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Topic: LD Filler: The New Adventure
Subject: Yeah...

There is no need to comment, Reddit says it all

It's at like 23 up and 8 down

Way to go!


Posted on 2010-09-02 at 18:30:46.

Topic: Zombies in Chicago Q&A
Subject: But!!

But you look so good in a black and red command uniform.


Posted on 2010-09-02 at 15:27:19.

Topic: Zombies in Chicago Q&A
Subject: :)

Well I'll run my shopping list past you via PM. Anything not found here she'll look for over at Treasure Island when/if they get there


Posted on 2010-09-02 at 14:38:10.

Topic: Zombies in Chicago Q&A
Subject: Personally...

I'm more worried about what is buried in the TP!

Oh... and to help out a bit. Olan actually said in his post describing the store that there were backpacks. So we are good on that front.

I'm going to assume that this is like the Walgreens by my house and will work up a shopping list for Amber to run by the DM

Not that it will probably matter much, she'll probably die soon, but hey I'm stickler for details.

((You know speaking of details for Olan's games... I did make it through all of the ST:NG episodes in prep for the Trek game finally ))


Posted on 2010-09-02 at 14:20:41.

Topic: Zombies in Chicago Q&A
Subject: :)

Well boss, glad to hear I'm living up to expectations still.

God I can't wait to get her on drugs!


Posted on 2010-09-01 at 16:58:07.

Topic: Zombies in Chicago
Subject: This weeks special!

Amber followed Murph down the street and to the front of the Save-Rite. At the door the other ‘boys’ were engaging in a competition of ‘whose got the biggest ****.’ It reminded her of Daniel, and not in a good way. However, she had learned over the years not to get in the way of such a pissing contest, you only got peed on.

And we’ve had enough of that today haven’t we? she thought to herself with bitter wryness.

So instead of focusing on the boys she did what she used to in these situations, she turned her attention to something more interesting. Without Tom’s arms around her she found the shadows were creeping back. They hung heavily over the racks that she could make out through the large glass windows.

Why aren’t they broken? They should be broken like every other one on this street…

The fact that they weren’t broken was just as comforting as it was worrisome. The glass provided a barrier between her and the dark ink spots inside of the store. At the same time it caught the glare of the sun and made it hard for her to follow the paths of the inky spots. Something was moving inside, she was certain; something that called those shadows home. No matter how hard she squinted, though, she could not distinguish it completely.

It was yet again Tom who brought her thoughts back into the light, turning with his SLP poised for action. “You guys just stay put a minute, all right…”

Amber realized then that the pissing contest was over and the drug store was about to be breeched. She opened her mouth to speak, but the look of worry and frustration washing over Tom’s features told her she didn’t need to. Even if he hadn’t seen what she had

Was anyone seeing it Amber, or just you?

He at least expected it. A momentarily blink passed an apology over to her before he headed into the shadows after the boys. She watched through the sun-glared window as the three made tenuous steps inside and were at least not immediately mauled to death. Murph turned back then and signaled the all clear.
Amber was the last to go in, pausing a moment at the door and locking her eyes on Tom’s.

I don’t want to go in… please dear God tell me it’s safe. It’s so dark… so dark…

Safe as houses baby… I promised I’d take care of you… he seemed to smile back as he touched her shoulder and ushered her inside.

The inside of the store was like a pure nightmare. She could not avoid the shadows and felt their oily touch move over her skin. Swallowing hard she attempted to control the fear that grew so intensely inside of her she was certain it would appear on an x-ray as some vicious tumor. It was not working that well though, and she stood fixed on the white tile of the entrance staring. Eyes peered at her from the cosmetics aisle

Those foundations will never match your rosy complexion though… should have tried the suntan lotion perhaps…

; fingers danced across boxes of candy

Not the kind you are looking for though, Bon-Bon’s won’t help control this will they? But will some Vitamin R help? Or just make this worse?

Amber’s head spun as she watched the shadows move and shift.

