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Topic: What Evil Hides in the Hearts of Men - Q&A
Subject: To clarify

Rae has her shield raised, not her sword - her sword is currently pointed downward in a relaxed but ready grip. Her advance was only to slightly move in front of the group, not to attack.

My apologies if that changes reactions or posts, I might not have provided enough insight on her posture.

Posted on 2013-11-12 at 03:01:25.
Edited on 2013-11-12 at 03:11:10 by Reralae

Topic: What Evil Hides in the Hearts of Men...
Subject: There be something afoot

It was a simple truth, but one that wasn't a good one to face. Rae's armour couldn't protect her from everything. The weather was one of those things. She wouldn't consider herself comfortable, but she wouldn't consider herself all too uncomfortable either; she had endured worse during her vagabond days, when she didn't have armour to protect her.

Still, there was something about this that didn't seem right. Everyone was getting restless, nervous, wary. Even Galardil, which meant whatever this was, the likelihood of it being natural was not high.

Yet, regardless of if it was right or not, they had a destination to reach, and wandering off the road in an attempt to bypass the fog could be more dangerous. Rae steeled herself, pushing that chill at the base of her heart away as she had done many times before. Yes, she was a bit scared. That was just her instincts warning her. Be prepared. Rae gripped the shield in her hand tighter as she saw figures up ahead.

“I dislike the look of this very much,” Jarenion said, now, the brim of his hat inclining to indicated the oncoming knot of mist-cloaked figures as his hand dipped into his satchel and found purchase around a sizeable stone secreted there, “Folk in their apparent state would have cozied themselves away somewhere in Crandel given this weather, don’t you think?”

"They walk strangely." Rae noted, "Perhaps an illness has pressed its advantage with the advent of this fog?"

It wouldn't have been out of the question. Cold and damp weather could often be preludes to illness. She had seen it before. A shout from Galardil broke that line of thinking, however.

"To Arms My Friends! Yon Figures in the Mist May Be Unliving!"

"What?" Rae asked, slightly stunned. For what reason would creatures that were living but not be on the road? It almost certainly wasn't to get to the next town. For that matter, why were they there in the first place? Drawing her blade, Rae raised her shield, advancing to give a bit of space for movement between her and the others.

I pray that you are wrong, but you might not be. If these beings are beyond the realm of life, Falloes give me the strength to send them where they belong. Rae prayed.

((Rae is increasing her pace to provide some more room to those behind her, namely Jarenion, just in case he needs it. She has her shield raised in a defensive posture; I don't think she's entirely certain that they are undead due to the mist obscuring them, so she's not going to go for a first attack. Rae does have her sword drawn though, just in case))

Posted on 2013-11-09 at 19:20:42.
Edited on 2013-11-09 at 19:29:50 by Reralae

Topic: Player for Serenity RPG
Subject: Well, just so you know

I always consider playing as another person's character as borrowing. If the original ever would like the character returned, then I have no qualm over returning that which was borrowed

Considering I haven't posted into the game thread yet, this would be a good opportunity to return the character before anything really happened... so if you would like it, then please let me know pretty much as soon as possible

Posted on 2013-11-09 at 04:29:11.
Edited on 2013-11-09 at 04:31:50 by Reralae

Topic: What Evil Hides in the Hearts of Men - Q&A
Subject: Plus Heal Plus One

I think cure light wounds would work best for Rae as well. Can't really go wrong with health recovery.

As for connections, I do like the chain of events that Olan suggested. It makes sense to me as well that Rae and Donan would have met up through their charity giving, and then eventually meet up with Blair as well (with Fae probably making subtle suggestions for him to stay on the straight and narrow or at least give it a chance).

Rae does have some history in the Southern Sylvari Kingdom, so there is some possibility of someone asking En'Aranthea to also keep a look out for a particular Sylvari when on the mission. But that's open to discussion; I might fire Vanadia a PM about it once I get Fae's background complete.

Darn it, out of time. Would make a game post but have a bus to catch...

Posted on 2013-11-07 at 15:55:59.
Edited on 2013-11-09 at 19:26:13 by Reralae

Topic: What Evil Hides in the Hearts of Men - Q&A
Subject: Regarding leadership

Rae is humble, but she wouldn't actually be opposed to the position. She'd probably defer to her fellow Sylvari's advice and or leadership in particular, recognizing that they've probably had a greater amount of experience in the world than she has. En'Aranthea might be more comfortable with that sort of a position if she doesn't go for the position of being party leader.

