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Topic: Alder Vale Campaign Q/A
Subject: Violin?

Speaking of which... did it take water damage? Hope not. Violins are expensive

(I really want to learn how to play violin RL...)

Speaking of violin, I can picture Violet playing this song (well the violin part) in her spare time at the top of a tree somewhere...

PS. 6 is one of my favourite numbers Ayrn

Posted on 2014-02-24 at 18:44:37.
Edited on 2014-02-24 at 18:45:31 by Reralae

Topic: Tales of Alder Vale -- Spring
Subject: Meep!

"Thank you Fenrir," Violet responded as she held the offered cloak around her relatively small form. The fabric definitely provided more warmth than her shawl could provide on its own. In addition, it actually helped to cover her form more, keeping her 'wings' hidden, for which Vi felt more relaxed. Still, the oversized cloak probably looked a bit comical on her, with only her face and the one paw visible as she helped herself to the supper when it arrived.

The warmth spread through her body, and Vi felt a bit of relief knowing that perhaps this would help stave off whatever ailment it was that was trying to assert itself over her. During the song her ears perked up and she leaned back in her chair, closing her eyes a moment, footpaw tapping lightly to match the rhythm.

She could see it in her mind, the story woven in the air. Vi couldn't help but feel her cheeks redden under her fur slightly. A very romantic song. That was something she wasn't too used to, with Oltovian's song preferences. She was quite tempted to pull out her violin and play with the song, but she wasn't exactly sure how to match the rhythm, and for that matter she was unfamiliar with the song, and didn't want to ruin it.

((If it does seems like there is an under-beat that could be complemented by violin and is predictable, then Violet actually might give in and play along. She's more concerned about keeping the integrity of the song than the chance to play along though))

Afterward, Violet's attention was returned to her supper, taking up the spoon once more and taking in the warm elixir. At least, until she realized that the mousemaid was right beside her.

The mouse maid gave a slight sigh and spoke aside to Violet in a low whisper, “They’re a frisky pair, those two. And they’ve been having eyes for you since you stepped in.”

"Huh?" Vi mouthed, the surprise clear in her voice, but Rosey was already gone, having moved on to other customers.

Perhaps it was the chills that kept her from noticing it, but she did feel the tingling sensation at the back of her neck. That sensation of being looked at. Cautiously she looked out of the corner of her eye, and sure enough, she saw the grey squirrels glancing in her direction.

Violet was not entirely sure what that meant. It made her feel uncomfortable. Wait. Were they staring at her because of her 'wings'? Vi was pretty sure she did a good job of keeping them mostly hidden like normal. She ate a bit faster, trying not to look too nervous.

"Guys, I'm going to head up to my room." She said to the others once she finished, "Thanks for the cloak, Fenrir." She added, passing the cloak back to him, with extra care taken to make sure her shawl was doing its job of hiding her 'wings' as she took the cloak off and returned it to him.

With that done she makes her way up to room 6, her heart still racing a bit as she ascends the stairway.

((Pending any interruptions or visits at her room, Violet will probably attempt to sleep early, mostly in attempt to stave off that cold that's in her system, but also because the squirrels kind of scared her off with their staring. She doesn't react well to staring ))

Posted on 2014-02-24 at 18:31:35.
Edited on 2014-02-25 at 20:23:48 by Reralae

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: Hmm... taking that into account...

Would my intended actions with Catie fall more under Influence (using social skills and misdirection to hide true intent in the expected event that the bodyguard will be present) or Covert (assuming it's going to be a bit more sleight of hand to get a potential note exchange)?

Notes on the insides of paper cranes perhaps, always leaving one on a serving tray maybe

Or maybe I'm over thinking it. I know I have a tendency to do that.

Posted on 2014-02-24 at 18:03:56.

Topic: Alder Vale Campaign Q/A
Subject: Apologies for lateness

I'm on a small vacation (for once) so haven't been at the computer for very long recently

Posted on 2014-02-19 at 23:00:52.

Topic: Tales of Alder Vale -- Spring
Subject: Behold signs of ailment

Soon, another mouse, a round and attractive female came from the kitchen carrying a large tray with bowls of steaming hot food. She places the various bowl of food down on the counter (not on the companions’ table). Looking over at the companions, she calls out, “I just need to go get some corn bread from the oven."

Violet half stands up before she is finished, but the next part of what she says gives her pause.

