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Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Linsemptus
Subject: Renshiir's Talent

Outskirts of Hylon Forest
Unmapped Area
Three Hours before Twilight

Renshiir, completely lost in her own world examining the crystal javelin, is suddenly jolted back to reality in being directly addressed.

Renshiir smiles, "Thank you. I might have been a spy, but that doesn't mean the only thing I spied on was what I was ordered to do. There was one very very bizarre place I always felt intrigued at in Hylon. It isn't a common place, and with little wonder why. The man who works there charges far too much for his work, although, admittedly he does do very unique things. What he does is he takes crystals, and actually forges with them. Mind you, I still think he's charging far too much given that the person has to supply the crystals as well as pay him a price that might as well be as though the crystals weren't supplied and that the result is magical (which it is not; I could tell right away). I didn't like that, so I spied on his work (he never lets people watch), and..."

Renshiir's voice drops to a whisper, as though she's confiding a huge secret, "I think I actually know more than he does at his own profession."

Renshiir gives an uncomfortable laugh, "Of course, I haven't been able to make anything yet, but I suppose that's what I'll finally get to do now."

Renshiir looks at the crystal javelin in her hand, "Actually, if you wanted, I could make something for you with these. We'd just have to 'borrow' that guy's furnace."

Posted on 2008-05-23 at 00:07:16.

Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Linsemptus
Subject: Trail of Lost Items

Side Road
Five and a Half Hours before Twilight

Reaching the same place where she had been nearly knocked over by the rushing woman, Willow meets up with a band of searching people. With a bit of regret, Willow recognizes many of the people as people whom the woman had also run into, who appeared to be searching the road of the street itself for things they had missed. Their voices jumble together to form incoherent noise, but a few voices can be distinctly heard by Willow.

"Has anyone seen a purse?" One person in the crowd asks.

"While we're at it, let's try to find my daughter's present I bought for her." Another person says.

"I could have sworn I had fastened my amulet."

"Hey! The inventory's not right! There's a couple items missing!" A vender along the side yells at his employee.

A man just to the left of Willow sighs, "This seems to be the road of lost items these days, ever since this road became a delivery route."

There is a substantial number of people searching for things, but not in a direct line. A few are likely still looking from previous days. It seems finding the delivery woman might be harder than it first appeared.

Posted on 2008-05-22 at 23:38:16.

Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Linsemptus
Subject: Mother and Daughter and Pursuer

Somewhere Between Wanqir and Aqinar
Plains of Tiancann
Three hours before Twilight

The tiger doesn't make it ten feet away from Dusk before it collapses. Its legs had just given out, and its breathing as seen through its deathly thin chest is laboured. Its eyes are closed; it is not long for this world. A soft meowing sound is heard, and another, smaller tiger paws at its mother. It, like its mother, is rather thin, but not nearly as starved. Apparently, its mother was strong enough to perhaps provide a few meals for its offspring, but not enough for the both of them, and it is clear which life it valued more.

The tiger is young, but there's something peculiar about it. The way it looks at its mother, as though there's far more understanding of her sacrifice, and the way it glimpses at Dusk, with a bizarre look almost like recognition. Perhaps it doesn't recognize Dusk, but it definitely knows that Dusk is an Elf, and its golden eyes seem to show an intellect that is more than of a mere tiger.

"Finally, its mother has fallen."

Stepping up towards the tigers in the same direction they came is a human. He is dressed with the likeness of a hunter, and his eyes look upon the tigers with indifference and unkindness. The man pulls a glinting silver longsword out of its sheath.

Seeing Dusk, the man says, rather businesslike, "You might want to stand back. That lycanthropic spawn there," he points at the younger tiger with his blade, "is going to die."

The tiger in question looks back and forth, from the man to Dusk, uncertain what to do. The mother tiger's breathing stops, and a slight gentle breeze blows through the area.

Posted on 2008-05-22 at 23:24:00.

Topic: Welcome or Not!
Subject: Wandering Sword

The sylph girl hovers in her spot several feet above the tops of the trees. It seemed that the stranger had an interest in her blade, of course. It did come out of nowhere after all, but now how was she going to get it back without revealing herself to him?