That being said, I could see the position almost being that of an unofficial leader, so to speak, if Rae took it. Acting as the party's voice but deferring to others if the situation fits within their knowledge or skills more than her.

(insert political ramble asking for election here... sorry, couldn't resist )
Rae stands before the assembled group, a woman on the slightly shorter side, dressed in body armour (type to be determined), her oaken hair held back by a leather headband that covers the tops of her pointed ears. Standing up carefully on top of the treacherously tilted soap box, she speaks, "If I am made leader, please know that I will hear everyone's voice. I will be open to options, and I know that there is no one, perfect way for every situation. If I speak on behalf of the group then know that I will do my best to do so fairly." Rae pauses, her normally bright emerald green eyes misting over as she considers her thoughts a moment, a finger raised to her lips before she looks back up to the group, "I can also bake cookies." She adds as an afterthought, "Thank you."

Posted on 2013-11-06 at 07:04:09.
Edited on 2013-11-06 at 07:18:03 by Reralae

Topic: Player for Serenity RPG
Subject: I am thus caught up

I have read the game thread. Tess sounds like quite a fun character. Especially if she's given free reign with the navigation

Posted on 2013-11-06 at 06:16:05.

Topic: Player for Serenity RPG
Subject: Brown coat? Where'd that coat go?

Title notwithstanding, I'm actually not too familiar with the 'verse. A lot of knowledge second hand type of thing. I'll take a read through the game thread later when I get home after work though; I'm pretty sure I was interested in a Serenity game before... though that game didn't quite happen. She (the character I made with help) was an interesting character though I thought

Posted on 2013-11-05 at 15:35:25.
Edited on 2013-11-05 at 15:36:22 by Reralae

Topic: What Evil Hides in the Hearts of Men - Q&A
Subject: Silly Statistics

First thought: "Never tell me the odds"

Second thought: The party front line is now a bladesinger and a shield maiden. Both female. Both Sylvari. How does that even happen in a Human Kingdom?

Third thought: Nanowrimo is quite the distraction

Fourth thought: I still haven't officially named Miss Shield Maiden.

That's a lot of thoughts.

Posted on 2013-11-05 at 03:39:00.

Topic: Zombies in Chicago: Chapter 2 Recruitment
Subject: LOL - should I look out my window?

"Well at least we won't starve any time soon."

"Maybe not, but are we going to get tired of eating timbits?"

"Blasphemy. Let's get another kettle going."

"Wait! One's getting in through the front door!"

"Did no one lock it?"

"Why would we lock it? That's discriminatory against potential customers. Bad for company image."

"Oh, right. Fall back to Canadian Tire!"

"I call the hockey sticks!"


"Fine, everyone gets one. I get the rest."

Posted on 2013-11-05 at 03:00:31.

Topic: Kingmaker Adventure Path 2.0
Subject: Stubborn Rope

Kyrie heaved on the rope to try to free it, but it wasn't having any of that. It must've been stuck good, but she didn't think it was that good to remain anchored on the wagon. Particularly if the wagon ended up moving. That might not be a good thing. Best to get it loose.

"Alright, you stubborn little dandelion." Kyrie rubbed her hands, "Out you get."

With practiced motion, Kyrie grabbed the offending piece, and shifted her center of gravity, using her own weight for more leverage, to try and pull the weed, er, rope, free.

Posted on 2013-09-26 at 05:25:44.
Edited on 2013-09-26 at 05:26:46 by Reralae

Topic: Zombies in Chicago: Chapter 2 Recruitment
Subject: Just a poke

Butterfly is still +1 to the present count

Posted on 2013-09-26 at 05:22:30.

Topic: Kingmaker Adventure Path 2.0
Subject: Idea? Maybe. Maybe?

Kyrie wasn't sure what she expected when their shelter was blown away. The gaping dark of night probably wasn't far from it though. That would be troublesome.

Shifting to try to get her bearings, she prepared herself. First thing was first. Get the shelter back, ram it in place so it wouldn't fly off again, and that way ensure that no one caught cold. If she could figure out where the thing went in the first place. Stupid dar-

The illumination brought by the lightning eradicated her train of thought, as she saw what lurked high above.

"Dear Mother, what would you have us do?" Kyrie breathed, her words torn away by the fierce wind as her face paled. Thankfully, no one was able to see it.