"Would you lads be so kind as to come and bring these bowls to your table.” Looking to Violet, the mouse gives a wink and adds, “You just rest yourself, love. I’m sure the lads will be able to handle it.” She whisks herself back into the kitchen.

"Oh, okay." Violet says sheepishly, settling back down to where she was sitting.

An involuntary shiver passes through her small form before she suddenly sneezes, withdrawing her handkerchief in a burst of speed just in time to cover her face.

"I'm sorry." Violet sniffs, "Might be slight hay fever." She offers by way of explanation, though she has to admit that it's starting to look like it might not be a mere excess of pollen.

She puts her handkerchief back in its rightful place before rubbing her hands along her forearms, getting warmth back along her bones, trying to ward away the chill that was trying to assert its position and usurp Violet's comfort.

Posted on 2014-02-19 at 23:00:09.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: Well that's not suspicious at all

... Not at all >. >

Posted on 2014-02-13 at 18:24:00.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: Yeah but

Who watches the defenders? (hint: it's Grace, probably )

Posted on 2014-02-12 at 18:16:51.

Topic: Tales of Alder Vale -- Spring
Subject: Violet avoids mud

Violet didn't mind the start and stop pacing of the caravans as much as the others might have, but at the same time, that might have been partly to do with the fact that she was not on the ground (if she could help it), but it was also the fact that, if Master Weldon was not in any hurry, then she felt no reason to be too fast either. Go too fast and you miss possible flowers or other plant life. Or strawberry patches. Either way, it's possible to miss a lot just by going too fast.

Unfortunately the trees would only be with Violet for so long, and eventually she'd have to return to the ground.

When she did walk with the group proper, it was as they entered the city. Self consciously, Violet drew her shawl more around her, to make sure there was nothing showing. She would move up to stand beside Fenrir as the other badger came out to meet them. Vi had to do a double take between the two badgers.

"I almost can't believe that you might still be growing, Fenrir. You're already quite tall." Vi murmurred to Fenrir in jest as Weldon and Telfor exchanged words.

“Weldon,” Telfor said gruffly, returning the nod. “Jorge tells me you’ve captured Simon Crag and some of his gang.” The town reeve looked over the captives.

Violet took the opportunity to speak up, "We also tailed the ones that ran a bit. I'm afraid we can't give you an exact location, because we didn't want to give away that we were tailing them, but we followed them to a stone crevice at least. Here." With that she carefully draws from one of her pouches a rolled up scroll, her drawn map from earlier, and offers it to Telfor, careful to make sure that her 'wing' is held close to her arm as she holds it out.

“Very good,” Telfor says, satisfied. “Panir. Jorge.” The hedgehog and badger stand at attention.

“Sir?” the hedgehog, Panir, answers.

“Show Simon and his friends to their new rooms.”

“Yes, sir.”

The hedgehog and badger gather the bandits into a line and march them through the doorway. Master Telfor draws out two cloth pouches and hands them to Weldon. “Your reward, as laid out by the town’s decree.”

“Servin’ the folk b’ reward ‘nough,” Weldon replied. “Though, this will more than cover the costs lost in time.” He gave the reeve another nod. “We b’ grateful for the kindness.” He tosses one of the pouches to Fenir as the companions reward for their assistance.

“Well, a good night t’ ye, Master Telfor,” Weldon said in farewell.

“Thank you,” replied Telfor. “And to all of you as well.” The reeve disappeared back into the building.

Weldon turned his attention to the companions. “Well, friends. The night b’ approachin’ and we best not risk travellin’ t’ the Mine, what with that wicked owl flyin’ ‘bout. Me and me lads needin’ t’ b’ ‘eadin’ ‘ome. ‘opfully, the missus got somethin’ warm waitin’ for we three. Me’d invite ye over, but ye’d end up sleepin’ in the shed with the pack beasts and me b’ thinkin’ ye all could b’ usin’ a soft, warm bed for the night. ‘Cross the street b’ an inn run by likely the kindest mouse couple me ever did meet. Sure they’ll show ye some fine ‘ospitality.”

Violet nodded, "Makes good sense to me. If it's a nightly critter then avoid encountering it by avoiding the night."

“Alright, then,” Weldon said, climbing up onto his wagon once more. “We’ll meet ye ‘ere come mid-mornin’. The good Creator willin’, we’ll get t’ the Mine come lunch. A good night t’ ye.”

