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Topic: RDINN is moving to facebook!
Subject: No facebook for me

I've always been paranoid about the thing, so I'm going to have to say it's been fun, but this butterfly is not going to be on there

What'd you expect? I'm a butterfly, not a Grugg

This butterfly also has theories that may or may not be congruent with theories that may or may not be expressed or thought of by additional people who may or may not be members of the website

Posted on 2012-04-01 at 06:56:26.

Topic: Open Game Slot ~ What do YOU want to play?
Subject: If you want a war

Might I suggest the Witchcraft setting? It certainly includes enough components by which to make humans very much not boring. Use of the setting allows for not only conflict between humans/vampires/zombies but also between 'natural' and 'supernatural'. There is a variety of options.

It is also modern, so allows for the hacked-off-shotgun approach if a player wanted to take that route against zombies.

Not to mention, last I checked, the core book was free. That's always a bonus (no, of course this isn't an attempt to increase the following)

Posted on 2011-12-22 at 19:10:01.

Topic: Kingmaker Q&A
Subject: When it comes to spells...

It's arguable really. On one hand, if one's perspective is that the enemy is faltering, then maybe they would be able to stop the spell in time. Magic missile doesn't really shed blood, so you can't quite go by appearance. Then there's also that, unlike damage from blades, spells can't be set to nonlethal, so... *scratches head* A bit confusing to differentiate intent when it comes to spellcraft

Posted on 2011-12-21 at 18:28:52.

Topic: Kingmaker Campaign
Subject: Omg Aria's real alignment is TN! Well, not really.

"Last time she ran off I found her by the trees. I would suggest looking by the forest first."

Aria nodded, "That makes sense. I've done the same thing before." Many years ago she added mentally to herself.

They had wandered a little further in silence, Aria scanning around with her gaze, noticing tell tale marks of hasty travel and following. Suddenly, Ortlieb spoke more, and she looked at him, tilting her head.

"I do not want to be intrusive, but most adventurers have a more...." Ortlieb tried to find a suitable word, "Directed sense of life. How is it that you are so very free of the common worries that infest the heads of civilized creatures?"

The half elf chuckled, "I guess there's a few reasons. I'm pretty sure it comes down to the fact that I'm just a performer really. I've spent a few years on the road with a troupe. I'm not sure if it's all too different than what you may know, but spending so much time wandering, one begins to notice that people have different callings, and different worries to go along with them."

Aria giggled, "All our group was interested in was getting enough to go by, like for supplies, and maybe putting smiles on people's faces. There was no one to report to. No teachers saying that a note was wrong. We just shared the stage."

Looking up towards the clouds, Aria nodded, "I think that's about all there is to it." She gave Ortlieb a smile.

(No objections here )

Aria's face was stone set as she took in what had happened. "Thinking about it, I can't really say I'm surprised, but I would've thought that man wouldn't have gone to such extremes." She murmured to herself, rolling her eyes, appearing calm, but her crossed arms told a different story, with her hands clenched into fists.

She nodded, "Well, that is assuming they went to the camp directly though." She noted, "They might not have. The two that fled are still injured, and probably don't want to run into us again any time soon. We'll have to see what Sylvia finds out first, if anything. I do agree that we need to take out their camp as soon as we can though; whether they went there or not, we need to reduce their numbers anyway. Buy more time for the guards to come here."

Posted on 2011-12-20 at 23:45:49.

Topic: Kingmaker Campaign
Subject: A Paladin and Aria - yeah, saw this coming

Aria scratched at her head a bit before nodding, "I guess," She replied. The logic presented didn't mesh with her own, but well, if they wanted someone as leader, she found herself not really caring either way. Well, as long as what they asked was reasonable. If she didn't like something they proposed, she'd just offer an alternative suggestion.

"Not to derail the conversation, but I think everyone should take a look at this. Sounds like there's a bit of a hierarchy of bandits going on here." She noted, passing Sylvia's notes to the first person who wanted them.