Adrenaline surged in her blood as she felt and heard the others stir to action. Zeran yelled for them to move, Frodrick advised for them to stay. Regardless of what they did, they needed to make sure they stayed together.

"Do we have any rope?" Kyrie shouted over the storm, "We should set up some sort of life line between us all!"

Kyrie had no personal experience with tornadoes. What she did have, however, was her intuition. And her intuition was screaming at her that anyone being able to be blown away was a very bad thing.

Posted on 2013-09-24 at 04:00:49.
Edited on 2013-09-24 at 04:05:42 by Reralae

Topic: Kingmaker Adventure Path 2.0
Subject: Well

"Oh, I didn't quite mean going to their village." Kyrie noted, rubbing the back of her head sheepishly, "I mean, I wouldn't do that. Not like I gave any reason for them to trust me either." She shrugged, "I more meant getting directions to where the mites were coming from." She clarified, "Since it sounds like those are the real source of the disturbances over here."

Posted on 2013-09-22 at 04:05:45.

Topic: Kingmaker Adventure Path 2.0
Subject: Kyrie putting two and two together. Is it 4? Probably close enough.

Kyrie blinked twice, taking in what had just been said and considering it, her face a bit grim.

"There's no fault in being honest here." Kyrie said, "I think that explains a few things." She looked up at the others, "There was a report about the kobolds being a bit troublesome lately to their neighbours, right? Now we know why. If things are that desperate..." She left it at that.

"I won't speak for everyone, but how about instead of going back with something temporary, would you accept if I went with you? Having more allies would probably lead to a more likely turnaround than a drink." Kyrie gave a gentle smile at the little critter.

Posted on 2013-09-20 at 05:14:33.
Edited on 2013-09-20 at 05:14:48 by Reralae

Topic: Kingmaker Adventure Path 2.0
Subject: Hmms

"A war? How large are we talking about here?" Kyrie asked, her gaze shifting to the others a moment, "And what's a mite?" She asked.

Kyrie rubbed the back of her head absently with her free hand. She wasn't entirely sure what was going on here, but it seemed as though the lil critter wasn't being evil, just desperate. Desperate enough to attempt to rob a well armed group. Alone.

"Were you with others? What happened to them?" Kyrie asked suddenly, wondering why the lil one was alone in the first place.

Posted on 2013-09-18 at 01:47:57.

Topic: Kingmaker Adventure Path 2.0
Subject: Damn, midnight encounters make for lack of beauty sleep later

Kyrie yawned as she stirred from her slumber. The words that roused her didn't immediately bring her to full awareness. It wasn't a shout. That meant it probably wasn't too bad. Still, she needed to wake up. Kyrie grabbed the shovel beside her and stabbed it into the ground as she sat up, using it as leverage to bring herself to her full (not very impressive) height.

"Yeesh, even we didn't need to wake up so early. Unless we were farming nightshade or something." She yawned, "Oh, wait, nightshade doesn't need to be harvested at night. Or did it?" Kyrie blinked, "... I actually don't know what night shade is. Oh well. Guess I heard the word somewhere." She shrugged, moving forward and wearing her armour (she had no problems sleeping in it it seemed).

Moving up to beside Zeran and the kobold she stared it down. Well, more accurately she was trying to figure out what the critter was. Kyrie was pretty certain she had never seen something like it before.

"Hand caught on the cookie jar?" She noted, "Some farmers can get rather intense about lost crops and lost equipment." She left the spade casually on her shoulder, "I think you should think about a different job."

Posted on 2013-09-15 at 23:12:46.
Edited on 2013-09-15 at 23:14:05 by Reralae

Topic: Zombies in Chicago: Chapter 2 Recruitment
Subject: The butterfly exists

And is always present, except when it is not.

Posted on 2013-09-07 at 03:13:04.

Topic: Kingmaker Adventure Path 2.0
Subject: Livestock != lives of people. Argument = Invalidated

"It also knows now that doing that made a whole pack of angry individuals chase after it, rather keen on spilling its blood." Kyrie noted, "It might think that coming back won't be worth it the next time." She paused, "It's not that we don't want to help people in need, but really, I don't think any of you needed help." She looks at each of them, and pulls out her shovel.

"I don't carry this spade just for gardening, though I do enjoy it; it has seen me through a number of battles as well. I was, and still am, a farmer like you. Don't think little of your own tools, or the arms that wield them."

