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Topic: Auguries of Destruction: The Linsemptus - Q/A
Subject: Vilyamar

Dusk will be asleep for 1 hour I think

Posted on 2008-11-02 at 02:34:04.

Topic: Auguries of Destruction: The Linsemptus - Q/A
Subject: Regarding NPC's

Nope... at least as far as you can tell; Mitsuru, Akihiko, Sen, and Xira are all independent. If you want to be sure, just ask Xira why she's there

Hammer's truly the only one who hasn't had the opportunity to make an npc ally; everyone else has had that opportunity. Who knows? Perhaps a couple will show up in peculiar situations...

Your NPC soldiers, Sibelius, actually do have a reasonable chance for survival considering they are NPC's, as they are each at level 8, not too far behind you.

Posted on 2008-11-01 at 17:47:25.

Topic: Filthy Thief Q/A
Subject: Where is everyone?

Is anyone out there? (Besides Almerin and Sibelius that is)

Posted on 2008-10-31 at 23:18:02.

Topic: Happy All Hallow's Eve!
Subject: Night

Here under the moonlit night,
Will reign terrors of the eternal plight.
The guards are down; everyone will see clear,
Those images of nightmares and of fear.
The shadow of death raises its head,
Images of deceit pretend they're dead.
To hide is to be seen, here in the light,
Of a phantom moon in a dark, twisted night.
Immaterial wind whistles in the air,
As barriers weaken without a care.
The realms collide on All Hallow's Eve,
And spiders fill the cracks with their web's weave.
But occasionally, something does come through,
And one's mind flounders about what to do.
How does one see such an unbeing?
The mind conjures images instead of seeing.
The barriers have been lifted; they are all gone,
And children of science wonder what is going on.
But the children of silence know all too well,
Taking a stand to fight what others call 'hell'.
Yet, is it a fight that can be won?
For it is fought without the comfort of the sun.

Posted on 2008-10-31 at 17:02:47.

Topic: Auguries of Destruction: The Linsemptus - Q/A
Subject: Hehehe

Are you tempting me to do... something... Sibelius?

Like maybe finally cause a combat involving the whole party that kills off all the NPC's?

Posted on 2008-10-31 at 05:07:14.
Edited on 2008-10-31 at 05:11:22 by Reralae

Topic: Getting to know you
Subject: Transportation?

For me... there's only one word...


Of course, humans don't have wings, but you asked for my favourite, and so I gave it to you ^_^

If you want my favourite human-doable transportation... I like my rollerblades....

Posted on 2008-10-30 at 21:38:09.

Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Linsemptus
Subject: An Attempt to Destroy the Void

"I'll receive it back then." Xira replies, taking the scythe back from Manalagna.

From the depths of her belt's pouch, Xira pulls out a roll of cloth, and goes to wrap the scythe.

"Hold it." Armand speaks up, his tone altogether serious.

Xira stops and looks in his direction, regarding his metal-masked face apathetically.

"That scythe... it holds a taint unlike anything I've seen in this world." Armand continues, "It should be destroyed."

"And how do you intend to do that?" Xira asks evenly.

"Against the power that I embody, it shall shatter." Armand replies, his tone just as even.

Xira pauses for a moment, and shrugs, "Try then." She says simply, before tossing the scythe into the air.

However, rather than simply fall to the floor, the scythe hovers in the air, appearing as how one would put it in a vertical stand. The hall seems to grow colder, darker, and with a blaze, the scythe's black aura appears, enshrouding it in blackness. The eyes in the blade's design glow a faint red, daring Armand to continue his chosen path.

"Steel your resolve, and don't give in to darkness." Armand says coolly, although a bead of sweat glides down his forehead.

Even Caduceus has fallen silent, inert in Armand's hands. Armand raises the staff, and about him his own aura appears, white and opposite to that of the scythe. His aura concentrates itself along the length of Caduceus, and he swings a mighty blow.