“What the… Hey! Whoa!!!” Murph’s voice cried out over her shoulder and she caught a glimpse of real movement as he swung his gun toward the shadows. She followed the aim and every drop of blood in her body seemed to turn to dust.

Oh God… they really did move…

Her grip on the crow bar tightened as a figure seemingly was birthed of the shadows. Under the skin, still slick with the shadows oils, her biceps tensed as they prepared to swing if the shadow creature came within reach.

But things did not go as she had thought they would. Instead of charging the shadow creature seemed to turn as if to run from them. There was no inhuman cry that should have bounced off the aisles and mirrors hanging in the drug store. Instead she heard Murph begin to stumble over words behind her.

“Wait… wait… it’s all right, man. We ain’t here to hurt ya… it’s all right… My name’s Murph. Murphy… Tommy… Tom Murphy…”

Amber let her gaze wander from the shadow creature’s retreat long enough to look at Murph and make sure he was being serious. He seemed to be, with his weapon lowered and a smile cracking over his face.

If he’s serious about talking to it… then…

Quickly she swung her eyes back at the figure and really tried to look at it this time. Murph could be right, it could be just another survivor, like them, not like those things outside.

God… you’re seeing things moving in the shadows that aren’t there… and a moment ago you were ready to swing a crowbar on a fellow human being. So much for keeping yourself together Amber… at this rate a few Vitamin R’s won’t hurt a thing… and a Lude or two? Hell maybe three… to block it all out once the jitters stopped from the R’s?

She shook her head to clear it.

You gave that up for Josh. Don’t fall back down the rabbit hole now, Josh could still need you. And what would Tom think of you popping pills?

Dark eyes refocused on Tom a moment as he tried to reason with the man

shadow creature

Who backed away from them.

She didn’t answer herself. Instead she took a few steps further into the drug store, shivering as the heavy oil seemed to suck her in. At the checkout counter she stopped and leaned over, putting the crowbar on the counter as she rested much of her weight on her hands. A flyer displaying sales on mundane items like toilet paper, soda and lipstick stared back up at her from another dimension.

“Tom’s right… I think you scared us as much as we scared you. We just… needed some medicine and supplies.” Amber added to Murph’s attempt at a speech, but never raised her eyes from the toilet paper ad.

I never used that brand… the quilted kind was better… but that is a really good price for 24 rolls... of course now… now it’s free which is even better… except the toilets don’t flush…

Posted on 2010-09-01 at 16:48:57.

Topic: Zombies in Chicago Q&A
Subject: Wait... what?

Ohhh... I'm not calling him.

He stalks me with PM's when he should be working... *nod*


Posted on 2010-09-01 at 14:52:21.

Topic: Zombies in Chicago Q&A
Subject: Gruggles?

He might eat us before the zombies have a chance!

Ohh... and yes lovely work UncleDog.

Will be interesting to have you in the group.

I'm trying to work up Amber's response today. I'd probably do better if Eol would actually go answer a phone instead of sending me PM's though


Posted on 2010-09-01 at 14:35:59.

Topic: Hello, Hello
Subject: Wait a second...

Eol has a hole? And somehow I'm semi-responsible for putting him in it? When did all of this go down?

Ohh... and hello!

Welcome to the Inn and all that Jazz... jump in, let us know if you have any questions/get lost...

Glad to have you onboard!


Posted on 2010-08-31 at 19:53:24.

Topic: Zombies in Chicago
Subject: This is Eol's fault...

