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Topic: The One Word Game
Subject: ...

Renewal (was to decomposition, but Returner posted just before I did... hmm, still works)

Posted on 2008-02-13 at 02:24:08.
Edited on 2008-02-13 at 02:26:40 by Reralae

Topic: Corrupt a wish
Subject: Technicalities to save the world

In order to reduce or prevent said destruction, a few things would have to be remedied... such as the specifying of just how much lowered the level of competition would be.
Rather than turning competition into nothingness, the world prospers with a healthy level of competition that makes amends to the ruined society. Evolution reoccurs, and so society is returned. However, due to the differences in evolution this time around, it creates a different race, which isn't human, but is somehow distinctly related. Time continues from there.

Wish... for time to pause for me so I can finish my homework and still have time to do something fun!

Posted on 2008-02-13 at 02:21:54.

Topic: Corrupt a wish
Subject: Hmm

The ear infection may be gone, but there's something... amiss... can you find out what it is? No? OK then, I wouldn't either since it's such a small thing. Time passes, and one day you find that she has pointed ears. Who would've thought that the ear infection would alter her DNA?

Wish... that people weren't so competitive... *sigh* well, I suppose it's my fault for picking an 'arena' game anyway.

Posted on 2008-02-12 at 23:51:05.

Topic: Corrupt a wish
Subject: But...

With more hours in the day, schools worldwide rethink and repack their curriculum to cover more material and thus provides more homework. Likewise, work hours increase and so forth. The ultimate result being that the added hours are incorporated into time spent not-asleep.

Wish... to be able to go into the fantasy I make, freely between fantasy and reality, while able to keep whatever I gain in each.

Posted on 2008-02-12 at 05:02:46.

Topic: The Red Dragon Arena Battlegrounds
Subject: A wandering archer

Round 1
Seya > Move to O14

Seya runs cheerily to O14, noting with a vague interest the position of the others there.

Round 2
Seya > Move to O20 > Draw Longbow

Seya continues to her destination, a point fairly far away from anyone else. She takes the bow from over her shoulder and looks at it with her trained eye, making sure it is battle-ready.

Round 3
Seya > Check environmental conditions

Seya draws her bow without an arrow, imagining one of the wooden targets she has practiced on for many years in her home city hovering over the water. She notes the sun's angle, as well as any wind in the area.

Round 4-9
Seya > Sets her bow down > Goes through some tumbling while watching others enter or move with little interest > Picks up her bow

Seya carefully sets her bow on the ground, then stretches her arms and legs past the point of flexibility that is common. With several flips and other gymnastic routines, she warms up her body for the fight that is to occur. While doing so, her eyes sometimes wander, letting her view others as they enter or otherwise move throughout the arena. Finally finished, she picks up her bow.

Round 10
Seya > Readjusts aim from now ready muscles

With her body now conditioned, she redraws her bow, still without an arrow, towards the same imaginary target. Noting the differences from being warmed up, she mentally adjusts, then eases on the string gently, so as not to dry-fire the bow. She draws an arrow from her quiver, and waits.

Posted on 2008-02-12 at 04:54:20.

Topic: Corrupt a wish
Subject: How about...

They turn red, but only because you're causing them to speed up so fast only the red part is seen. This causes a large-scale blackout (world-wide?) from the need of so much electricity and so even though you got your mayhem, you're also caught in it.

Wish... to be able to draw anything.

Posted on 2008-02-12 at 04:24:07.


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