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Topic: Dawn of Defiance: The Traitor's Gambit
Subject: Package?

Seeing that her patients did seem to be fairly well recovered, Karra gave a small murmur, which could vaguely be heard as, "That's a relief."

"Arra? That's a pretty name... oh, sorrry, I'm getting a bit sidetracked... You're verry observant; I use a bit of bacta to help enhance tissue repairr, which often also means there's no scarrs." Karra replied.

Turning to the twi'lek man, she also added, "Yes... that's right... my name is Karra."

At that point, the discussion shifted to something Karra didn't know about. A package? Were they a delivery group? Must be... and apparently... Karra glanced over the bodies still around the place, her ears drooping just slightly, Whatever it is was enough for people to die over... However, her ears perked up upon hearing the word 'Alderaan'.

"Alderraan? Um, if it's not too much trouble... can I come with you? I need to get to Alderraan too..." Karra asked.

Posted on 2009-08-28 at 17:11:42.

Topic: Dawn of Defiance: The Traitor's Gambit
Subject: Meow?

Karra's ears twitched nervously as she waited for her two patients to awaken, despite none of that nervousness passing onto her hands or showing on her face. It wasn't that she doubted her skill, although, admittedly her confidence wasn't the best, but rather the conditions of the surgery. She had never done much in the way of "field" surgery, so this was a bit new to her, treating patients in conditions that naturally made her a bit paranoid as to possible infections or reactions to anything that could've stayed in the air from the firefight.

However, after she had done her job, she did feel more confident, enough to reply to the curious and give an accurate measure of time before her patients awoke.

They both stirred at the same time, but the pale, blue-toned woman was the first to open her eyes, and speak.

"Umm... meow?"

Karra couldn't help but giggle. It had caught her completely off guard, so her mirth easily showed on her normally passive face.

"Well, meow to you too." Karra chuckled, and seeing the other now open his eyes, she addressed both of them, "So, how arrre you feeling? Do you-" However, seeing them both start sitting up froze the words in her throat, and a hint of concern was readily visible as her ears stiffened just slightly upwards, "Arre you sure you should be getting up rright now?"

Posted on 2009-08-25 at 19:02:26.

Topic: Auguries of Destruction: The Linsemptus - Q/A
Subject: Status

This game's on hiatus for now; although Sib-kun didn't mention it on RDI, he is currently on a trip. Since he didn't actually tell me prior to him leaving, I'm not exactly sure when he'll be back, or exactly when he left.

Also of note, Okron and Sib-kun are brothers, so as Sib-kun is absent, so is Okron, hence the game's current hiatus status.

Posted on 2009-08-22 at 20:54:46.

Topic: Aria of the Thirteen
Subject: ...

Dragon Mistress and Brianna... you do not seem to understand that although the system is the same, what I am doing has enough differences to make direct conversion between the two games very impractical.

In particular, outside of statistics the setting is quite different, so backgrounds and possibly even personalities will likely need changing. In addition, organizations that exist in the default setting do not exist in the same manner in my setting.

So, with all of that taken into consideration, it would be simpler to make new characters.

However, there is another factor as well. Your style of playing. I have been in enough games where you have played to know that this style of playing is not your forte. Thus, I will respectfully request that you not participate in this game.


Nimu, I'm looking forward to it


Ginafae, we can go over some character ideas later, if you'd like.

Posted on 2009-08-22 at 20:39:30.

Topic: Aria of the Thirteen
Subject: Well,

I'd prefer if everyone kept to the core book. The addition of immortal or feral humans adds a fair bit of complication, and I'm afraid I don't have the Mystery Codex.

That being said, the powers a person can have are not all going to be from the core book; there are some abilities I will add, or change, and others that may be removed for this game. In that way, it may be possible to appear to have a feral or immortal nature.

If you wish to know to how powers are going to be obtained (points-wise), they're mostly going to be purchased in the same manner as the Seer powers from the core book, with separate Strength and Art scores. It also makes sense this way, as the craft in this world is mostly innate; you either have it, or you don't. There are some rituals that exist, mainly intricate illusions, but most are not relied on, for several reasons:
-They take time to prepare, time that the Witch or Hunter doesn't always have
-To be strong it requires many people, unless it's just an illusion to affect a single person. Also, Witches are loners by nature in this world, considering that they have to hide their abilities, and trust is often tentative

This change in the setup of powers from the core book is the main reason why I'd like just a description of the character, and what they can do. From there I'll make a character sheet and PM it to the player for them to look over.

Posted on 2009-08-22 at 18:41:48.

Topic: Aria of the Thirteen
Subject: Aria of the Thirteen

Where there once was one, there are thirteen,
Thirteen seals to where one's been.
Thirteen beds under the double moon,
Thirteen swings where lovers swoon,
Thirteen hoops of the colour red,
Thirteen bills that are said,
Thirteen keys that are mine,
Thirteen faces that forever shine,
Thirteen sighs and one cry,
Thirteen birds that won't fly,
Thirteen curses of wrath and pain,
Thirteen locks to seal away gain,
Thirteen hands of the beginning and end,
Thirteen ways to destroy or mend.
At the thirteenth hour's last breath,
Is the ultimate choice between life or death.

This campaign is one that I have been thinking of for a while now. Admittedly preparations for it are not complete. However, in order to complete them, I need to know who my players and their characters are.

But, a bit more information on the setting first.