“I don’t like it…” Amber said softly, “everything else around here is destroyed, and yet the buildings we came in search for look as if they are ready to open for business as soon as the employees return and the power comes back on. They are dark… I don’t like it Tom… I’m not sure I can go in…”

“I don’t like it, either, ba… Amber. I don’t like any of it. Given the choice, though, I’d rather take my chances in those…” he nodded to the pharmacy and hardware store “…than over there…” he tipped his head to the grocery. “Broken windows mean that anything and everything can come and go as it pleases and, since everything looks untouched over here, my guess is that we’ll only have to deal with whatever was inside before this all started; not with anything that might have wandered in afterwards…”

Tears began to wet her eyes again and she ripped her vision from Tom to look at the pharmacy again. “Maybe I can… It still isn’t right… something isn’t right…”

“I know,” he whispered, wrapping his arm around her now and preparing to hold her if she broke down into tears again, “None of this is right… but… we need to do this if we’re gonna make it that way…”

What if can’t be made right? What if it isn’t hunger that is ripping through my belly but the motherly instinct that says my baby is gone? Her thoughts began to swirl again, dancing with images of those pills and how they could take it all away. Sobs gathered in the back of her throat, but then she felt him pull her close again, and felt the gentleness in the kiss he laid against her hair.

Immediately she eased in his embrace, and found that pills weren’t the only thing that could at least temporarily take it all away.

“…and I need you to keep me focused on that, okay?”

I need you

For a moment her thoughts drifted back a few months.

July 20, 2014

A few minutes ago Amber had tipped a smile to Murph while he dug his keys out of his pocket before heading out to his truck. Now she was entering the information off his credit slip into the register. Three beers, a burger with extra pickles (which she had never charged him extra for), and nearly a 50% tip. She smiled a little bit and entered the amounts on the touch screen.

Patty came up behind her, rubbing the inside of a glass clean with a white towel. “Another nice tip…” he said with a voice that implied more than what was said outloud.

A tap of ‘OK’ sent the credit request over the wires and she turned to give him an exasperated look. “Come on Pat. You of all people should not be trying to push anything…”

“An why exactly is that?”

“He’s a customer. And a good one at that.”

“I’m familiar with the concept of a customer Amber. Just don’t think that has anything to do with the sparks that keep flying across my bar whenever the two of you are in the same room.”

She laughed and turned from him to tidy up the bowls of peanuts sitting on the bar. “Pat… really. There isn’t anything special going on. I gave you my resume, you know that I flirt with customers to get tips, I do it with everyone, Tom is no different. I work at creating those ‘sparks’ Pat. That’s why you hired me. I’ve turned down several other offers from customers to go out, and you’ve never said a thing. Besides… he’s never asked. And let’s say he did. When would I find time to go on a date with him anyway? Although let’s say hypothetically that he asked, I said yes, and the planets aligned themselves long enough for me to go on this date… what if it didn’t work out? You’d lose a customer, and I’d lose those nice tips. Is that worth it?”

“I never said nuthin’ about those other guys because they wouldn’t be good for you. I like you, and I like Murph… and not just as a good waitress and a regular customer. There is something there… and I’d like to see you both happy. I’d like to see him get over what that ex-wife did to him… I’d like to see you with a man who would be good enough to be a father to Josh… and yeah that would be worth the risk…”

Amber set down the little wooden bowl she had just filled with peanuts by combining the remains of the surrounding bowls. The empty bowls were shoved toward Pat as she shot him a glare that said he’d gone too far. “You need some more nuts… and I’ve got beer to take to table three.” Her voice was level but edged enough to end the discussion.

* * *

Most nights Amber drove home after work, leaving Joshua at her brother’s house so he could get a full night of sleep. She would pick him up in the morning to spend those few precious hours with him before returning him to her sister-in-law’s care. On nights like these though she couldn’t bear going home to an empty house and used her key to slip quietly into her brother’s house instead. Joshua slept in the spare bedroom and she curled up on the bed with him. In a few years she wouldn’t be able to do this, but tonight she held him tightly to her, feeling the slow steady sleep breathing and the softness of his dark curls. In the darkness she cried whispering her regrets to her sleeping child.