Aria then glanced towards the keep entrance, "Hmm, I was thinking of checking on Sylvia too. I don't think she'll do anything rash, but well, if she's outside, better to be safe. Probably more than bandits running around. By which I mean animals. No offense of course." She said apologetically towards Ramathu.

"If you're going to talk with her, I could come along if for nothing else than to keep a bit of a look out while you do so. Kind of think Ramathu should stay here though, just in case the bandits start acting up or something. He should be enough to intimidate them into backing down if they try anything." Aria suggested.

Posted on 2011-12-19 at 19:32:58.

Topic: Kingmaker Q&A
Subject: Meeeeeeeediator

I think it's quite simple really. Between the different character archetypes we possess here, the one who can get others to listen to them without escalation will need a relatively neutral voice, able to auspistice between parties of differing opinion. As a druid, Ortlieb has kind of that neutral voice to him. Or at least looks that way.

As for the leader thing, I know Aria's of the personal opinion that it's not really necessary; in a tight jam, someone is bound to be able to improvise something. Previous designation of a leader won't necessarily change who the someone is in each situation.

Of course, Aria's also of the opinion that such organizational level isn't necessary at this point, because it's just another layer of organization. She is chaotic after all

Posted on 2011-12-19 at 18:41:45.

Topic: Kingmaker Campaign
Subject: Blink the second

Aria leaned back further, one hand scratching at the back of her head. Marie's ears lay flat against her skull, the cat hiding behind and under Aria's skirt. She had no idea what was going on. One minute, Sylvia had come out and she was going to ask how things went, the next, well, a lot of words exchanged, loud, soft, and unspoken.

Aria's brow furrowed a bit in thought. Just what was being argued over anyway? One didn't like the other. Okay, that was fair, some people didn't like other people. Happens.

"I think... you both spoke and read more into the other than was there." She noted, even though Sylvia and perhaps even Lloyd may have been gone already. She scratched at her cheek, "There is no leader, so there is no position to quarrel over. Sometimes someone acts first. People follow if they choose to follow. If they don't, they don't. I didn't sign a contract, and I don't intend to sign a contract of that sort. I'll do what I feel like doing. If I don't agree with something, I'll say so and suggest something else."

She stood up, causing Marie to run off from her compromised cover, "I don't agree that there is such a thing as a leader. So, I take everything that's said as a suggestion." She paused, and if Lloyd is still present, she'll murmur, "I'll suggest you learn to do the same. It's a lot easier to get around without getting at other people's throats over things that don't exist. If you don't like them, well, that's up to you too."

"If you want my opinion though, I think you're both very emotional and to the point."

If Lloyd left them, she kneels to pick up the papers that were dropped on the ground and begins to read them over.

Posted on 2011-12-18 at 09:51:43.

Topic: Kingmaker Q&A
Subject: Aria's votishness

Aria's opinion will be to deal with the bandit camp, thereby making safe the base from immediate counter attack, thus allowing for the arrival of the guards. Mr lord of quadruped beasties with horns though, she wouldn't think about taking on just yet. Not enough info.

Posted on 2011-12-18 at 08:47:22.

Topic: Kingmaker Campaign
Subject: In the meantime...

[Backpost - end of combat]

Aria gave a smile as she curtsied to the surrendering woman, "Of course," She said, "One must always be aware of their limits." She tilted her head a bit, examining the cut on her arm, the pain starting to get to her through the adrenaline, "You dance well too. Perhaps we can dance again some time. Without blades preferably."

Aria chuckled, offering the woman her hand.


Aria sat leaning against a table, her gaze tilted upward towards the morning sky, sitting with one leg crossed over the other. She rubbed her arm absently, where the lingering pain of the cut from her skirmish earlier remained. That was a good dance. Unfortunately, she never did get the woman's name. Was best to move on to the interrogation, which wasn't Aria's best suit, so here she was, sitting outside.

She hummed to herself, before feeling whiskers poking at her elbow, "Hi Marie, what are you up to now?" She asked the cat, looking down on the bench.

