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Topic: Poetry of Reralae
Subject: Balance

Two sides as one, swaying back and forth,
And add another two to make it south to north.
It will sway from one side to the next,
It does not favour one, even if it is hexed.

A pendulum of feeling, devoid of time and space,
It weighs and measures, at no known pace.
The measurement of change that makes life chime,
As the plight goes on heedless of time.

If one side ends, so to do the rest,
It isn't so simple that one side is the best.
Favoured or not, the balance will always sway,
And is how it's supposed to be, even beyond today.

Posted on 2008-09-18 at 18:03:46.

Topic: Forgotten Realms: the Unsung Heroes Q/A
Subject: Umm

I'm at a loss of what to make of it really, so I can't say anything until it's clarified...

Hmm, well, from what I decipher from it, I'd have to disagree.

If you mean 'fortify the bridge' to be either make it uncrossable or maybe destroy it, well... we don't have much at our disposal to do either, so I'm going to say to just stick with the plan that was kind of thought about, and slowly working our way around

Posted on 2008-09-15 at 19:48:53.
Edited on 2008-09-15 at 20:03:45 by Reralae

Topic: Star Wars: The Outer Rim
Subject: Time for a replacement

Finding an unoccupied room in the vessel, Kate decides now is as good a time as ever to replace the spent medical arm. She quickly runs the replacement program, bringing out a second arm from an internal storage compartment and attaching it to the port where the first one was (the first is detached in the process, of course).

((Replace part repair check DC 15 taking 10 => automatic success))

Kate places the old, spent arm into the now vacant compartment, seeing as how the only thing it needs to be able to be reused is replacement medicine, which is easier to do than to make a completely new arm.

Posted on 2008-09-15 at 19:48:09.

Topic: Welcome or Not!
Subject: Fake?

"Fake?" Sen repeats, feeling a bit relieved, "Well, that's good to hear; I was getting worried that I'd have to get involved with that, which would further pinpoint my location."

"I'm not sure what they'd do exactly." Sen continues, "And yes, you've guessed correctly; they're just after Sylphs in general. I just happen to be one that's managed to evade them so far. You're going to have to give me a bit more detail however with how exactly you're faking the presence of another sylph. While Darkside might go out of his way to pursue a rumour, especially if he can cause much destruction, Shadow and the Collector are far more subtle, and won't easily pursue vague leads. If I had to guess with what I currently know, they'd likely split up, with Shadow and the Collector continuing their pursuit of me, while Darkside gets involved with that possible war to serve as a very large distraction at the very least, if not get to the possible second sylph as well. He won't pick sides in that war; he'll annihilate whichever is in his way first, or both if he's in the mood for it."

Posted on 2008-09-15 at 17:01:30.

Topic: Welcome or Not!
Subject: Whew

Sen breathes deeply, evidently a sigh of relief, "That's good. I was getting worried that I might not be able to hide, not if I can't use this form or can't use invisibility."

"Well, it's best if we get moving; Shadow will likely come here to investigate." Sen says, standing up and motioning for Arturo to lead the way.

It felt a bit awkward, with her walking rather than flying. It wasn't to say she hasn't before, but it was just a transition that takes a bit of time for one to get used to. Thankfully, along the journey, she only really stumbled a few times, and so the transition was faster than if she had kept stumbling.

Posted on 2008-09-13 at 17:59:00.

Topic: Auguries of Destruction: The Linsemptus - Q/A
Subject: List of NPC's

Alright, this is going to be my tentative list of the NPC's that are there; after I have finalized this list, I will make an update regarding them.

-The NPC soldiers of Willow's group: Dev, Mist, Sora, and Farah
-A priestess wearing a dark hood with a scythe slung over her back
-Yin Chang
-Akihiko Sanada
-Mitsuru Kirijo

I think that should be enough... and I realize that only Mist, Xira, and Yin Chang are 'original', but these are minor characters, so I don't want to spend too much effort on them, especially if they die ^_^

Posted on 2008-09-12 at 19:47:47.
Edited on 2008-09-15 at 18:08:03 by Reralae

Topic: Forgotten Realms: The Unsung Heroes
Subject: Alright, sounds good

"Okay! Sounds good." Linnix agrees.

Turning to the others, Linnix adds, "Well, unless anyone comes up with another suggestion or a potential problem with this plan."

Posted on 2008-09-12 at 19:44:00.

Topic: Forgotten Realms: The Unsung Heroes
Subject: Huh?

"You hear something?" Linnix asks, before trying to hear herself, "I can't seem to make it out."

"Well, I don't think it'd do much good to rush in blindly; perhaps Xaris and I ought to scout ahead, where you think the sound came from, and if they need immediate assistance, one of us can help right away while the other returns here to gather the rest of the group. Does that sound alright?" Linnix suggests.