This campaign will take place in a pseudo-modern society. An alternate version of reality, if you wish to see it that way. To make things easier for reference, the geography of this world will be roughly the same as Earth. Therefore, Makironto, the city in which this campaign takes place, would exist between Toronto and Ottawa, on the Canadian side of the border, with the river dividing it coming up from one of the great lakes. Makironto is a very large city, made up of numerous, diverse districts. Most notable of these are:

-"The Inferno" district, more accurately and commonly referred to as the Manufacturing Core. Large factories clutter the expanse of this area, but in between the factories are nothing more than well-worn streets; very few people live in this area, despite the number of workers there are. Most of the factories produce computer hardware, although there is an old, abandoned foundry towards the outskirts of the city. The name of this district is derived from a rather large fire that had caused the foundry to be shut down and abandoned, records of which indicate it to have been caused by a fault of the main furnace.

-"The Rat Labyrinth" district, a complex of back alleys and run down buildings so distinct from the city that it could arguably be its own town within the city. As expected, this is a very shady district, with most of the people living here lying low for some reason or another... usually because they're either being hunted, or they are of criminal nature. The people that reside in this district are usually distrustful of 'outsiders', defined as people who do not live there. As such, no player characters may start in or commute from this district.

-"The Forested Garden" district, a residential district with a rather predominant garden centre in the middle of it, named the Majestic Rose. This district's name is derived from the notably large number of trees and other plants decorating the streets, sidewalks, and even the sides of buildings. The overall effect gives the district a very natural feel, and, as expected, because of the large amount of work put into maintaining the district, rent for even an apartment in this district is rather expensive; the majority of player characters would not live here. It is also noted as a tourist attraction, as well as a romantic getaway.

-"The Old City" district is another residential district, however, this one is much more old fashioned. It is located in what could arguably be the suburbs of the city, and is quite notably different than the rest of the city. Houses here are usually single houses, complete with their own yards. Duplexes and apartments are practically non-existent here. Like the Forested Garden district, this district's housing value is higher than other places in the city, but it's not as expensive as the Forested Garden. One of the more predominant features of this district, besides being a bit old fashioned, is a facility that looks like a two-floor school on the outside, but is actually an orphanage and daycare. This building doesn't have an official name, but is usually simply called the Widow's Orphanage, as the current director is a kindly, middle aged woman who inherited the facility from her mother. Another is the Meadowfield Elementary, a school with almost strangely high standings in the city, despite it being relatively plain and simple compared to some of the other schools in the city. It is actually slightly famed for its lack of electronic hardware, despite it being in Makironto. Apart from the computers that the teachers use to input grades, there are very few other technological enhancements. For instance, the school still uses overheads coupled with a screen, rather than a projector linked to computers to display notes, or simply uses the chalkboards that still remain in almost every classroom. Certain political figures often suggest the modernization of this district, but majority votes in city hall always end up with more people preferring to leave the Old City as it is.

-"The City Core" district is, as the name would suggest, a mixed district near the centre of the city, where there are large scale business skyscrapers, apartments, large scale malls, and many other facilities. Notable facilities include:
-Westview General Hospital, one of the best ones in the city
-The MSPD Headquarters (the character's place of work)
-Makironto's Historical Museum
-Makironto City Hall
There is also a clock tower located in this district. It is visibly older than any other structure in the city, despite restoration attempts having been made now and then. Although it does tell the time fairly accurately, its tolls upon the hour are generally unheard amidst the city bustle of cars, buses and trains, to the point where very few people even notice either the sound or the building. It is scheduled for demolition, but the demolition date has been extended over several months, so whether or not it will be destroyed remains in question, as it may be just too inconvenient to stop traffic in the surrounding area just to demolish the otherwise stable building.

-"The Sky High" district, located just to the side of the City Core, is a residential district, consisting of apartment buildings that extend as high as some of the Core's skyscrapers. The majority of these were developed or renovated as a project to experiment with vertical housing, a notion that quickly was expanded on as the experiment became successful. Each floor of one of these apartment buildings has eight 'houses' in it, one in each corner, separated by halls and elevators. The floor-plan is relatively simple; each 'house' is essentially an apartment room expanded to be larger and more like an actual house, usually consisting of two bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen, and a living room or study. However, along the outer wall of the building, which is made up almost entirely of strong glass panes and windows, each 'house' would have a small garden, giving it a slightly more natural feel, if the attendants chose to grow one. Understandably, there are restrictions on the types of plants that can be grown. For instance, no trees are allowed. Besides the extensive housing, there is little else to note in this district.

Other places of note that don't fall in a specific district are:
-the Cemetery of Twilight, a very peaceful and serene site near the outskirts of the city
-Nithrapaw General Hospital, which is Westview's rival in its capacity and standards
-Makironto Zoo

Besides being separated into districts, Makironto is physically divided in two by the Astral River, a river that flows down the centre of it. Numerous bridges connect both halves, but the busiest and widest bridge is unquestionably the Stellar Gate Bridge, which connects the two sides of the City Core district. I intend to make a map of the city later, when the location of things becomes more crucial. The primary mode of transportation around the city is usually by car, bus, or train (these trains run on tracks suspended above the ground so as to not interrupt traffic).

