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Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Linsemptus - Information
Subject: Character Descriptions

The following is the character descriptions I have received from each player, in their own words.


Armand Amaranth
Race: Humanoid Outsider
Gender: Male
Height: 6’1"
Weight: 190lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Emerald
Garbed in simple Black robes, gloves, clothing boots etc, The only piece of his outfit of note is the metal helmed which is as far as anyone can tell fused around his head. (Think man in the iron mask)

Deunan Noot
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 190 lb
Skin: Tan
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Light Brown; Wavy
(Individual description not given, as it is a cohort type PC)

White ash staff with silver inlaid runes

Sibelius Eos Owm

Willow Hiswena
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 171 lbs (230)
The girl named Willow is at least as tall as, if not taller than most men. She seems a little young to be playing on the field of war, being at most in her early twenties, but there is no doubt that she can handle herself. Upon her hips lie the sheaths of two long swords which you don’t doubt she has full use of when fighting. Her long sandy brown hair adds to the feeling that she was aptly named, for she often seems to remain a silent sentinel as the related tree. You guess that maybe she is from one of the tribes of savages, to explain her towering size, though if such is true, she must have been removed from such a life at a relatively young age, for she at least seems to be smarter, and certainly more literate than you would attribute to any barbarian. Though as for that she remains very shy and speaks little if at all, leaving much of her life a mystery. By appearance, she is little to look at, size not considered, she seems a rather plain girl, with an expression that is hard to read for emotion save perhaps sadness behind her deep brown eyes. On guard duty and in combat she wears a suit of breastplate armour that is brilliantly crafted from what appears, by its near silver sheen, to be Mithral. For the entire encumbrance it seems to bear on her, she might as well be fighting in her navy blue tunic and breeches rather than a full suit of armour.


Name: Manalagna Hammer of Clan Hammer
Race: Dwarf
Height: 5 feet 5 inches tall
Weight: 150 pounds
Hair: Silver and Silver beard
Eyes: Blazing Red Eyes
(individual description not given)


Character Name: Dusk
Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Height: 5’10”
Hair: Blonde, Short
Eyes: Blue
Weight: 155 lbs
Arynül looks almost like a human for being of elven descent. At only 5'10", his features are assuredly elven, though from behind he looks like a normal human. Short for an elf, he was once thought to be half-elven, but his heritage is as pure as any.
While his skills at disguise are not renowned, rumors have said that his appearance these days are the closest they have ever been to his natural one. Some say he was last seen wearing quite ordinary outfit of loose brown pants and jacket over a white shirt. His belt is odd with a few pouches between three opals. His shirts are often laced up to the neck no matter the weather or heat. The boots are worn, but at the same time never seem to attract dirt let alone disturb it.
Supple black leather gloves often cover his hands including his two rings of power. Besides the rings, his only jewelery is a black medallion that hangs from his neck. All this is covered by a gray cloak of elven make that seems to force the viewer's eyes away, blending into any surrounding.
He often carries a single pack as well.

Posted on 2008-05-17 at 19:00:00.
Edited on 2008-11-06 at 00:17:23 by Reralae

Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Linsemptus - Information
Subject: Cities of Tiancann

Each main city is stationed at nearly the center of each geographical region. There are lesser towns as well, but they are not significant enough to the game to put here.


The eastern capital of Aqinarr utilizes the best that the ocean can provide, with its navy of fishing boats as well as specialized diving legions to mine the pearls hidden along the eastern reefs. It is a very peaceful city, as the methodical waves of the ocean give it a tranquil feel. The roads are made of marble, houses are generally made out of wood with slate roofs, and there is a significant harbour district which is made up entirely of harbours that extend into the waters.


The northern city of Girhn on the north penninsula specializes in the mining of the riches in the mountain range, with artisans forming weapons, armour, statues and treasure alike with the valuable ores and metals. As such, the city is rather metallic, with even the roads and houses made out of metal. It is said that the mineral deposits of the northern mountain range are unlimited, although no one wants to know for sure.