A searing wind blows throughout the hall as Caduceus impacts the Death Scythe, the two energies conflicting, sparking and chaotically dancing about the hall. One moment, the hall appears to be bathed in light, almost an image of the splendour of heaven, save for the dark shadow around the Death Scythe, and the next, the hall can't even be seen in the darkness, as everyone feels their soul almost leaking through some crack in their body. When not at these two extremes, light and darkness crisscross the hall in chaotic fragments, each trying to overwhelm the other. Black hexagons surround the Death Scythe, as more and more of them appear, striking and knocking the staff back and away, yet each time it does so, Armand swings yet again, sundering through the black shield.

However, the shield isn't what the Scythe is concentrating on. Its aura pulsates, a disgusting and sickeningly globular image, as bits fly off into the hall. Armand's eyes widen just slightly, as he comes to a realization. The Scythe isn't even using its full power to keep him at bay, and there is something even darker within the Scythe, a hidden ability that Armand catches a glimpse of, but whatever his reaction might have been, it is covered by his steel mask. The white aura about Armand weakens, as the darkness swallows it, enveloping both the staff and Armand, and the hall is taken into shadow. For a fleeting moment, body and soul alike are damaged, with the body beginning to feel weak and hollow, and the soul filled with doubt and sorrow.

Eventually, light returns as the darkness fades, and the hall returns to how it was originally. Everyone has collapsed upon the floor, save for one person. Xira can be seen swiftly wrapping the Death Scythe professionally, as she has done many times before. However, the darkness in her eyes seems just somewhat more complete, with the darkness spreading beyond her irises and tainting the whites of her eyes. Once that is done, the entirety of the cloth roll she used is consumed, and Xira places the scythe in its sling upon her back. She turns to look at the still form of Armand on the floor.

"You should be glad that is all it chose to do." Xira says apathetically, her voice mirroring the darkness that once filled the hall.

From the floor, what looks like a little girl gets up, albeit a bit shakily. However, her proportions are incorrect; she is the size of a little girl, but if one considers her appearance, it is more fitting of an adult. She wears a violet silken dress with an open back for an easily apparent reason. Upon her back is a set of iridescent coloured dragonfly wings. She has silver hair, and also wears a few pieces of jewellery, namely two rings, and a necklace, all exquisite pieces of art with clearly coloured and well cut, pretty gemstones. Upon her hip is a simple pouch, carried by a belt.

"I wouldn't suggest doing that again any time soon," The sylph says, her voice easily recognizable as that of the invisible Scout.

Reaching into the pouch at her belt, the sylph draws out five aquamarine gemstones. She throws them into the air, where they hover in an evenly spread pentagon. "Xilanthe yan olsne tarra ne." She intones, and as she does so, a magic circle appears in the air, the same colour as the gemstones and using them within it. There is a shower of blue sparkles that sprinkle from the circle, flowing into each person, except Xira.

"I can heal myself." Xira says coldly, holding out a bandaged hand and diverting the sparkles away from her.

Once the spell is done, the magic circle is used up, and with it, the gemstones.

"I hope that helps." The scout says, "But it will take a while for everyone to to fully recover, and that is time which we don't have. The Linsempti will only gain a stronger foothold in this world the longer we wait. Therefore, it is essential that we move out as soon as we can."

Mitsuru and Akihiko quickly get up, "Agreed." Mitsuru says, "Alright, we can heal on the road, let's get the supplies we need and move out. We meet at the North Gate and head north along the road to Venerro. Understood?"

The trek toward Venerro, with the mountain now giving a feeling of apprehension with the cracks in the world above it, is surprisingly uneventful during this day. There are no sounds of wildlife, and the wind barely whistles through the area. More importantly, the enemy is nowhere to be seen. The sun is setting over the horizon when Mitsuru calls a halt to the ride.

"I don't like it. We should have run into resistance by now." She murmurs, her eyes continuing to scan the horizon.

"Me neither." Akihiko adds, "And I'm getting bored."

"Akihiko, why are you always like that?" Mitsuru asks rhetorically, rolling her eyes, "Anyway, we are now presented with a choice. Do we continue toward Venerro, meaning we will reach the bottom at mid-day tomorrow, or will we make camp for the night, in which case we will arrive at the base of Venerro at dusk tomorrow? I personally suggest the latter, for fairly apparent reasons, but I'll leave the decision to the rest of you."