While the city (and setting) take place in a modern world, perhaps only a couple of years ahead in terms of technology, in this world, magic exists. However, it is feared, misunderstood, and misused. In response to an outbreak of such supernatural feats, the Supernatural Intelligence Agency was initiated, and quickly developed special police forces to deal with the threat. One such force is the Makironto Supernatural Police Department, or MSPD for short. Due to the severity of some of the cases, such as a person using an extension of telepathy to manipulate cogs in a lock and gain entry to private homes, and murdering people without leaving so much as a fingerprint because of their supernatural abilities. Those that use supernatural abilities selfishly are usually simply called Witches, by both the SIA and public, regardless of gender or ethnicity. Yet, because of the nature of supernatural abilities, there are virtually no mundane ways to stop or restrain a person from using them. As such, the way the MSPD and other similar agencies work is with a simple yet deadly procedure: upon encountering a criminal case where supernatural abilities are suspected, it is to be confirmed by an investigation into both the case and the individual involved. Upon confirmation, the individual is to be located, and stopped, by any means necessary. In order to be able to do so, most agencies employ people who they suspect to be capable of using supernatural craft and are fairly certain that they will work with the law, rather than against it. Yet, as a result of these almost-always fatal incidents for the pursued criminal, these officers are usually referred to as Hunters by their quarry.

This campaign will begin with all the player characters being a part of the MSPD, and so they will all know each other, and will have worked with each other for some time (how much time I'll leave for individual players to decide). However, bear in mind that this campaign has a plot that is not written in stone... in fact, it's still mostly unwritten. As such, it's up to the party as a whole to decide where they're going to go or what they're going to do.

That being said, this game is NOT freeform. There is a system behind it, however, it's a system that I'm fairly certain most people on this site do not know. For those that wish to know, the system is called WItchcraft. Character creation in the Witchcraft system is very open-ended. In a basic summary, the player is given a number of points to distribute between attributes, skills, abilities and characteristics. If you are interested in playing, I will need the following information to make your character sheet as soon as possible:

Name - well, I don't actually need it, but it'd be helpful to organize the character list

Level of Supernatural Capability - 0 meaning you are human (mundane), 1 meaning you have some ability (lesser gifted), and 2 meaning that you have notable ability (gifted). I will also need to know whether you intend to let your character develop their power, or have it right at the onset of the game. This affects a large number of things, specifically how your character points are allotted. Mundane humans have no points to put towards supernatural abilities, but usually have a larger number of skills and higher attributes than the others. Gifted humans have the most points to put towards supernatural abilities, yet as a result, they can't afford to put as much into skills, attributes or characteristics. Lesser gifted humans are a sort of balance between the two, and would be my recommendation, but that's just my personal opinion.

Element - for those that wish to play a person with supernatural capabilities. Elements to choose from are as follows: Fire, Water, Wind, Stone, Light and Darkness

Combat Style - basically let me know what you would want to do in a combat situation... if you don't specify, I'm going to just assume that you'll use a gun. There are a number of other possibilities, including and not limited to: archaic weapons, hand-to-hand, and spell-reliant. Basically, say what you'd like, and I'll let you know if it's possible.

Place of Residence - There are three choices for this part (to make things simple): The Forested Garden, the Old City, or the Sky High District. Just be warned that if you do have your character have a more upscale home, then your character will have to spend some of their character points in Wealth.

Magic Style - For those with supernatural capabilities, what would you like to be able to do? In terms of D&D reference, I'm fairly certain that anything up to third level for any class is fair game. Above third level, I'd have to check on a case-by-case basis.

Archetype - For those that wish to apply a certain archetype to their character. Examples of archetypes include and aren't limited to: bookworm/intellectual/academic, hot-blooded fighter, odd one, fortunate or misfortunate one, and mundane.

Characteristics (beneficial or not): Is your character a chain-smoker? Do they have a photographic memory? Frequent nightmares? Absurdly quick reflexes or high pain tolerance? Strangely lucky or unlucky? Or possibly even cursed? These are some examples of the characteristics that characters can have.

Skills: Quite simply, what can your character do? Do they have some background in medicine? Or are they an avid writer? Unlike D&D, Witchcraft's skills accommodate for just about everything that can be thought of.

Quite simply, the more detail you can provide for your character, the more accurate I can make the character sheet reflect it.

Please also note that there is more than combat to this game! Communication, mysteries, investigation, and the drawing of conclusions are key aspects to this campaign. Putting all your points into Guns (Pistols) will undoubtedly help in a firefight, but even if you can shoot a bullet into a keyhole with a pistol at 100ft, you have a better chance of alerting anyone watching, or breaking the lock so it doesn't open, than opening it.

For player count, I am looking for four to six players, two of which may already be taken.

For posting rate, I'm uncertain. I'd say that a set rate of twice per week would be suggested, but I can understand that delays happen... sometimes with an annoyingly persistent frequency.

I'm pretty sure that's everything for now... if there's any questions, feel free to ask.

Posted on 2009-08-22 at 08:16:42.

Topic: SW: Dawn of Defiance Q/A
Subject: Glad to be here

I'm looking forward to playing with everyone

Posted on 2009-08-21 at 22:07:23.

Topic: Prometheus Rising: Straight On Til Morning
Subject: C

Cherri couldn't help but give a yawn, stretching her arms above her head, careful not to bump the virtual reality goggles she wore, or to tangle the cords connecting her computer to her special virtual gloves. At the same time, she knew her movements were being instantly copied to her avatar on the LaserNet, despite it being only in first-person view, so she couldn't see it unless she looked into a virtual mirror.

Today was being such a drag. She was supposed to meet up with a potential client online, but they just went ahead and canceled without prior notice. Sure, she knew that things come up, but this was ridiculous.