The answer came to her quite quickly, being naturally gifted with magical capabilities. Still invisible, the girl murmurs softly, beckoning the sword up with her words and motions. The sword pulls itself up from the wooden trunk it rests against, and, without apparent cause, flies into the night sky. The girl makes sure that it flies around a bit, making sure to loose the stranger if they followed the sword with their eyes, until it comes to her, hidden above a thickly leaved tree. As soon as she touches the blade, it too disappears from sight, and she puts it in her bag.

Her interference is now complete, and the girl shivers as she looks at the moon, flying to a higher altitude as she does so. What repurcussions, if any, could this bring about? The girl doesn't know, and hopes in her heart that it is nothing.

Posted on 2008-05-22 at 22:54:00.

Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Linsemptus
Subject: Hmm... Was That a Thief?

Aqinarr City
Side Road
Five and a Half Hours before Twilight

Willow wanders towards the southern riverbank, probably not as pretty as the northern riverbank, but definitely less crowded. Her mind wanders as she herself walks along the busy city streets. Suddenly, she is nearly knocked over by a woman that seems to be in a hurry, carrying a large package in one hand, and protecting it while she runs with her other. It is also this side that had bumped hard into Willow. The woman then stops, clearly having been running from being slightly out of breath.

"I'm so sorry! Are you alright?" The woman asks of Willow.

(Willow's response)

"I'm sorry but I can't talk; I was supposed to deliver this half an hour ago, so I have to run!" The woman quickly returns to running, weaving through the crowd and nearly knocking over several other people as well, stopping to apologize and then running again.

Willow resumes walking to her destination. However, at the riverbank she suddenly feels as though something is missing. A single glimpse at her hand tells her exactly what happened. Her ring, the same one she was pondering over earlier, is gone.

Posted on 2008-05-22 at 00:51:29.

Topic: Silent Hill: Eternal Decay
Subject: Take What You Can!

With a fluid movement, Cindi opens her pack, and begins stuffing things in it. Hairspray? Sure! Keyring? Yeah! Pencil? Sure! Notebook? Yes! First Aid? Double yes! Flyers? Hmm... Cindi grabs the top one, and if the others underneath are different, then she'll just stuff the box in.

Cindi pauses for just a second looking at the collars. Hmm, she never tried that look before, oh but it'd take too long to find one she liked. Cindi bites her lip, and the shuffling makes her decision for her. She pulls out the flute from her pack. Well, it got her in this mess, maybe it'd get her out... nah, no time! She sticks the flute back in the pack, zips it up fluidly and puts it over her shoulder. Hmm, the flyers made it a bit heavy, ohwell, no time!

Without a second thought, Cindi grabs the thing of icky food and hurls it at the ugly thing shuffling around. Hmm, good idea. She throws other things too, pelting the thing with the rubber squeaky toys and cd cases as hard as she can until she's out of those or the thing falls over or it gets too close for comfort, at which point she'll run (unless it falls over and stays fallen). Where to? Somewhere less crowded! (Yes, one of those creatures is a crowd in this case!)

Posted on 2008-05-22 at 00:15:38.

Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Linsemptus
Subject: Wood Triumphs Over Wind

Aqinarr's Soldier's Barracks
Training Hall
Six Hours before Twilight

"Stop. You are good at what you do, but surely you realize that will not last much longer. We don't need to beat each other senseless to prove anything so I suggest we quit for today."

Yin growls at the statement, and for a second it looks as though he is about to attack, until Willow sees the grin on his face. Laughing helplessly, Yin lets the sword slide out of his grip, and he slumps to the floor.

"You win again! Of course." Yin says, still laughing.

After a moment, Yin stops laughing, and then he sighs, "Ugh, I need more practice... but first, I have a present for you. I'll give it to you in your room after I give my body a slight rest. Give me an hour I guess."

Yin jumps to his feet, sheathes his blade in the practice sheath, puts it away where it came from, and limps slightly as he walks away.

Posted on 2008-05-21 at 03:48:28.

Topic: Silent Hill Q&A
Subject: Oh, umm...

