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Topic: Paranoia: Adventures in Clonesitting
Subject: There is no information, then there is no conclusion

"Unknown." Artie replied, "No information to narrow scope of possibility. Sabotage. Malfunction. Planned test. All are possible."

Logically speaking, there was little point as to conjecture, and even computers had to wait on futureints for computation. Artie waited by the side of the primary hallway, leaning against the wall in between the junctions that he had supposed that the others had gone down.

Posted on 2012-04-18 at 18:04:03.

Topic: Gender Roles (an unorganized possible feminist rant)
Subject: Definitely yes

And you had just met up with Alice too...

Posted on 2012-04-16 at 18:06:57.

Topic: Gender Roles (an unorganized possible feminist rant)
Subject: Personally

As a girl who has pretty much only played female characters, I've definitely some patterns I have a tendency to follow, though it may be more a quirk of me as a player and my preferences rather than something to do with the setting.

I love spellcasters. Well, no, that's not quite true To elaborate further, I have a tendency to really like magic systems. In Witchcraft, characters are more likely than not to have magic. Characters in Exalted are, well... demigods kinda. Buuuut when it comes to D&D, I don't mind playing the spellcaster, but I don't necessarily like the system. Of course, that's a whole other rant of mine which really is just personal preference. (for the curious, I have a tendency to be easily miffed by arcane vs divine magic)

Back to the characters themselves though... I have a tendency to make 'outcast' characters. Characters that don't visibly belong in a majority. That in itself isn't too bad but it's just a habit of mine. I try not to go too far out there.

Examples of my chars:
C - computer hacker, side stepped her human appearance a bit with her cat ears and eyes (futuristic setting). Playful and cat like.

Linnix - I'm not really claiming her as my character, since I picked up the character after her original player left, but the way I had her develop, she eventually got over a short temper and overall became a better person, discovering what she wanted to follow. Would've taken the Shadowdancer route

Riina - ranger, though more druidic in her views. Followed a sort of 'defender of the forest' archetype, though what exactly she defended was the natural order; she had no quarrel with travellers, or lumberjacks even (provided they didn't take too much). Had a tendency to use comparisons to animals in order for comprehension of situations (not in a degrading way, more just compared similar scenes to understand them better, and to better judge morale, motivation levels of opponents, and similar)

Roseanne (real name Janelle) - *really* weird girl. Weird in the sense that she has an absolute paranoia about clocks and time. An adept fencer, and very strong, uncontrolled power.

I think that's enough examples from me, otherwise this post will be huuuge.

In the end though, I've had my share of rogues, clerics, rangers, wizards, druids... Apart from the 'outcast' kind of template to the setup of their background, I'm not exactly sure if I could find particular convergences of design. Of course, I don't exactly have them all in front of me to cross reference

EDIT: Yeah, I've never done a paladin. It just feels somewhat unappealing to me. In particular because of the restrictions it has.

Posted on 2012-04-16 at 18:00:17.
Edited on 2012-04-16 at 18:04:36 by Reralae

Topic: Paranoia: Adventures in Clonesitting
Subject: Always need a plan

Artie blinked as the group was plunged in darkness. The emotional side of him thought this was getting freaky. On the other hand, the logical side of him took the emotional side of him, and punched it in the face to establish superiority. Now was not the time for emotional theatrics. If there was ever a time for emotional theatrics, it'd be at a time after anything else mattered. Which was never.

"Mission objective: reach Section 168." Artie said aloud, as though there wasn't even anything wrong or changed, "Current objective: restore light/power for wayfinding."

"Blowz: With me on the current path. Help direct the others. Rest: split up, each take a different junction. Cover ground. Locate target sector or sabotage or generator switch. Report back immediately if anything is found. Travel until dead end or 60 paces. Whichever comes first. Then try different junction."

"Clear?" Artie asked, looking around at the dim silhouettes around him, before suddenly falling over, landing with a thud on the ground.

"I am undamaged." He muttered grumpily, leaning back against the wall as he stood back up.

Posted on 2012-04-13 at 08:23:14.
Edited on 2012-04-13 at 08:25:05 by Reralae

Topic: Paranoia: Adventures in Clonesitting Q&A
Subject: Hmms...

I can't help but think that, if Artie (under my playing of course) had his way, reports would be in flagged binary, the language of efficiency.