Not only that, but the online game that she normally went to, Decadonia, was offline due to needed maintenance on the server's internal core. It was undoubtedly among the best games, at least in her opinion, for it was not simply hack-and-slash adventure, but actually held a lot of non-combat oriented material, perfect for her. She also helped program part of the game as well, so that was another reason she was dedicated to it. Yet, even in this day and age, hardware still broke down and needed maintenance from time to time... even virtual hardware.

In her virtual house, her computer's point-of-origin node, she flew over to a wardrobe, with a folding three paned mirror on top of it. Absently, she pulled out a hairbrush and combed her silvery hair. It wasn't for a practical purpose, since avatar appearances weren't set to change unless programmed to, and she couldn't feel it, but it was a habit for her. Watching the result of more than a month's worth of programming and graphic design was vain in a way, but seeing her avatar's silvery hair waver from being combed was mesmerizing, and usually helped calm her.

Not today though. She was still restless.

"Maybe I should just log out and practice with my rapier..." Cherri thought aloud, another habit of hers when she was alone. Then she remembered, "Oh! The third cycle programming for Decadonia still isn't finished... I could work on that."

Inside her virtual house, she flew out of the room, down a hallway, and into a very different room. This one had white walls, giving the illusion of a void in the cyberspace, with only a wooden chair in the middle of it. Upon her entrance, a console appeared, looking like that of the very old computers. However, it was simplified to just a keyboard, and a display for text, both seemingly made out of a pale blue light.

"I know the others like the fancy programming languages that leave very little to do, but I still like making the code itself." Cherri murmured. Even though she was sitting in reality, she had her avatar sit in the wooden chair. She just liked having things be as realistic as possible, even if she was a butterfly-winged humanoid that otherwise couldn't exist. Then again, the way cybernetics, wetware and surgery were going, it could very well be possible in the near future... Cherri shook her head. She was getting off track. Without further delay, she began typing lines of codes at a leisurely pace. There was no real deadline for this, so she was in no hurry...

Posted on 2009-08-17 at 15:50:38.
Edited on 2009-08-17 at 21:41:39 by Reralae

Topic: RDINN Feature Updates/ Suggestions/ Bugs
Subject: A thought

I've had this idea for a while... but I'm not sure how practical it would be to implement...

On the view_profile.php page, where it lists the games one is in, would it be possible (provided it's not too much trouble) to make it so that the games had those dots they have when they appear in the 'latest five updated topics'? I mean, with the yellow box description as well (when hovering the mouse over the dot) that says "[thread] - last posted by [user]".

The idea is that in that way, it'd be easy for a person, if they went to their profile, to see what threads have updated, or at least who posted last, which helps with the threads that don't seem to have working subscription links...

Just a thought...

Posted on 2009-08-11 at 07:38:25.
Edited on 2009-08-11 at 07:39:53 by Reralae

Topic: Forgotten Realms: the Unsung Heroes Q/A
Subject: Yep...

I got my post in too... not much really, but it's a start... and hopefully Linnix will be able to do more next round...

At the very least, her little light should be able to be seen by the others to help pinpoint her location... or so I hope ^^

Posted on 2009-08-08 at 22:42:16.

Topic: Forgotten Realms: The Unsung Heroes
Subject: The first step when separated is to pinpoint one's location...

The sound of rodents filled Linnix's ears. They were everywhere, and they hurt. It wasn't just the rats, but the thoughts and feelings caused by them. The rats simply disgusted her, she instinctively didn't want to be anywhere near them, and Linnix felt her stomach lurching. She forced herself to calm down, at least to think straight.

What did she have? She had her sword... as good as that would be against this army of rodents, and she couldn't even see. Sight. That's what she needed. Roughly shaking herself, trying to dislodge enough rats off of her to reach her pack, Linnix reached into her belt pouch, throwing away the rat that had taken up residence there. She reached in a bit, until she found it. The cool feeling of glass. Raising it out of her pouch, the light within it flickered, providing just enough light for Linnix to clearly see her predicament.

Subconsciously, she thought about getting to higher ground. She cast about for a moment, before spotting the desk not far from her.

Well, might as well give it a try, Linnix thought.

Only by trying would she survive. That was instinct for any living creature. So she carefully waded through the thick of rats, before trying to clamber on top of the desk, in an effort to get away from them.

Posted on 2009-08-08 at 22:38:04.

Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Linsemptus
Subject: Battle on the Plains - Round 1

With the general consensus quite clear amidst the emotions of the allied companions, it was also sure that battle would soon breach the plains. Mitsuru, Akihiko and Xira had nothing to contribute to the discussion, and mentally prepared themselves for battle. Yet, even as Dusk drew his blade, the werewolf's one good eye burned with fury.

"So be it." He proclaims, spreading his arms to be ready for combat.

Having drawn his blade first, Dusk hurls it through the air, the blade bursting into flame as it flies. His aim is true, and it lands with a sickening thud into the shoulder of the werewolf. The speed of the throw and its accuracy catches the werewolf off guard. He grunts and recoils in pain, quickly pulling the blade out of his shoulder without a second thought and dropping it onto the ground. (9 damage to the werewolf)

"If you would choose your death, then I will gladly oblige!" The werewolf roars, holding out its gloved left fist. Seemingly from within it, a long pole of finely woven wood appears, one end appearing to be tinged with frost and bearing an icy crystal, the other end appearing to be burnt, with a blazing ruby held within its grasp.

He expertly twirls the staff, baring his fangs and pointing the icy end towards the party, before bellowing something halfway between a growl and a word. Immediately, the ground underneath the group becomes shadowed, and a cry of pain from the Scout above warns them an instant before impact.