"Yes, it has killed, but by what you said, it has only killed livestock. I'm not trying to make the damage less, but you should count your blessings - you all survive with families intact. That might have not been the case, particularly when you chose to give chase and attack, but that is what you chose, and you succeeded in driving it away without any casualties. We have all had set backs in the years before, whether by disease or drought, and I know how that feels. At the very least, I can help you get through this one."

With that she offers coinage to the closest farmer, "I don't know who I should give these to but please share. I know coins aren't life; they can't bring back the ones killed, but I hope they help you with a stronger start after what happened."

~ ~ ~

(will post again with things at outpost later)

Posted on 2013-08-24 at 18:41:25.

Topic: Kingmaker Adventure Path 2.0
Subject: Difference between urban legend and truth

Kyrie scratched at her head, "That thing kind of looks familiar. I mean, I don't think I remember actually seeing any of those things before. But still... I would have thought it'd be... bigger and maybe... um... more..." She scratched at her head, "Well, more. I mean the stories would have you believe more."

Kyrie tilted her head, to get a better look at the thing.

"So, why exactly has there is there so much trouble? Has it actually killed someone? If not, well, it doesn't feel any different than a lone fox or wolf." Kyrie asked openly, scratching at the back of her head.

Posted on 2013-08-15 at 03:45:26.

Topic: Kingmaker Adventure Path 2.0
Subject: Sampling the Shinies

Years of digging up vegetables proved to be fruitful yet again as Kyrie was able to use her shovel to gently sift through the ground below the tree.

Kyrie tilted her head as the contents of the stash was revealed. Why would someone bury a book? Books were supposed to be kept in libraries. It's not like you could bury a book and then grow a book tree. The same could be said about the stick, although she surmised that it was possible for a stick to grow into a stick tree. Most trees could provide sticks after all. Still, at least there was something shiny in the stash, that could perhaps be set aside as a part of rainy day funds.

"If it's anything like a vegetable, the market price for the ring might change with who is buying and time of year?" Kyrie suggested, "Or wait... that affects vegetables because you sell many at once, this is only one thing..." She rubbed the back of her head sheepishly and fell quiet.


Kyrie nodded at Frodrick as he grabbed a sample, "That's a good idea. We should also probably ask if he knows if this particular part of the land is known about, since if it's already owned then I think we'd need to try and buy it from whoever has rights to it? I know we're mapping it out to be claimed as part of the whole, but that doesn't mean it's not already someone else's. Even if the paper means we would get it outright, it would be nice to reimburse the previous owner if there is one."

She paused, "Although, we don't know that for sure..." Kyrie looked around a bit along the walls and the ground, "Should we try to find any signs of someone digging here? Or tools. That could let us know if, at the very least, someone's been here before us."


"I think we should continue with these hills as well," Kyrie nodded, "Plus if we didn't go to this side of our map, then we'd have to come back here anyway. It'd be like skipping the left row of tilled soil when planting, you'd go across the field and then have to go back to the first side to get it done."

(I don't think D1 is the hex you mean there, but I'm opting for that one, getting the edge hexes and doubling back)

Posted on 2013-07-27 at 16:17:47.

Topic: Kingmaker Adventure Path 2.0
Subject: +veg is +veg even if we don't eat it right away

Kyrie wandered over to the group after carefully closing the door to Zeran's room, careful to not wake him.

Kyrie nodded to no one in particular as she considered the options. On the one hand, that mass of a weed could mean more trouble but at the same time, if her wounds were any indication, they were in no state to deal with that threat as it was. The only thing they could do was to pass out adviseries for other people in the area.

"And even if we don't need it now, chances are we will need it at some point. I think we should look into that map, can't use harvest if you didn't pick it after all. Not to mention, if we leave it too long, someone else may wander along and pick it." Kyrie nodded.

Left unspoken was that she wasn't sure if she would be able to go with them, depending on how quickly they left. Zeran still needed looking after if he was to have the best chance to heal. She wasn't doing too well herself, but well, there was no reason to bring it up. Kyrie didn't like to admit it to begin with.

Posted on 2013-07-19 at 03:51:36.

Topic: Kingmaker Adventure Path 2.0
Subject: Sweet mother of holly

That is one... oversized... weed.

As far as last thoughts would have gone, that would've been quite a fitting one for the former farm girl. She wasn't entirely sure what to expect, given the vegetative nature of the creature. All things considered, Kyrie was well enough prepared to jump at it if necessary and it meant giving the others the time needed to escape.

