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Topic: Star Trek: the Cassius Incident
Subject: Look at me still talking when there's science to do

Stardate 2368.07.08
USS Discovery, Lt. Leiran's Office - 1000

My, Uzuki certainly has a way with simulations. Leiran thought to herself as she purused the document on screen.

In a way it was elegant in its simplicity. First, consider the small fighters in production, namely ones with cloaking capabilities. Then consider the Sphere, which was reportedly the Borg's scout and tactical ship. Finally, build with the assumption that the different technological aspects could be hybridized. An easy assumption to make given the track record of the Borg.

Leiran stared at the ship on her screen. It had visible characteristics that made it hard to identify. Four external wings spanned the length of the ellipsoid craft, projected outward from the radius, bearing some semblance to the outer stabilizing ridges on the wings of bird of prey ships utilized by the Romulan and Klingon Empires. Looking closer, however, the deisgn was clearly Borg based, the surface of the craft well defined with ridges and plating visually reminiscient of the Cube and Sphere.

"Borg Ellipsoid. Well they have a Cube and they have a Sphere. They seem to like geometric shapes." Leiran noted to herself.

That was as far as Uzuki had gotten, mostly in an attempt to build a visual reference before working on the interior and hybridization of the various technological properties. If the old Borg reports were any indication, the interior would be thoroughly alien and difficult and time consuming to attempt to emulate to begin with, and during the exercise there was certainly no time.

"There was no time then, but we have time now." Leiran chuckled, idly rubbing her hands together before setting them ready above the keyboard.

She closed her eyes a moments and breathed. This was just another project, and like all of the other projects, it would get done. They would see to it. She grinned as she looked at the module, and started typing...

Posted on 2013-04-06 at 19:25:32.

Topic: Star Trek: the Cassius Incident
Subject: Droplets

Stardate: 2368.07.08
USS Discovery, Holo Deck – 0400

Ruea always came here when she felt tense. She had tended to Merrows and Aqua, made sure they were okay, but now the anxiety was catching up to her.

She sat with her legs crossed on a small platform just above a lake. Ruea took deep breaths, thankful that the computer could emulate the scent of water. It was just a small little program, small so it wouldn't take up much space, but it was hers.

Tentatively, Ruea reached forward with her hand. As she lifted her fingers, small droplets of water trailed up from the lake, defying gravity. Curling her hand upward, the water she pulled came together in a small sphere. Ruea closed her eyes, motioning her hand forward, as though knocking on a door. Slow, calculated movements. With each, a small droplet dripped from the sphere, an audible pitter on the lack's surface when it landed.

Ruea felt her anxiety fade as she listened. Suddenly she threw her hand upward, and in response the sphere of water went into the sky, turning into dark clouds. It began to rain.

Ruea smiled as she tilted her head, face directed upward into the rain. She liked water.

Posted on 2013-04-06 at 18:21:10.
Edited on 2013-04-06 at 18:28:13 by Reralae

Topic: Kingmaker Adventure Path 2.0
Subject: I now have another farming implement!

(ouchies are ouch)

Those bites were hurting, but well, it wasn't as bad as it could be. At least that's what Kyrie kept telling herself. She could push through it. That stupid barrier was going down.

"Stupid thing. You hear me, I'm going to till your butt if you had one into next year's farmland." She muttered as she bashed the trap door yet again.

Yes, those words were intended for the door. That's just kind of how she is.


(post dead spider)

"Well, that was a bit painful." She chuckled, "Probably one of the nastier bugs I've seen."

Her strength wasn't completely back, but the wounds she received seemed worse. No reason to let it show though. She still stood as strongly as she could. To the observant, however, it was impossible to conceal the fact that she favoured her unwounded side.


(at some uncertain point in time back at the outpost, talking with Oleg)

"Ah, thank you." Kyrie said as she examined the curvature of the weapon, "Sure looks a lot pointier than the ones I'm familiar with. But then, this one is a bit adjusted for use in battle." She gave a smile, "It'll come in handy. Otherwise, it's hard to use the shield with my shovel."



Kyrie was still leaning a bit to one side while she ate. Thankfully, it was fairly easy to disguise as she ate with her left hand, and the bite was on her right side. The stew was lovely and also took her mind off of it.