"So everyone up for a night at the inn? I don't have any other suggestions, I mean, first time I've been here and all. Unless somebeast has been here before and hasn't shared secret passages or secret spots of secret strawberry patches or secret hidey places." Violet looks to the others. It's hard to tell how serious she is about trying to find a secret hidden strawberry patch even if she's told there isn't any...

((Presuming no disagreement to the inn))

The companions watched the wagon train move on before crossing the street to the inn. The building was about the same size as the reeve’s home, but glass windows around the exterior allow the warm glow from inside to escape, making the place far more inviting.

Entering into the inn, the companions find themselves in a large common room. A large fire burns in the center of the room, with tables and chairs made of pine much of the space around it. Colored tapestries hang from the stone walls also help to lighten up the drag grey, worked stone. To the left, the friends notice a wooden staircase leads to the second floor balcony that wraps around the common room. Multiple doors along the second floor suggest that the sleeping quarters are up there. To the right, a polished marble counter top set upon wood runs the length of the common room with wooden stools placed before along the way.

From behind the counter, a slender male mouse with spectacles makes his way to the companions. “Welcome, guests!” he greets them warmly. “Welcome. Welcome. Come inside. Come inside. It is so good to see you. Welcome.”

Violet waved, though being careful to again keep her 'wing' close to the arm so as not to stretch it, resulting in a more shy looking wave, "Thank you for your hospitality," She replies semiformally, making sure to try and leave a good impression as she was taught when she was an abbeybabe as she walked up to the counter.

“Well,” the mouse says, catching his breath. “We’ll glad you have come. Glad you have come. I’m Martin, master of our humble home here. My wife, Rosey, should be along shortly. Just keeping the supper from burning, you know.” Martin leads the companions to a table with round table with six chairs close to the fire. “Now, now, what can we do for you fine beasts?”

"I don't know about the guys but I'd like a room and a share of dinner, if there's room." Violet returned, giving a smile.

“Yes, yes! Right away. Right away,” Martain nodded and scurried back to what the companions assume is the kitchen.

Violet scratched at the back of her head as she watched the mouse scurry off, "Oh... wait... uh, think I was supposed to ask if they wanted help with dishes or similar?" She asked, looking back at her companions, not entirely used to the ways of an inn.

((Going to leave it at this for now =) Looking forward to playing more. Apologies for lateness, homework has been a pain lately))

Posted on 2014-02-12 at 06:20:02.
Edited on 2014-02-12 at 07:13:02 by Reralae

Topic: Destiny's Flight - A Serenity RPG
Subject: Message Received... but what in the whole gorram black am I supposed to do with it?

After Lilliana excused herself, Catie briefly had a troubled expression on her face. The look only lasted an instant, however, before she masked it once more, regaining her composure as self proclaimed Destiny waitress.

It wouldn't be until later, when she was actually alone in her quarters, while searching through her bags to see if she had packed her tea set and serving tray, that she would see for herself what had happened. Naturally, once she saw, she could not un-see.

"Aiya." Catie muttered, pocketing the piece of correspondance where she knew it would be safest. Clearly there was a lot more going on than they had anticipated, less to do with the outside, and more to do with things on the inside.

Now, if she took her orders literally, Catie could go ahead and get more information, as it would be part of ensuring Liliana's potential welfare and comfort. But this was not a situation where things were so clearly cut out. The deal was clearly shadier than any of them were used to, and so they had to tread lightly.

Still, it wouldn't do to draw attention to it at this point. There was a severe shortage of information. Now, Catie could conjecture, that was part of her original occupation as a scientist after all, but there is a significant failing when founding plans only on conjecture.

Under the guise of doing her job, Catie left the room she was in to go to the galley, picking up a serving tray and preparing a light chamomile tea using her tea set. Perhaps this would help with Liliana's anticipation, allowing her to convene more effectively. With that done, she heads upward to the guest room where she expected Liliana to still be, her small teapot and two cups expertly balanced on her tray. If luck was on her side, perhaps there would be another tip. If one thing was certain, none of her companions were allies in Liliana's eyes.

Posted on 2014-02-12 at 04:38:07.
Edited on 2014-02-12 at 18:31:26 by Reralae

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: All I have to say is

There is so much more going on than people are aware of, this mission seems to be an impending train crash waiting to happen. I can't stop watching

Posted on 2014-02-12 at 04:19:16.

