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Topic: WitchCraft: The Strength of a Warrior
Subject: I see human... human see me... care for a cup of tea?

Lily's ears were perked up a bit as she took in the surrounding sounds. It was curious that a few humans had gathered here... normally, humans didn't like disorganized environments, particularly of once-dens that had become run down. She sniffed, and she watched... and she saw the human enter the entrance.

That didn't altogether surprise Lily that he was there. She was more surprised that he wasn't already inside before she entered. He was there first after all. She shrugged mentally; it actually didn't matter too much.

Ultimately though, Lily gave him no heed, other than to watch his movements, like a wild fox would watch any human. She wandered a bit further inside, curious about what she'd find.

Posted on 2010-07-04 at 19:27:11.

Topic: The Day They Woke Up on the Wrong Side of Reality
Subject: Reminds me of the same book series...

Galen kept quiet but alert through the admission into the caves. He wasn't altogether surprised that they were given an armed escort; it was more or less a confirmation in his mind that things were rather tense... perhaps there was in-fighting already. However, he had to note that it seemed slightly strange. There was only a few reasons why people taking on the role of diplomats would be targeted. He set it in the back of his mind for the moment.

After listening to Vorastrix, Galen frowned. It would seem that there were other hands in play here.

"Do you know for sure that the assassins were human?" He asked softly, rubbing his chin with a hand thoughtfully.

(if positive)

"Hmms... we'll need to be careful, otherwise others may suspect that we're connected in some means to them, putting them wary and on the defencive... hardly the best atmosphere to try to get close to the cult to break it."

(if negative)

"Then we don't know what else we're dealing with..."

(end question split)

"Regardless..." Galen murmured softly, "We're not the only players in this... and with a not-so subtle 'companion', things could get complicated very easily if they make a move we're not prepared for."

Galen thought a bit more, "We don't know enough about them to make any assumptions. We don't know their motives or objectives; it could entirely be possible that they're attempting to cause the collapse of the kobold community by bringing about a civil war, and then escalating that to a war between the kobolds and their neighbours... at which point others would be drawn in..."

Galen frowned, "No... I'm wrong... it doesn't seem like they want a war between kobolds and other races... if that was the case, it would've been you they assassinated, the resistance to letting the previous watcher be able to continue on the path they were headed." Galen paused, thinking of a second thought to that, but decided against pursuing it.

"Either way, please watch out for yourselves." He advised, "If their goal is to start a civil war, then they'll want to take out all who would stabilize the situation. Namely those of us in this room."

"Setting aside possible interference from our unseen 'companion', Ray is right. We don't want to invoke bloodshed here. Doing so, especially by a third, previously uninvolved party, could create a martyr, solidifying the cult rather than dissolving it..." Galen mused, "No... to dissolve it... we need to determine the source, and expose it."

He tilted his head at Vorastrix, "You mentioned that the previous watcher changed upon going to 'the roost'. Do you have any information you can give us about that place? I'll also need to know about the personality of the previous watcher before going there. The last thing I can think of... is there a 'doctrine' or similar for this cult that you can provide us? There may be references or hints in it that may help us figure out how to dissolve it."

Galen pondered. That was a question as well, "Wait... if there is a doctrine... has anyone outside of the cult heard or seen it? And after hearing or seeing it, did they grow sympathetic towards the cult, or join it, when you think they wouldn't have?"

There was nothing that ruled out the involvement of magic to aid in gathering supporters... as the 'roost' was an unknown, so too was what it may have provided to the leaders of the cult to gain supporters. Galen already had a few suspicions regarding the 'roost', and if he was right, it could be potentially troublesome.

Posted on 2010-07-04 at 18:27:50.

Topic: Loaded Dice #49: Speak for Yourself!
Subject: Re: moneys

As several people may already know... I usually eschew money in favour of 'interesting items'... for a few reasons...

Items are usually easier to carry around than several sacks of gold. Jewellery and gemstones especially... and I personally like shiny gemstones...

Some could be tied to quests, if they decide to search out the item's origin...

Without an Identify Magic scroll or similarly prepared spellcaster, they could be considered puzzles to solve to figure out how they work... and I like giving small hints. Plus... an 'interesting item' doesn't have to be magical.

And if misuse of one of the 'more-interesting items' results in hazards to players that may or may not include death... that can't possibly be my fault, can it?

Just my own thoughts hehe

Oh, on another note, if players are smart and really want the moneys, and one of their characters has good communication skills... chances are they just maybe could find an avid collector for their 'interesting item' that would be happy to reimburse them for adding to their collection...

