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Topic: Star Wars The Imperial March Q&A
Subject: Well, not up to me

I don't have that book, and as far as I know, the Empire was never one for ordering custom stock unless it was for high tier commanders, so doesn't make all that much sense for Fayt to have anything but a standard model as provided in the core book. That's my intuition on it anyhow. Saadar has final say.

Posted on 2012-10-09 at 19:25:06.

Topic: GOODDAY: Welcome to Pyron
Subject: No need to worry

Given the lack of response from people in general, I'm not too concerned on concepts to be handed in yet. If more (present) interest acrues then I'll poke everyone for it then.

Posted on 2012-10-06 at 03:05:33.

Topic: GOODDAY: Welcome to Pyron
Subject: Meow

(I'm still around...)

Posted on 2012-10-06 at 03:00:04.

Topic: Star Wars 'Imperial March' recruitment
Subject: I'd offer to join

But I don't know if I'd be able to play the role of a soldier.

Now if you could use an astromech droid... I could do that.

R2-K8 ring any bells, Loki?

Posted on 2012-10-06 at 02:59:10.

Topic: Prometheans: Genesis - Q&A
Subject: Snakes and ladders

Eol edition. 'cept I'm pretty sure those aren't snakes. Someone took a hammer to all the ladders too. No shortcuts in this thing.

I'm also pretty sure that those ladders were glass just to be easy to break. Oh wait, that answers whose hammer this is... Pi loves breaking glass for her collection.

Worst case scenario, we steal her blueprints and make glass fireball cannons out of these here shards and use that to break out of the establishment that wasn't courteous enough to just ask for a resume. If they had just asked nicely, I'm sure Annie won't be so peeved off

Posted on 2012-10-06 at 02:44:37.

Topic: Paranoia: Adventures in Clonesitting
Subject: Body count: 1, -1 due to sweeper activity

Artie stood firm on top of the hoverbot. He was not moving. Granted, it is difficult to move when one's hand is locked in an iron grip. Ascertaining that momentum has indeed halted, he eased his grip, using his free hand to unlock his white knuckles with come coersion. With that done, he looked around. Body count == two? No, further analysis dictates the count to only be one.

There wasn't much to do at the moment. The group's exact coordinates had to be maintained in order to ensure optimal efficiency for the clone replacement.

However, there was one sure thing that needed to be done. "Temporary objective: reboard Brighte." Artie noted aloud.

With that, he began to scan with his vision for something to help Brighte get back on board (assuming that it isn't an immediately straightforward matter).

Posted on 2012-10-06 at 02:39:08.

Topic: Paranoia: Adventures in Clonesitting
Subject: Ooh ee ooh aa aa bing bang wadda wadda bing bang

Artie smiled.

This was his game now. He could already see the space alien invaders piloting asteroids lining up in front of them. He could visualize cannons on either side of their hoverbot. He would do it this time. He would beat that damn high score.

This was all, of course, completely stupid. No, he was not visualizing such things. He didn't even think aliens were real. That was illogical.

Still, he was smiling. Happiness was mandatory after all. Everyone was part of the team, and they were all serving their ultimate protector, benefactor, and guardian, Friend Computer. Or, at least, that's what the surface appearance was. How could one be certain?

With an iron grip on the railing, he stood, unmoving, as the hoverbot continued forward.

"Reminder: expression of gratitude is advisable. Transport: efficient, logical, and was provided for us. Steam: caution, interfacing affinity is top priority. Casualties are inefficient." He looked back momentarily at Ammpe and Brighte, before looking forward again, feet steady on the hoverbot, and his grip firm.

He was probably the least concerned about the hoverbot's safety or lack of it. He looked down at the bot. What a fine craft she was. He would love to take a closer look but he was uncertain on the variable t that measured the time since she was last looked at, and whether that would allow him to schedule maintenance. Or Jackie for that matter. They are both extremely fine models that performed admirably.

Posted on 2012-09-27 at 20:41:33.

Topic: Prometheans: Genesis - Q&A
Subject: Get out the newspapers!

Get your old-new newspapers here! Excellent for use as an improvised melee weapon that does nonlethal damage! Charge the webmaster! Make sure he'll never forget us! We will be memory, and thus we will exist! Keep existing! Swat a webmaster today!