The desert city of Fonhinqann actually thrives in the otherwise hospitable environment, working with the oasis to cultivate the otherwise infertile land, and using the mighty winds of the desert to further their progress. Its houses are little more than shacks made out of bamboo; with the heat of the desert sun, you don't need much more than shade. There is also a large number of wooden windmills, which together form enough grain to feed all five large cities. The main tourist attraction is the large stone arena, akin to the Roman Coliseum on Ancient Earth.


The forest city of Hylon uses the riches that the western forest itself provides, creating beautiful worksmanship in their culture and wonderfully carved halls. Nearly everything here is made of wood, wood being the most abundant resource there is here. It is located in a clearing in Hylon Forest.


The final city in the center of the continent is the meeting and trading captial of these four cities, and as such holds a majestic apparel that is impossible for either city to attain on its own, using the wooden carvings from the west, the metalwork of the north, the power of the wind from the south, and the beauty of the ocean from the east. This city is undoubtedly the capital of Tiancann, known as Wanqir. At its center is a large castle that is only dwarfed by one other structure in the city, which is the Wanqir Clock Tower. The Tower extends at least 10 stories high, and is held together and maintained by strong magic. It is here, in the Palace Hall, where the delegates from the four other cities meet, to decide the course of the future for Tiancann based on what they need as a whole, recognizing individual needs but each elected to know when sacrifice is required to benefit the whole in the long run. Under such rule, the continent of Tiancann has thrived for a millenia, until now, when the disaster of the Linsemptus strikes...

Posted on 2008-05-17 at 18:45:42.

Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Linsemptus - Information
Subject: Geography of Tiancann

Tiancann can easily be divided into five geographical terrains. There is the Western Forest, the Central Plains, the Southern Desert, the Eastern Rivers, and the Northern Mountains.

Western Forest (Also referred to as the Hylon Forest)

This region spans from the northern mountain ranges to the southern sandy shores. It is roughly (if one looks at it from far above) diamond shaped, and the trees follow the Eastern cliff line, going directly to the cliff's edge. From far above, it looks as though this side of the continent was just roughly cleaved off by some giant axe. The forest near the mountain range is incredibly dense, forming a region of near darkness. It is rumoured that a considerable amount of criminal activity is done within this region.

Southern Desert (Also referred to as the Fonhinqann Desert)

There is not much to say about this region; it mainly appears to be an ocean of sand, broken by a large oasis at the center.

Eastern Rivers (Also referred to as the Aqinar Valley)

This region is an incredibly lush environment formed by many interwoven rivers and lakes that connect to the ocean and travel as far inland as the lonely peak of Venerro. Aqinar is centered over a junction between the major rivers.

Northern Mountains and Beyond (Also referred to, but at a lesser extent, as the Girhn Mountain Range)

This mountain range, if one looks at it from far above, seems to cleanly divide the continent from the Northern Penninsula straight horizontally across from East to West. It should be noted that this range DOES NOT include the lonely peak of Venerro, which is South from the center of the range. The Northern Penninsula is a tundra region, and there is few things that go on there, although Girhn is located just past the mountain range and a considerable amount of manufacture takes place there.

Central Plains (Also referred to as the Plains of Wanqir)

A very flat landscape, broken only by the lonely peak of Venerro in its northern region. This plain consists mainly of large grass. There's not much else to say about it, apart from the single ravine between Venerro and the center of Tiancann, where Wanqir stands.

The Lonely Mountain of Venerro

This peak is actually quite tall, in comparison it is not unlike Mt. Everest on Earth with regards to its height. As such, it is easy to see against the horizon from all corners of the continent.

Posted on 2008-05-17 at 18:29:55.
Edited on 2008-05-17 at 18:32:16 by Reralae

Topic: Auguries of Destruction: The Linsemptus - Q/A
Subject: AoD has begun!

I apologize for the length of the posts (well, lack of more like), but I wanted to leave it as open-ended as possible for all the characters, especially those who are still a bit of an enigma to even their players.

Also, please note that I will reference the time on the third line of each post for each player; people will be at different times at the same post frequency, at least until everyone is united as a group.