Posted on 2010-06-25 at 18:12:06.
Edited on 2010-06-25 at 18:20:37 by Reralae

Topic: The Day They Woke Up on the Wrong Side of Reality
Subject: Two sides, on either side of the borderline...


For some reason, Galen was rather ill tempered the day they remained in town. He looked fine heading in to get the pile of scrap, rusted weapons, but coming back, there was something in his eyes that seemed out of place, and his tongue was strangely sharp and quick, though his voice remained quiet and largely unheard. He also seemed a bit slower, but by the next day, the main day of travelling, he at least appeared to be fine, even if he didn't talk much. He did, however, seemed to be preoccupied with mending a few tears in his clothes.

The next day was the arrival into town. Galen's eyes surveyed both the surroundings and the people occupying them. It seemed that the atmosphere was tense... despite the people being busy with their everyday lives, there was a hesitation and a wariness in the air, unspoken and almost unseen, but there nonetheless, showing in both humanoid and animal alike.

[Caught up to the recent posts]

Galen paid attention as Mr. Sakamoto, the younger, conversed with the group, mainly Ray. He nodded silently, seeing the way the direction was headed. As Mr. Sakamoto departed, Ray voiced a few of his thoughts as well.

"Perhaps it will be best if we all head to this enterance and see if we can go about things a little more civily. Ryu himself had suggested we do this, and I for one agree with the idea. There is no reason for us to initiate combat at the moment so lets just see what we can gather from the kobolds themselves."

Galen nodded, "Yeah... this whole town is quite eager to put the whole thing out of their minds, so probably won't have been paying too much attention anyway... If I'm right... something interesting may be happening regarding their succession."

He crossed his arms a moment, thinking to a book he had read, before continuing softly, "Typically, when there's a succession and there's no heir, it either falls to a contest of some sort or a vote. Now, we can be sure that there's going to be more than one party that wants to be the head of the group, and we can be relatively sure that there was no immediate heir, considering the lack of visible activity of late. If we could sway the outcome of their contest, we may be able to 'help' them pick a successor that won't be so aggressive to their neighbours, this town... it's just something to think about right now."

Galen shrugged a bit, before adding, "But first, we definitely need information... and there is the best place to get it... just keep in mind that the kobolds may not necessarily be that truthful with outsiders."

Posted on 2010-06-11 at 06:03:28.

Topic: WitchCraft: The Strength of a Warrior
Subject: Fox? I see no fox...

“I do believe.” He stated plainly.

Lily tilted her head, her shoulder-length red hair falling towards the side. While she had half-expected a response like that, she was a bit surprised by how direct the young man was. Before she could think of a response, however, the man continued.

“I saw a vision of me standing here before this very hospital on the full moon with two others, accompanying this vision were the signs of a fox and motorcycle. Please, tell me, can you be one from my vision?” Guy confides, his voice softens to a whisper as he speaks the question.

Lily blinked, before sniffing again. She didn't think humans had visions... yet... this man was definitely human. Maybe it was the qi he had. She had qi too, but didn't seem to be able to do too much with it. However, she had to note that as Fillaera told her before, it gave some people interesting abilities.

"Well, I do have a collection of masks at home, including a number of kitsune ones, if that's what you mean." She replied, a bit carefully, but otherwise casually.

The hair at her neck slowly stood on end, as she began to feel a strange pressure. Her heart sped up just a bit as she silently willed herself to calm down. Midnight was approaching. She looked around, but really the only shelter nearby was the hospital, and it seemed like it was a place of interest.

"Well, I'm afraid I'd better go before Elly gets too damp... I know she's an otter, but still... I don't think she's waterproof as she is." Lily said apologetically, before walking at a somewhat fast pace down the street past the man.

Once Lily went down a ways, she quickly doubled back into a nearby alley. She carefully searched for a small dry place to stow her few bags, clothes and umbrella.

"Wait here," She whispered to her things, "I'll be back in a bit."

Lily crouched low on the ground, feeling that pressure in the air, but not bothering to wait for it. Grey fur grew along her limbs as her form shifted, her own red hair disappearing beneath it. Soon, she was standing on all fours, human semblance gone, as a slightly oversized, silver vixen.

Lily closed her azure eyes, concentrating internally, feeling the wet pavement beneath her paws. The roughness of the surface. She willed her fur to change colour, darkening and shimmering a bit, taking on the colours of the buildings nearby. Quietly, she made her way back out of the alley, blue eyes wary, ears perked, sneaking up on the strange hospital.

Posted on 2010-06-08 at 19:48:52.
Edited on 2010-06-08 at 19:53:47 by Reralae

Topic: WitchCraft: The Strength of a Warrior
Subject: Fate huh?