"I don't see any Linsemptus nearby," the scout adds, although invisible to the party, "But that doesn't mean there aren't any. If you set up camp, I'll keep watch, but it would be best if you set up a watch as well; I can't watch all ways at once after all."

((Alright, we are at the first crossroads, as I have Mitsuru point out, you have two options, both with its advantages and disadvantages. Everyone has sustained substantial damage from the attempt to destroy the Death Scythe in the form of 5 points of ability damage to each ability for each person (15 each ability for Armand, at the core of the offence), however, that is offset by the sylph's magic restoring 15 points for each person (except Xira, however, you can duly note that she seems to have been a bit less affected by the attack, and Armand, who receives 30 points as a result of Xira's relinquishing of her points, but who needs them the most). You get to choose which abilities are restored and by how much. Make your choice, and if you set up camp I'll need to know your watch order and such. Oh, on another note, Armand isn't dead; the 'unmoving' is just a reference to the fact that for that moment, his STR was reduced to 0. Another, hopefully final note is that everyone is on horseback (specifically, light warhorses), and everyone has their own tent and similar set of supplies if they desire.))

Posted on 2008-10-30 at 19:10:43.
Edited on 2008-10-31 at 02:07:26 by Reralae

Topic: The Day They Woke Up on the Wrong Side of Reality
Subject: ...

"I don't care what it is, and I don't care that it exists either." Galen responds curtly, not even bothering to look back as he continues walking forward, "We don't have any business with it that I can think of, and even if we did, I doubt we'd be able to access it at this point in time. With intangible phantoms such as wraiths there, they could just pop up anywhere and make us go away by force if needed. That one was courteous enough to provide us with a warning first. I suggest we heed it, but, of course, you don't have to listen to me. Go back and get yourself killed if you want."

Posted on 2008-10-30 at 03:02:49.

Topic: Epitaphs
Subject: Hehehe

You think I am dead, but that is not so,
You just don't know where I did go.
Here I wander, and there I am,
Wondering just what is a yam.
Maybe I'm here, above your head,
Then I could prod you and prove I'm not dead.
You can't see me, but know I am here,
I won't die easily, don't you fear.
The sights I've seen, between here and there,
From pathways I've taken, hidden in the air.
I love to fly; don't make me stay still.
Wandering is what I do for a thrill.
If you know me, one day I'll be back,
But don't fret and wait or try to track!
You cannot follow where I will go,
So just be patient; I will be back you know!

~The wandering sylph Sen

Posted on 2008-10-29 at 19:16:21.

Topic: Epitaphs
Subject: To the soldier

Seldom seen without her gun by her hand,
And always envisioning a plan that is grand.
The brains of her squad, and a fairly good shot,
It may be difficult to follow her train of thought.
A soldier of battle, dying in the field,
At least her plan would bear fruit in its yield.
Just one of the casualties in many-a fight,
Is there a way to stop the endless plight?


Posted on 2008-10-29 at 18:54:22.

Topic: Epitaphs
Subject: To the one who plays the flute

A flute in her hand she often would hold,
And the tune she played was worth more than gold.
Each note sharp and crisp in the air,
Or gentle and flowing without a care.
Her golden eyes looked out of sight,
As she took her stand in the night.
Against the foe, she took out the flute's head,
And revealed the blade thinner than a thread.
Swift with grace, like the songs she played,
Her blade danced to the beat she made.
But before long, she was taken before her time,
And her flute was lost with the funeral bell's chime.


Posted on 2008-10-28 at 23:45:18.
Edited on 2008-10-29 at 01:21:24 by Reralae

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Alright...

I expressed my feelings regarding the whole 'reflection' plan, but I need to know if there was a situation that occurred before in this campaign with similar circumstances, where a magic ray was attempted to be reflected with a mirror or similar shiny surface. If that event was successful, I'll edit my post accordingly...

Posted on 2008-10-28 at 19:40:24.
Edited on 2008-10-28 at 19:41:01 by Reralae

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: Intuition

Haila bites her lip. Even though the others are intent on trying to reflect the ray, there is a nagging doubt inside her as her intuition tells her that it wouldn't be so simply reflected. But, how does one express intuition as a clear argument?

