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Topic: Loaded Dice: the Guardian, part one
Subject: So...

This was a quite awesome page! But the question is: is this part of loaded Dice, or is this something that is hosted by LD, or involves the same universe? Or is it going to feature the same characters even? Or are we just to wait and see?

Roels: Great(!!) art!

Posted on 2011-05-17 at 16:06:17.

Topic: Winds and Sand Q&A
Subject: blah

Too bad, Ayrn. Real life sucks, right?

Posted on 2011-05-16 at 16:12:32.

Topic: Realms of Twilight -Winds and Sand
Subject: Argent nods

Argent was very relieved to learn they were going to be involved in the picking of the slaves. This would further diminish the bad feeling that lingered in his system. And the chance to make the slave-trader look like an idiot was something he wouldn't pass on for his life.

"Very well." he said, "We should talk this over before we head down there."

He looked at Echo. They were going to need his natural flair in this kind of situation. He himself had the ideas, usually, but lacked the true skills of commercial deal-breaking. It was something he had to learn before he and his brother set up shop.

"I think you should do the talking. People have a tendency to listen when you speak. You might prove important in this situation. Is that alright with you?"

Posted on 2011-05-13 at 21:32:36.

Topic: Did It All For The XP
Subject: And.... it's up!

Check here for more of the good stuff!

Posted on 2011-05-13 at 16:26:11.

Topic: So, You're New Here. . .Awesome! Read this.
Subject: neat... as they say:

Awesomely done, man.

Posted on 2011-05-08 at 09:09:27.

Topic: It's my birth day and I'll game if I want to!
Subject: yes!

Have a good one!

Also... I think Pit's hidden message also quite nails it: KITNHRZIIW!!!... couldn't have said it better.

Posted on 2011-05-07 at 10:00:31.

Topic: Winds and Sand Q&A
Subject: status

Where are we in this game, status wise. How long should this 'down-time' take? What is the regular rate of tasks for members of the guild?

I wouldn't like to see this game die because we are taking too long between adventures.

Posted on 2011-05-06 at 16:51:29.

Topic: Lycan's Bane Published!!
Subject: well

I must say that they look cool. You did a good job in hiring a decent artist to do your covers and interior art. That really helps in selling your work.

Posted on 2011-05-06 at 09:10:02.

Topic: NBA Anyone?
Subject: well

I would, if they would show it over here.

Posted on 2011-05-06 at 09:07:30.

Topic: City Fantastico Q&A: The Quest for Liquor and Shame
Subject: yeah!!

We crushed them. Literally!!

High fives all around people!!

Posted on 2011-05-06 at 09:06:06.

Topic: Weird War II
Subject: I dig you baby, but we gotta keep moving... on. keep moving on

The silence of the place was unsettling. More so, it seemed to make their attempts at a stealthy entrance seem ridiculous. Every footfall was heavy. Every breath felt like a betrayal. Brutal's fist going up seemed to emphasize this even more, since they all halted abruptly.

Then they continued. Luke stepped over the bent gun and realized how such a small thing could have such big impact. A gun should not be bent that way. Not in normal warfare.
If a tank had run over it, that would explain something. But there were no tracks indicating that one had recently been present.

He kept an extra close look on the darkness surrounding them from that point on.

Posted on 2011-05-06 at 09:02:32.

Topic: City Fantastico Q&A: The Quest for Liquor and Shame
Subject: yes! I Made it!!!

Post is in.

Posted on 2011-04-29 at 19:01:45.

Topic: Tales of City Fantastico
Subject: interference...

“You got me that ball!” Katie yelled at Downhouser.

The big man offered her a small grin, and there was a soft twinkle in his eyes. He was never one to give way to expressions. It was more likely for expressions to gave way to hím, usually at gun point.
Yes, he had the stern look, originally reserved for naughty children. In Downhouser’s world however, all children had some form of naughty about them. Thus the stern look had become his natural state, and he had added a second, more oppressing layer of stern, which made up a look he used when facing small time criminals, drug abusers and prostitutes.

Now, he had a third step in the stern-curve, and one would assume it would revolve around an extreme, thunderous kind of stern.

One would be wrong.

The third look mostly existed of blank nothingness. When in that state, Gerald’s face was expressionless, raging in concentration. This was the look he didn’t reserve. It was a look that naturally found him whenever he dealt with the worst scum of City Fantastico. Murderers, rapists and child molesters he had encountered knew that look as the last thing they saw. Ever. At those times, Downhouser was no longer a man looking for a target; he was justice’s right hand and it wore him like a sock-puppet. A big, oversized sock-puppet with two big guns that could blow off your head and the one from the person next to you.
But now, he gave a small grin. It was something he hadn’t done in a long time. He was enjoying himself.

“So,” he asked, “Shall I run interference?”

Yes, he understood the word interference. He had been interference incarnate for about as long as he could remember.

“It’s just too bad I don’t have Big Gun #2 with me now.”

(OOC: at least, I think I remember they took our guns, right? I’m too lazy to check back… but it would make perfect sense for them to take them away.

Anyway… he’ll run interference as best and as violently as he can. If need be, he can throw Virago towards one of the opposing players. )

Posted on 2011-04-29 at 19:00:49.