Giant slabs of ice, or at least that's what it feels like, fall down from the sky, pelting the party in its entirety. (19 damage to all) In the werewolf's right hand, a longsword (for medium-size people anyway) appears. It is of a strange make, its blade glistening red, its guard looking more like claws extending outward, and with the hideous glowing depiction of a cat's eye for its pommel.

"Looks like you're not the only cold ones here, Mitsuru and Xira!" Akihiko calls to his charge.

"This is hardly time to joke around!" Mitsuru retorts.

However, amidst the frenzy of the ice, Willow pushes her horse to go forward, despite its pain. It breaks free of the storm, and gallops past one of the wererats, who is too shocked by the advance to react in time. With both blades in hand, Willow slashed what would have been a grievous cut over any normal man across the werewolf's torso. Unfortunately for her, the werewolf's flesh was far more resilient than she had anticipated. (1 damage to the werewolf)

Xira is next to act, slipping off her horse, which runs out of the storm and away from combat, while drawing her scythe. Even through the snow and ice, the Death Scythe's dark aura is clearly visible as it activates. She rushes forward, before bringing it down upon the wererat wielding the blue wand. The unfortunate creature shrieks and twists away in vain, before crumpling to the ground. (28 damage to the wererat, it's dead) Xira grits her teeth in pain, as the wounds upon her hand open once more, spilling her own blood because of the deadly blade. (18 damage to Xira)

Mitsuru, a master of the element of ice in her own right, focuses, bringing the already available cold to bear. A small sphere of ice shoots from her palm, before sharply impacting one of the other wererats, this one being the one holding the red wand. Its eyes widen, and it shrieks, before it is frozen and shatters from the strength of the cold. The red wand remains, glistening upon the ground. (23 damage to the wererat, it's dead)

Akihiko, like Xira, also dismounts. Instead of wasting his time on the small fry, he rushes after the leader. Despite being slowed because of the snow, he runs up to the werewolf nearly as fast as Willow's horse.

Mo, unlike the others, takes this opportunity to prepare himself with a defensive ability, and draws his blade.

The Scout is the last to act of the party, although no one can actually see her. Amidst the sound of the falling ice, her soft voice is completely assimilated, so the lightning bolt that strikes is rather unexpected. However, the flash of light is quite visible to all as she pinpoints and singles out the last wand-wielding wererat, which crumples to the ground and twitches from the impact. (20 damage to the wererat... it's technically not dead, but definitely in the negatives)

The six remaining wererats begin to falter, their nerve threatening to break.

"Attack!" The werewolf commands, "That is, of course, if you still wish to be considered part of the pack."

With this, the wererats quickly switch their tentative retreat to a full on advance. The dagger-wielding wererats quickly hurl two daggers, one at Mitsuru and one at Mo. Dusk feels the blade nick his arm, however, all things considered, the prick of the blade was little concern to him. (4 damage to Dusk) Mo simply raised his greatsword, and the small dagger was halted against the width of the massive blade.

Willow hears a clang and feels a slight impact upon her back. However, as much as the halberd-wielding wererat might have wanted to try to hurt her and impress its leader, its blade failed to penetrate the armour.

Sensing himself also being attacked, Akihiko instinctively ducked, and over his head a second halberd passed by, with the unfortunate wererat behind him scowling at his failure.

Seeing that these creatures are quite weak, and he himself is rather protected, Mo relaxes, a bit too much, for a halberd cuts through a joint in the side of his armour. An electric shock accompanies the pain of the cut, making the wound hurt a surprising amount for such a weak enemy. (13 damage to Mo) However, the wererat that hit him screeches in pain, although it has no idea just how it got hurt. The poor creature looks around fruitlessly for its non-existant attacker. (10 damage to the wererat)

Dusk hears the huffing of the wererat that comes up to strike at him, and the halberd is swung, but Dusk neatly avoids the blade altogether.

Round 1 Status

Scout - Yellow
Mitsuru - Yellow
Akihiko - Yellow (barely... still mostly green)
Xira - Yellow
All horses - Red
Mo - 46/78
Willow - 53/72
Dusk - 38/57
6 wererats remain, one of which is very very pale (the one that hit Mo), and the others are unharmed
The werewolf looks more angry than hurt

Posted on 2009-08-07 at 04:10:45.
Edited on 2009-08-07 at 04:33:00 by Reralae

Topic: Forgotten Realms: the Unsung Heroes Q/A
Subject: Hmm...

I'm afraid there's not much I can do at this point... and I don't have any oil right now either ^^;

Hmm... I do have a vague idea in mind right now, not that I expect it to do anything, but trying things is better than just staying still and letting the rats do all the damage they want

I'll probably post tomorrow; it's bed time for me right now... if not tomorrow, then hopefully on or before the weekend.

Posted on 2009-08-06 at 06:11:07.

Topic: Forgotten Realms: the Unsung Heroes Q/A
Subject: Here!


Looking forward to the post ^^

Posted on 2009-08-05 at 00:39:37.

Topic: The Day They Woke Up on the Wrong Side of Reality
Subject: A Bath and a Lot of Shopping

As Galen washed, his mind wandered, as it usually did amidst the sound of water. He washed thoroughly, meticulously working and rinsing his long hair, but it was muscle memory... his mind was already elsewhere.

