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Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Linsemptus
Subject: Futuresight

Aqinarr City
Willow's Room
Three and Three Quarter Hours before Twilight

What will happen, regarding Casia assuming she is the thief? Willow asks internally.

In response to her unspoken question, the thirteen cards on the table seem to shimmer slightly.

The girl nods, "Alright, let's begin."

The girl holds out her handd, palm towards the cards, holding it above the center card.

"Ven uw geu uhiv vuwekhistth." She intones.

Halfway between the girl's palm and the cards, a magic circle appears, glowing white with power. Within this circle, around the outermost ring are twelve different runes, and a symetrical pattern within the circle connects these runes to another one at the center. With a burst of light, the circle fades, and you notice that on the backs of each of the thirteen cards, there is a similar, glowing circle. Unhesitantly, the girl flips over the center card, revealing a beautiful painting of a tortoise.

"The tortoise moves slowly, but it still gets to where it intends to go." The girl explains, "This implies that even though progress for you may appear slow, it is going to reach its conclusion eventually."

The girl reaches down, and flips the left card of the three directly in front of her. This one depicts a jade pendant.

"Jade is a stone that requires dedication in order to make it into something valuable, so this implies you are dedicated to your heart, which is as strong as stone."

Next, the girl flips the right card of the same threesome. This one has painted upon it an elegant blade, a symmetrical sword with engravings of flowers and vines.

"The sword is a weapon. It is used when other methods fail. However, in order to use it properly, one knows when to use it. This, along with the symmetry of the sword, indicates a sense of fairness and balance that you possess."

The last of this threesome, the center card directly in front of the girl is flipped. This card depicts an elegant and ornate knot made out of silken rope, with the free ends of the knot woven into tassels.

"Knots can be used to describe many things. Sometimes they are ties between people, whether they are friendly or hostile. However, when the knot is inside, it is doubt or fear. Doubt ties one to a seen path, unwilling to stray, but, with the sword in hand, you can sever that tie."

The girl now moves to the threesome in the south, flipping the left card there. This card depicts a gentle pond or lake, with a few ripples in the water from a gentle rain. The girl goes to speak, but something seems to hold her back, so instead she flips the next card, the center of the south cards. This one depicts a raging bonfire, with intricate detail making it appear most lifelike. Again, the girl is about to speak, but she stops, and flips the last south card. This one is identical to the left southern card. The girl shakes her head, a bit sadly.

"Water and fire and water. These two elements are not very harmonious, and together represent some sort of disaster or catastrophe. Something is going to happen soon, and it is not going to be very good for anyone."

The girl now moves on to the three cards directly in front of Willow. She flips the left card, which happens to be a painting of a willow tree.

"The willow tree is flexible, bending with the winds. However, it only ever confronts them reluctantly. If there was a confrontation a little while in the past, perhaps you didn't assert yourself to the extent you should have?"

The question is rhetorical so, whether or not Willow answers, the girl moves on, this time flipping the right card of this threesome. This card is peculiar. It depicts the sun setting over an ocean, but it doesn't seem to specify either the sun or the ocean as the context of the card.

"This card represents the West." The girl explains, "It represents the objective, that which is strived towards, usually on the horizon, just in, yet out, of sight. However, its placement here indicates that there is an opposition to your actions and intentions."

The girl flips the center card directly in front of Willow. This card depicts a portion of the night sky, with seven stars shining brightly.

"The stars shine brightly through the night. So too, do your feelings and intuition. Trust them, and act upon them."

Finally, the three cards that remain are the northern cards. The girl flips the left one first. This card depicts a stringed musical instrument: a lute. Once more, the girl is about to speak, but something seems to bother her, and she flips the next card, the center one. This card depicts a peach fruit, ripe and ready to eat.

"The lute is a musical art, and the peach is often used in more of a dessert. These two cards, in these positions, seem to imply that what is done by one may have to change soon, likely..." Here, the girl points back towards the water-fire-water sequence, "because of this."

The girl flips the final card, the right card of the northern three cards. This card is blank.

"White, blank, and unknown." The girl says, "So, what will happen now isn't something that can easily be seen. Hmm, the way I can interpret these three cards is that, because of this disaster, what might have happened normally is now in question, and so one must be prepared to change course, into the unknown."

(The references of left or right are to the girl's perspective; not Willow's)

Posted on 2008-06-29 at 18:03:33.