Lily had closed her eyes a moment, her nose barely twitching as she caught the scents lingering in the air. Mundane smells, of course, were overpowered by the scent the rain, but she simply felt something else.

"Since when does so much qi gather in one place?" she idly asked in a soft murmur, travelling no further than her shopping bag, "What do you think?"

Unbidden, she heard the response, Qi is as the rain. It flows where it will, and gathers if there is a well. The well can be natural, as the hearts of people, or unnatural, as the doings of particular people.

Lily chuckled, "Quite the poet aren't you? Minna isn't going to like you that much, until she gets over it. She's so serious at times."

Well, I don't look for trouble, so I'll try not to be too much then. The silent voice promised.

"Don't worry about it, Elly; Minna always finds something to complain about... it's funny sometimes." Lily murmured.

Her curiosity drawn out, she was about to try to look through one of the hospital windows, before the hair at the back of her neck stood on end. She was being watched.

She turned and tilted her head questioningly at the young man.

“Do you feel it, too?” he asked over the pounding of the rain, perhaps surprising even himself, “do you feel the call of Fate?”

Is he trying to cramp my style? The silent voice from Lily's bag grumbled.

Lily laughed softly, "Shush, don't be rude." She said softly, though she doubted the man could hear Elly's voice. She didn't know anyone who could hear those silent voices she knew.

She looked back at the man, before tilting her head again. There it was again, that scent. She vaguely felt the man's qi, and another, stronger source elsewhere nearby. She wasn't too sure what to make of it. She had seen an increasing number of people with notable amounts of qi, but they still looked and smelled like humans, so she didn't know what to make of them.

"I guess, if you believe in that sort of thing." She replied to the stranger.

At this close range, she could be seen to be a slightly young woman with an angular face and eyes. She wasn't beautiful, but she was striking, particularly with her blue eyes, sharp and focused, even if the rest of her body language portrayed an almost easygoing manner. She was dressed rather plainly, with a loose fitting shawl and ankle-length skirt, the lower hem looking a bit damp from the rain. However, there was something about her look. A curiosity and a thought... akin to an animal regarding a human, with a strange curiosity.

Posted on 2010-05-31 at 19:23:38.
Edited on 2010-05-31 at 19:36:53 by Reralae

Topic: Stare into the Night Q&A
Subject: Well...

I'm ready to start again whenever

Posted on 2010-05-10 at 01:21:22.

Topic: Dear Ogre
Subject: Mag

Dear Mag,

It be a lot comp-e-cat-er than Ogre know. All Ogre know, is that Ogre often called 'hard medded'. Ogre not know what that mean, but it sound imp-orb-ant. Ogre also know naps are good. If Ogre has BAD DAY, have nap. If Ogre lose arm, have nap. If Ogre get hurt in da head, have nap. It be better in the morning. Ogre be good as other Ogre. Den Ogre do what Ogre do best. Smash. Eat. Sleep. Gather things.

Don't forget naps!


'Ear Ogre,

I dinnae ken half of whut ye be writin'. Whut's a lad to do? Do ye ken of any Ogre langage translatin' books? I asked mah friends, but they dinnae have a clue. Ach, they ken less than me, and cannae help.

Oh, how do ye Ogre like yer ship? Me, I like dat ship sloow roasted over teh fire, but do ye ken any ooder recipes?

Awatin' ye reply,
'Anonymous' Mac Nac Feegle (We dinnae give our names oot)

Posted on 2010-05-05 at 18:31:16.

Topic: Stare into the Night Q&A
Subject: I am if you are

And hopefully Eol's still around... well, I know he's around somewhere... *shifty glances all around*

Good to see you again... and yeah... getting bogged down is a bit annoying sometimes... but what can you do? Just keep going

But as the subject says... I'm definitely still game.

Posted on 2010-05-05 at 04:28:17.

Topic: Stare into the Night Q&A
Subject: Still heeeereeee~

*waves* I'm still around~ even if I've not exactly signed in in a bit... I am still watching the site, hehe...

Posted on 2010-05-04 at 19:32:21.

Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Clock Tower
Subject: Soel's Name

“How about the name of your, soul,” Bas’ growled softly, “Seems to me that was the requirement for us to get off the train in this town… Same rules don’t apply to you or what?”

"And yes,” the seer continued, addressing the little-spirit’s additional statement, “I know... I could hear the explosion from here, after all.”

“From here,” Bas asked dubiously, not entirely certain that the ghostly image of the conductor from just a moment ago was just coincidence, “or from
there? What the hell’s goin’ on in this place… lady?”

Rena chuckled softly, "How apt... I suppose my soul's name is the name I bore a long time ago... Lachesis..."