Posted on 2008-09-12 at 19:07:25.

Topic: ~*Whom Gods Annoy*~
Subject: Step 2...

Iskanna sighs, she really wasn't meant for this sort of thing... too bad when one studies both the Arcane and the Divine their resources become taxed, and she was physically frail to begin with. Oh well, this isn't the time to think about could-have-beens, and in any case, she liked reading the books.

Focus! Where's the enemy?

Iskanna bites her lip. Alright, time to reveal the crossbow person. She holds out her left hand in front of her, directed toward the spot where Toby had said previously the other was sleeping, before weaving it in the air in a flowing, wavelike pattern which is then spun into a circle.

"Aao vijgn yhou ghv goh!" She proclaims, and upon the pronunciation, four orbs of light appear there, where the sentry ought to be, spread out to cover as much area as possible, before moving slowly to search for the enemy.

Posted on 2008-09-12 at 19:04:09.

Topic: You Filthy Little Thief!!!
Subject: Oooh! Tension!

Ocyari looks back and forth between Paomallen. There was an air of tension between them, no doubt about it, but hopefully it would subside soon; if things came to fighting, it was very unclear how that would work, given the circumstances.

Well, it's not like they'd listen to her anyway, so Ocyari just keeps her mouth closed, considering how to prepare for what might happen. She can feel the anticipation and tension within her as well, as her body tenses, ready to dodge or defend herself as needed.

Posted on 2008-09-12 at 18:38:13.

Topic: The Inconceivable Crusaders
Subject: Do what you will

It was vaguely amusing, how by her word one of her companions thought she was forbidding them from continuing. Apparently they hadn't completely gotten used to her way of speech or how she thought.

"Do what you will; I've said my thoughts." Jevaf says with only trace emotion in her voice, as she heads back toward the cave entrance.

This was surely among the more foolish missions that she had ever bothered herself with attempting; even if they had entered the cave and caught the two trading parties, they still held a key advantage that would've made most people back down. Even though they were still at a disadvantage with the mistake of the thief thinking they were the 'buyers', he had now gained a second key advantage, and that was something Jevaf was not going to bother taking risks with. True, there might have been something called 'pride' that made it vaguely feel sour, but why should she care? A small smile tugs at the ends of Jevaf's lips; she didn't, for it was only one mission among many that have been done, and are yet to be done.

"The hands of time cannot be turned back." Jevaf murmurs, setting it all aside in her mind.

To her, this mission was already over. Uncompleted, true, however, given the circumstances, aborting it was only logical.

Posted on 2008-09-10 at 21:58:24.
Edited on 2008-09-10 at 22:16:05 by Reralae

Topic: Forgotten Realms: The Unsung Heroes
Subject: Well...

"That certainly seems to be our only true option." Linnix says, "Otherwise they'll have merged into a single strong force. Think of it like a wave; if you can't break it before it forms, you can't do much to oppose it when it is whole."

Taking a look back at the bridge they had just crossed, Linnix winces, "And y'know... that bridge looks pretty sturdy to me. It did take a strong magical blast to destroy the other one after all, and I don't think we have that sort of capability among any of us, at least not now."

"So then, the question is, which one of the camps do we want to try to attack?" Linnix asks, thinking aloud.

Posted on 2008-09-10 at 19:09:29.

Topic: Welcome or Not!
Subject: How?

"Is this guise really that see-through? Perhaps I should've just abandoned it years ago." Sen murmurs contemplatively.

Sen sighs, sitting cross-legged, "So, before we go, tell me... how exactly you saw through this appearance."

Do I even have any means to hide now? Sen wonders, the anxiety beginning to gnaw at the back of her mind. If he can see through this, can They?

Posted on 2008-09-10 at 18:55:15.

Topic: The Day They Woke Up on the Wrong Side of Reality
Subject: Keep a hold on your emotions

((You might want to rethink how you're going to do exp about this, Sibelius; now there is no available healing to the group, so further encounters will be substantially more difficult than they were the first time around))

Galen's eyes, previously clouded over before, quickly glance over to assess the situation.

"Don't panic." Galen says simply, as he sets down his little load of rusted weapons and withdraws the vial of potion from his pant pocket, "Panicking is among the worst things to do in any situation; it consumes time, mental effort, and typically fails to do anything beneficial."

Passing the potion to Jeremy, Galen falls silent, as he considers the group's situation.

"We had best avoid further encounters if at all possible." Galen finally murmurs.

Posted on 2008-09-10 at 18:21:13.
Edited on 2008-10-15 at 18:41:33 by Reralae

Topic: The Inconceivable Crusaders
Subject: Tch

((I think you should still say whether or not Jevaf's attacks hit the man or not, rather than just that you already covered her actions))

Thought so. It was too convenient that it was a dead end. Jevaf thinks, before retrieving and sheathing her daggers and rapier.