Marie gave a meow, looking up at Aria with wide eyes.

"Already? Well okay. We did get up early." Aria chuckled, pulling out some cat-worthy food from her pouch and holding it out in her hand for Marie.

As the cat ate, Aria's mind wandered a bit.

She wondered how they were all doing inside.

Posted on 2011-12-15 at 09:15:21.

Topic: Kingmaker Q&A
Subject: Nature of the alchemical

99.9% sure that the flames are of the non-magical variety; the thing about alchemical things is that they're supposed to be able to work in non-magic fields, since they aren't made from magic, just (sometimes) volatile compounds and chemistry.

Basically, can think of alchemist's fire as a sort of malakov cocktail type thing. Kind of.

Either way, not magic.

Another analogy, would be like if someone dropped a firecracker/candle thing in a wood shed.

Not sure if I'm helping or not at this point, but I ramble sometimes.

Posted on 2011-11-22 at 17:51:59.

Topic: Kingmaker Campaign
Subject: Bah, late post

[Slight BP]

Aria leaned against the door, her eyes closed, a kukri blade in each of her hands as she listened, her body still. It was the still before the draw of the curtains. It was the still that lasted hours (well, actually minutes but same difference to her), and finally she heard the door slam shut.

In a burst, she leaped through the door, slamming it open in her haste. She immediately saw a person across from her, well, a table was in the way but, hey she could deal with that. A woman, about a head taller than her, but she's danced with taller people before. Grinning, she dashed over, before tilting her head as she curtsied to the woman, holding out one of her hands, still clasped around her blade, palm up.

"May I have this dance?" She asked.

She couldn't resist.

Without waiting for an answer, she rose from her curtsy, twirling around as she brought up her other blade, waiting to see if the blade would draw blood from her partner, a smile still on her face as she drew her right leg behind her, flowing with her dance.

(Surprise - move up to woman, R1: move - start dance (Inspire Courage - self), standard - slash x1)

Posted on 2011-11-21 at 19:01:05.
Edited on 2011-11-22 at 00:37:53 by Reralae

Topic: Kingmaker Q&A
Subject: Lol at the typo

No worries, gimme a sec to edit.

On side note, I do realize the plan has been basically put into final note on this thread, but just posting for Aria because feels like a good opportunity to provide some insight into her natural disposition.

Posted on 2011-11-18 at 06:37:08.

Topic: Kingmaker Campaign
Subject: Letting go now sair, it's away!

"Dear drink loosens lips, but it would also raise suspicion if we suddenly invited them for a brew or two. I'd sooner say we make sure they are secure, unarmed, and isolated from each other. Without their numbers around the less willed of the group would crack. I can talk to them and I can extract what we need given little time. Assuming you don't disaprove of my methods. I would rather use words to get the information then liquids or drugs."

Aria nodded and gave a smile, "I agree, but am just tossing ideas around really. It's the sort of thing I do."

She leaned back against her chair, her gaze drifting skyward. The sun continued its descent, and her eyes glazed over a bit.

"You know," She said aloud, "Planning really isn't what I'm best at. I just go with what I feel like. It's so easy to get so weighted down by all those possibilities and subtleties, and so liberating to let it all go. Maybe we should just go with something, then deal with things as they come up, as we go. Worse case scenario we're still doing something, maybe not right, but darn it, if it's not right, we'll fix this thing. Just takes time to fix stuff, and I sure got time. Dunno about the rest of you, but I sure got it."

She chuckled, "Well, not made of the stuff, but guess that's all I have to say really." She brought her hands behind her head as she leaned back, letting herself relax, and looking at the sky again.

Posted on 2011-11-18 at 06:26:48.
Edited on 2011-11-18 at 06:37:29 by Reralae

Topic: Kingmaker Campaign
Subject: Side the second

Aria tilted her head, "I would doubt that much speed in a counter attack. If it's become routine for them, then, as you have said earlier as well, they won't be expecting a retaliation. In that case, they certainly won't be prepared in the case to follow through... and we can't expect them to be as orderly as city couriers with timing. There is one other issue that comes to my mind though, and that is what the lineup of leadership is."