She pauses as her apparent gaze follows Guinevere over to the urn of soil. The soil is cool, though getting just a bit dry to the touch.

“So,” she interjected, looking up around the room, “I suppose you mean ‘velvet room’ as in a colour, not as in the fabric?”

Rena nodded in response, "Yes..." She says softly.

Guinevere studied the pitcher with a thoughtful frown. “Hey Rena—if that is what you prefer to be called—how do you see with that mask on? Are the eye holes hidden or something?”

Rena chuckles softly, "There are none." She replies, "My eyes can take in light... but I can't see with it."

Guinevere suddenly asked, “And so why have you brought us here, to this town?”

Rena shook her head at Guinevere, "That wasn't my doing."

Rena turned back to Bas, "It may take some time to fully comprehend... what do you know of time, wanderer? To most, it is a river, flowing surely in one direction. However, if a storm is created... what happens to those on the river?"

Rena paused, before adding, "Where it is safest, is naturally, off of that river. That is where we are. Now, each one of you who have signed the contract has a choice to make. Will you avoid the storm, or will you destroy it?"

She folds her hands together, not pausing to allow a reply, "I don't need to hear your answer... nor do you need to answer now... sometimes it's best to watch the storm from a distance first."

Rena now pauses, her gaze looking back over to where Guin is, by the urn.

Posted on 2010-03-31 at 19:58:52.

Topic: The Day They Woke Up on the Wrong Side of Reality
Subject: Does this mean I get to tell Ray to stop talking to himself?


Galen's eyes never left the loft, although his ears were focused on his surroundings; he wouldn't have been surprised if this perceived delay would warrant investigation from those outside. Thankfully, the latter came after the creature had been felled. Galen stood apart from the others, his arms crossed, torch tilted to the side and away from him. He vaguely paid attention as Owen mentioned that the creature would simply vanish, being a creature not of this world.

He frowned vaguely. An 'Outsider'... what defined an 'Outsider'? If it was simply a creature not of the world in which they were currently presiding, would they not apply to that definition as well? If that was the case... what would happen if, for instance he, died?

Galen shook his head, his long dark hair falling out from behind an ear, to obscure his right eye. He scratched his nose lightly with his left hand, lost in his own thoughts. He almost didn't register when people began leaving. He followed as well, of course.

When the group was finally alone, he took the time to assess everyone's wounds.

"If we're going to keep doing things like this, perhaps you all should consider getting some leg protection." He murmured, before shrugging. It was the first time he had spoken (or at least was noticed speaking) since the death of the hound.

He spent what healing energy he could, feeling it drain away his concentration and providing him fatigue in return. Yet, it was a strange fatigue. A fatigue of only the level of the psyche. Noting that Ray's leg still appeared to be hurting him, Galen also took the liberty of making a makeshift bandage for him, just to hold it a bit straighter. It obviously wasn't broken, but he felt that a bandage may serve to help keep the leg straighter, so it wouldn't wake him in the middle of the night by its inadvertent movement and aching. Whether it helped or not, it was probably discarded in the morning, when it appeared that the leg had finished healing.

7th Day

Galen took a deep breath as he cleared his mind, holding the deck of cards in front of him in one hand. He flipped the first three cards this time, setting them in a triangle in front of him, akin to the placement of persona cards in triangle fusion. 0, II, and IX now. He picked up the card IX, regarding it in his hand carefully, or rather, regarding what he felt the card held and represented.

IX. To be to the side of both the darkness and the light. Neither one nor the other, to watch and observe changes... then there was the aspect of being alone. To be alone is to let one regard oneself carefully. To be true to oneself and to allow for one to change.

"To be honest is not a mistake; it is a way for the heart to awake." He murmured softly to himself.


Galen mostly kept to himself, as he was prone to doing. Absently he wondered how the others were doing. After a fair bit, something caught his attention. Or rather, probably everyone's attention. A wolf bearing a wound. Galen frowned slightly. Was it really that stupid to 'challenge' a full group of people? He stood up, already feeling electricity beginning to spark at his fingertips. He was going to fire a warning jolt, at the footpaws of the wolf, but was interrupted by the appearance of a new wolf. The two squared off, and Galen shook his head, frowning. He vaguely recognized it as both exhibiting a desire to control territory. He couldn't help but wonder what the chances were that both wolves were male.

He didn't have time to wonder long, as movement derailed his train of thought. The second wolf apparently saw something in the first that it didn't like, and ran off. The wounded wolf, naturally, went to pursue after its would-be challenger. Galen frowned once more. It seemed that there was something not right about that first wolf. He wouldn't be surprised if it was successful in dealing with the second, whether running it off, or killing it. Unless it happened to run into the second's pack. But even then... he doubted it would run... it didn't seem that bright. Or perhaps it would run from a pack of wolves, but not from humans because it felt that humans were weaker than itself, even if wounded.