"If the ray is anything like normal magic, I'm fairly sure it won't reflect so easily as light." Haila hears herself say aloud, "A ray is energy, which we can perceive with a light component, but it isn't wholly light. If the ray hits that mirror, my feeling is that it will merely apply its effect, whatever that may be, to the mirror, which may explode and cause collateral damage via shrapnel. It's like saying you can reflect my wand with just a shiny shield."

"If you want to test reflection, I suggest letting me try my wand of frost on it. If it hits the mirror, I'm pretty sure it won't do nearly as much damage as that globe's ray." Haila adds.

With that said, Haila pulls out her wand of frost, waiting to see how the others respond.

Posted on 2008-10-28 at 19:34:08.

Topic: Star Wars: The Outer Rim
Subject: Time to extend the due date

Kate shakes her head; she missed a couple key components she had discovered in her analysis. On her calendar, Kate adjusts the date to be in two weeks; 13 days to get the required repairs and investigation, and 1 day extra just in case it is needed.

Posted on 2008-10-28 at 18:28:12.

Topic: SW: TOR Q&A
Subject: Clarification

On your previous post, you said it would take 2 days, so adding another day would make it 3, unless the investigation part would take 10 days...

Please clarify...

Posted on 2008-10-28 at 17:55:45.

Topic: Wilting Rose Q/A
Subject: There we go...

One easy first post for Vesper anyway... the only Task is an Acrobatics one, which I'm pretty sure Rosetta will do quite easily ^_^

Posted on 2008-10-27 at 19:42:44.

Topic: The Wilting Rose
Subject: 10:37... 17 minutes to go

It surprised Rosetta that she had come here in the first place. Here, where the border of the mundane and supernatural blurs and becomes indistinct; where to merely come is to prove that one has abilities beyond the norm. Perhaps, without the comfort of going with these two people, and her rapier in its sheath by her side, she wouldn't have come at all. Now, she is beginning to wonder if it would've been better to stay home...

Immediately, when the sound of gunfire shattered the calm window of evening, Rosetta's heart nearly stopped. A quick glance at her digital watch proves her false; this isn't one of the Ordeals, but merely at the turning point between safety and danger. Yet, if this isn't an Ordeal, what would the true one be?

"I hope this isn't just a taste... 'Expect the unexpected, or you'll be in for a fright.'" Rosetta murmurs, just loud enough for Alex and Smoke nearby to hear her over the commotion in the club.

Biting her lip, Rosetta's mind threatens to beat her skull into submission, as the commotion and her considerations plant the seed of a headache. What do I do? She thinks.

Don't get involved.

Unbidden, unheeded, her typical assessment rises to the forefront of her mind. Yes, although she knew she would be a difficult target to hit, there is no reason for her to be involved. No, that isn't true, another fragment of her thoughts considers, who is the one that is fighting? A woman. She felt familiar, yet at the same time, distant. Kind of like one of those people from high school you see at the reunion, but can't remember their name. Is she on one of the teams? Is that where she's from?


Rosetta's attention returns to the situation at hand. Yes, right now the most important thing is to get behind cover or something. After that she can contemplate more. Looking around quickly, only the bar seems to be sufficient cover; tables could be upturned, that is true, however it wouldn't be much to a bullet. Rosetta's breathing deep but swift, just as it is in practise, she rushes at the bar, and somersaults over it, landing on her knees and ducking down underneath it.

"I hope you don't mind if I hide here for a bit?" Rosetta asks sheepishly of the bartender.

Posted on 2008-10-27 at 19:31:54.

Topic: Wilting Rose Q/A
Subject: Alright...

That gives me about 15 minutes before I run away...

To Eol and Merideth: You know why, right? ^_^

Posted on 2008-10-27 at 19:01:49.

Topic: Wilting Rose Q/A
Subject: One thing...

What's the time? For Rosetta, I'll need a more exact time than 'evening'

Oh, and does Rosetta have her fencing foil or rapier?

Posted on 2008-10-27 at 17:38:10.
Edited on 2008-10-27 at 18:11:01 by Reralae

Topic: Epitaphs
Subject: Well...

It isn't for a character, but for those games that ended up dying before they even began...

