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Topic: Zombies in Chicago Q&A
Subject: Technically no...

However... this is in our world correct?

So... all of our characters would be familiar with 'zombie lore/movies' correct?

So... they might make assumptions based upon hollywood...


lovely job GM... I almost peed myself for Amber. Luckily I had just made my hourly bathroom run a moment ago so all was dry


Posted on 2010-08-25 at 16:28:43.

Topic: Zombies in Chicago Q&A
Subject: LOL

Yeah if anyone looses a head from Murph's weapon it will probably be on purpose


Posted on 2010-08-25 at 13:41:10.

Topic: Zombies in Chicago
Subject: Positions everyone! Positions!

Temporarily calmed back down Amber had followed Murph back toward the group. A brief discussion put them back on the pavement, heading on foot towards the pharmacy again.

She had gone with great trepidation. The soft soles of her shoes whispering along the pavement seemed so loud and the glittering speckles of sunlight bouncing off the crash tempted her to look into the shadows again. It was a fight against her own will to keep her eyes forward, fixed on the living beings that walked with her, instead of the corpses that lay in wait only a few feet away. At every shadow that seemed to jump at the corner of her vision she held her breath and began to repeat ‘baddest mother ****** in the valley… baddest mother ******…’ in her head even as goosebumps rose on her arms and tears welled in her eyes.

The smell affected her like it had the others, but there was something about the smell that was easier to handle than the tiny little blood stained hand she had seen waving behind that ‘Baby on Board’ sign. So she swallowed the bile in her throat, held her breath and trudged on.

Baddest mother… baddest mother…

Worse than all of that though was the scream that cut through the air like a knife. The octaves were human, but the humanity had been strained through cheesecloth until it was nothing more than a strong solution of insanity. Her head whiplashed toward the noise and she saw the ‘thing’ rushing towards them, only to be followed by more screams coming in the other direction.

Panic threatened to well up in the marrow of her bones and quickly spread through her body again. But just as her fingers began to loosen around the cool rod she held she fought against it. Murph could not protect her as he had promised if she kept falling off the edge of sanity, those screaming things would get her and Joshua would be alone. Blinking back the tears that stung her eyes she gripped the crowbar.

Around her the others were moving, those with guns facing the creatures and preparing to shoot, while Emily

even sick she seems to have more balls than you Amber

Moving behind Alaster and Jake for safety, but still holding her tire iron in case.

Somehow she too managed to move. A few steps on wooden legs brought her a few paces behind Murph. There she braced herself, waiting for the thundering shock of gunfire and whatever would come after it.

((Holding that spot until something gets close enough to be an immediate threat. If something does get that close she will likely swing with that crow bar, although it would be likely she would do so blindly))

Posted on 2010-08-24 at 15:29:02.

Topic: Zombies in Chicago Q&A
Subject: Defensively

Works well for Amber. I am working on a post, not sure how quickly I'll be able to get it out though.


Posted on 2010-08-24 at 13:45:33.

Topic: Zombies in Chicago Q&A
Subject: alright...

I'll try not to let Amber pee herself this time.


Posted on 2010-08-23 at 23:09:23.

Topic: Zombies in Chicago Q&A
Subject: LOL

I was about to say... Frodo? That little pansy?

But... you took care of him I see.

Now... Samwise... Samwise would be good to have on our side, he's a tough little hobbitsess. And he's got a good name too.


Posted on 2010-08-23 at 16:32:54.

Topic: Zombies in Chicago Q&A
Subject: Dies Irae!

Bring it on baby!


Posted on 2010-08-23 at 13:22:24.

Topic: Zombies in Chicago Q&A
Subject: :BLUSH:

Well thanks for the compliment.

And honestly you've come a long way in just a week so far. I'm impressed. And yeah... I'm sure we will (gladly) bump into each other in other games (well once I start getting into more of them again that is... but I will get back into the full swing again someday).


Posted on 2010-08-20 at 17:16:17.

Topic: Zombies in Chicago Q&A
Subject: Rather reluctantly...

But Amber would agree with that assessment. Leaving the car and walking past the crash site (*shiver*) is where she would lay her chips.