Nevertheless, he had a suspicion that this trail would become wolf territory. He wondered if he should mention anything to any of the others, but decided against it for now; he presumed that the others would come to suspect the same thing, or at least what it implied.


“I suppose that means we’ve got another week to screw around,” Owen said when we were safely back in our shared room, “You think we should get another job from Mr. Sakamoto?”

Galen shrugged, looking over, "It's something to pass the time." He replied, while tentatively holding a hand out for Kiara to sniff. He hadn't actually gotten around to introducing himself to her, so decided he would then. He wasn't too concerned about jobs or income, as really all that they needed at the moment was enough income to secure lodgings and meals.

Pay Day

Galen had waited patiently in the waiting room, one leg crossed over the other as he sat with his arms crossed. Although, if he were a cat, his ears would be twitching at what was being shouted in the other room. However, this would be more out of desire to plug into his mp3 player if he still had it (and batteries) and tune out the shouting, rather than trying to eavesdrop. All in all, it was not his concern what happened in the other room, and he intended to keep it that way.

When the doors finally opened, he stood up, his arms still crossed as his somewhat usual stance now. He looked inwards, looking over the two males without much consideration to them, though his eyes lingered longer on the woman with them.

No visible arms... means they're hidden, thus an indication of stealth, or her weapons are her hands and feet, or she uses weapons of the supernatural variety... most likely the first, since she's standing to the side as well. He thought to himself, before his gaze was drawn to the abrupt shouter pushing through the middle of the group. He was glad he was on the edge of the group then, standing just slightly to the side.

Galen couldn't help but add the thought, Also probably part of the brains of their group, given that one man doesn't look too bright... or at least isn't capable at controlling his emotions.

Turning back to Kahoko, Galen stood slightly to the side of the group, not speaking, but paying attention regardless. He did look up, frowning slightly, as Ray elaborates on the splitting of the group. If he was more vocal, he might've put forth that there were more than him and Owen who wanted to see the original mission through, but he held his tongue. This was because he was doubtful that his soft voice would be heard anyway, and also he inwardly noted that saying so would give way to the question of why they split up as they did, potentially allowing the suspicion of spellcasters to arise.

Galen relaxed, his face returning to a passive state. He found that he had little to add or say, and he had a vague suspicion that Kahoko may not have wanted to hear too much more, pending on her level of patience considering the shouting of the group prior. He found himself glancing to the bags of coins on the table, but didn't reach for one, waiting until the transaction was 'finalized'. He noted how little value he actually put into those bags, considering that the one thing he wanted was not something that could be bought; if the prejudice against magic was essentially a witch hunt, then he doubted there would be many items of magic available on the market, whether open or shady.

Posted on 2010-03-31 at 18:48:37.
Edited on 2010-03-31 at 18:52:10 by Reralae

Topic: Witchcraft: Stare into the Night
Subject: Careful?

Alice tilted her head up at Penelope, "Careful? What for? It's not like people can hurt me," She giggled, before pausing and rubbing her forehead, where she was shot the other day, "Well... it can hurt... but then I just have to tell them to stop it and go away. They always listen to me." She said cheerfully, closing her eyes and smiling brightly.


In the meantime, however, a man was perched quietly on a railing in the alley, puffing away on a foul cigar as he apparently read a week-old newspaper. He was chosen for the job because of his claim to be able to see around corners... he was mildly surprised that his employer found that interesting, rather than scoffed him off. Then again, she did have that strange and, in his opinion weird, pentacle pendant...

Though, what was perhaps stranger was the description of his mark as she gave him. An odd-winged girl, huh? Still, as he had pushed his sight outward enough to watch the street, that really was what he'd say to describe her. Inwardly he wondered why his target was just a girl. Then again, that wasn't his job to wonder, and the pay was considerable. He could actually pack up and leave if he actually wanted to, with the half-payment the secretary had given him. Ah well, easy target, easy money, what else was there to it than that?

The man however, leaned to the side, and felt a faint crack in his back. He should've went to the trouble to get a better chair earlier...

Posted on 2010-03-07 at 18:12:28.

Topic: The Day They Woke Up on the Wrong Side of Reality
Subject: Opportunity and the lack thereof

Galen waited on the lower level, his eyes casting about the upper floor, not neglecting to glance to his back now and then. Yet, in spite of the tense situation, he couldn't help but think about the inconvenience of being human in this situation. True, the race, whether real or not even in this reality, he preferred didn't have night vision persay, but still, cat eyes could see quite well in dim illumination.