She paused and rubbed the back of her head a bit as things suddenly got a bit heated. All things considered, it didn't make too much sense to her. Granted, she wasn't religious. Kyrie's parents were, but she didn't particularly 'get' it. Soil she understood. Seeds she understood. Crops she understood. Why did they need to be explained further?

Kyrie shrugged a bit to herself, deciding to let things cool down a bit, before she felt a hand at her shoulder. Glancing up, she saw Zeran pause as he was walking by.

"Get some rest lass, flush that poison from your system we need you and that amazing shovel in full strength."

Kyrie smiled, "I feel fine, really." She chuckled, "I don't think it lasted much longer than the original bite, and I tend to heal fast."

Half lie, but half truth too. She did tend to heal fast; it was just a bit of a lie as to how much she had healed then. Regardless, Kyrie knew one thing. She would be strong. It was always possible that she would need to be.

Crops didn't tend themselves after all.

Posted on 2013-03-27 at 05:32:23.

Topic: Kingmaker Adventure Path 2.0
Subject: They cannot outsmart shovel

Kyrie gave a smile as the shovel made contact with Kressle's side. It wasn't a malevolent one, but rather the smile of a person who met up to a challenge. It was a good hit too, and one more good hit later, courtesy of Frodrick's axe, and the sadist collapsed under her own weight, her body refusing to cooperate any more.

"Well, that wasn't so bad." Kyrie noted, before frowning a bit as she noted the dagger still in Zeran's side.

"Hold still," She said to him as she gave a look at the wound.

Assuming DC12 for the diagnostic, 9 roll + 4 skill = 13

After a few moments of inspection, during which time the other bandits were shouted down, she nodded to herself and looked up, "All things considered, you're fairly lucky. Mah'i fell on a rake once. I helped patch that up. You'll probably be rather sore for a few days though."

"Your mother also didn't just exchange sexual innuendo and witty banter with an insane ax wielding bandit woman hell bent on making your insides that of a tawn tawn"

"Fair point." Kyrie chuckled, "That rake didn't last long after. Mah'r burned it in the fireplace."

She fumbled with the bandage roll she pulled out at first, but after steadying her hands (why were they shaking? Adrenaline maybe), she proceeded to take the dagger out and patch the wound up securely.

DC 15 first aid, 5 roll + 4 skill = 9 first round, 13 roll + 4 skill = 17 second round - success

"There you go." Kyrie said, smiling as she stood back up. "I could go for a cup of wine now that you mention it, though."

(now caught up =D yay)

Posted on 2013-03-14 at 02:19:46.
Edited on 2013-03-14 at 02:20:02 by Reralae

Topic: Kingmaker Adventure Path 2.0
Subject: where's an omgbreaker when you need one?

The problem with a shield is that it can't protect if it's not in the right place to do so. Kyrie gritted her teeth. Maybe she should have gone after the others on horseback in the beginning. That would have put a defender on both fronts.

Two left standing on this side. One she couldn't reach. That one would have to be for the others. Before she left Krii to dash after the others, though, she'd do her part to make it as safe here as she could.

Kyrie turned to the last bandit in reach of her, and bringing her shovel forward in a side sweep with the flat of the spade. She just hoped that she'd reach the others in time.

( blaaaaaaaaah, do not like the positioning here )

Posted on 2013-03-10 at 17:56:29.

Topic: Kingmaker Adventure Path 2.0
Subject: Convincing bomb is convincing... no boom today. Boom tomorrow.

"Well..." Kyrie thought about it. The point was valid, and even though there were some things they didn't know offhand, it was pretty certain they would be outnumbered either way. "As long as we can be pretty sure that we don't cause a wild fire or anything, I see what you mean. By the time we can set it up, they'll probably be aware of us by that time as well, if not with help. Sometimes it takes a lot of force to take out the weeds." She noted, "Especially stubborn ones. Those are the worst."

Kyrie nodded towards Frodrick, "If we can take them out, that will more time for the guard to arrive, and by then we should have less urgency. I wouldn't mind taking a look at what's around us myself."

Posted on 2013-03-02 at 21:00:32.
Edited on 2013-03-02 at 21:09:00 by Reralae

Topic: Kingmaker Adventure Path 2.0
Subject: The d00m will decide the d00miness of d00m. Or something.