Humans were fragile. It was part of their existence. The body could only take so much, and the soul also could be frail. The body... Galen gritted his teeth. To say that he hated his body was a bit of an overstatement, but he did dislike it. There were things he could not do, interests he could not pursue, with a male body. Jewellery for instance. Although he did have a collection of rings in particular, he wasn't truly allowed to wear any except the relatively plain metal bands. Bands incorporated with numerous gemstones were frowned upon at best. Style of dress, even footwear... simple things taken for granted by most, things that were currently incongruent to her.

Galen finished washing his hair, and tentatively held a hand to his chin and above his lip. There was a bit of stubble already. Not exactly visible, but there to the touch. He also ran a hand along his lower left leg. It too had the feeling of stubble, and under close inspection, he could see it too. He had been careful to keep it secret, always wearing pants, never shorts, but secret or not, it, like the wannabe moustache and extremely vague hint of a beard, had to be maintained. Galen nodded inwardly. He'd need a razor, and probably tweezers as well.

Yet, there was a problem. Since the others were, rightly so, adamant on staying together, chances were he wouldn't be able to get the things he needed by himself. He sighed. Neither Aysia nor Kaden were there, so he'd have to do it himself, and alone, without support. Yet... awkward questions could end up being asked... Galen's eyes narrowed. To heck with that. If the others didn't accept who she was, then that was their problem.

Resolved, and deciding to set that aside until later, Galen finished washing, tying his hair back in a long braid.

At the tailor's, Galen spent a lot of time looking at various clothes, probably longer than most of the others. He was a bit picky when it came to clothing. Finally, he found what he was looking for, a nice looking linen blouse. Once he had decided on that, the rest of his attire came relatively easily. Linen pants in a slightly darker shade, and a leather belt just so that he could get a pouch later. He bought two hooded and waterproof cloaks, one fur because he thought it seemed to have a similar consistency to his thick comforter back home, and the other a good sturdy cloth. It felt like it was summer, so he might not need the fur one for a while, but that didn't set his mind off of getting it, since then he wouldn't need to get it later. He also bought a woollen coat, cloth hose, forearm-length cloth gloves, and slipper-style leather shoes, since he preferred that style over the laced up style, but never had the opportunity to get a pair. Altogether, he spent three gold and nine silver at the tailor's.

At the weapon smithy, Galen glanced over the short swords neatly stacked along a rack, almost like the 'flea market' sword displays that he had seen in a few places. However, unlike the swords there, these were undoubtedly designed for purpose rather than aesthetics, with a straight, sharp, sure blade and for the most part a simple pommel, hilt and guard. At that point, it was up to the individual person's personal choice to the style of the guard. Galen didn't want anything fancy, but he did have something in particular he looked for. A slightly curved guard, angled outward from the hilt. He wasn't certain why that style drew his attention, or why he preferred it, but he just did, and so he eventually found a short sword that matched his preference. On the way to the counter to checkout, he stopped at a small stand of daggers on the counter. A dagger seemed to always have its use at some point, and would be a good cutting utensil if a sword was impractical, and so he decided to purchase one, not being picky about the design this time, since it wasn't going to be a secondary weapon. He could throw it if needed, but in that situation, it would probably be better to just zap the target with a jolt... unless there was someone watching... Galen nodded to himself, deciding on a practical dagger with a straight guard and an oval pommel.

Next was the search for armour. Galen was tempted to purchase studded leather, however, he knew that spending half of his budget on armour when he still had yet to buy the bulk of what he presumed he'd buy was very unwise. It would prove to be a good decision in the end, for while he didn't buy much in way of weapons or armour, he bought a considerable amount in what the others likely would call extraneous items at the general store. This included obvious things such as a backpack, pouch, and bedroll, but also many other things that weren't so obvious. At the end of shopping, he only had 5 silver and 4 copper, but was pretty convinced he had everything he would need in the future, at the very least the near future.

AC modification: +2 (Leather Armour)

Offhand Weapon (shortsword) obtained, although I won't likely use it that much until I get Weapon Finesse next level.

Current carrying weight: 34.65lb (assuming the rusted weapons are no longer counted)

Current wealth: 10 gold, 5 silver, 4 copper

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Topic: Auguries of Destruction: The Linsemptus - Q/A
Subject: Fizziness?

I'm pretty sure I can see bubbles... whether or not that means anything, I haven't decided yet...

Still, I can see if people don't want to continue, and that's their choice. Just be sure to let me know... it's hard to tell if it's alive or not otherwise.

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Topic: The Day They Woke Up on the Wrong Side of Reality
Subject: Clothes?

"Um, I'd suggest the latter, Ray." Galen piqued up, his soft voice probably hardly reaching the others amidst the ambient noise, "Going in twos would be a bit slow for simply shopping, and the main thing is that we don't go alone. This is the city after all, so if trouble arises, the main idea would be to avoid it and leave it to the city guard or whatever."

Yet, as Galen spoke, his mind was elsewhere. Clothes. Yes, denim pants coupled with a shirt and sweater were everyday clothes before, but here, in a world where industry only reached the level of linen, cotton or silk, they stood out like someone wearing one of those stereotypical superhero costumes. Galen rolled his eyes inwardly. He never did really fancy that sort of thing... the powers could be interesting, but ultimately, there were too many repetitive aspects of that sort of fantasy.

But that was getting off track... Galen refocused on clothing... he honestly wasn't sure about what to get. It was a bit premature as well, since he hadn't found the key to shapeshifting yet in his cards. Even so, he would try to get clothes along the boundary. A skirt was out of the question, since he didn't think he passed that well as a girl, and of course, he wasn't entirely sure about the reactions of the others. Maybe a tunic with a lower hem...