Fate, however, seemed to decide that it was necessary for Kyrie to get those martyr-like thoughts out of her head. One way or another. It chose a hard and blunt way.

The force of the impact was immense, and later she would count her shovel lucky that it didn't shatter. The pain was immense, and she couldn't help but cry out as it impacted. Afterward, Kyrie quickly stood up from the adrenaline coursing through her system, but immediately teetered on the balls of her feet, the world spinning around her as she was forced to put the end of the shovel beneath her to steady herself. Her right arm was limp at her side, and her breathing came in short, ragged gasps. If she weren't so stubborn she probably would have panicked. As it was, she was struggling to right herself and get through the ordeal, even as her body was betraying her will.

But then gravity came into play, and well, it was fortunate she was leaning back, since she landed backward on the carriage. Kyrie let go of her shovel in her left hand, and lifted it to her chest, grabbing at the acorn pendant she wore. They were moving. With any luck that meant that they would be okay now. That thought flickered through the haze in her head and helped calm her breathing. Breathing. Even breathing was painful.

Kyrie grimaced a bit as she opened her eyes, breathing slowly and carefully. She wasn't out yet. Kyrie staggered to get herself into a more comfortable sitting position.

“Be the lass al’right there? If she be breathing, then the answer is for all intensive purposes a ‘yes’.”

Kyrie lifted her left hand to wave slowly, though she wasn't sure if Frodrick could see it. "Still... okay."

Not good. Not terrible. That meant okay. She could do okay. And being okay she just had to get better. Kyrie promised, once again, that she would. She'd get better.


"Thank you." Kyrie told Frodrick when they stopped for the night, the dwarf saying that he'd take over for her shift. There was certain tactical points to it that she would be silly to argue against. The kicker though was that in her state, she wasn't sure she would be able to draw a full breath to shout out if something did came up during the night.

It still hurt for her to breathe, and her upper torso and right arm still weren't agreeing with her. When she went into the tent, she took the opportunity to take off her armour for once. It took a lot longer than she would have liked to admit, but being careful paid off. Kyrie was able to remove the armour without causing any more damage, of which it was evident on her skin.

She examined herself as best she could, using a dagger blade as a makeshift mirror. It wasn't the best quality in the world, but this wasn't something she'd be able to miss. Kyrie's skin had gone dark in places where the blow hit her, and where the shovel had recoiled and struck her. The bruising was extensive, and Kyrie knew she would have a hard time hiding them, particularly the ones that went upward along and above her right shoulder.

Still, this was no time to rest just yet. Frodrick had given her more time for rest, but first and foremost she had to try to take care of what she could. It was slow work, but eventually she managed to get her right bicep braced in a splint. The bone wasn't broken, but it was definitely injured. There was little else she could do, with no open wounds to tend to, and so she slept.


Kyrie didn't wear her armour the next day, nor any other day along the path back to Oleg's. She did her best to tend for both herself and Zeran, whose condition was worrying but thankfully not terrible.

She told herself that this was a part of getting better so that she wouldn't be a liability to the rest of the group. Kyrie wasn't combat ready, and everyone knew it, so there was little point in trying to appear so regardless, even if she was capable of using her shovel left handed. Mostly, she did her part to try to get better sooner. Not over exerting herself, and keeping to a good rest routine. If anyone asked, however, she would smile and say that she would be okay with a bit more rest. How much 'a bit' was, however, she wasn't sure herself.


Zeran's condition appeared to worsen a bit when they finally got to Oleg's. Or perhaps that was just a side effect of finally being able to get some assured, complete rest. Even as he called the rest of them to 'git', Kyrie rubbed at the back of her head. She doubted he meant that too seriously, more in reference to not wanting to get anyone else sick.

When she was sure that he had fallen asleep, she carefully entered the room with a small basin of water and cloth. What kind of person would she be if she abandoned her duties? Kyrie shrugged a bit, and wandered closer.

Kyrie didn't pay much heed to what he was saying, in his feverish state between dream and sleep. With care, she wiped his brow, which glistened from sweat, with the damp cloth. One word stuck out to her, however, that she couldn't help but overhear. Well, it was more likely a name. 'Felicity'. It sounded foreign, and she wasn't sure what to make of it, but also was fairly sure that it wasn't really her business.

Checking once again that his temperature was stable, she gently lay the damp cloth on Zeran's forehead, leaving the room with basin carried in left arm, her right still limp in its sling.