Random example of a report of the gun:

mechanism = laser cannon (yellow)
last visible state = on
functioning normally = true
request followup = true

Of course, I'm a computer science person so that's why I ended up thinking about that and posting this

Posted on 2012-04-10 at 22:33:34.

Topic: Paranoia: Adventures in Clonesitting
Subject: Your orders...

"Short notes." Artie said suddenly, looking at Steam, "Give to Blowz for compilation when done. He will give to me for review and hand in. Equipment is not Communications."

No point for the Equipment officer to try to be detailed when there was no analysis of the equipment possible. Still, if he volunteered himself for the job, he would be expected to uphold it.

Divide and conquer algorithm. Divide the tasks among the processors available, allowing all processors to be utilized to their full extent. It was basic synth logic. Parallelism was good. Sequentialism was bad.

Posted on 2012-04-10 at 22:02:27.
Edited on 2012-04-10 at 22:05:38 by Reralae

Topic: Paranoia: Adventures in Clonesitting
Subject: Re-introduction kinda

"Apologies for inefficiency." Artie's deep, though quiet voice could be heard, despite barely moving his mouth, "Will improve."

That was all he felt he needed to say, and so he leaned back against the wall, taking a breath.

The laser had stunned him. Well, in a way it had stunned him. In another it had awoken him. It was a warning shot. A warning about inefficiency. Always trust the synth to know the proper course of action.

Maybe it was fear that rooted him to the spot as the laser fired. It didn't matter at this point. Artie knew he had a commitment to uphold, and by the circuits of the Computer, he would do his best to fulfill that commitment. He found his resolve.

"Standing by." He said, echoing the Computer's last order to verify his acknowledgment of it, and nodding towards Slipp.

That wasn't to say be idle during the wait, however. Artie cast his eyes around the corridor, seeing if there was anything noteworthy or interesting...

Posted on 2012-04-10 at 20:26:38.
Edited on 2012-04-10 at 20:27:09 by Reralae

Topic: Paranoia: Adventures in Clonesitting Q&A
Subject: It's like a turn based rpg

Except you have a timer going for your turn. Last I checked, another Officer did a fine job shouting 'everyone run!' in the Team Leader's stead (who was out cold/stunned so couldn't do anything to begin with at that point)

No command to move by player = character doesn't move = easy target = easy death.

It's logic

By the way... when does Artie wake up? I'm guessing he's still out at the moment.

Posted on 2012-04-10 at 20:04:43.
Edited on 2012-04-10 at 20:07:03 by Reralae

Topic: Paranoia: Adventures in Clonesitting Q&A
Subject: There will be changes...

As new team leader, I will hereby promote a new movement. We will strive to be the FRIENDLIEST. It takes no rank to be friendly, or spread the friendly atmosphere, thus we will make Alpha Complex friendlier one step at a time!

By killing communists. And mutants. And traitors. Because statistics and the Computer have shown that their presence detracts from overall friendliness.

*nods sagely*


Glad to come aboard Hope to have fun with everyone ^^

"Kill the traitors, steal the treasure, stab your buddy traitorous companions"

(disclaimer: Reralae may or may not be hyper from character download and imagination overload and hot chocolate)

Posted on 2012-04-10 at 18:45:42.

Topic: Paranoia: Adventures in Clonesitting Q&A
Subject: I can't help...

But giggle at the situation.

Also can't help but think that I'd make a terrible paranoia player; I'm just too used to making plans. Complicated plans. And schemes.

That being said, I'd still press a button if I was in this situation

On second thought to the above though, maybe I wouldn't be *that* bad at paranoia, as long as I made my character a biiiiiiit... crazy

And remember: Do not look at the manual of the device. Do not submerge the device in liquid, even partially. Do not look at the operational end of the device. Do not modify the device. Do not ask the name of the device. Lastly, under no circumstances should you- [static]

Posted on 2012-04-04 at 20:32:13.

Topic: GOODDAY: Welcome to Pyron
Subject: Well...

Afraid I don't really know how to answer the question Jozan. It won't be any different than another game whereby in posts the player will post their actions and speech if applicable.