So... if I'm reading this correctly, the creature-thing-whatever is in a different room than Cindi?

Its proximity kind of determines exactly how hastily Cindi does things in my post... and part of what Cindi does too

Posted on 2008-05-21 at 01:36:48.

Topic: Auguries of Destruction: The Linsemptus - Q/A
Subject: Hmm

Besides changing it so you leave your Ring of Sustenance on (it has to be worn continuously in order for its effects to work; if you take it off, you have to 're-attune' it to you, which takes a week) looks good...

btw... you might not want to wield the greatsword (I don't believe it's something you're proficient with)

Your move, Hammer ^_^

Posted on 2008-05-21 at 01:13:18.
Edited on 2008-05-21 at 02:40:26 by Reralae

Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Linsemptus
Subject: Arena Battle

Gladiator Arena
Five Hours before Twilight

The announcer Ken turns to face the dwarf, and with a boisterous laugh he claps the dwarf on the shoulder.

"Why of course!" the orc says, laughing, "We cannot leave you with just a small blade now can we? This blade may look pretty, but it still is a blade, and a fine one at that. If Xira cleaves it like the other blades she's cleaved, that's hardly a loss as well; Tenarr makes beautiful blades, people just don't give the lad enough credit! Or time!"

Still laughing the orc plunks his greatsword blade first into the sand in front of Manalagna, the handle left at the perfect height for him to grab.

(The greatsword is a Medium sized Masterwork Greatsword. The following is at the sound of the gong which signifies the incidence of the battle... the announcing part of it anyway)

Ken, as charismatic as ever, stands in the center of the arena, waving to the crowd. Manalagna is positioned to one side of the arena, approximately 50ft from Ken. Xira has not shown up yet, but her starting position is marked 50ft from Ken in the other direction.

"My friends!" Ken roars to the crowd, immediately causing it to silence, "We are here now to witness this extraordinary event! Tremble in awe of these two warrior's powers!"

"But there's only one here!" Someone from the crowd retorts.

Ken visibly sags slightly, shaking his head towards Xira's chamber, before suddenly righting himself and stomping forward to shake his fist at the offending person, "Have you not seen Xira fight?! Where is your honour?! Where are your manners?! She will be here when the battle begins! She is always here when the battle begins! Never sooner or later!"

This response seems to shut the one person in the crowd up.

Seeing a hint of black coming along the side of the arena, the announcer begins anew, "Where in the world did this power come from?! How is this kind of strength possible?! Come and take your place in the arena!"

Xira walks forward to her starting location, now clad in black full plate armour, however, the armour has no guantlets, and she is not wearing a hood or helmet. Her bandaged hands contrast sharply with her armour, and cradled in her arms almost protectively is a polished metal scythe. As Tenarr said, on Xira's back there is a second scythe, this one covered in bandages not unlike how her hands are covered. Her long, black hair cascades over her shoulders, and her empty, dark brown eyes simply glare ahead at Ken and Manalagna. She mutters something unheard by Manalagna, although he can guess that it is along the lines of "Spare me the theatrics."

"Behold, the champion Xira! Wielder of the Chaos Scythe and the Black Scythe! Just look at that determination! Nothing will stop her from securing victory!" Ken continues, now on a roll.

"Now, onto the challenger, the wanderer Manalagna Hammer! Wielder of the Volcano's Might and the Earth's Grandeur! Look at those eyes! Is this the burning will that will take Xira down?!" Ken roars, taking in all the excitement of the crowd and returning it tenfold.

Already the crowd has decided to take sides, with about half cheering "Hammer! Hammer!" and the other half cheering "Xira! Xira!" with both cheers sounding on the same two beats.

Ken stomps on the ground, causing a podium of sand to lift him to his announcing platform on the side of the arena between Xira and Manalagna, facing the center.

"LET THE BATTLE BEGIN!" Ken roars as he actually punches the huge gong behind him, sending a very loud reverbating note throughout the arena.