(Post battleness)

Kyrie blinked as she checked the vital signs of the fallen bandit. The guy took two major blows yet he seemed to not be in the danger zone. The tenacy of life was astounding in some regards. Still, best be certain. She did her best to make sure he wouldn't die any time soon from whatever uncertainty would toss their way.

It was a simple matter to help mop up the rest of the group. The look of surprise on the two that dozed off was certainly something when they woke up. Naturally, there was hardly anything they could do about their situation, however. Their defeat was total.

Kyrie smiled at Zeran and the dwarf, "They usually don't see it coming. I mean, they see me, but they think little of my shovel here. I just like being able to show them that's a mistake, and not to think little of the working class."

(Teh lootz)

Kyrie scratched at her head. All things considered, there was nothing that really caught her eye. She shrugged and leaned back against the wall. Her shovel was her best friend (not literally but still), and there was absolutely nothing that could replace it.

"Hey Kyrie lass! There be a good lookin’ shield of wood here that seems dependable and fer sale!"

Then again...

"A wooden one?" Kyrie asked, looking down momentarily at her armour, the wooden plates fastened together. Wood was sturdy, and had a good weight to it. Not as strong as metal, but it just had a better feel to it. At least in her opinion. "That sounds interesting, I'll come take a look. Usually the ones that I've seen have been metal."

After taking a look, she picks it up. The shield had a good weight to it, but that wasn't the only thing that was important. Kyrie leaned in a bit, bringing the shield up and testing the nearly nonexistent scent.

Old, very old. That much she could tell. That was a good sign. Kyrie smiled. Maybe it would be worth trying out anyhow. It was a large class, and if she didn't like it, she'd know to pick up a smaller one next time.

"Say, Oleg, is it okay if I take this off your hands? I can buy it if it's not being used by anyone." Kyrie asked, "Also..." She gave another glance around, "Do you think there's a chance to pick up something like a sickle? I don't know if I'll be able to use my shovel at the same time but I don't think I like swords too much." She offered by way of explanation.

Not that it was likely to be needed. Using a shovel rather than a sword in the first place being the major indication.

(teh d00m)

Kyrie frowned a bit as the talk shifted to a much darker topic. It really was a difficult thing to decide. Life was precious. But, it was fairly clear, at least some of these bandits didn't agree with that, and chose their way of living. At the same time, there was probably those that did for other reasons. Now, she knew she wasn't the brightest flower of the bunch, but it didn't sit right with her to bring the scythe down so fast.

"For what it's worth, I think that life is a bit too precious to just decide that so fast. We barely know them, after all. I'm sure we could use more able hands in general, and if they're willing to redeem themselves then that's good enough for me." Kyrie began.

She paused a moment, "However, I'm not so sure about the leader of this bunch. He had no manners, and was in general just not a nice guy. He could have been a lot more respectful than he was. I think without him to guide their actions, the others will be freer to redeem themselves, if they choose to."

They only needed one to send a message. Too many and, well, that just didn't feel right. Trim the withering leaves, not the branch that could recover.

She fell silent as she listened to Zeran's plan, "I think we should know more about where they are first before we decide. Say they were on a hill, then the barrel might just roll away. It feels really agressive though, but well, if they were a country then what they've done already would mean it's like a war." She thought aloud, before muttering to herself, "Not to mention, we don't know how many of them are like that guy..."

Posted on 2013-03-01 at 08:58:27.

Topic: Kingmaker Adventure Path 2.0
Subject: Oioioing of a clang well done

Everything happened in a blur, the doors seemed to fly open in front of her, and hearing the explosion ringing in her ears from her companion's weapon, Kyrie ran forward. Tall and gruff was the head of this outfit. He was hurt, but he wasn't out, which made him a threat.

Bracing for the impact, she gripped her knuckles tightly around the haft of her trusty (improvised) weapon, and brought it to bear as she swung it in what another time and place would call a batter's swing.

Kyrie knew he saw it coming. But then, he also definitely did not see that coming. Neither did the others before him.

It was a good hit, and the sound reverberated off the shovel, a slight 'oioing' that she more felt than heard. Then there was the thump of his body collapsing under his weight.

"Oops." Kyrie blinked, looking down at the fallen man in front of her, "Maybe that was a bit too hard."