The foundation of the system is the Witchcraft system, modified to take into account the changed setting; everything is point-buy (base stats, perks, skills), no classes, but like D&D there will be synergy bonuses to coinciding skills. Just takes into account that in the modern world, interests aren't so defined and grouped as in the D&D setting whereby you generally fall under a specific niche of adventurer.

As long as you don't go off the rails with combat actions (like, don't try to somersault over a dragon's head to smack it in the face right off the bat unless you think you're either REALLY lucky, or have the experience to buy the skill points to pull it off), pretty much anything will be allowed given the mechanics of the holo-game. That is the stunt mechanic. In D&D terms, you can consider yourself to be able to do sunders/disarms/overruns and such even if not necessarily trained, but the more you do them, the more trained you will get to be, and develop your own combat style in a sense.

I will be providing character sheet references so that you can tell what sort of things you should or should not do in combat if that is the concern.

Posted on 2012-04-04 at 17:01:16.

Topic: GOODDAY: Welcome to Pyron
Subject: GOODDAY: Welcome to Pyron

May 14th, 2034, the rocket 'Coordinator' launched from a space pad in the US, funded and made by a private corporation, GOODDAY, with permission by NASA. Information on the project is withheld.

September 13th, 2039, 'Coordinator' reaches Jupiter, is reported 'lost' after entering Jupiter's atmosphere.

February 28th, 2040, 'Coordinator' crash lands in the ring of fire region of the Pacific, by Australia and Papua New Guinea, embedding itself deep inside an underwater volcano. An eruption results of the collision, but besides the smog, an unknown particle is introduced to the atmosphere.

The island formed by the eruption, dubbed Pyron, is claimed by GOODDAY, on the grounds that it is a temporary claim, until requisition of the 'Coordinator'. After acquiring permits, an excavation team is sent to the site.

March 23rd, 2040, atmospheric concentration of the unknown particle, dubbed Unh, reaches an approximated 1% at near-surface surface altitudes. Scientific study of the particle is hindered by its resistency to being distilled from the air. However, it appears to show a reaction to wireless communication, concentration increasing to about 3% near high-traffic network hubs.

May 14th, 2040, seemingly overnight, a wide city fortress is built, with outer walls extending beyond and blocking off the island from sea travel. Communication with the island is silent.

May 31st, 2040, satellite imagry confirms that the island mass of Pyron is increasing, expanding outwords towards the ocean side.

July 14th, 2041, Pyron declares independence on a worldwide broadcast. The Papua New Guinea government is outraged at the violation of its borders, and the UN is uncertain what to make of this development.

2042-2044, War is declared on Pyron by separate nations and in differing order. The result however is the same, regardless of the attacker. Pyron repelled all attacks, decimating attacking forces. Survivors of the counter attacks claim light-based technology used in the defence of Pyron. As a result, Pyron independence is accepted, if grudgingly by some.

September 20th, 2046, Pyron declines membership with the UN.

2047, With economic disparity occurring because of the strain of the ineffectual wars, Pyron is seen in a new light; the lack of imports or exports of goods to Pyron seems indicative of utopia. Pyron has expanded into a large island by this time. Very little information is available on Pyron besides that some of the technology seen seems almost alien in its capabilities, beyond human technology. People from various places begin seeking entry into Pyron.

May 14th, 2049, Pyron lifts out of the ocean, now a small continent hovering in the air just above it. Ocean water levels decline a few inches. For the first time, immigration to Pyron is allowed by the Pyrran government. Tourism however, is discouraged, as export of Pyrran goods is still not allowed.

As Pyron opens its doors, what exactly is inside is finally revealed to the rest of the world. It appears to be an oversized city, but not crowded with buildings, instead being coordinated into a mix of residential, industrial, green and farm districts. However, what was most notable of Pyron was the lights covering the buildings and streets, and the vehicles riding the light rails. Holographic technology. That is what Pyron witheld to itself for a decade, developping it in secret, only to now publicly show it to the world.

"We have discovered a new world." Proclaimed the former CEO of GOODDAY in a worldwide broadcast, now Pyron Minister of Public Relations, "It is a world where things can be made out of the air itself. Mostly still intangible and virtual yet, but the potential is unbelievable. This day, we place the seeds of our work into the hands of our YOUNG. In the hands of the YOUNG, the YOUTH, the future will come to be."