Posted on 2008-05-21 at 01:03:59.
Edited on 2008-05-21 at 01:05:23 by Reralae

Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Linsemptus
Subject: Intrigue of Crystals

Outskirts of the Hylon Forest
Unmapped Area
Three Hours before Twilight

"If you can tell us where it is you worked, or came from, any lead that will take us closer to the heart of this organization, then it is I who would be eternally grateful, for the closer I am to the heart, the better my chance of ripping it out and watching the body falter and crumble without direction and strength from its core.”

Renshiir bites her lip, stopping the flow of her tears as she replies, "I honestly don't know anything about that. I can only guess that I was underground when I was trained, since there was no sun; everything was vaguely lit by torches that seemed to burn no matter what you did to them. When I was sent here to do my work, the Dark Prosecutor just sent me. I don't even know how he did it, of if it was indeed he who did it. One second I'm in this whirling of light and colour thinking I'm going to die, and the next I pop up in this forest, just outside the city gates of Hylon."

"As for where I worked..." Renshiir murmurs, guilt written all over her face, "I was a spy, and was to gather information on Hylon's government's decisions. I would write what I found out in a very very meticulous report once a week with an incredibly neat format and handwriting. No one ever came to collect it; it would've just disappeared by the next morning, sometimes in the hour I wrote it. If it wasn't in exactly the proper format or I smudged a single letter or they thought I didn't find out enough..." Renshiir shudders.

"Needless to say, I learned how to write calligraphy quite quickly." Renshiir quickly finishes.

“We can travel a bit more towards town, or set up camp here for the evening, but let this evening’s rest free you from your burdens of the past, for on the morrow, your life begins anew.”

Renshiir nods, but then her eye is caught by the glimmer of the crystal javelins. "Where did those come from?" She asks intently, "Can I see?"

(presuming Deunan gives her one to examine)

"Oh wow! I've never seen crystal like this before!" Renshiir says, noting how the crystal refracts the light from Armand's glow and what little sunlight there is to produce an entire spectrum of colours. Furthermore there are little blue sparkles within the crystal itself.

"This is an incredibly dense material, probably very hard." Renshiir muses as she tilts and rotates the javelin-like shape of crystal in her hands, looking at it from all angles, "I don't think there's many people who could work with this if I'm right... and I'm pretty sure I'm right."

Renshiir examines the crystal in her hands intently, seemingly looking for something, with the air of a craftsperson.

Posted on 2008-05-21 at 00:11:27.

Topic: Star Wars: Patterns of Deception
Subject: Don't ask the padawan that has a headache!

"Why are you here? You haven't come on a diplomatic mission. I'm involved in this now, you might as well tell me."

"Ugh... that's enough of the questions!" Ninkanna whines, finally displaying her innocence as merely a padawan learner.

She raises a slender, pawlike hand to her head, feeling her temples. She really had to meditate, the sooner the better.

"Besides, you heard me." Ninkanna adds, "My Master and I are really just passing through when we were caught up in this. I don't have the permissions to disclose the nature of our mission to anyone, alright? As far as I know it has nothing to do with the negotiations or diplomatics or politics. Yes, my Master may have asked me to essentially watch the back of uhh... what's her name? Anyway, that doesn't mean I can just now talk about our original mission!"

Ninkanna absently grooms her cat ears, a habit she picked up as a little girl that even Master Arkana hasn't been able to get her to break. "Oh, and yeah, you're not involved with my Master's mission; you're involved with the other padawan's mission, and you probably can guess more about that than I can say."

"Ugh... I'm going; this headache isn't going away, and the fumes aren't helping." Ninkanna says, walking out of the alleyway to retrace her steps back to the original bar.

Posted on 2008-05-20 at 23:15:51.

Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Linsemptus
Subject: Rival Swords Pt 2

Aqinarr's Soldier's Barracks
Training Hall
Six Hours before Twilight

Wind and Wood... two forces that often stood against one aother in nature now stood in a contest now, in two people. Yin had succeeded in striking the first blow, but the fight was far from over.

Willow sways to the left, and Yin follows her movements in expectation. However, it is from Willow's right arm that the strike comes, smooth and powerful, hitting Yin's shield arm fairly hard. Yin twists to counter the right, and leaves himself open for the left, which catches him against the shoulder. Now onto his opponent's moves, Yin catches the next strike on his shield and parries the final with his own strike, which fails to bypass Willow's blade. Yin then brings his blade around, but it is caught in the crossing of Willow's blades and blocked.