So, without further adeiu, have fun

Posted on 2008-05-17 at 18:14:03.
Edited on 2008-05-17 at 18:15:35 by Reralae

Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Linsemptus
Subject: The Enigma of the Plains

Somewhere Between Wanqir and Aqinar
Plains of Tiancann
Three hours before Twilight

Dusk, as he was known by, felt very nostalgic. He lies in the tall grass of the plains, unbothered by any people or wandering travellers. They would use the road; he didn't.

His mind wanders around aimlessly, thinking of various things. The sun is beginning its descent, and for some bizarre reason, it feels as though Dusk is being watched...

Posted on 2008-05-17 at 18:10:54.

Topic: Auguries of Destruction: The Linsemptus - Q/A
Subject: Well...

Why don't you run down and find out?

Posted on 2008-05-17 at 17:59:59.

Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Linsemptus
Subject: The Wanderer of the World

Between Hylon Forest and Fonhinqann
Main Highway
Six hours before Twilight

Tristan Fargo was in no hurry. He seldom was. Just take life as it comes. True, the seven years before was something else, but even their torrents of rain could not dampen Tristan's spirit. Tristan continues along the road, lost in his thoughts and the weather around him.

There is small cottage on his left, which seems to be slightly run-down. Suddenly, a small boy slams open the door and runs screaming, seemingly for his life. Hopping and jumping after him is a large swarm of what seem to be small critters made out of dust. Literally, it is a swarm of dust bunnies.

Seeing Tristan, the boy runs at him, "HELP! HELP! HELP! HELP!" He yells at him.

Posted on 2008-05-17 at 17:59:08.

Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Linsemptus
Subject: The Gladiator from Beyond

Gladiator Arena
Six hours before Twilight

Manalagna Hammer was not impressed. This arena tournament was full of ludicrous amateur fighters, to him none are worthy of the title of Gladiator. If he had known from the beginning that there would only be people like the ones he saw below on the arena grounds involved, he would have entered himself just to show what it truly meant to be a Gladiator. The arena itself was a bit of a laugh, consisting of a plain oval field with a raised central platform and little else.

With a fell strike from his greatsword, the last fighter strikes down his opponent to be the victor of the tourny. The announcer, a charismatically buff orc wearing little more than a loincloth and a large ornamental greatsword on his back, steps up.

"And now, the Junior Fonhinqann Tournement is concluded! The victor is Nanhim Kahir from the firey city of Girhn. Now, we go onto the Elite Tournament!" The announcer bellows to the entire audience, his voice as boisterous and ornamental as his sword. The audience returns a large amount of applause at the charismatic announcer.

"Now, for those of you that have not had the chance, if you wish to enter the Elite Tournament," The announcer says as he raises his greatsword, a beautiful piece of work with a serrated gold blade with silver inlay and etchings complete a mithril hilt, "Then come forth onto the battlefield now!"

Posted on 2008-05-17 at 17:49:44.

Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Linsemptus
Subject: The Soldier of the Ocean

Soldier's Barracks
Six hours before Twilight

The day might have been calm, but in Aqinarr the ocean's swirling might gave the city a tranquil feel that lasted day or night, rain or shine. It was only during the seven years of tragedy that the ocean was not peaceful. However, the city made a splendid recovery, and was almost fully rebuilt.

Despite there being a soldier's barracks here, there was not much for the soldiers to actually do, so this ended up being more of a training facility than an actual city guard. Willow Hiswena felt content with that, since action usually meant that there was something wrong.

The barrack is divided into actual rooms for its inhabitants, albiet small rooms, consisting of a bunk, dresser and wardrobe. Someone knocks at Willow's door.

"Hey, Willow! Are you busy?" A voice calls from the other side of the door.

Willow recognizes the voice right away as one of her fellow companions by the name of Yin Cathan. He was Willow's self-proclaimed rival, and seemed to always want to try to best her in combat practice, although he never got close. Doubtless, that was likely why he was trying to beat her door down right now...

Posted on 2008-05-17 at 17:19:22.

Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Linsemptus
Subject: The Enforcers of the Woods

Outer Regions of the Hylon Forest
Unmapped Area
Six hours before Twilight

The wood seems unnaturally thick here, and very little sunlight can get through the canopy, however this doesn't stop Armand Amaranth and his companions Deunan Noot and Caduceus. They were so close, and the figure that ran from them could be seen dashing to and fro between the trees.

Armand had been tracking a spy and theivery ring known as the Dark Collectors for the most of the last month, but they had evaded his every attempt to catch one of their members in action and every lead seemed to go dry, until now. The agile woman that was currently desperately avoiding them could be a very good informant for Armand, and possibly even one of the members of the Dark Collectors.

The claustrophobic nature of the trees pressing in seems to make it difficult to traverse, however for all her darting about, the woman, 'Renshiir' as she was referred by, didn't seem to be too far in the lead. However, every attempt made by Armand and his party to cut the woman off seems to be in vain, for she always turns just in time to avoid capture. It is almost as if she is reading their minds...

Posted on 2008-05-17 at 16:13:22.

Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Linsemptus - Information
Subject: Auguries of Destruction - The Linsemptus - Information

Note to players: This thread is going to be a summary of vital in-game information managed by me, so please do not post in this thread

Table of Contents:

Page 1:
Geography of Tiancann
Cities of Tiancann
Character Descriptions
The Dark Collectors (Faction)
Character Location (Plotline)

Posted on 2008-05-17 at 15:49:50.
Edited on 2008-05-25 at 17:10:33 by Reralae

Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Linsemptus
Subject: Auguries of Destruction - The Linsemptus

Thunder shatters the black sky above, and lightning fills the cracks like glue. The winds howl and roar as the clouds valiantly fight the earth below. The hurricane's eye doesn't even dare to look at all the destruction. Even the sky grieves, and it can't stop crying. The world continues its affront on its people, spurring them to take action. They cannot know what is coming, but the world can feel it.

A year passes since the fight began, and the world refuses to let up. It cannot be sure the warning is received. All it knows is to keep sending the warning. Six more years pass, until, finally, it stops.

Calm. What was once a natural occurance, the tranquil day, now seems very bizarre after what has happened. It has been calm for a full year, but still the world refuses to return to normal. Something is not right, but for all of the inhabitants of the world the world has stopped being unkind, and that is a thing to rejoice. It is a time to rebuild.

It is the afternoon. A few lonely clouds trek across the sky at a leisurely pace, unforeboding and a soft gentle white. The shadow of one of the clouds passes over Wanqir, the center of Tiancann, until eventually the clock tower is in its shadow. High in the clock tower, a small shadowed girl sings in front of a window.

Come with me in the twilight of a summer night for a while
Tell me of a story never ever told in the past
Take me back to the land
Where my yearnings were born
The key to open the door is in your hand
Now fly me there

Fanatics find their heaven in never-ending storming wind
Auguries of destruction be a lullaby for rebirth
Consolations, be there
In my dreamland to come
The key to open the door is in your hand
Now take me there

I belive in fantasies invisible to me
In the land of misery, I'm searching for a sign
To the door of mystery and dignity
I'm searching down the secret sun

Come with me in the twilight of a summer night for a while
Tell me of a story never ever told in the past
Take me back to the land
Where my yearnings were born
The key to open the door is in your hand
Now take me there
To the land of twilight

The girl's voice fades, and she looks towards the north, expecting something. The shadow passes, and without another word, the girl leaps out the open window and vanishes.

Posted on 2008-05-17 at 15:39:43.
Edited on 2008-05-18 at 01:55:47 by Reralae

Topic: Silent Hill Q&A
Subject: Oh

I think you forgot one item for my character: the hand mirror that is fractured into 13 pieces... (but the pieces are still in the mirror)

Unless you changed your mind about that.

Posted on 2008-05-17 at 15:27:24.
Edited on 2008-05-17 at 15:28:15 by Reralae

Topic: SW Patterns of Deception Q & A
Subject: I agree

and Ninkanna doesn't like it either (about the security guys)

That's kind of why she worded her answer carefully, if you take a good look

Well, later!

Posted on 2008-05-16 at 23:30:04.