He vaguely felt the hair at the back of his neck stand, though not on end. He didn't like it. If he had had his way... well, he wasn't quite sure what his way would be. Blow the roof off with the power of lightning? Too overt... since he was only irate, not pissed off. Ideally, in the perfect world, the beast would be captured, whether through mundane methods or by magical charms, and relocated. Neither the beast nor the townspeople did anything 'wrong', but then, that's how it always was.

Galen shook his head, and returned to looking up to the second level, holding out one hand. He would wait a bit longer. Lightning was a powerful force, even if it was only at a minute level right now for him. He couldn't afford to waste it at this time. Besides... he had a suspicion the beast would take the opportunity to strike once one of them reached the top. Were he a predator in a similar predicament, that is what he would do... the beast had the high ground, was wounded, and all it'd have to do would be to keep its hunters away from it.

"If you get hurt beyond your tolerance, drop down." Galen murmured, "The fall will hurt, but not as much as the beast's claws or teeth, and I'll be there shortly."

Galen kept his hand ready. When the beast went to strike, it would have to move, and so, he would try to strike before it.

Posted on 2010-03-07 at 17:55:37.
Edited on 2010-03-07 at 19:01:54 by Reralae

Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Clock Tower
Subject: You see two, but there is only one

As the door to the velvet room opens, the interior lighting of the room is visible, not strong nor weak, just enough to light all within, though it has no visible source. There is an object, that could be a sundial, mounted on the far wall. It is ornate, and seemingly made up of a mix of cultural traits. In particular, the interior of the dial is a weave akin to a Celtic knot, with Norse runes around the outer circle. Yet, the pillar in the middle is reminiscent of a spinning wheel's spindle, and a thread is woven around it, dropping down where it holds a clear crystal pendant, swaying back and forth.

The room itself is rather plain, a gentle shade of velvet painted on the walls. However, the far wall has what appears to be an intricate and noble woven gate or fence, which supports the large sundial. In one corner of the room, there is an urn filled with soil, and next to it is a pitcher of water. If there is a bud, it is hard to tell; the earthen scent of the good soil obscures what else may lie in it. In the middle of the room is a table with a glass top. Past the table opposite of the door is an armchair, but its occupant is obscured by the three simpler chairs facing them, the middle of which is occupied. The one seated there is woman with short blonde hair, a blue cap and uniform, and she doesn't even have a scent. She disappears as quickly as she is seen, however, simply fading out like a candle vanquished by the wind of an opened door, but with a lack of smoke, of course.

With the conductor no longer obscuring the view, the room's owner is visible. She wears a white veil that flows back from a silver circlet set in her raven black hair, as well as a black kimono with a subtle white floral pattern upon it. She appears to be seated with one leg crossed over the other, her elbows resting on the armrests and her white gloved hands overlaying one another. Her face however, is obscured by a mask. The mask has no eye holes, and actually depicts closed eyes upon it. Half of the mask is white, with black lips and a black eyelid, while the other half is the exact opposite.

"Welcome, to my velvet room." She says softly, but her voice can still be heard from the other side of the room. She motions with one hand, indicating the chairs opposite of the table to her, "Please take a seat, if you wish."

Even though there is no incense in the room, the room faintly smells of it. However, of the seer's scent, it is difficult to determine much about her. The kimono is silk, as is the veil over her hair. Her scent has a strange mustiness to it, akin to that of a very old library, yet, she is not an immortal. Nor is she human. She almost smells of time, in a manner... in particular, the time of summer, with traces of an earthen and green scent upon her.

While Guinevere extends a hand, the seer instead returns with what could be taken as a bow, albeit one done from her seated position.

"I've been called many names... but right now you can call me Rena." She says in introduction, "And yes... I know... I could hear the explosion from here, after all."

She pauses a moment, waiting expectantly.

Posted on 2010-03-03 at 19:53:19.

Topic: The Game
Subject: I am reminded of a song...

... can't remember the beginning exactly... but at some point it goes:

"Man, losing sure is easy and so I am no more,
But I'm not broken~
In my dream I win~
And there's no missing, a cosmic castaway, ye-ah, a cosmic castaway~"

*rubs her forehead* ... or, I think it went like that... kind of rap-ish... so some of the lyrics are a bit hard to make out...

... This is going to bug me all morning, I know it.

It's not even a song I really know... gah! *drowns out fragments of the song stuck in her head with her mp3 player*

Posted on 2010-02-20 at 18:11:24.
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Topic: Blatantly Obvious Lies
Subject: Let's see...