Recoiling swiftly, Yin raises his shield again to block the next two blows, and parries one thrust with his own. His thrust is too heavy, and carries him a fraction of an inch too far, which gives Willow the chance on his recovery to do a quick sweep against his leg. Yin winces, but then thrusts strongly, and even though the blade is caught in the crossing of Willow's own, it catches her at the shoulder.

The two warriors return to their starting stances. Willow's breath comes in a long and steady pattern, whereas Yin is showing signs of fatigue; his breath comes in uneven bursts. Willow slashes across Yin's leg again as he raises his shield a fraction of a second too late. Her second blow is expertly blocked by Yin's blade, and he bends the sword to the side. Too far, he left himself open. Willow takes her one blade and catches Yin off guard, slashing across his jugular before he could recoil. Yin gasps at the pain, but easily blocks Willow's final hasty motion. Recovering, Yin's eyes hold a dangerous look as he slams his blade down against Willow's two, the sensation jarring her hands. He pushes further, and somehow the blade slips between Willow's two blades, and he cleaves across her own torso, the blade slipping between the sections of the breastplate to reach the soft body underneath. Willow recoils, her breath coming slightly more ragged, but still steady, as she parries Yin's last strike.

The two warriors recoil from each other, as they return to a good stance. Yin's breath is now swift, unsteady, and his sword is shaking slightly in his grip. Willow, on the other hand is still well off, breathing a bit quicker, but with her two blades still poised in a perfect stance.

(summary, Willow is at 28 nonlethal, Yin looks not-so-good, and doesn't look like he can take a lot more)

Posted on 2008-05-20 at 03:06:04.

Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Linsemptus
Subject: The Dark Collectors

Outskirts of the Hylon Forest
Unmapped Area
Three Hours before Twilight

"And judging by the capability of their methods to keeping their secrets just that, they are a formidable organiation indeed. While I'm sure you'd rather leave the entirety of those memories far behind you miss, anything you can lend us in the form of information is greatly appreciated."

The crystal javelin in Deunan's hand is rather peculiar, not exactly designed to be used as a weapon, but rather deadly regardless. Deunan isn't an expert in crystalology, but she can tell that this crystal is a high quality material, and quite strong.

Renshiir bites her lip, "I'm afraid in that I can't help as much as I'd like. You see, to them I was just a pawn, and pawns aren't told much. However, there are some things I can tell you."

Renshiir sits in a cross-legged position and continues, "The Dark Collectors is a terrible organization. I am just one of the many people, usually killoren, they breed to do small bits of work. That Mark you removed is put on every one of us. Depending on what we're to do, we're trained to infiltrate, spy, steal, or I don't even know, maybe even assassinate. We have no choice at all; we either do it, or we are made to do it, and if we're incapable, we die. If we even form a sentence in our mind to tell anything, we die. I've seen it happen. The Mark glows blood red, visible through even armour, and it must get very very hot, for it causes the person to burst into flames. They are basically boiled alive, using their own blood, and the flames reduce their bodies to ash, but that's not all that happens. After the body is burnt, the Mark, which is still hovering where they were, turns pitch black, and lines of black form a cage that trap some sort of blue mist inside of them. It grows smaller, to the size of a gemstone, which is pitch black, and then it vanishes. Absolutely nothing remains; the fire is even hot enough to destroy bone."

Renshiir takes a deep breath, and continues, "I don't know what the uppers of that organization do, but there's two main people I've heard that are in charge. One is always called the Dark Prosecutor, and he is an enforcer. From what I heard, he's the one who puts that mark on us, and he makes sure everyone knows and follows the rules. If you don't know, he'll kill you without blinking, not that you can even see him blink; he always wears a pitch black obsidian mask to hide his identity. However, even he bows to the head of the Dark Collectors, and he is only ever referred to in whispers as the Archangel of Annihilation. We never even get to see him, assuming it's a he of course. Everyone else apart from those two is generally one of their slaves. No one in that organization is free to do anything, except for the Archangel of Annihilation, and what he decides is what happens. He holds that organization together with a fist harder than heavily enchanted adamantine. There was even one brief rumour at one point that he actually holds the physical heart of the Dark Prosecutor in his possession, just so he could be sure the Dark Prosecutor could not cross him."