Topic: Star Wars: Patterns of Deception
Subject: Aftermath

Ninkanna deactivates her lightsaber and returns it to her belt, her hands shaking slightly. She takes in a deep breath, calming her emotions to be serene. The wound in her side feels bad, but not too bad; hopefully the bolt didn't cause too much damage.

"I thank you for your intervention, however, you may have acted a bit rashly." Ninkanna says softly, her voice gentle and calm, "That Arcona had some use to us alive."

"As to answer your question." Ninkanna quickly adds, moving on since it was of little consequence now anyway, "I am not the one you are referring to; my Master and I were passing through the area when we were involved in an incident. This was, as my companion here said, the use of an explosive on a transport vessel that resulted in the death of the Jedi Master you are referring to. His padawan was relatively uninjured, and we averted the loss of other civilian life by containing the fire. This Arcona seems to have been the culprit, however, due to his demise we now cannot interrogate him to be sure."

Ninkanna says the last sentence matter-of-factly, not implying anyone is at fault, despite it being so. Her violet eyes examine the group assembled before her, not judging or angry, but just calmly and kindly.

"I am going to locate my Master and the other padawan." Ninkanna says before turning to leave.

Posted on 2008-05-16 at 22:20:43.

Topic: Star Wars: Patterns of Deception
Subject: Pawns before the Queen

Ninkanna sees the Arcona fall, and to her surprise the two pawns don't simply run away. No choice. The thought vaguely passes through her mind as she again reverses the grip on her lightsaber, to try to appease her imbalance. She has yet to achieve the balance and prowess to wield both of her lightsabers simultaneously in a true battle, but she longed to do so. With the reversal of her grip comes another slash, to finish the human she had already hit.

Posted on 2008-05-16 at 20:36:00.
Edited on 2008-05-16 at 20:36:30 by Reralae

Topic: Forgotten Realms: The Unsung Heroes
Subject: "I still want to Believe That You Will Return to Me"

A few tears fall from Linnix's form as she twirls and dances in duet with Caera. Subtly, Linnix's dance changes from one that is slightly sporadic, reflecting on her nature, to that of one which is filled with a single emotion. In spite of their separation, the love Linnix feels for her sister remains, and it is this that now encompasses her dance. She pushes her body, which is already showing wear from her exertion, to do more.

In her dance too is two wishes. One remains obscured within the depths of her heart, but the other is displayed openly in her dance. May I dance as my sister danced, in the shadows under the moon.

A few more tears fall from Linnix's eyes as the memories are sparked. Before, they made her sad, but it didn't seem so bad now. Linnix's dress too displays the shimmering velvets of her love, and the watery hues of her tears.

Posted on 2008-05-16 at 20:29:35.

Topic: ^ < V game
Subject: You know, technically that fits about every human?

^ Doesn't know the source of the *White static* post (or the references)

< 22 autosomal pairs and one gender-determining pair of chromosomes (to my knowledge, but I never got a chance to look and be sure)

v Fears the Dire Dust Bunnies!

Posted on 2008-05-16 at 16:01:34.

Topic: ^ < V game
Subject: *White static*

^ Sigma Chatting Snaring Twins

< Lambda Resurrecting Confused Judgment

v Delta Reincarnated Purgatorial Alter

Posted on 2008-05-16 at 05:12:31.
Edited on 2008-05-16 at 05:13:14 by Reralae

Topic: Star Wars: Patterns of Deception
Subject: Take Out the Snake's Head

The Arcona staggered in front of Ninkanna, and she was not about to pass up this opportune moment. Shifting her grip upon the lightsaber, so it is being lead by her left hand and aided by her right, she angles the blade and slashes at his legs.

(making a called shot against the Arcona's legs, -4 to my attack, but the Arcona is stunned I believe, so it should even out)

Posted on 2008-05-16 at 01:05:51.

Topic: SW Patterns of Deception Q & A
Subject: Question of interest

I'm sure the npc isn't this stupid, but did the other person let Ninkanna AoO him for making a ranged attack?

