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Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Thank you!

Thank you very much for the compliment! I'm glad...

Whenever I take over another person's character, I try to keep to the original concept and image of the character. So, in essense, I roleplay the original player.

So, I'm glad it felt familiar to you; it was supposed to be ^_^

Posted on 2008-07-02 at 17:11:55.

Topic: ~Crimson Blood~
Subject: Magic of a Different Variety

The little girl watches the two from above, intrigued by the conversation. Magic, it would seem, is far different for the residents of this world than several of the other worlds she's been to. However, her own innate ties with magic are thankfully undisrupted. In a couple of the worlds she's been to, people there have used demons in order to use magic, albiet of a different variety. Hmm, that would mean that it could be more dangerous for her here because, if she were to be used in a similar manner, the magic obtained would probably be at about the level as that of the use of a greater demon. She cannot risk letting others know of her presence...

Apprehensive, the little girl remains above, invisible, watching Artemis and Illiana as well as watching over them.

Posted on 2008-07-02 at 15:51:08.

Topic: Star Wars: Patterns of Deception
Subject: Ooh, fancy

Ninkanna glances around her entire range of vision within the Hall. The architecture is astounding, but... it feels so empty to her, almost cold in a sense, not unlike the direct droid who is leading them. The place almost seems like a library or archive, with the doors along the side to lead to rooms filled with datapads and memory files.

"Welcome, welcome,"

Ninkanna quickly turns to the source, having not really been paying attention to what is in front of her.

"I'm sorry, JO is supposed to be programed for ettiquette, but I swear that whoever programmed must have been completely inept at that subject..."

"Oh, that's alright, I imagine it'd be among the more difficult things for a droid to comprehend." Ninkanna says, thinking about her starfighter's astromech droid and its own little quirks.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't be blathering" he continued. "Please come with me, let me show you to the dining room. I want to give our Jedi friends a warm welcome."

"Thank you." Ninkanna replies, giving a respectful bow.

She follows Namor into the dining room, hoping she wouldn't be asked to do too much that's out of her league.

Posted on 2008-07-01 at 22:07:07.
Edited on 2008-07-01 at 22:07:57 by Reralae

Topic: Welcome or Not!
Subject: Gemstones and a Warning

Two of the watchers quickly left after Erihsehc, and Sen had little doubt that they held ill intentions. Carefully picking up the bag that was an offering to her by Arturo, Sen quickly races and catches up with Erihsehc.

During her flight, Sen examines the stones in the bag. She was right; these could be used for... well, hopefully she wouldn't have to use them in that fashion, although it is possible. She places the bag within her own pouch, and flies alongside Erihsehc.

"Be careful; you are being followed." Sen whispers, her voice strong enough to hear over the horse's gallop, but soft and faint enough that only Erihsehc would be able to hear her, "It's the two men who were watching you alongside that dwarf; they've been following you since you left Kint."

Posted on 2008-07-01 at 21:51:40.

Topic: Silent Hill Q&A
Subject: Re: The Notebook

You could probably PM me what's in it, since Cindi isn't exactly going to be showing everyone, at least not right away, and they others are likely to be more preoccupied by the poker game anyway

Posted on 2008-07-01 at 04:05:32.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Good to be here

Thank you all! I'll do my best! ^_^

Posted on 2008-07-01 at 02:37:12.

Topic: Auguries of Destruction: The Linsemptus - Q/A

Alright, we're now at Twilight! Post in character reactions and intent for the night.

Current gain:
Material: varies between characters
XP: everyone gains 3000xp

Posted on 2008-07-01 at 01:47:14.

Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Linsemptus

At the twilight of dusk, Tristin is beginning to rouse from his brief slumber, yet Qin is still plainly asleep. The air is calm and peaceful.

Armand, Deunan, Caduceus and Renshiir reach the Hylon city gates, their journey uneventful, for even the wild predators kept to their own. The sounds of civilization within the city are drawing to a close as people prepare for this night's sleep, if they aren't already asleep.

Manalagna has awoken from his brief slumber, finding himself alone in the arena guest quarters. There is little sound from the arena; it seems many people have gone to bed.

Dusk has reached the next stop along his unmade path, reaching the city gates of Wanqir. Unlike Hylon, Wanqir is still a buzz of activity, with late evening merchants and people still going about their business. Yet, even with this business, there is a peaceful air in the evening.

Willow and Nintarra are just meandering around the peaceful city of Aqinarr when the sun descends.

Yet, they all remain for the most part oblivious, a blissful ignorance, and one that cannot last.

The mountain of Venerro looms over the rest of the continent, solid and magnificent. It is a constant, unchanged by even the six years of brutality, those six years of unrelenting disasters. Hurricanes, tornadoes, even magma seeped out of the mountains and the ground, and at times the ground shook with such ferocity that it seemed as though the world was tearing in two. That was now over, and it has been peaceful for a year. Just short of exactly one year.