Renshiir takes another deep breath, and sobs. Saying everything quickly helped, but clearly the memories might as well have been eternal hell.

Posted on 2008-05-20 at 01:59:03.
Edited on 2008-05-20 at 23:22:02 by Reralae

Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Linsemptus
Subject: Freedom? Can this be true?

Outskirts of the Hylon Forest
Unmapped Area
Three Hours before Twilight

The battle with the spider, in a semi-plane of sorts, broke the flow of time around the party. When the party returns to the forest of Hylon, it is further into the evening.

Renshiir's breathing steadies, and the crystal javelins fall to the side, and Renshiir lets Armand get her into a sitting position.

"There now, breathe easy, you're free."

"I'm... really free?" She asks, the words lighting a hope in her eyes that had been long forgotten, "Thank you!"

Renshiir sighs, feeling the pain in her back, "Ow... what happened? Well, it doesn't matter now... I am so indebted to you." Her voice fades slightly, out of habit, used to being silent. She reaches up, grabs Armand and gives him a huge hug and a kiss to follow.

Sheepishly, she lets go and blushes. "I don't even know if I can explain what you've done for me." She says, "I am-was basically a slave of that organization."

Posted on 2008-05-20 at 01:17:25.

Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Linsemptus
Subject: Beautiful Fireworks of Death


Armand, suspicious of the death knell of this particular creature, creates a protection of force around his weakened ally, and deals the deathblow.

Time slows as the missiles all hit the spider simultaneously. Suddenly, from the cracks in the spider's body, an immense red glow shines through as the spider laughs, still using Renshiir's voice. The red light intensifies and the spider explodes. Volleys upon volleys of crystal shards, needles, arrows, and even ones the size of javellins fire in all directions from the core of the spider. Armand twists and swerves, his body straining to avoid the most of the resultant firework, but he is still pierced a multitude of times by the deadly crystals. (-30 hp Armand)

The explosion also has a light component, nearly blinding for Armand and Deunan as their vision is obscured by pure red. When their vision returns, they are positioned right where they were before, in the Hylon Forest. With a burst of white light, the Mark of the Collectors vanishes from Renshiir's back, although that is not exactly the biggest concern at the moment. Embedded in Renshiir's back is several javelins of the crystal spider's body, and she looks very pale as her blood sinks into the soil below her.

(Renshiir is in the negative hit points, but is alive, if barely)

Posted on 2008-05-20 at 00:58:48.

Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Linsemptus
Subject: Guardian's Death... What?


Armand thwaps the spider again in the head, and this time one of its eyes crack and dim. Armand's second hit whacks the creature's carapiece, but fails to cause any damage. However, his third hit causes a substantial cracking that chain-reacts and causes the spider to be covered with cracks. The spider's own crystal shard counters fail to pierce Armand's barrier, and Deunan sets up for some long range capabilities.

The spider slashes across Armand, a blow he ducks under easily, and the spider dashes across towards Deunan. Armand swings Caduceus, but actually misses the spider's agile movements as it rapidly closes the gap between it and Deunan.

"Go ahead." Renshiir's voice says in a resigned tone.

Posted on 2008-05-20 at 00:27:58.

Topic: Silent Hill Q&A
Subject: Maybe not right now...

I think Cindi is a bit preoccupied right now, lol.

I'll post something up for Cindi in a bit I guess.

Posted on 2008-05-20 at 00:07:17.

Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Linsemptus
Subject: This is Taking a While


Armand thunks the spider three times, much to Caduceus' grief, as the spider remains standing. Well, more than standing, it's body produces the same counter measures as it did against Deunan. However, this time the crystal needles mist into nothingness upon contact with Armand's skin.