Topic: What Evil Hides in the Hearts of Men - Q&A
Subject: Mind the little feet

My own posting my be slightly reduced overall, due to the neverending homework of school... I am not going to miss it when I graduate. However, I should still be able to post weekly at minimum.

Butterfly is still present

Posted on 2014-02-05 at 18:11:03.

Topic: Alder Vale Campaign Q/A
Subject: Yeah

That was exactly what I was asking; I ended up thinking 'if Vi's a messenger how does she not know this place?' and got a bit confused.

That helps clear it up

Posted on 2014-02-05 at 18:07:09.

Topic: Alder Vale Campaign Q/A
Subject: Hmm

A bit confused by never having been here before; surely there has been messages to deliver back and forth before now? Or was communication back and forth along this path largely handled by Master Weldon?

Posted on 2014-02-05 at 06:03:28.

Topic: Imagination stifled?
Subject: Two main ones...

One of mine is a Fae character. Now, generally speaking, most campaigns are lower level, so the ECL caused by being even part Fae usually puts the notion of a Fae character out of the question. Depending on design as well, a GM might be (rightfully) wary about certain Fae characteristics, namely their spell-like abilities and damage resistance, where applicable. Flight can also be a factor, for Fae that fly. Flying can allow for creative bypasses of barriers otherwise present, which again make a GM's job harder in finding the challenge to provide to a Fae character. Then there may also be a size factor.

But, with that aside, what do I mean by Fae, and what do I intend by the notion of playing one? The answer is that I find Fae lore intriguing, and I know this varies by setting as the GM designs. Consider a race like my display picture, a Sylph. By technicality, not exactly a Fae, but it wouldn't be hard to identify a similar being that is one. As a Fae, one possible underlying motivation behind adventuring with non-Fae is exactly because they are non-Fae, and generally not incorporated into Fae Courts. Maybe it's one that has never seen a human in person before. It's a strange form of curiosity, and, let's be honest here, I tend to like strangeness in my characters. Maybe they're 'on vacation', as they put it, from the Courts in a setting where there are immense political conflict between the two. Maybe they're an emissary of the Fae in the non-Fae world. Or maybe it's actually a Fae adventuring group. A lot of possibilities that could be played with.

I love the idea of flying, and I like small characters. A Faerie character is one possibility where I could play with both aspects.

The other is so far removed from the common fantasy setting that a setting in which it is not only applicable, but would be able to fill a substantial role in an adventuring party, is rare. This is a class by the name of Cybernaut, from a supplement to the D20 Modern system.

To put it simply, in the D20 Cyberscape setting (or a setting that would apply to Cybernaut), the internet is upgraded to a virtual reality that 'overlays' the real one. Cybernauts are the experts at interfacing with that virtual reality, and have powerful avatars (programs that act as their intermediary with that virtual world). Naturally, their skillset includes programming and hacking.

This sort of recursion, where a character has basically another character, can be rather confusing, and is undoubtedly part of the reason why such a setting would not be common. It is also rather niche, with one of the main issues being that an entire party of Cybernauts would undoubtedly have too much overlap to be satisfying to the players, but a lone Cybernaut in a party more focused in the 'real world' can also be unsatisfying, not having many situations to shine in. The dual worlds is another reason why it would not be common - GMs usually have enough on their plate handling one.

By consideration of that last sentence, roughly speaking the Cybernaut is an archetype that could potentially apply to any dual-world scenario. However, such scenarios are very uncommon, and modern/futuristic campaigns are not very commong in the first place. Basically, the setting would need to be made to accomodate them in the first place, and that is something that puts more work onto the GM than might be reasonable if they didn't intend for that sort of setting. I know I've had trouble trying to figure out a hypothetical setting in which it'd work without major modifications to mechanics in the printed book (which is another thing that GMs in general are wary of, for good reason).

So there you have it, those are my two primary concepts that I like but probably won't be able to play (or at least not often). There are others as well; I've made multiple tentative attempts at custom classes before, as Sib can attest, but those two are the main ones I return to thinking about more often.

Posted on 2014-02-04 at 19:52:23.

Topic: Destiny's Flight - A Serenity RPG
Subject: Relatable outburst

Lilianna smiles ruefully back at Catie and wrinkles her nose, “It is very ... quaint. I suppose one gets used to the smell?”

Asante laughs heartily, “Oh Princess, don’t worry. It is just a few days and then all will roses and pageantry.”