A curious and knowing girl sits near Mount Venerro's peak. The sun has begun to dip over the horizon. The girl is so close she can feel it, the pressure building along the seams of the fabric of reality. It wouldn't be safe here to watch. She retreats further down the mountain. Who knew where the world would split?

The sun descends further, nearing the halfway point. The sounds of the world slowly fade, as the world shushes its people, willing them to listen. Finally, the sun reaches the halfway mark, the True Twilight.

"They're here." The girl whispers, fear and anticipation resonating within her voice.

With a cacocophonous roar even greater than point blank thunder, the sky cracks. It isn't a single fracture either, for this crack, extending from the peak of Venerro, shatters a large portion of the sky, appearing much like a window pane after it has been hit with a marble. The sound alone is immense, spanning the width of the continent of Tiancann, and even beyond. Those who are asleep awaken, those who are not are shaken, and the girl at the pinnacle of the occurace is nearly blown away. The one main crack in the sky can be seen throughout Tiancann, and even the spiderweb cracks extending from it can be seen, although not as clearly. Even in the Forest of Hylon, the crack extends far enough forth that it can be seen through most of the foliage of the tree canopy, and from the clearing of Hylon city, it can be seen in its entirety. The cracks are an unnatural and blank white, contrasting sharply with the natural world. They even cast immense shadows on the ground under the fading sun.

The girl staggers to her feet, looking up at the peak of the mountain sadly. She quickly flees the area, leaping into the air with a burst of speed from her dragonfly wings and vanishing.

The Dead Dusk of Destruction has come to Tiancann.

Posted on 2008-07-01 at 01:44:40.

Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Linsemptus
Subject: Checkpoint!

Aqinarr City
Willow's Room
Three and Three Quarter Hours before Twilight

(as was planned in MSN)

Dinner is a plain stew along with some bread and biscuits, but Willow's thoughts likely weren't about supper, and it was hard to tell exactly what Nintarra was thinking. Afterwards, the two decide to stroll around the city, carefully making sure not to go near Casia's delivery route, especially now that she is clearly known to be a thief, albiet one that only steals for the thrill of it.

Along the trek, Nintarra shares her story with Willow. She doesn't remember her parents, being born just before the six years of turmoil, and among those who died during those years includes her parents. She made a living from performing, whether it be dancing, or orally through song, and it is mainly from her savings from that that she had saved enough to almost fully buy the cards.

Yet, even though she is a bit sad that her parents are gone, Nintarra is still a kind and compassionate person. She also discloses to Willow the reason why she bought the cards: she wants to be able to foretell danger, just to help people prepare for it to help prevent loss.

(okies... checkpoint!)

Posted on 2008-07-01 at 01:40:59.

Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Linsemptus
Subject: Avatar of Destiny and Unseen Truths

Aqinarr City
Willow's Room
Three and Three Quarter Hours before Twilight

The futuresight was successful, but its coming left more questions in Willow than answers.

"I've heard of doom prophecies before, but to doubt an actual divination such as this would be foolish. What do you think it means exactly? What kind of danger do you think it represents?" Willow stopped a second to take in the reality of predicted misfortune. Such was the way of foresight, it provoked much more questions than ever it answered.

The girl looks at Willow comfortingly, and suddenly she seems so much older than she actually is, "It just means something is going to happen that we have to be aware of and be ready to act. As for what exactly, I can't even try to guess. The fact that it's three of the cards when two would've had the same message implies that it is going to be something big, at least on the scale of the storms from the six years before this one."

Seeing Willow try to make sense of the cards, the girl adds, "The center card represents things on a whole. These three cards in front of me are ones that represent you. These three here," indicating the south with the water-fire-water combination, "represent the near future. These three in front of you show obsticles, and the middle one is a way through them. The final three are for the future beyond."

The girl smiles, "I haven't actually studied magic; the magic is in the cards. I just happened to memorize the words to activate them, and the meanings of the cards kind of come to me when I read them."

"Come, I'll treat you to supper then," Willow invited the golden-eyed child. "My name is Willow, may I ask what yours would be?"

The girl curtsies, "My name is Nintarra, and it's a pleasure to meet you Willow."

Something is strange. Nintarra's apparent age seems too young for her level of maturity. Did obtaining the cards change her in some way, or is this just a wisdom and grace that was dormant in her? Out of the corner of her eye, Willow can see the price tag still on the wooden box, and it is 1440gp, but Willow only gave 100gp for her to buy it. How exactly did Nintarra get the rest of the gold?

Posted on 2008-07-01 at 00:57:33.