The reason is quite simple... they are victims of intellect devourer attacks, but this strain of intellect devourer also eats optical nerves... thus they go blind. People only attribute the blindness to incompetence... but they really are blind. The mis-attribution effect

Here's a question... why don't digital clocks tick?

Posted on 2010-02-17 at 16:45:58.

Topic: Witchcraft: Stare into the Night
Subject: Part 2... Twists and Turns

Alice gave a smile, "Okay, Miss Penelope."

She followed after Penelope for a moment, skipping along the sidewalk. As they went, other people gave the pair of them a wide berth... some people even giving Penelope odd glances, as though they were wondering the wisdom of being with such a child. Alice, however, seemed to take no notice, her blue eyes more focused on scanning everywhere they walked by. She pauses a moment as she glances into an alleyway.

"I wonder if she's just playing hide and seek..." Alice mused aloud, before taking a closer look at the alley.

She looked up to Penelope, tilting her head, "I should look everywhere, shouldn't I?"

Posted on 2010-02-17 at 01:16:37.

Topic: Witchcraft: Stare into the Night
Subject: Part One... Strangeness of it all...

Roseanne slowly woke up. For an instant, she was confused, as she didn't immediately recognize her surroundings. However, as she rubbed sleep from her eyes, she slowly came to know where she was...

She looked around, half expecting to see Smoke, but wasn't surprised that the cat wasn't there. Although, it did feel like she was here... hmm... strange dream. She yawned, sitting up and reaching behind her, to braid her long dark hair as it was earlier, securing the end with her rose ring. She stood up, and leisurely stretched for a while. A series of motions which, being a gymnast, would've been interesting to be seen. She put her socks back on, smoothed out her shirt a bit, and carefully made her way back downstairs.

For a moment, she thought she saw her ward glowing, but as she did a double take, and Alice and Penelope moved out of range, her second glance revealed it to be inert, as normal. Roseanne blinked, before shrugging. She guessed she was more sleep deprived than she had thought... either that or was still half asleep. She pondered a moment, before pinching herself on the arm. Then again, she notes that there were dreams that she has had where she's pinched herself before in the dream, and later woken up. She shakes her head.

"Strange dreams..." Roseanne mutters, before casting about for Smoke or Mr. Sharpe.

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Topic: Stare into the Night Q&A
Subject: A cat must have her tuna...

Of course...

Going to wait for Nimu to lead little Alice away... then I'll do a double post~ one for Alice, one for Rose

Posted on 2010-02-16 at 19:59:02.

Topic: Auguries of Destruction: The Clock Tower Q&A
Subject: Let's see... give a few minutes... and...

I'd say it's 11:07 when Eve makes it into her room... probably would be 11:20 or so when she finishes patching herself up

Posted on 2010-02-13 at 06:49:17.

Topic: The Day They Woke Up on the Wrong Side of Reality
Subject: Take this... unlimited lightning blast!

As Galen made his way into the shed... something seemed off... that is, the infuriatingly obvious lack of a hound. Then again... the thought struck him. Their scents lingered in the air... surely it knew they were coming. That, coupled with the beast's already apparent intelligence, meant that...

Galen quickly scanned the few shadows that remained, which would not go to waste. A light blue line also aided him, fired by Owen, to alert him to the position of the beast. He quickly reacted, launching a minute bolt of lightning... but since he was aiming in the beast's original spot, it missed. He cursed under his breath, fighting an internal struggle to moderate the rate of his heartbeat, and to keep his mind clear of the adrenaline beginning to flow in his veins... cursed testosterone. The beast gave a howl, and Galen rolled his eyes.

"Shut up." He simply muttered.

He noted that there was one thing that sometimes happened mentally when he was in a dire situation, usually when playing a game through for the first time in its story... but inwardly he hoped it wouldn't come to that. Knowing he was in biting range, and knowing his frailty, at least compared to some of the others, he took a step back from the beast, although it could likely be seen as his nerve breaking slightly. However, he knew better than to let his fear take over. Inwardly, he changed his mindset, using one of his many fictitious characters as a facade, to hold his nerve.

He grit his teeth, holding his left hand high, knowing he had to keep light shed on the situation. His right hand, however, he quickly weaves in front of him. An oval was visible, but the rune he inscribed within the circle was much less so... considering how few eyes would be on it anyway. "Ottor gtkmru." Me mutters sharply, as the symbol burst with an audible crack in the air, sending another minor arc of lightning at the beast.

Posted on 2010-02-12 at 18:24:39.
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Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Clock Tower
Subject: I wonder... who remembers the time...?