He sighed inwardly. He had initially thought that transition would be easier in this world, since he was new, and thus didn't truly have connections yet to any of the residents, but it didn't seem like it would be. He would still ultimately have to face the reactions of his friends. He didn't have the courage for that either just yet.

Galen stood up, his plate only half empty; he didn't honestly eat that much, as most of the others knew.

"I'm going to head to the bathhouse. I'll probably end up taking the longest anyway because of my long hair; I want to give it a thorough wash." He told the others, before heading down the hall. Inwardly, he hoped that there would be separate stalls.

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Topic: Firefly/Serenity RPG - Looking for Browncoats
Subject: +1?

Yes, no, maybe so?

Just kidding, I already saw that it's full ^^

I'll probably be watching though, since I'm a bit interested in the system/verse... I haven't seen the series or the movie, but that's what research and observation is for, right?

Oh, and thanks for posting about character creation... I made the concept for a character a long time ago for a game that didn't happen, but I don't have a sheet to go with her, since I didn't have access to the creation details... it's kind of frustrating.

Hmm, one question... does the Talented asset increase a specialized skill by one die level?

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Topic: Forgotten Realms: the Unsung Heroes Q/A
Subject: I know I'm still here...

Whether or not that means anything in the long scheme of things, I'm not sure... ^^;

... I'll keep hoping anyway... I really don't want to call it over yet...

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Topic: The Day They Woke Up on the Wrong Side of Reality
Subject: The Quiet One... Quite True...

Galen didn't speak much the remainder of the night. His blade had tasted blood, if the ill ichor that may have remained within the zombies could be called that, and it wasn't something he was proud of. On the online game, Ragnarok, he had slaughtered numerous zombie monsters and wraiths and other undead creatures, specifically with his high priestess, but this was different. It was surprising that his emotions hadn't rooted him to the spot in combat, yet the drive to survive was one thing that overrode all else, and drove him to attack. Still, he was thankful... at least those things weren't alive... and so he didn't kill anyone.

And suddenly his train of thought shifted along a very different route.

Death... the thirteenth Arcana. Harbinger of change, among the largest possible being death. The other largest... being something he sought. One does not lightly change what they are...

In that regard, he was very much alone... to be alone, number nine... the Hermit. Galen looked at the card in his hand. Although he didn't mind the picture, it wasn't the best. He chuckled inwardly... then again, only a few things truly did match his tastes. He shrugged. What else was new? But, if he guessed right as to what the card would allow him to do, he hoped he would be able to use the card soon.

Galen glanced toward the sleeping form of Lady Emerita. Having been on the top of the carriage, he didn't really see her at all... He sighed. If he was to be honest with himself, he was avoiding her. Envy? Perhaps that was it... he probably was a bit envious of her. Although, if he thought about it, it really shouldn't have been unexpected.

Before falling asleep, he looked up at the night sky. It was one thing for people to seek power, but what do they use that power for? Galen knew what he would use his for... the only thing he wanted to do, and the only goal he had so far in this place. If that made him selfish, so be it. People were entitled to have some selfishness in their lives, so long as it didn't severely hurt others.

He felt a bit of a change, as though a key had unlocked a door in his mind. At first it was bizarre, but thinking in retrospect, he began to understand. The power to draw upon one's will to bring wishes into reality was based on one's understanding of oneself. By being honest with himself, and acting accordingly, he'd be able to grow stronger... and hopefully would be able to assert himself more... and then... he'd be able to fulfil his wish.

Galen had a good, dreamless sleep that night.

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Topic: The Day They Woke Up on the Wrong Side of Reality
Subject: Affirmative

As the zombie in front of him avoided the blade, Galen couldn't help but think, Why am I trying to be so accurate anyway? I'm out of practise, and I'm just trying to be a distraction so Ben survives a bit longer...

Thankfully, with that as his deemed objective, it was successful, for the zombie swiped a fist at him rather than Ben. He was about to consider another slash attempt when something broke his train of thought. Specifically, a loud shout from beside him.

"Go help the others, that guard back there is looking rather pale!"

Galen had half a mind to say there was no need to shout... but then again, this was combat, and although there was no steel-on-steel clashes, there could very well be later on, so it helped if one got used to shouting anyway. Unfortunately for Galen, he did not possess a voice suited to shouting, so he decided against a reply, letting his actions speak for him.

Watching the zombie in front of him carefully, Galen timed himself so that he stepped back right when the zombie went to punch. Once out of arm's reach of the zombie, Galen turned and quickly sprinted. Thankfully, although track and field was never his forte, he was a decent sprinter for relay and other short runs. He quickly ran up to the other mounted guard, but on the opposite side of the zombie, since even if the zombie was mindless, being in such a position would be beneficial to both the guard and himself.

Once in position, Galen steeled himself mentally, panting slightly as normal from the run, but holding up his blade to be ready for an attack.

(Alrighty, taking the 'withdraw' action, and running up to the square 'L-2', so that I'd be flanking the zombie with the guard. I counted squares, and I can run around the zombie avoiding his threatening range. No other action this round, but next will obviously be an attack on the zombie)

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Topic: The Day They Woke Up on the Wrong Side of Reality
Subject: Hark! A post from the butterfly!

