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Topic: .Hack//LIFE
Subject: Not quite

"Haven? No, that is a different area, and one that is far different than this." Gho Lightning responds.

"These Outer Dungeons kind of act as pathways, connecting different regions of the World, and sometimes, like this one, leading to places that are inaccessible by most means, including hacking." Rei Lightning adds.

"Where are we going anyway?" Kiku asks.

"This corridor leads to an area in the Xi server," Rei Lightning replies, "Specifically, Xi Chatting Snaring Twins."

"Call me crazy, but doesn't that area word kind of describe you two, in a way?" Kiku asks, tilting her head at Twin Lightning.

"Perhaps, perhaps not." Gho Lightning replies mysteriously, "You can hold your own opinion, of course, but no, it refers to a different set of twins, although there is something in common between them and Rei and I."

Posted on 2008-08-05 at 15:30:14.

Topic: .Hack//LIFE
Subject: Encounter

"Who's whispering?" Kiku asks, as she too walks forward.

Twin Lightning walks forward as well, matching the party's pace.

"Who knows? I guess we'll find out soon enough." Kusardo murmus.

Kimono nods and moves forward anxious to lift this veil of mystery

"Ah, sis, you're back. Alright, are you ready?" Twin Lightning says, apparently conversing to his sister in reality, despite the sound trickling through to The World. "OK, tell me when."

Kusardo keeps walking forward, but regards Twin Lightning in his periphery with a look of question

White noise suddenly plays across everyone's vision, and the figure of Twin Lightning blurrs and distorts. Colour is inverted for a moment, and it seems like everyone's seeing double. Then, as vision returns to normal, rather than one Twin Lightning character walking behind the group, there are two. One has blue eyes, the other yellow, and rather than both being named 'Twin Lightning', the one with blue eyes has the screen name of Rei Lightning, and the one with yellow eyes has the screen name of Gho Lightning.

"Hm? What did you do?" Kusardo asks.

"Character fragmentation." Rei Lightning replies, evidently this half being played by the sister, "It lets both of us access at the same time, with the same character. Pretty handy isn't it?"

"Ah. I've never heard of that, but it sounds like a hack to me." Kusardo thinks aloud.

"It is." The brother, Gho Lightning answers simply, "But you'll be encountering something far more than simple hacking soon enough, when we reach the area at the end."

Kusardo raises an eyebrow. "I get the feeling you're going to shaft us with hacking penalties. Somewhere down the road."

As the party progresses forward, the whispering seems to get louder, or at least seems to be more noticeable.

"Shaft?" The Rei Lightning asks, looking towards Gho Lightning.

"Not a term I'm familiar with." He replies.

"I mean get us newbies into trouble with the administration. Don't get me wrong; I'm not a boy scout or anything like that, but I would be pissed if I'm booted from the game on grounds of being involved in 'hacking' it."

The twins glance at each other, then burst out laughing, "Sorry, but if you're worried about getting in trouble with CC Corp, it's a bit late for that." Rei Lightning says.

"Don't get us wrong, they're so lax nowadays that it's unlikely they noticed, but if they chose to, they'd file it as 'attempting to take advantage of a glitch within the game's programming'." Gho Lightning explains, his voice becoming somewhat of a mockery of the administrators, "For using this portal anyway."

Kusardo scowls mildly, then replies, "Forget I said anything. Let's keep moving."

He didn't seem to like being laughed at, but even more so he didn't seem to care what would happen as long as he can still play the game.

Reaching the first 'room', if the term could be used for such a place, there appears to be a trio of bizarre graphics hovering around. They have a cube that has eyes engraved upon it, which seems to function as a face for it. Their bodies are nothing more than perhaps bizarre pawn shapes from a chess set turned upside down, so its point is down.

Kusardo walks up to one of them, gauging some kind of info screen or player interaction with it whilst examining it closely.

As soon as Kusardo walks within sight of them, a red exclamation mark appears overtop of it, and the background music, which before was just a peculiar interplay of sound, becomes the default battle music as the blue barrier surrounds the party and the three monsters (not including Twin Lightning since Twin Lightning is not in the party).

Kusardo jumps back, drawing his Horizon's Edge in response. "Twin Lightning, what are these?!" He asks.