The year is now 2050, only one year after the opening of Pyron's doors. You may be immigrants, or you may be residents of Pyron. Regardless, the wealth of this strange city, and a new, rumoured country-wide holo-game, will be grounds for some... interesting times...

System Structure:

Not sure about the number of players on this thing. Probably 4-6 would be a good group.

I'm looking for players who are willing to invest in a character who will grow, because I'll do my best to provide the seeds.

As is visible, this is a near-futuristic setting. All characters will be human (at least initially).

Of note: Residents gain an inherent bonus to use of holo-tech. Immigrants however gain a bonus to adaptability (able to improvise with things besides holo-tech where required).

I will be in charge of the stat and system side of things, so interested players should have a concept ready (or make one) for their character and not worry about stats and etc.

Possible archetypes:
Government spy immigrant - An immigrant to Pyron who answers to an external government (probably US since they have particular interest in GOODDAY).
Game enthusiast resident - Resident of Pyron who is up to date with the rumours regarding the upcoming fantasy immersion holo game, has contacts in the know of the developers.
Curious immigrant - Just your casual innocent bystander tourist, weathered to all kinds of places. Arctic, Hawaii? Yeah, been there done that. Only thing new now is out of this world.
Business resident - Pyron's not going to run itself, no matter what these silly tourists may think. Paper pusher, perhaps a customer service attendant, overseeing complaints of the holo network of traffic. Or perhaps a stock broker.
Farmer resident - Pyron's certainly not going to survive without food. Even if the greenhouses have better tech than elsewhere, sometimes it takes a human touch to help things along.
Rumourmonger immigrant - Totally in the know. Or that's what you'd like to think. Follows questionable news papers, rumour internet websites. Superstitious. GOODDAY is getting the help of ALIENS! Must be!

I'm anticipating this to be somewhat of a more RP based game. That is definitely no indication of a lack of combat. Or stunts in combat. Or combat powers. No one said there's no dragons here.

Wow it's late... I'm betting I'm forgetting something... oh well, if I remember tomorrow, I'll add more to this post. Or people can ask question if they have any. That works too...

Yeah, I'm starting to ramble. I'd better get some sleep n_n

Posted on 2012-04-04 at 07:51:55.

Topic: *Recruiting* Land Asunder game!
Subject: Poison *and* spell ingredients? I'll take it

I'm not picky... maybe I can sneak some powder of butterfly wing into a rival mage's drink... then steal their spell book... if it's not a spell book and a diary listing a rumour of a spell book, I'll take that too... I doubt she'd really mind what sort of progress she made as long as it was progress. XD

Side note: As mentioned in chat, I do have an alternate character concept as well, so no worries to people who are already after the caster slot

Posted on 2012-04-03 at 02:43:44.
Edited on 2012-04-03 at 03:34:03 by Reralae

Topic: *Recruiting* Land Asunder game!
Subject: I hereby claim in the name of the butterfly

I think I may be a butterfly mage (read: wizard) unless someone else wants to claim the magic. This world does have butterflies right?

Posted on 2012-04-03 at 02:31:52.

Topic: RDINN Quilt? Would you contribute?
Subject: Oooh

Yesyesyes, that would work... now I see =)

Posted on 2012-04-03 at 02:04:33.

Topic: *Recruiting* Land Asunder game!
Subject: I think you mean Xaris =)

It certainly holds its own intrigue... a world where magic is an unknown, where spells are studied for rather than 'pop - new spell'. Not that the latter isn't fun either. This is just different.

Plus, RP of spell study is actually something low level chars can (and ought to) do, rather than spell creation at level 20+ as mentioned in the DMG.

All in all, I think that's a nice setup you have there *sneaks off to examine books*

Posted on 2012-04-03 at 01:49:50.

Topic: RDINN Quilt? Would you contribute?
Subject: Bigger? My contract didn't say anything about this bigger you keep mentioning...

I think 7x7 might still be nice

'course, main thing I'm thinking about is that increasing the size of the logo could leave you with mismatched panels along the centre lines. Although, I could just be picturing it wrong...

Posted on 2012-04-03 at 01:32:52.