Topic: Welcome or Not!
Subject: Spying on the Spies

Sen drifted along, following after Erihsehc, although still keeping a high altitude. Soon enough the town of Kint was in view. Quickly Erihsec went indoors, and although Sen was tempted to follow, she had something else bothering her. Her intuition told her that people who tend to be overly nosy, if they don't offer aid, generally will try to sell that information for their own profit. Soon enough, that peculiar dwarf Nasur was in a conversation with a few others. Sen easily eavesdrops on them, even from this distance, by Belnox's window; her hearing is far more acute than many people would like, all she has to do is concentrate on what she desires to hear. She could even hear Erihsehc and Belnox talking, although that wasn't as high of a priority for her to listen to at the moment.

Posted on 2008-06-28 at 22:46:14.

Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Linsemptus
Subject: The Remnant

Somewhere Between Wanqir and Aqinarr
Plains of Tiancann
Three Hours before Twilight

The wooden chest is rotting and isn't stable; the lid is pulled up and apart from the rest of the box. Inside is a rusted blade. At first glance it doesn't appear to be much, because the blade is so rusted that it cannot be removed from its sheath. However, the engravings along the sheath seem bizarre, although they cannot truly be seen because it is covered in dirt. By the size, it can only be a short sword, but the mysteriousness about it... perhaps it would be worthwhile to restore the blade.

It takes a while, but finally, with a huge tug between Dusk and the tiger, the blade has come out of the sheath. It is indeed rusted, and looks a bit poor aesthetically, but for some reason, the blade is still in working order.

(Treat it as a +1 Short Sword for now)

Posted on 2008-06-28 at 21:43:58.

Topic: Auguries of Destruction: The Linsemptus - Q/A
Subject: Yep, and you're almost there

Just one more post I think, then you'll be at the checkpoint... (I'm trying to come up with the response post righ tnow)

Posted on 2008-06-28 at 19:38:59.

Topic: Silent Hill: Eternal Decay
Subject: The Mysterious Past

Cindi watches the darkness fade with a fascination akin to that of a fox watching a potential predator/prey. Likewise, she watches the collapse of the creeper.

Interesting. Cindi thinks, Was the darkness to keep us in, or to just keep the light out? Probably both.

Turning back towards the others and walking along the hallway, Cindi isn't all that surprised that Hank had improved. That could mean a number of things... hmm, if only her knowledge was a bit more than what she had. Cindi doesn't even know if her past knowledge that she lost would cover this sort of incidence, unless she was some sort of medical person, but that just seems a bit unlikely.

Cindi thinks back to the photograph Chris showed, and immediately questions popped back into her head. Why was she grinning? Why did she, assuming it was she, do that to the tombstones? Was it to cut herself off from a past? Or was it out of spite or malice? What did she do in her spare time anyway? There are far too many questions, and too few answers, and yet, Cindi isn't quite sure she actually wants those answers. No, whatever my past is, I must know, even if it pains me, and even if it destroys me. Cindi resolves, Given a blank slate with no memories, people can change, but, when that slate is dusted to reveal what lies underneath, can they still change?

Inside, unbidden, she finds an answering question, If that's what let me survive up to now, why would I want to?

Cindi's lips curve and form a small, sly smile.

Posted on 2008-06-28 at 17:49:10.
Edited on 2008-07-03 at 02:25:55 by Reralae

Topic: Forgotten Realms: The Unsung Heroes
Subject: Kill or be Killed

Linnix's breath comes in short bursts. Things were not boding well. Her own carelessness with her blade cost her some of her own life, and that was a mistake she did not want to repeat. Her leg and side burns with pain, slowing her movements, and with her own addition of her foot, the pain was becoming noticeable, even in Linnix's vindictive state. NO! She wouldn't fall. She would kill this wolf, or at the very least inflict a large number of wounds upon it.

"Just die already!" Linnix screeches at her adversary, once more moving to bring the scythe to bear against it.

Posted on 2008-06-28 at 17:14:41.
Edited on 2008-06-28 at 17:20:08 by Reralae

Topic: Forgotten Realms: the Unsung Heroes Q/A
Subject: Umm

Kaelyn, did you give Linnix 1 too many hp? I'm pretty sure she only has 37, rather than 38.

And, just wondering because I'm sure I've seen it somewhere before... where does the 'hitting oneself in the foot' come from?

Posted on 2008-06-28 at 17:08:18.