One moment later, both forms of Twin Lightning enter through the barrier, the brother holding the dual swords, the sister the blade. "Outer Bugs." Rei Lightning says calmly.

"They're anomalytic data that exists here, and take on the monster template in order to attain a specific existence." Gho Lightning adds, apparently off of memory.

Kiku pales at the monsters, and backs away slightly.

"well now this is different." Kimono murmurs.

"Is that right? Anything else we should know about them?" Kusardo asks.

Kimono draws her scythe and from a distance charges and holds 'X' forming a defensive circle if need be.

"They're a bit strong for your levels." Rei Lightning replies.

"Just hit each of them once, then back away." Gho Lightning advises, rushing forward and catching all three of the Bug Betas with a Tri Strike, slashing horizontally across all three across one side, then returning with a second, before slashing downwards with a strong blow, knocking all three back.

"If you say so Twin Lightning." Kimono replies, letting her charge go, her scythe's wide arc catching the nearest ones, which are the left and middle ones.

Kusardo smirks, taking their advice to heart as he eyes one of the 'Outer Bugs'. "All right then, let's go." With that, he charges the one Kimono hits and then rolls to a side with the momentum

The hp gauge of the Bug that's hit by both attacks hardly moves at all, and for some reason damage is not displayed here. Kiku launches a Rue Krutz, the blue icicles impacting sharply off of the bizarre graphic. Seeing that all three hit the one, Rei Lightning rushes forward.

"Sword Flash!" She calls, swiping the Bug's hp bar clean with three swift strikes from her blade.

They were right... Kusardo thinks.

"That's half a level right there for you." Gho Lightning says with a grin as he knocks the other two away with a charged hit, separating them.

Kusardo grips his sword tightly, preparing for his next attack. He leaps just within range of one of them and swipes across his enemy. He leaps back once damage has been dealt.

Kiku lets another magic ring fly at the same enemy Kusardo struck, knocking it back as it went to hover forward toward him. Rei Lightning rushes forward once more.

"Lateral Moon!" She calls, impacting hard into the bug, before sending it into the air, and launching it away, its form fading as its hp gauge is wiped.

Finally, Kiku hits the last bug with the same spell, and the brother knocks it towards Kimono and Kusardo to hit.

Kusardo sends a crushing blow to the Outer Bug in reflex to it's approach.

Kimono, eager to end this combat, hits it back with another charged shot, directly toward Rei Lightning.

"Lateral Moon!" She calls as she finishes the bug off with the repeated skill.

"Amazing," Kusardo says as the golden rings appear around his character, signifying a level up. "I see traveling in a party has it's benefits."

"Wow! Double level up!" Kiku says, surprised by the set of two rings around her character.

Individual gain for the party:
1560 exp each (instant level up for both Kimono and Kusardo, double level up for Kiku)
3120 gp each

Posted on 2008-08-05 at 03:03:16.
Edited on 2008-08-05 at 15:24:14 by Reralae

Topic: SW: TOR Q&A
Subject: Question...

is there a computer interface port nearby?

@Meri: yes, I could be one of those HRD's... (Human Replica Droids)... hehehe, no, of course not... even if I did get 100% in math and computer science ^_^

Posted on 2008-08-04 at 21:25:46.
Edited on 2008-08-05 at 06:02:02 by Reralae

Topic: Silent Hill: Eternal Decay
Subject: ...

Cindi just stands there, a cold, unemotional smile played on her lips. How pathetic. Cindi thinks, In place of an argument, you try to rely on verbal abuse, and only repeat yourself, as well as get yourself agitated over such a trivial matter. Not to mention, you merely change the subject rather than provide a true response. Oh well, if you are so unintellectual in conversation, perhaps it's better not to hear you anyway. Especially when you do not realize what exactly you are talking about. What you have repeated, and what I have asked, are the same in the end.

"If who we were is indeed irrelevant, as it should be, then perhaps you ought to act more like it." Cindi says sharply, "Your continual referral to past events and who we were in the past would serve only to make people curious about what exactly you are talking about, so if it isn't important, then you do us a favour and stop acting on it, and since I am so apparently different and unknowing, people don't need to hear me."

With that, Cindi sits down and pulls out her White card, her eyes misted over as she looks at it.