Topic: Welcome or Not!
Subject: Watching the Watchers

Sen listens to the two men and the dwarf, but it seems they have stopped talking, so instead she listens to the conversation inside. Zenb... doesn't sound like a very friendly person to me she thinks.

When Sen hears about the bag for her, she too is slightly surprised. She knew that Arturo could see her, or otherwise perceive her, but she didn't expect he'd do much regarding her. She closes her eyes and strains her ears, listening for any indication of what might be in the bag.

clink clink A slight clinking sound as the things in the bag tap one another as it is moved. The sound has weight behind it, and so could only really be some sort of mineral. In an instant, Sen gueses wha's in the bag. Gemstones. Hmm, it seems Arturo knows a bit about sylphs. Sen reasons, knowing that in general sylphs such as she are drawn to pretty things that are light, such as gemstones and jewellery. Not to mention, there were other things that could be done with gemstones...

Erihsehc exits the building and heads towards the stable, the nosy three watching him. They definitely had some sort of intent, but whether it was good or ill remained to be seen. Sen reasons that she can catch up to Erihsehc quickly enough, so she stays behind, spying on the nosy three people, waiting for them to slip or otherwise show their intentions.

Posted on 2008-06-30 at 23:50:34.

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: Don't you dare scare me like that!

"Why are you crying? He's just sleeping. They all do that from time to time you know." Niamedris' thought pokes into Haila's mind as she cries.

Haila almost lashes out at Niamedris' thought, but is too torn emotionally to do so. Her heart felt like an ice carving, cold, and melting... Divot... That would be two people she had lost who were close to her.

As the others talk about resurrection, Haila moves to the side, hoping.

Holding Divot's hand, even though it was dead, Haila feels the warmth return to it as his life is restored.

“H’lo Halia-luv,” he whispered.

Unbidden, Niamedris' thought comes as well, "See? I told you he was sleeping."

Haila rolls her eyes, although the motion isn't directed towards Divot. He was dead, and now he is alive! Her heart flutters after its sudden stop a few moments ago. When he kisses her, her cheeks redden, and she clenches his hand slightly. Sheesh, now they'll all know for sure. She thinks, But... do I really care?

"Hey, if I liked another cat, I wouldn't hide it. There's no reason to I think. You humans are just strange." Niamedris inserts, before his thought changes to questioning when the next meal is.

“If’n it meant I’d wake up tae yer face ever’ time, lass,” he winked, “I’d do it agin, too... Course, I’d much rather ye were smilin’ than boo-hooin’, aye?”

"You fool." Haila says with a smile.

Suddenly, she grabs Divot in her embrace, holding him tightly. "Don't you dare do that to me again! I'd kill you again for making my heart nearly stop!"

Posted on 2008-06-30 at 23:32:31.
Edited on 2008-06-30 at 23:35:12 by Reralae

Topic: Who Owns Rusty Dull Swords? (W.O.R.D.S.)
Subject: S.A.M.E.

Solo Amateurs Master the Elements

Posted on 2008-06-30 at 22:59:48.

Topic: Who Owns Rusty Dull Swords? (W.O.R.D.S.)
Subject: S.W.E.A.T.Y.

So... Who Eats Angry Terrible Yolks?

Posted on 2008-06-30 at 22:11:42.

Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Linsemptus
Subject: Checkpoint!

Somewhere Between Wanqir and Aqinarr
Plains of Tiancann
Three Hours before Twilight

"Take the cloak. You will need to wear something eventually," he said finally.

The young tigress tilts its head, slightly questioning whether or not that's true. It carefully takes picks up the cloak in its mouth regardless, nodding its thanks.

The hunter was entombed and Dusk's mind at ease and it was time to resume his trek.

"It is time for me to go now," he said, looking around the horizon and noting the position of the sun. "There are only a few hours 'til dark and I would like to make progress yet."

Bowing slightly, Dusk turns and begins to walk.

The tiger makes a motion almost equivilent to a bow, despite being quadrapedal, and wanders off.

The sun is just setting over the horizon when Dusk reaches the city gates of Wanqir.

((Dusk is now at Checkpoint 1 - further RP and posting is optional))

Posted on 2008-06-30 at 21:21:51.

Topic: Who Owns Rusty Dull Swords? (W.O.R.D.S.)
Subject: S.L.O.W.L.Y.

Sundering Light Over Winterless Looming Years

Posted on 2008-06-30 at 17:22:13.

Topic: Who Owns Rusty Dull Swords? (W.O.R.D.S.)
Subject: E.L.V.E.S.

Elderly Lived; Venerable and Enigmatic Species

Posted on 2008-06-30 at 17:08:52.

Topic: Who Owns Rusty Dull Swords? (W.O.R.D.S.)
Subject: Merging the two into a single post

Ordering Cold Collectables Under Preconsidered And Trusted Initiatives, Ordering Nine

Saturday Appeals Naturally to International Teen Youth

Posted on 2008-06-30 at 16:37:40.