“I’m sorry Joshua… I’m lonely… I wanted so much more than this. And you deserve a father. Not just an uncle, but a father. But I’ve never been very good at picking men. I’d rather you go without a father than be raised by the kinds of guys I’ve gotten involved with before. I hope you never have to met Daniel… as awful as that sounds. Tom seems like a good enough guy… he’s probably be good for both of us, but I’m scared Josh. One day I hope you’ll forgive me for that. It takes all my courage just to stay straight and be your mother. I do my best… and I’m sorry it won’t ever be enough…”

Eventually she drifted asleep and fell into a familiar dream:

Joshua was a bit older, but she could still recognize him. She was looking out a window into a back yard (a real backyard, not the small grassless playground behind her apartment building), where Joshua’s laughter rang out from. He was being chased through the yard by a man, they both had water guns and laughed while spraying each other. She smiled and stepped through a door into the yard, holding up her hands to show she wasn’t armed. The man looked over and smiled, “Well there is your beautiful mother…” Some nights that man had Daniel’s face, most of the time though his face was unfamiliar to her, simply an attractive ‘poster’ man… tonight though it was Tom. Tom who pulled her into his arms and kissed her, Tom who smiled down at her son as if Josh were his own, Tom who turned the small duo she had into a family.


“You know… you should…” she started to speak quietly against his shirt, but whatever else she might have said then was cut off as Emily shrieked a stream of hysterical curses.

Amber turned her head and looked at the younger woman, oddly calm yet sympathetic. Well we’ve all had our breakdowns now haven’t we? Perhaps I’m not the only one that could benefit from a little ‘pharmaceutical assistance.’ Not that I’m sure I could ever get little miss-goody-two-shoes to agree with me.

"Let's just go, alright?" Emily finished up, "I-I want to get out of here as soon as possible."

“Yeah,” Murph whispered, his eyes finding Amber again for an instant before turning once more to the undamaged store-fronts, “The sooner we get in, the sooner we get out…” for a fraction of a second, he found his hold on Amber tightening a bit more “…and the sooner we get you to Joshua. You just stick with me, baby, and we’ll get out of this just fine… I promise...” then he let her go and made for the door of the Save-Rite.

A chill washed over her the moment he no longer held her. She stared at him for a moment as he walked away. How many times had she done that in the last eight or nine months?

The sooner we get you to Joshua

I need you

You should have asked me out in January Tom; and I should have said yes.

She finished the sentence that had been cut off by Emily a moment ago. Flicking a glance to the others she started to follow Tom toward the drug store, with the knowledge that she would be following him until whatever end God had planned for them.

Posted on 2010-08-30 at 19:37:22.
Edited on 2010-08-30 at 19:37:52 by Merideth

Topic: Zombies in Chicago Q&A
Subject: :)

Ohh... welcome Uncle Dog.

Judge Dredd huh? Any relation to Judge Doom?


Posted on 2010-08-30 at 15:39:50.

Topic: Zombies in Chicago Q&A
Subject: *GRIN*

Come on... it'll be great!

She's practically hallucinating sober

She'll be even better at keeping you guys on your toes if she's hopped up on something


Posted on 2010-08-27 at 16:36:37.

Topic: Loaded Dice #55: A Burning Desire
Subject: phsawww

Haven't you ever been to a Ren Faire?

*gets a dreamy look* I still remember that lovely half dressed hunk of a man playing with that flaming whip... the beads of sweat glistening off him...

Ummm... was that off topic?


Posted on 2010-08-27 at 16:25:59.

Topic: Zombies in Chicago Q&A
Subject: I've been waiting for this...

It is in her background... not very detailed I'll admit... but it is there.

Honestly I'd say she was probably pretty recreational about it... but considering her past she would have been around people to whom it was much more. And yeah... a pharm would be a whole 'candy store' for anyone knowing anything about such activities.

I've even been doing 'homework' (online research... not experimenting)... got a whole 'grocery list' worked up for when they get inside


Posted on 2010-08-27 at 16:23:12.

Topic: Zombies in Chicago Q&A
Subject: Smite?