Posted on 2008-08-04 at 17:51:16.

Topic: .Hack//LIFE
Subject: How, but not why

"Well, for how, you went through the portal, did you not?" Twin Lightning replies, "As for why, you're the only ones who can answer that for yourself... are you curious, or... do you feel a connection drawing you forward?"

Kiku looks at Twin Lightning sharply. "A connection? What do you mean by that?"

Twin Lightning smiles, "I think you know what I mean by that, Kiku."

"The sound?" Kiku asks, trying to find exactly what Twin Lightning is getting at.

Pointed out yet again, the sound once more can be heard, but this time it is slightly clearer. It is almost like some people whispering.

Twin Lightning tilts her head, "Not the sound, but the source of it. It's at the end of this tunnel."

"Oh, just a moment." Twin Lightning says, freezing for the briefest of moments before the brother comes online, "Alright, while she's gone from the keyboard, I'll lead you three onwards."

Twin Lightning turns to look at the three examining each in turn, "That is, of course, assuming you still want to go onwards. Remember, this isn't supposed to be something that happens to regular players. If you continue, you'll find that more than your character data will be affected by what's at the end."

Twin Lightning gives a sly smile, almost disconcerting in a way, as though this is the end of a long search.

Posted on 2008-08-04 at 04:33:09.

Topic: Borden Murder Case Investigation
Subject: Oh dear...

Bridget looks over toward the source of the commotion outside, and murmurs a small 'Oh dear.'

Putting down her tray, and excusing herself from the group she was currently serving (if there was one and she wasn't making a luncheon), Bridget walks out to meet the man.

"Mr. Morse, please wait a moment before entering." Bridget says to the man as he reaches the door, "There are some things you should know..."

"It appears that..." Bridget chokes slightly on the words, but forces herself to continue, "Mr. and Mrs. Borden have been murdered. As such, there is an investigation going on, so I suggest staying in the kitchen for now, at least so that the others can finish their work first."

Bridget's hands begin to shake slightly, and she forcibly grabs and steadies one with the other. No, she had to go back to work. She couldn't afford to break down.

Posted on 2008-08-03 at 20:15:04.

Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Linsemptus
Subject: Golden Eyed...

Soldier's Barracks
25 minutes after Twilight

"I ride for the capital, Wanqir, within the hour. You should stay here, where it is safe," she finished.

"Venerro... " The girl murmurs, her eyes distant as she thinks about something.

Coming to a decision about something, Nintarra nods, "Alright, I'll stay here then, well, I won't guarantee I'll stay here, but we'll have to see. I'll be here for a week anyway, at least." She says enigmatically.

Gathering the 6 horses is easy enough (2 per lieutenant, so that's 6 total ), and indeed, within the hour, the small group is on its way toward Wanqir. The four fellows Yin selected appear more adept than the others, possibly (and admittedly probably) ones Yin knew from previous rivalries before choosing Willow as his current.

Here's the rundown of the small group
Lieutenant Willow Hiswena
Lieutenant Yin Chang
Soldiers (only listing first names...):
-Mist (she leaves out the 'y' at the end of her name purposefully)

Mist appears to be extremely focused as a soldier. In some ways, it seems as though she takes the occupation far too seriously, however, that may be an asset rather than a hindrance, at least according to Yin. She primarily wields a single longsword as well as a shield, much like Yin does.

Dev consistently yawns at times, and seems to give off the impression that he is a person that bores quickly. However, in spite of this, he appears to be quite a capable warrior, more of a match for Yin than the others, as Yin mentions. He primarily wields a strange set of weapons, appearing much like punching daggers.

Sora is rather enigmatic for a soldier. He is dressed in strong leather armour, and also wears a muffler that hides the lower portion of his face. His weapons are a set of blades that extend from sheaths upon his arms, appearing similar to the punching dagger weapons Dev uses.

Farah, unlike the others, is a ranged combatant. She wields a bow, and is dressed in slightly less armour than the others to accommodate for her movement in drawing, loading and firing the bow. She seems rather light hearted, and where Mist takes her occupation too seriously, Farah may just not take it serious enough, with an optimistic attitude that, according to Yin, has gotten her into a few situations she couldn't handle.