Posted on 2010-08-20 at 14:53:08.

Topic: Zombies in Chicago Q&A
Subject: Hey!

In game world we've lived a few hours already...

And I think Eol and I have worked up backup char concepts for when the day comes


Posted on 2010-08-20 at 14:04:19.

Topic: Zombies in Chicago Q&A
Subject: :)

A little long he says...

But... ohhh... yes lovely RP work from the rest of you. Twas so exciting to read that this morning. This game is turning out great!


Posted on 2010-08-20 at 13:49:22.

Topic: Zombies in Chicago Q&A
Subject: *nod*

Amber was upset with his first comments, but has pretty much let it go once he appologized. Hell she freaked out on Murph in her opening post, she knows they are all under pressure.

If Amber uses a weapon on anyone/anything other than a zombie at this point I imagine it will either be herself or one of you whom she mistakes for a zombie.

We'll try not to have the scene from Zombieland repeated. But... no promises...


Posted on 2010-08-19 at 17:59:21.

Topic: The One Word Game
Subject: hmmm


Posted on 2010-08-19 at 17:31:20.

Topic: Zombies in Chicago Q&A
Subject: but who will we use them on?


Anyways... back to business. No offense sunow. I know Amber didn't respond to Jake. She's just a little busy going insane. I'm sure the others will respond in their posts though.


Posted on 2010-08-19 at 16:38:32.

Topic: Zombies in Chicago
Subject: Paranoia...

A hand resting on Amber’s shoulder temporarily stopped the chant ringing between her ears. With a slight gasp she looked up, but found only Mac, and not one of those hideous creatures, looking at her sympathetically.

"Hey, don't let it get to you. With the exception of one of us, I think, none of us are ex-military.”

One of us? ohhh… Tom. Her eyes left Mac for a moment and waivered to the fuming mechanic. He’s right… why didn’t I see that before? All those Killian’s, decent tips, small talk… I only saw a mechanic. Wonder what else I’ve missed…

“We are not soldiers, that's not our mind-set. Just remember that courage is facing your fears to get a job done, that must be done. Now if you don't mind I need you to trade that crow bar for my walking stick for a moment. I wouldn't wanna leave you without a weapon."

Courage? she laughed internally as she stared at him blankly for a moment.

Finally she pulled herself up off the trunk of the squad car which brought her very close to Mac. Without conscious thought she pressed herself closer to him and looked up into his eyes, a move she had learned in another life that usually got whatever she wanted out of a man, and some habits are hard to break. “I know a thing or two about courage Mac. I delivered a child… in a way this is very similar. We don’t have much of a choice now do we? We have to face whatever is around us or put a bullet in our heads. Until I do that I’m keeping it together…” she whispered into the sliver between them. Her eyes were dark and for a moment opened up into her shattered spirit.

Before he could respond she released the crowbar out of her grip and pushed it against his chest, grabbed his walking stick and brushed past him.

Taking a wide stance a few feet from the car and watched as the others began going through it. She purposefully kept her back to the corpse, and tried not to think of it. Instead she found herself watching as Murph bent over the ruined engine. Stained jeans outlined the lines of his legs and up to a rather shapely back end.

Wonder what that looked like in a dress uniform? Navy whites? Air Force blue? Army tan? Or perhaps the dark blue with that sexy red stripe up the side… Jar heads really had the best uniforms… hmmm… I should ask sometime… maybe he’s still got it in the closet…


God Amber. Snap out of it. How long has it been since you really considered even dating? And now… in the middle of a life or death situation you are imagining how good one of your old customers might look in a uniform. This isn’t the time or the place. That thing that came out of the alley won’t be the only one.

Where are all the people? Focus… or next time it will be blood, not urine, running down your legs.

She shuddered and ripped her eyes from Murph while he toiled on the engine. Her vision refocused on the road. The broken white line running down the middle led her to the intersection ahead of them. Several cars had piled up there. At this time of day the sun blared almost directly above, lighting the crash site in glaring brilliance. Glittering points of sunlight rose from corners of chrome, mirrors that failed to keep the drivers safe and shattered safety glass. Beyond those glittering points though were shadows cast by the metallic corpses.