Topic: *Recruiting* Land Asunder game!
Subject: Nah

You don't sound like a dictator to me, Jozan, just someone who sets the table right away. Then again, I've seen you play a particular gnome character, and that forever will make me fail to see you as a dictator

As for caster restrictions, it actually sounds like you could perhaps call for a class restriction on pure casters (full spells per day, ie Cleric, Wizard, Sorcerer, Druid), because I can't really see in this particular setting the background required for the study/talent/'magic spark' to come to be. It allows for someone to get a 'secondary caster' (ie Ranger, Hexblade, etc.) and so prevents someone from getting access to a fireball that would otherwise be able to annihilate everyone in a 10m radius with this hp system you have here.

Just the two cents of a butterfly

Posted on 2012-04-03 at 01:26:34.

Topic: Ode to Alacrity
Subject: Hear Hear

Honestly, the work you and the rest of the staff do on this site is astounding when you look at it in its entirety.

I certainly wasn't around to see Alacrity with the banhammer, but I've heard references. You know, I think he needs to make a cameo with a banhammer in one of those RPGMB strips. Then again, not sure what a banhammer would look like. Maybe I should try to photoshop something up...

Posted on 2012-04-02 at 19:45:46.

Topic: Reralae's Story Fragments
Subject: =)

Thank you, Eol and Olan, I just try to do what I can ^^

Sometimes it's overwhelming, seeing all those fragments in my mind and trying to get them down though

In a nutshell, it can be like a photo album, with pictures just being flashed briefly, and sometimes there's a lot of them...

Posted on 2012-04-02 at 19:38:20.

Topic: Reralae's Story Fragments
Subject: Moon

The dark miasma pouring off of the dead and dying contaminated the otherwise serene landscape. Any other creature would've fled, lest they fell to the minor shadowland that was forming from the remains of the battle. Moon, however, was not another creature. She wasn't even alive.

Moon glanced down as she walked along the road, viewing the bodies of the fallen lunars with disinterest, but feeling the corners of her lips draw back in a restrained snarl as she looked upon the dragon born. She knew not who they were, but what they worked for. It was no different from when she was alive.

She nodded to herself solemnly, quickening her pace to trace the path of the survivors. The dragon born of the wyld hunt would not pick a fight they could not win, even if it was a small lunar clan. She had been tracking this particular squad for a while now, and it was about time to pay her dues to the reaper. It was rumoured that the leader of this squad had commissioned a weapon from a legendary blacksmith far away, but a petty blade would be nothing compared to

Moon used no power in her tracking; such things would be more easily detected by her prey. Still, she did not rule out the possibility that they knew of her presence. She just wondered whether they understood what that meant or if they underestimated her.

By nightfall, she could make out a thin smoke in the sky. Clearly they were trying to conceal themselves as best they could, but Moon was a bit too close for that to aid them. She had no fear as she boldly entered their campsite. Fear was something only a living thing had, and she was not alive.

"Halt!" one of the dragon born standing watch called as she walked forward, "Who are you? What is your business here?"

Unsurprising, her pale skin and dark hair weren't fair indicators of her condition. Either that or this one didn't know about her kind.

The other guard, and older one, paled as he saw her, "That's an Abyssal!"

Moon smirked, "I am Dark Side of the Blood Thirsty Moon. The Underworld beckons. To me, Sister!" She called, closing her hand around a large black scythe, appearing out of the air.

By this time, the others were stirring from slumber and rushed out to repell their assailant. However, being already weary and wounded, the soldiers of the wyld hunt did not offer enough resistence to fend off Moon's attack. She cut them down one by one, their blood soaking the blade of her scythe and flying off the tip as she swung, leaving a trail of petal shapes in the air. Finally, all that was left was the captain.

The captain was garbed with jade armour, the blade in his hands also jade, but with an golden star inlaid in the guard. He stood ready, his blade poised and ready to fight.

"You strike when we are down. That is coward's play." He noted.

"Would've ended sooner if you let me catch up to you. You knew I was here." Moon replied, her voice monotone as blood dripped from her black caste mark, visible on her forehead.

"You are disgusting. Your kind is a plague that-"

"You going to fight or not? Long winded monologues are pointless. I am what I am. I kill because I have to." Moon smirked, "Your kind is worse."

Moon brought her scythe forward, pouring power into the blade, giving it a dark violet sheen. Sensing the danger, the man tried to bring his own blade up to parry, but Moon's strength was greater than his own, and she bashed the blade away, bringing the scythe to slice between sheets of his armour, but leaving no trace of its passage. The man nearly doubled over in pain, running a hand over where a wound otherwise would be.