Posted on 2008-08-03 at 19:58:00.
Edited on 2008-08-08 at 17:31:54 by Reralae

Topic: Filthy Thief Q/A
Subject: lol

Yep, Ocyari would probably miss that 5 times out of 6 I think ^_^

Posted on 2008-08-03 at 19:22:58.

Topic: Filthy Thief Q/A
Subject: Ah

Okies, well, this is kind of Ocyari's perspective right now:

Person A says mean things to person B (hurting Ocyari's ears in the process!)

Person B looks as though they're trying to have the last word against person A.

Summary of the above -> argument.

And with 10 wis, she's not going to understand too much that's out of her league. Understand large words, sure (14 int), understanding subtle meanings, not so likely

Posted on 2008-08-03 at 19:12:56.

Topic: Filthy Thief Q/A
Subject: Also

One considerable question that I'm afraid I'll have to raise is the question of whether Pao's simply reading too much in people's words, and if that is on purpose. As far as I could see, Ocyari didn't even say anything regarding motives. To her, it just appears Pao and Percifeer are bickering; it's not like she can really tell much more than that.

Posted on 2008-08-03 at 18:49:41.

Topic: You Filthy Little Thief!!!
Subject: Zzzzz

Ocyari shrugs, not interested in responding since she knows people wouldn't really listen to her anyway. Wow, if grown ups are like this, I'd better find out how to stay little. She thinks.

So, Ocyari just stays relaxed, thinking of various things... waiting to see what's going to happen.

Posted on 2008-08-03 at 18:43:33.

Topic: .Hack//LIFE
Subject: The Point of No Return


As soon as Kusardo reaches through the portal, the note is heard again, and the portal expands sharply, enveloping the whole party. Kiku gives a bit of a sigh; she did warn them.

When vision returns, the party comes to at a very bizarre area. It doesn't even look like it is inside The World, for there are virtually no graphics. Blocks of translucent blue light make up the floor, arranged in a chaotic myriad of patternless square floors connected by a maze of corridors. To the side, a bit beyond the edge of the floors, there are similar blue walls that fade away into nothingness rather than the distance. Blue cubes rotate and spiral in the 'air' off of the paths, and it almost appears as though streams of data flow along the walls.

The portal behind the group closes, but not before a black with yellow outline gauntlet pops through, causing it to slow. Kiku grabs the hand and pulls Twin Lightning through the portal, just before it closes.

"Whew, just in time." Twin Lightning says, apparently still being played by the sister.

"Where... are we?" Kiku asks.

"Well, these are called Outer Dungeons, and normally are inaccessible from within The World." Twin Lightning replies.

"Really? So that means that portal was a glitch." Kiku murmurs.

OOC: take a look at the wallpaper here for a better, more visual image of what this place is

Posted on 2008-08-03 at 18:29:30.
Edited on 2008-08-03 at 18:33:50 by Reralae

Topic: SW: TOR Q&A
Subject: Oh, only to...

Use it to attain some sort of monetary income (via possible smuggling) at all in order to achieve any standard of living ^_^

And as for continuing, yeah, we might as well; I know duncan74's character has been changed to an npc temporarily in Glory's campaign...

Posted on 2008-08-03 at 17:50:26.
Edited on 2008-08-03 at 17:53:20 by Reralae

Topic: Forgotten Realms: the Unsung Heroes Q/A
Subject: Another purchase...

I think I'll get Linnix a better weapon...

One mastercraft composite (+1 str) shortbow for Linnix please, along with 3 quivers of regular arrows, and 1 quiver of silver arrows ^_^

Posted on 2008-08-03 at 17:46:58.

Topic: You Filthy Little Thief!!!
Subject: Ocyari's Cookie Analogy

Ocyari yawns and leans back in her seat, her hands held behind her head as she relaxes.

"If you ask me," Ocyari says, "Both you and she are taking each other far too seriously. In some ways, you're acting as though you're my age, arguing about who's cookie it is or trying to convince the other which cookie is better. And then, while you're both distracted, someone can come and steal the cookies, you see?"

"No one knows which cookie is better. They were just made, and while you can guess which is better by what was put in them, you won't know until you tasted both."