Titling her head she zeroed in on a red minivan that leaned over a smaller sports car. In the back window a yellow sign hung crookedly ‘Baby on Board’ it read. Swallowing hard she stared at it, watching with terrified fascination as a small blood coated hand reached out of the shadows and pressed against the window. Around the minivan other shadows began to move, dull eyes peered out at her, hands began to open doors and reach out toward her…

She snapped her eyes shut and swallowed the scream that welled in her throat. When she gained the courage to reopen them again the crash site sat still and silent in the glittering sun. The ‘Baby on Board’ sign hung harmlessly in the window with no tiny hands behind it… not yet. But she kept watching and waited for the shadows to begin moving…

Posted on 2010-08-19 at 15:23:48.

Topic: Zombies in Chicago Q&A
Subject: And...

What do you mean 'well equipped cruiser'?

There were NO doughnuts! Come on!


Posted on 2010-08-18 at 23:17:02.

Topic: Zombies in Chicago Q&A
Subject: LOL

You guys are funny.

Ohh... Tiamat. I saw your post. I'll respond to it once I see what the GM has to post too. Not ignoring you I promise. Just figured I'd get all my responding in at once


Posted on 2010-08-18 at 19:20:40.

Topic: Zombies in Chicago Q&A
Subject: here we go again...

Back on Amber and Murph...

Romance? Come on... we are too busy fighting zombies to worry about such things.

Nothing going on there.


Posted on 2010-08-18 at 17:47:15.

Topic: Another Newbee
Subject: hello!

Welcome welcome.

Um... all the other staffliness has gone over the basic stuff.

Um... so... don't feed the Grugg and let us know if you need anything!


Posted on 2010-08-18 at 17:29:20.

Topic: Zombies in Chicago Q&A
Subject: Definatly!

Don't feel intimidated...

Been doing stuff like this for many many years now (more than I would care to admit)...

and yes as Eol said you all help to 'inspire' the fluff

Honestly I usually just read over what everyone else has written, get a general idea of what I want to do, pull up Word put myself into my char's position and start typing (usually ending up somewhere else with my char than I had originally anticipated)...


p.s. and wait... what did you say Olan? Game mechanics? Are those like the little guys that run around the engine room on Star Trek in red shirts getting exploded?

Posted on 2010-08-18 at 16:33:40.
Edited on 2010-08-18 at 16:36:29 by Merideth

Topic: Zombies in Chicago Q&A
Subject: ...

Although I must admit I'm not that surprised that the GM would applaud me for making my char pee herself and then teeter on the edge of a nervous breakdown in the middle of the zombie apocalypse.

And Emily thought she was a good target.

Thanks though.

And... what?! Outgrow RP?! Never!!


Posted on 2010-08-18 at 16:08:53.

Topic: Zombies in Chicago
Subject: Fluff?

The repetitive thuds of their footfalls pounded through her head as they walked through the bare sunlight. With a shiver she curled her arms close to her chest and rubbed at the goosebumps that crept onto her bare skin. She felt exposed and despite trying to remind herself that she had been actually more exposed before the feeling was too tangible to shake off.

The sight of the police car ahead of them had filled her with a confused tangle of emotions. Police officers had never been her favorite group of public servants. The glove box of the Tempo (short for ‘Temporarily Working’) left behind O’Brians was stuffed with pretty yellow tickets she had been trying to figure out how to pay, not to mention the few run-ins with the fuzz back on the East Side that she liked to forget about. However, right then she could think of several adult video scenes she would be more than happy to replicate in return for the protection of one of Chicago’s finest.

Squinting through the glare she tried to determine if there was anyone alive in the cruiser. Her eyes ticked over the details as they got closer. The door was open. Against the shadows inside she could make out the dark leather seats, the laptop fixed to the consol (now as dark as the face plate on her phone), the curled pigtail of the police radio that lay somewhere in the darker shadows of the floor boards now, but no boy in blue. Her soft soled ballet flats moved of their own accord behind those in front of her as her eyes moved toward the back seat, the door was closed though and the light of the sun was making it hard to see inside. Staring intently at the golden square of the window for any sign of movement she missed the approach of the creature from the alley.