This public safety announcement is brought to you in part by toast. Toast, always there when you want a snack. Certainly nothing to do with The Observers Association Simulating Time. No, sir. Nothing to do with that at all. They don't even exist. Toast, always there, just burn some bread.

Posted on 2012-09-27 at 19:43:09.

Topic: man, I suck
Subject: Image I'm seeing

I'm totally seeing an image. Chibi-Al whap-ing chibi-Olan with a rolled up newspaper.

I vote for this image to be in the next RPGMB. Something like

Bro: "Okay, for our next myth- wait, Al, why are you over there, what are you DOING?"

*insert picture here*

Posted on 2012-09-27 at 19:35:30.

Topic: Prometheans: Genesis - Q&A
Subject: Be not afraid

The counter to Eol-madness is always madness of oneself.

Or maybe that's just the counter that specifically works for me...

Reralae-madness is a potent thing after all

Posted on 2012-09-27 at 19:26:55.

Topic: Prometheans: Genesis - Q&A
Subject: Execution of something something dot exe

Something something dot exe has encountered an error and will be shut down

Something something dot exe can not be shut down

Send message to OS support?

Failed to send message to OS support. Error message:

"Error 34041-D$#& it, let me out of here!"

Posted on 2012-09-26 at 03:41:20.

Topic: Prometheans: Genesis - Q&A
Subject: Yes

Still here...

Still hacking...

Executing something something dot exe...

Divide by zero warning occurred, ignoring...


Posted on 2012-09-08 at 17:37:27.

Topic: GOODDAY: Welcome to Pyron
Subject: Game of Holo

It'll be shown in the campaign to be less an MMO in the conventional sense and more like cosplay and real life acting. The holograms aren't just for things like a 3d imaging computer screen, but will include virtual equipment, enemies, and other things.

In other words, the holo game that will occur in Pyron is an extension of that world's reality, utilizing the Unh compound in the air in order to create effects ranging between illusions and possibly up to real results...

Posted on 2012-08-07 at 07:16:10.

Topic: GOODDAY: Welcome to Pyron
Subject: Bump

Yes, I still have this thing in the back of my mind.

Posted on 2012-08-06 at 18:32:10.

Topic: Prometheans: Genesis - Q&A
Subject: The fairy says

The oddish is more odd on the odd side

Posted on 2012-08-05 at 17:26:43.

Topic: Kingmaker Campaign
Subject: Commencement Dance - Next Round?

Reaching the bottom, Aria noted with disdain that with the numbers there were, and the rate at which the man with the katana was going through them, it wouldn't be out of the question that she may have to watch out for tripping on one of the dead bodies. She wasn't altogether sure that she could dance in this confined space. Setting that thought aside, she drew her blades and effectively tried to poke at one of the mites beside her.

Posted on 2012-08-05 at 17:24:52.

Topic: Kingmaker Campaign

"I'd have to agree. Unsavoury things but well, you don't get to pick your audience." Aria noted, still working on climbing the rest of the way down.

When/if she reached the bottom she'd draw both her blades, ready to back up Takashi, but leaving her lights up above for the aid of the ones still climbing.

Posted on 2012-08-01 at 16:47:54.

Topic: Kingmaker Campaign
Subject: An Oddish Infestation - wait no, that would be worse

"I don't see why not. The more we take care of before the charter's completion, the less work we'll have to do later." Aria noted, "I am in as well."

Posted on 2012-07-23 at 00:31:43.

Topic: Kingmaker Campaign
Subject: Operation I hate Ouchies

Aria winced a bit as she let herself down on the ground, careful to keep her leg up and off the ground. She rubbed the back of her head as she looked up at Sylvia, smiling sheepishly, "I'm not exactly sure what I was thinking myself."

Laying a hand on her leg, her left hand tracing a pattern in the air, Aria closed her eyes a moment, "If we, jump into the water would we swim or would we drown? If we, build a set of wings could we fly or just fall down? And if, you keep talking to me, through this darkness, through this night, I'll be alright. I'll be alright."

((CLW self))

Suddenly Aria jerked up, "Gah," She buried her forehead in her palm, "Force of habit... the person I kind of learned from used that lyric all the time when healing. Looks like I still use it by default." She mutters, her tone kind of a strange mixture of embarrassment and exasperation.

She bowed her head and sighed, before sitting up to listen to Achuak.

After a moment though, the others seemed to switch to a dialect she didn't know. So Aria decided to check on the others.

