe, it hurts to breathe…

“Now, as to your loathing of me and my kind, if I may? There are no others of my kind, Cay… what remained of my clan I dispatched to their end with my own hands after your beloved humans had killed or enslaved the rest…” His gaze lifted skyward, studying the night sky for a second as he continued; “There may yet be other mith’ganni out there but my clan and my kind are at an end with me.”

The soft light of the night fell across his features again and she noted how his eyes almost glowed, how the shadows caught the line of his jaw.

He belongs in that light… A twitch to her lips again as she focused on his words.

He is alone… like you Cayrimsa. Ettelen.

No not like me. He once belonged and it is his fault he does not anymore, and he –does- still belong in that light. I belong nowhere, and it has always been thus.

His eyes flashed as they let go of the sky and fell back to her as she tried to sit up a bit taller. “As to the job… it has already begun. I believe I know where we may best start our surveillance, which was to be the point of this visit, yes? You require your rest, though,” he said and waved a hand at the still looming pot, “Put away your crockery and I shall leave you to it…” He turned, peering up through the skylight as if determining precisely where he would latch on and pull himself back out into the night when he left. “Tell me where and when you should like to meet tomorrow and I shall await you there.” Without waiting for a reply, the elf assassin sprang upwards and, in a flutter and whirl of shadow-hued cloak, was gone through the hole in the roof.

She did not put the pot back when he asked but instead pulled it back a few inches from him and listened to him as he finally got them back to business. As he slipped up into the black hole she had carved into the roof to allow natural light to fall upon her weaving she said as loudly as she could manage at the moment.

“Dawn, Grey Arm Dock…”

The last flutter of his cloak disappeared from sight leaving nothing but the blue velvet of the night sky speckled with stars for her to watch. After a few seconds of this she took a long deep breath and closed her eyes letting the clay pot simply drift down toward the floor where it landed with a heavy thud.

He should have killed me earlier… I don’t understand… I don’t understand any of it. I don’t want to understand… She sighed with a cough and had just started to let her head drop to her chest when his voice back in her room made her jump.

“I forgot to mention,” Nyx grinned as he poked his head back through the hole in the roof and regarded her upside down, “Your weaving is exquisite. You’ve really quite captured yourself in that piece over your bed…”

Eyes wide open now she gasped, coughed and sprung into a reaction that was fiercely defensive and nearly instinctual. She was on her knees pressing her body and her fingers against the finely woven fibers of the tapestry, knowing where the branches of the blood red tree stretched by feel she tried to cover them as much as she could. A pit formed in her stomach as she watched his face and knew that her own must be showing her own shock and surprise. Coughing still she froze in that position and worked to bring her wrath into her features instead of her surprise.

He held the laughter when the surprised breath she had just inhaled brought on another wracking cough, though. Instead, Nyx invited himself back in, landing in the same spot as he had just vacated but not showing any intention of moving any farther… yet…

“Also,” he said, lifting his fingers to his own throat when she glared at him, “I can perhaps fix this… but I may have to touch you to do so…”

Very slowly she eased herself back down onto the pallet, catching one of the blankets as it began to slide off her bare shoulder and yanking it back into place. Her fingers graced over his purple marks as she did and for half a second her eyes close only to flutter back open and fix on him.

“You did do this… it seems only right that you fix it.” A hesitation ran under her words.

“I do not trust you mith’ganni…” she began to explain even as she wrapped an arm tighter around her middle, pulling the blanket more securely around her as she did. “I…” surprisingly enough her color deepened suddenly to a dusty rose, a blush? “I am unarmed…” Eyes flit over to the pile of clothing that still carry his scent near the door then back at him.

Slowly she readjusted herself, coming forward a few inches on the pallet, finally breaking the contact between her body and the tapestry. Keeping her eyes on him the hand not wrapped around her middle snakes out of the blanket and stretches toward him palm up the angry wound mouth gaping at him.

“Your dagger.” Even with the rasp to her voice it comes out not as a question but as a command.