Murph’s voice shattered the world as he screamed, “Make for the cruiser!”

When it shattered a flood of water must have broken through, because everything began to move slowly as if she were at the bottom of a pool. Her head turned from the cruiser towards where the voice had come from, dark ponytail swaying through the thick atmosphere as she did. The thing approaching from the alley was too horrifying to be believed and even with Murph yelling more commands she could do nothing but stand there and stare.

The complex synapses running through her body began to relay messages to her brain but they were not making sense. The water that had had slowed down the progression of the earth was running down her legs in hot thin rivulets until it trickled into her shoes. A sudden flash of light and heat around her triggered her body further. Soon she felt her lungs empty and wondered momentarily if she was drowning, instead of simply screaming as the high octave that her vocal cords warped the expelled air into failed to reach her ears. The thing before them seemed to explode and lights danced before her eyes. Thunder crashed nearby, thoughts of God intervening and striking down their enemy with lightning pulsed through her mind at the same time it registered the weaker clang that clattered from where her damp feet were still (surprisingly) fixed to the earth.

The thing collapsed to the pavement. Several heartbeats passed and no others joined it. The true movement of time began to seep back.

In a rush her lungs filled with air, chocking her with the sudden force. Bending over she grasped her knees coughing and desperately trying to remind her body how to breathe as she stared at the crowbar lying dormant on the ground. The pungent odor of urine stinging her nose with each inhalation and she began to piece together the shattered jigsaw of the last few moments.

I panicked. God.

Dropped the crowbar…

Peed myself…


The others had reacted… killed the… thing over there…

It’s human.

No… it isn’t human. I refuse to believe it is human. I’ve seen some of the vile things humans can do to each other… but that is not human.

I can’t believe I panicked…

Get a hold of yourself now Amber. Come on. Everyone is watching. Your skirt is black, they won’t notice the stain… pick up your weapon and get moving…

It took another good shove of her internal voice and even then every tendon and muscle in her body screamed out in protest as she grasped the crowbar off the ground and stood back up. She took a moment to smooth out her hair and clothes before making her way towards the cruiser with the others. All the while she kept her eyes on the blue pinstripe running down the length of the car, refusing to make eye contact with the others.

Around her she was aware of them though. Emily demanding to not be treated as an invalid. Alaster and Murph stepping a few paces away from her before erupting into an argument. Mac keeping to himself.

We aren’t going to make it… we aren’t going to make it… we aren’t going to make it…

The thought chanted through her head over and over as she listened and watched. Weakly she made her way to the trunk of the fuzz mobile and planted her slightly damp rear end on its white surface, leaning against it with her feet spread for support on the ground below. Fingers clenched the crowbar to her chest until her knuckles turned white and she stared at the pavement listening to the chant continue as tears streamed down her cheeks.

((While the cruiser is being looked over she will just lean against it unless someone tries to approach her. She will, however, move out with the group when prompted to do so))

Posted on 2010-08-18 at 15:37:54.

Topic: Zombies in Chicago Q&A
Subject: Working on it...

Life likes to keep throwing poo at me... spent most of yesterday putting all my ducks in a row and calming back down.

I will try to get something up before the end of my work day here if you can wait until then o'master of the inn.


Posted on 2010-08-18 at 13:59:49.

Topic: LD Filler: Roll For Save
Subject: There is no need to roll

Men always fail that one (at least straight ones).

Hell last night my husband was DMing for us... I was worried about an attack roll (I'd been rolling terrible all night) and he suggested 'warming' the die in my cleavage. Even with the three I rolled I still managed to hit.

See... even the enemy fails...

Nice work... I'll have to show this to the hubby when I get home


Posted on 2010-08-17 at 20:10:42.

Topic: Zombies in Chicago Q&A
Subject: They are trying to ruin us!

Ran across this while avoiding work today, thought I would share here:

No Zombies!!?


Posted on 2010-08-17 at 19:13:20.


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