Hearing Zeran calling to her, Kyrie nodded in acknowledgement and knelt down beside the fallen man. "Um, let's see, how did this go again?" She murmured to herself, a few drops of sweat beading along the edge of her hair line. Sure didn't help that the wound was rather strange as far as wounds were concerned.

She would just have to try anyway.

(Heal checks for the win!)

Posted on 2013-02-26 at 07:56:32.

Topic: Kingmaker Adventure Path 2.0
Subject: Amendments and thoughts

"A frying pan? Might be a bit small, and I'm not too used to using cooking things yet. Still plan on picking it up more though, so I should be open minded to those as well. I never really thought about that..." Kyrie noted as she thought aloud, "The hard part was that at home, the local blacksmith was more used to making tools than other things."

"It wouldn't be too bad for an opener though," Kyrie noted, "If it works as intended, it'll be able to knock a few of them out. The quicker we can reduce their active numbers, the faster we can deal with them, and the less chance they have to do any harm to the fort or the people. After all, they wouldn't make demands unless they thought they could back them up with threats."

She paused, "Wait, I think it goes the other way around. Or something." She shrugged, "Either way, we'll be ready whether it works or not. We might just have to figure out how to be at the right place in time if there's many left over."

Posted on 2013-02-24 at 18:49:25.

Topic: Kingmaker Adventure Path 2.0
Subject: Hear no evil

Kyrie scratched her head as she stared up at Oleg, her head tilted to one side as the news that they did not completely receive the news reached his ears.

"Sounds like the courier dropped a few pages again... I guess you'll just have to let us know now that we're here."

* * *

"Raiders hm?" Kyrie rolled her eyes at the memory that word brought up, "We had some trouble with a few of them back home too. They were going to hurt Mah'r, and I wasn't going to let them."

Her emerald eyes took on a steely look for a second, before she looked back at the others, "At least there was only a couple. I take it there's more here."

After listening to Frodrick, Kyrie smiled in his direction, nodding, "I can help with that as well. I guess I should probably pick up a shield at some point so I can do that better... Haven't found one that I really liked yet though."

Posted on 2013-02-23 at 04:13:59.

Topic: Kingmaker Adventure Path 2.0
Subject: + 0 Shovel of Mundane Uses

As the group settled in and made welcomes, Kyrie dropped down from the cart, taking a look around.

"Good size place. Kind of reminds me of home." She noted. Larger scale than the small house she grew up in, of course, but a fair number of characteristics were the same.

She sniffed the air casually. There was no scent of tilled soil, but that was okay. Maybe they could add on a small field for crops if they needed one. Always good to have home grown produce. Her shovel would be as good for that purpose as it would be in the defense of the place.

Kyrie gave a smile to Svetlana, "Thank you for the hospitality." She said, before wandering closer, watching with interest as the stew cooked, but making sure to not get in the way. "Is it okay if I watch? I've been meaning to learn."

Maybe it would've been a good idea to finish learning cooking from her Mah'i before her adventure. Oh well, Mah'r always said that hindsight had its own looking glass, which was always on.

Posted on 2013-02-22 at 07:14:26.

Topic: Star Trek: The Cassius Incident Q&A
Subject: Meow

This butterfly hopes so

Posted on 2013-02-22 at 06:14:13.

Topic: Reralae's Story Fragments
Subject: Desperate Measures

The moon rose red, one of the few remaining lights in the still city. All was quiet, except for the slow, aimless steps that echoed from the shadows. Occasionally, there was a muffled crash of something or someone tripping over a fallen streetlight or similar debris.

Too much noise for the dead.

"It's nearly impossible for me to get a sense on how many are out there." Luminia murmured, "I don't like it."

The goth girl was no stranger to zombies. She had been claimed by people to be a vampire, both seriously and in jest, and with research into her claimed being also came some knowledge about the different types of undead in general. Luminia grimaced, one of her fangs glinting in the faint candlelight inside the outpost - really nothing more than a boarded up corner store they had connected up to the base.

"I do wish you'd take those off, in this light it might scare me." Jinx joked.

Luminia giggled, "I'm so used to them now, not wearing them just feels weird." She admitted, "But really, I think we might want to consider abandoning this building."

Jinx blinked, "Why is that? We all thought it was a good idea to get more space."