She frowned a moment as she tapped her fingers together, "We can be relatively certain that axe-lady and the other guy that are consistently with their band are in some role of leadership, particularly if they were the 'talkers' during the first time. The fact that the numbers have diminished, I do think there is at least one other taking leader role, who then figures out who to send where and such. If we capture this band, we should be able to get some good information from the two semi-leaders."

Aria holds up her hands, "Now, I don't know how talkative they'd be, but I'm relatively sure the doctor guy may know about herbs, and might know a mix that may get them to be more talkative. Truth potion type thing, you know? Maybe, maybe not. Drink also tends to loosen the tongues of people, men in particular I've noticed."

She contemplated some more, "We could always slam the doors shut on them after they come into the fort. That's something they surely wouldn't expect, and by the time they figure out what's going on, we should be in position to take advantage of the situation."

Posted on 2011-11-16 at 23:06:16.

Topic: Kingmaker Campaign
Subject: Gambling on the psyche

Aria clasped her hands together, a bit of a smirk showing on her face, "Well, the question is whether or not they are ready for retaliation. How long would it take for them to counter with their own? Not to mention, how are we to know if wherever they're holed up is actually expecting them back right away? They may leave fast, but it doesn't mean they go back right away. There's a lot to gamble on, and I'm a gambling girl."

Aria's eyes glanced to the table, glazing over a bit as she thought, "Here's the thing, if we are able to discern the location of their base, like say capturing the jerks alive and getting intel from them, then perhaps we may be able to take the fight to them, so to speak. It's a gamble, but as long as they don't get word back to their base, that as well buys us time."

Posted on 2011-11-16 at 16:53:20.

Topic: Kingmaker Campaign
Subject: Blink blink

Passwords? Seemed kind of silly to Aria. If it were just goods that they returned for, and with the confidence of no resistance, they likely wouldn't bother using their human resources to place a spy in a place like this. No, they'd be more likely to administer coercion through force of arms, just a larger group of them than the highway-peoples that she had run into when she was a member of the troupe.

Aria shrugged, and actually smiled. No niceties were returned, did that mean people actually didn't care about them here? If that were the case, then maybe she'd finally be able to break the habit. She stretched a moment, before trying to slouch a bit in her seat, but her body wouldn't respond to the thought.

Darn thing. She rolled her eyes inwardly. Would take more than a thought to break this habit of hers.

She shook her head, realizing she must've seemed dazed out to their hosts, "What time would be best to expect these uninvited guests?" she asked. She wasn't one to plan, but knowing when she'd have to be awake by would probably be a good idea.

Posted on 2011-11-11 at 22:03:00.

Topic: Kingmaker Campaign
Subject: Slow down there

Aria sat at the table, her posture held almost in a regal way, even as she drank and cut bread to go with the stew, but none of it was from her conscious thought. She had long since given up trying to break her habits that her mother had drilled into her head even before she was able to walk. She looked up at Oleg and the other woman, Syl, as one spoke and the other responded. However, Aria held up her hand.

"Slow down there," She said, before bowing her head towards their hosts, "Thank you for the meal." she spoke, "It was delicious. Now please, if you can, start at the beginning, so we may know your plight in full."

Aria gave a smile towards Oleg, "It would be good to know what is it that we are dealing with, but also, I was wondering, what is it that they return for precisely?" She asked as a guiding question.

Posted on 2011-11-09 at 07:00:37.

Topic: Kingmaker Campaign
Subject: Travel Stiffness. Only remedy is to MOOOOVE!

Aria leaned back against the wagon as she let out a yawn. The trip was a sleeper, and it sure left her body feeling stiff. She stretched a bit, arching her body towards the ground as she spread her slender legs and shifted on the balls of her feet. She was not tall by any standards, but her figure was proportioned enough to give the illusion of length along her body.