"What sorcery is this?" He gasped.

"Hardly sorcery. It's really simple actually. I'm surprised none of the other exalted figured it out." Moon replied.

In rage, the man brought his blade to bear, lunging forward and piercing Moon through the torso with it. She grimaced as she still felt pain, but she quickly grabbed onto the offending blade's hilt.

"Bad move." She said, quickly whirling around to jump with a spin, flinging him to the ground. Her momentum unfinished, Moon whirled with the deadly scythe, bringing the blade down fiercely, to decapitate the man.

Moon grunted as she stood straight, pulling his sword out of her body, "If I was alive, that would have killed me..." She chuckled, before breathing deeply, dropping the sword and holding the scythe close to her, cradling it in her arms.

"It'll never be possible for me to avenge you, Sister, but I'll keep striking down that wyld hunt until they are forced to stop." Moon promised.

I know you will, just as you know I'll always be here by your side.

Moon took a breath, a tear trailing down her cheek as she looked up at the scythe. They would be together forever, as long as she was the one who held her Sister's Heart.

Whoo... so that is Moon. She's definitely scary, not someone you want to meet at night

Background info:
System: Exalted
Notable Characters:
Moon - Dawn Caste Abyssal
The "Sister's Heart" scythe - a soulsteel grand grimscythe, made with the soul of Moon's sister.
The wyld hunt - a faction in Exalted that hunts down all Exalted (Lunars, Solars and Abyssals), if I remember right, purely made up of Dragon Born.

Posted on 2012-04-02 at 19:26:03.

Topic: Reralae's Story Fragments
Subject: Blackmith's Child

Dawn broke the night, shattering the darkness and forcing it to flee beyond the mountains in the distance. Aya grumbled as a ray disturbed her, reaching up to rub at her eyes. As she grew more aware, she became more uncomfortable, shifting around on her bed. Finally, as she gave up and stretched out her body, she heard a clang resonate through the air.

"Morning," The child mumbled after she wandered outside, reaching her small arms up and around to hug her father, still busy at work with his hammer and anvil.

Chuckling, the weathered man knelt down to return the hug, "You're definitely not a morning girl." He noted, patting the girl on the head and ruffling her leaf-green hair.

Aya was slow to nod, sleep still clinging to her movements as she nearly fell over. The man chuckled once more, "Go inside, I'll get breakfast ready in a moment."

Breakfast was just a small meal for them, consisting of a salad along with eggs on the side. The blacksmith noted however that they had nearly run out of eggs.

"Aya, can you go over to the farm next door and see if they have some eggs for us?" The man asked.

Aya nodded, "Sure." She replied, her voice clearer and stronger.

The blacksmith smiled, before stretching his arms and wandering back outside. His work was never done.

It wouldn't be until later in the afternoon that something felt off to him. The farm wasn't that far away, but Aya should've been back by then. He sighed, looking towards the house, before spotting the smoke rising in the direction of the farm.

The blacksmith's face hardened, and he set his hammer down, before walking out to follow the trail.

At the outskirts of the farm, he saw his neighbour's house on fire, a band of people on horseback in front of it.

"What a waste." He spat, shaking his head. Increasing his pace, he calmly approached the riders.

"Who's that?" One of them asked.

"I'm just a humble blacksmith." The man replied.

The riders looked at each other a moment, confused at his forthright response. "You're unarmed so why are you here?" Another asked.

"Just looking for my daughter." The man replied, his tone unwavering.

The rider at the front of the column chuckled, as a few others shared whispers, "What is she worth to you?"

The blacksmith felt a chill. He had guessed they were bandits, but the confirmation made his blood boil. His eyes left the leader to glance behind him. Sure enough, he saw a glimpse of green on one of the horses.

"Anything I've made or can make, I can give to you. Nothing can replace her." He replied, "But, we'll need to go to my house in order to get any of that."

Satisfied, the leader nodded, grinning and rubbing his tattooed hands together, before beckoning the others to follow. The blacksmith moved quickly, knowing he didn't have that much time and he still wanted to check on his neighbours at first opportunity. First however, he had to ensure Aya's safety.