Kenneth, who had remained in the back, eying the front door with suspicion, spoke up from hearing about the lack of merchants in the town, "If there's no merchants... then what of the rest of the infrastructure? Medical, police...?"

The front desk lady shrugged, "This is a pretty small town... only one infirmary and one police station... both of which have closed down. Although, most of us have some experience with first aid by now... not unlike your friend there," She adds, pointing to Eve's Mr. Bubble bandage.

Carrie tapped a finger on the armrest of her wheelchair, as she seemed lost in thought about something. She also seemed to be almost staring at Bas, although her eyes were a bit distant. Her husband gently lay a hand on her shoulder, snapping her out of her reverie, "Shall we get a room then, hun?" He asks softly.

"One moment," She replied, getting one last look at Bas, also noting Guinevere following after him, before nodding. The pair of them disappeared (not literally) along the east wing of the inn.

Kenneth crossed his arms, not really liking it. His eyes darted about, taking note and stock of the inn. All the lighting was electrical, simple domes attached to the ceiling for the most part. All the windows, as seen from inside, were boarded up from the outside, much like front doors. That meant the only escape routes he'd be able to use were the front doors, or, if there were any, back doors. He also noted that the strange symbol on the front door was copied on the window barricades as well... An irregular six-sided star in a diamond, with two crossed ovals in a circle at the center. Most of the furniture was well intact... although some had peculiar damages to them... the normal scratches and markings of wear, but some... almost claw-like ones, and then there were ones with... what could only be called gouges in them, at least in the front foyer. Still, it was hard to say when the next train was... that and... He growls softly. He was late. He quickly disappears up the spiral staircase to the second floor without a word.

The front desk lady scratches her cheek absently, before sighing and going behind the counter. She pulls out a brush and a small can of wood finish, and goes back to repairing the furniture as best she can. As an afterthought, she calls after the others, "You might want to come back to the foyer to be here at 11:27, that is, if you're still awake then."


The 'velvet door' so to speak, indeed had a strange pattern to it. Almost something one would expect to exist only in a chateau, belonging to a stage magician, flowing, and spiralling.

The scent that lurks within is very difficult to place, even for Bas. One of the easiest things he can determine is that it is vaguely similar to the scent of the conductor, as well as that he can't really determine much else about it. Not even if it belongs to a human.


Eve finds a room very easily... but she has to rely on her memory in order to determine if it faces the street or not, that is, if she wasn't slightly disoriented by the spiral staircase. It's impossible to tell otherwise if it does or not, as the windows are all boarded up. In the room that she finds, however, there is even what is likely a small dining table. Yet, fortunately or unfortunately, the chair that went with it looks as though it had seen better days... The wood itself looked decently strong, perhaps oak, carved into the antique fashion copied throughout the rest of the hotel, visible even in its design, such as the mouldings along the floor or ceiling and the walls. Still, it looked wobbly, as though the wood glue no longer held, so was merely held together by friction, potentially possible to take it apart. There is an alarm clock on the bedside table, the faintly glowing light from it revealing it to be a digital clock rather than analog.

Posted on 2010-02-12 at 18:00:12.

Topic: Stare into the Night Q&A
Subject: Gentle nudge~

Haven't heard from the our sarcastic and dark witty cat or her PI human in the game thread for a while~ They also might have a bit of a response... since Alice has confirmed her identity (although Smoke did have a very very good idea it was her).... but... might be nice just to hear from the two of you


Posted on 2010-02-10 at 07:51:03.

Topic: The Day They Woke Up on the Wrong Side of Reality
Subject: Accounted for

Galen stood with his arms crossed, torch in one hand, angled away from him, but nothing in the other. A while beforehand, he had considered using some of his inner energy to mend his friend... but he at least hoped his friend wouldn't be in the front lines... that and, all things considered, his energy may be needed elsewhere, namely in healing of Ben, who would undoubtedly fight the creature head-on.

"Do be careful." The voice that might as well be a murmur from the soft tone says, "It's quite likely that the beast will concentrate on one at a time, trying to wear our numbers down and make weakness to exploit, but in the case it doesn't, I can't be everywhere at once, so be careful."

Galen tilted his head slightly, nodding a bit at Ben's suggestion, "Yes... as long as they can't see through the doors or windows... for the glimmers of light of Owen's..." He ponders a moment, "... mine has a fairly audible and distinctive sound to it though... so I won't risk it, even inside... unless... it seems like I can get away with it..." He murmurs.

Tapping a foot on the ground lightly, Galen's mind wanders a bit, in spite of the oncoming battle. Shaking his head to clear it, he quickly follows after Ray and Ben and Owen, to be there in case any of them were hit.

Posted on 2010-02-07 at 18:49:41.


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