Deunan quickly retreats further and gives herself a bit more healing. (+5 hp Deunan)

This time, rather than tricking Armand with another set of blade-like legs, the spider returns to its original method of attack, forming yet another top-like stance. Once again, Armand is protected from the whirling legs, but when the spider jerks its two legs to impale Armand, one of them breaks through his barrier and pierces his torso. (-11 hp Armand, including damage reduction) Once again, the white sparks erupt from the wound, and as the spider retracts its leg, another jarring note is heard. The spider finally leaps to bite Armand, but he blocks the adamantine-sharp teeth with his barrier of faith.

The spider looks a little worse for wear, and a few cracks have begun to appear on its legs and torso, but there's just something unnerving about the way it continues to glare at Armand. Almost as though it was daring him to continue.

"Would you rather I kill your friend first?" the Renshiir-like voice asks, the spider's head looking towards Deunan.

Posted on 2008-05-19 at 23:45:59.

Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Linsemptus
Subject: Sneaky Strike


"By the Elesyium you shall suffer no quarter!"

Armand successfully casts Divine Power, and Deunan recovers some more of her strength, although she is still in considerable danger.

The crystalline spider doesn't use a top motion this time. It raises two of its legs, both of them angled to strike Armand. It jabs with one, not truly hitting with it, but Armand reacts by avoiding where it would have struck, and jumps right into the second one's strike. It sinks into his arm, and white holy sparks erupt from the wound, sending a jarring note along the crystal limb. The spider twists the leg and pulls it out, but it doesn't appear all that affected by the sparking counter-offensive. (-10hp Armand, including damage reduction)

"Got you." Renshiir's voice imitation again comes from the spider, sounding on the whole satisfied.

Posted on 2008-05-19 at 23:04:55.
Edited on 2008-05-19 at 23:06:41 by Reralae

Topic: Star Wars: Patterns of Deception
Subject: Misunderstandings

A flicker of impatience appears on Ninkanna's face before she banishes it to the depths of her mind.

Ninkanna turns towards Kavtan, "I have not been trained in diplomatic procedures; I have been trained to protect and defend. My master and the other padawan are far more suited to deal with this in that department than I am. I never said my attention would go elsewhere; I merely stated that I would go to find the others. It is a logical thing to do, is it not? There is little more I can do here."

Ninkanna hears Slade out, however her eyes glaze over slightly as he rambles; she was not all that interested in what system it is. The facts remained facts, and that was all that mattered. One of those facts is that the Arcona may or may not have been one of the culprits behind the bomb. Secondly, the Arcona has died, without any information being obtained. The questionable guilt of the Arcona was never an issue, as information is simply information, and alone is neither good nor ill. Thirdly, this is a foreign world to her, and she does not know anything about it. Ninkanna stays silent, knowing that her own opinion, regardless of how wise or thoughtful it may be, is irrelevent to the officer who is clearly just following orders and what he believed was right.

"Now then," Slade continues. "Before you, young Jedi, I'd like to know exactly why these men were shooting at you."

Ninkanna's ears twitch and she turns back to the officer, "I cannot fully answer that inquiry. The ones that could have, are they." Ninkanna says, indicating the dead Arcona and his allies, "My companion and I were about to question the Arcona who appeared to have knowledge regarding the incident already mentioned, and he chose to run, for what reason I do not know. Regardless of why he ran, here he had chosen to take a stand and open fire. Without them capable of explaining, there are a number of possibilities for the reason why, and more than one may be right, and clearly many may be wrong. They did not say why before they fired, so I cannot even legitimately guess."

The fumes of the spaceport and just going through the large amount of thinking to provide a good response given the situation began to take its toll, and Ninkanna winces inwardly as her head begins to pound.

Posted on 2008-05-19 at 22:47:32.

Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Linsemptus
Subject: Recover! Quick!


"Come child, it is not yet time to sleep, but know when this is said and done with you and I will have a nice log chat about the spider and the fly in full plate."