I don't smite (it makes me cry)... especially not for people playing their characters, posting and giving my characters material to work off of.

You're good... at least in my book.


Posted on 2010-08-27 at 16:00:16.

Topic: Zombies in Chicago Q&A
Subject: And to clarify...

For all the minors playing along...

Drugs are bad. I most certainly do not condone their use under any circumstance, even zombie apocolypses.

So whatever references to such activities I make are entirely in character, and Amber should not be looked to as a decent role model.

Thank you,


Posted on 2010-08-27 at 15:50:52.

Topic: Zombies in Chicago
Subject: Oh! A candy store!

The wink helped her gather another ounce of confidence, but looking at Tom too long wouldn’t. So she had sent him another small nod then turned her eyes to the path ahead, willing the shadows to keep bay.

“You wanna take point for a while? Give you a chance to think about somethin’ else?” Murph spoke to Alaster somewhere in the background. Small talk that really meant nothing in the end but helped to keep them together. Or so she thought until the light tittering of Alaster broke out and then built into a roaring laugh so hard it appeared to make him cry.

Her eyes widened and turned a razor thin glare at him.

"I'm sorry, but Murph I'm starting to think you only want me on point because of what I did to that last thing." This made no real sense to her, but apparently it was funny to Alaster who kept laughing.

"C'mon laugh with me it’s good for the soul guys. Stop looking so gloom and doom lighten up a bit. I mean I know it’s not much but we got each other and some weapons. Can’t we all be happy about that? It heals the soul now laugh."

The laughter began to bounce off the deserted concrete maze they had wandered into. It was eerie, but worse than that it was loud. Nervously Amber began to watch the dark shadows again, they had moved before, even if the others had not seen it she had, and they would move again.

Mac didn't break his stride a bit, but eyed Alaster wearily and said, "Happy, no. Thankful, yes. I don't know about you sometimes, but I do plan to get in a few good belly laughs....when we are safe and sound in one of those stores and I have a full belly, and not a moment before. Then and only then will I laugh. Hell, I might lead everyone in a dirty joke telling session to relieve the stress!"

Light glinted off a nearby window and behind it Amber swore she saw another one of those flushed faces looking out at her. Pausing for half a step she waited until it turned back into the sun warped version of an advertisement.

D*** it Amber! she cursed and started moving again but still found herself staring at the shadows.

“Hsssssttt!” She hissed in a hushed voice. “I’ll be happy when I feel a bit more confident one of those things isn’t going to leap out at me, or my son. Now keep your voice down before you attract one of them… or someone decides to close it permanently for you.”

It came out harsher than she had wanted it to. She did not waste a glance back at them though, the shadows were coming back and they were more important. Fingers scraped to the bone against the pavement threatened to crawl out of everyone her ankle neared, terrible flushed faces leered in windows. Anyone watching her closely then would notice that she began to avoid the slightest patch of darkness that cut through their path, likely without even knowing she was doing it.

* * *
When they rounded the corner her careful sidestepping of shadows suddenly halted. As rear guard Murph had to quickly stop his own pace for a second so as not to run her down. Carnage… death… destruction… pure anarchy.

“A real Triple B…” she muttered under her breath. The scene was truly too much to take in, and the shadows in it were too many and too dark to fully comprehend.

“All right,” Murph said behind her and she tried to focus her thoughts on his words instead of the shadows, “We made it this far. I told you, people, you were the baddest in the valley…” He pointed at the Save Rite with the shotgun… “there’s our number one objective… medicine, first aid supplies, whatever we can use…”

A Triple B… and what always went with those? her mind began to wander into the past as she stared at the red and white sign of the Save Rite. A theatrical scream rising through the cheap speakers of Daniel’s stereo system; the glass coffee table separating the couch from the torn flesh on the screen strewn with a pretty collection of colored pills; white, pink, blue, and green ‘candy’…

The FNs barrel panned right and stopped on the Ace Hardware… “Number two; axes, machetes, boots, tools, same deal”… the shotgun nor Murph’s eyes indicated the grocery store but he did tip his head back a fraction to acknowledge it’s presence… “we worry about food after we get the rest out of the way.