Posted on 2013-07-04 at 05:48:52.
Edited on 2013-07-04 at 08:05:28 by Reralae

Topic: Kingmaker Adventure Path 2.0
Subject: 'tis but an ailing of the flesh!

Kyrie was no stranger to ailment. What was strange was that she was the one who had it this time, as opposed to others when cold or fever more often than not passed over her. Still, as uncomfortable as it was, it did not feel very threatening to her. Her body felt a bit less responsive than normal, but only slightly. Kyrie had felt a slight sense of fatigue earlier, but that had since faded. Sweat beaded at the edge where her face met her hair, and she occasionally felt her body shiver, but these were the only symptoms of her condition that she would allow. Kyrie would not allow more than that. Not while she could help it. She was stronger than that. Much stronger.

At least, that's what she told herself.

“Ya ok there lass? Should we camp out and let yer body recover from the sickness? It might just be a passing fever, but in this day and age, and in these parts, we should take every precaution...”

Kyrie looked over and gave a smile to the dwarf, "I'll be fine. Might have just caught a small cold. Sudden chills can do that to a person. Or so Mah'r said."

She closed her eyes a moment and steeled her resolve. There was no doubt that the others could notice her minor symptoms, but that didn't mean she would become a hindrance. 'I'll be fine.' Coming from some people, it could just be a shrugging off of concern, trying to alleviate worry. Coming from Kyrie, it was a promise. She would see to it.

Kyrie opened her eyes and nodded, "I'll take steps to make sure it doesn't get worse." She knew how to take care of sick or injured people. That being said, she never would've guessed she'd be the one that was sick, but well, that was out of her hands it seemed.

((When you have only 3 skill points, you make them count XD Heal checks away!))

Posted on 2013-06-01 at 04:45:24.

Topic: Kingmaker Adventure Path 2.0
Subject: How do you expect me to stay back? Can't tank at the back of the group!

Kyrie had already moved by the time the others were already roused, standing near the edge of where the fire's light could be considered good illumination and trying to pierce the fog with her gaze. She evidently dropped her shovel behind her similar to how one discards their bat after hitting the ball, with her sickle already in hand as she stared hard ahead of her.

"I'm not quite sure what it is." She noted back at the others, clarifying, "But someone called for help, and I can't see their lantern any more. Don't worry, I'm not about to dash over there. Just trying to see if I can make anything out."

As Miguel brought his will upon reality, Kyrie reached over her shoulder and drew her shield from her back. It was not a time to attack, but to be prepared, and her shield was her best bet to be prepared.

Kyrie frowned a bit as she stared into the fog. She didn't know what she was looking for, but her intuition was that perhaps she would be able to, if not see, perhaps feel. Later she'd probably think she was nuts but the alternative was to run forward, and this was about as far forward as she wanted to go right now, lest she abandon her allies.

(Surprise round - curiosity dictates I move forward 30ft to edge of bright illumination from campfire. Draw sickle while moving, with shovel dropped behind prior to move (free)
First round - don shield and begin scanning via detect evil, centre of gaze at where the lantern last was)

Posted on 2013-05-03 at 06:35:45.
Edited on 2013-05-03 at 06:59:44 by Reralae

Topic: Kingmaker Adventure Path 2.0
Subject: Honestly thought it'd be longer

Kyrie idly patted the stone circle around their campfire with her shovel. It wasn't as though there was any wind that could blow them away, but it was a habit of hers. She closed her eyes a moment to listen to the crackling of the flames. Opening them again, she waved a hand in front of her face.

"Sheesh, this fog is like mashed potatoes." She murmured, "At least it's not too cold out."

She remembered a few winters on the farm. Those could get frigid. Before she could remember what they were trying to grow through the winter as an experiment once, her thoughts were interrupted by a cry.

Even with the obscuring fog, a cry for help was very identifiable to the friendly (ex?)-farmer. Kyrie could vaguely see the source, or supposedly what might've been a lantern carried by them.

"Over here!" Kyrie shouted back, waving her shovel in the air out of habit despite the fog, "What's wrong? Can you make it here?"

(All things considered I thought it'd be longer, but then I realized that Kyrie wouldn't be anything but direct and just follow her instinctive helpfulness so… yeah, probably woke peoples up with her shouting but hey, it's for a good cause XD)

Posted on 2013-05-01 at 07:30:45.


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