As the zombie in front of him fell at the stroke of Ben's sword, Galen's eyes did a quick check of his surroundings. There didn't seem to be any other zombies besides the initial ones that had appeared, but he cast a glance away from the others anyway, just to be sure. He was not one to take chances. Satisfied that there would be no immediate ambush by unseen unliving servants, Galen brought his attention back to the immediate conflict, and he quickly saw where he could be useful.

Ben had not stopped his swing, and had instead gone on to strike another zombie by him. It appeared there was also a second immediately next to him and poised to strike. Now, Galen knew that Ben liked to prove his worth against many odds, but given the situation, he was sure a quick slash by him wouldn't hurt. He quickly shifted his stance, shuffling along, until he was beside Ben. Finally, Galen brought his blade to bear against the zombie in front of him. A quick slash against the zombie's torso about 30ยบ from the horizontal was decided upon, and so Galen swung...

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Topic: Star Wars: Dark Masques
Subject: Well... since you ask so nicely

Kate blinked. She had to admit she was a bit surprised; organics by nature didn't often associate droids to be very free-willed, and usually just assumed that they go by or with whatever their 'owner' chooses. Still, just the offer simply being there was enough for Kate to smile.

"It's been a while since I was a bodyguard... but maybe I should try it again. Besides, if Arrune is going too, there's no way I won't do the same; she's probably the only one who could put me back together if needed anyway." Kate replied.

Admittedly, although she kept referring to how she was a bodyguard, Kate truly did not have much data regarding what or who she protected, as well as who her original designer was. It left her feeling just a bit incomplete, with a few gaps in her memory... all she knew was that they were there because of some memory wipes, done for legal reasons. It was just one of the reasons she hated memory wipes.... the 'feeling' of emptiness associated with them, even if droids supposedly didn't have feelings. Arrune had told her that Kate was a bodyguard of someone in an illicit group before it was caught and disbanded, and therefore the memory wipe was so that Kate wouldn't be able to aid in the restructure or aid in the formation of another group, but that was about all that could be pieced together.

The recollection brought a slightly colder look to Kate's holographic face. "... I won't require a memory wipe after this, correct?" She asked, her voice's tone slightly dangerous.

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Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Linsemptus
Subject: The Fifth Day

Dawn approached as normal, save for the now-familiar crack breaking the sky in twain. Yet, at dawn the party quietly assembled. Few words were exchanged, since there was no need for them; words could wait until after they reached their destination.

Riding at a decent pace across the plains, it was impossible to tell exactly where the barrier between the two worlds was when one glanced off to the side. Where would the Linsemptus be unable to touch? Unwilling to take a chance, although they would be at the border and thus unlikely to come across resistance at this point, Mitsuru deemed that the party's path would not go close to the border at all, and would pass through a small farming village along the way.

Perhaps the lack of people along the route might have been a warning, or the lack of sound except for the wind... but there was little in the way of wildlife. Burrows hidden underground lay abandoned; dens in the tall grass were bare, and not a bird could be seen in the sky. The influence of the Linsemptus overthrew the natural order, being something not supposed to be in this world, thus the natural world rejected it, and avoided it.

Even predators didn't have a reason to prowl the plains... or at least, most predators. Reaching the town, or rather, the remains of the town, the party stopped briefly at the wasted ruins. Buildings were torn down or burnt to ash, storehouses were laid bare to see them pillaged, and a few humanoid bodies could be seen among the destruction.

A few figures were neither dead nor still, however. Barring the path, a roughly humanoid person resembling a rat more than anything else stood in the way of the party. He snickers once or twice, before giving a shrill whistle. As one, a number of other rat-like humans crept out of hiding, surrounding the party. From a tent in the centre of the village, a large creature could be seen emerging from it. It was a majestic wolf, although its bright red eyes clearly deemed it to be something more sinister. Or at least, it appeared to be a wolf, until it reared back on its hind legs, revealing it to merely have a wolf head and a fur cloak, concealing a very hairy humanoid body underneath. Strangely, the werewolf wears fingerless gloves of unwashed and dirty white material, as well as a blood red ruby amulet. Its fiery and cold eyes glares at the party.

"This is our turf, and if you wish to pass, you'll need to pay the toll." He says, his voice rough and coarse coming from a form more suited for growling and howling than talking. "So... your things or your lives... what will it be?"

(There is a total of 9 wererats, spaced evenly around the party. They're armed with various utensils; 3 have swords in one hand and each have a strange stick in the other hand (one stick is a vivid red, another is a vivid blue, and the last is a vivid yellow), 2 are carrying an assortment of daggers carried on overloaded belts crossed over their chests, and the other four have pole-axes. They all look about ready to try to forcibly dismount a few members of the party.

The werewolf I have described, but another detail regarding the werewolf is that one of his eyes is fiery and brightly burning, while the other seems dim and cold.

Anyways, you have a number of options... one of which is you can indeed attempt to overrun the were-creatures and bypass them entirely, but that's up to you. The creatures are standing about 10 feet away at closest, so it's easy to whisper and converse to each other as well.

I think that's everything... and so update is finally finished! Yays! )

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Topic: Auguries of Destruction: The Linsemptus - Q/A
Subject: I'm sorry

Well, I should've mentioned my leave earlier, but I went to visit a few friends I hadn't seen in a couple years (including a plane flight), and as you can guess, I haven't been on RDI at all during that time.

I do intend to update, since I'm positive there is interest remaining, and I realize I should be a bit more lenient with my updates, taking into account actions that should not need to be posted for unless desired.

The fifth day update will be posted as soon as I've done it...

Again, sorry about the delay ^^;

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