Topic: ~Crimson Blood~
Subject: To see, or not to see

The woman silently eavesdrops on the information; her hearing is quite acute, and she can hear quite well if she concentrates. Looking at a vendor's display items next to the alchemist's place provides any onlookers the guise that she is intrigued by the items, when in reality she is intrigued by the conversation beyond normal hearing's reach. Things seemed to be escalating quite quickly, but... the woman considers... it wasn't unforeseeable given the nature of what was happening.

When Artemis and Illiana exit, or more accurately, are pushed out of the alchemist's place, the woman moves on, far enough to not seem to be suspicious, yet close enough for her to hear the remaining discussion.

Posted on 2008-06-28 at 03:38:43.

Topic: Welcome or Not!
Subject: A Gift of Thanks

Sen looks down and watches the stranger write a response. She smiles. He knew her name, and now she would do a bit more than just watch. She was now linked to this world. Before it was tentative, brief coincidences or happenings, but now... now she would be involved. Still, this did not mean she could let down her guard. Many could try to exploit her if they found out about her, and so she still had to be careful.

Sen sits atop the stable, her mind wandering as she looks onwards towards the coming dawn.

Posted on 2008-06-27 at 21:45:57.

Topic: Welcome or Not!
Subject: Return to Invisibility

Weaving with her hands, the girl makes the blade slide into the dirt, writing. It is elegant calligraphy, and this is what it says: "Know that I am here, even if you cannot see me. I will stay hidden, because I probably must. I am a spirit of the air, and my name is Sen."

Sen draws her blade back up to her, and closes her hand about the hilt. Instead of letting her invisibility rush down the blade, she lets it seep down, from the hilt to the tip of the blade, fading into nothingness.

Posted on 2008-06-27 at 20:41:45.

Topic: Q&A ~Crimson Blood~
Subject: BTW...

The little girl in game isn't actually going to be that active initially, since she doesn't like to interefere too much with worldly affairs

However, that doesn't mean she won't do anything if the situation demands it. If you'd like to see another game similar (free form I mean) to this one where I use her as my character, just let me know.

I wouldn't suggest scaring her off though; she might not return and I might have to pull out a different character

EDIT: Oh, and I mean in her sylph form; in Elven form she'll be a bit more relaxed because supposedly she blends in a bit better

Posted on 2008-06-27 at 18:52:15.
Edited on 2008-06-27 at 18:55:28 by Reralae

Topic: Q&A ~Crimson Blood~
Subject: Wasn't Haila...

played by Jinxsa? You're confusing me... unless you're both Jinxsa and Drusilla, which is possible

Or am I mixing up two different characters because their names are similar?

Hehehe, I'm not anyone from then... I only started on RDI a year ago, but I read over a bit of Trilogy when I auditioned for Althena.

Posted on 2008-06-27 at 18:36:35.
Edited on 2008-06-27 at 18:39:45 by Reralae

Topic: ~Crimson Blood~
Subject: Exciting!

The little girl eavesdrops intently on the conversation. It had definitely taken a very interesting turn. So, she was right, this crimson woman was involved with something major in this world, and, if she interfered, the little girl would be as well. Perhaps it was time she see them and let them see her... after a fashion.

They were going to go to the marketplace, so it'd be better if the little girl goes first, to avoid bizarre not-really-coincidental arriving at the same time. Satisfied, and certain that she'd be able to catch up with the hunter and the crimson woman if they changed their minds, the little girl flies away, looking for an abandoned alley. Eventually, she finds one.

She makes sure that it is indeed empty and there was no one watching, looking all over the alley methodically; she was used to this. She pulls out her belt pouch, which actually held considerably more than a normal pouch should. Still invisible, she lays out a few articles of elven-sized clothing for her to wear as she places what she is currently wearing in the bag. With calculated thoughts, she concentrates and brings her form to change. Her dragonfly wings retract into her back as her size increases. Putting on the clothing she had chosen, she allows herself to become visible.

She now had the appearance of an elven woman, with autumn-red hair and blue eyes, dressed in a relatively plain purple dress. Putting her pouch back on her waist, she confidently walks back out of the alley, and towards the marketplace she saw earlier. Many people glanced over towards her, either out of curiousity or suspicion for her being a stranger, but here, in the marketplace, it really didn't matter because, whether you were a resident or a stranger, your gold was always of worth to the merchants.