Afterlife of Ideas

Fading away into the quiet night,
It disappears from our enquiring sight.
Farewell sweet idea, a thought only told,
Only to linger in our minds for others to unfold.
Gathering in the void with other ideas unknown,
A true source for beginnings, if any of it is shown.
But they're gone now, so we can only sigh,
And remember ones we know, for something else to try.

But, since this thread is here, I'll definitely come up with epitaphs for characters that 'died' (meaning they would've otherwise lived, if the campaign lived... as of yet, I don't have any characters that actually died in a game)

Posted on 2008-10-27 at 17:27:55.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Clarification

I kind of need clarification regarding what happened to Haila; either she's healed by Cor, or manually helped by Kenji, so... which is it?

Posted on 2008-10-25 at 19:18:07.

Topic: Filthy Thief Q/A
Subject: I suppose...

It doesn't make much sense for Ocyari to recover from fainting just to fall to sleep after few words exchanged...

Or at least, that's what it seems like to me, unless someone wakes her up, and she might not be happy that she was woken up

So, I guess this is to say there won't be a post from me unless we move onto the morning, or Ocyari is woken up before then...

Posted on 2008-10-25 at 18:29:10.

Topic: The Day They Woke Up on the Wrong Side of Reality
Subject: ... it is hardly limited to death

"You don't know, Ian? Yet you also watch those anime as well, correct?" Galen murmurs aloud, breathing a sigh.

"There are many things that can weigh on a person's soul, regardless if they are dead or alive. In many cases, the burdens merely carry over in undeath, so while their body becomes something intangible, their souls still carry burdens, but it is hardly limited to the realm of death." Galen begins, "One of the most extreme yet simple burdens, of course, is guilt. Especially the guilt of bringing about death, although it is not limited to that. Vengeance can also be another burden. If one chooses to swear vengeance, so that there is no turning back, that very choice could put them on a path that they find they did not want to take, and so they are burdened by their decision."

"It isn't always by one's decision that they become burdened, however." Galen adds bitterly, "I presume the wraith was only talking about the burdens revolving around guilt of one's actions, but there are others, ones that are put on a person just from the circumstances in which they are born. An obvious case of this would be the example of royalty. The child of the monarchs could very well not want the weight of having to carry the burden of a country, or just simply maintaining a capital."

Then there's the example of me. Galen bitterly thinks. When humans are presented with circumstances in which they have no control over, which dominate their very lives to their disliking, resentment is born. Thankfully, here, in a world where magic is real, transition will not be so difficult, will be quicker on the physical level, and, one would hope, permanent.

"Is that sufficient to answer your query?" Galen asks.

Posted on 2008-10-24 at 16:48:31.

Topic: The Would You Rather Game
Subject: Really?

I tend to have bare feet...

Choice of nightmares... why, I don't know... and don't tell me this isn't the 'random thoughts' thread

In the wrong body


With the wrong soul

Posted on 2008-10-24 at 16:29:23.

Topic: Lost Souls: Eternal Sorrow
Subject: Even alone, there is strength

Sen smiles, "Well, I am here, although you can't see me."

"We're alone, so I might as well show you what I am." Sen muses.

Sen lets herself relax slightly, and her form appears, hovering in the air. Physically, she looks no taller than a human child, but her proportions are more for that of an adult. She wears a violet silken dress with an open back for an easily apparent reason. Upon her back is a set of iridescent coloured dragonfly wings. She has silver hair, and also wears a few pieces of jewellery, namely two rings, and a necklace, all exquisite pieces of art with clearly coloured and well cut, pretty gemstones. Upon her hip is a simple pouch, carried by a belt. Her violet eyes look upon the girl with a wisdom that seems beyond her apparent age.

"My name is Sen, and as you can see, I am not human, and not quite mortal either. I'm a spirit of the air, or a sylph if you prefer." Sen says, giving a slight curtsy in introduction.

Sen's eyes grow distant, "Even if alone, we all have our own strengths. I do not know much about the children of the night, but I do know that although it certainly isn't a change one would want, there will be some advantages to it."

A slight smile forms on Sen's lips. One could almost go so far as to call it 'fate's compensation' for what it has done.

Posted on 2008-10-24 at 02:02:43.


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