"I'll grab everything I have." The blacksmith said when they reached his house, "First though, let me see her."

Shrugging, the bandits dismounted, one holding on to Aya. She was very quiet, and appeared to be blindfolded. The blacksmith nodded, "I'll be quick."

True to his word, the blacksmith returned in moments, an assortment of blades in his arms. He put most of them down on the ground except for one. "These are commissioned work that people in the city have asked of me. I'm sure you could take them there, get the pay for them, and leave before any of the guards notice."

The leader blinked, his hand going to his chin as he rubbed it thoughtfully, "Not a bad idea." He had to admit, "What is that blade though?"

"This thing?" The blacksmith held the last blade up, a curved crescent blade upon a star shaped guard, "Not worth mentioning really, just a project of mine."

"What kind of project?" The leader asked, taking one step forward.

"I'd tell you, but it's probably easier to do this." The blacksmith suddenly lunged, stabbing the leader through the chest with the blade.

Stunned, the other four bandits quickly fumbled with their cloaks, starting to draw their weapons as the blacksmith withdrew his blade, "What did you do?" One of them asked.

Advancing swiftly, the blacksmith slashed one across the chest, the blue blade piercing through his armour, causing him to fall to the ground, coughing up blood, "I did as I said, I gave my work to him." He quickly brought the blade down, slashing across the leg of another.

"Stop!" The bandit holding Aya shouted, holding a dagger threateningly, "Or she gets it!"

"I do have to thank you for blindfolding her; I'm glad she didn't have to see this." The blacksmith murmured, lunging again and swinging his blade up, slicing right through the offending arm, causing the bandit to recoil and fall to the ground in pain.

The last bandit didn't have a chance as the blacksmith whirled his blade around, catching him in the chest before he could stab him. Inhaling slowly, the blacksmith felt his body relax a bit, wrapping an arm around Aya protectively, "Are you alright?"

Aya tilted her head up, smiling, "I'm fine, I knew you'd win."

The blacksmith picked her up, walking back into the house. It'd take a while to clean up, but at least there was a few less bandits running around.

First fragment, I'm definitely rusty. Still, hope it wasn't *that* bad.

Background notes:
System: D&D
Notable characters:
Aya - Killoren [no class/level]
Blacksmith - Human [fighter with power attack and cleave]

Posted on 2012-04-02 at 00:34:02.

Topic: Reralae's Story Fragments
Subject: Reralae's Story Fragments

I've decided to do an experiment on a whim. I'm going to try to make short stories, in order to improve my writing.

Pretty basic... except I'm going to give myself some rules to follow.
  • Has to be built from a P&P system (paper and pen, so D&D, Witchcraft, Paranoia, BESM, Starwars RPG, Exalted, etc.)
  • Stories are to be made of a single scene (one quest/mission/etc)
  • Not allowed to use characters from previous fragments.
  • All fragments need to share some connection to one another. Usually a background, hidden element.
  • Combat shown is to be restricted to at most either: first encounter with that kind of creature/opponent, or plot relevant meaning that it is essential to be shown.
  • Main characters in the fragments should be few

This should be interesting. If not, well, still good excersize for me

Posted on 2012-04-01 at 23:07:51.
Edited on 2012-04-01 at 23:19:07 by Reralae

Topic: RDINN Quilt? Would you contribute?
Subject: I vote...

Why not give it to the t_catt? It'd be really nice for a memento, and could be a 'thank you for the [site]'

As for the design, there's a few routes you could go.

You could make the panels like individual rooms in the inn, with people featured chatting/playing/dressed up as characters/fighting dragons/stealing treasure/stab the buddy...

The other route would be to make it kind of scroll like, where individual panels have a variety of scenes from various games... could have heartwarming scenes, combat scenes, other sorts of scenes. Maybe even make it a 'patchwork story', where you take the scenes from various games, insert say characters to make it contiguous between panels, and then make a story/myth with them.

The first idea focuses on the people, and the second idea focuses on the stories. Just a couple ideas from a butterfly.

Posted on 2012-04-01 at 19:13:51.

Topic: RDINN is moving to facebook!
Subject: So heard the Sib and the butterfly

That it was a good idea to read with caution posts made on a certain day

Posted on 2012-04-01 at 17:12:25.


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