After stretching her arms as well, she stood up, and threw her cloak onto the ground, starting to feel rather warm. "Well, nothing better than movement for working out travel stiffness." She noted, "Marie? You still awake at all?" She asked, looking over her shoulder.

A soft mew responded as a small tabby cat peeked out from under the top of Aria's backpack. Aria chuckled, "Still look sleepy, why don't you rest a bit more?" Marie however, would have none of that, and pulled herself out of Aria's backpack, stretching a bit before licking her paws daintily.

"Have it your way," Aria chuckled again, before looking around for a decently wide spot to get the blood flowing through her veins. She shrugged and started her dance, bringing one hand up into the air and giving a twirl, shifting to end in a curtsy, her other hand holding onto the pleated leather skirt on her armour, before beginning again, moving her body in an array of intricate steps and traversing within a circle where she stood.

((Perform Dance, Take 10 -> total of 17, not memorable, but decent performance ))

Posted on 2011-11-04 at 07:02:57.

Topic: WitchCraft: The Strength of a Warrior
Subject: So overdue it's not even funny - the kitty apologizes

Lily tentatively sniffed at the air. The scent of blood confirmed her suspicions. The little-distant-cousin was probably gone. She shrugged a bit, before looking up and down the alley a moment.

Her intuition told her that there wasn't anything she could do at this point; the person who had wielded power was gone, and without the scent of power to guide her, she wouldn't be able to find them. Not to mention, they'd likely spot her tailing them, and any creature discovering that they were being followed would be bound to counter with suspicion and possibly aggression. She didn't need that.

As for what had happened here, well, she had a pretty good feeling for what happened. These particular distant-cousins were noted for aggression. It wouldn't be too likely that the cousin had 'aggress'd' against a trespasser, and they, in fear or in retaliation, wielded power to counter it.

It would seem the cousin's aggression had gotten the better of it, not realizing the capability of their adversary.

Investigation complete (or at least as far as she was going to take it), Lily quickly jot down her location on her notepad, intending to send a message to Joan later, before heading back out along her original path and towards her original destination.

Mm... Pizza.

Posted on 2011-07-05 at 17:11:20.

Topic: WitchCraft: The Strength of a Warrior
Subject: No self respecting people-watcher shall be caught unwary!

"Oh, no, not that I can think of." Lily replied, smiling, "Thank you very much for your time."

After seeing Joan off, she contemplated a moment on the things revealed to her.

I can feel things are starting to get a bit more active, on the other side of things... at least, that's what my intuition tells me. Fillærra noted as Lily picked her up, Your encounters... I am not one to believe in coincidence; you'd best take care.

"I know how to take care of myself." Lily nodded to herself, "If I have to."

I know, but I thought it was worth saying aloud. Fillærra replied.


After her mother returned, Lily nodded, "Okay, I'll just tidy up back here for you." She called after her, quickly doing so and taking Fillærra upstairs, back to the mask room. Once that was done, she saw her mother had already taken up her position behind the counter.


"Pizza hm? Alrighty, I'll go get ready." Lily replied, quickly heading upstairs to her den. She would require supplies of the utmost importance.

Once she got her shoulder bag ready, Lily made her way outside, and leisurely walked down the sidewalk. She watched people out of the corner of her eyes, passing either way, on both sides of the road, vaguely wondering where their destinations were.

Then she felt it. Something out of place.

She tilted her head back just slightly to sniff at the air. There was no mistaking that scent, the scent of raw power flowing outward, as a ripple on the surface of a still pond. Lily knew now that it meant something was happening, or someone similar to her or the others was nearby. But what?

There was only one thing to do. She was in no hurry, and she was at least part cat (though the actual details as to her ancestry seemed rather unclear), and even if she wasn't, she was curious. One hand strayed to her shoulder bag, squeezing it. She nodded, the binoculars were there. Good.

She started down the path, tracking her target by scent, with the hopes of being able to find an advantageous locale from which to spy on it.