We’ve got a couple of hours before sunset,” he said, already moving towards the pharmacy, a hand falling to rest at the small of Amber's back to usher her on as he moved by her, “let’s get a move on.”

A slight jump rose along her spine as Murph touched her. The nerves bundled tightly together and almost reflexively she gripped the crowbar tighter. Before she actually turned and swung, though, a synapse still holding onto sanity fired and reminded her that Murph, Thomas Murphy, was standing behind her, and that those things would not be so gentle.

Amber released a soft sigh and turned her head to look at him. “I don’t like it…” she said softly, “everything else around here is destroyed, and yet the buildings we came in search for look as if they are ready to open for business as soon as the employees return and the power comes back on. They are dark… I don’t like it Tom… I’m not sure I can go in…”

Her stomach grumbled slightly as if to ask if she was sure she couldn’t go in, but it wasn’t enough to change her mind.

The thought of all the ‘candy’ laying in the dark however… Nice pretty little pills Amber. Remember what they could do? You are afraid of the dark now… how will you sleep without a nice little tranq when it really gets dark?

Don’t do this… I stopped… it’s been years. I cleaned up, I grew some balls and I’ve taken care of my son…

And what if he’s gone?

Tears began to wet her eyes again and she ripped her vision from Tom to look at the pharmacy again. “Maybe I can… It still isn’t right… something isn’t right…”

But maybe I need some of those pills… just in case…

Posted on 2010-08-27 at 15:43:54.

Topic: Zombies in Chicago Q&A
Subject: :)

Laughter is good... proper timing for it is also good

I liked it though. Amber... well... yeah... she's under a bit more stress than me right now.


Posted on 2010-08-27 at 15:05:17.

Topic: Loaded Dice #55: A Burning Desire
Subject: What!?!

No flaming sword!?


Posted on 2010-08-27 at 14:49:21.

Topic: Zombies in Chicago Q&A
Subject: ^ Dirty old man

Ohhh! Aquarium! And wow... he is three isn't he? Sheesh that happens so fast!

Happy birthday to the little guy.

I'd join but I've been hema looking forward to chilling at the lake all weekend. I'll be the gigantic beached whale in the skull and cross bone bikini if you happen to be passing by


Posted on 2010-08-27 at 14:15:31.

Topic: Zombies in Chicago Q&A
Subject: Have no fear!

The Great Merol will strike again with great novellas.

Will be working up one this morning in response to all the giggling.

Ohh... and btw... I'm heading out of town late tonight, back late Sunday, no internet access.

If it's alright with the GM I'll probably just let Eol run Amber if anything goes down this weekend. We've PM'd quiet a bit about our characters and I know he can handle her if need be.


Posted on 2010-08-27 at 13:37:50.

Topic: Zombies in Chicago Q&A
Subject: *Applaud*

Lovely work dear GM-man.

I mean... wow... your best work ever. I think we should submit to Pulitzer. *nod*

And a grocery store... how pretty.

Augmentin though... *shudders at the thought* sorry, personal issues with that drug.

Ohh... drugs! I've been waiting for this, or Amber has at least.

Um... yeah... lovely work again. Oh... and here are some blueberry pancakes, and... um brownies... yummy!

psssttt... have I kissed enough *cough* yet?

Posted on 2010-08-26 at 19:00:33.

Topic: Zombies in Chicago
Subject: The Leaning Tower of Amber...

“This ain’t a zombie movie,” Murph murmured, offering a scant shake of his head before he let go of Amber’s gaze, but not her hand. He had saved her life and then taken her hand in his almost as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

You sure about that Tom? You positive? Or are you just BSing us so none of us, you included, don’t freak out too badly?

She dropped her eyes to his hand over hers.