Hmm, what to buy... I guess I'll try to find more gemstones for that tiara I want to make. the woman decides, now looking around for a gemstone merchant. She is reasonably confident that it'd be near the same apothecary that Illiana and Artemis were headed to, as the two occupations are somewhat related. Then again... the woman doesn't know whether this world knows how to make synthesized stones or not yet.

Posted on 2008-06-27 at 17:38:03.

Topic: SW Patterns of Deception Q & A
Subject: Hmm

I think that's the most logical way to do it, since Lysander would be able to reason that due to the negotiations, there will be an increased level of guild activities/security, and from today going sour he doesn't want to risk the next few days...

I think it makes sense, and it works

Posted on 2008-06-27 at 17:17:32.

Topic: ~Crimson Blood~
Subject: Two names, and one problem

Artemis Deschaine... The little girl thinks, deeply, Artemis, the name of a hunter... I wonder how the name relates to the person. The girl looks over the man again... it seemed fitting.

Illiana Nailo... The girl thinks, now moving onto the crimson woman's name. Not a common name I've seen, but Nailo?

The girl tilts her head, struggling with the problem. Her alias she always used held the very same name of Nailo, so it could very well be improper for her to use that name here. That poses a large problem; it took the girl quite a while to be satisfied with her alias, and now she would have to think up a new one in order to prevent any confusion later on.

The girl sits on the rooftop, now staring into space, as she tries to come up with another alias to go by. Eventually, it comes to her. It's very similar, at least in what it is, but perhaps it will be close enough that it will feel the same for me. The little girl thinks, before returning to watch the hunter and the crimson woman.

Posted on 2008-06-27 at 01:02:18.
Edited on 2008-06-27 at 01:13:12 by Reralae

Topic: ~Crimson Blood~
Subject: Pretty Day

It is morning, and the sun slowly peeks its shy light over and into the valley. The little girl has been watching throughout the night, watching the world as it flows around her. She didn't need sleep, and so she didn't sleep, but she still liked to dream, something that could only occur in sleep.

It is early, still a bit too early to go shopping, but that could wait; there is movement to notice. The crimson woman, awake already, on the move already. The little girl is surprised; she didn't really expect there to be any hurry. Back in the tavern, the woman seems to wait, while eating her breakfast. The man quickly reappears, also having his own meal. The little girl wonders if she too should enter.

Time to change? The girl questions, No, not yet; I don't have a reason to. She reasons, Perhaps they'll notice me, perhaps they'll not; either way, it is better to just watch in the beginning.

The little girl playfully thinks about playing a poltergeist, but it is just a thought, and one that is not acted upon, leaving the two below to their own conversation and meals.

Posted on 2008-06-26 at 19:11:35.
Edited on 2008-06-26 at 19:12:58 by Reralae

Topic: Silent Hill Q&A
Subject: Umm...

Spiders, I don't think Cindi's foot is broken... or at least I hope not!

Posted on 2008-06-26 at 15:36:20.

Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Linsemptus
Subject: To Bury a Fragment of Hatred

Somewhere Between Wanqir and Aqinarr
Plains of Tiancann
Three Hours before Twilight

As Dusk's hand glows whiter with each jewel he touches, the tiger looks onwards with a cautious interest.

"Here." Dusk intones, gently touching the tiger to allow the healing energies to transfer.

The effect is immediate. The arrows remaining simply fall out of the tiger's body, the wounds closing behind them. The tiger stands, testing her newly healed body. After a few leaps and strides, she turns back to Dusk, gratitude shining in her eyes.

"In his quest for vengeance, hatred blinded this man," said the elf, half to himself and half an explanation to the child, now an orphan. "Werecreatures destroyed him and he felt it only fitting to destroy them in turn. Despite his blind hatred, he should not have to rot as a slain beast left to waste. Either find sufficient stone to create a cairn or we shall find enough fuel to burn the corpse and bury the weapons."

The young tiger nods her understanding, and dashes over a ways, her body language, even if not human, easily interpreted for Dusk to follow.

(presuming Dusk follows)

The young tiger takes Dusk over to a clearing, not far from where the hunter's body lay, where grass doesn't seem to want to grow very well. Pawing the ground, the tiger reveals the area to be well covered with stone, possibly a remnant of some ancient house. With a bit of pursuasion of the ground and picking at it, the tiger proceeds to dig up a large number of stone fragments. Easily enough to form a cairn.