Ocyari giggles, "Me, if I have to pick, I'll just pick the cookie that's closer to me."

Posted on 2008-08-03 at 17:07:27.

Topic: .Hack//LIFE
Subject: But...

"That's not exactly what I'm worried about..." Kiku adds hesitantly, "We are low level, so what are the chances that where it goes is low level too? Not that great I'd imagine."

As Kimono touches the ripple with her scythe to pass through it, a notable second ripple appears just above the first, this one waving in a coloured spectrum of the rainbow, which seems to pulse. White noise plays across the screen as this occurs.

Beyond this ripple, Kimono can vaguely make out... well, nothing really. It's dark, wherever it is, with a bluish ground... if that is a ground. Kiku steps forward, looking through the ripple as well.

"Can either of you two hear that?" Kiku asks.

By drawing attention to it, Kimono and Kusardo can hear something, but it is just beyond their threshold of hearing, and so cannot hear it coherently.

Posted on 2008-08-02 at 23:14:57.

Topic: .Hack//LIFE
Subject: The Glitch

With a mighty smash, Kusardo's blade impacts the wall incredibly hard. However, what happens then is beyond anything the party expects.

From the point of impact, the wall ripples outward. Ripples is the correct term, for there is no other way to describe it as it wavers in and out in little waves that decrease in amplitude and vanish a ways from the source. Apart from this, there doesn't seem to be anything else that happens, although this alone is strange enough.

Kiku's eyes are slightly wide as she says, "Alright... maybe we should just walk away..."

Posted on 2008-08-02 at 19:20:01.

Topic: Welcome or Not!
Subject: Intuition

Sen tenses; there is something wrong. She cannot place the feeling, but she knows it. As she hovers in the air, just waiting for the time, a chill runs through her. There is something wrong.

This did not bode well; a Sylph's intuition is very strong. Yet, what could it be? Sen closes her eyes, willing herself to calm; it would do no good to get too worked up yet. Everything in Erihsehc's mission right now was only truly verified by one person. Arturo. Not to mention, he was able to see her somehow. Sen bites her lip.

She replaces the crystals held in her hand in the pouch Arturo provided, and instead selects a couple of her own. As far as she knew, the gemstones in the pouch were viable and did not appear to be meddled with, but it didn't pay to be careless. She had made that mistake before, in another world.

Well, she had a bit of time now, so she might as well be sure. She flies outside of the city, making sure she couldn't be watched. It is easy to do, and if they were tampered with, then she'd be warned, and if they weren't, well, then that would be good to know too.

She places the bag of gemstones Arturo provided on the ground, as she pulls out a clear gem from her own possession. The gem hovers over the bag, briefly coming into view for a split second during the travel, before it vanishes. In Sen's sight, and only her sight, a magical ring appears, with one rune in the centre along with 12 around the outer circle. She holds out her hand, and grasps the edge of the ring. It shrinks, becoming small enough to be about the same diameter as her eye's iris. Sen closes her left eye, and places the ring upon her eyelid, where it vanishes. She opens the eye, and rather than her iris and pupil being there, it instead displays the ring in the same purple as her iris. She closes her right eye in order to see clearly, and steadies herself for a moment; it takes a moment to get used to the sight. Tentatively, Sen reaches forward and opens the bag. If they were indeed tampered with to affect her spells if she used them for them, the gemstones would appear black to her eye.

Posted on 2008-08-02 at 19:08:38.

Topic: You Filthy Little Thief!!!
Subject: Ouch! Covering one's ears over here!

At Percy's outburst, Ocyari quickly held her hands to her ears. She was trying to train her ears to be sensitive to sound and, unfortunately for now, she was at the point where she was beginning to succeed. Percifeer's exclamation rang in her little ears, and quickly threatens to give Ocyari a headache.

"Ow..." Ocyari murmurs, rubbing her ears, "Maybe I should just stick to eavesdropping..."

Ocyari rubs her ears as Percifeer exits the tavern to cool off, a slight grimace on Ocyari's face as she winces.

Haste without waste isn't possible in the plight.

Ocyari frowns; where did that thought come from? Oh well, there were other things to wonder... like if there were going to be cookies served, or when she'd try to steal one, or...

"I guess this means I get to stay up past my bedtime?" Ocyari asks hopefully.