Catie tilted her head slightly, in almost a pretense of not knowing what Lilianna was talking about, but replied dutifully, "Please be reassured in that the scent does not extend beyond the cargo bay. I took the liberty of ensuring that."


Lilianna smiles briefly but it quickly disappears. "I'd really like a tour of your ship sir. I have never been on a firefly before."

“Catie, will you please join us as we escort Miss Fairchild’s party through the ship?"

Catie nodded in reply, "Of course."

Yet even as they got prepared to give the tour, there was an interruption by the way of Grace.

“This ain’t a firefly, Princess! This is a Whitefire!“

Catie had to suppress a giggle. She could recognize that feeling.

"Why isn't there ever just a big red button?"

"Sir, as I've tried to explain to you numerous times before, this is a prosthetic replacement for mechanical function. Additional enhancements such as-"

"Look, are these guns or not?"

"These are arms, sir. The technical specifications indicate arms. Not cannons, not guns, arms."

Not the same scenario, but not too different either, Catie suspected.

Presuming the bodyguard takes position at the rear with his height advantage, Catie takes position beside Lilianna, opposite Asante, during the tour. She doesn't stand so close as to be invasive, but she is there similar to a waitress guiding a diner to their table.

She subtly gave reassuring nods to Jon as he gave the tour, recognizing by his body language that he was uncomfortable with it. When they reached the stairway to the guest quarters, Catie spoke up as well.

"I've personally seen to the preparations of your rooms." Catie added, doing her part as she can to 'see to Lilianna's ease and comfort'. "If there are any amendments you may like in regards to them, please let me know and I will find out if they can be accommodated."

Posted on 2014-02-03 at 00:54:05.

Topic: Tales of Alder Vale -- Spring
Subject: Soup of the soup of the soup....

It wasn't hard to backtrace their path back to the wagons, and true to word, it hadn't been an hour, so they were still there. Vi tilted her head upward to smell the air, and she could detect the aroma of vegetables from the soup. That was when she found that she was indeed hungry, and increased her pace a bit.

Entering the camp proper, she made her way over to pick up two bowls, and ladled soup for both her and Asher, offering one to the latter when he got there (unless he beat her to it of course).

The warm stew helped immensely to stave off the chilled feeling in her bones, and she felt refreshed afterward. Afterward, she spoke up to the others.

"Asher and I followed them to a crevice, and as far as we could see, it seemed like it's just part of the natural rock. Now, in that sort of place, pawsteps echo good distances if you're not careful. We could hear them going through it, but if our pawsteps were added to that noise, it could've alerted any sentries that they had. Terrain familiarity was theirs, not ours, so we decided to let them think they got away cleanly." Violet reported.

(presuming somebeast asks about where it is or if they can locate it again)

Violet nodded, carefully indicating one of her belt pouches while keeping her 'wings' from showing, "We didn't leave without thinking about how to get back. I drew a rough map of the path we took to get there, and the rough location of the crevice, which is where we last saw them at. I reckon we should pass it or a copy to authorities at Stormhollow at the same time as handing this group of 'coons over."

With that said, Violet returned to the pot and got herself a second bowl. Just one second, as always. 'Second' meant just one more, not more than that. At least, that was what she always told herself.

(leaving room for further RP, will post more as more interactions are included)


When it came time to help pack, Violet helped with making sure the dishes and cutlery were cleaned as could be, and safely packed back where they were on the wagons prior to their use. She worked swiftly but not without care, being eager to get back into the treetops and off of the ground, as well as to keep an eye out for the usnea, if any grew this far from Murkenhill.

Perhaps also some flowers, though it was a bit early in the trip to be carrying flowers. Surely they would wilt before they got back. But at least Violet might be able to find a bush or plant that she could remember to draw a bloom or two from later, on their way back. She liked to bring back a bloom or two if she could, every time she was out of the Abbey. She hoped it made for story material for Florence as well.

Posted on 2014-02-03 at 00:28:10.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: Well Grace is easy to identify

Not sure about the others though

Posted on 2014-01-30 at 02:45:06.

Topic: Kingmaker Adventure Path 2.0
Subject: MY ACORN!!

[backpost the first]

Kyrie just stared, her gaze changing from between Zeran to Giles then back to Zeran, then back to Giles. Finally she stood up, walked over to Zeran, and clapped him on the back.