Topic: City Fantastico Q&A: The Quest for Liquor and Shame
Subject: post

Post will be made tomorrow evening (my evening). Hope that's alright. I don't have enough time to get one up right now.

Posted on 2011-04-28 at 16:08:12.

Topic: Weird War II Q n A
Subject: nah

Just leave it up. I figured it was a mistake, but it's not that big of a deal.

Posted on 2011-04-28 at 16:03:48.

Topic: Weird War II Q n A
Subject: there

I got one.

Posted on 2011-04-27 at 16:14:51.

Topic: City Fantastico Q&A: The Quest for Liquor and Shame
Subject: nah

They tried... I gave them my EVIL EYE!!! I only have a good one left.

Posted on 2011-04-27 at 16:03:41.

Topic: Weird War II
Subject: fog... it's so... foggy

As the car approached the castle grounds, Luke peered through the window, gun ready, looking for any sign of movement. All seemed a bit too quiet, for his liking and he feared that they had been discovered anyway. Perhaps the sound of gunfire had travelled farther than he had anticipated?

He ordered Brutal to stop the car, to let McGuinness out. The sniper would cover them as they approached the guard houses up ahead. They seemed to be deserted, but one could never know.

“Guns in hands, folks.” His breath fogged the window as he eyed the surroundings. “This time we shoot first and ask questions later.”

“Well?" Brutal spoke “looks like the guardhouses are empty... they couldn’t be expecting us and since the log book said they didn’t show up below for relief… I think something is wrong here... I don’t think anyone is alive in those guardhouses.”

“I think you maybe right.” Romo added.” However, to be safe back us up a ways so we can get out of the car under some cover, spread out, and we’ll move in on foot, with your permission of course LT.”

Luke eyed the Sarge for a moment. He would’ve tapped the symbol on his uniform declaring him to be Captain, if he had been wearing his own clothes. Now he figured it was best to let the matter sit. It must’ve been a slip of the tongue, and besides, they didn’t need any distractions.

“I agree, Sergeant Romo. We need the car out of sight, so that we’ll have something to escape with. Can you park it someplace where it won’t be spotted so easily, Brutal?”

He got out of the car, gun first, and took a long look around. The place was creepy, to say the least. Again he felt alienated form the war. Trenches and endless marches were no part of this assignment. He had thrived in those, relying on a brute survival instinct to keep himself and his men alive. This was different. It felt lonely, slow and more dreadful. Time passed like a train when bullets whir over your head, their velocity dragging you along. The fog and crumbling buildings of old only seemed to imprint a damp permanency on him.

When nothing happens, and they exit the vehicle safely, he signals for McGuinness to join them. They will move to the castle on foot.

Posted on 2011-04-27 at 16:02:36.

Topic: City Fantastico Q&A: The Quest for Liquor and Shame
Subject: hey!!

I'll post! I've been very busy, actually. And I haven't posted to Alacrity's game either, and he's been waiting on me a lot longer than one week.

Give me some time, and I'll be close to posting. Give me my legs back, and I'll get you a good one.

Posted on 2011-04-27 at 15:38:01.

Topic: Weird War II Q n A
Subject: nope

I've started posting a few times, but got distracted by other stuff.

I will have something up this week.

Posted on 2011-04-26 at 21:13:12.

Topic: Winds and Sand Q&A
Subject: there then

Not trying to steal away Uthgar's moment of confrontation, but I'm hoping we can prevent a situation where he has to 'prove' himself worthy.

Posted on 2011-04-26 at 16:09:26.

Topic: Realms of Twilight -Winds and Sand
Subject: Relax, relaxed... re-lahhhh-xed

Argent nodded at Gorn's last comment. Perhaps the slaves were better off at their current place, rather than being hunted for sport, or on the run for government officials or other folks who'd retake their freedom if they decided to stage an escape. He would have to talk to his brother about it later. For now he replied:

"I suppose you're right. In all your time with the Blue Hand, have you ever had moral issues with tasks you'd been given?"

It was then that one of the guild trainers came forward, rather loudly, to find Uthgar. It appeared he was looking to size up the orc, and Argent decided to speak up before it would come to blows.

"Master Betherin, Uthgar here has proven he can hold his own in the heat of battle. I'm sure he'd be more valuable lending his muscles and fighting skills to the greater good of the Blue Hand than he would be hauling rocks for a slave-master."

Posted on 2011-04-26 at 16:07:15.

Topic: Well met, everyone!
Subject: Howdy!!

Welcome Oizmir!

We hope you'll find lots of roleplaying fun out here! Have a great time!

Don't forget to check out the recruitment area where games await you!

Why am I ending all my sentences with an exclamation mark!?!


Posted on 2011-04-22 at 16:35:51.

Topic: City Fantastico Q&A: The Quest for Liquor and Shame
Subject: well

If we try really hard we can just kill all their players before the game is over?

Posted on 2011-04-22 at 16:26:29.

Topic: Would you like to write for the Inn?
Subject: well

Send it to a member of the staff. You can send it to me now, and I can view it, and fix you spot in the art-section.

Posted on 2011-04-21 at 18:04:45.


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