"Mind if I try to help with that?" She asked Junn, indicating his leg.

Posted on 2012-07-16 at 17:46:26.
Edited on 2012-07-16 at 18:10:17 by Reralae

Topic: Kingmaker Campaign
Subject: Put down one, find another

[backtrack - shouldn't really involve anyone else unless someone else chooses to be involved but presuming most to not be]

"I guess there's no helping it." Aria murmured as she knelt beside the still form of her second partner that eve. His breathing was shallow but steady, the only indication he was still alive.

She carefully pushed him onto his stomach, sliding his arms down to his sides. Might as well make him comfortable, if he still had any sense while unconscious. Carefully, she drew her kukri out, holding it steady in both hands, carefully poising the blade at his neck.

"May your next life be better than this one." She murmured softly.

The stab was swift, and without hesitation. To hesitate would be to draw it out and cause more pain than was necessary.

"I guess a pyre would be best." She noted idly to herself.

The next morning she'd work on that. No point in leaving carrion behind to attract unwanted predators.

That morning as well, she'd walk over to the prisoners that were awake. "I don't know much about you, but I do know that several of the others would've preferred all of you be slain from being in that group. I asked otherwise, and so there was a compromise. It's an opportunity to start anew, kind of. Don't make me regret it. Shelyn's teaching is to offer second chances. Calistria, however, lets there only be one."

[back at Oleg's]

Marie practically tackled Aria to the ground, or well, may have if she were much larger.

"So, any interesting scents while I was out?" Aria asked the kitty.

Marie either was oblivious to the question or was just ignoring her, quickly pawing at her loose outer clothing as she tried to curl up and be comfortable.

"Guess not." Aria chuckled, before her eyes went a bit distant, "Good." She shook her head a moment, before meeting up with Oleg with the others.

* * *

"Work can be good. Builds character and strength. Or well, that's what my teachers would say." Aria noted, "I have no objections."

"I would like to talk to them later though." Aria added.

Assuming that there are no objections, she makes her way over and likely isn't by the door to see the stranger.

"I'll watch over them for a bit if you want a break at all," She noted to the guard, before making her way inside regardless if the guard left or not.

Posted on 2012-07-04 at 06:41:59.

Topic: Kingmaker Campaign
Subject: Yeah, not much to say

Aria shrugged, rolling her eyes, "I'm one person. You are one person. I have stated my opinion, just as you have made yours clear. Neither matters, since neither of us alone dictate the actions of the group as a whole."

"We've said our pieces. That's all there is to it." Aria absently spun one of the kukri still in her hands, "You can keep yelling about it and throwing a tantrum or you can wait patiently for the remainder to cast their votes. Personally, I'm doing the latter."

Posted on 2012-06-30 at 18:58:14.

Topic: Prometheans: Genesis - Q&A
Subject: Shocky

That looks like a lot of surplus energy... pretty sure Annie will want to stay the heck away from him

Posted on 2012-06-30 at 18:20:07.

Topic: Kingmaker Campaign
Subject: Remember the different castes

"Such mindless killing seems a bit biased. Yes, there is danger if they live, but at the same time, remember, at Oleg's, when they had a chance to run, two choose not to. Revenge is supposed to be against the aggressor, isn't that right?" Aria asked, crossing her arms as she leaned back on her heels, "These particular people, here, right now, we have not met them before. What do we know of them? Not very much. That one woman," She points to where Kressle lay, "We do know is particularly dangerous, if her bloodlust was any indication, and so, reluctant as I am to say so, I can see the reasoning behind giving her a swift end."

"The others though, I think they could deserve a second chance at life. I at least am willing to give one to them. Just one." The last two words she spoke with a strangely cold emphasis. She had no issue with them right now; they were likely just order followers, hanging out with the big group. If they refused this opportunity, that would be a clear betrayal.

Junn was not the only one who was interested in revenge, but only when a situation called for it.

She nodded at Sylvia and Achuak, "Yes, I agree that should be our next destination."

Posted on 2012-06-30 at 17:57:52.
Edited on 2012-06-30 at 18:00:38 by Reralae

Topic: Prometheans: Genesis - Q&A
Subject: The butterfly thinks...

And plans...


Posted on 2012-06-29 at 21:52:22.

Topic: Prometheans: Genesis - Q&A
Subject: Watch out for that train

That'll hurt in the morning

Posted on 2012-06-28 at 18:01:41.


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