Posted on 2011-05-20 at 19:49:48.

Topic: This is what happens....
Subject: Meow?

Cat's curiosity yields the finding of an interesting thread... I will note that it is quite interesting when cards are involved... and then peoples wonder about what card goes to what person...

For the record, I almost thought it was tarot cards seeing the short name of the thread...

Unfortunately, I know absolutely nothing of Magic, so can't really understand the cards... like at all ^^;

In any rate, have fun *poofs*

Posted on 2011-03-08 at 03:00:44.

Topic: WitchCraft: The Strength of a Warrior
Subject: Whee-ness

Lily blinked a moment, "Hmm... I guess you could mean that wisp that I thought I saw before it vanished into the wall..." She rubbed her hand at her chin, before registering the second part of Joan's last sentence, a question.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I completely forgot. I'm Lily." She replied, giving a carefree smile.

Lily thought for a moment, "Hmm... you know, you really only have my word that it's me you saw last night... that's kind of rude of me isn't it?" She mused.

She held out her hand, palm up, towards Joan, closing her eyes a moment, and letting her hand shift. Silvery grey fur slowly grew along her wrist and hand, the form changing, until it reached the state where it was a paw. Partial transformation, but then, Lily didn't want to frighten Joan. She opened her eyes and smiled, setting her paw on the table for Joan to touch if she wanted.

Lily chuckled, "It's kind of surprising that my hair is naturally grey, when my humanoid form has red hair, isn't it?"

Posted on 2011-02-24 at 21:52:30.
Edited on 2011-03-07 at 04:54:49 by Reralae

Topic: WitchCraft: The Strength of a Warrior
Subject: The only supernatural here is that which wasn't born

Lily carried Fillæra upstairs with her, setting the butterfly mask on the table, and running her hand along the painted wing design.

"Well," Lily began, "I suppose not a whole lot, to be honest. I just know how I am, and I know most people would be afraid of that, which is why mother has told me to keep it secret since I was little. I know about spirits, like Fillæra here." She motions at the mask, "But not much about qi besides what Fillæra's told me."

She giggled, "I actually spend most of my time just looking after the shop with mother. I get to watch humans, and since I don't bother them, I can co-exist pretty easily. Also helps that not many people look too hard at a convenience store cashier." Lily tilted her head, smiling foxily.

Posted on 2011-02-18 at 05:58:31.

Topic: WitchCraft: The Strength of a Warrior
Subject: Dun dun dunn... it was me! In the forbidden room! With the paws of destruction!

Lily smiled, trying to be reassuring, "I'm sorry for being so blunt," she added, "But I wasn't sure how else to bring it up. You see, I was there in my natural form... although, I'm not exactly sure what was going on..."

Lily scratched at her cheek, before adding, "Um, if you're not busy, did you want to come upstairs? I can just put a 'be back in a while' sign on the door in the meantime."

Posted on 2011-02-11 at 08:00:00.

Topic: WitchCraft: The Strength of a Warrior
Subject: Worlds Apart

Standing back up, Lily kept her face passive as she thought quickly. She had doubts about it, but her intuition told her that Fillæra was right. When it came down to it, she was a world apart from any human, her mother included. Being a user of qi, that would make this woman closer to the boundary than others.

Lily passed the woman her change, and looked around a moment. There weren't any other customers, and her mother was out, so it wasn't as though they could be overheard, especially if they went upstairs, "Um... I realize this is sudden but, if you're not busy, would it be alright if I talked with you? About last night."

The direct route I hear. Fillæra murmured in Lily's mind.

Well, not like walking around the forest when you want to meet in the middle is going to help in this case. Lily thought back.

Fillæra giggled, I didn't say it was a bad thing. If it makes you feel better, she probably has as much reason to keep her abilities and what happened last night secret as you do.

Lily blinked. That did make her feel better.

Posted on 2011-02-09 at 17:53:53.
Edited on 2011-02-09 at 17:56:16 by Reralae


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