Topic: Who Owns Rusty Dull Swords? (W.O.R.D.S.)
Subject: D.A.Y.

Dire Aggressive Yo-yos

Posted on 2008-06-30 at 16:18:02.

Topic: ~Crimson Blood~
Subject: Silent in the night

The little girl follows Artemis and Illiana easily, hovering high above them in the sky. If both of them knew about her, how many others did as well? It is making the girl nervous. If she were to be caught... there was no telling what sort of things people would do if they tried to take advantage of her abilities.

Regardless of what the two choose to do below, the girl doesn't feel like sleeping; her mind is too awake to sleep. It is a good thing she didn't need to sleep then.

Posted on 2008-06-30 at 07:20:10.

Topic: Who Owns Rusty Dull Swords? (W.O.R.D.S.)
Subject: Who Owns Rusty Dull Swords? (W.O.R.D.S.)

This game is based off of acronyms. Using the last word in the previous post, make a sentence or phrase or even a question using that word as an acronym. Adding words like 'the', 'in', 'or', and 'and' can be done freely, and can also be used as a part of the word if desired. Plural words can be converted to their singular form if desired, to make it easier.

Example: if the last word in the previous post was 'cats', then I'd put:

Continuity And Time Systems

Alternatively, I could also (and this is what I will) put:

Correct but Abnormal Time

Posted on 2008-06-30 at 07:02:20.
Edited on 2008-06-30 at 07:03:35 by Reralae

Topic: Forgotten Realms: The Unsung Heroes
Subject: Kill it!

Seeing Artanis attacking the same enemy as herself, Linnix decides to try to use that to her advantage, moving a step around the wolf so that it is in-between Artanis and herself. Her breath coming in ragged bursts, Linnix swings across again with the scythe.

(Linnix will move 5' around the wolf to try to flank it, if it's not possible to flank it in 5', then Linnix will still step 5' in the desired direction and no further)

Posted on 2008-06-30 at 04:26:10.

Topic: ~Crimson Blood~
Subject: Indeed

The woman sees the look of recognition in Illiana's eyes in that single glance. She's far more intuitive that I could have thought The woman notes, That means I won't be able to use this form as a disguise, except for the instances where I must.

She retreats to another deserted alley, and reverts back to her original form. Invisibility is generally far better than any disguise. Besides, she prefers to fly rather than walk. How can these people stand walking? The little girl is truly a spirit of the air.

Now invisible and unseen, she flies above Illiana, trailing her consistently. She doesn't bother to enter the store where Illiana does, but is slightly surprised by the amount of time she spends in there. Soon enough, nearing dusk, Illiana and Artemis return into view, and so the little girl follows them. Things were likely to get interesting and quite quickly, so she makes sure to keep within her hearing range of the two, landing on the roof of a nearby building gently without disturbing it.

Posted on 2008-06-30 at 04:12:01.

Topic: Silent Hill: Eternal Decay
Subject: I'm not in

Cindi declines the drink and card game politely, "I'm sorry; I find that I think better without alchohol, and I personally don't gamble."

Cindi's foxlike face is passive, a fine poker face, and even as she watches the others she continues to think, and build the puzzle to which she only has a few pieces.

Inside, she had her own suspicions. Chief can only refer to so many social occupations, and all of them have to do with the government. If that's the case... then he'd know our names from that occupation. Cindi thinks back to her photograph. A deviant. Yes, probably what some would say is 'against the law'... After another moment of thinking, Cindi thinks, The puzzle is so much clearer when little pieces come together in clumps. You didn't say much, but you already said enough.

Stay in this shop? I wonder, exactly how safe can it be, and why? Hmm... with the darkness gone, that means Meera will definitely be alright, and if that is only the case while we remain here, I'll stay here a while then. However, does this mean I can practice my music here without harm, and maybe figure out how to play the flute in tune? Cards... where are the other cards to my single one, and what are these ones used for? Cindi thinks of all her questions, and then remembers the notebook she picked up earlier.

She opens her backpack and pulls it out. If they indeed had time here, she might as well use it to read this.

Posted on 2008-06-29 at 19:17:36.
Edited on 2008-06-29 at 19:22:10 by Reralae

Topic: ~Crimson Blood~
Subject: Excuse Me

"Miss! Are you going to buy that jewel or not? You've been staring at it for quite some time now!" The vendor in front of the woman asks in exhasperation.

"Oh, I'm sorry." The woman replies, pulling out her purse and paying the man in full. She drops the gem, a beautifully cut amethyst, into the same pouch.

Turning away, her eyes and Illiana's catch one another for just a moment, before the woman continues turning and walks away.

Posted on 2008-06-29 at 18:47:24.


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