"The connection back to the house isn't easy, and the older members of the coven won't be able to make it here if needed. We need to try to stay together as a group as much as possible. That's how it works." Luminia whispered.

Jinx looked back at her friend sadly, "Well, to be honest, that might be a bit too optimistic…"

Luminia sighed, "I know." She turned her gaze towards the boarded up window, listening again. "Something just feels wrong."

Silence. If she weren't already pale skinned, Luminia's face would have permanently changed to be so then.

"Get back!" she shouted suddenly, eyes darting to her surroundings as she jumped back, drawing her bokken in the same movement.


No time. She grabbed Jinx with her free hand, and ran back towards the stairs. Not a moment too soon. Inhuman cries rang out as the boards bracing the exits were tested. The banging, strangely enough, aided both sides. It jumpstarted the adrenal system of both girls, and weakened the barriers between them and the dead horde. With Jinx in tow, Luminia darted up the staircase, not bothering to slam the door behind her. These things didn't stop for doors. At least not un-reinforced ones.

"Where are we going? The way back-"

"We're not going that way. It'd lead them back with us." Luminia said, her azure eyes steely as she quickly considered her options. There was only one.

Make a stand wasn't it.

"The roof." Luminia said as she continued to pull Jinx up the stairs.

"What about it?" Jinx asked, panting to keep up.

"Breathe, match your steps. Remember the marathon?"

"But what- oh never mind." Jinx shook her head, clearing her mind a bit to focus on her pacing and her breathing.

When they reached the roof, Luminia did not stop. Jinx saw what she was doing immediately.

"Are you crazy!?"


Maybe she really is a vampire, Jinx thought, I sure hope she can fly.

* * *

Silly Jinx, of course vampires can fly. That was never the question.

Question is, did Luminia judge the distance to the building beside them correctly?

Dashing on top of/through buildings is fun. Mirror's Edge, zombie edition?

Yeah, that'd just be silly.

Either way, I like Luminia.

Posted on 2012-12-29 at 18:23:38.

Topic: Star Wars The Imperial March Q&A
Subject: Going to...

Wait on Ayrn to post before me just so I know where Fayt ends up before posting

Posted on 2012-11-18 at 18:16:27.

Topic: Star Trek: The Cassius Incident Q&A
Subject: Hmm

My post feels a bit short but at the same time, that's because I don't want to get too side tracked by my simulation of the Borg Ellipsoid until Rena actually gets an opportunity to build it and examine it

Posted on 2012-11-16 at 04:19:22.

Topic: Star Trek: the Cassius Incident
Subject: Make it so, make it better, make it stronger, we have-wait no we don't have the tech

Stardate 2368.07.08
USS Discovery, Observation Lounge - 0800

Meet the time. The time was important. It would not do to be late. Thankfully, Rena was not late. She could feel the bits of fatigue gnawing at the back and edges of her mind, but gave them no heed. Focus on the present. What needed to be done. At this point in time, what needed to be done was listening.

"Minor bumps accounted with various personnel," Rena acknowledged to the captain's opening, "But nothing major on my end."

Never one for meaningless subtleties, the Captain launched right to the heart of the matter. "As you all know, I ordered this morning's drill. It was a desperate - more than that, a hopeless - situation, which is what I frankly asked for. I am fully aware that this is not the sort of thing that is popular with the crew, and while I can understand that fact, I will calmly tell you now that I do not care."

Rena nodded as she paid attention to the Captain as he continued with his explanation. It made as much sense to her as she presumed it did to the captain. There was undoubted merit in such exercises. So long as they weren't frequent.

"I expect a full departmental report from each of you by the end of the day."

Rena nodded again, her face a gentle smile as she ran a review plan through her mind. Her train of thought was derailed however, as she was addressed.

The Captain next turned his attention to the CSO. "Lieutenant Leiran, I want to commend you for your ingenuity during our simulation. I would like for you to research this concept fully - if it proves fruitful, this could be an invaluable tool for Starfleet."

Rena nodded once more, "It is a fairly new approach. As far as I'm aware, there hasn't been much research done with regards to the results of technological assimilation by the Borg. I'm personally quite intrigued by the hypothetical design of the ship we were facing."

That said, her mind now wandered to what Uzuki had managed to build via simulation in that short amount of time. Probably nothing substantial yet, but she was personally keen on heading the project to see its results...