Posted on 2009-11-19 at 15:21:40.
Edited on 2018-11-19 at 13:39:42 by Eol Fefalas

Topic: Assistance is Required...
Subject: lol

Mith'ganni are

At least the one I've met thus far

Speaking of which... must go work on that, and then work on this.


Posted on 2009-11-19 at 14:04:55.

Topic: ^ < V game
Subject: lol

^ Enjoys circular reasoning...

> Is a Triangle...

v Wishes they were square...

Posted on 2009-11-19 at 03:02:42.

Topic: ^ < V game
Subject: hmmmm

^ Shouldn't be watching me sleep...

> Has more posts than all ye all!

v Writes posts in their sleep...

Posted on 2009-11-19 at 02:41:38.

Topic: The Fates of Fortune
Subject: You've been warned... again...

The shadows shifted opposite her position on the pallet and, without moving, her eyes flickered toward it. There was no noise, only the crouching spider on her floor that had not been there a moment before. Keeping with the silence her eyes moved to the Bedine coin, it was not yet burning red.

He came too soon… figures…

The coin stays still but she does pull a hand out of the blankets raising it up to shoulder height. Before she can twitch her fingers, however, the spider rises to its full height. Once again the mith’ganni steals her breath from her. The lithe figure is tall and illuminated by the stars above in pale light, causing those yellow eyes to gleam, he is confident even while in her domain. Breath held in her lungs she presses the last half inch back into the tapestry behind her and grinds her teeth together. 

Tensely she follows his actions with her eyes alone. For now her pale fingers stay poised at her shoulder between herself and him. As his eyes wander over her and the tapestry behind her she tries vainly to press herself further against it, almost as if to protect the tapestry from his defiling yellow gaze. 

What do you think he sees? What do you think he wants?

If he is watching her face then he will notice a slight irritated twitch to her lips and a slight shaking of her head, but as soon as it happens it is controlled and she is still again. 

“Have you missed me,” he asked, pausing for instant, “Cay?”

With his voice she began to breathe again. The breath carried with it a whispered spell that passed between her lips like a breeze. The poised fingers also jumped into action and while she kept her eyes firmly fixed upon him her fingers guided a clay jar off the shelf and between them, hovering at his chest height. Nothing else stirred in the room. 

“No…” Her voice was raspy still and she coughed softly after she says it, the purple fingers across her neck bearing down against her larynx still.

“No I did not… I would prefer it if you sat down Shyndyn. Where you are… you will regret trying to come any closer to me.” To prove this she pushes the clay jar just a bit closer to him with the finger across the room. As he goes down to the floor she has the jar follow him, staying at his chest level. 

“That’s better. You caught me off guard before… it shan’t happen again. I am sure you wonder why I have not disposed of you yet. Unlike you I find killing merciful, and I do not wish to grant you that mercy. More importantly though,” she takes a deep breath through her damaged windpipes with a rattle, “more importantly, your actions were due to my mistakes. I should have better control, even when dealing with hwandi such as yourself.” Another long breath as she watches him. 

“My prior warning, however, still stands.” Her eyes narrow on him and she leans forward a few inches. “Don’t you ever touch me again…” the warning coming out in a slow growl. “I will work with you, because I have been ordered to, because being a Hellkite is something I have worked toward and something I will not throw away because of some adenedehl. You may think you know me Shyndyn… but I promise you do not. Nor shall you ever. I do despise you and all of your kind. If that is clear… we should arrange a more appropriate place to meet tomorrow and begin this job.” 

Her face contorts into a slight wince and she coughs a few times as her voice continues its slow healing, her eyes off him for but an instant, although the jar never waivers. 


Posted on 2009-11-18 at 21:53:08.
Edited on 2018-11-19 at 13:32:15 by Eol Fefalas

Topic: Loaded Dice Gets its First Official Review!
Subject: Moving up in the world!

'I am consistently impressed with how well done the facial expressions are done on characters. They convey a range of emotions that many cartoon style webcomics aren’t able to portray.'

Hey! He thinks they don't look just pissed or smug!

Excellent press indeed!

This just means you guys have to keep making these!

Good job


Posted on 2009-11-18 at 14:53:28.


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