"Pursuit at this point would be too reckless on our part." Jevaf says aloud, "We've done all we can here."

Posted on 2008-09-10 at 17:25:59.

Topic: .Hack//LIFE
Subject: Kiku

"Hey," he said simply, "why do you look so somber? You look out of place in a game like this."

Looking up, a little bit startled, Twin Lightning (the sister) replies, "Oh! You're here. Sorry, I have a game of go going with my brother on a window overlaying this one, so didn't quite notice. I have no idea which one of us is winning at this point, although I suspect he is, since he is much better at go than I am."

Getting up, Twin Lightning stretches, "Well, I suppose it'd be better to head to the @home. Come on, I'll show you where it is."

Walking down the path from the Chaos Gate, Twin Lightning takes Kimono and Kusardo along somewhat of a back-alley among the houses, before stopping at the back of one which seems identical to the others.

"I prefer to use the back door myself, because I kind of consider it my own house and people won't really see us either this way." Rei says in explanation, before opening a rice-paper door and inviting Kimono and Kusardo inside.

The inside of the house is like that of the exterior in design, seemingly made as a traditional Asian home. Sitting on one of the rice mats in what could be the living room is Kiku. She appears the same as she did before, however, as she waves to Kimono and Kusardo, you can't help but notice that the motion seems slightly unusual. It isn't the same as the computer generated wave that characters usually have, for it is imperfect, and tentative in a way with the speed of her hand.

"There you are!" Kiku says, "I'm glad you two are OK; I really had no way of knowing, unless I saw you."

"I did tell you they were fine." Twin Lightning says.

"I know, but still, being told isn't enough; you still have to see, right?" Kiku asks, giving a small, sly smile.

Posted on 2008-09-08 at 22:47:17.

Topic: Forgotten Realms: The Unsung Heroes
Subject: Ahem... that might've fit Linnix before, but certainly not any more

He believes it. Linnix thinks sadly, as the young boy displays his confidence in the clan he grew up with, And if one believes something, with all of their heart, they won't change easily, but they can still change.

Seeing the group as falling in with the enemy, whatever that may be to him, the boy begins to flee, and Linnix hears the footsteps as though she were miles away.

No... no choice.

"I'm sorry." Linnix says softly as she draws back her bow, and lets the arrow fly.

Yet, even as the boy falls to the ground, a tear likewise falls from Linnix's eye. All she could hope was that the arrow was true, and death came swiftly.

“You…did the right thing,” the drow woman managed to say at last to Linnix.. “Dylan is right we should go. There is nothing more we can learn here, and nothing more we can do.”

"Yes..." Linnix murmurs, agreeing, although she looks a bit blankly toward the fallen boy.

It almost felt as though it was her own heart she just shot.

Posted on 2008-09-08 at 17:16:30.

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: One for me please!

((Sorry, I meant to do this earlier, but I had to check first about Niamedris' hp and such, so this is partially a back-post))

Haila's body quivers with the effort of coughing, to remove any remaining noxious gas within her lungs. Niamedris, however, merely looked up at her with questioning eyes.

"Don't you dare drop me." Niamedris thought to Haila warningly.

"Whatever that was... that was not nice." Haila murmurs, her body feeling slightly unsteady with the damage it had sustained.

"Now, is there anyone else who knows they need some healing before we continue on , it would do us no good if one of you dropped because you could not withstand further injuries when I have healing to give.."

"Yes, please." Haila says, "That would be wonderful."

"What's all the ruckus about? Are you all allergic to greenish air?" Niamedris wonders vaguely.

Haila raises an eyebrow, "You weren't affected?"

"Well, it was harder to see if that's what you mean." Niamedris replies, yawning, "So, when do I get to catnap? Or eat?"

Haila rolls her eyes yet again. "Cats..." She murmurs in exasperation.

Putting that aside, although now she was beginning to wonder if it would be worth being able to polymorph into a cat... no, put that aside! It's one thing to assume a shape, but after a while the shape assumed begins to alter one's thinking, and she did not want to end up thinking like Niamedris.

"Why not? It IS very relaxing isn't it?" Niamedris interjects.

Ignoring him, Haila finally thinks about what she is supposed to be thinking of: a possible order for everyone to move through the corridor... except that was already taken care of while she was side tracked.

Oh well, nothing to do but move forward...

In the second room, Haila pauses, contemplating, "An azure and red heart?"

"I presume it'll do something as soon as we go to open the next door, so we have a bit of time to prepare." She thinks aloud, "But if that's a heart, what is it the heart to? Unless..."