Posted on 2012-11-16 at 04:14:39.

Topic: Star Wars: The Imperial March
Subject: No objections to carrying, alternative could light the forest up...

Fayt whistled in acknowledgement as she propelled herself out of the trench to follow after the soldiers, careful not to stray too close to any foliage, before setting down by the edge. With a quick access to her navigation subroutines, she attempted to get bearings on their current position relative to the target location.

It couldn't be harder than keeping track of astronavigation coordinates in the memory she accessed when aiding a ship's hyperdrive. At present though, she had to make sure she didn't get caught up in any of the local flora...

Posted on 2012-11-14 at 07:03:43.

Topic: Star Trek: the Cassius Incident
Subject: Ruea and Rena... two old classmates

Stardate 2368.07.08
USS Discovery, Ruea's Quarters - 0335

"How are you holding up?" Leiran asked as she sat in an armchair. She let her body relax a bit, listening to the many water features active in Ruea's room.

"Not as bad as I thought I'd be." Ruea replied honestly, carefully adding ingredients to the two tea bags in front of her, "When the alert went off I was worried, but Merrows and Aqua were calm, and that helped me be calm too. What a relief that was a drill. If that was a real encounter-"

Leiran chuckled weakly, "Yeah, didn't look like it was going to end well."

Using an archaic heater, Ruea brought some water to a boil, and poured the two cups, before setting them aside to steep for a bit. Eventually the light scent of lemon began to permeate through the room. At that point, Ruea gave one of the cups to Leiran, keeping the other for herself as she sat opposite Leiran.

Taking a sip, Leiran let out a soft sigh, "I needed this. You're quite good at brewing tea."

Ruea fidgeted a bit as she sipped from her own cup, "Lt Mihari said the same thing. She asked if she could learn at some point."

Leiran chuckled, "That doesn't surprise me. She'll probably pick up your recipe quite quickly. She is a rather visual person."

Ruea nodded, "I hope so. With any luck she'll get better than me."

"Hm," Leiran tilted her head a bit, before taking another sip, "Doesn't seem like we get much opportunity to do this."

Ruea nodded, "Well things have been getting busier. You have your research, the whole department to look after, and I have Aqua and Merrows to look after."

"I think I should try to free some time for this, we haven't really had much opportunity to relax like this since university." Leiran thought aloud.

Ruea chuckled, "As long as you don't start getting addicted to my tea. That would not be a good thing." She joked.

"Nonsense, it's all natural and good for the nerves." Leiran countered, chuckling as well.

After sharing a second cup of tea, the two friends called it a night. After all, shift began again in only a few hours...

Posted on 2012-11-01 at 03:28:55.

Topic: Star Wars: The Imperial March
Subject: NmB - not my business

Mud. Mud was annoying. Still better than being shot at. How much better? Well that was some arbitrary function g that at the moment Fayt didn't really think was a good idea to calculate. Instead she just focused on 'jumping' via her thrusters from firm ground to firm ground so she wouldn't get stuck in the mud and slow the group down.

Posted on 2012-11-01 at 02:30:47.

Topic: Disney Buys Lucasfilm
Subject: well...

Thinking about it further, Disney actually is at least one of the best choices. The main thing that (in my opinion) went wrong with the prequels is that they put too much effort into explaining things. They essentially had to squish an entire persons life story into three movies while under the mo of explaining just about anything and everything. while making that one person 'special' and going too far with all of the above.

Under further thought, I don't think Disney will fall into the same problem. They're pretty good at not explaining things. Ie tron. We are given the grid and matter to data conversion, and no one explains it and everything is good.

The other thing I think about in the back of my mind though is that all stories end at one point or another. Expanding things starts targetting a smaller and smaller audience because like all things there are those who like the expanded universe and those that don't. Pushing things into Canon status can segment a series' following who preferred one take over the other, etc.

So would it have been better to leave it? Not sure, but I don't think it would have been a bad decision either. Sometimes you just have to let the story go, and leave the rest of the fun to the audience to interpret what ifs and conjectures.

Posted on 2012-10-31 at 15:43:07.

Topic: Star Trek: The Cassius Incident Q&A
Subject: posts...

I have nothing critical to post prior to 800 that can't be included as a semi back post for additional flavour for my response to 800.

Synopsis, Leiran meets with Ruea for tea, and some background information happens.