"You've been holding out on us." She declared, "You have a twin? That is amazing!"

Kyrie contemplates, "It's not stealing identity either because you can't steal it from yourself."

(presuming the 'wait no, he's actually a different guy' - Kyrie *is* saying that even having observed Giles dispel the illusion)

"Oh... my bad." Kyrie rubbed the back of her head sheepishly, "I thought you took a different image so we wouldn't get the two of you confused." She said to Giles.

"If you're here to help, well, that's why I'm here too." Kyrie nodded, "And you can help keep Zeran on his toes." She added in jest.

[back post part 2 - the third day]

"... my... hair." Kyrie muttered in disdain as she carefully worked her fingers through the mussed mess that was her otherwise braided and decently kept hair, working through the knots as she could. It was a strange tone for her to voice to take, and Kyrie had to admit she actually felt rather annoyed. Something felt entirely wrong as well. Unfortunately, it wouldn't be until later that she would find out what it was.

"My pendant?!" She nearly shrieked when she saw what Frodrick had in place of his compass. Sure enough, when she checked, Kyrie found the lack of her special pendant, with a different acorn being in place. Her hands were shaking as she received her pendant back. It might be silly, but it was rather important to her, having been with her all her life. She couldn't believe she didn't immediately recognize that it was missing.

Though, to be fair, whatever it was did replace it with something relatively similar. But that was a small consolation.

Kyrie regarded the replacement acorn...

((more to be added in regards to acorns and acorn substitution later when I get more information on how they're different))

* * *

Always in the middle of the night, it seemed. In retrospect, perhaps she should've warned Giles about that before he joined, but it completely slipped her mind. The first thing Kyrie did when she was woken was actually check her pendant, and make sure it was the right one. With a breath of relief, she got up, picking up her trusted companion, her shovel, and prepared herself.

Except, Kyrie was confused by the sight before her.

"So... when did plants decide to really dislike mites?" She asked, moving forward to get a closer look.

((Shovel is as shovel does, and it's a shovel. Kyrie is moving up to the edge of the affected plant area to get a better look, and will whack any mite that advances in range, but she's more confused by the plants and isn't going to enter the affected area))

Posted on 2014-01-29 at 20:49:42.

Topic: Alder Vale Campaign Q/A
Subject: Agreeing with Astrid

Interaction posts will allow us to know more about each other (and technically they're supposed to know each other relatively well at this point too) even if we as the players don't quite know yet. Really, I see no downsides to taking our time with adding interaction possibilities.

Posted on 2014-01-29 at 19:48:30.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: Something tells me...

Jon really likes meat

Posted on 2014-01-28 at 19:50:04.

Topic: Tales of Alder Vale -- Spring
Subject: Something's off... I think it's Vi's internal temperature

Vi nodded as they reached the limestone, "Not as comfortable as a tree, but there's a severe lack of trees in the neighbourhood. Do these 'coons have something against trees? Really."

But for all her talking, Vi shivered again, rubbing her arms once more. The sense that she needed to sneeze started tickling her nose.

Seriously? She thought to herself, I could have sworn hay fever was later.

Violet reached into her pocket and pulled out a handkerchief, holding it over her nose until the feeling subsided. She shook her head as she put it away.

"I swear, hay fever comes earlier every year." She muttered as she pulled out her writing kit and one of her pieces of parchment, before starting on her work.

It wasn't going to be the best map in the world, but with a bit of a lack of landmarks, that was to be expected. At least she had a good sense of distance. She knew approximately how long they had travelled, and their direction. That would be enough to get the basic area.

Posted on 2014-01-28 at 17:21:15.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: Speaking of which

I was kind of surprised that, when first asked about blueprints, Jon didn't reply something to the effect of 'There aren't any. Unless our mechanic has made one. She's the one who restored this vessel, you see. If you want blueprints, you'd need to talk to her.'

Then cue Grace staring down the bodyguard later

Posted on 2014-01-28 at 17:13:12.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: Yep that was what I meant...

Was asking in regards to overall cleanliness and tidiness

Posted on 2014-01-27 at 20:51:35.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: I should probably ask in advance to get an idea...

With Catie helping out, how has the interior of the Destiny turned out? I got the impression that earlier it wasn't in the best of conditions.

I can't help but wonder if her being disdainful of the ship is because she actually doesn't like it, or because that's an expected response from a 'princess'...