Posted on 2008-08-02 at 04:33:42.

Topic: .Hack//LIFE
Subject: That'd be a yes

Kiku nods, "Yep, it came from over there." She says, pointing.

However, where she is pointing is directly toward the room's east wall (the one that has the Chim Chim track on it, although she's not pointing at the track, but a bit north of it).

Posted on 2008-08-01 at 05:23:09.

Topic: .Hack//LIFE Characters
Subject: Sara

Class: Twin Blade
Level: 4
Dual Swords: Level 1 (the weapon exp bar is about halfway)

HP: 288
SP: 36

PATK: 35
PDEF: 40
MATK: 24
MDEF: 40
Light: 1
Dark: 3
Air: 2
Earth: 3
Fire: 2
Water: 3

Weapon: Twin Roses (5* weapon, +1 PATK, Rapid Attacks, chance of inflicting charm ailment)
Armour: Dream Sash (+1 PDEF, +1 MDEF, chance of inflicting sleep ailment)
Accessory: Brave Necklace (+1 Ground, +1 Water, Arts Knowledge)

EXP: 10/1000

Health Drink 50
Healing Serum 50
Healing Rain 10
Sprite Drop 50
Sprite Rain 10
Return Feather 50
Smoke Screen 50
Fairy's Orb 50

Money: 139710gp
Chim: 99

Posted on 2008-08-01 at 03:30:36.
Edited on 2008-08-14 at 03:34:39 by Reralae

Topic: .Hack//LIFE
Subject: Strength in a Different Way

Sara laughs, and gives the group a sly wink, "Well, thankfully, I don't have to really worry about being PK'd."

"As for fighting, I really only meant fighting another player; standard monsters I can fight without regrets." Sara continues, smiling.

"Here, call me sometime. Maybe we can hang out!" Sara says, handing Kiku and Kimono her Member Address.

Kiku returns the gesture with her own Address. (There is also time for Kimono to do so as well if she wishes)

"Well, see you later!" Sara says, winking again, before running back toward the first platform to return to town.

Posted on 2008-08-01 at 03:24:38.
Edited on 2008-08-01 at 03:24:57 by Reralae

Topic: Poetry of Reralae
Subject: Emotions of Life - Wrath

Spawning from fear, pain and general sorrow,
Who knows what this force will do tomorrow.
Coming from the Darkness as well as the Light,
This is what causes many-a fight.

People argue that it gives them power,
But it can still spill blood in a single shower.
People must recognize the need for control,
Or they will lose themselves, and death may toll.

When enraged, one does not differ,
Between friend and foe there is no sifter.
Often in the confusion of the battle that follows,
All are hurt and one goes to the gallows.

Beware of the anger that comes from loss,
For it can make things worse; just lie on the moss.
Let one's mind settle, for the one can think,
And find the right course, rather than merely sink.

Do no allow anger to control you,
For that is only what Destruction wants to do,
and in Destruction, not a single one gains,
For all is lost amid the cries and the pains.

Posted on 2008-08-01 at 00:48:16.

Topic: Poetry of Reralae - Comments and Requests
Subject: Poetry of Reralae - Comments and Requests

Well, I decided to add on a 'comments and requests' thread to my poetry thread, so add a comment or request a subject for a poem if you'd like.

The poems I make don't follow a strict format, but I often end up rhyming (well, more like near-always). However, if you request a subject for me to write a poem on, please don't request a specific format as well.

Well, that said, my poems are something to look at, but please do not use them anywhere. I am actually slightly paranoid about plagiarism, which is why I am rather tentative about putting any of my writing online... *sweatdrop*

Hehehe, well, putting that aside, please enjoy.

Mod Edit: Did Move it. Now Appreciate People!

Mod Edit #2: And I moved it back!

Mod Edit: #3: And Olan moved it to Creations again!

Posted on 2008-07-31 at 04:49:18.
Edited on 2008-11-04 at 18:53:41 by Grugg

Topic: Who Owns Rusty Dull Swords? (W.O.R.D.S.)
Subject: S.U.S.P.E.C.T.

Soon Underneath Silver Platters, Essays Completely Terminate

Posted on 2008-07-31 at 04:27:49.


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