The white sparkles of healing from the staff sprinkle onto Deunan's body, and are absorbed greedily. Her eyes open, and although she is still in considerable pain, she is at least conscious. She retreats back just a bit, grabbing her shield. (Deunan +19 hp)

Forming the top-form again, the spider whirls around, six of its deadly limbs reaching about to strike Armand. Armand stands still, and raises his aura of faith, which forms a strong enough barrier to withstand the assault. However, the spider isn't finished. This time, instead of slowly returning to a stance, the spider jumps from its two limbs, which fly out to impale Armand as the others catch the spider on the ground. Armand ducks underneath both limbs in response. Finally, the spider dashes forward to bite, but Armand leaps to the side of the spider's reach.

Nothing is said from the spider, as it formulates a new battle strategy in its crystalline mind.

Posted on 2008-05-19 at 22:13:50.
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Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Linsemptus
Subject: Tenarr's Answers

Gladiator Chamber B
Five and Three Quarter Hours before Twilight

"Xira?" Tenarr checks, "I'm afraid I don't know that much. Her style of fighting is quite bizarre. First off, she seldom hits her opponent; it's the opponent's weapons she always hits, at least once. Quite a few challengers have stormed back here after a fight with her, quite angry that their weapon has been cleaved in half. A few even asked me to fix it, but I haven't learned to fix weapons; I can only try to make a few."

"That's not to say she won't hit you." Tenarr adds, "She's not afraid of getting her hands bloody." He chuckles at this line, "Bad wording, but uhh... you don't want to let her touch you. That's another thing that everyone who's fought her was muttering about. Something about how she just touches you with one of her hands and you feel sick."

"Of course, I'm not supposed to be telling you this." Tenarr whispers, "It's against arena protocol, so if you could forget that it came from my mouth, that'd be good; there's no need to get me fired."

"Oh, but here's something you will find out anyway just from looking at her. She has two weapons. Both are scythes. One she'll be carrying onto the battlefield, and the other is wrapped up like her hands and carried over her shoulder. As long as she's using the first scythe, you're OK. As soon as she uses that scythe that's over her shoulder... I suggest you don't let her hit you with that, because with that scythe she always goes for the kill, and even Fahinn has a harder time stopping that blade from finishing its opponent."

Posted on 2008-05-19 at 21:51:11.

Topic: Auguries of Destruction: The Linsemptus - Q/A
Subject: Items

This is the information I have on the items you listed

Rhino Hide: +2 Hide Armour (mastercraft hide armour with +2 more AC), doubles damage dealt by the wearer in a charge

+1 Flaming Scimitar: +1 Scimitar (mastercraft scimitar with +1 damage), with an ability to do 1d6 additional fire damage requiring a command word to activate

+1 Mouldering Quarterstaff: +1 Quarterstaff (mastercraft quarterstaff with +1 damage), which on a successful hit causes a poison-type effect (CON damage requiring fort save by person hit)

Caster's Shield: +1 light wooden shield (mastercraft light wooden shield with +1 AC), also lets you cast a scroll you put on it without having to rumage through your pack and such

Ring of Sustenance: keeps you alive without need of food/water and you only need a bit of sleep (just leave it as is)

Amulet of Natural Armour: +2 Natural armour... kind of self explanatory (adds to AC)

Really, the only thing you need to decide is whether you're using your scimitar or quarterstaff. (or borrow a non-magical weapon or something)

Posted on 2008-05-19 at 21:17:23.
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Topic: Forgotten Realms: The Unsung Heroes
Subject: Understanding, and One Wish

[Slight backpost]

Even though Aelistae chokes back her own tears, Linnix cries for the two of them.

"That's sad." Linnix says, in between tears.

"My parents... they held quite a few expectations on me and my sister. They were totally into the whole idea of economy, making money based on overpricing and other such things. They expected my sister and I to eventually take over that whole 'business' they built. I didn't much care for it, so I left, without..." Linnix bites her lip, and a few more tears flow down her face, "I didn't even consider Caera at that time; I just ran away by myself. It wasn't until much later that I found out that they, my parents and Caera, had started to develop another building project, and there was a fire. None of them survived, not even Caera."

Linnix takes a deep breath, and rubs her eyes, "I'm going to continue to dance. I know the song too now, and I know I can dance. I'll dance with you and Caera, my sisters."

Linnix chuckles, "I just wish we could have danced from the beginning, together."

Posted on 2008-05-19 at 21:07:03.
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