Underneath the layer of stones, the young tiger's paws hit wood. It is a flat, rectangle rotting wooden piece, possibly a chest.

Posted on 2008-06-26 at 06:10:22.

Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Linsemptus
Subject: To Be Able to Bear a Burden

Guest Room
Four and Three Quarter Hours before Twilight

"So Tell Me Friend Tenarr ... Are You Able To Provide Me A Better Sling ... For This ... Weapon?"

Tenarr nods, "I've been meaning to improve the one Xira uses, but she never bothers listening to me, not that many people do apart from Ken anyway."

"Here Are The Five Gold Coins I Have Been Trying To Give You For Watching My Things ... And Another Five Gold Coins For A Proper Sling If You Can Manage!"

Tenarr gives a modest bow, "I thank you for your patronage." Formalities aside, Tenarr straightens and gives a smile, "Don't worry, I should have it ready for you by morning."

"Now While You Attend To That Special Sling ... If You Can ... I Will Take A Much Needed Nap!"

"Right!" Tenarr says, "I'll be back in the morning then."

With that, Tenarr leaves the room, letting Manalagna rest.

Posted on 2008-06-26 at 05:55:43.

Topic: Silent Hill: Eternal Decay
Subject: Ouch!

Cindi nearly stumbles upon colliding her toe with a stone thing in the way. Only her familiarity with high heels prevents her from falling. Cindi winces at the impact, feeling the pain move up her foot, making it difficult to stand. She crouches down, to lessen the pressure, when the object in question catches her eye.

A tombstone. No, it's only a piece. -ton? or Ton-? or -ton-? And what's this doing all the way over here? Cindi wonders.

Wait... what was the chance that... no, it couldn't be, and even if it was, it wouldn't do any good to voice her suspicion to the group. It would be unnerving, unsettling at the very least, and it isn't even a for-sure thing. No, it would be better if she just remembers this for now; without the rest of the stone, there were many possibilities, and it would do no good if the group were to assume anything just based on coincidence... and yet...

There is no such thing as coincidence. Cindi thinks to herself. She briefly reaches into a side pocket in her backpack, and pulls out that card, the White card. No, there were no coincidences.

Putting the card away, Cindi gets up and jogs a bit faster to catch up with the others. Hank didn't look too well. That too can't be a coincidence.

"Hank? Are you alright?" Cindi asks, thinking about the wound she had bandaged earlier, as well as the thing that inflicted it.

I should check for disinfectant in that first aid kit. Cindi thinks, But... would that be enough? Cindi pulls out the kit, looking for a vial of hydrogen peroxide or some other disinfectant.

Posted on 2008-06-26 at 05:47:05.

Topic: Valdary - Bardess of Bhriuthainn
Subject: A Poem for the Poet, and Another for All

A Wish

Life is born, then fades unto death,
Sometimes it is too quick, like a single breath.
You, I haven't met, and now we may not,
But your memory will remain; an image to be caught.
In eyes and in ears, you are still here,
Even if in time you will not be near.
Flowers will fade; Darkness will invade,
But everlasting will be what you have made.
Hold no regrets and carry no pain,
Even if tears flow in the rain.
The threads of life tie everyone together,
Even moreso in the worst weather.
My only wish, is that I could have said hi,
Without in the same sentence say goodbye.

Pain and Reflection

Long lost scars, never truly gone,
A part of us, and lasting for an eon.
Pain washing away, as time flows true,
And allowing us to do what we need to do.
Gather the tears, and the hope inside,
Listening, wanting the truth defied.
Lay it aside and let the mind rest,
And use it now for the deed that is best.
Now gather the droplets, the things to know,
Use it for rebirth, allowing new life to grow.
Use what is now to make better tomorrow,
And ensure that life grows, even in the sorrow.

Posted on 2008-06-26 at 05:25:14.

Topic: ~Crimson Blood~
Subject: Ohmigosh! Another!

The little girl, seated comfortably on her perch outside, feels her heart race as another enters and encounters the crimson person. He was clearly a traveler, perhaps similar to herself, even if he is more human than she is.

Like her, this man felt something about the crimson woman, and chose to perhaps acquaint himself with her. I wonder how it is, to be a stranger, and seen in this world. The girl thinks, Perhaps I should try it... later.

The girl continues to watch, reading the lips of the people inside, as she continues to sit alone, in silence.

Posted on 2008-06-26 at 03:45:26.

Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Linsemptus
Subject: Power of the Future

Aqinarr City
Merchant's District - Side Alley
Three and Three Quarter Hours before Twilight

Willow paid the man for the bracelet and slipped it on her wrist. Then she reached overtly across the table and picked up the box, looking at it thoughtfully. After a moment, no doubt with the young girl watching her every move, she bends over and hands it to the girl, "Go ahead and pay the man.

"Oh wow! Really? Thank you soooo much!" The girl is almost ecstatic with happiness.

"The only condition is that I get to see the future first. Does that sound fair to you?" Willow stated more than asked. Sure she was earning her luck, but the child need not think that this had been something for nothing.

The girl nods and smiles, "That's fair. Do you have somewhere I can use these?"

(presuming Willow invites the girl back to the barracks)

"Alright! I'll follow you." The girl says.

(at the barracks, I apologize for kind of fastforwarding, but I'd like to move on to the future sight ^_^)

After a bit of pestering, Yin finally accepts the bracelet offered him by Willow.

"I really didn't expect to receive a gift in response." Yin stammers, "Really, thank you... for everything."

Yin takes the bracelet, and wanders off to his own room.

The girl pulls the corner desk out so that it is in the center of the room and not in line with the door. She angles the desk strangely, so that it is in line with the four directions. She sits in the desk's chair on the West side, indicating for Willow to sit on the East side (on her bed).

The girl lifts the top of the wooden box to reveal three stacks of cards, their backs, painted a royal red, showing on the top. Delicately, yet elegantly and unhesitantly, the girl takes each of the three stacks, and shuffles them on the table, spreading them out, all face down.

"Please shuffle these cards until you are satisfied." The girl begins.

When Willow does, she finds that despite the large number of cards, somehow they are easy to shuffle.

"Please take thirteen cards, any of them." The girl instructs once Willow stops.

When Willow does so, the girl sets the rest of the cards aside.

"Alright, now shuffle them." After this is done, the girl continues" Now, place three of them in a row in front of me, three in front of you, three towards the north, and three towards the south, leaving a single one in the middle."

At the end of this, the cards are arranged in a bizarre pattern.

[] [] []
[] [] []
[] [] []
[] [] []

Looking at Willow directly in the eyes, calmly, almost reassuringly, the girl finishes, "Now, the only thing left is for you to ask a question, it doesn't even have to be aloud; leave the rest to me."

(Ohyeah... I forgot to put this earlier, but you have 40 abouts gp left (360 on the bracelet and 100 on the cards))

Posted on 2008-06-26 at 02:49:06.
Edited on 2008-06-28 at 18:14:34 by Reralae

Topic: ~Crimson Blood~
Subject: Oooh, Noticed

Their eyes meet. The girl nearly gasps as the person in red looks directly at her. Not just anyone can intuitively notice me She thinks.

Her curiousity provoked, the girl memorizes this person, taking in their appearance. Whenever she visited a world, she often found that there is one individual she would end up being involved with, despite the fact that she tried very hard not to interfere with that world. Her curiousity would always get her involved in things her common sense would otherwise dictate as unsafe. Still, it made things interesting, and she didn't mind.

The little girl looks up at the sky. It's dark, I'd imagine the stores are closed now. She reasons, Well, I'll just stay here then.

Getting up, so she wouldn't be knocked against by some wanderer, the girl flies over to the roof on the building opposite, and sits there, watching inside the tavern. Her small and light body hardly disturbs the roof, barely even nudging a shingle.

Posted on 2008-06-26 at 02:12:50.

Topic: ~Crimson Blood~
Subject: Unseen, Unheard, and Unknown

Day falls towards night, and night holds her closely in his comforting care and embrace. The little girl, invisible to most eyes, had seen many of these despite her age. What drew her to this world, she didn't know, and she wouldn't know until she found out!

Her wings beating softly in the air, too light for even the owl to tell, the girl flies through the town, letting anything and everything catch her eye. There, who was that? Through the tavern's window, the little girl can see someone who stands out. Red, crimson red, an uncommon colour for common people.

Finding a spot to sit outside, the girl, invisible to all, watches inside. She wasn't hungry; she didn't need to eat, so she didn't need to enter and alert others to her presence. If she decided to enter, she would later, but now is too early to tell. Curiousity draws the girl to stay, and so she does.

OOC: No description yet because she hasn't been seen ^_^

Posted on 2008-06-26 at 01:49:02.


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