Oh, my mistake... it's not the same in this system

Posted on 2008-05-16 at 00:28:27.
Edited on 2008-05-16 at 00:45:07 by Reralae

Topic: Dragonfly in the Black
Subject: *Watches*

*as Grugg's unsubtle dusting alerts and infuriates a colony of dire dust bunnies*

Hehehe, that's why I used a gentle method; they don't mind being brushed gently

Posted on 2008-05-15 at 00:16:46.

Topic: Dragonfly in the Black
Subject: So...

*brushes dust off of the thread with a delicate, small brush*

How's this idea coming along?

Posted on 2008-05-15 at 00:07:13.

Topic: Forgotten Realms: The Unsung Heroes
Subject: Reality, or Fantasy? The Union

Linnix watches Aelistae nervously. Deep inside, her self consciousness claws its way out of her steeled heart. She feels herself beginning to back down, to run away.

"Don't you want to dance with me?"

The voice is soft and gentle, and Linnix recognizes it right away. Her eyes widen, and she calms down. Not this time, Linnix tells herself, I can do this.

Linnix begins with a slow twirl, the blue of her skirt rippling like the waves from a raindrop that disturbs the surface of the ocean. She leaps forward, the gown flowing along behind her. In the leap, she raises her arms, with the stone of turquoise glinting in the light of the orbs above. Upon landing, she arcs herself back, opening her arms and herself to the night sky. Then, with the stomp of her foot, she flips back, folding her legs and the skirt over them. She lands erect, and now feels it. The sounds of the others had vanished. Even Linnix's surroundings had vanished. Only the Song, and Aelistae's on dance are there, in the plains beneath the lit moon, broken by a few scattered trees. Linnix was far from finishing. She twirls, drawing the likeness of the wind with all of her body. The flickering of fire, the drops of water upon the world, the shifting shadows of the night; all this she captured in her movements, as her emotions fueled her, and drew her on.

The shadows lengthen, and from them another figure appears, to dance alongside Linnix and Aelistae. Her gown is silver and black, but her skin and hair colour are the same as Linnix's. Only the length of her long hair and her eye colour, a warm shade of brown, sets her apart. Then Linnix understands. So long as she too learned to dance, she would always stay connected with these two: her friend, Aelistae, and her sister, Caera.

Suddenly, as though she had finally opened her eyes and other senses, Linnix feels and hears another heartbeat alongside her own. She nearly stops in surprise, but continues the Dance.

Aelistae? Linnix wonders, her thoughts echoing in the soothing and unseen night, Is this real?

(Aelistae would probably be able to see Caera too, although, since this is kind of now separate from the others, the others only see the dancing of Aelistae and Linnix. Also, the dialogue in the beginning is in Linnix's imagination. Oh, and for the curious, the 'c' in Caera's name is actually pronounced in a manner similar to an 's')

Posted on 2008-05-14 at 23:49:26.
Edited on 2008-05-14 at 23:58:58 by Reralae

Topic: Star Wars: Patterns of Deception
Subject: Primal Instinct

Ambush. A counterattack. Her normally tranquil expression twists into a snarl as Ninkanna hisses in response. The human on the right fires a hasty shot, and like the shots of the remotes she had practiced with, she deflects it. However, the Arcona fires at the same time as the other human fires as well. Ninkanna is forced to strain her limbs in order to move out of the way of the first bolt, right into the path of the second. The blast cuts straight through her side, and pain sears through her body.

The screech of a cat is not a sound one would like to hear; it is the sound of pure pain given a vocalization. Such is true of the screech Ninkanna gives, although it is only a small cry, as she is not out yet. Her body grows stiff, trying to prevent further damage to the wound, but she can't allow it to slow her movement. Teachings lying forgotten on the floor of her consciousness, Ninkanna leaps forward, her left hand twitching slightly and fidgeting as she raises the lightsaber in both of her hands, leading with her right, to bring it to bear against the left human. In her violet eyes can be seen the rush of adrenaline and fear and determination that happens when one is fighting for their life.

(Ninkanna is going to try to position herself so that all three enemies are in range of her lightsaber, and is attacking the human on the left)

Posted on 2008-05-14 at 04:48:39.
Edited on 2008-05-14 at 04:50:02 by Reralae


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