If you are… don’t stop she thought to herself and felt a familiar pang of guilt ride through her.

The infamous ‘Leaning Tower of Amber’ returns.

Amber was the middle child of Louisa and George Klein. All her life she had heard the story of how her parents had gotten together. George had been a grade ahead of Louisa in High School and the two had become ‘High School Sweethearts.’ After George graduated he decided not to go to the college he had worked so hard to get accepted into, but instead had worked two, sometimes three, jobs in order to save up money. A year later Louisa graduated and the two eloped and ran off to the other side of the city to begin a life together, a life far from the abusive household Louisa had grown up in. He had swept her off her feet and carried her into the sunset… Amber’s mother had never had to work or worry over bills, she raised their three children and left anything difficult up to George who like a great stone pillar withstood it all with patience and never even considered raising a hand to his family. A fairy tale.

Amber grew up wanting, expecting, a prince charming to whisk her off into her own fairy tale. So she leaned on the men that had gone through her life, expecting them to hold her up. With Daniel it had begun with ‘I really don’t feel safe going out to my car here at 3am… will you walk me?’ which progressed quickly to ‘My lease is up and I’m short on cash… could I stay here awhile?’ and then finally ended like the others with a crash when she showed him the little plastic strip with the blue cross on it. Daniel hadn’t held her up, and she had taken a violent emotional fall. Six months after that little blue cross became the center of her existence, and no prince charming had shown up to take care of them; she began to build a foundation to stabilize herself. No more leaning… Joshua had to lean on her now, and if she was leaning without a solid support to hold her up they would both go to the ground like dominos.

But now… she didn’t know where Joshua was, or even if he was alive, things that were once human were attacking them, a young man stood in front of her with a bite mark on his neck that no one knew the effect of, dead bodies lay strewn about the ground and the scent of gunpowder and terror lingered in the air… now the foundation had slid out and she was leaning again.

Murph let go of her hand then and started to step away from her. Her heart lurched and she had to clutch the crowbar a bit tighter so she didn’t reach out in her desperation to grab for him.

He isn’t yours. He saved your life perhaps… but he’s also saved the lives of these others and still has to do so. Stand on your own two legs Amber… she tried to remind herself as he began to administer whiskey to the wound as a makeshift ‘sanitization’ of the wound.

After administering some of that sanitation down his own throat Murph spoke up again. “That’ll do for now, but we’re gonna want to look at it closer when we get some place a little safer.”

“There will be plenty of supplies at the drugstore… I took a year and a half of nursing classes… we’ll get you fixed up there.” Amber offered in a dry voice.

Unless of course you have a virus… God please don’t let him have something…

He held the bottle up, then, and his eyes skimmed the other faces in the group. “Anyone else?”

Amber shook her head, there would be no way she could keep on her own two feet if she started drinking now. Alaster, of course, took a good long swig though.

“All right, people,” Murph muttered after a moment, “We’re burning daylight… let’s move…Jake… stay close to me, bud…”

Before heading east Murph’s eyes caught hers again, slowly she swallowed as she read them and gave him the slightest nod to show she understood, then lowered her gaze almost guiltily.

Leaning Tower of Amber…

I need to right now…

"C'mon we gotta get out of here that's four already who knows how many more are out there. And... WE can't afford another Jake at the moment." Alaster agreed with Murph while Amber sent out a sympathetic mental note to the Tin Man as she tried to move her rusty joints again.

"Don't any of you think it. I am not going to leave him behind to rot with the rest of them now get your head in gear someone take his gun and if he does start to show any signs or if he starts looking weary and tired then I'll carry him if that’s what it takes but I’m not going to take the life of a human and have it on my conscience. I already killed two today. Let's go.” The drunk continued after glancing at them all.

Leave him behind? Amber’s eyes ticked to Jake and Murph who had begun to take the lead of this little band. The look Murph had sent her echoed through her mind.

No… we aren’t leaving anyone behind, not alive at least. She thought soberly.