"Perhaps we're just supposed to leave it alone?" Haila suggests, "It's a bit eerie, but it hasn't done anything yet, and for all we know, it could be designed specifically to only retaliate when provoked. So long as we don't provoke it, perhaps we'll be fine."

Posted on 2008-09-07 at 17:44:51.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Umm

You didn't answer my question: Are you keeping track of Niamedris' hp as well?

On the characters thread it says 22, but it doesn't look like that's the current hp...

Posted on 2008-09-06 at 03:18:23.

Topic: Auguries of Destruction: The Linsemptus - Q/A
Subject: Well...

Unless the change affects the entire sheet, send me only the part that's different.

Posted on 2008-09-04 at 23:31:47.

Topic: Forgotten Realms: The Unsung Heroes
Subject: Well...

Hmm, if Aelistae's already in there, I'd better move fast to cover her. Linnix thinks.

Bringing her dagger to bare yet again, Linnix moves quickly to make short work of the tent's side, slashing open a flap which could easily be a minor doorway. What was on the other side? An ogre with an equally large drum and mallet to match? Or what else could it be? Well, standing and doing nothing but thinking isn't going to help; Linnix takes a breath and steps through her makeshift entrance, sheathing her dagger as she does so, so she may use her bow if needed.

Posted on 2008-09-04 at 18:41:48.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Question

Are you keeping track of Niamedris's hp too? In the Character thread it's not bolded font, so I'm not quite sure.

Posted on 2008-09-04 at 18:31:18.
Edited on 2008-09-04 at 18:32:00 by Reralae

Topic: Forgotten Realms: the Unsung Heroes Q/A
Subject: Yep

That's how the Silence spell works; it nullifies all sound in the area, regardless of the source.

Posted on 2008-09-04 at 18:09:59.

Topic: Auguries of Destruction: The Linsemptus - Q/A
Subject: That was already covered

By Tenarr back in Fonhinqann. (it's a sling to carry it over one's shoulder)

Posted on 2008-09-04 at 17:49:13.

Topic: .Hack//LIFE
Subject: Calling

It has been a day since Maera's strike, and the realized potential of the twin's epitaph. Still, there are no indications of anything large and out of the ordinary within 'The World', on either the boards or the official site, so it would seem Twin Lightning knows enough of Gorre's power not to use it whimsically, and as for Maera... who knew? And yet, perhaps the most troubling thing is the persistent indication throughout the day, in the email program where it lists member addresses, that Kiku, as far as one could tell, has not logged out.

Suddenly there is an alert of a new email message (for both Kusardo and Kimono)

Author: Twin Lightning (Rei)
Subject: There is something you should see

Kiku has recovered, or at least, her data is now stable and functioning as it should.

However... well, it's better for you to see and hear for yourselves, and then you can decide whether you believe it or not.

If you are online and have time, please meet me by the Chaos Gate in Lia Fail, which is where you probably will log in.

It isn't something to discuss openly, so I'll invite you to my small guild @home. That is where Kiku is right now.

To simplify things, I've attached the key to this email; consider the @home a place to talk when you need someplace to.

Where the avatar is displayed next to the message is the blue-eyed version of Twin Lightning, and once you reach the bottom of the message, a small alert pops up that states: 'You now have the 'Secret Key' guild key!'

Logging into 'The World' (provided you do), you arrive at a very serene sight. It looks incredibly archaic, especially compared to Mac Anu and Lumina Cloth. In this city, Lia Fail, the Chaos Gate is centred upon a hill, with wooden steps leading up to it, giving it almost a shrine-like feel. There are houses situated around the city, but not very many of them, giving the place the feeling of being more remote and less connected to civilization. Throughout the paths between the houses are blossoming cherry trees, and the house designs are all of ancient eastern origin. From the vantage point by the Chaos Gate, you can see a simple marketplace located to the side, comprised mostly of NPC's and PC's with their own little carts and stalls arranged around a little shrine. The NPC's of this city are dressed in apparel that matches this archaic setting. Sitting on a wooden bench underneath a cherry tree that's by the Chaos Gate is Twin Lightning. The background music of this Root Town is a serene and melodic theme of some sort of stringed instrument playing in harmony with what sounds to be an archaic, eastern style flute.

Twin Lightning's eyes are closed, so it's hard to say which of the two is behind the controller, although the email was just sent by Rei, so chances are good it is the sister. Twin Lightning's body position does not indicate tiredness or sleeping, but rather thoughtfulness and contemplation, like someone presented with a problem that is nearly impossible to solve.

((Let's see... approx. time abouts is halfway between noon and dusk, and it's Saturday))

Posted on 2008-09-04 at 17:47:43.
Edited on 2008-09-04 at 19:32:30 by Reralae


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