Posted on 2012-10-31 at 14:36:16.

Topic: Disney Buys Lucasfilm
Subject: Well

A friend of mine and I were discussing it a bit. There are many ways they could take it. So far it seeme like they intend to go along the expanded universe route with a sequel trilogy.

Unfortunately, this can be good or bad. There is a good foundation of material to use, but at the same time, the capacity to really mess things over is there, particularly with some of the things they have going.

For instance, I am not particularly enthused by the now real possibility of kingdom hearts crossing over with star wars...

Posted on 2012-10-31 at 14:31:20.

Topic: Star Trek: The Cassius Incident Q&A
Subject: Post up for Rena

I wasn't kidding when I said Rena doesn't get angry. She gets focused, and then when her focus is broken, well...

That's when she gets flustered.

She definitely has a lot going on in her head right now... adrenaline rush + brainwave doesn't exactly let her stop/crash that quickly, even if she'd like that to be the case

Posted on 2012-10-30 at 00:14:16.

Topic: Star Trek: the Cassius Incident
Subject: What goes up must come down

Stardate 2368.07.08
USS Discovery, main bridge - 0321

In the heat of the moment, was it really a bad thing to have a voice whispering in your ear? Rena didn't think so. Two in harmony surpasses one in perfection. She muttered under her breath, seemingly in a fast paced conversation with herself.

"- the sensor relays. If we triangulate impact trajectories -...- consider core power, are they targeting power sources? -...- sensing our sensors? Maybe-...-"

She wasn't listening to the ops officers. They knew how to make the most of the ship. It was Rena's position to figure out the what, if there was something that could be done with resources that wasn't immediately apparent. Salvage, improvise to run, or even turn the tide.

Yet the sensor readings weren't cooperating as she had hoped. Just how fast was this thing adapting to them? Rena typed at the console, trying to see how to articulate the sensor cycles into a stochastic system that even Ridley wouldn't be able to follow. Maybe if-

"Cancel red alert. Computer, cancel simulation."

Wait, what?

Rena stared as the console changed back to normal, nothing remaining of the chaos it was showing just seconds before. She blinked as her heart and mind stopped racing, slowing down enough to register what was said.

At that point, Blair was addressing everyone. The whole thing was a rather elaborate simulation. An exercise and drill.

Rena looked a bit flustered as she rubbed the back of her head. That was a good thing, right? No real danger, they were all okay, and things went, well, they'd find out how things went at eight hundred. Yet, the scientist in her was actually kind of disappointed. An actual hybridization of three technologies. The thought of studying something like that sent a shiver down her back. She took a breath and chuckled.

"That was an incredible exercise." She breathed, taking in a deep breath.

=/\= Uzuki to Leiran, does this mean I should stop my simulation? =/\=

Rena shook her head even though Shion wasn't there too see, "No, just put the simulation away for now and get some rest. I think I'd like to take a look at it later."

=/\= Roger, Uzuki out. =/\=

Speaking of other loose ends... Rena tapped her comm, "Leiran to Ridley, you probably guessed but you can put the sensor systems back into storage."

=/\= I almost have one probe outfitted. Should I dismantle it? =/\=

Rena shook her head again, "No, leave it for now. Just tidy up and store that one, though do make sure it is labelled correctly. Get some rest after."

=/\= Okay ma'am, Ridley out. =/\=

One thing left. Rena tapped her comm for the last time, "Leiran to Zohm, please return to the bridge to resume your shift."

=/\= I'll be up in a moment, turbolifts are a bit crammed. =/\=

Rena chuckled, "No rush. Leiran out."

Taking another breath, Rena rubbed at her forehead as she felt her body's adrenaline level dropping. In addition, coming down from the eur-bloody-eka state was almost as intense as reaching it, just in the opposite way. She could feel a hint of sadness as well. Either way, she was definitely going to need a cup of tea later.

Posted on 2012-10-29 at 23:53:08.
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Topic: Star Trek: The Cassius Incident Q&A
Subject: Omg LOL

Kudos to Olan that's the one thing I was not expecting in the least.

Now I am not even sure how Leiran will react. On the one hand relief, on the other, disappointment at no new tech and science to be found right now? Hehe, I'll figure it out ...

Posted on 2012-10-29 at 21:14:02.


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