Say something Amber… stand on your own two feet, don’t let Tom be the sole pillar for this group… stop leaning

As she creaked away from the scene of their last encounter and towards whatever else might lay in their path between here and their first goal she looked over at Alaster.

“No one said anything about leaving him. We are going. To the drugstore. Get some penicillin for Emily and some bandages for Jake… some food and supplies for the rest of us.” She said with as much confidence as she could muster.

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Topic: Zombies in Chicago
Subject: Grr!

The ‘thing’ had continued to speed toward them even as the first shot gun blast rung in her ears. The shot had realigned its path slightly and taken out a decent bit of its arm but had little other effect. A squeal escaped from her as it kept moving closer. Behind her the others were shooting and bashing at things but she barely noticed, instead her world focused on the dead creature rushing toward her.

“God! Tom kill it!” she shrieked hysterically behind him and then flinched as the shot gun rang out again and in mid lunge the thing fell to the ground, a dark circle burning in its chest.

She paused there a moment, staring down at the creature. Beyond the rotten features it was human. The dull cloudy eyes had once glittered with life and lit up when it saw a loved one walk into the room, the hands that were not green and splattered with blood had no doubt held children in them, had made coffee and tied shoes, once it had been just like they were now… but now it was a twisted heap of flesh that had been stopped before it could destroy its own kind.

Screams behind her pulled her thoughts from the awful smoldering thing. Turning she noticed yet another one, on the ground wriggling over another shape. An assessment of the situation was not needed. Instead she acted purely on first instincts, the creature was not one of her companions, although the shape under it likely was.

Dashing toward the fray Amber stopped just before it, spread her legs as far as the short black skirt would allow her to get a firm base and then swung the crowbar much like a short golf club. It arced from her shoulder until it hit the thing under the jaw. Blood splattered from the point of contact as the head rebounded backwards, the rest of the body followed this line and rolled off of the shape it had been attacking.

If this had been a movie instead of their lives the camera would shift from showing the slow motion action of the crow bar contacting the undeads jaw to a full length view of Amber. Every muscle in her small lithe body pulled tightly, her little waitress outfit pulled even tighter over it in her wide stance. The inches of exposed perfect skin glistening in the afternoon light with perspiration. Dark hair clinging to her face in places and in others being whipped by the gentle breeze around her head. The crow bar at her side, ready to be swung if needed. Her dark eyes whipping about quickly as she took short deep breaths.

However, this wasn’t a movie and the glowing Hollywood effect the adrenaline pumping through her veins had caused was lost on her.

Human… it was human…

Was… it isn’t anymore…

If Tom hadn’t fired… would I…

Could I?

The ‘Triple B’ movies… shoot them in the head… shoot them in the head…

A virus… always a virus… but it’s not raining…

Always rains… drench the heroine…

Sunny… God the blood is red in the sun…

"It bit him. Oh my god is he... is he going to turn?"

“What!?” She snapped out of the torrent of thoughts assaulting her and looked over at Jake, the shape that thing had been wriggling over. Only then did she notice the blood dripping down his neck.


Her heart lurched up into her throat and she stared at her companion with wide eyes, and gripped the crowbar tighter in her fist.

"Stupid f****** thing." Alaster cried and then proceeded to bash the thing laying on the ground into a nice red smear while continuing to scream at it, “I'm tired and I don't want to be bothered by any of you things ever again."

Watching the blood and bits of flesh fly as the bat rose and fell over and over again the adrenaline began to fade from her system and she relaxed her stance. Slowly she looked around and ticked off the members of their little group, everyone was alive for now at least. The last person she looked at was Murph, fixing her dark eyes on his and asking the unspeakable question:

What now?

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Topic: Zombies in Chicago Q&A
Subject: *nods*

OOC I'll keep in mind that a bite might not necessarily mean anything, besides a nasty pending infection of course... but IC as Amber... yeah... well you'll see when I get it written up.


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