At least one good thing about Catie's previous experiences is that it includes dealing with customers of various demeanors

Posted on 2014-01-27 at 18:42:59.

Topic: Destiny's Flight - A Serenity RPG
Subject: Gossip without me?

Catie tilted her head a bit as she glanced over, seeing Grace beckon to Tess and the captain for a quick addendum. Or, Catie presumed it was a quick addendum anyhow. She shrugged. Whatever it was, it probably wasn't her business. Her business, as far as things were concerned at this point, was to get more familiar with her new surroundings. Namely the pantry.

Kind of sad that the paste is safer to use than fresh ingredients. Catie mused as she looked through the stock of ingredients that could be used for flavouring, But unless you can verify the integrity and quality of the supply, it could be significantly worse grade than what it appears.

After committing the contents of the pantry to memory, she would spend the remainder of the time between then and the pick-up helping out and making sure the vessel and guest rooms were clean and presentable. At least her previous job experiences as a waitress or maid were going to be of use.

During her breaks from cleaning and tidying, she will be in the infirmary folding paper cranes.

* * *

As it grew closer to the time for the pick-up, Catie grew steadily more nervous. She made sure not to show it, however, if one watched her eyes, they would notice that they were far more alert, keeping track of her immediate surroundings. This was certainly far in the middle of presumably nowhere. A curious place.

She visibly shook as she heard an engine roar. An engine of a marine transport, keeping low to the ground, ready to deploy the specimens within into the dark to keep their cover. Catie grit her teeth. No, the engine sound was only that of the Destiny, there were no other engines.

Eventually they landed, and she made sure to do her part in greeting their customers with the Captain. It seemed he had a specific role in mind for her, as he spoke to her before they disembarked.

“Catie, besides being sure our deal is square I need you to use your skill to be sure this Lilianna feels at ease .”

Catie nodded, "I'll do my best."

The transport came, and as the passengers disembarked, Catie noted with a bit of sympathy that the veiled girl seemed... rather emotional, but not in a positive way.

In quiet whisper to Catie Jon says, “That’s Lilianna and she don’t look non too happy to be with us.”

Catie nodded but didn't reply. She now knew her charge, so to speak, and she wasn't about to alienate Lilianna by appearing to gossip in front of her.

The wedding planner and the Simon all stepped out and prepared to board but first the guards started to unload luggage and lots of it. They carried to the ramp and then set it down and went to form a perimeter. The bodyguard stepped forward, “I am Seth. This is Lilianna Fairchild and Asante Chang. These two men are from your employer, I believe. I am in charge of Ms. Fairchild’s protection. Which one of you is the Captain?”

Jon looked to the bodyguard and then to pile of luggage, “I’m the Captain.” Looking to his PR man, “That’s JC, our ship’s security, he’ll take you around the ship so you check things yourself. Nodding to Catie, "This is Miss Yueshi,"

Cate gave a formal bow as she was introduced, before straightening and giving an informal smile. It was too early to know whether to try to be reassuring, given Lilianna's visible state, so she just went with 'welcoming'.

"She’ll see to Miss Fairchild and Miss Asante while you clear the ship.“ Before Seth could say anything Jon shouted out to the Simons, “Fellas lend a hand and grab a couple of them cases as you come on.” Looking back to Angela, “Angela come help me get this stuff on board. …Catie, see that Miss Fairchild is comfortable.” Then turning back to Seth,” if you plan to be getting out here quickly then you best get some them men to help load that pile on board and be getting with JC so we can be getting into the black.” Jon walked past the passagers and to the pile of luggage and started hauling a trunk into the cargo bay.

Regardless of what else happened with the others after Jon gave his directions, Catie walked closer to Lilianna and Miss Asante, with all the air of an inn attendant, "Welcome. When the others have finished their preparations, I'll show you around the vessel. It might not be for very long, but having some familiarity with the layout may help to alleviate the trepidation of being on a vessel you don't know."

The words were formal, but Catie did mean what she was saying, and let that through in her voice. Specifically, the message she was trying to convey to Lilianna in particular was that the Destiny wasn't completely connected to her upcoming marriage. It was to be her transport, and that was it. She didn't need to consider it on the same level as the marriage.

Catie couldn't help but suspect that Jon was a bit inaccurate; it wasn't the Destiny or its crew that Lilianna didn't like. There seemed to be a lot more to this marriage than many parties were comfortable with... including at least one of the involved parties.

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